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Lesson 31 : Basics of Stock Market Astrology...

Let me introduce some basic terminology before mention my Stock Market

1) Slow moving planets : Sa, Ra, Ke, Ju and Ma(while in "sthambhana"/Retrogression)
2) Monthly planets Ma(while in forward motion), Su, Ve and Me
3) Daily planet Moon.
4) Slow Moving planets decide the long term trend. This long term trend can be from 1 to 2.5
5) Monthly planets decide short term trend from one to one and half month, and
6) Daily trend is decided by Daily planet Moon....
7) Afflicted/Unafflicted conjunctions: We know that Sa, Ra/Ke and Ma are malefic in nature.
When these planets conjoins together they will exhibit there malefic nature in more intensified
8) Let us form some afflicted combinations with our slow moving planets. With their order of
most malefic nature these conjunctions are as follows...
Sa-Ra-Ma, Sa-Ke-Ma,
Sa-Ra, Sa-Ke,
Ju-Ra,Ju - Ke,
Ma-Ra, Ma-Ke,
Ju-Sa-Ra, Ju-Sa-Ke,
Ju-Ma-Ra, Ju-Ma-Ke...
9) When one of these afflicted conjunction forms in a sign we can say that, this sign is afflicted.
Similarly, when one of these afflicted conjunction forms in any sign of any
Element( Fire/Earth/Air/Cancer), we can say that, that particular Element is afflicted...
10) When our slow moving planets are transiting individually with no malefic
aspects/conjunctions we can say that, no malefic combination exists at that particular period...
11) Fire Element indicate sharp moves with high volatility... If Fire Element is afflicted a Sharp
Fall is indicated... Example in Jan, 2008 when Sa-Ke conjunction in Leo and Ju entered
12) During 2007, firstly, Ketu was in Leo and waiting for Saturn to enter Leo... and then Saturn
entered Leo after Aug, 2007 and conjoined with Ketu on 15th, Oct, 2007... Many astrologers
predicted crash of stock market... but it was not the case...
13) Because... Fire element requires one more slow moving planet support... at that time Jupiter
was in Scorpio... then jupiter entered Sagittarius(fiery sign) in Dec, 2007 to support Fire
14) Off course, still there was no fall in Dec, ... Actual fall triggered when monthly planets
entered in Sagittarius with Moon... So that is how we can find out the triggering point of fall/rise
or major trend reversal periods...
15) Three Slow Moving planets are must to create a major trend reversal...
16) Benefice combinations are Ju-Ma, Su-Ma-ju either in conjunction or in opposition...
17) Also Su, Ma, Ju in Movable signs simultaneously can trigger a Bull market... Example in

May, 2003 when Su, Ma, Ju and Ve were in exalted in Movable Signs...
18) Range bound markets can be the result when Sa, Ra, Ke and Ju are simultaneously in
different elements... Example, during 2010 Sa in Virgo(Earth), Ra in Sagittarius(Fire), Ke in
Gemini(Air) and Ju in Pisces(Water)... here we can also notice that all these signs are also Dual
Signs indicating consolidation...
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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lesson 30: Tutorial - Analyzing a Vedic Chart without Houses...
Let us analyze a chart in vedic way with the knowledge learnt till now. Let us know, what can be
grasped from a chart with our knowledge till now.
We have learnt about
1) Nine Planets
2) Planetary Relationships
3) Twelve Signs
4) Planetary Exaltations.
5) and Aspects
These five can be useful to 'feel' the chart whether it is dominated with malefic nature or benefic
nature. We should able to find out or feel the sense of benefice/malefice nature from the chart on
a look.
Let us take a chart to analyze details of which are given below:
Taurus------> Mars
Gemini------> Merc and Sun
Cancer------> Rahu and Ven
Virgo---------> Moon, Jup and Sat
Capricorn----> Ketu
Remaining Signs are empty.
These details should be understand as follows: Left side word indicates the Sign name in which
the planets on the right side of the arrow are placed. So we should know that Moon, Jup and
Saturn are in Virgo Sign; Mars is in Taurus etc.
The above mentioned chart is shown in South Indian Style below:

Where to start for anayzing this chart?

