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_____________ 1. Maximum size of conductor rated below 69kV. (SAES-P-104 sec. 5.8.2)
_____________ 2.
_________ ____ 3.

Identification of cable shall include:

(SAES-P-104 sec.6.10.1)

_________ ____ 4. The minimum internal volume for enclosures and junction boxes to be
provided with Type 300 series stainless steel breather and drain fittings or a combination
breather and drain fitting. (SAES-P-104 sec. 7.8.1)
______________ 5. Field cut conduit threads shall be coated with _________ protective
coating. (SAES-P-104 sec. 8.8)
______________ 6. The minimum distance of concrete from the outside surface of the duct
bank to any conduit or reinforcing steel. (SAES-P-104 sec. 10.4.3)
______________ 7. The minimum crossing or parallel clearance between direct buried
cables or conduit and underground piping. (SAES-P-104 sec. 10.13)
______________ 8.What is the minimum separation requirements between power and/or
control conductors for AC or DC circuit voltages less than 1000 V, provided the insulation
is rated at least 600 V or 450/750 V. (SAES-P-104 sec. 14.2)
______________ 9. The minimum size of ground conductor if used for connection of
equipment to ground rods or ground grid. (SAES-P-111 sec. 5.1)
______________ 10. The minimum size of ground conductor if buried and used for grids
and/or interconnection of ground rods. (SAES-P-111 sec. 5.1)
______________ 11. Minimum length of grounding rod. (SAES-P-111 sec. 5.2)
______________ 12. Minimum connection of ground buses in switchgear, switchboards and
motor control centers to the main ground electrode. (SAES-P-111 sec. 9.5)
______________ 13. Minimum duration of emergency lighting in the event of normal power
failure. (SAES-P-123 sec. 4.5.2)
______________ 14. Minimum insulation system for motors rated less than 1 HP. (SAES-P113 sec. 6.4)
______________ 15. Minimum size of pole ground conductor. (SAES-P-107 sec. 4.6)
______________ 16. Vertical clearances above grade for desert installation of conductors
including service drops, messengers and guys. (SAES-P-107 sec. 4.7)
______________ 17. The minimum and maximum negative pipe-to-soil ON potential with
reference to copper/copper sulfate electrode for pipelines. (SAES-X-400 sec. 5.5.1)

______________ 18. Minimum distance of separation of adjacent anode beds powered form
separate sources. (SAES-X-400 sec. 5.6.4)
______________ 19. The anode to be installed deeper than 15 meters. (SAES-X-400 sec.
______________ 20. Inspect all positive cables and lead wires for burial for insulation
damage with a pulse type holiday detector set at _______ volts DC. (SAES-X-400 sec.