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Animal White-tailed Deer 1988

Beverage Tomato Juice 1968

Bicentennial Bridge The Blaine Hill bridge in Belmont county, constructed in 2002
1828 as part of the national road. It's the oldest bridge
in the state.

Bird Cardinal 1933

Carnation City Alliance 1959

Flower Scarlet Carnation 1904

Gemstone Ohio Flint 1965

Herb Gahnna 1952

Insect Ladybug by Senate resolution 1975

Reptile Black Racer Snake 1995

Rock Song "Hang on Sloopy" by House resolution. 1985

Song Beautiful Ohio 1969

Tree Ohio Buckeye 1953

Wildflower Large White Trillium 1987

“I Am Because We Are”
Honoring the Past – Impacting the Present – Shaping the Future

July 11, 2008

Dear Family,

Welcome to the 2008 Ross Family Reunion! We hope that everyone will enjoy a fun-filled weekend of
re-connecting as well as meeting new loved ones for the first time.

During this weekend we invite you to relax and make yourself at home at the Historic Oberlin Inn. In
the following pages, you will find a complete itinerary for all planned events. Please enjoy our
hospitality suite located in the Tappan room on the third floor.

The Reunion Committee appreciates the support of all Ohio Ross Family members who helped make
this reunion possible. We have also been fortunate to have input and participation from many
relatives located outside of Ohio. During the planning process, we have seen our theme in action, “I
Am Because We Are” Our connectedness has made this a true labor of love.

We hope that everyone will leave the reunion with a greater sense of the depth of the Ross legacy;
we all stand on the great shoulders of Charley and Elizabeth Ross. May they be ever proud of all that
we are.

Blessings to each of you!

Genia Kisha Vickie

Ramona Smith Wakisha Ross Victoria Jones

Co-Chair Chairperson Co-Chair

Understanding Our Theme

“I Am Because We Are”
Honoring the Past – Impacting the Present – Shaping the Future

I Am Because We Are (Ubuntu) is an African philosophy that focuses on people’s allegiances and
relations with each other.

We really cannot separate ourselves from each other. We cannot see our actions as separate from
the impact on each other. God designed it this way - we can see this in God’s promise to Abraham
“ I will make you a great nation; I will bless you and make your name great; and you shall be a
blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you; and in you all the families
of the earth shall be blessed.” We must understand that no person is an island and God wants us to
“get” this and to take action on it. It’s built right into the fabric of this world and in the fabric of the
Ross family.

Through conversations with our Elders, we hear about the determination of Charley Ross to be a land
owner and thereby, leave an inheritance for his children. This inheritance goes far beyond land.
Each of us has inherited a love of God and family, determination to fulfill our destinies and thereby
shape future generations of Ross families.
2008 Ross Family Honors

We salute the following family members for their outstanding achievements this year.
Congratulations on a job very well done!

College Graduation

Rhonda L. Ross

University of Phoenix

Bachelor of Science - Criminal Justice Administration

Cum Laude

High School Graduation

DeeAnna Germaine Ross

Grand-daughter of Emmett Ross Jr. and Altheda Ross

Tyisha Smith

Grand- daughter of Stella Ree Ross-Smith and the late Sherman Smith

 Raymond Dent, Jr. 

Grand-son of the late Albert (AJ) Ross, Sr. and Vernyce Ross
Military Enlistments

Brandy Janet Ross

Enlisted in the Air Force for six years
Brandy is from the Charlie Branch of the family tree

Leah Estelle Jones

Enlisted in the Army for four years

Leah is from the Willie Branch of the family tree

She began basic training on July 8, 2008 at Fort Jackson, SC

Other Honors

Kassia McCall

Lettered in Track and was

Inducted into the National Honor Society

Kassia is from the David Branch of the family tree and is

Grand-daughter of Laurence and LaVerne Ross

Chynna McCall

Placed in the Big 12 for track

Chynna is from the David Branch of the family tree and is

Grand-daughter of Laurence and LaVerne Ross

“I Am Because We Are”
Honoring the Past – Impacting the Present – Shaping the Future

Friday, July 11, 2008

4:00 Check-in, get settled

4:00-7:30 Hospitality Suite is Open (3rd floor, Tappan Room)
7:30-10:30 Catfish Time
Location: Oberlin Inn Patio
Menu: Fried Catfish, spaghetti, tossed salad & peach cobbler