Never confuse.
Here is a systematic procedure.
We first analyze according to Signs classifications. We have to note down how many planets are
placed in each classification as below: Take a pen and paper. Work it down as below.
1) Masculine Signs : 2 planets
2) Feminine Signs : 7 planets
What do you understand now? Yes, feminine qualities are dominating one in this chart !
3) Movable Signs (Rajas) : 3 planets
4) Dual Signs (Satvic) : 5 planets
5) Fixed Signs (Tamas) : 1 planet
So, we can understand that Dual nature ( Satvic Guna ) is the dominating one , next comes
movable (Rajastic) nature and with less, tamasic guna.
Triplicities :
6) Fiery Signs : Nil
7) Earthy Signs : 5 planets

8) Airy Signs : 2 planets

9) Watery Signs : 2 planets
Clearly we can see the domination of the Earthy Signs in this chart.
So, what we have now? We can say that this chart is indicating feminine qualities with dual
(Satvic) and Earthy nature dominated.
Feminine nature is indicating an introvert nature with less assertiveness, less dominating, caring,
suppressive and shyness etc.
Dual nature indicates neither active nor inactive kind of nature. When opportunity arises, native
breaks the consolidation phase and becomes active towards a goal as there are also three planets
in movable Signs.
Earthy element indicates, physical strength, material comforts and luxury, slow & steadiness,
patience, consistancy, hard work, perfection, loyalty, commitment etc.
Above mentioned qualities of Feminine, Dual and Earthy Signs are very general and positive
traits only. We already discussed about the negative traits of the above Sign classifications.
Then how can we decide whether the above traits are positively dominating or negatively?
We have to find out whether the classification is afflicted or not.
How to find out whether a sign classification is afflicted or not?
Well, if any classification is occupied with malefics predominantly then we can say that this
classification is afflicted and vice versa.
In the above chart, five planets are placed in Earthy signs. Out of which Mars, Ketu and Saturn
are malefics afflicting the Earthy nature, however, Jupiter and Moon forming Gajakesari Yog is
counter acting this affliction.
Ofcourse, if suppose, Jupiter and Moon were not there, then the Earthy nature would have been
heavily afflicted, causing negative Earthy traits such as dogmatism, over-criticising, finding
faults in others, attachment to wordly comforts, laziness etc.
In the above chart, Dual signs are well disposed with five planets. Well balanced with benefic
and malefic planets. Indicating balanced satvic nature.
Tri-Gunas in Depth...
We already discussed about Tri-Gunas.
Here we are discussing again these gunas in practical approach.

Sages of India knew the secret behind the Energies of entire universe. They mentioned in Vedas
how these universal energies been manifested to physical form, which we can feel/see/touch with
our 'Panchendriyas'.
Entire Physical Universe is manifested from an unmanifested form of Energy, we may call this
energy as 'Kundalini Shakti'. From this Kundalini Shakti is formed a manifested Energy, created
by 'Bhrahma', called 'Maaya'.
This Maaya Energy is manifested into Tri-Gunas.
We know that these three energies are Satva, Rajo and Tamo gunas.
Satvic Energy is the energy of 'Intelligence'.
Rajas Energy is energy of 'Action'.
And Tamas Energy is the energy of 'Will'.
Satvic energy develops with knowledge, intelligence, worshipping ishta devatas, selfless services
Rajas energy is developed in Action, doing ones own karma with desires, ambitions, goals and
passions etc.
Tamas energy is the retarding one and being manifested from emotions, instincts, laziness,
attachments, ego etc.
How these tri-gunas are related to Astrology? How signs and planets represent these energies?
We already know.
Movable Signs are Rajastic in nature.
Dual Signs are Satvic in nature and
Fixed Signs are Tamasic in nature.
When majority of planets occupy Movable Signs, the native is action oriented with high
ambitions. And when majority planets are placed in Dual Sign, the native is blessed with higher
knowledge which makes him mentally satisfied thus he is less concerned about material world
success. In Fixed Signs, native becomes lazy or his mind becomes egoistic, develops attachment
with materialistic world and thus he will loose his name, fame, money and all his fixed assets.
Ofcourse, initially he is blessed with all the materialistc assets.
This world is manifested initially from pure Satvic Energy and then slowly breaked out of this
consolidation phase and converted into Rajastic Energy. And then after reaching a peak this
Rajastic Energy is converted into Tamasic and starts retarding to reach again into Satvic Energy.

