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edb Gen Grn Bin Su at eve ‘ Feoner ning to the eqre, which ought eve to Sand the melo sat erence ts sso bls policy in potion t elamefovnded on usefl fees eal forse pln sve if so meane of per {eeting fim indigenes and powsry the fay of fhat owt mertorinse fer shally upon extnuntion, he Band simatic” My. Wars rss end gave sens for sup porting the peution, as follows: ‘Mr, Chaitman: Temay not be improper to men- tion the motives that impel me to mish fortunate issuc fo the claim now under consideration of this Commits, which I mast also offer as an apology forthe part I have taken, of that Tay event ally take, i support of the eluim. From ny Ast, Interview with General Greene unt the moment of hs dissolution, we always ivel In the strictest habits of fientship and confidence." Te was an officer with, whout 1 had parte!pated in almost fevery vieistude of fortune (in many a well-tned field) Fen te frozen waters af the North to the Duraing sinds ofthe South. He was a nan whose virtues and talents I knew and revered) nis noble Soul would have revolted at the idea of umpos tion, “He never would have ofered in a lat to Congres, tt upon the purest principles of honor tnd josie, T was 3 witness tote pressing ne Gessity that competed him to become the sirety, for which iademnicy is now claimed. Te dd ‘what Twould have dae, (as second in command) Tale Dena’ at haying he eat Tiewow to be jut, and tam deeidedly of opinion that he ‘wos den no that secu om the situation in which he was placed by Congres, fs Comtnanderin-Chief of the Southeen Depart, ent, Under these impressions. { bey leave subruit to the consideration of this Comrniteee the resolutions now it my hand, and doubt not. of their concurrent support, + Reales asthe opinion ofthis Comite, That the sto the ire Map anal Mohn Gases aaht thbeindemntiedforandon account ihe meses ftered into by that Genaral with ceria prsoas he Site of South Chola, fx the pepe of ebtatuing supple forthe American Avy ne yoa? L788, and ttt he ranted tothe Bxecatow of the tte cof the Tate Maj General Nathanel Greene, for hat Pr Mfled Tals commie be appeinted toring in Ulm contbmity 20 the fnegsing euluion?” Mr. Boooixer suid, there was no greater fiend in the momory of Genral Greve han he was or any person more snnious to hove justice dou this widow aod family; Sut he yor appre sive that the revolution proposed by the worthy genileman who had frst teought forwatl the Subject wor not deewa up au sth a tanner to fuswe it 4 panage throngh bot Houses ef Congress. He Wwiskedy thevelore, that it should be so expressed ts to prevent any tedious discus seandetiicsome dane de epic jute, Te subtest onthe bese ootlag. ‘The moter whch {ed him to make the comes were, His good; and perhaps, secondly oser HISTORY OF CONGREss, Paitin of Catharine Grea 318 [Hork, itr Bumed, because be yah Ald Can Ietitedn hin grae nibs omnane label nodes frac at ape Be wesc ote come in Ce Bachan eneaar oan nek op Airs ey whee Seated a ovommer novel ake nti neon af necro rope? br ke" Want ts Mom ae Taya Mace te Ba oe Tar see iy of spon itl nrg ne ei of Cow Se SE Sra aes ae oe eke SAAR he ened Se neal the pea Si mere een cue Sl SeeRecensengnt ‘Mc. Fimouo eee, tht onthe gueion ag immed ene tog e guein as thee sentient ae person pany may earns ee he de tag te grate orbs mau tat ofp poaic bags Fee eile altactenes ae eee Gog gg Ses fe hee st i i dnt else uinctoeclag De taaade seme, 1 Head gH Rear pease ie HOR Gat is Srey Fe “Hania es po ea Mage inte ee Ceara eae meee os opt te ene ee Boece he Bee a ang et toa a he acne en ae Corner Sten I es apni aaa ey blac camden a naan fede ay be Senge Rigor sole ge, ay Gat itnagr often Romtaeatgt mn Mae not cache jskpheccaseteat cae fo betas re ee the aa oe scary Beet From te wane aiesfn@ aan Bee ee rol ac ap no wre had ee se re red Ee Gann ae te this only lay betwee Banks and hima, “The cote Bia lean nae ac seein i es mangr ey Seen ae spa ata omne’e ee att ee {lpled specular, Suth hasbeen ey 9s eae SRGonbal Gee cua alt aay teensc ts pen aha Rs wee sven antes neue ste won Se We Bred om isan sl Eola ec ft ‘open subnet doo ame Rt Shpaiar ind “Uaretona ie 8 Fa ea em ea i and the individual States, upon the principles or HISTORY OF sxe Tgp waa ha some Bead wine fe agscehy toe pce ent, "T consider granting the prayer of the pot- iin tunnel a ny ‘phe enc Sn Buck Gite wernt te elt inte act Yeay of 2 pansiony 1 not so sale to te publi, Jovotbtabale othe ls of General Cerne! 