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Create a Classification Web

Create a Matching Game

Using a concept mapping site, create a classification web for a living organism of your
choice. Show the classification of your organism at all 8 levels of classification. Include other organisms that would fit into
each level with your organism and the name
at that classification level. Include pictures/
illustrations for each organism.

Create a matching game: One set of cards

should have the scientific names of organisms along with a clear description of the
organism, related to its scientific name if
applicable, the other set should have a picture with the common name of the organism. Cards should include organisms from
each kingdom in Domain Eukarya.

Tools: Popplet, SimpleMind, Lucid Chart, Mindomo, Spicy Nodes.

Tools: Publisher, Word Processing program

Create a Taxonomic Key

Classify Organisms

Choose 6-10 closely related organisms

(same class or family). Write a taxonomic
key to identify those organisms by writing
contrasting, paired statements that will lead
to the identification of a single organism.
Include the scientific name of each organism. Use this website if you need help: What
is the Key to Classification?

Using the website: Nova: Classifying Life,

complete the classification activity for all 3
organisms, Bear, Orchid and Sea Cucumber.
Submit your total score to Mrs. Willis on the
Edmodo page.
Tools: Internet site: Nova

Tools: Word or other word processing program,

Website: What is the Key to Classification?

Illustrate a Story about a new Organism

The Legend of the Flying Frog
Using the website, Biodiversity; Everything
Counts, and the Google Doc: Legend of the
Flying Frog, use the Google Drawing documents to write a story about the fictional
species of the flying frog. Illustrate each picture and add your own caption.
Tools: Flying Frog Google Doc, Biodiversity;
Everything Counts

Create a video describing Domains & Kingdoms

Plan, record and produce a video that describes the characteristics and gives examples of organisms in each domain and kingdom of living things. Include a thorough explanation of each domain/kingdom and use
pictures or images of your examples.
Tools: , iMovie, Animoto

Thinking Dots: Differentiating by Process

Describe it: Write a How To Blog

Compare it: Create a Venn Diagram

Write a How To article for a blog describing how scientists classify living things.
Include pictures and diagrams in your news
article, as well as any sources of information you used. Publish your blog with
Google Blogger.

Create a Venn diagram that compares the

process of classifying living things with the
organization of a grocery store you are familiar with. Tell how classification is like the
organization in a store and how they are different from each other. Create a visual representation using Post a link
to your Venn on the class Edmodo page.

Tools: Google Blogger, internet resources

Tools: Classtools,net

Associate it: Create a Comic Strip

Analyze it: Create a History Story

What does the process of classifying living

things remind you of? Think of at least one
other thing that classifying is like. Create
a cartoon using Pixton, Bitstrips or another
comic creator that demonstrates how classification is like something else. Make sure
your reader understands how the two processes are alike.

Using Storybird or StoryBuddy, create a

book that describes the purpose and process of the classification process. Tell about
the history of classification including Aristotle and Linneaus and how our current system
has been influenced by their early work. Pick
one living organism and describe how it is
classified at each of the 8 levels. Use images
to support your information.

Tool: Pixton, Bitstrips

Tools: Storybird

Apply it: Write a Newspaper Article

Argue for or against it: Create a Persuasive Ad

You have discovered a new organism deep in

the Amazon jungle! Write a newspaper article
that describes your organism and its classification. Be sure to explain how your organism
fits into each classification level and how it is
like the other organisms in that level. Include
an illustration of your organism. Publish your
article using ReadWriteThink. Use LiveScience

Do you think it is important for scientists to

classify living things using the levels of classification or not? Make an argument for continuing to use classification the way that it
currently exists, or make an argument to
change the way organisms are classified.
Support your argument with facts, include
your sources. Create a video to make your argument using Powtoon.
Tools: Powtoon

for ideas/examples.
Tools: ReadWriteThink, LiveScience articles