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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dongeng bahasa inggris dan terjemahannya

Dongeng bahasa inggris dan terjemahannya - The two ducks and the fox

The two ducks and the fox

Dongeng bahasa inggris dan terjemahannya

One day, two ducks walked along the road to go to the lake for their swim. In the
middle of the road, they met Mr. Fox. He sat under the tree.
Dongeng bahasa inggris dan terjemahannya

Hello, sister. Where are you going? asked Mr. Fox.

Dongeng bahasa inggris dan terjemahannya

Good Morning, Mr. Fox. We are going to lake over there. We want to swim.
Would you like to join us? asked the ducks.
Dongeng bahasa inggris dan terjemahannya

No, thanks. Do you both come along here every day? asked Mr. Fox.
Yes, we always walk here every morning, said the ducks.
Delicio.. I..I.. mean nice to see you both, said Mr. Fox.
The next day, the first duck said, Are we going to swim today? I bet that Mr. Fox
is waiting for us and he has a bad plan.
Dongeng bahasa inggris dan terjemahannya

I know. I have a plan for him, too, said the second duck.
On their way they met Mr. Fox again.
Hello, sisters. Going to swim again? asked Mr. Fox.
Dongeng bahasa inggris dan terjemahannya

Yes, we are. Why dont you take us to the lake and protect us from bad animals?
said the second duck.
Dongeng bahasa inggris dan terjemahannya

Of course. Its my pleasure, replied Mr. Fox.

This is an easy way to have a free lunch. I have a big bag with me now, though
Mr. fox.
Three of them walked to the lake and sang some songs.
When I say run, lets run fast together, said the second duck, Run!!!
Dongeng bahasa inggris dan terjemahannya

They ran so fast and jumped into the lake. Mr. fox jumped upon them, but he forgot
that he could not swim. So, Mr. fox drowned in the lake. He failed to get his free lunch.
Dongeng bahasa inggris dan terjemahannya

Bebek dan rubah

Dongeng bahasa inggris dan terjemahannya

Pada suatu hari, dua ekor bebek berjalan sepanjang jalan menuju danau untuk
berenang. Di tengah perjalanan, mereka bertemu dengan seekor rubah yang sedang duduk
di bawah pohon.
Dongeng bahasa inggris dan terjemahannya

Halo , saudaraku, mau kemana? Tanya rubah.

selamat pagi, rubah.kamiinging ke danau sana. Kami ingin berenang. Mukah kamu
ikut bersama kami? Tanya bebek.
Dongeng bahasa inggris dan terjemahannya

Tidak, terima kasih. Apakah kalian berdua selalu bersama lewat sini setiaphari?
Tanya rubah.
ya, kami selalu lewat di sini menuju danau setiap hari jawab bebek.
Leza maksud saya senang bertemu dengan kalian, kata rubah
Keesokan harinya, bebek pertama berkata apakahkita pergiberenang hari ini? Sya
rasa rubah menantikan kedatangan kita dan dia memiliki rencana yang tidak baik.
Dongeng bahasa inggris dan terjemahannya

Saya tahu. Saya juga punya rencana untuknya, jawab bebek kedua.
Di dalam perjalanan mereka bertemu lagi dengan rubah.
halo sobat, pergi berenang lagikah? Tanya rubah.
Dongeng bahasa inggris dan terjemahannya

Ya. Maukah kamu ikut bersama kami dan melindungi kami dari binatang-binatang
jahat? Kata bebek kedua.
Dongeng bahasa inggris dan terjemahannya

tentu, dengan senang hati jawab rubah.

wow..ini memudahkan lagi untuk dapat makanan siang, fikir rubah.
Mereka pun bertiga berjalan beriringan sambil menyanyikan lagu.
saat saya bilang lari, kita harus bersama-sama berlari dengan cepat, kata bebek
kedua, Lari!!!
Dongeng bahasa inggris dan terjemahannya

Mereka pun segera berlari dan dengan cepat melompat ke danau. Sang rubah juga
ikut melompat mengejar mereka, tetapi dia lupa bahwa dia tidak bisa berenang, olehnya
sang rubah pun tenggelam dan gagal mendapatkan makan siang.
Dongeng bahasa inggris dan terjemahannya

