M ARCH 2016

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Message from the Board
Congratulations to all the winners of the 2016-2017 SOTA Board elections. We are
thrilled you have chosen to take on this responsibility and are fully confident you will do
amazing things next year! Speaking of amazing things, we have three workshops and one
community outreach event planned for this month. So, take a break from the stress of
midterms and projects and join us at our events. Last, help make OT Month one big
party by emailing us your ideas and suggestions for how to celebrate.
The SOTA Board

Upcoming Events
Sat 3/5 (8:30-12:00 or 12:30-4:00) – Community Outreach – Habitat for Humanity Playhouse Program
in Milpitas
Thurs 3/10 (12:00-1:15) – Workshop – NICU with Ms. Kepes in CCB 115
Tues 3/15 (12:00-1:00) – SOTA meeting CCB 210
Sat 3/19-Sun 3/20 – OTAC Spring Symposium in San Diego
Tues 3/22 (12:00-1:00) – Workshop - Spring Symposium Recap
Fri 3/25-Sun 4/3 – Spring Break
Month of April – OT Month
Other Events
Thurs 3/3 (12:00-1:15) – Dessert with Dr. Wynn in CCB 210
Thurs 3/17 (2:30-6:00) – POTAC hosting a Mindfulness-Based Interventions for Health Professionals
at Dominican University of CA (must preregister, max capacity = 25; $10 for students)

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March 2016

February Recap
Workshop with HT Tran
By Renee Demaree and Priscilla Ng
Workshop Coordinators

At SOTA's first workshop, we were honored to have
HT Tran, an Iraq Veteran and business owner, come
speak with students about his life story. His
experiences with PTSD and TBI evoked some
powerful emotions among our students and many
were moved by his openness. He is a living
reminder of the importance to stay client-centered, to
actively listen to our clients, to entice not coerce our
clients, and the power of humor. He remembered
that the good OT's would come in and say, "I don't
know what you are going through, but help me
understand." HT taught us that each client, despite
their diagnosis or illness, has a unique story.

Workshop with Tim Strauss
By Renee Demaree and Priscilla Ng
Workshop Coordinators

For our second speaker of the month, Tim Strouss shared with students
his experience of living with the complications of a brain surgery that left
him with hemiplegia. He expressed the positive impact spirituality had on
his healing process and community reintegration. He mentioned that
adapting to his physical changes were not as difficult as dealing with his
internal changes. He reminded students the importance of looking at
clients holistically by addressing both physical and mental components
and actively listening to the client."

HT Tran is a War Veteran
who sustained a TBI and
has PTSD

If you’ve worked with
one client with a TBI,
you’ve worked with one
client with a TBI.