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Honorable ones, the juries, the participant of creative English Speech contest and all
Before I begin to deliver thisspeech, I would like to invite you to thank to Allah SWT the
Almighty who has given us mercy and blessing, so we can meet togetherin this blessing
place. And also lets deliver solawat and salam to oour prophet Muhammad SAW who has
brought us from the darkness to brighteness.
Now I would like to deliver my speech the title is Education in our country
Ladies and gentlemen,
Indonesia is a big country, inhabited by hundreds of millons people includes islands spread
widely,. We have been independent since 1945, bt I think Indonesia is not yet indendentin
terms of education. Although we have changed curricjla almost every year, but it proved that
the Indonesian education has not been ableto complete with thedeveloped country. We tend to
fall behind and have not been able to print a great human resources class as developed
Ladies and Gentlemen
I tried to draw a line to the back, and I get the irony which is really disappointing. In the very
rich country, there are so many students drop out of school, do not have a uniform, and swim
to go to school because of the broken bridge. It is an ironyin the midst of our State assets.
Statistics of school buildings damaged and have not been improved are also too much. It is
happening in the provinces that are far away from the center of government and gives
continuing negative effect on the education system in the provinces itself.
Of course, a child who does not get an education will have difficulties in achieving a better
standard of living in his future. Youve seen that a lot of ignorance, and destroy poverty arise
because so many crimes arising from poverty.
Ladies and Gentlemen.
Education is a major key to get a better state order. Throughproper and best education, we are
able to print high-quality human resources, eradicate ignorance, and destroy poverty.
Therefore, let us together to be students and teachers that are diligent, sincere, and keep
trying without the unyielding. We are Indonesia, a rich country that should have the best

education. Do not give up the fate of our nation today, and continues to struggle in gaining in
independence education.
I think thats all my speech. I hope my brief description about education in our country will
be usefull for us.
Finally, I would to say sorry if there are mistake in my speech words.