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PHED 239: High School Module

Cooperative Learning Presentations - Chapter 2

Total Points = 5
John Kapnis, Megan Sargent, Jack Weinberger
Your cooperative learning group will become the content experts by finding the answers to
the questions below. Discuss the question assigned from the list below with your partner
and be ready to present you answer (be creative) in class on the scheduled date (1/29/16) - 3

2. Explain the reasons behind recent efforts to make the promotion of

physical activity engagement a central goal for school physical
education programs.
There is an increase in obesity and a decrease in physical education. Number one
cause of death in US is heart disease!
Physical Fitness goals were not being met.
It is a method for chronic disease prevention.
Children and adults generally exceed recommended screen time.
Most adolescents dont meet the current federal physical activity guidelines.
Not enough schools require PE.
There has been a decrease in the number of PE programs in high schools in the US.

Studies have been performed and it has been shown that being active regularly
reduces health risks/diseases. Also benefits from health occur from about 150 minutes of
moderately intensive activity. These benefits improve the health of students and not just at
a physical level but a mental one as well. Because schools are beginning to realize this more,
physical education has been taken more seriously and for some schools, is a core class.

Other Questions from Worksheet 2

1. What is Healthy People 2020?

A document released by the government with goals to improve health of
all Americans.
Focus on improving health of youth.
Focus on time students spend in light to moderate physical activity.
Call for PE as a public health tool.
Promote lifetime physical activity to reduce an array of preventable
3. Explain why efforts to raise physical fitness levels in youth have been largely
Decrease in PE Program in HSs.
Physical Fitness is short term goal for youth.
4. How does physical maturity affect the physical skills of students?





If Chronological Age > Skeletal Age then the Child is a Late Maturer
If Skeletal Age > Chronological Age Then the Child is an Early Maturer
Physical Education needs to meet needs of BOTH late and early maturing
LESS strength and size activities.
MORE aerobics, agility, and balance.
Meso, ecTo, endO
Overweight students and how to keep them engaged in class.
Watch how your treating students.
Dont push them to far and dont compare them to other students.
Dont single them out.
Encourage them.
Have other activities.
Set rules to not have that student singled out.
Teacher act goofy to take spotlight off that students.
Create an inclusive, safe, and respectful environment.
How does physical activity affect academics?
It helps students focus.
It wakes up your body and your mind.
Helps students perform better.
Students perform better.
Identify safety guidelines for exercise and physical activity that should be
addressed and followed by physical education teachers.
The avoidance of physical injuries.
The maintenance and development of positive attitudes and feelings
about exercise.
Healthy students are capable of vigorous workloads. However, when
students have negative interactions with being active then they develop
negative opinions about exercise.
All in moderation.
Explain the rationale for assigning fitness workloads on time rather than
distance or number.
Students feel better about themselves.
What students do is kept to themselves. Creates safe environment.
Not to see how fit they are but to show effort and be a motivational
Focus on self improvement. Completion is with self.