Analysis of ‘thought process’ of girls in KGP, while they are in a relationship or are looking for one.

Abstract: Kgp is an unreal place. The boy to girl ratio here is so high, that it has a non worldly effect on the psychology of girls. This ratio also impacts the decision making process of the girls when it comes to how to choose the correct guy for a relationship. This study attempts to analyze the same thought process, for the common good of male community in campus. The names have been changed in the citations presented, but they represent the real cases. Introduction: Girls talk. This is the basic fundamental law of universe. Especially when you put them in a hostel, the talking process becomes ultra-rapid. So, one girl can either make your image or break it. The ability to ‘mind their own business’ is shockingly less in girls as compared to guys. So one girl will always, poke in the life or judge another girl based on the guy she is dating, or wants to date. There are intense ‘discussion’ sessions that happen in the wings of SN solely on the topics of guys. So the bottom line is that, every guy in the campus is thoroughly scanned by the girls, and has a brand value. The term ‘SN Approved (SNAp)’ will be used in this study to point to the guys who have a higher brand value in SN. Materials and methods: The material used include ‘various stories told by guys’ when they are ‘drunk’ (hence honest), other ‘dating gossips’ spread in the campus, input from some of the ‘girls’ of SN is also taken into use. The analysis mostly uses the methods of ‘common sense’ and ‘general observation’ and a few other easy to understand ‘linear’ approaches. SN Approved (SNAp): Girls in general wish to date guys, who have been SN Approved. They often want to be seen with them. The facial expressions and body language of a girl change when in company of these guys. Their ‘tone’ also becomes ‘extra sweet’ while talking to them. In some cases they may ‘blush’ highly. The advantages of dating SNAps are clear. These guys have everyone’s approval in SN. So dating them makes a girl famous in SN. They turn out to be the ‘queens’ in the wing ‘Discussion sessions’, and are often seen as role models by other girls. Girls dating guys other then SNAps are often seen with the eyes of ‘sympathy’. They are’ whispered’ as one ‘not good enough’ to grab an ‘Approved’ guy, in the ‘behind the back bitching’ sessions by other girls. They are never talked about or consulted with while some other girl has a ‘relationship problem’. A girl dating a SNAp commands power and maintains a higher head in SN. Dating a guy who is not SN Approved may also in worse cases bring embarrassment to the girl. Criteria for becoming an ‘SN Approved’ guy (SNAp) : This process is brutal. Things like ‘Seeing the inner beauty’ of a person or ‘caring for somebody’s feelings’ has no place here. After all this is an ‘elite’ group and the criteria is kept hard to maintain

quality. It begins normally, if the guy is tall, handsome, athletic in build, he becomes immediately qualified for being ‘Approved’. But lets face it, IIT is not a place where studs of this kind are found in general. So this group constitutes very less guys. The things that give other normal guys a head start are described below: In further discussion the term ‘cool’ will refer to a set of activities that if exercised by the guy may qualify him to be an ‘SN Approved’. The ‘cool’ activities comprise of playing a sport, an inter-iit to be precise, being a guitarist, a drummer, a singer is also OK. Playing the more traditional forms of music or instruments like tabla or a violin or piano doesn’t give you any advantage. They infact pitch you as ‘boring’. But remember ‘something is better than nothing’ card also plays a part here. Power has always been a ‘babe magnet’. Accept it or not but guys in position of power have always been highly desired. This works in KGP as well. Guys who have decent communication skills, enough to make them presentable, and have positions of power like the ‘General Secretary’ or the ‘Vice President’ or ‘SCom’ or ‘Head’ of KTJ or SF, immediately qualify as ‘SN Approved irrespective of their looks. The following citations prove this result: 1. Recently Kamal, who happened to be the ‘Head’ in SF asked out a girl who was a ‘member’ in the same. The girl immediately accepted without a second thought. But the interesting point here is that had any other guy approached this girl earlier, she would have most likely said yes. 2. No point repeating, but the same stories, as they are well known by everyone in campus, happen in KTJ also. Conclusion: The guys selected by girls are quite often just dependent upon whether they satisfy the chalked out criteria as stated, and independent of ‘who the guy really is’.A girl in KGP may have her eyes not on one guy, but a cluster of them who she feels are ‘Approved’. So to her it doesn’t really matter which one of them asks her out. The only thing that matters here is who asks her out first. So if you are lucky enough that you do satisfy the criteria listed above, and are ‘SN Approved’ rush to ask your girl out, cuz otherwise your girl may say yes to someone else. The 10 point system irony and score counting: The 10 point system irony points out to behavioral pattern in the girls in KGP. We assume a 10 point scale to grade a guy. Let the guys who are SN Approved have a value of 9 on this scale. A normal guy, with decent looks and decent communication skills, and sound personality has a score of 7. When we apply this scale to grade girls, a girl who is ‘hot’ by general standards has a score of 9. The value linearly decreases with reduction in ‘hotness’. Now as the common observation reveals, many girls in KGP are like 6-7. This is what the scale suggests, but the irony strikes in the fact that most guys in campus don’t follow this scale. They choose to see ‘who the girl really is’ parameter too, and judge girls on individual basis. It is however the girls, who strictly adhere to the scale and discard every guy who falls below the near perfect. A normal guy is treated like ‘crap’ by the girl because he just doesn’t fit.

