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The information presented herein is in no way intended as medical advice or to

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conjunction with the guidance and care of your physician. Consult your physician
before beginning this program as you would with any exercise and nutrition
program. If you choose not to obtain the consent of your physician and/or work
with your physician throughout the course of these workouts, you are agreeing to
accept full responsibility for your actions. By beginning the following workouts,
you recognize that despite all precautions on the part of The Forged Athlete LLC,
and Travis Stoetzel, there are risks of injury or illness which can occur because of
your use of the aforementioned information and you expressly assume such risks
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is inherent risk with any physical activity.
Please consult your physician before starting this (or any) exercise program.
The Forged Athlete, LLC or Travis Stoetzel cannot be held responsible for any
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The purpose and overview of WARRIOR ripped

Warrior Ripped is a series of 6 workouts and workout finishers all designed to get
you stronger, highly conditioning, and explosive by strategically combining the
training modalities of barbell strength movements, bodyweight training,
dumbbells, and The Jungle Gym XT Suspension Trainer.
These workouts are fast paced and highly intensive which will help not only get
you physically prepared, but also mentally prepared for whatever life happens to
throw your way!
Hence the name, Warrior Ripped. Youll have to battle your way through these
training sessions and be ready for war!
The series of 6 different and unique workouts youre about to unleash below
were originally designed for the tactical athlete in mind, but after seeing the
results these types of workouts were able to produce with my general clients and
athletes, I had to get it out into the hands of people that love to train hard and
are willing to push the limit!
Now, one must understand the meaning behind the term Warrior.
I choose to add that into the main title of these workouts for a few main reasons
Number one, it just sounds plain badass
Who doesnt want to train and be like a Warrior?
And two, to be a Warrior, one must be aggressive with their actions, especially
when it comes to training.
Heres the definition of WARRIOR that I pulled off Wikipedia
A warrior is a person skilled in combat or warfare, especially within the
context of a tribal or clan-based society that recognizes a separate warrior

To be a warrior, you must willing to be on the attack and you must be willing to
do the things necessary to fight for what it is you want.
In war, your life is on the line! In training, it should be treated the same way and
if you know me very well, you would know I approach training in a very serious
manner and its a part of my personal Aggressive Creed to always be warrior
In this sense, we are talking about training and every time you go to train, it needs
to be an all out war! Its you vs. the weights every single time and the weights are
not taking prisoners!
These workouts are just that. You will have to battle and fight your way through
these training sessions if you want to see real results.
These workouts are NOT easy as they were never meant to be.
You will be challenged and if you choose to accept this challenge, you will grow
both mentally and physically stronger.
As you attack these workouts, just keep in mind that YOU are the one that
controls the outcome of your training sessions. YOU are the one responsible for
your personal victories and defeats. Be on the offensive at all times and NEVER
accept EXCUSES!
Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


Warrior Ripped General INFO

You will ALWAYS WARM UP before ALL workouts. NO Exceptions here! You
must properly prepare your body for battle. The warm up is time to not only
get your blood flowing properly, but to also focus your mind in on the session
to come. See The Warrior Ripped Warm Up HERE.
Make sure you are FOAM ROLLING both before and after training sessions.
FOAM ROLL and Stretch after your sessions! NO EXCUSES here. You must
always properly cool down.
Workouts are listed by NUMBERS and LETTERS 1A), 2A) , 2B), ect When
you see the same number with a different letter, this means these movements
are paired up together into either a super set or circuit. There will be NO rest
until the set is completed.
As far as REST is concerned with the workouts within Warrior Ripped, you
want to always be pushing the pace. Try not to sit down during your whole
workout and avoid allowing yourself to fully recover after a set. Usually 30-45
secs (unless otherwise noted) is long enough and just about right for what
youre trying to accomplish.
All sets listed are actual WORK sets so make sure you have always gone
through some light warm up sets before you get into your real sets. This is
especially important with all of you heavier weighted barbell movements.
Pick two movements from the Warrior Finishers categories listed in the back
and perform them after your main workout has been completed. Try to use a
lot of variety with your choices and switch between the different intervals
listed (20/10s, 15/15s, and 25/5s)
If you plan to follow all of the Warrior Ripped workouts to a T, I would
highly recommend you have the Jungle Gym XT or another type of suspension
trainer, as there are different workouts that include this type of equipment.
(This are NOT mandatory, but highly recommended)
Best way to follow the workouts listed in Warrior Ripped is to choose
between the A workouts or the B workouts and cycle through the 4 you
choose for the course of 3-4 weeks. You can intermix both A and B workouts
but DO NOT combine the same NUMBERED workouts.

