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Farmville Secrets

Farmville Secrets

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Published by azmir
Farmville Secrets Finally Revealed
Farmville Secrets Finally Revealed

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Published by: azmir on Apr 20, 2010
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FarmVille cash is much tougher to come by than coins are. You get 1 FarmVille dollar for every new
level you reach, but it takes quite a while to earn any substantial amount of cash this way. FarmVille
cash isn't vital to your ability to play the game the way that coins are, but there are some items in the
market that you can't get without it.

Some of the cash-only items in the market are relatively cheap and you'll have enough FarmVille cash
at the lower levels to afford these. If you spend your cash in small amounts this way though, you'll
never be able to accumulate enough to buy the bigger items that are available later on. It's best to
save your FarmVille cash until you're sure you know what you want to spend it on.

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