2B Ree eu hy awe sre rat opete erat opie wedge weiee Lids without liaiatin. [Pew andeed can have ceemacheceed og fat sis a Commons Sethe gary few (sch aco Sou Uses remot ceudned toCommanders alone ‘My ttelobe bandin evar eae eee The Hiteaes dodge te’ Revove poduoed fs ai cme a i Ii tw orn say lagen of tony ‘bu ou eye meets wil these who hare clio merit, We can soareely be nequainved in a9 Mipuichtsd, ba we stat be onal wi see ee aee tem redvet to dite by Use ‘Dethenits Grain eibas fy ihe hay into Riise ory eoweng plier, How way mee fare sed the patie it thei uence tre ‘Been abliged to pare with the triduses of ths eel epee ey ‘he‘aged many tows aad plas te ay Showed aber ony, an mown sete ‘on the account of such metiiorious aide not bel ‘tetepeaedhenthny ugitchars een tou ESSyar owing vo te bie motores ye the Inert and tetge nee ns hele Th ary sche SnaennatGrel at Sh bands a0 to rondef 0 hmproper ort oer, upan’s pension elt footed on fst sib, merit of a lower oxder must bo eso adn ea hats no tangassing the alee thse Hecate he ett men boa fer Congres opperted by rh srt 2 ‘would induce a'stanger to Cink that nearly all Teele ocomfebing the Reveutog Sia nde aman oe te frac by pensions we salva ave canis ‘in abundance. inthe ‘exercise of supreme com ‘Bandi elten ae whe fender Sar Ton hcesayfr'ehstncal es eam rove te tae loc pene ened Tiler inline 1 tle Sat Bio en they rh ar ao detls anette: Ber Eom every vw I hoe le fi cn TURK Un prc cso ses sag and cman aay he ebrertiue upon wa had fled foe go, Aiegae ht e Booon ip te teil ote Gn's prop You St ey ie Rigged eave muntica setae Sietmaanee! Hertel ercuuneg at Curse Sos Bi hie’ chwactna n Bou Casing obese ieagom Gavel iene meee dato Petition of Catnarine Greene CONGRESS. 820 Unnany, 1782. chien how megan wre ames to remain alter the arms, tbe the purpose of apo. Jing of cher cack a Wade, an isbed for ea semble tne to tenet that business this ule ie was realy grate, for st was thomght an Sijcar uf eomequetce to Fea ‘er the set the out well go nary ad they wore permitted t9 continue in the place for Abe wpace of tuele months ater the abandonment ‘fouls eet" Aturances were ao given ‘Som forthe inviolable protection of thai persons fund’ property for that period. ‘has sanctioned, Gey" were prekatly induced to speculate Sich sires Sethe Reis army eobié spare lor ita my wa retananty spi) wal the Millre fer want the Soman neat af eon che ope ee ard he spend appearancedt»foperir marnefones fon de Brench Wet Tadley vo tha of te Bre fei ta cpentng arn Sader comand tras advanced to the jonrtsouse iat poston Tperen the ese foe our hng Phe ig and to pra aston ade Rasta Fo depredntion ond inst. This mangavre had ‘Nelda ated leu Be SE Sonera for the sey of hand aul Gene cia i's anes, comel'oeome fi dha tu bandonment, fo he ss wet the feceaty to Saget fps anf hae nen ‘Sefahabtant or dopredaton eta pepe, fr damage to the cig, atur aftr hip embark! foal Rie pond Gl? altel aome deers bat ite inated spon and complied iy Income, guiace of the ordne tad puorioaly fscved Ron® treet Geen; » aabere ith ance ‘ioraadscuy toe baba and be Sng rowed of fll spin ae wal or tec pebbae be te army The gentleman [ ir-Bovorxos)says—How axe swe toaingsh ttre the nde aud ne Isat were sctualy made weet y heerey, andof the oder goedy purchased of the Boftsh ‘rctans? Ths ay fly sneered and ek Slane by mentoniag fie face ose ma EAtectoksdvatagt tet ston tnd would nut dupe of aay Sle stable fo he anny ‘hls tr wal ok wer ‘ogee Ihbving but elve manta dhpowe of the rood el ehtee Mere fl nec Ecler‘ one? st she pont a he faye ithe merchants were potted