Saturday, July 12, 2008

7:00-8:00 Breakfast – on your own

8:30 Meet in the lobby for tours
Tour A: Oberlin Heritage Center Tour
Tour B: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
9:00 Tour A departs for short walk to Heritage Center (tour duration is 1 1/2 hours)
Tour B departs on bus en route Cleveland
Arrive in Cleveland at 9:50 tour from 10:15 -- 1:30
Bring money for lunch and souvenirs
11:00 Tour A returns to Oberlin Inn
2:30 Tour B returns to Oberlin Inn
4:00-6:00 Family Forum
Topic: Shaping the Future through Continual Learning
7:00 Family Dinner
Dress: Casual Chic
Location: Oberlin Inn Banquet Room

Sunday, July 13, 2008

8:00-9:30 Breakfast/Reunion Close-out

9:45-10:30 Check-out of hotel
10:30 Depart hotel en route
Friendship Missionary Baptist Church in Lorain
11:00-1:00 Church Service at Friendship
1:00-1:30 Final hugs and kisses
1:30 Depart for various destinations
Catfish Time
Friday, July 11, 2008 ~ 7:30-10:30

Oberlin Inn Patio

When taking the pilgrimage from Ohio to Mississippi, most of us

looked forward to that first taste of Mississippi catfish! We often
heard stories about the catfish houses and were even fortunate to
taste crispy fried catfish in the homes of our Elders from Mississippi.
Emmett and Hallie were known to fry up catfish and serve it to the
family, hot out of the skillet.

On a trip to Mississippi, with her father, Laurence and her

sister Windy, Lori Ross was fascinated by the love of catfish
evidenced all throughout her stay. Upon hearing her poem at
the 2007 reunion, we knew that we had to have “Catfish Time”
this year.

Did You Know?

Catfish seem to be a popular school, from farm raised to wild and free. The only place this fresh water
species shuns is Antarctica. Maybe the cold drives them away? Contrary to all the cartoons you’ve
seen as a child, Catfish do not have fur. In fact, as of 2005, all 37 families are scale-less as well. The,
over 2,000 known species are named for the “whiskers" (a.k.a. “barbells") around their mouths.

Catfish have become such a symbol of American summertime fun and fisherman’s tall tales that
President Reagan declared June 25th as National Catfish Day. This proclamation was made in 1987
and has been revered at campfire celebrations ever since. There is not a lake or fishing hole in the
United States that does not have some sort of legend about “the oldest, biggest catfish that has ever
lived swimming in these waters."

Catfish can range in size from the tiniest parasite, known to

enter the urinary tract of an unsuspecting wader, to a
record 646 pounds caught in Northern Thailand. Researchers
We hope that you enjoy the catfish
speculate that these vast fish can get a lot bigger, as many
species live in developing countries where they have not
and enjoy Lori’s poem!
been studied thoroughly.

Catfish Clan
By Lori Ross

Remember when we drove so far

just us three in a big black car.
And as the road stretched far and wide,
the car seat leather stuck to our hides.
We wanted to smell that Mississippi air
So, why were we at the Kentucky Fair?
The cop at the gate said take I-75
So, we turned around and were ready to ride.
So, I said to Windy, “you take the wheel”
but by a Demon Driver her spot was filled.
But me and Pops, we played it cool.
And at the restaurant checked our pants for stool
We made it safe enough: never fear.
The sun was hot and the skies were clear.
But no, my story is not done
the adventure has just begun.
Oh, we took a trip to Piney Woods
where the history was great, the grounds were wood.
But, oh those pigs did not smell good.
Then into Ross Town we did venture
these people eat catfish for lunch and dinner.
It was a sight to see Uncle Willie‟s farm
and Mom‟s and Pop‟s Old Almamater
then we bounced on down to Biloxi beach
where the sand was so white, I thought I‟d been bleached.
Our adventure was starting to come to an end.
We were all kind of sad „cause we made a few friends.
But we hitched our ride and loaded our sacks
kissed all good-bye and traveled back.
We made it back in record time
where the wind is cool and the sun is not so kind.
So all in all, it was a great vacation
traveling over some of this nation.
But I gotta go, yeah I gotta run,
just had to tell you bout all that fun
Yeah,Pops is the guy, oh he‟s the man
the number one honcho of the catfish clan!
Shaping the Future through Continual Learning
Saturday, July 12, 2008 ~ 4:00-6:00

Tappan Room

We are delighted to have Dr. Charles Sutton join us to open our panel discussion. The idea for this
forum was conceived at last year’s reunion by our very own Ph.D candidate, Claude (PeeWee)
Weathersby. The objective is to explore the hopes, dreams and ideas that served as the impetus for
the Ross family migration to Ohio and other points North. The Ross family migration is directly linked to
the overall migration that occurred at the beginning of the 1900’s.

