Falling Fallen So far from you Not knowing how to reach you Words unheard in the din of broken promises Stretching out Never reaching The light has faded Dim eyes Faint praise Strained affection How to get back? Going forward Stuck in a present past Present passing Past imperfect Passed over Where have you gone? You’re here but not Am I there with you in your mind? Banned from dreams Sleepwalking through days, awake at night The day is a thousand hammer blows Soul wilting Hope Maybe That’s all there is Is it enough? Am I? Feelings muted Screaming to get out Muffled by fear What if the answer is no? If Two letters A thousand doubts Did I throw it all away? Did I? Arrogance Apathy Pride Stubbornness Bend A little Too little

Late Awake Wanting You Lacking Needing Did you stop needing me? Am I there? Are we? So much time A lifetime Wasted Forgotten Tossed aside Neglected You were there Waiting Where was I? Striving Never reaching Reaching out, but never touching Your heart Your soul Receding Out of reach Falling Will you reach out? Will I? Hope Is there? I’m still reaching Grasping Hoping Willing Wanting Needing Lacking I’m here, right here So are you Will I reach you? Will you let me?