Group9 Michelle Chan (1) Bonnie Chan (2) Mia Stefanie Khalaf (15) Vivian To (19) 15-4-2008

Aging population Problems affection 1) Will this problem get worse in the next 5 years? 2) Will this problem affect people? If yes, how does this problem affect them? We interviewed 2 people from a DVD shop; they are Mr Lee and Mr Wong. Mr Lee doesn’t think this problem will affect him in next 5 years, but Mr Wong think it will affect him. Aging population reason and solving problem 3) Why is there a problem in this area? 4) What do people think the government can do to help for the aging population? There is a problem in this area because the buildings are old and they lived there since they are small, the rents are cheaper there too. They think the government should donate the money to the old people that live alone and don’t donate to other countries.

Feelings about problem 5) Do people think there is an aging population in this area? 6) Do people think that the aging population in Yau Ma Tei is more serious than

in other places? Mr Lee and Mr Wong agreed that there is an aging population in Yau Ma Tei and it is more serious than other places.

Conclusion: In this area—Yau Ma Tei, we found that there is a problem of aging population. The buildings and the streets there are old and the rents are cheaper so more elderly can afford the rent and so that more elderly are living here. Aging population is serious in Yau Ma Tei, the government should make an improvement on this, we think that the government can donate more money to the elderly live alone to make their life better. For us, we should care and respect the elderly.

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