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Animal Abuse in the
Food Industry


The food industry provides us with meat to satisfied our
necessities, but you know how the animal are treat during this
When the animals are into the “farms” they are hitted, they are
mark with hot iron, the are collocated in very very reduced space
and they live without sun light
During the transport, the animals are exposed to long periods
without food and water, they travel with high levels of stress and
as they travel in high quantities, some times they die crushed.
The way to kill this animals are totally inhuman, generally they
are kill with industries artefacts that make their die impossible to

The solution s are not 
so effectives, because the
big industries would not change their process, but
that you can do in protest way is:
Not eat the food of the big corporations.
Inform yourself about the problem
Inform to the people.
Support the food that the little far offers us.
Become to vegetarian.


In cosmetic research carried out painful experiments
on hundreds of thousands of animals each year,
including rabbits , guinea pigs , rats, mice. These
tests include irritation of the skin or eyes , skin
sensitization ( cause allergies ) , toxicity (poisoning) ,
mutagenicity ( genetic damage ) , teratogenicity
(birth defects ) , carcinogenic ( causing cancer ) ,
embryonic or fetal genetic damage , toxicokinetics
(to study the absorption , metabolism , distribution
and excretion of chemicals ) .


The animal mistreatment is a serious problem but the society don´t
see the reality.
They think It’s Art¡¡¡ or is a animal game.
The people pay for see these mistreatment alone a moment.


“The bullfight”
It’s a massacre in live¡¡¡
A Lot of people pay for see how die the bulls.
It’s terrible see how run the blood and those animals die
bit by bit.

-We will be the difference for change all¡¡
-If you don’t want more mistreatment then support
-We must cancel the bullfight¡¡
-Don’t more mistreatment¡¡
-Don’t allow kill bulls.
-If you know someone who makes animal abuse
report it.

Campaign against the problem.

Dairy Industry

Dairy industry is a business enterprise
established for the harvesting or processing
of animal milk for human consumption.
And you might say, “It’s okay, it’s only milk”,
but, there are so many problems, just like:
• Like all mammals, cows must give birth in
order to make milk. Like human mothers,
they carry their babies for nine months,
then begin to lactate for the sole purpose
of nourishing their young.
• Due to extensive genetic manipulation,
today’s dairy cows produce up to 12 times
more milk than they would naturally
produce to feed a calf.

• Dairy farming begins by making bulls
ejaculate, typically using an
“electroejaculator,” collecting their sperm
and then forcibly impregnating female cows
with the semen in a constraining device the
industry refers to as a “rape rack.”
Physical injury, disease and infection can
occur as a cause of artificial insemination,
especially if as the industry states the person
providing insemination is not extremely
careful and properly trained.
• Ever heard of rennet? It is “a complex of
enzymes produced in any mammalian
stomach, and is often used in the production
of cheese.”
• Seeing videos of dairy cruelty and
understanding just how widespread this
cruelty is can be daunting. Some may feel that

But it doesn’t have to be this way: animal
rescue organizations like Farm Sanctuary exist
to give cows and other farm animals a life free
of pain and exploitation. Supporting
organizations like these, as well as
relinquishing your support of the dairy
industry, is the best and easiest way you can
help abused dairy cows.
Even without making a point on how 2.5
percent of the American manages to survive
without drinking milk, it would be easy to see
that milk is not some magic life elixir: lactoseintolerance has been common among the
population for many years. These people live
with either a severely reduced intake of dairy
or absolutely no dairy intake at all, and still
manage to live happy, meaningful lives.
So, if you understand how to find the beneficial


1. Find dairy substitutes. Milk, cheese, and ice-creams derived
from soy, rice, almond, hemp seed, and oat, fortified or not, are
suitable alternatives to dairy products.
2. Find non-dairy ice-cream. There are many different kinds of
non-dairy ice-creams that are made out of soy, rice, and hemp.
3. Go for non-dairy yogurt. Most people who adopt a vegan diet or
at least a non-dairy diet report missing yogurt. Its smooth,
creamy taste is hard to replicate with non-dairy origins.
4. Make sure you're getting enough calcium. Luckily for you,
calcium-fortified nut and grain milk offer similar key nutrients
as dairy milk. You can also buy calcium-fortified orange juice.

You’re not a cow, why
would you biologically
need cow’s milk to