Dongeng Binatang Berbahasa Inggris The Ant and the Grasshopper

Dongeng Binatang Berbahasa Inggris - The Ant and the Grasshopper

In a field one summers day a Grasshopper was hopping about, chirping and singing to its
hearts content. An Ant passed by, bearing along with great toil an ear of corn he was
taking to the nest.
Why not come and chat with me, said the Grasshopper, instead of toiling and moiling
in that way?
I am helping to lay up food for the winter, said the Ant, and recommend you to do the
Why bother about winter? said the Grasshopper; We have got plenty of food at
present. But the Ant went on its way and continued its toil.
When the winter came the Grasshopper had no food and found itself dying of hunger
while it saw the ants distributing every day corn and grain from the stores they had
collected in the summer. Then the Grasshopper knew: It is best to prepare for days of
Dongeng Binatang Berbahasa Inggris diatas adalah dongeng singkat agar anak-anak kita
tidak bosan mendengarkan Dongeng Binatang Berbahasa Inggris tersebut.

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The woodcutter and the fox

(Favourite stories from Chinese)

A pack of dogs chased a fox up a hill. It rain into a woodcutters hut.

Help! Help! the fox cried out. Mr. Woodcutter, please let me hide in your hut.
Im afraid the dogs will catch me and eat me up, he bowed deeply to the
All right, the woodcutter replied. You can hide in the small room at the back of
my hut. But be quick! the woodcutter opened the door of the room and the fox
hid himself inside.
A short while afterwards, a hunter arrived carrying a gun. He was followed by the
pack of dogs.
Ah, Mr. Woodcutter, the hunter said, we are looking for a fox. We chased it up
the hill but it has now disappeared. Have you seen it?
No, answered the woodcutter. But at the same time, he pointed towards the
small room the back of the hut.
Fortunately, the hunter did not understand what he meant.
Thank you very much, Mr. Woodcutter, he said. We shall have to look
As soon as the hunter and his dogs had left, the fox came out of the room. He
walked out of the front door without saying a word.
Where are you going? the woodcutter called out. Youre a fine fellow! I saved
your life and you dont even stop to thank me.
Your words sound fine, the fox said. but your heart is evil. You say you want
to help me, but you really want to harm me. How can I feel grateful to you?

Cerita singkat bahasa inggris

Salam Super Narrative Text....
Cerita singkat bahasa inggris (Narrative text) memiliki banyak pesan-pesan moral
yang bisa jadi pelajaran dalam hidup kita. Meski cerita singkat bahasa inggris ini
hanyalah fiktif , bisa saja memberikan motivasi tersendiri.
Memilih orang dalam menjalankan tugas penting harus selektif, karena bisa jadi
orang itu sendiri yang akan mengacaukan tugas tersebut. Cerita singkat bahasa inggris
berikut seperti judul lagu "Pagar Makan Tanaman" penasaran........ langsung saja ke
cerita singkat bahasa inggris berikut.
Two bottles of water
(Favourite stories from Chinese)
There was an old school teacher who liked to drink wine. He always kept several
bottles of good wine in his mouth. As he had to go out one day, he was worried that his
servant would drink his wine. Then he thought of a way to stop him from doing so.
I am going out for the day, he told his servant. Please look after the house for
me. There is some ham and two bottles of water in the cupboard. There is also a chicken
in the kitchen.

cerita singkat bahasa inggris - two bottles of water

But as soon as he left, his servant killed the chicken and cooked it for dinner. He
then ate both the chicken and the ham and drank the two bottles of wine. He felt sleepy
and went to bed.
The school teacher returned home later that evening. He was surprised to find that
the chicken, ham and two bottles of wine had disappeared. He then saw his servant lying
asleep in bed. There were two empty bottles by his side. He shook him by the shoulder.
What has happened? he asked.
I am very sorry, his servant replied. As soon as you left, a cat jumped in through
the window and ate the ham. A dog then chased and caught the chicken. I knew you
would be very angry with me when you returned, so I tried to kill myself by drinking the
poison. Please excuse me.
The old school teacher did not believe him but there was nothing he could do.
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Saturday, November 3, 2012

A naughty schoolboy

Narrative teks - A naughty schoolboy

Everyone agreed that John Tsui was a naughty boy. He had a bad temper and did
not study hard at school. His father paid for a private teacher to teach him at home. But
john was rude to his teacher. His teacher said he did not want to teach him anymore.
Johns father tried to find another teacher, but it was not easy to do so.
At last, a teacher who had just come from Singapore agreed to teach him. Johns
father was very pleased. He sent for John to come and meet his new teacher. John was
very rude. He took no notice of his new teacher and left the room without saying a word.
The next day, john arrived late for his first lesson. He hoped this would make his teacher
angry. But his teacher did not seem to mind. The next day, he was again late. This time,
his teacher was playing the piano.
can you teach me to play the piano? he asked his teacher.
Yes, if you really want to learn, his teacher replied.

