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Tuna delight

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*Hi M u m , I'm homel' Eliza called out, dropping her backpack in the middle of the
-iQor. 'Can I have something t o eat?'
"Hi Eliza', M u m called back f r o m upstairs. There's plenty o f f r u i t in the fridge.'
'Don't w a n t f r u i t ! ' Eliza answered rudely. 'Can't I have a sandwich?'
"Eliza, you heard me', her mother warned. 'Every time you make one o f your
ramous sandwiches you end up not eating dinner because you're t o o full!'
Eliza stamped her f o o t a n g r i l y b u t not too loudly, in case M u m heard! She wasn't
zoing t o eat f r u i t . M u m w o u l d n ' t k n o w because she was upstairs in her office
Peering into the fridge, Eliza could see there was mostly f r u i t , like M u m said. She
:pened the pantry door and checked o u t w h a t was in there. Ahhh! This was more
-ke i t ! Cracker biscuits, f r u i t cake, c e r e a l . . . and w h a t was that gold-coloured t i n on
r ; e top shelf? On tiptoes she reached in and grabbed It.
Tuna delight!' she exclaimed in an excited whisper. Tuna is my absolute favourite.'
She quickly opened the t i n and spread the oily, salty fish over six large crackers.
!r. no time at all, Eliza had gobbled up her snack. She wiped her finger around the
;nside o f the can t o get the last little pieces out. She was so busy concentrating on
doing this t h a t she didn't hear footsteps until a voice said
5."arpiy, 'Eliza! What are you doing?'
5e:'ore Eliza could answer. M u m spied the t i n in her hand.
' told you, f r u i t only! she said sternly. She t o o k the t i n o u t
Eliza's hand. 'By the way, did you happen t o read the label?'
"Of" course', Eliza answered back rudely. ' I t says "TUna delight".'
also says "Cat food only'". M u m said, pointing t o the information on the side. ' I
- :De you get a stomach-ache for being so disobedient. Now get your bag and go t o
room until I decide w h a t t o do w i t h you.'
E::za t h r e w her bag against the desk in her r o o m and sat on the bed. She didn't
^ 1 the least bit sick. In fact, she had a sudden urge t o lick her lips, several times,
-JD enjoy the taste o f the tuna. She wasn't going t o get a stomach-ache either. Just
because i t was cat food w o u l d n ' t make the slightest bit o f difference. M u m simply
wasn't r i g h t
E'.iza curled up on the bed, licked her hand, and began t o carefully wash behind her
ears.'Miaow', she purred softly.