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Important Dates

Science Fair Question completed by – 14 May

Science Fair Plan completed by – 21 May
Science Fair Class Judging – 9 June
Science Fair Evening – 10 June

The Display Board

1. Name
2. Question
3. Hypothesis
4. Apparatus
5. Method
6. Results
7. Conclusion

Visual evidence of your experiment must be

exhibited. You will need photographs,
possibly video, and you will also need a
model of your experiment. This could be a
re-creation of your experiment, or at least a
demonstration of the parts that you’re able
to show on the day.

Science Investigative Format

Write a question or pose a problem that can be tested with an experiment.

Make an educated guess about what might happen in the experiment. The
prediction should be backed up by thought, information gathering, and
possible effects of variables. Be sure to include the word “because.”

Bullets or not, but no numbers on this list of items needed.

Explain the step by step process to be used to test your hypothesis.
• numbered list
• begin each sentence with a verb
• second to last step: record data/observations/results
• last step: repeat three times

Charts, tables, graphs, photos, labeled diagrams, etc.

Your conclusion must:
• Answer the investigative question.
• State whether your prediction was right or not.
• Describe what happened in your experiment
• Analyze the data and include a reasonable explanation, referring to the
results of the investigation and the observations you made.

1. Ensure your test is fair
2. Ensure your results is accurate
3. Include all the necessary elements of the scientific method have been
4. Complete the project on time
5. Thank your teacher for being so wonderful!