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Poverty in the Philippines

and How It Affects the


What is poverty?
the state of being extremely poor.

the state of being inferior in quality or

insufficient in amount.

What is a poor family?

When a familys income is less than
the amount needed to meet
minimum needs.

Effects of poverty


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What causes poverty in the

Low to moderate economic growth for the
past 40 years;
Low growth elasticity of poverty reduction;
Weakness in employment generation and the
quality of jobs generated;
Failure to fully develop the agriculture sector;

What causes poverty in the

High inflation during crisis periods;
High levels of population growth;
High and persistent levels of inequality (incomes
and assets), which dampen the positive impacts
of economic expansion
Recurrent shocks and exposure to risks such as
economic crisis, conflicts, natural disasters, and
"environmental poverty."

How poverty affects health

Poverty and poor health worldwide are
inextricably linked. The causes of poor health
for millions globally are rooted in political,
social and economic injustices. Poverty is
both a cause and a consequence of poor
health. Poverty increases the chances of poor
health. Poor health in turn traps communities
in poverty. Infectious and neglected tropical
diseases kill and weaken millions of the
poorest and most vulnerable people each

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Food Thresholdrefers to the annual

per capita cost of basicfood
PovertyLine/Thresholdis equal to
the annualper capitafood
thresholdplus the cost of other basic
non-food requirements.

Poverty increases your chance of

getting ill because of:

Poor nutrition
Lack of clean water
Harsh realities that may make
putting your health at risk the only
way to survive or keep your family

Poor health increases poverty by:

Reducing a familys work productivity
Leading families to sell assets to
cover the costs of treatment. This
increases poverty and their
vulnerability to shocks in the future.