So for example, you can choose to do: 1A, 2B, 3A, 4A together for a 3 week
cycle, but doing 1A, 1B, 2C, 2B together wouldnt work.
Heres what a sample 4 week phase would look like:

Every 4th week, you will want perform an OFF /RECOVERY week. These are
weeks filled with lightly weighted movements and bodyweight to help the
body recover and avoid overtraining. DO NOT skip these recovery weeks!
After your recovery week youll take on one of the two Warrior Challenges to
put your physical and mental skills to the test. (See the Warrior Challenges
manual for more details). Youll want to test out BEFORE you start a new
Make sure that you are EATING LEAN AND CLEAN like a TRUE warrior would!
You will NOT see results if you eat like sh*t. If you want to take your RESULTS
to the next level, follow my Lean. Mean. Strong. Simple Nutrition System. This
combines the best of the best in regards to how to eat for strength and lean
muscle gain, fat loss, and overall increases in performance.

The Warrior Ripped Warm Up

Short, Fast, To The Point!
Click Here For Video
1A) 2 Mins of Aggressive Jump Rope
1B) Drop Lunge w/ Overhead Reach x 8 / leg
1C) Push Up + Rotation x 8 / side
1D) Spider Lunge Steps x 8 / side
1E) Superman Reaches x 8
1F) Easy Burpees x 8
1G) Inch Worms x 8
1H) Seal Jacks x 50
Optional 50 x Band Pull Aparts, 10 x Band Dislocators, 15 x Band OH Squats


Warrior Ripped Workouts

Workout 1A
1A) Barbell Deadlifts 5 x 5
2A) JG XT Atomic Push Ups 3 x 15 OR Feet Suspended Push Ups
2B) Single Leg DB RDL 3 x 10 / Leg OR DB RDL 3 x 10
3A) JG XT Hip Thrusts 3 x 15 OR Hip Extensions
3B) DB Manmakers 3 x 10 OR Burpees
3C) DB Farmer Walks 3 x max distance

Workout 2A
1A) Barbell Push Press 5 x 5
2A) JG XT Pistol Squat OR Free Pistol Squat 3 x 10 / leg
2B) DB 1A Bent Row 3 x 10 / arm
3A) JG XT Forward / Backwards Handwalks 3 x 5-10 reps OR Wall Walks
3B) DB Power High Pulls 3 x 15
3C) Hollow Rocks 3 x 30

Workout 3A
1A) Barbell Power Squat Clean 5 x 5
2A) Feet Elevated Recline Row 3 x submax OR Recline Row
2B) DB 1A Clean and Press 3 x 6 / arm
3A) JG XT Bulgarian Split Lunge 4 x 8/leg OR Bulgarian Squats
3B) DB Renegade Rows w/ Push Up 4 x 10
3C) JG XT Pike 4 x 12

Workout 4A Warrior Complex A

1A) 5 Rounds of:

DB Power Clean x 5
DB Front Squat x 5
DB Push Press x 5
DB Drop Lunge x 5 / Leg
DB Power High Pull x 5

See Full Video Demo of Complex HERE

***Take 90-120 secs break between rounds
2A) Warrior Core Circuit x 3 Rounds
a) JG XT Pike x 30 secs
b) JG XT Pendulum Swings x 30 secs
c) Extended Plank Hold x 30 secs
See Full Video Demo of Core Circuit HERE

Workout 1B
1A) 1A DB OR KB Snatch 5 x 5/arm (Get as HEAVY as possible)
2A) JG XT Suspended Push Up w/ Reach 3 x submax OR Suspended Push Ups
2B) Rack Hold DB Walking Lunge 3 x 10 / leg OR Regular DB Walking Lunge
3A) JG XT Star Press 4 x 8 OR JG XT Y Raise
3B) DB Squat Clean 4 x 10
3C) Single Arm KB Towel Farmer Walk 4 x max distance / arm OR Single Arm DB
Farmer Walks