by a compact mate vider he cok Sng” Nes eee thay tthe contractor Bone Sih ee poe ty aol Genet Greens bese hissceanyy which ayia tat option he Datel Sates would be Sad ono efi s conto made Shae Simending Ory aa td Gata lech a mad bp ir nooo, opment met oa fot the army." Abd such wae the exhausted star Som the sian i thei Charest, Eat she acy aod the CagUoare al of merchants and othere oder a ag fro the xpediont to sead’a distance into the country (© obioin sopplice for themselves aud ‘the refused 821 Fanvany, 1792) amulies who were rotarning tothe city after she teacuation’ infact, we were tinder the necessity ff taking par ofthese very provisions, 0 provent Sh instantaneous revo, ‘But the gentleman (Mr. Bocousor] says shat General Greene private Fendship for Major Burmets, who had Been his Aidee-Camp, wat a Dectlia inducement for his entering into that se: Purity and that Major Burnet hae mortgaged ea {aland' General Greene asa colateral sear FBSY nue rn act af ye fed si war a cubsequent tasaetion, and no Ways connected with the former, nor det monet q This was private purchase by Major Bornce foo Mr- Joh. M@ieen, 2 genceman ‘wall own inStth Garoliva: and'it was thought tebe a very sdvantagenis parehase for Major $Bornelt atthe time st wae main (although the ‘ruined out otherwise) but K Was necessary foc ito cin secur, previous orcnring es Hie applied t General Greene to beeome is ‘any upon that occasion, which wae complled SSaNy AbD that act be omly doplaye sah na at He ory dep Erect ceten a Sea topes cuwetaalo “ee a pene oe ticteee et bh etn te arly ergs any tae es Sita tee nha Eat Can ears ay ge oy wae Beads oe le ay ecto era a ee eee dongs he ng ad Hey cone dy et sod te ean ray dee Licoomepe tema Se ee bs an cre Gomme i rc suk tam orga ees er lrg ot a ane ora than or age aud ure ei ot sagan ay eau hee sere neu mne feed tg Gamal yap eg ad wera Seng ote te ale eine Rl aera oe SE ee a ie male sn Ring ede lee tas sot pecan ee get or ir let tien ant eo Sean ri of uh ny he om emote i ee er ag ioe Son ae age ween pete go se arg, tte gan al Se hee 9 ie cont Rae ie omega ee Commie wa ie Ha nation ch ey al Ue Se ee ae HISTORY OF CONGRESS. Petition of Catharine Greens tn therefore dspsed eo make sacrifices of ea feelings of stance and wl not suet ‘Rem io warp my jadginent but wil eater fecide i conlenmity with the opinions of the People of the State of South Catoing, and ia Forcolrof'e dares whe Char he host {b ropreent Tp gomg ino the investigation o {hit matter wll give my reaons why Tdo not tik the couse elthough ia extreme dist | was in that deplorable situation whieh has Bees Tepeesented;aelher was ts ere edoed so owt tht that vlad might have been obtained, and Ca 40 guall an anny snght have been secommodated, ad's proper application ben ade ate othe Govesnmaeat. he getleran snus therefore be item iy stating thane iteumetanoss for if thf Juma becramn ihe ary recived ery ample supplies om te sane ae ce revit the contract made by Mr. Danks, wel mast, have ten in Novembro ea December ad pre ‘ous fo the evacdation of Charles Whethey isto beter adope the seas ted by General Grtone, or those hin the power the Goveae tuent Ushll nat pretend to termine; but Ihave no debt thar the Goverament petteed bot fhe mean aod th inti ed sapghen he contact wat fet made by Baal in November or December, and General Greene did got become the guaraite ual the Apel ellowing: whether {RSE ae ay yeu fo peering i aes to that of an ayphicetion to Government wil pote "pest ihe coun tenes he tn, cua bbe can oiave operated sathor ass tistorame IUinay have alrded temporary ro 4 wa the odeaion of much complaint, vesaton, 30d Aiwust, rather Wan of conetiation’ and hae Sis Iacono ran troogh the ary is within the Imowledge of sever oftere wire names could Tementioned. Ite therefore necesary to bsang the matter Into the fall view ofthe Commies, tn erecta tthe es othe pons ines, before we agree tthe resolution ga the table” At the sume ine i say sincere wish {0 feader justice t0 the family of the deceased in ery veusonable accommodation; bu