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Business manager Steve Lewis and Head
of School Bill Kralovec will be giving an
overview of the financial situation of the
SOIS campus within the KG foundation.
The presentation will take place inthethird
floor conference room. All parents are

The OIS PTA will be meeting hold their
monthly meeting Wednesday March 9 at
9:00AMinthethirdfloorconferenceroom. OIS students under the leadership of CAS coordinatorLynMelvilleRea

will be making their seventh visit to SMK Payagan High School near
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. SMK is our sister school in Bali. The grade 11
students will be working with local students on a wide rangeofprojects
The rehabilitation hospital next to the such as, procuring safe drinking water in the school, teaching English,
school is starting aconstructionprojectthis small business development, and working at a local medical clinic.
week. They are building residential Three OIS students will also present on sustainable tourism at the
apartments in the vacant lot next to the Global Issue Network conference hosted by the Bali Island School.
main building. We wanted to make our TheywillbestayingattheSTEPUbudtraininghotelfromMarch916th.
community aware that there will be large
trucks and other construction vehiclesnear Pictured aboveisformerSISscienceteacherSaitosensei,whorecently
completed three yearsofvolunteerteachingattheSMKschool andwas
the school. You can see below the area to
the left of the hospital where the

The 26 OIS students and 3 OIS faculty will be working to improve the
lives of the poor of Bali. This fits with our mission of contributingtothe
global community and the IB mission of developing young people who

Grade11ServiceTriptoBali / Twitter feed: @oisinbrief

/ Heads Study blog:


The Senri International School public relations department publishes a magazine every trimester. ItisinbothEnglish
and Japanese. Some of the OIS events are coveredineachissue.Itiscurrentlyavailablefordownloadfromthe front

The grade 3, 4 and 5 students who are part of the after school basketball club will be traveling to the Osaka YMCA
International School on Friday March 11 for a day of basketball. The students are learning the fundamentals of the
sport from grade 5 teacher, Mr. Trevor Jones. At the elementary school level, the emphasis is on participation,

With the middle schoolandhighschoolstudentsawayontrips,theelementary schoolchildrenwillbetaking
over the school Tuesday March 15. There willbe a whole range of activities. Thegrade5students will be
preparingfor their PYP exhibition. Other gradelevelswillbeusingtheplanetarium,home&familyliferoom,
the soccer field, andthe artstudios.The students willalsobetryingoutthebandandorchestrainstruments

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