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Milk today, HEALTHY


Presented to: Miss Sarah Amir

Presented by: Faraz Shakoor (3436)
 We have all started our lives with milk.
From then on we have always been
guided to drink at least a glass of milk
a day, by our elders.

Benefits of Milk
 Avoid osteoporosis, • Milk is a very good anti
hypertension and colon acid.
cancer. • Strong bones, teeth, nails
• Protect you from tooth and good hair, drink a
decays and cavity. lot of milk as it is
• Does not contribute any loaded with calcium.
fat to your body.  Milk is full of nutrients that
• Vitamins and minerals our body requires to
keeping you healthy operate properly.
and fit.
We can get these benefits if Milk is Pure.
But What is
Happening with
milk TODAY!
Adulterating in milk is done…

Adulterate is to debase or make

impure by adding inferior materials or
elements; use cheaper, inferior, or less
desirable goods in the production of
(any professedly genuine article): to
adulterate food.
Adulteration in Milk
• Many harmful substances are used which leads us to
very dangerous diseases.
• Harmful substances such as melamine, cooking oil,
starch, gelatin, urea, salt and contaminated water is
used to adulterate milk.
• Approximately 80% of adulterated milk is sold in cities of
• Packaged milk also contains harmful materials, but don’t
mention on the packaging.
Impurities added in Milk
 Melamine

• To increase the consistency and it • Melamine has high nitrogen

is also said that such content, it is mainly used in
adulterated milk - remains plastic and foam products. It
intact even for 2 or more days can make foods appear to
while ordinary milk goes sour have higher protein content in
in a day or more! some tests.
• Causes skin problems. • Melamine causes kidney stones
and renal failure.
Impurities added in Milk
 Caustic Soda
• Used to prevent milk from • If milk sours then caustic
souring soda is used to retain
• Formalin is basically used the liquid form of milk.
by doctors to preserve Which makes milk
bodies. poisonous.

Impurities added in Milk
• Salt – is added to maintain the LR level of milk.
• CMC (Carboxymethylcellulose)– is used to
thicken the milk.
• Liquid Hydrogen – is used to preserve milk
• Detergent
• Cooking Oil
• Starch

Diseases spread by Impure Milk
• Some major diseases are:
– Cancer
– Kidney stones
– Renal Failure
– Hair Fall
Hidden truth…..
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