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Course Schedule

Text: James Roark, et al., The American Promise, Third Edition, Vol. III

Date Topic Reading Assignment Activity/Due

January 20 Introduction and Chapter 16 film: Part II of
Reconstruction Reconstruction Reconstruction
January 27 1870-1900 The West Chapters 18 film: PBS Series-The West
The West in the Gilded Age Part 5-Geography of Hope
Feb. 3 1870-1900 A Changing Chapter 17, 19 TBA
World: Industrialism and Business and Politics in the
Growth Gilded Age
The City and Its Workers
Feb. 10 1890-1900 Imperialism, Chapter 20 TBA
Labor, and Depression Dissent, Depression, and
War 1890-1900
Feb. 17 1900-1916 Progressivism Chapter 21 TBA
Progressivism from the Grass
Roots to the White House
Feb. 24 1914-1920 World War I Chapter 22 TBA
World War I: The Progressive
Crusade at Home and
March 3 2 hours Mid-Term Exam
March 10 Spring Break
March 17 1920-1932 Inter-war Years Chapter 23 Project propoal due
From New Era to Great
March 24 1933-1941 The New Deal Chapter 24 TBA
The New Deal Experiment
March 31 1939-1945 World War II Chapter 25 TBA
The United States and the
Second World War
April 7 1945-1960 Cold War and Chapter 26-27 TBA
Culture Cold War Politics in the
Truman Years
The Politics of Culture and
April 14 1960-1974 Chapter 28 TBA
Reform, Rebellion, and
April 21 1961-1975 Vietnam Chapter 29 TBA
Vietnam and the Limits of
April 28 1969-1989 Shifting Culture Chapter 30-31 Final Project/Paper Due
and Politics during the America Moves to the TBA
Seventies and Eighties Right The End of the Cold
1989- the present War and the Challenges of
Globalization and the End of Globalization
the Cold War
May 5 2 hours Final Exam