EDUCATION AND ITS PURPOSE "Education" as a word has its origin in  'educare',  'educere' and  'educatum'.

They mean: 'Pouring in'-that is informing, giving knowledge, instructing, training, indoctrination; 'Drawing out"- that is enabling, facilitating, making the inner outer, emancipation; and "The act of Instruction -that is teaching, telling, lecturing, questioning, etc. Broadly, we hold that 'Education is reorganization and reconstruction of human experience.' Education thus is ennobling and enabling. It is Emancipation. The purposes of Education are: y y y Transmission of culture & traditions- knowledge and values Social Progress- creativity and innovation. Social Control- exercise authority and make one behave within accepted social norms.

The Four Pillars of Education are:     Learn to know Learn to do Learn to live together, and Learn to be.

Education should help an individual to respond to situations in a positive way, become individually competent, socially efficient and self-actualize by realizing ones potential. Education builds ones capacities and competencies and teaches one to live happily with others and thus fulfill the Purpose of the Creator.

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