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Project EDU 627

Instructional Design Final Project Plan

Elizabeth Polaco
Post University
EDU 627

Final Project EDU 627

Opportunity of the project
Teachers at Crosby High School have recently obtained access to Google Drive
and Google Classroom through the Waterbury School District. Many teachers are
unaware that they have access to these tools. The school principal has requested a
professional development for all teachers at Crosby to learn how to utilize these tools to
incorporate more technology and allow students to become more engaged.
o Teacher (Project manager)
o Students
o Administrators
o Parents
o Community members
o Crosby Teachers
o Waterbury Board of Education
o Library Staff
o IT staff
o Guidance Counselors
Instructional Design
This will be a professional development for teachers who are interested in
incorporating more technology into their classroom. Teachers will have the opportunity
to learn how to operate Google Apps. In order to complete the Professional Development
computers will be available for teachers. This will allow teachers to enhance the amount
of technology they incorporate into their classrooms. Teachers will also be given the

Final Project EDU 627

opportunity to activate their Google accounts and create a Google Classroom. They will
also learn how to have students activate their accounts that the school district has
provided. Google Apps allows users to create documents, slides, forms, and spread
sheets. Users can also share these documents with collaborators. Google Classroom
allows students that are chronically absent to be a part of the class virtually, and will help
those students from falling behind. Google Classroom also allows students to submit
homework online cutting out paper homework, which can become damaged or lost.
Teachers can create tests and quizzes through Google Forms. This allows teachers to save
time in grading and making copies.
Project Proposal

Within the next school year 2016-2017, it will be expected that 85% of

teachers at Crosby High School will implement Google Apps for Education in their
classroom. By the 2017-2018 school year 100% of teachers will utilize Google
Classroom. Teachers at Crosby High School will participate a 90-minute training
session on incorporating Google Apps for Education into their classrooms at a cost
of 30 hours of instructional design time. Recently, the Waterbury School District
provided all teachers in the district with Google Apps for Education accounts. They
have also provided the students with the same opportunity. Implementing Google
Classroom will allow teachers to keep track of student work, send announcements
to students after school hours, and create tests and quizzes through Google Forms.
Project Work Break Down Structure

Five major tasks for this instructional design are: activate teacher Google

accounts, demonstration of how to activate student Google accounts, Google

Final Project EDU 627

Classroom Set-up, walk through of Google Classroom, using Google Forms to create
assessments. All steps and directions will be provided on paper and in Google Drive
to all participants.

Teachers have been strongly encouraged to activate their Google accounts

provided by the city, however, there are still a few teachers who have not done so.
There will be three minutes at the beginning of the professional development for
those teachers to do so. While those teachers are activating their Google accounts
there will be a small task for remaining teachers. They will be asked to log into their
Google accounts and complete a brief scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt will ask
teachers to find the location of Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google
Forms, Google Drawings, and Google My Maps, etc. Teachers will be provided with a
scavenger hunt form to complete.

Once the three-minute time frame expires the facilitator will demonstrate the

steps their students will need to go through in order to activate their student
accounts. These steps are similar to teacher account activation. The first step is to
make sure that students use school computers to activate their accounts, otherwise
the activation will fail. Instead of students logging into the school computers as
hsstudent they will use the following formula for their user ID: first initial + last
initial + lunch ID example JD012345. Their password is their lunch ID. They will be
prompted to change their password. They do not have to actually change the
password rather just go through the motions. Once they are logged into the
computer students will go to, from there, they will log in with their
id. The user id remains the same, but they will add an email address at the end

Final Project EDU 627, example
They will be prompted to change the password and this is where they create their
own. Once logged in they will be prompted with three options they have to choose
the option create a new profile. This will take them to their Google Drive. Once
this step is completed with the students they can now go to
and join their new classes. This will take ten minutes to walk through.

The next major task is allowing teachers to take a walk through Google

Drive. The facilitator will show teachers where they can upload files from their
computer, open a new document, slide, or sheet. The facilitator will also go through
the steps needed to share a document and how to make comments within the
documents. Teachers will be asked to create a document and share it with another
teacher. The purpose of sharing a document with another teacher will allow the
facilitator to check in with faculty to make sure they know how to complete this
step. The facilitator will provide an example of a shared document. Teachers will be
able to see how they can allow the collaborator to view, edit, or comment on the
document. Teachers will be given approximately five minutes to ask questions and
shift through Google Drive on their own. This step will total to thirty-five minutes.

