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Books Published By

Jose Rizal
Jason Nolasco/BSIT 3B

2 Novels Written By Jose Rizal

Noli Me Tangere
El Filibusterismo

Noli Me Tangere
Touch Me Not
He got this words from the bible verse
John 20:17 when Jesus Christ told Mary
Magdalene when he rose from the
This was written in Spanish for the
Spaniards to understand the book that
he wrote for them.

The first half of this novel was

written in Madrid, Spain while he
was studying medicine from 18841885.
The second half of the novel was
written in Germany from time to
time starting February 21, 1887

10 symbols on the cover

of his book

Cross: Sufferings
Pomelo Blossoms and Laurel Leaves: Honor and Fidelity
Silhouette of a Filipina: Maria Clara
Burning Torch: Rage and Passion
Sunflowers: Enlightenment especially the youth
Bamboo stalks that were cut down but grew
back: Resilience
A man in a cassock with hairy feet: Priests using religion
in a dirty way

Chains: Slavery
Whip: Cruelty
Helmet of Guardia Civil: Arrogance of those in

El Filibusterismo
In English The Reign of Greed
translated by Charles Derbyshire
It is also written in Spanish
He began writing this novel when he
was back in Calamba, Laguna in
October 1887
He moved to Brussels where the cost of
living is cheaper and so that he will be
more focused on finishing the book.

This book was published in September

1891 with the help of Valentin Ventura.
Rizal wrote this book to the 3 priests
who were executed. GOMBURZA