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Coaching Session Plan

Rider Details
Number in session:

Group age:

Group ability (tick as appropriate)

Beginner Intermediate Mixed ability
Other, specify

Summary of rider information that may affect the session:

Mixed ability group so need to be mindful of the progression of the session.
Medical information not available to this been the first session.
Facilities, Resources and Equipment
Session no.:
Session date:
21 October 2015

Session time:

Club: Hope Valley College

Venue: Hope Valley College

Session length:
45 mins session

Facility requirements:
Inside of the 400 meter running track on the field (depending on the weather can move onto the mugger)
Flat Area Approximately 4 tennis courts (size of the mugger)
Equipment required:
8 bikes, helmets and gloves
Clip board
Schools Ipad
Human resources required:
No other human resources required.
Action Points from Previous Session(s)
N/A due to this been the first session.

Coach and Others Involved in Delivery

Coach: Oliver Spence

Others involved in delivery: None

Session Plan
Session goal(s): By the end of todays session, the riders will be able to negotiate left and right corners while maintaining appropriate
pedal position.

Prior to the
5 Mins

5 mins

General safety considerations:
Review and implement risk assessment
Layout coaching area and ride through the slaloms to check correct spacing of cones.
Session start
Do bike, helmet and clothing check prior to the warm up.
Advise riders of the coaching area and general session rules.
Riders ride round the oval track each lap they will increase their pace.
Coaches whistle will indicate the pace increase each lap.

5-10 mins

Main content:
Two single track slalom tracks.(10
cones long) [Gear 2, p64-65)
4 riders on either course
Riders go in single file and leave 2 cone
Demonstrate the drill or get a student to.

10 Progression

10 mins

Move the group onto the switch back

corners of the track.
Allow the riders to practice the corners
Each rider will go in single file and leave
a 10 second gap.
This will allow the coach to observer
and provide feedback.

Mini Race

5 mins

Coaching points:
Cornering (Gear 1,p24)
On approach to the corner, continue to look
ahead and towards the exit of the corner.
Entre the corner wide
Hole the handlebars at the widest point.
Stop pedalling before the corner and cover
the brakes.
Keep your inside pedal up and put
pressure on the outside pedal.
Use your hips to help balance and steer.
Safety points:
Riders should approach the corner at a
jogging pace
Ensure all riders turn the same direction to
return to the start.
Performance a walkthrough pace

Race round the mountain bike track.

30 seconds between each rider
Fast rider wins
Riders need to remember the key
cornering skills
Slow pace game- riders have to rider round the oval track 2 times at a slow pace allowing their bodies to
cool down.

Summary of session/feedback to riders:

Which pedal should be down on a corner (outside pedal)
Where should we be looking on entering/exiting a corner (ahead, through the corner.)
Have you got any questions/feedback for me?
Is there any topic you want to focus on next week?

Accident Report Form completed for each rider involved

Dont forget to evaluate the session