Workout 2B
1A) JG XT Suspended HSPU 5 x submax OR Handstand Push Ups OR Pike Press
2A) DB Goblet Squats 3 x 10
2B) JG XT Single Arm Recline Row 3 x submax OR Recline Row
3A) JG XT Dips 4 x submax OR Bar Dips OR Bench Dips
3B) JG XT Y Raise 4 x submax
3C) DB Outside Swings 4 x 15

Workout 3B
1A) Barbell Zercher Squat 5 x 5
2A) Towel Pull Ups 4 x submax OR Pull Ups
2B) Hindu Push Ups 4 x submax
3A) JG XT 1L Burpee 3 x 10 / leg OR Single Leg Burpee (without suspension)
3B) JG XT 1 Arm Suspended Row 3 x 10 / arm OR 1 Arm Bent Row
3C) JG XT 1 Arm Prone Reach 3 x 10 / arm OR Plank w/ Front Reach

Workout 4B Warrior Complex B

1A) 5 Rounds of:

1A DB Power Snatch x 5
1A DB Power Clean Thruster x 5
1A DB RDL (Opposite Leg) x 5
1A Swing x 5 / Leg
Goblet Squat x 5 then switch arms

See FULL Video Demo of Complex HERE

***Take 90-120 secs break between rounds
2A) Warrior Core Circuit x 3 Rounds
d) JG XT Side To Side Pike x 30 secs
e) JG XT Mountain Climbers x 30 secs
f) JG XT Body Saws x 30 secs
See Full Video Demo of Core Circuit HERE

Warrior Finishers
Choose 1 exercise from category A and one exercise from category B and
perform an 8 round circuit using 1 of the 3 intervals listed below:
(Note: Use only movements you did NOT use during your main workout)

Interval Selections 20/10, 15/15, 25/5 x 8 rounds total (ALL OUT EFFORT)
Category A

Category B

Kettlebell Swing

Sit thoughts

KB / DB Thruster

Mountain Climbers

Lunge Jump

Suspended Mountain Climbers

Squat Jump

Bottom Half Burpee


KB Clean Double OR Single

Burpee Lateral Jump

Suspended Prone Plank Circles

Burpee Box Jump

Suspended Pike

Ice Skater

Sprints (RUN FAST)

Speed Squats

Jumping Knee Tucks

KB High Pulls

Plank with Elbow Drives

JG XT Atomic Push Ups


Bear Crawl

Side Plank

Jungle Gym XT Recline Rows

Spiderman / Lizard Crawls

KB / DB Ground To Overhead

Crab Walks

Box Jump

Suspended Knee Tucks

Push Up Rotation

Suspended Sprinter

Aggressive Strength Resources

Travis Stoetzel is a hardcore and aggressive strength coach located

in Omaha, NE where he owns and operates The Forged Athlete
Gym, which caters to highly dedicated athletes and serious lifters.
Below you can gain knowledge insight on the various tools and
resources he uses to help turn his clients and athletes into strong,
jacked, and athletic soldiers. The section below showcases the other
various strength and conditioning programs and products he has
created and uses to help people all across the world get results.

For MORE Aggressive Strength Training Programs and

Systems, Check Out The Aggressive Strength Only Store HERE
Connect With Me More:
Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Lean And Mean Blueprint

The Power Wheel is by far one of the most versatile and complete
bodyweight training tools available. You can easily take your ab
training movements to the next level with various amounts of different
roll outs as well as hand walking variations. You can work on both your
lower body and upper body strength virtually anywhere at any time.
The Power Wheel is the perfect tool to have for the gym, road, or at
home. A must have for all serious trainees.

The Jungle Gym is your all around NO EXCUSES Bodyweight Strength

gym in a bag!

Perform 100s of different variations of lower, upper, and core

bodyweight movements. These suspension straps will help increase
your bodyweight training results in no time and best of all, can be
used pretty much anywhere at any time!

Check Out More Info On The Jungle Gym XT HERE

Sandbags are truly one of my favorite strength and conditioning

training tools. Theres really nothing quite like ripping a heavy bag
off the floor carrying it around, pressing it, rowing it, squatting it, or
even throwing it. Ive tried many different types of bags over the
years and have even made a half dozen of my own.

After a long search through trial and error with different bags, I have
found the best and highest quality training sandbag there is in Brute
Force Sandbags. These are truly made to last and are build just right
for the serious strength enthusiast. Just like all the tools I like to
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