In this way cycle is repeated infinitely.

Each human being is also having a similar cycle, starting from his birth. However, the phases in
this cycle may not be same as above.
Some births start from Rajastic straight away and then may become Satvic. Here are some
1) Tamas ---> Rajas ---> Satva
2) Satva ---> Rajas ---> Tamas
3) Rajas ---> Satva ---> Rajas ---> Tamas
4) Tamas ---> Satvic
You can have infinite combinations.
How can we know in which phase we are now?
Sages mentioned many Dasa Systems which decides in which period we running at present.
Vimshottary Dasa system is the most famous and accurate.
We will discuss in depth about Vimshottary Dasa System while teaching KP System. As entire
concept of KP System is build on Vimshottary Dasa System only.
Meanwhile, here we have to just understand that, ours sages considered a life span of 120 years
for a human being and also mentioned that in this span
1) Ketu rules over 7 years
2) Venus - 20 years
3) Sun - 6 years
4) Moon - 10 years
5) Mars - 7 years
6) Rahu - 18 years
7) Jupiter - 16 years
8) Saturn - 19 years
9) Mercury - 17 years
This sequence is very important. Try to by heart it. Very useful later in KP System.
Moon's longitude in the zodiac decides which Planet's period or Mahadasa is running in a kundli.
In our example chart in the previous tutorial, the native was born in Sun's Mahadasa, later comes
10 years of Moon's Mahadasa and then 7 years of Mars, next 18 years of Rahu and so on... In the
above sequence.

Do not worry about the technicalities of Vimshottary Dasa System, we will deal in depth later.
Just understand the main concept of Maha dasa, as for now.
Coming to the main topic of the phases of tri-gunas, Vimshottary Dasas gives clue about the
phase in which a kundli is at present.
In our example chart, we already find out that there are 5 planets in Dual Signs indicating High
Sattvic energy. Those planets are Sun, Moon, Merc, Jupiter and Saturn. Well, we know that out
of these 5 planets Sun, Moon and Jupiter are natural Satvic planets!!! Hence Dual Signs are very
powerful in blessing Satvic Gunas to the native.
Now, we already know that this native is born in Sun's Mahadasa and Sun is in a Dual Sign and
hence during this period the native is under consolidation with Satvic Energy. Later comes 10
years of Moon's Mahadasa; Moon is also in Dual Sign and hence Satvic nature continues... Then
comes Mars Mahadasa for the next 7 years. What happens now?
Mars is in a fixed sign indicating Tamasic energy. However, as Mars is aspected by benefic
Jupiter and as the kundli is predominated with satvic energy the native will recover from his
tamasic nature during this mahadasa.
What happens next?
Native will be having 18 years of Rahu mahadasa next. Where is Rahu placed? It is in Movable
sign. Indicating Rajasic energy. Now, native will come out of his consolidation phase and
suddenely becomes highly active, achieves success in every possible materialistic and wordly
affairs, ofcourse every success in Rahu's style.
This native has only three planets in movable signs. Even though he is successful within 25 years
of age, because he is blessed with a mahadasa of rajastic planet during his early 20's. What if
Rahu Mahadasa will operate late during 60's ?!!
Rahu is not only in a Movable sign but also conjoined with Venus a natural rajastic planet.
------------------------------------------------******Rahu or Ketu will gives the results of a planet with which it is conjoined. If there is no
planet in conjunction with it then it will give the results of a planet who is aspecting it. If there
is no planet is in conjunction with Rahu/Ketu and there is no planet aspecting it then Rahu
gives the results of lord of the sign in which it is placed.**********
-------------------------------------------------Above paragraph is very important while analysing Rahu and Ketu. Grasp it completely. If any
doubts, ask without hesitation.
In our example chart, Rahu is in conjunction with Venus, and hence Rahu acts like Venus. More
important point is that, Rahu gives results even more better than 'Venus' !!!