We will also talk with a few family members who will inspire us through their efforts to break down
barriers and obstacles to realize the hopes and aspirations of those who went before us.

We invite you to join the discussion and share your insights as we lift and encourage one another
through our shared experiences.

Dr. Charles Sutton, Guest Speaker: Born in Elyria, Ohio and raised in Lorain, Ohio

Dr. Charles M. Sutton earned his undergraduate degree, a Bachelor of Science

degree in History, from Lincoln University of Pennsylvania in 1991. In 1994, he earned a
Master's degree in African American Studies from Temple University (PA). Likewise, Dr.
Sutton earned his Ph. D. from Temple University following the completion and
successful defense of his doctoral thesis "Conceptually and Culturally Redressing Black
Liberation Theology". Dr. Sutton has worked as a university professor for more than 13
years teaching primarily African American history and culture, African History, and
African Diaspora (Atlantic World) history. Prior to his current position with University of
Maryland University College, Dr. Sutton taught at The Lincoln University of
Pennsylvania, The American University (Washington, DC), Bowie State University,
Morgan State University and Temple University. Research interests of Charles include:
Antebellum (Pre-Civil War) African American history and culture, Black Liberation
Theology, The Civil Rights Era, and Black Genealogy. Dr. Sutton has lectured
extensively and is a member of several prominent organizations such as Kappa Alpha
Psi Fraternity, Inc., Phi Alpha Theta Honor Society, and the Association for the Study of
African American Life and History.
About our Panel Members
LCDR (Ret) Anthony Jones, Moderator:

Lieutenant Commander Jones enlisted in the United States Navy in August 1978.
He served in numerous assignments ashore, afloat and overseas. Initially enlisting
as a Seaman Recruit, he attained the enlisted rank of Chief Yeoman (Surface
Warfare) prior to his 19982 commissioning an Ensign in the Navy’s officer ranks.

His first commissioned assignment was onboard USS America (CV 66), where in
support of Operations Uphold Democracy; Joint Endeavor; Deliberate Force and
Southern Watch he deployed to the Mediterranean, Adriatic, Red Sea, Indian
Ocean and Persian Gulf. Subsequent assignments included staff of Commander-
in-Chief, U.S. Atlantic Fleet as Flag Aide to the Deputy Director of Operations and
Plans; Officer-in-Charge, U.S. Navy Personnel Support Activity, Sigonella, Italy; Administrative Department Head,
Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI); and Flag Secretary for the Director of Naval Intelligence.

LCDR Jones retired from active duty service in June 2004 and transitioned that same year to the Civil Service as
a Management Specialist at ONI. Anthony’s initial assignment at ONI was Program Manager for the Executive
Development Program; he was later promoted to Department Head for Professional Development and
Training. He assumed his current position on the N2 Staff (N275) as Program Strategist, Naval Intelligence Civilian
Personnel and Policy in April 2007.

Anthony became a member of the Ross family more than 25 years ago. He often tells the story of his first
encounter with his future in-laws, when Emmett and Hallie “washed his feet”. He and Vickie (also a Navy
Veteran) reside in Waldorf, Maryland. They have four children; Jasmine, Khalil, Private Leah Jones, United States
Army and Dr. Kenya Jones.

Claude Weathersby, Discussion Leader:

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Claude attended the same Catholic parochial school from kindergarten through the
eighth grade. Claude and his brothers, Leonard and Donald were considered
the top students in this school. Upon graduation, Claude attended the public
school in the St. Louis Public School district (urban-predominately African
American). Claude graduated from high school (May 1969) as an honor
student and received an academic scholarship to the Jesuit-run St. Louis
University in St. Louis, Missouri. There, he majored in Accounting and earned the
degree in July 1973. Claude’s advanced degrees from the University of
Missouri-St. Louis include: Master of Education – Special Education 2004; Master
of Education – Leadership (Education Admin.) 2007. Claude is currently
completing his Doctorate of Philosophy, Education, expected completion is
December 2009.

