Back Injury


Back I ack Injury

Back Injury

Sheet 1 - Structur of the spine ructure

The main parts of the spine are:

Bones Cartilage Ligaments Muscle tissue Nerves

Back Injury

Sheet 2 - Causes of back injuries es

A large number of back injuries are caused by:

‡ Bending or twisting to pick up heavy objects ‡ bending or twisting to pick up awkward objects ‡ over stretching or over reaching ‡ slipping or tripping ‡ falling and landing heavily ‡ whiplash ‡ pushing and pulling heavy loads ‡ being hit in the back

Back Injury

Sheet 3 - Causes of back injury uses

Working in cramped, confined spaces

Repetitive bending or twisting

Standing or sitting on hard surfaces

Maintaining awkward positions

Vibration from power tools ally c Continually carrying ads heavy loads

Slouching in your chair

Back Injury

Sheet 4 - Types of back injury pes o

Types of back injury include:

‡ mus muscle damage

‡ slip slipped disc

‡ frac fracture of the spine

Back Injury

Sheet 5 - Assessi the risks sessing To work out the risks involved in a task you must: ‡ check to see if the load is too high igh or too low for easy lifting ‡ size up the load ‡ test the weight ‡ check the shape to see if it will be awkward to carry ‡ check if the load is balanced ‡ check the distance you have to carry the load ‡ check where the load is to be stored

Back Injury

Sheet 6 - Reducing back injuries ucing You can reduce the chance of back injury by: chan

Minimising work in cramped spaces

Keeping work area clear

Keeping yourself reasonably fit

Not lifting heavy objects on your own

Not stooping over your work Keeping floors clean and dry ors cl

Sitting correctly on your chair