3. Ricky begins to pour make his drink. RICKY I’m sure you will one of these days.

Ricky mixes himself a very strong drink of VODKA. ALLISON You really need to cool your jets with that, your livers gonna be shot in a few months. RICKY It’s not like I drink THAT much. ALLISON Ever since you and that slut broke it off its more and more difficult to find you sober. Ricky slams down his drink. RICKY (Sarcastically) How dare you! (Serious again) Anyway, how else am I supposed to forget about her? ALLISON I don’t know, how everyone else does? Live your life, Move on? RICKY Yeah, but this is a lot easier. Ricky picks up drink again, and takes a sip. ALLISON Seriously! Put down the damn drink, go out, find a girl, and get your heart broken again. That’s life. RICKY (Sarcastically) Always, so eloquent with words. ALLISON You’re such an ass.

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