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Rita Mae Brown on her

new memoir
Animal Magnetism:
My Life with Creatures
Great and Small
343 South Fifth Ave.
Ann Arbor,
MI 48104

Who: There's no disputing the fact that

Rita Mae Brown, Rita Mae Brown has lived a
dynamic life full of incredible
acclaimed author
experiences - she's been a literary
icon, groundbreaking feminist,
What: Hollywood darling, and now a
She will discuss her working farmer tending thousands
new memoir 'Animal of acres in rural Virginia. But
Magnetism: My Life throughout it all, one thing she has
With Creatures Great always been is a passionate lover of
animals - from the cat that purred
And Small'
her to sleep in her cradle to the
foxhounds and horses that fill her
When: barn, an animal companion has
Monday October 19, always been by her side. She will
2009 share some of the many experiences
7:00 pm to 8:30 pm that she had with animals as she
discusses her new memoir Animal
Magnetism: My Life With Creatures
Great And Small. The event will
Downtown Library, include a book signing and books
Multi-Purpose Room will be on sale at the event.