Claude married Yolanda Troupe Weathersby in May 2001 in St. Louis, Missouri.
Claude brought two children (Kenyatta, now 28 and Panya who will be 25 this year) into the marriage and
Yolanda came with three children (Shannon, now 31 Jason, now 28, and Jerrick, now 23). Claude and
Yolanda enjoy their family of five children (Jason has provided them with three grandchildren).
Dr. David Ross, Panel Member:

Dr. David Ross, Panel Member: Dr. David Ross was born in Lorain, Ohio and
attended Tougaloo College in Mississippi graduating with a B.A. degree in
1950. He completed medical school at MeHarry Medical College and went
on to complete his medical internship at Madigan Army Hospital and his
General Practice Residency at the Ireland Army Hospital. Dr. Ross served as
an Army Medical Officer from 1958-1960. Following his military service, Dr. Ross
began practicing medicine in Gary, Indiana. Dr. Ross is a respected leader in
the medical community. From 1978-1991, he was Chairman of the Indiana
Committee for Certification Examination of Paramedics. He developed and
furnished training to Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics and
from 1975-2008 served as Director, First Mobile Intensive Care Systems in
Northwest Indiana and the Methodist Northlake and Southlake Hospitals. Dr. Ross’ illustrious career has included
positions as President and CEO of Primary Care Consultants, Medical Director, Tiberview Healthcare and Gary,
Community School Adolescent Health Center.

Dr. Ross has also served as Investigator for numerous medical research projects. From 1994-2003 he was
Investigator for the Alhat Hypertension Study, and Investigator Invest Study from 1998-2003 as well as
Investigator Metformin Study from 1998-2001 and most recently Investigator, Accomplish Study, GOT Diabetic
Study, and Val-Marc Hypertension Study from 2004-2008 and Investigator for both the Predictive and Blitz
Studies from 2006-2008.

Dr. Ross is a leader in many other areas outside of the medical profession. He has served on the Gary Police
Department Civil Service Commission, the Gary Board of Health and was President, IPA of Northwest Indiana,
P.C. and a member of the Indiana State Gaming Commission.

The greater Gary area and the entire state of Indiana have recognized Dr. Ross’ civic leadership and bestowed
many honors upon him throughout the years. On January 10, 1997 he was recipient of the Governor’s Highest
Personal Award; the Sagamore of the Wabash Award. He is a treasure to his community and a joy to the entire
Ross family.

Dr. Ross currently practices at H. Theo Tatum Family Health Center in Gary, Indiana. He and his wife Ruthie
reside in Chesterton, Indiana. H.

Dr. Ruth E. Ross, Panel Member:

Dr. Ruth Elaine Ross was born and raised in Gary, Indiana. She attended
Vanderbilt University and received her BS in Psychology with a minor in Pre-
Dental. Dr. Ross continued her education at Meharry Medical College School
of Dentistry in Nashville, Tennessee where she earned my DDS degree. During
her studies at Meharry she was the recipient of many honors, including the
Pan-Tennessee award, honoring the student with the highest GPA after three
years. Dr. Ross was also a member of Omicron Kappa Upsilon, National
Dental Honor Society, and received the Alpha Omega award (highest GPA
after four years of study). She went on to complete a Masters in Dental
Science at the University of Tennessee. Presently, Dr. Ross serves as an
Assistant Professor at Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry, Department of Oral Surgery.

Dr. Ross is very active in organized dentistry. She is a member of the American Association of Orthodontists,
Southern Association of Orthodontists, Nashville Dental Society, Tennessee Dental Association, National Dental
Association and the American Dental Association. She has successfully completed Phase II of the American
Board of Orthodontics and board eligible. Dr. Ross is also published. Dentistry is not Dr. Ross’ only passion. She
enjoys working with glass reading, traveling, exercising, and working with children.
Audrey McCall, Panel Member

Born in Jackson, Mississippi and raised in Lorain Ohio, Audrey graduated from
Eastern Michigan University with a dual bachelor of Science degree in
Elementary Education and Special Education for ED. BD with a certificate of
Mastery in Behaviorism in 1982. Audrey is a living example of continual
learning through the many advanced degrees and certifications that she has
received since completing her undergraduate studies. These include:
Master's Degree in School Counseling in 1987 from Eastern Michigan
University; 1994 Master's degree in Severe Affective Special Ed. Needs from
University of Northern Colorado; 1996 Master's of Mild Moderate Special Ed
from University of Northern Colorado; 2005 Endorcement in Administration
and Leadership from University of Colorado Denver; 2005 Principal's License.

Audrey is a consummate educator as evidenced by her Membership in the Black Parents Alliance in Denver,
Colorado. She also impacted the lives of military children overseas as Assistant Director of the Torrejon Spain Air
Force Base Youth Center. During her time at Torrejon, she was also a Special Education Teacher and later
promoted to School Counselor for both Air Force Military Schools in Torrejon.

Audrey has taken time from her busy schedule as the 2008 Summer School Principal for ESY Severe Special
Education Students to be at this year’s family reunion. Audrey and her husband Kenneth McCall reside in
Colorado with their three daughters.