it doce aot fappety to me that the family i yeduced to that dingreeable situation winch has been represent He steve Gellgm Nowh ad woe Coin, 3 States of Ceara, Noth and South Carli ie sill ty the pasion of te bes of the de? evan he Se nme that ele. inant fer tat raat Envllag so laters sunny shed aged era tht any distress has beea levied pon these estes ofthat they ave sonar afeeted, Srey, but atthe claios ama again them are achey of nomial and "vslonary nature Bis ing tat Genero Gree es uy fore Gaeta god at he pera bad jeu beneficial (which 1 deny); dows Happen? thstentttins Se Keer eed we any steer able amount, or to such an extent as to justify receneapplicadon? "To'me ft doc #0 uppe his has been the cace, neither 40 I believe that HorR] ‘Se ten ems inal fae manner ‘Shed! tly whit Ty ig T Rou So) faatiy ope tender Salts toprenin tea tel ties ntrletn at eae By Wanna get a salon tage oe tly unt She ijt ety mia ub whi ean Fr ce on Geog He hay tie eadonah me Gaee s, ‘Sou ajay al fence his in Peng"Ma Spinone” Ropers te ina nod oPirveat "ove wal & apieedtnuree "I do Susie tet rel Ad am ny Tog a ‘ate Slgtinitcs "wih even Geach Hed gu splot to ku kins beer tan Pea tat hr iad sents rt tebe rondercl iste ature oth comingad 6 BERURMt sa tgporch thea ae tay anf be might Deceased tds Wings ‘hae necessity enly would justi. If he has ia Jured any man, he has stoned for it: neither the | teagea te pee mace hae bce ade ain Hagin oe Ai clanwte Wore be tas Fie at ae nie tod nt ae koa Boal Grete Se delat ene hen Atcorad tren a Uile. Nove hones ne te ium Aad hs tie eo be ica sed Bay bagged ths eopciton ‘his good name will last forever. Being one af his ‘ae, ar oaethng a a fie wil rluapee Une uy atalino Mis ond concn fos acy redder eee REAM bests anaron Uesayeen tera, ima fem Sout Calan har i aie ee feumed wig ihe agree ern he win tnd ln they seh 2 | exten apalst them’ te bandon goad el S2'No Rey na dhe af pny, Se Se Atay als darth & teed th Te SPS Gree,“ Bout Stele tad oy bat be is val aha edb tno thal igre out Carseat ate sl el attend say pact les ge Enate by Ais personal nterfevenee? that all the ‘tates in Rhode flan and New Jersy ore sold? nda the hope the iain wo dow a AS lyed ie ip of ihe sew say Ne SA hn ee? Ne ook tal dicot aed toby the oaths fe Boarver| tc tree bo Cane ss forsee ny au te ne Sa Ei Gina Gen de lla hi Sonica in ovey put ue Dai md a day wt ae fice sara Lie iradje i Beane ‘tice will be done to the widow and orphans ihe General Geen and hate Bresicant wt nove ued Aone fn ode | Td exblied, and ie fly soved fon te Sigsiearad dea Hasta aston. of Mr. Wac's mo tion, observed, that ead paid some attention to iMetopercand te dcumeds rane te HISTORY OF CONGRESS. Patition of Catharine Greene. ‘yell as te objection aad to the revslony a 924 [iawcany, 1792. der consideration. Many ofthe objeetions, sid he, have been answered by geathemen whowere nearer tjiewauvel soles Gan yell; Lala write ie ‘rite then he mode of conducting out af fateh Saath crf das we wen ae een agreeable tothe geatenan oppeate tote fomn far Ste, (oe-Senvron aad heexpreace Tne it geatenne Lit i get feluetuncey fer ne ot on ths foot hay e greater Teapet for bmn than mye Ins hazardous ad SSL Sahn aig ona even fhysent pole! quections the'bert iehde ay {ida dhe sede condndtag them and hae too fequenly happened, that etch difrence hat fended to lessen the inendship whieh formerly ex- ited. Upon the whole ou arms to she South ‘ard wot sxowaed wih Succ: te ant Pre She We aeaas generally wed. were git if Splien could hay bon ornshea by the Senie of dln Carlin, isa ply they wee not granted. ery it ts porte General Greene sight bare used « diferent mode sbisn dotiug and Provisions Head nou’ He was of opis no ther plan could have been successily followed Sotthowe which ere adopted, ‘he ten of fae beng trary Hank ad ors ee five op by the uppaston, “The mee metnoy. emotion uence Squat sich 2 cloud of erence an Aoeaments Thee ae ao strong foe he Cera, that they would work comvittn on se gents infac shallbrely afvert co apart of cman