Rahu is an evil planet by nature but here it is conjoined with a benefic planet Venus and hence
Rahu will also become benefic as far as materialistic success is concerned.
However, Rahu's beneficial results will not last longer. Rahu seduces the native to become
rajastic by placing huge wordly opportunities before him and gives success in a hurry. Native
will if be tempted to those success and finally may fall to his initial level within no time.
However, for this native, as the next dasa is Jupiter a natural satvic and also placed in a dual sign,
this native's name and fame will be consolidated at higher levels during Jupiter's Mahadasa after
little fall which can not be escaped due to Rahu's effect.
This is how we can grasp the basic understanding of a kundli, when only date of birth is
available. This analyzation is w.r.t to Signs and their classification.
We will later focus on how to analyze the above chart w.r.t to Planets.
By the by, this example kundli is belonged to 'Mahinder Singh Dhoni', captain of Indian Cricket
Team. (Born on 07-07-1981).
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Lesson 29 : How to Evaluate Planetary Strength & Conjunctions Indepth...

We can feel the strength of a planet.
We have to find out whether that planet is Exalted or Debilitated or in its Own sign or in a
Friendly sign or in Enemy's sign.
Planet is weakest when it is in his Neecha sign and weaker in Enemy's sign.
Similarly, that planet is strongest when it is placed in the order of its Uccha sign, in its Own sign
and its Friendly sign.
Suppose, Mars is in Cancer (Neecha) in conjunction with his enemy Mercury and also aspected
by another enemy Saturn from Libra. !!?
This could be the worst possible planetary combination in which Mars becomes weakest.
We can interpret the condition of Mars as follows:
Mars, which likes to be aggressive and courageous and active, been suppressed by the emotional
feelings created by the Moon (lord of Cancer) and also he is controlled by his Buddhi or

intelligence (as in conjunction with Mercury) waiting for the right time to attack. Saturn is trying
to take advantage of this weak condition of Mar's and trying to dominate him. Once Mars enters
Leo, he suddenly becomes powerful and explodes like a bomb.
Thus we have to evaluate strength of a planet.
Difference between a Conjunction and an Aspect...
We already discussed that Conjunction is special case of an aspect.
In an aspect, we have one sided aspect or two sided also known as mutual aspect.
Conjunction is very closer to a mutual aspect in which both planets influence each other.
Moreover, if we consider the strength of final result of a Conjunction, a mutual aspect, and one
sided aspect, in practical experience we will notice that Conjunction is the strongest one, and
then comes mutual aspect and finally comes one sided aspect.
Saturn and Mars aspects:
These two planets are most malice and cruel in nature. These two can form a conjunction(1/1)
and two mutual aspects !!?
One of the mutual aspect is formed when these two are in opposite signs (7/7)and the next
mutual aspect form when Mars is in the 10th sign from Saturn(4/10).
These (Mars-Sat) aspects are very important in predicting medium term market movements in
'Stock Market Astrology'.
Conjunction of Sat-Mars is the most dangerous one. Then comes mutual aspect of (4/10) th
aspect, and lastly comes mutual aspect of (7/7) between Saturn and Mars.
So, Conjunction is nothing but an aspect of (1/1), which is strongest among the remaining
We can write a separate book, as far as vedic concepts behind conjunctions are concerned.
What I am teaching is practically reasonable concepts of Vedic Astrology, which are working
well in interpretation of Conjunctions.
As far as your query is concerned, conjunctions can definitely modify the behavior of the planets
involved in it.
1) when the planets involved are both friends to each other, there qualities improve and the
conjunction becomes benefice to the native. Ex. Jup-Mars, Sat-Ven, Jup-Moon, Moon-Mars etc.

