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English Task

Mohammad Arif Izuddin (XI C)

1) Reading on page 70
Label the parts of the storys structure in the spaces provided
1. Title
2. Orientation
3. Complication
4. Resolution
5. Complication
6. Complication
7. Resolution
Find Out
1. Jabri and Halil
2. A few moment later, suddenly
3. Stop, started, turned off, ran, appeared, , grinned, opened,
reversed, trembled
4. To gain the readers interest
5. Narrative
6. Past tense
2) Making a narrative text
The Cute One
Once upon a time, there lived an unattractive boy in a village. The name
was Unyu. He was a stupid and also a naughty boy thats why every kids in the
village hate him and didnt want to be around him.
One day he go into the woods and found a strange thing. Theres a
writings there. Its FF. So he decided to oppened it and then strange things
happened with his face. He became a very cute boy. Its just like a magic. But he
didnt realize about it. So he brought it and then he came back home.
When he arrived, every kids wanted to play with him. He really confused
why this happened. Finally he lived happily ever after and everyone loved him.