Jasmine A. Jones, Panel Member:

Born in Naples, Italy and raised in Stuttgart, Germany; Virginia Beach, Virginia;
and Catania, Sicily, Jasmine has benefited from the diverse lifestyle of an
international military upbringing. As co-captain of her high school basketball
team and a member of the Spanish Club in Sicily, Jasmine traveled to various
military installations throughout Europe for games, tournaments and language
competitions. She did this while maintaining a 4.1 and receiving
Presidential Honors. After returning to the United States and graduating from
high school in Waldorf, Maryland, Jasmine completed her undergraduate
studies at Hampton University obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in
Psychology in 2007. She currently serves as a Lockheed
Martin Community Outreach Coordinator at the NASA
headquarters in Hampton, Virginia. Jasmine plans to
begin her advanced studies at George
Washington University in the fall, pursuing a Master’s degree in
organizational management. Jasmine and her son,
Matthew Anthony reside in Hampton, Virginia.
F amily D inner P rogram

Welcome……………………………………………………………………………………………………Stella A. Ross
Branch: Willie

Interpretive Dance ……………………………………………………………………………………..Ohio Ross Girls

Branch: Willie

Spoken Word
“I Am Because We Are” (Original Writing)…………………………………………… Jasmine A. Jones
Branch: Willie

Blessing of the Evening Meal……………………………………………………………………..Elder Vincent Ross

Branch: Charlie

“Greatest Love of All”…………………………………………………………………………… Dawne Ross
Branch: Willie

Presentations……………………………………………………………………………………...Reunion Committee

Words from Our Elders………………………………………………………………………………………Archie Ross

Dr. David Ross
Alberta Maupin

“Wind Beneath My Wings” …………………………………………………………..Kisha & Antoine Ross
Branch: Willie

Benediction………………………………………………………………………………………….Elder Vincent Ross

Branch: Charlie
Charley Ross married Lizzie Randolph on February
25,1888 in Lawrence County,Ms. They had six sons:
Iran, Quitmon, Lessie,Charlie, Willie, and David. In
1900 they lived in Beat 5 Lawrence County but by
1920 had relocated to Beat 3 Tunica MS.

In the early 1900s, David Ross, Sr.

began working on the Great Lakes. Understanding the
principles of, "I Am Because We Are" David Sr. helped
secure employment for his son David Jr. as well his
brother, Willie's son's. Commonly called, "working on the
boats" was a key factor that drove the migration of the
Ross family from Mississippi to Ohio, Indiana and other
Northern States.

The descendants of Charley and Lizzie now extend to

seven recorded generations.
Past Family Reunions


Special Recognition

We would like to extend a very special thank-you

to Linda Stewart for taking the initiative to
develop our Tribal Pages family web site.

For the past two years, Linda has painstakingly

sought family history information and updated
current information to ensure a wide net of
inclusion. Considering how our family is dispersed
all over the country, this has been no small fete.

Linda has used personal funds to establish and

renew the annual web site costs. She quietly
does this out of a sincere love for her family – for
those she knows, for others that she has only
heard about and for all of the family that she may
never see, yet she already loves them.

Linda truly lives her motto: Love is as Love Does!

The entire Ross family thanks Linda for her

demonstrated love and devotion to honoring the
great legacy of Charley and Elizabeth Ross.
Birthdays and Anniversaries

The attached listing is taken from information contained within the tribal pages directory. If
you would like to add your information, please email our family web master, Linda Stewart at or you may call Linda at 601-886-3296. *Ages listed are as of July 2008.