2) when the planets involved are enemies to each other but natural benefics, they improve their
qualities in the presence of their enemy and thus will prove to be overall benefice to native. Ex.
Jup-Ven, Merc-Jup, Moon-Merc etc.
3) when the planets involved are enemies to each other and also natural malefics, they become
wicked and mean and will seduce the native to take wrong path and final result will be a
disappointing one. Ex. Sat-Mars, Sun-Mars, Sun-Sat, Sat-Rahu, Sat-Ketu, Mars-Rahu etc.
4) when those planets are natural benefics and also friends, definitely, both planets improve from
there drawbacks and imparts benefic results to the native. Ex. Ven-Merc.
Conjunction with Sun...
Planetary conjunctions with the Sun are very interesting. We can have some astronomical clues.
Suppose let us take the conjunction of Sun-Moon. How can we visualize this conjunction with
respect to Earth? We already discussed that this conjunction is nothing but what we call an
'Amavasya'. When Sun, Moon and Earth are in a line, with Moon is in between Sun and Earth
Amavasya is formed. So w.r.t Earth Sun and Moon are in conjunction.
Similarly, when we consider conjunctions of Sun-Mars, Sun-Jupiter and Sun-Saturn we have to
visualize same as above. However here Sun is in between these three planets and the Earth. So,
these three planets are at the maximum distance from the Earth during their conjunctions with
the Sun. We know that according to Gravitational Formula (G*m1*m2/R*R) as the distance
between the two planets increases force of attraction between those planets decreases inversely.
So, during the conjunction of Sun and Mars, Mars becomes weaker somewhat. And also Mars is
behind the bright light of the Sun, so rays from Mars may not reach Earth. And hence final
conclusions regarding these three conjunctions are :
1) during these conjunctions Mars, Jupiter and Saturn become weaker.
2) during these conjunctions these planets are at maximum distance from the Earth.
Then what about the conjunctions of Sun-Merc and Sun-Ven?
Two kinds of Conjunctions can form with both Mercury and Venus to the Sun.
1) when one of these planets is in between the Sun and the Earth, called 'inferior conjunction'.
2) when the Sun is in between one of these planets and Earth, called as 'Superior Conjunction''.
In Superior conjunction Mercury and Venus are at maximum distance to the Earth and hence
become weaker.
Superior Conjunction of Sun and Venus is called 'Shukra Moudyam' in Panchangas. Pundits say
that during Shukra Moudya we should avoid marriages and other auspicious functions, as Venus
is weaker.

In all these conjunctions with the Sun, Sun never gets weaker !
Sun is natural malefic and Venus is natural benefic. Both are enemies to each other. Sun is a
masculine planet while Venus is feminine. Sun is having higher ambitions and goals (Sattvic)
while Venus is with full of passions and desires (Rajas).
A perfect union to achieve royal challenges. Very social. Extrovert. Social relationships with
higher authorities or government officials or royal families etc.. Higher targets and ambitions.
Charming. Royal looks. These people will not marry till they get an equivalent partner in royalty.
Fire of Sun will be calmed down with the watery nature of Venus. When this conjunction is
formed in Leo, royal marriages took place.
Sun likes to be in sattvic nature by doing his selfless duties and responsibilities, without
expecting any fruits or returns. While Venus highly rajastic in nature with full of desires and
passions causing greediness and selfishness.
When a conjunction of these two planets occurs, a correct balance between sattvic and rajas
nature occurs and thus that conjunction will lead to very benefic results to the native or to the
nation or to the stocks markets etc.
Above are the general predictions about Sun and Venus conjunction. These results will modify
according to the Sign in which this conjunction is formed and aspects received by this

Lesson 28 : Planetary Exaltations...

We know that when a planet is placed in its own sign, it becomes stronger to give good results in
its own way.
Similarly, every planet has one more sign alloted by our rishis as 'Uccha sthithi' or exaltation
sign, where that planet become strongest to give its results.
----------------------------------Planet ----- Exaltation Sign
----------------------------------Sun -------------> Aries
Moon -----------> Taurus
Mercury --------> Virgo
Venus ----------> Pisces
Mars ------------> Capricorn
Jupiter ---------> Cancer
Saturn ----------> Libra

