OGR – 1.

Brad Lee King

Chosen Scenario –
The Immune
1. Antigen "A" enters bodies blood.
2. Eventually it is consumed by a Macrophage
(Greek for Big Eaters).
3. Said Macrophage turns into a Helper T-Cell, and
produces Interleukin's, containing information about
4. These Interleukin's are consumed by B-Cells, this
process kills the Macrophage, essentially sacrificing
itself for the cause (note, this comes up later).

5. These B-Cells then use this information to turn into
Plasma Cells.
6. These Cells will then release millions of Antibodies
into the blood stream, but these are no ordinary
antibodies, these are "A" Specific Antibodies.
7. The next time an "A" Antigen appears, the "A"
Antibodies will swarm it and kill it with ease.
8. Antigen "A" is now removed from the body, which is
now Immune to the cell.

The idea of the
audience that this
animation would be
intended for would
be secondary
school students, in
early Biology
classes, most likely
appealing to
students aged 13 –

These are some Test Thumbnails I made from an idea Jordan gave
me to develop interesting, Three Dimensional Shapes. I devloped
this idea into the next sheet.