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QDC – 170106 QDC06/02/07

Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication

Guidance on releasing assessment marks and feedback

A student’s marks are classified as sensitive personal information and the

College must ensure that confidentiality is maintained throughout its systems
for distributing feedback and marks. The following is intended as guidance to
staff who may be required to release assessment feedback or marks.

Staff should note that it is the College’s practice that students who are fee
debtors should not normally be assessed.

Feedback Sheets

Assessment feedback sheets should be distributed by the tutor either in

person or in a sealed envelope (if returned in the student pigeon hole).

Feedback sheets must not be given to another student to distribute.


Marks may be issued to the student directly via:

• An anonymised pass list (student numbers should be used NOT

student names);

• A confidential letter.

Marks must not be given to a third party and should never be given over the

Releasing marks by email is acceptable, provided no other student is a

recipient of that email.

College Regulations

College’s regulations on the publication of marks following the examination

board are as follows:

• The Registry will issue the pass list on the appropriate student
noticeboards between 36 and no later than 48 hours of the
Examination Board meeting. Candidate numbers will be used for the
pass list.

• Results letters will normally be sent to students within ten working days
of the Examination Board meeting.

Head of Registry Final Version: February 2006

QDC – 170106 QDC06/02/07

• Results letters will not be issued to students who owe monies to the
College (though conventionally debtors are not normally assessed until
they have paid their monies to the College).

Head of Registry Final Version: February 2006