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State Capitol, Room 2E.I3
Post Office Box 12068
Austin, Texas 78711
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March 4, 2016

Dear University President/Chancellor ,

In the last legislative session, the 84th Texas Legislature passed a budget that provided a
dramatic increase in funding for higher education. Consequently, we are alarmed at reoccurring
reports that our state universities have increased or are considering proposals to raise tuition on
students. These increases, combined with excessive bonus programs, indicate that our state
universities have lost sight of their primary mission to provide a high quality education at an
affordable cost to Texas families.
It is discouraging to see Texas higher education institutions seek to increase the financial burden
faced by students and their families rather than developing methods to cut institutional costs.
Student debt is already at an all-time high, with students taking longer to complete their degrees
and incurring a greater amount of debt each year.
The cost of higher education must remain at a level that is within reach of all Texans. To address
this issue, the Senate Committee on Higher Education has been tasked with studying several
interim charges related to making college education more affordable for students and families
across Texas . To meet these charges, the Texas Senate needs an accurate and transparent
representation of the current financial situation of your university, the costs to students in
Please provide the following information to the office of Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick and to
the office of Senator Kel Seliger by March 31 :

A summary of any current effort by your institution to raise tuition and/or fees on
Tuition rates since 2002-2003, indicating statutory tuition rates and designated tuition
rates, by academic year;
Annual fees since 2002-2003, indicating mandatory fees, college and course fees, by
academic year;
Total academic charges since 2002-2003, by academic year, including the percentage
change each academic year;

March 4, 2016
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Total academic charges since 2002-2003 , by academic year, including the percentage
change each academic year;
An overview of institution plans to reduce student debt, including innovative tuition
reduction and/or cost-reduction plans, including any plans to offer alternate degree
4-year and 6-year completion rates since 2002-2003, by academic year; and
Financial aid, including aid from the state and institutional investments since 2002-2003,
by year.

Texans expect their elected representatives to protect their interests and to be stewards of public
resources, including public universities. Members of the Texas Senate intend to uphold this
responsibility, and we look forward to your timely response to this request for information.

Lieutenant Governor

Kel Seliger
Chair, Senate Higher Education Committee

CC : College3 Board of Regents, System Chancellor XXX, Texas Higher Education

Coordinating Board, Governor Greg Abbott, Speaker Joe Straus, Senate Higher Education