Then fourth major task is setting up Google Classroom. Teachers will be

instructed to go to the following website;, there they will be

prompted to sign in with their school Google account. Once logged in teachers will
join the Demo Class that the facilitator created for the professional development.
Within the Demo Class teachers have access to resources to help them conduct
further research into Google Classroom and Google Drive. Teachers will then create

Final Project EDU 627

at least one class, and they will be prompted to find the class code. Students cannot
join the class without the code. This step will take about five minutes.

Finally, the facilitator will illustrate to teachers where they can upload

assignments, questions, and announcements. Teachers will be asked to create an

announcement welcoming their students to the new virtual classroom. The purpose
of the announcement is to provide students with information about the Google
Classroom they join. The facilitator will provide an example of an established Google
Classroom. Teachers will be able to see how they can view student work, comment
on student work and grade student work. Teachers will be given approximately five
minutes to ask questions and shift through Google Classroom on their own. This
step will total to thirty minutes. The last seven minutes of the professional
development will be reserved to allow teacher to complete a survey based on the
professional development.
The following components will be examined in the rational; Project Schedule,
Risk Assessment and Communication Plan. The reason these three components were
selected is to allow the facilitator to have a clear description for each. In order to have a
successful ID all risk factors must be identified, and given a solution. Communication
must be clear and inviting, to encourage staff to incorporate more technology into their
classrooms. Also, all facilitators must be aware of the project schedule.
Project Schedule
The importance of a project schedule will allow facilitators and staff to know what
they will achieve before, during, and after the professional development. Before the

Final Project EDU 627

professional development can be launched the instructional designer must be aware
of the following; who will participate in the training, what do they need to know,
when will the professional development take place, what type of resources will be
available after the professional development, should there be the opportunity to
create a follow up professional development. During the professional development
the following level 1 tasks will be completed; activate Google accounts, Google
Classroom Set up. The following level 2 tasks will be complete along with the level 3
tasks that support level 2; navigate Google Drive, Student Activation, Navigate
Google Classroom, Assign Work to Students. At the end of the professional
development teachers will complete a survey. The facilitator will take the feed back
from that survey to determine what next steps are will be needed to help support
the teachers.
Risk Factors

There are several risk factors in this ID that could potentially make this ID

unsuccessful. The first risk factor that has been identified is complications with staff
being unable to login. Asking the schools IT management to be on hand to help with
any user account problems during the PD can rectify this risk. Another risk factor is
running out of time. The PD is only 90 minutes, and many teachers do not know the
ins and outs of Google Drive, this can slow down the professional development. To
resolve a setback with time, there will be a Google Class created specifically to host
resources. Teachers will be encouraged to visit the class to build their knowledge
and skills in Google Classroom.

Final Project EDU 627

Communication Plan
Effective communication is the key to a successful ID. This ID will reach to all
members of the faculty because the purpose and effectiveness of Google Classroom
will be explicit. The following communication principles will be used in this id.
Communication will be:

Straightforward and honest,

Consistent will all stakeholders,

Written from the perspective of a teacher and Google User,

Promote to increase acceptance,

Concise and direct that is easily understood and mindful of time restraints.
(Cox, 2009)

The objectives for communication are:

Promote and explain Google Drive and Classroom.

Gain support and cooperation in implementing Google Apps for Educations,

Endorse positive and open two-way communication as a technique of

increasing acceptance and supporting change. (Cox, 2009)

There may be some teachers who do not see the purpose in starting to utilize
Google Classroom because they plan to leave classroom in the next few years.
Facilitators can persuade teachers that using Google Classroom will help leave a
legacy with their students. Google Classroom will give students the skills they need
to have when they enter college. Another challenge that can be derailed with
effective communication lay with teachers who do not care to utilize technology. By
using testimonies from students at Crosby, those teachers may be persuaded to try

Final Project EDU 627

Google Classroom, which would lead to acceptance and appreciation for the
effectiveness of Google Classroom.

Final Project EDU 627

Cox, D.M.T. (2009). Project management skills for instructional designers: A practical
guide. Bloomington, IL : Iuniverse.