theatoned ithe refer andon ttsiadgiveatew Stoereatoneof my awa Andy fr Nesbit {0 he Lagucae of Saath Cayelny, order 10 Greate Sompetiion: Ted ho oon fonerned a fpurtner or tended te be an no eompettion ‘uugh tht channel would tne been pps. Ike's to bea partner, the more sere the fea eon he higher the advantage, Eig bosd of ‘Saonlny to loner Green, ate of Haale ad eee Crt ha Pony hanl Pondlcto' oath, Chases G, Digeatey’s on (Ser Glen Sth Catia) and th cr? Sates tc avo Chanel of South Cars, ware igh ite Bean wlan te Tanectons shoul have happend, "Best Nov any ptr tne wees “reat tention Sed’ Generl Greene been one of the compaayy i ‘ostlongsince havebeen maasethd othe wotd. ‘he sett couldnt hve been epts oy cua we ily ink that Genoral Grad who was ue ual man of sadecendlg woud hare fxprened Sine Sa the maner fe tne done ft {he lowe of hn lets fom Newport dated the Sotho August (785, had he been pues He fags toe © Bias have given pout Bacellocy Sarin gia trate, and have ony 10 ii on this suc hat ee helt netic Ceneson ith fe semgany, ober ba what eoneraed’ he pub star aMesly oc indiecly, or ever receired ne fanhing pet or motu, or the promise of uy ont Trom chem and my" tort of lndemaity sarge concers in the debts ior which I becom] soul he etary al ond one ers pope eens hr waenaereaty stent and st ol Ue go ghee inne Wh te eae ea ene ane) coe ee at gure Neuer te Gn ae severed gn of ea. A sre caver compet os Te 2 ce edie ats his prin. HISTORY OF CONGRESS. —~ atin of Catharine Grr ecsiies were ten in as ample JB manuer as they could by sbtamed toa the de: Tinguents; and Geacral Craese never wished eal upon the pas, una every ether means fa ed. “AoMate as the yer 1755 be basil hopes Shere would be no Dus but wen be found fee Sbuger evens of uty obliged hin to cou for wan save himself 2nd fhniy 10a he pos teetion of the pbs to lndemaiy im froma Get that he ad edotacted fo sve an army few ms Shy and isbandigs fo teeta cou whieh Neherwite- would have been exposed. Many ex- Stony adhe to emake to fond the hungry a Hover ue naked; were not these for he Duote geod. and shall hs vate propesty sles ?"Shal sefamly be raed to beygny be sipped a thera fo discharge what the Ute Bites are it hone and i Josice bound to pay HeGgective lave, att ight atacke ought never 1s puss ue inws. have equenty eon cated toistennay persas for acta Tong act sicly al bot founded onthe ope tial Greumstancer ofthe ctse—ihesalty or hoor of nation at amy, where the consatatenal Sothority cou nr cote forward time, Such rae she tceaty o sate fonmed by the Duke at Viutborough andthe great De Wit The Dutch, dnatad of funiching ther unter apposved a measures ft eventually tended tothe safety and Ico fe ian who er Government will always sanctiy. We should Cootller he cat tpie sbvtentil prince net fens do one ofthe Wendes;hey Bed kim for Ihosafuagomeot of te eter of te laws yet fr the ame act ievarded the hero with» Salsa, Bhi rn tu Genta wl Sade gland alone {fs ths county wil aot give BecRiafen Veale! e becoming elbcaton, © Ta our ne Coates the common maxi of old nation cont alaye beedhered o- We were cbliged wo act according to emorgencea in" he ‘aatot Generel Greene. seems tohave intended {Erte bot. Te kept toserve and ve conse try. His meritetands high indesd, Lnved notre Debt the nusbes of his gent and ici stony Mihich ma hin the G¥nerolanthe hero. ig The il’ be handel doy with bono to seceet fr all. gncurstance, T think hiv extte shouli'be indemed: Hf the conmilte donot ike the whole of the resolution, Ter there ea {iviionaopropoedby on ofthe gendemen ows South Garelind® thong f should Sak we might tally yore forthe wee of th resluton and et {Bebe any she provisions whith eine Wthought necestry. Mr Leg, or Buoys, Ma. Wares, nd Mr ounve, HL spote in akon of sgrceog to ths ferolutcas, and Ms Macox and Mr, Stunosy, Suit de motion, Me Gowrran low the ToT sundry remus ‘on execs fom letters ‘ete by Gendral Greene during the late wan, te Terted Gord's istny of the American Revo: ifton, which extacts conan uauverabl rel ited States 327 HorR] tions