After that, his teacher gave him piano lesson twice a week. John was really very
clever and he did not need much teaching.
In a short while, he could play quite well.
Can you teach me anything else? he asked his teacher.
I dont know what you would like to learn, his teacher said. Perhaps you can
teach me something?
I only know how to box, John replied. If you want to learn, I can teach you.
John asked his teacher to stand up. As soon as he did so, he tried to hit his fist. But
his teacher was too quick for him. He caught hold of his arm and held it tight. John could
not move. He had to ask his teacher to forgive him. He promised that he would study
harder in future.
If you want to study harder, his teacher said, It is not enough to learn from one
man. You must learn from many men.
How can I do that? John asked.
His teacher pointed to the books in front of him. You must study hard and read as
many books as you can. Each book contains knowledge. If you do that, you will soon be
able to learn many new things for yourself.
John studied hard after that. When he grew up, he became a very famous man.

I Know You, But... (Aku Mengenalmu, Tapi...) - Dongeng Anak, Judul

Dongeng TK, Judul Cerpen Anak, Judul Cerita Anak Bahasa Inggris Indonesia

I Know You.... But....

I am in a city garden. I sit on a bench. The bench is so small. I am
alone. I see someone at the corner. I know him, but I dont know his

name. He wears a blue shirt. The shirt is very cool. He comes to me.
He asks me, Are you Hendra? I answers,Yes, I am. What is your
He says nothing. He looks so disappointed. He leaves me. I feel so
guilty. I am alone again. Next time, I will memorize my friends name.

Translation (Terjemahan):
Aku berada di taman kota. Aku duduk di sebuah bangku. Bangkunya begitu
kecil. Aku melihat seseorang di sudut. Aku mengenalnya. Aku tidak tahu
namanya. Dia mengenakan sebuah kaos biru. Kaosnya sangat keren. Dia datang
padaku. Dia bertanya,Apakah kamu Hendra? Aku menjawab,Ya, aku Hendra.
Siapa namamu? Dia tidak berkata apa-apa. Dia terlihat begitu kecewa. Dia
meninggalkanku. Aku begitu merasa bersalah. Aku sendiri lagi. Lain kali, Aku
akan mengingat nama teman-temanku.

Cara Download Lagu Anak Berbahasa Inggris dan Indonesia

Salam cinta lagu-lagu anak....

Hai pecinta lagu-lagu anak...sekarang kalau mau download
lagu-lagu anak karya Kak Zepe caranya mudah lho.... Begini
(mohon ikuti langkah2nya dengan cermat supaya tidak gagal
Read more and Listen To This song
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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Home Sweet Home, Kak Zepe's Children Song - Theme Family and
Happiness - For Kindergarten, Nursery, and Primary Student


I live in a beautiful house

I live with my family
We all are happy together
because we are loving each other
Read more and Listen To This song
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Label: Family Theme Song, Fun And Happy Song

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

We Are Family, Kak Zepe's English Kids Song, Theme: Family and

We Are Family
Kak Zepe's English Kids Song
Theme: Family and Friendship

When you feel so sad,

I'll make happy
When you feel lonely,
I'll accompany
When you feel affraid,
I'll make you feel peace
Read more and Listen To This song
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Label: Family Theme Song, Friendship Song

Friday, 30 December 2011

Adverbs Song - Kak Zepe's English Children songs - Topic: grammar /
adverbs - An English Children Song that can be used for teaching English.
This is a grammar English Song, and the topic is Adverbs.

Adverbs Song
Kak Zepe's English Children songs
Topic: grammar / adverbs
An English Children Song that can be used for teaching English.
This is a grammar English Song, and the topic is Adverbs.

I can run slowly or fast

I talk loudly or softly
I can come early or late
I can sing gladly or sadly
Read more and Listen To This song
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Label: Adverbs Song, English Grammar Song, Fun And Happy Song

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

HaVE Lunch Children Songs for Kindergarten, Playgroup, Taman Kanakkanak, PAUD, Nursery, Playkids, or Primary Students Sing this song in
the class before lunch!

HaVE Lunch
Children Songs for Kindergarten, Playgroup, Taman Kanak-kanak, PAUD,
Nursery, Playkids, or Primary Students
Sing this song in the class before lunch!