Date Name Age Date Name Age
Jan 01 Bolton, Ge`Vante Dale 14 Mar 03 Ross, Ava 1
Jan 01 Robinson, Dale 44 Mar 04 Powell-Smith, LaQuitta 22
Jan 01 Ross, Jason Sr. 36 Mar 04 McDuffey, Lartha
Jan 01 Ross, Jermaine, Sr. 36 Mar 06 Jefferson, Yonee Nicole 14
Jan 03 Cameron, Patrick, Jr. 21 Mar 08 Stewart, Linda Pearl 48
Jan 05 Ross, Dawn 39 Mar 09 Ross, Rhonda Lorraine 41
Jan 07 Cunningham, KenJaric L. 9 Mar 10 Smith, Tyisha 18
Jan 07 Ross, Walter Lee 50 Mar 10 Ross, Jason Jr. 7
Jan 08 Phelps, Cameron Mar 13 Ross, Edgar Lee 82
Jan 08 Robinson, Jazmyn 2 Mar 13 Cruz, Savion 2
Jan 09 Cobbins, Michelle 33 Mar 14 Ross, Nathaniel
Jan 10 Jones, Anthony 54 Mar 18 Cameron, Patrick
Jan 11 Ross, Kimberly 36 Mar 20 Jones, Jasmine 23
Jan 12 Mitchell, Cordell Avery 1 Mar 23 Davis, Darrell 3
Jan 13 Jones, Derek Eugene Lee 26 Mar 23 Clark, Ebony Cherelle 17
Jan 14 Cameron, Jakirha 3 Mar 23 Ross, Jaelynn 1
Jan 14 Pittman, Novella Mar 25 Smith, Jabril 12
Jan 14 Swoope, Rebekkah Mar 28 Ross, David 2
Jan 17 McGowan, Delorse Ann 56 Mar 28 Robinson, James, Jr 16
Jan 22 Moore, A`Nika Gracie 11 Mar 29 Bolton, Sarah Louise 45
Jan 22 Patterson, Lametric Mar 30 Ross, Nadine 46
Jan 24 Mitchell, Raquel 14 Mar 30 Sellers, Clintonia 32
Jan 26 Cameron, James Bernard 20
Jan 27 Jones, Kenya 30
Jan 27 Williams, Matthew 27 Date Name Age
Jan 30 Cunningham, Gregory D. 31 Apr Ross, Nayla 4
Jan 31 Jones, Maiquez 8 Apr 02 Ross, Carol Elaine 51
Apr 02 Ross, James Maurice 43
FEBRUARY Apr 03 Mitchell-Holloway, Ayanna Bibi 31
Date Name Age Apr 03 Ross, Bobby Ray 62
Feb 03 Thompson, Mary Apr 06 Ross, Katera 11
Feb 04 Hilton, Ta`Niya Sarah-Zymyria 7 Apr 06 Smith, Vincent Sherman 51
Feb 06 Ross, Justin 13 Apr 06 Boyd, Elynn J. 4
Feb 08 Cameron, Donna Marie Apr 07 Mitchell, Chad 22
Feb 09 Ross-Smith, Estella Ree 68 Apr 13 Ross, Cynthia Marie 47
Feb 10 Stewart, Cedrick Orlando 46 Apr 15 McGowan, Clarence L, Jr. 19
Feb 11 Smith-Francis, Julia Lynn 24 Apr 15 Smith, Aneetra Nicole 19
Feb 12 Dickey, Carrie Apr 17 Smith, Ray Anthony, Jr. 23
Feb 14 Hilton, Darryl Cameron, Jr. 2 Apr 19 Cole, Johnis Mae 67
Feb 14 Weathersby, Kenyatta 28 Apr 20 Napier, Robert, III 19
Feb 15 Weathersby, Claude 58 Apr 21 Ross, Anethia 26
Feb 23 Davis, Latesha 23 Apr 24 Ford, Bernice Harris 74
Feb 23 Cobert, Cherise 18 Apr 24 Bolton, Maxwell Emond-Cornelius 6
Feb 24 Ross, Altheda Y. 60 Apr 24 Ross, James 8
Feb 25 Ross, James Edgar, Sr. 73 Apr 25 Norwood, Shirley
Feb 26 Ross, Kenric Charles 33 Apr 25 Bolton, Marquetter A. 22
Feb 28 Frazier, Johnnie Mae 54 Apr 27 Ross, Elworth 61
Apr 28 Hartwell, Clarence Junior 57 JULY
Apr 28 Bolton, Charles Nevotney 24
Date Name Age
Apr 29 Monger, Romar 5
Jul 01 Smith, Joselynn LaGene 16
Apr 29 Ross, DeeAnna 18
Jul 02 Smith, Trent Bernard
Apr 30 Ross, Rodney LaCharles 29
Jul 02 Ross, Maurisha 18
MAY Jul 03 Ross, Stephanie E. 24
Jul 04 Oatis, Dennis, Jr. 17
Date Name Age
Jul 04 Weathersby, Donald 56
May 02 Cameron, Jayla 2
Jul 07 Holloway, Necho F., Sr. 36
May 02 Smith, Ramona Eugenia 44
Jul 09 Robinson, James 46
May 02 Ross, Felecia 43
Jul 10 Davis, Darcel 25
May 04 Ross, Jason M. 26
Jul 13 Ross, Demetrius 19
May 05 Slaughter-Ross, Kevin 47
Jul 16 Patterson-Penn, Karen
May 06 Benford, Cecelia Michelle 52
Jul 18 Frazier, Shawna 36
May 08 Troche, Eric 30
Jul 22 Troche, Larisa Deon 50
May 11 Dent, Joshua 16
May 12 McGowan, Iriana Beatrice Zsa`Juan 6 Jul 23 Ross, Jermaine Jr. 17
May 14 Ross, Natasha 19 Jul 28 Ross, Jesse Trenell 31
May 15 Mitchell, Aretha Michele 30 AUGUST
May 15 Maupin, Alberta 80
May 17 Bolton, Ma`Tayja 4 Date Name Age
May 20 Evans, Lenora JaTuame 40 Aug 01 Ross, China 12
May 22 Ross, Jesse Earl, Jr. 54 Aug 02 Ross, Vincent Charles, Sr . 44
May 22 Brown, Rose Elizabeth 42 Aug 04 Thomas, Jason Alexander