on the waiitia of South Carelin, aad, the patriotim of the inhabitants of that State. ‘These Telestions, Mr. Suapren caid, were gross calamm- ‘les op, and misrepresentations of the character ff that people, whieh he said were mvaltdated by ffaets that at that time took place, and by the gea eral tenor of the eonduct of South Carclina throughout the whole course of the War. Wavsesoay, January 1 A Messige fom the President of the United Sines woe delivered by Air. Seocetary Lear, to- her with wo part fo the Secretary partment War, respecting te station of affairs in the Western country : which bem ‘conden, the glery was lead ‘Taorsnar, January 12 ‘A message fro she Senate informed the House thas the Behate have pursed the bill ented * An fot to extend the time hinted for setlng the a2 ouns of the United States with the iniridaal Stotea with several amendments the Senate Ihave also passed 0 bil enbled "An act forthe ‘urgent othe banks pd ther le and for the regulation and government of Exktemen employed thescin > eo wash halls they desiethe concurenee ofthis House arpay, January 13. ‘The bill seat fromm the Seuate ented * An aot for the encouragement of the bank and vther cod | ‘sheries and for the regulation and goverument of the fishermen employed theteiu,” was read « Dvise and committed. "A message ivom the Senate informed the House fat they have paged a bil "for establishing a ‘Mint and regulating the coins of the “United Staton” to which they desire the concurrence at ee 1 iagedant ie He cyekardntctt aaa spans proposed by the Senate to the hill ened oriereuniee pact itis dina hh ae Sumiaiariy he at "ihe ite proceeded to consider the report of the commitieta whom was Tefeeed the memo" mri eae ta Peer ey egeter wih the Reon of the Becremey Rerseed, Thst a somamitee be appointed to ExT Sommustns 2 cleaner the teay ya tat Me Paver Me Guus, sad Mr. Sum, of New Horapshive, ‘be the said com ‘The House resuired itself nto a Conumitesof| HISTORY OF CONGRESS. “Fisherise— Western Frontier 328 [arwany, 1702, the Whole on the Bill to ascertain and regulate the claims to halfpay, and to invalid pensions, ‘and, ulter some time spent herein, the Teparied tnt they had hed the: sideration, and made several amendments thereto. "That the said Bll, with the amend sents, do Tie on the table. Mownay, January 16. "This dey was principally taken up with the Peenident late Mussage ‘Poesouy, January 1. Mr. Tonen, fiom the committee appointed, ented bil to ribose eartain ext expen ESP te Comin: cing race rh ale Crk Tada; whieh wes exe nd Tad the frat ime: “R tepresentation aud tition of Christopher Marchal and Cua Maral we Beeented {othe House snd read, graying the eheourage thent and patronage of tie Genera” Governent In’ chuuteallaratory which they have ere fl for preparing sulennonia, @loubere alte and rotate spit ‘Order, That the sid representation and pe- talon do eon the table. ‘Woonngony, January 18. Abi co eign certain extra expenses ofthe ie Gols fr wating ot pace with Sree Indians war fed the second tine, nd. or eced tobe commited fo 4 Commitee of the ‘Whote Howse. Iie. Eacmates, fom the committee to whom, vas efered the Mestage fom the President of the United States of the eenyrigheh ol coverings copy ats lever to hin rom ihe Att ney General ade syed was tea, setae on te a ‘Phac the Compreller ofthe Treasury te diced to ay efor this House 3 eopy ofthe count fox exis expen nce yh ee mnmisiones for eating of peabe wilh Creek Indians. " “A Menage wae received from the President of the United State together walk te copy of an ‘Ret of the Legilatre of the State of Permonty ‘angina ta ty a the atin of inetintent,propied to the Constaion of the aie Sia "The House eslved ite into a Committne of the Whole on the commusieations from the Pre Soa, reapecting the Western Frontera where- ‘pon the daore were closed onan, June 1. ‘hata commits beapoints oon acd stp whther any ae stakes Sashes Beale ie scr ad Retnty nl 'War Bepuripen ond ta Ste ‘Surry, of South Caroling, Mr. Wanewortt, ad ‘Mr. Bexoon, be the said Committee