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NOTES. LABEL WATERIAL ~ uM STANLESS STEEL [Geave ‘iS Set (EQUIVALENT TO NOKAA) 4 2|LAGEL LETTERS ARE TOHED WT Js] LETTER HEIGHT 15mm 130: J¢|cououk sane BACKGROUND — NATURAL oso — cree s|evcraic DEPT ~ 0.5mm POWER ECONOMY MIDDLE EAST CO.L.L.C | P.O, BOX 6072, ABU DHABI, UAE. 4 NEUTRAL GROUNDING REACTOR an ree fer pease we sss}. ays mown. arn) areoace-0 ows . appucanion [SOTBGGR—] NO.OF pore z | fe taseaice — on 70 10x oO ly (weasuen vaue's of econee's ase STANDARD [IEC 60076-6 Fr [50Hz TYPE OF COOLING | AN PUNCHED AFTER TEST | Im THERMAL CLASS 4 5 MFG. SLNO. [5001973977—x) [S6KV_ OF INSULATION f YEAR OF MFR.[2013, a [6304 TOTAL MASS 850 Kgs TRANSCO CONTRACT NO. [NETSB EERO DRAMAS. FEcoMca DATA sieeT 7723 La 7300 « oo2 | | ENERAL ARRANGEVENT._NTTSS Ua 7300 KOS CANECTON DIAGRAM PLATENTTSS UA 7300 K O04 OST NULATON NTTSS Ua 7300 K 008 oy RTT roo CTR TRS ETE aap eoe RET E or 3. CONTRACT NO: N-7733 -33KV NEUTRAL GROUNDING REACTOR ber sous Sree nn oe see ne lemaae <3, | {GRD STATIN ZAHER AEAOF ALAN | “veer | tater 7s a ee = so Fa Ss beet er Sa fon foo [oe wrmsstarssoxoos | t@]'™[0 frratoe