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Office of the


The Sr.Section Engineer(Pway),
East Coast Railway,
Sub: Pway Discrepancies in GPI yard.
During Sr.DSTEs inspection conducted on 02.02.2016, the following Pway
Discrepancies in GPI yard has been observed.

1. Chair plate welding broken on RH side 3rd sleeper from SRJ of point No.18B.
2. 02 No. of chair plates welding was broken ie.5th &6th from SRJ LH side of point No.18A
3. Chair plate welding was broken on LH side 5th sleeper from SRJ of point No.20A
4. Point No.20A LH tongue Rail is not resting on chair plate and Tongue Rail in lifted condition.
5. Point No.19B RH Tongue Rail is not resting on chair plate and Tongue Rail is in lifted condition.
6. Point No.17A LH Tongue opening is 100 mm need to be adjust 105-115 mm.
7. Point No.17A Reverse Tongue (RH) have setting one sleeper only.
8. 17BT(J) glued joint End post missing& physically damaged, may fail any time.
9. Point No.20A RH tongue 1 feet chipped off from 0.82 m formats
Hence please depute your staff for rectification of above deficiencies at the earliest .


Copy toBT Control/WAT for information please

ASTE/RGDA for information please.