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UBD Lesson Plan Framework

Name: Georgia Mae Hurley

Date: 11/11/15
School: Lewis and Clark Elementary School
Part 1: Learning Plan
Subject: Math
Topic: Divide Using Repeated Subtraction
Grade Level: 4th grade
Time frame: 45-50 minutes
State/Common Core Standard:
Lesson Learning Targets:
Knowledge targets: What key knowledge will students acquire as a result
of this lesson?
*Students will know how to use repeated subtraction and multiples to find
Understanding targets: What is the big content understanding that
requires students to use their knowledge and skills in a way that shows
conceptual understanding?
*Students will use prior knowledge about multiplication/division to find
quotients based on repeated subtraction and multiples..
Assessment Plan:
How will you know (what evidence will you look for) that the students have learned
the knowledge, skill, and understanding learning targets. Be intentional. Plan how
you will assess formatively during instruction to adjust your guided practice and
independent practice feedback. Also plan summative assessment indicators
worksheet, homework, project, demonstration, test, etc.
Summative assessment: I will give each student a visual worksheet that includes
pictures of key concepts and empty slots for them to fill in the definitions. This will
help the students associate the concepts and definitions with visuals. I will also do a
quick schema activity in the beginning, where volunteers can come up to the board
and match the visuals with definitions.
Formative assessment:
I will do exit cards that we will place on our KWL sheet.
Part 2: Instructional Planning
Design your learning activity that requires students to demonstrate all learning

Design how you will teach through your assessment plan so that students can
successfully show they have learned the learning targets in the manner in which
you want to see evidence of learning. Use the following framework to guide your
instructional delivery

o Students will know how to use repeated subtraction and multiples to find
o Students will build on their knowledge of multiplication and division.
o Do KWL chart

Modeling (not telling)

I will draw circles on the board and demonstrate what they will be doing on their

Guided Practice
o Students will complete group activity with small pieces of paper to get
them to start thinking about using subtraction to find the quotient. This
will cater to kinesthetic learners.

Independent Practice
o Students will then work with their dry erase markers on their desk.

o Restate critical learning goals
o Finish KWL chart

Also plan how you will do the following:

Materials/Learning resources needed: dry erase marker, partners, GO math
book, note card
I will differentiate instruction by having a visual (the small pieces of paper),
verbal (explaining their answer out loud) , and kinesthetic (working with their
partner groups).
Summary Reflection - (After you have taught the lesson.)
For each

lesson/unit plan, include the following reflective summary:

What was effective in the lesson plan design and lesson delivery?
How well did the students learn what you wanted them to learn?
How do you know that they learned? (Provide examples/evidence of how
you determined that they learned.) THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT
PART OF YOUR REFLECTION! How valid is your claim about how well
they learned the knowledge, skills, and understanding expected? You
need to be able to clearly defend your claim.

What did you learn to improve future lessons?