This song is very nice and fun. Sing this song before children have lunch in the class.
For parents, you can also sing this song for your children. They will be happy to sing this

Have Lunch
Song: Kak Zepe
The day's so bright and clear
The sun's at the middle sky
I am so hungry
I am so hungry
It's time to have lunch
Read more and Listen To This song
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Label: Class Songs, Family Theme Song, Fun And Happy Song, Holiday Songs, Opening
Closing Songs
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My Best Teacher (Guru Terbaikku)

Marry sits nicely. Marry is in the classroom. She is in English class. English
class is her favorite. She likes the
teacher and the subject. Her teacher
is friendly, helpful, and smart. Her
questions. Her teacher always makes
the class fun. Every student loves him.
Two months ago, she asked her teacher
how to spell trailer. Marrys teacher
told her how to spell it. Marry
said,Thank you, Sir. Her teacher
answered, "You're welcome, clever

Terjemahan (Translation):
Marry duduk dengan baik. Dia berada di dalam ruang kelas. Dia sedang di kelas bahasa
Inggris. Kelas bahasa Inggris adalah kesukaannya. Dia menyukai guru dan mata
pelajarannya. Gurunya ramah, suka membantu, dan cerdas. Gurunya menjawab setiap
pertanyaan dari setiap siswa. Gurunya selalu membuat kelas menyenangkan. Setiap siswa
Dua bulan yang lalu, dia bertanya pada gurunya bagaimana mengeja kata,trailer.
Gurunya Marry mengatakan bagaimana mengeja kata itu. Marry berkata, Terima kasih,
Pak. Gurunya menjawab,Sama-sama, anak pandai.

Vocabularies (Kosa Kata):


(ruang kelas)



Silakan Mempublikasikan Karya-karya Saya dengan mencantumkan:Karya Kak Zepe,
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Berawal Dari Puisi, Berubah Menjadi Lagu Anak (Review Lagu Anak
"Bintang dan Bulan") - Lagu Anak Indonesia
Berawal Dari Puisi, Berubah Menjadi Lagu Anak
(Review Lagu Anak)

Pada saat itu malam begitu cerah. Saya melihat bulan bersinar sangat terang. Bintangbintang pun hadir pada malam itu dengan cahayanya yang gemerlapan. Saya bayangkan
malam itu hanya ada bulan, tanpa ada bintang-bintang. Tentu saja ada yang kurang.
Hanya bulan dan kegelapan malam. Langit pasti jadi sepi bila hanya ada sebuah benda
bulat bersinar.
Lalu saya pun mempunyai ide untuk membuat sebuah puisi persahabatan. Saya
menghubungkan dua macam benda langit, bulan dan bintang, dengan sebuah
persahabatan. Puisinya kira-kira berbunyi demikian:
The Stars And The Moon
Look at the sky
There is a moon
Look at the moon
There are many stars around
Imagine, there is no stars in the sky
Only the moon and the darkness
The moon will be so lonely
I am so happy
because there are many stars in the sky
Do you know why?
Cause I am the moon
Thanks to be one of the stars.
Lewat puisi tersebut, saya kini memiliki ide untuk membuatkan sebuah lagu yang isinya
hampir sama dengan puisi yang pernah saya ciptakan tersebut. Karena anak-anak
biasanya suka dengan lagu anak yang bertema persahabatan, maka saya menjadikan
puisi di atas menjadi sebuah lirik lagu. Dengan judul yang sama, dan saya terjemahkan
dalam bahasa Indonesia, maka jadilah lirik lagu ini:
Aku lihat di angkasa
Rembulan bersinar terang
Diterangi bintan-bintang
Indah sekali

Oh betapa bahagianya sang rembulan

Tiada pernah kesepian
Sebahagia hatiku karna banyak teman
Lagunya bisa didengerin di BINTANG DAN BULAN
Dari pengalaman tersebut, saya menyimpulkan bahwa sebuah puisi bisa kita modifikasi
menjadi sebuah lagu yang indah. Biasanya hal yang membuat indah adalah kiasan-kiasan
yang biasa ada di dalam sebuah puisi. Jadi bila anda suka menulis sebuah puisi, cobalah
anda pilih dan pilah. Siapa tahu ada tema yang menarik untuk dimodifikasi menjadi
sebuah lagu anak. Nah lagu di atas akan menjadi salah satu lagu andalan di album
SEHAT CERDAS CERIA karya Kak Zepe. Tunggu releasenya ya... :)

Silakan Mempublikasikan Karya-karya Saya dengan mencantumkan: Karya Kak Zepe,

Mother's Love to Me (Kasih Ibu Kepada Beta) - Cerpen Bergambar Dua

Bahasa, Short Story Bilingual, Dongeng Dua Bahasa, Cerita Bahasa
Inggris Indonesia

