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Oracle Fusion Middleware Training - Lightning Minds

Oracle Fusion Middleware Training - Lightning Minds

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Published by Chari Kambara
Oracle Fusion Middleware Training
Oracle Fusion Middleware Training

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Published by: Chari Kambara on Apr 21, 2010
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ORACLE Fusion Middleware-Training Curriculum

About the Course
Module 1: Getting Ready (4 Hours)       Overview of XML Technologies : XML, XSD, XPATH , XSL Introduction to WSDL Overview of Web services: SOAP, UDDI, WS -I etc. Introduction to SOA Additional Terminology & Explanations Brief overview of ORACLE SOA Suite. Duration:

44 Hours (Weekly 8 Hrs (2 hrs Alternate day))

Hand s On: XM L & We b Ser vice s Assig n me nt

Module 2: Installation & Arch (2 Hours)   ORACLE SOA Suite Installation ORACLE SOA Suite Architecture

This course starts with basics of Web services and talks about how ORACLE SOA Suite facilitates Service Oriented Architecture. This course details how Service Orchestration can be achieved using Oracle BPEL and how ORACLE ESB makes content based r o u t i n g e a s i e r . I t a l s o c ove r s O r a c l e Ru l e s A u t h o r i n g a n d O r a c l e W e b S e r v i c e Manager.
About Lightning Minds

Hands on: Guided Assignment on Oracle SOA Custom installation

Lightning Minds is growing IT
Module 3: Getting into BPEL (2 Hours)        Introduction to Service Orchestration Overview of BPEL Process Manager Over view of JDeveloper & BPEL Designer. BPEL Adapters Types of BPEL Process BPEL Variables Writing Hello World BPEL Process

Company trying to make difference in ORACLE technology consulting and training. Lightning Minds is preferred source of experts and technology specialists in ORACLE technologies.
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Hands on: BPEL Process Assignments Module 4: BPEL Development Life Cycle (4 Hours)      BPEL Development Process Writing BPEL Test cases using BPEL Test suites Using Subversion for BPEL Configuration Management. BPEL Deployment plans ( New feature) System Integration testing using SOAP UI.

     

Experienced Trainers Recorded Sessions Hands-on Lab work Real time Servers Discussion Forums Placement Assistance

For demo session/signup,
Visit http://www.lightningminds.com

Or Call 919 655 4181

Hands on: BPEL Test case & SOAPUI Assignment

Module 5: BPEL Activities & Scope (2Hrs)  Explanation of BPEL Activities

 

Overview of Partner Links Transaction handling in BPEL

Hands on: Development of BPEL process using various BPEL activities and transactions Module 6: BPEL Adapters (4 Hours)

     

Introduction to BPEL Adapters Overview of Database Adapters Using Oracle e - Business Suite Adapters, File Adapters, MQ Adapters etc. Polling Queues/Topics & files using Adapters. Message Rejection handling in Adapters. Handling Native formatted data like CSV using native schemas in adapters.

Hands on: Assignment on MQ and Oracle e-Business Suite Adapters Module 7: Handling faults in BPEL (6 Hours)

   

Fault Handling in BPEL Creating custom faults. Fault Policy Management ( Feature) Fault handling using Sensors.

Hands on: Assignment on BPEL Custom Fault policy management Module 8: BPEL Dehydration & Correlation (2 Hours)

  

Introduction to BPEL Correlation Overview of BPEL Dehydration Custom Correlation sets

Hands on: Assignments on custom correlation sets Module 9: BPEL Human work flow & Worklist Application (6 Hours)

  

BPEL Human workflow management Introduction to Worklist application. Custom JSP creation

Hands on: Assignments on creating human workflow application

Module 10: BPEL Decision Services (4 Hours)

  

Over vi ew o f D ec is io n s erv i ces i n O R A CL E Rules Engine Fundamentals Using Rules engine in BPEL decision service

Hands on: Assignment on Rules Engine. Module 11: Getting into ORACLE ESB (2 Hours)    Introduction to ORACLE ESB ORACLE ESB Architecture ESB/BPEL Design Strategies

Module 12: ESB Systems & Service groups (4 Hours)      Intr oduction to ESB Sy st e m s & se r vi ce g r o ups ESB Best practices Creating Routing Service & SOAP Services in ESB ESB Content based routing ESB/BPEL Integration.

Hands on: Assignments on integrating BPEL & ESB Module 13: ORACLE Web Service Manager(2Hrs)   Creation of Security Policies & Management Centralized Dashboard management of Contract and management policies.

Course Work: Project involving integration of data from legacy systems to Oracle e -Business Suite.

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