May 24 Ross, Nicole 17 Aug 07 Brown, Erica j. 8
May 24 Cobert, Bridget 43 Aug 08 Williams, Vincent
May 26 Ross, JaMera 9 Aug 09 Patterson, Gilbert
May 30 Ross, Laurence Aug 13 Ross, Michael Anthony, Sr 50
Aug 14 Williams, Matthew Anthony 1
JUNE Aug 14 Ross, Adrian 17
Date Name Age Aug 16 Smith, Steven
Jun 01 Expose, Mildred 59 Aug 16 Ross, Vincent, Jr. 22
Jun 01 Ross, Ruth Aug 17 Coleman, RaeNeisha
Jun 03 Stewart, Lyntasha LaSunshine 22 Chayda-Jeanette 4
Jun 03 Patterson, Diallo A. Aug 21 Smith, Taru Lamar 31
Jun 04 Smith, Sherman 13 Aug 21 Ross, Devin 17
Jun 06 Smith, Raven 12 Aug 26 Ross, Archie 68
Jun 07 Davis, Alexis 2 Aug 26 Jones, Leah Estelle 22
Jun 12 Patterson, Gedasse A. Aug 26 Smith, Anita Marie 40
Jun 14 Ross, Altheda 14 Aug 30 Allen, Lakeshia 31
Jun 15 Ross, Jalen 1 Aug 31 Thomas, Johnny, III
Jun 15 Ross, David, II SEPTEMBER
Jun 16 Ross, Tiffany 15
Jun 16 Davis, Briyanna 4 Date Name Age
Jun 17 Davison, Nakiah 9 Sep 02 Ross, LaVerne
Jun 17 Thompson, Tyree, Jr. Sep 02 Mitchell, Monique 15
Sep 02 Weathersby-Kennedy, Carolyn 54
Jun 18 Smith, Ray Anthony, III 1
Sep 03 Ross, Candice 33
Jun 19 Greene, Clareniece Dimitria 29
Sep 04 Dent, Raymond, Jr. 18
Jun 21 Ross, James Edgar, Jr 52
Sep 12 Robinson, Ashely 21
Jun 21 Rhodes, Evangelist
Sep 14 Lewis, Keandria
Jun 21 Jefferson, Viveca Elaine 51
Sep 14 Robinson, Nicole 19
Jun 23 Ross, Brandy Ja`net 22
Sep 16 Bolton, Edward Cornelius 26
Jun 23 Ross-Wilcox, Khristopher 13
Sep 18 Daniels, Danielle Jean 35
Jun 24 Ross, Anthony DeWayne 30
Sep 18 Ross, Emmett, Jr. 61
Jun 26 Cobert, Nevaeh 1
Sep 20 Rhodes, KeeJalah Meshay 12
Jun 28 Greene, Bobby Joseph, III3
Sep 20 Jones, Victoria 47
Jun 30 Daniels-Thomas, Regina Lynn 39
Sep 20 Ross, LaTicka 33
Sep 24 Ross, Orasha 13
Sep 25 Ross, Tamara 29 NOVEMBER
Sep 29 Cobert, Brande 20
Date Name Age
Sep 30 Jefferson, Faith 25
Nov Troche, Samuel Ivory 22
Sep 30 Robninson, Bemaya 2
Nov 01 Patterson, Denia A.
Nov 03 Ross, Aaron 16
Nov 05 Patterson, Gerius
Date Name Age Nov 06 Cunningham, KenJarion Dewayne 3
Oct 01 Slaughter-Ross, Otis 43 Nov 07 Phelps, Jasmin
Oct 01 Ross, Amber 11 Nov 16 Ross, Larry Gwynn 52
Oct 01 Robninson, Dandre 22 Nov 16 Williams, Delphine
Oct 03 Brown, Nakkita Nicole 22 Nov 18 Daniels, Beverly Ann 62
Oct 08 Robinson, Dorothy 66 Nov 21 Ross, Kevin Eugene 48
Oct 09 Robinson, Dorothy Jean 43 Nov 22 Evans, David, Jr. 42
Oct 10 Francis, Jala Simone 1 Nov 23 Goshen, Alton, Jr. 18
Oct 12 Carrell, Gregory DeMarcus 15 Nov 23 Ross, Angela Denise 49
Oct 12 Ross, David E., III 58 Nov 24 Davison, Michelle 11
Oct 14 Mitchell, Kenyanna 13 Nov 24 Ross, Anthony E. 52
Oct 16 Monger, Robbie 7 Nov 26 Patterson, Stafinee
Oct 17 Ross, Carolyn Marie Nov 26 Robinson, Montel 30
Oct 18 Daniels, Karl Jeffrey, II 38 Nov 28 Robinson, JaMoze5
Oct 21 Smith, Taru Lamar, Jr. 6 Nov 30 Bolton, Mindy Iteria 21
Oct 23 Mitchell, Brianna 13 Nov 30 Ross, Stella Ann 58
Oct 24 Weathersby, Panya Layla 25 Nov 30 Magee, Alandis Ahmad 2
Oct 24 Robinson, Catina 36 Nov 30 Cruz, Syaire 9
Oct 26 Robinson, Standy 27
Oct 28 Cameron, Trena` Raqual Annalise` 18 DECEMBER
Oct 29 Ross, Charles W. 51
Oct 30 Jones, Khalil 28 Date Name Age
Oct 31 Becker, Kwana Charisse 32 Dec 03 Bolton, Patessa Noel 29
Dec 03 Smith, Ray Anthony, Sr. 50
Dec 05 Ross, Carolyn
Dec 16 Maupin, LaVaunt 74
Dec 17 Ross, Wakisha Angenette 33
Dec 19 Ross, I.C.
Dec 22 Ross, Racheal
Dec 22 Ross, Jordan Anthony 1
Dec 25 Hawkins, Sierra 14
Please help keep our family Dec 28 Ross, Jada 10
information accurate and up-to- Dec 29 Ross, Antoine 29
date. Family members may Dec 30 Rhodes, LaKesia Jeanene 32
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All Anniversaries from the Tribal Pages Site