Mother's Love To Me

(Kasih Ibu Kepada Beta)

She took care of me when I was a little

child. She taught me many things. She
taught me how to draw, read, write, and
sing. She taught me how to play badminton.
She taught me how to get dressed. She
taught me how to wear my shoes. She
taught me how to comb my cruelly hair.
She taught me how to be a nice boy. She
taught me how to be polite to my teachers.
She taught me how to make friend. She
She taught me how to love by her sincere
love. I know what love by her love. Mom,
thanks for your love, God, thanks for giving
me a great Mom.
Translation (Terjemahan) :
Ibu menjagaku saat aku masih kecil. Ibu mengajariku banyak hal. Ibu mengajariku
bagaimana menggambar, membaca, menulis, dan bernyanyi. Ibu mengajariku bagaimana
bermain badminton. Ibu mengajariku bagaimana berpakaian. Ibu mengajariku bagaimana
mengenakan sepatu. Ibu mengajariku bagaimana mengajariku menyisir rambutku yang
keriting. Ibu mengajariku bagaimana menjadi seorang anak yang baik. Ibu mengajariku
bagaimana bersopan santun kepada para guru. Ibu mengajariku bagaimana bersahabat.
Ibu mengajariku kasih sayang dengan dengan kasih sayangnya yang tulus. Aku tahu apa
itu kasih sayang dengan kasih sayangnya. Ibu , terima kasih untuk cintamu. Tuhan, terima
kasih telah memberikan aku seorang ibu yang baik.

Vocabularies (Kosa Kata):

(bulu tangkis)



cruelly hair
(rambut keriting)
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Cute White Cat (Kucing Putih Yang Mungil)
The Baby Parrots (Anak Burung Beo)
Release A Butterfly (Membebaskan Seekor Kupu-kupu)
Encyclopedia Book (Buku Encyclopedia)
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Selasa, 10 Juli 2012

19:51 Almusto 2 comments

When teaching at Elementary school, especially the first and the

second grade, the important vocabularies they must master are things
in the classroom. After learning numbers, alphabet, usually these two

grades should know the classroom vocabularies. The approach of the

teaching learning process at the elmentary school is a contextual
learning. Students learn many things around the classroom they live
in. They can show and pronounce many things in the classroom. The
things are real in the classroom. The teacher can use the exact
method in giving the students new vocabularies in the classroom. He
can use a song relating to the material learning, he can play a game
that encourages the students to obtain new vocabularies, or he can
use some related flashcards and so on.

The Students of SD N Siberuk are studying in the classroom

The following words are the basic vocabularies that Elementary
students should master:

Meja kerja/guru
Papan tulis hitam
Papan Tulis putih

pencil sharpener
Correcting fluid
Trash box

Penghapus tinta/tip-x
Rak buku
Tempat sampah

Those are the examples of the basic vocabularies we often find for
Download this article here

Artikel Terkait:
Jenis tes vocabulary Bahasa Inggris untuk anak-anak

Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 SD : Vocabulary tentang tempat-tempat umum(Public



Tempat-tempat umum. a picture from


Hospital : Rumah sakit

Post Office : Kantor pos
Bank : Bank
School : sekolah
Market : Pasar
Movie : Bioskop
Park : taman

8. Hotel : hotel
9. Airport : Bandara
Harbour : Pelabuhan
Railway station : Stasiun kereta api
Bus stop/terminal : Terminal bis
Zoo : Kebun binatang
Museum : musium
Police station/ police office : Kantor pos
Supermarket : Swalayan
Shop/store : toko
Book store : toko buku
Drugstore : apotik
Stationary : Toko alat tulis
Library : Perpustakaan
Gas station : Pom bensin/SBPU
Factory : Pabrik
Green grocer : Toko sayuran
Grocery :Toko pangan
Restaurant : restoran
Swimming pool : Kolam renang
Mosque : Masjid
Church : gereja
Monastery : Biara
Temple : candi/pura
Pagoda : klenteng
Beach : Pantai
Mountain : Pegunungan
Cafe :kafe
Stadium : stadion

Sebelum anak mengenal bahasa tulis, anak sebaiknya mengenal

bahasa lisan lebih dahulu. Di sini guru dalam memberikan
vocabulary anak tentang location ini diawali dengan listening dan
speaking. Guru dapat menggunakan metode yang menurutnya
sesuai dengan anak didiknya.