Iamb An iamb is a pair of 2 syllables: one stressed and the other unstressed meaning the stressed one has

more emphasis and the unstressed one has less emphasis and is generally shorter. An iamb is always ONE PAIR of stressed, unstressed syllabl es, it cannot be stressed, stressed, unstressed, unstressed. It HAS to be stress ed, unstressed or vice versa Example: (mine) The leaves/are crisp/and moist. "The" is unstressed, "leaves" is stressed, "are" is unstressed, "crisp" is stressed, "and" is unstressed, and "m oist" is stressed. See how it's alternating between stressed and unstressed. Iambic Pentameter An iambic pentameter is 5 of those iambs-those stressed/unstressed syllables. In a pentameter (penta meaning 5, meter meaning like the rhythm of the poem. Shake speare's plays lines were mostly written in iambic pentameter Examples from Romeo and Juliet: "But soft!/ What light/ through yon/der win/dow breaks" "Soft", "light", "yon in yonder", "win in window", and "breaks" is stressed. The other syllables like "But", "what", "through", "der in yonder", and "dow in win dow" are unstressed. The unstressed and stressed syllables alternate between ea ch other. My Example: The sun/ streams through/ the win/dow pane/and gleams "Sun", "through", "win in window", "pane", and "gleams" are the stressed syllabl es. "The", "streams", "the", "dow in window", and "and" are unstressed syllables . With this iambic pentameter and iambs, the poem's verse flows better

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