Making Comparisons With Adverbs

Use the Comparative Form • of an adverb when you compare two actions.

• of an adverb Use the when you Superlative compare Form... three or more actions.

• Adverbs can Like be changed adjectives... to the comparative or superlative form.


• they also are describing words.

This is cool, huh ?

• The Like comparative adjectives form too... compares one action with another.

..• Jeff jumps . le p am higher than x E Emmanuel. • Verodia learns faster than Omar.

• when you Use the compare superlative three or form... more actions.

• Of the three insects: yellow jackets, bumblebees, and wasps; yellow jackets will usually attack the fastest.


3 Ways • to form the comparative and superlative forms.

#1 • Most short adverbs, add -er and -est.


• Most adverbs that end in -ly, simply use the word more or most up front.

• Some adverbs change completely to the comparative and superlative forms.