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Direction: Identify what is being described in

the following sentences and write your
answer on a separate sheet of paper.

1. It protects a computer network from

unauthorized access. ______________
2. Type of network that connect larger
geographic areas, such as Florida, the
United States, or the world.

3. This is an internetworking system

capable of joining together two networks
that use different base protocols.
4. It is consists of two or more computers
that are linked in order to share
resources (such as printers and CDROMs), exchange files, or allow
electronic communications.

5. They translate digital signals from a

computer into analog signals that can
travel across conventional phone lines.

6. It is a device that connects a client

computer, server, printer or other
component to your network.

7. A device filters data traffic at a

network boundary.

8. It is a device that gathers the

signals from devices that are
connected to it, and then regenerates
a new copy of each signal.

9. It is a small, simple, inexpensive

device that joins multiple computers

10. Type of network that is confined to

a relatively small area.