Autumn Honce

Awareness Computer Assisted Art
Save The Frogs


In most of Banksy’s artwork he conveys meaning about an issue. Here’s some
examples of meanings about an issue in his artwork. Set moral boundaries,
remember where you came from, let your actions match your words, everyone’s got
skeletons, there is always hope, strive for peace, be humble, utilize kindness,
express yourself, live in the moment, don’t be so full of yourself, don’t let other
deter you, and listen to your heart.
Banksy’s the most controversial street artist in the world. He has developed
an entire art subculture devoted to his works. His art can impact any location at any
given moment, but the identity remains unknown, even after 20 years of being
involved with the graffiti scene. He began his graffiti art lifestyle by admiring the
works of Blek Le Rat. Often recycling his old ideas, he has been very active in the
graffiti scene since the early 1990s. He has done works that have appeared in
Australia, Canada, England, France, Israel, Jamaica, America, and Palestine. When
he goes places and leaves his artwork behind it makes an impact. His messages,
pictorial and satirical, cross the boundaries between art, philosophy, politics,
sociology, humor, and narcissism. He has created a new form of pop art that
originated on the street.
Most of what he paints/creates has a simple surface meaning. It is a
straightforward message that attracts the majority of his admirers. He intends for
his surface message to have a great deal of weight and importance. As he himself
once said, “my art is often first viewed from a speeding car.” Which means that his
art must be bold and simple so that it can be understood at a glance. The first
fleeting glance is what attracts viewers to his message in the first place. The
artwork by Banksy that had the most effect on me was his artwork of Girl With
Balloon. At the surface this is simply a charming painting of a small child wearing a
black and white dress reaching for her lost heart-shaped balloon. Where the balloon
being the one and only bright spot of color in the work. Viewed only on that level it’s
a wonderful, evocative piece of street art. The piece of art draws the viewer’s
attention towards the balloon. Well what if the balloon has a deeper meaning than
just the only bright piece of art on the artwork. The balloon can be symbolic instead
of just a balloon. The meaning behind the artwork is “there is always hope.” Which
means the child is trying to reclaim her lost innocence, her lost childhood, or a lost
love. Therefore she has released then balloon asking the world to accept those
things as her innocent gift.
The artwork is about a girl that has a lot of things that she has done or have
had done to her and by releasing the balloon she is asking the world to forgive her
for her mistakes. The image suggests the idea that hope is essential, as it gives
people the motivation to continue on in life despite seemingly dreary
circumstances. He is able to use the surroundings that he has, in which the work is
placed to portray bleakness during difficult times and the possibility of happiness or

satisfaction despite adversity. Love, symbolized by the balloon, which is a
fundamental human need and must be cherished. He also uses the green grass
growing along the edge of the wall to provide contrast and to represent nature. The
artwork was created in 2001. It’s a painting about a girl who let go of a balloon. No,
he didn’t use a particular color scheme in his artwork. The message that the artwork
conveys is that if you’re holding something back, just let it go and you will feel a lot
better. But if you don’t let go of the things that you’re holding inside then nothing
will be okay.
I picked this particular social issue, because it had a very big impact on me
since I’ve held some things inside for a while to and so the picture just said
something to me about letting things go. It spoke without saying anything and it just
said that it was okay to let go of the things that I’ve been holding inside. My poster
creates awareness about this issue that you have to help people instead of hurting
them and in the picture the girl is letting go instead of keeping the pain inside of her
and hurting herself. So my poster says that if you don’t let go of the water bottles
and paper and stuff like that then it will never end up in the ponds or lakes or rivers
near you. If you let go of those things then you will destroy the animals. But if you
keep them instead of letting go you can put them somewhere other than in the
ponds, lakes, or rivers and kill the animals.