‘Score counting’ is another technique used by girls to rate themselves in SN. The moment a guy asks out a girl, her score increases by 1. A girl with more score is looked upon in SN as an example. Her own value in her own eyes also increases. In worse, although rare cases, a girl might talk nicely to a guy, to make him think she is into her, and the moment he asks her out, she gets an increment in her score, and walks away using terms like ‘I’m not ready’ or ‘you are my good friend, but…’ Committed or won’t talk principle: The girls in KGP don’t usually believe in the concept of a plain friendship with a guy. They are either committed to them, or don’t talk to them at all. A guy who wishes to make ‘just friends’ with a girl, finds it noticeably hard. This may be argued as a universal phenomenon, but it is exceptionally challenging in KGP. Whenever a friendship starts blossoming, it is usually cut off by the girl, on grounds of ‘fear’ of being linked with that guy by other girls of SN. So in most cases, culture in SN doesn’t allow plain friendships to flourish. ‘Lack of respect’ : KGP girls don’t think neutrally. Neither they use their own eyes to arrive at a conclusion about guys. They choose to listen to senior SNites who inject thoughts like ‘all guys are perverts’ and ‘when a guy looks at you, he is flirting’. Even our alumni, no matter how successful they may be, are still considered as perverts or ‘despo’. At any cost, the girls do not give any guy any respect. They are most often seen parallel to molesters or stalkers. This approach is highly irrational and prejudiced. When a guy talks nicely to a girl, a girl interprets it as flirting. Although the presence of ‘unsocial’ elements in campus can’t be denied, labeling all the guys under such low keyed tags is unreasonable and highly demeaning to them. The ‘Taj Mahal – Showpiece’ argument: There are only a few guys who can make it to the ‘SN Approved’ list. They easily get into relationships. But not every girl can get such guys. So girls who don’t have the ‘Approved’ guys as their boyfriends are often seen desiring for them, sighing, calling them their ‘crush’ while in a relationship with other ‘normal’ guys. The reasoning given here, is that, ‘if you have a showpiece at home, won’t you look at the Taj mahal.’ This is in every sense highly demeaning to the guy they are dating. The guy feels that the girl he is dating is nothing less than an ‘art monument’ for him. While the girl treats him as ‘showpiece’ to be kept in home.

Conclusion: The study clearly shows that girls in KGP need to loosen up and trust guys more. They are brutal to guys in quite a lot of cases. A culture of ‘talking freely’ between guys and girls needs to be established. Although the guys should also not indulge in activities like ‘staring’ and ‘loose commenting’. That is just demeaning and idiotic. Women at all costs should be respected. And girls, it works both ways, give respect to have it.
*Don’t take this stuff too seriously. It is just an attempt to have some fun on part of author.

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