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The Marina Designs logo identifies the designs of Marina. It should
be reproduced according to the guidelines explained in this

There are five approved versions of the logo:
Black and white

Whenever possible, the regular version should be used against a
white background.

The boxed version is provided for use against any other
background to ensure that the logo remains readable.

The alternative version may be used when considered appropriate.

The black and white version is to be used in one colour print jobs.


Black and White

Marina Designs Style Guide


Minimum Size
It is important to reproduce the logo at a size that can be easily

Minimum 30mm/ 1.2 inches

Marina Designs Logo Colours

The logo should be reproduced in C:8 M:2 Y:19 K:0 (opacity of 35%),
C:50 M:9 Y:28 K:0 (opacity of 100%) and C:49 M:37 Y:38 K:19
(opacity of 86%).

C:8 M:2 Y:19 K:0
R:240 G:242 B: 218
Opacity: 35

C:50 M:9 Y:28 K:0
R:138 G:191 B:189
Opacity: 100

C:49 M:37 Y:38 K:19

R:130 G:132 B:132
Opacity: 86

Clear Space
For the logo to achieve the greatest possible impact, it is important
to always allow the minimum clear space. Avoid positioning text,
photos or other elements within the clear space zone.

Marina Designs Style Guide

Minimum 30mm/ 1.2 inches

Incorrect Usage

Choose the correct version for your project from the art files
provided. Do not change the colours, fonts or proportions of the
logo. Use only approved colour backgrounds with the appropriate
version of the logo. Below are some common mistakes to avoid in
implementing the logo.

Too small


Against colour background

Marina Designs Style Guide

Online Usage
Versions of the Marina Designs have been provided in the .GIF file
format for online usage. These versions are available in a large and
small size. To avoid readability problems, do not use the logo online
at any other size than the two provided.

Regular 300px

Regular 600px

Marina Designs Style Guide