Date Names Years

Evans, David, Jr. & Evans, Lenora JaTuame 8
Ross, Jermaine & Ross, Myrna 2
Jan 11 Stewart, Cedrick Orlando & Stewart, Linda Pearl 23
Feb 08 Ross, Elworth & Expose, Mildred 41
Feb 12 Ross, Larry Gwynn & Brown, Rose Elizabeth 14
Feb 22 Patterson, Gilbert & Patterson, Stafinee
Mar 03 Thomas, Johnny, II & Daniels-Thomas, Regina Lynn
Mar 04 Morton, Christian Jon & Morton, LaKisha Nicole 2
Mar 05 Jones, Anthony & Jones, Victoria 25
Mar 17 Kelly, Gerald & Ross-Kelly, Eloise 35
Mar 19 Cameron, Patrick & Cameron, Kimberly 14
March 24 Ross, James Jr. & Kimberly
May Weathersby, Claude & Weathersby, Yolanda 7
May 21 Becker, Christopher M. & Becker, Kwana Charisse 2
Jun Smoot, Willie & Smoot, Brenda 27
Jul 01 Benford, Kenneth I. & Benford, Cecelia Michelle 19
Jul 18 Holloway, Necho F., Sr. & Mitchell-Holloway, Ayanna Bibi 2
Jul 21 Ross, Michael A & Ross, Tisha
Jul 22 Ross, Steven & Ross, Aida 2
Jul 28 Goodman, Aggy & Ross, Chanese 1
Sep 20 Ross, Laurence & Ross, LaVerne
Oct 22 Ross, Walter Lee & Cameron, Donna Marie 25
Oct 27 Ross, Bobby Ray & Palmer-Ross, Theresa 2
Nov Ross, Charles W. & Walley, Kathy 10
Nov 21 Greene, Bobby Joseph, I I & Greene, Clareniece Dimitria 3
Nov 23 Ross, James Edgar, Sr. & Ross, Ora 39
Nov 28 Cunningham, Gregory DeWayne & Rhodes, LaKesia Jeanene 10
Dec Francis, Steven & Smith-Francis, Julia Lynn 3
Dec 05 Ross, Archie & Ross, Carolyn
Dec 31 Ross, Jesse Earl, Jr. & Cole, Johnis Mae 11
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