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A Technology Tool for Education

Amna AlQassab H00328088

Amna Alaa H00272627

Book Reader

What is it mainly used for ?

- For reading.
- For recording.
- For researching.
- For downloading.

Have we ever seen and /or used it ?

Yes we saw it in android and iPhone (Ebook
Reader), but we havent used it yet.

The approximate price of it ?

Almost between 1400 AED TO 400 AED

How YOU as a future teacher would use it in

- I will make some speaking exercise for the student
by recording their voice, also for the listing and
writing then they will send me an email.
- For a lower-levels I will make an app to encourage
them in writing and reading.
- I will make a challenges and games for the student
to get excited and not bored in the class.

Reference list?
- Boobyer,V.2013.Ebooks in class room.
- ( for the price)

- ( video)
- ( images )