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The Enlightenment

By Jose Rosario
Page 126
A.In 1700s, Paris was the
cultural center of Europe.
People came from other
countries to here the ideas
of the enlightenment.
Marie-Therese Geoffrin
B. Marie-Therese Geoffrin supplied
the money for one of the majors of
the enlightenment, the
1.Their aim was to put together all the
knowledge in one set of books.
2.The government & the church
banned the encyclopedia.
3.However books & meetings helped
to spread these ideas through out
Europe, & its middle class,
class which
was increasing in wealth but had
no political power.
C. In the late 1700s the Arts
moved in a new direction
1.Baroque – painting reflected a style
that was very grand & highly
2.Neoclassic – the style borrowed
ideas of the classic Greece &
Rome, simpler & elegant.
3.Music – for example introduced
artist such as
a.Franz Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang
Amadeus Mozart & Ludwig von
The Greatest Music Ever

Beloved Amadeus

D. Some English thinkers
believed that the best government
was the monarchy.
1.They tried to influence their rulers to
rule fairly & to follow the
enlightenment ideas.
a.Enlightenment despot were rulers
that give up power.
i. Frederick the Great of Prussia
gave his people religious tolerance
& reformed the judicial system.
ii.Catherine the Great of Russia
tried to reform laws but after a
peasant revolt she gave more
power to the nobles.
Enlightenment Despots
 Frederick the Great of  Catherine the Great
Prussia of Russia