Sign opposite to the Uccha sthithi is called 'Neecha sthana' or Debilitation sign for a planet,
where that planet become weaker and gives negative results according to vedic astrology.
So, Sun gets Neecha sthithi in Libra, Moon in Scorpio, Jupiter in Capricorn and so on...
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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lesson 27: Planetary aspects (Vedic)...
Planets aspect each other when they are placed in certain signs from the signs they are placed.
Every planet aspects other planet who is placed in the opposite sign. For example, if Sun is in
Aries and Saturn is in Libra, then we can say that Sun is aspected by Saturn. Similarly, Saturn is
aspected by the Sun. We can also say that Sun and Saturn both are in mutual aspect to each other.
We can also call this aspect as 7th aspect, because that opposite sign being the 7th sign from the
sign of aspecting planet. In the above example, Saturn is in the 7th sign from the sign of Sun,
So, every planet has its 7th sign aspect.
However, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn has two more special aspects being external planets from the
Earth in Solar system.
Mars has also its 4th and 8th aspect. That means he can also aspect the planets placed in the 4th
and 8th sign from the sign where mars is placed.
Jupiter has 5th and 9th sign aspects.
Saturn can aspect the planets in the 3rd and 10th signs.
You must remember them.
Summary :
Sun ------> 7th aspect only
Moon -----> 7th aspect only
Mercury--> 7th aspect only
Venus ----> 7th aspect only
Mars ------> 7th, 4th and 8th aspects
Jupiter ---> 7th, 5th and 9th aspects
Saturn ----> 7th, 3rd and 10th aspects

Suppose Mars is in Taurus and Saturn is in Leo. Does there any aspect exist here?
Well, Mars is aspecting Saturn with its 4th aspect, as Leo being the 4th sign from Taurus, right.
Similarly, here Saturn is also aspecting Mars with its 10th aspect, as Taurus being the 10th sign
from Leo !
So, we can say that there exists a mutual aspect between them.
Then what is the significance of this aspect?
How to Interpret Planetary aspects:
We can interpret the intention of the aspecting planet in two ways.
1) by the intrinsic nature of aspecting planet, whether a benefic or malefic one.
2) by the mutual relationship between the two planets, whether a friend or neutral or enemy.
Suppose in the above case, where Saturn and Mars are aspecting mutually, when we consider
from the Saturn's point of view, Mars is the aspecting planet. Now what is the intention of Mars
in aspecting Saturn...
1) aspecting planet Mars is an intrinsic malefic planet.
2) Mars is an enemy to Saturn.
So, clearly we can feel that the result of this mutual aspect is definitely a malefic one.
Saturn being in enemies sign (Leo, Sun) and being also aspected by other enemy Mars who is
also an intrinsic malefic one, Saturn is in the situation of a complete discomfort and frustration.
In Corporate Astrology, we can interpret above aspect as, Labor or workers (Saturn) will become
frustrated with the management (Leo-Sun) and additional fuel to this aggression being added by
the union leaders (Mars) and thus situation results in strike by the labor. Workers try to dominate
the management. They become lazy and narrow-minded. Mars adds fuel to workers whenever
In Stock Market astrology, we can interpret the above aspect like this.
Mars adds sudden aggression to Market which is under consolidation with negative bias(lazy)
(Saturn's style) and hence disturbing the steady market (Leo-Sun-Fixed). However, this rally falls
with the same speed with which it raised due to tamasic nature of this aspect being both Saturn
and Mars are Tamasic in nature. Sun being invloved we can say that major sector which will lead
the rally should be PSU.
This is how we should analyze an aspect and its interpretation.

Try to analyze the mutual aspect between Mars in Aquarius and Jupiter in Leo.
Planetary Conjunctions - 1st Sign Aspects:
We can say that Conjunction is nothing but a special case of 1st sign aspect.
If two planets are placed in the same sign, we call that those two planets are in conjunction.
In practice we can observe that these conjunctions will become powerful only when angle
between them is less than 5 degrees.
Conjunctions are very important in analyzing charts in vedic style.
In fact, Saints gave some meaningful names to some of these conjunctions. They called these
conjunctions as 'Yogas'.
1) Gajakesari Yog: a conjunction of Jupiter and Moon. (Benefice)
2) Guru-Mangal yog : Jupiter - Mars. (Benefice)
3) Chandra-Mangal yog : Moon - Mars. (Benefice)
4) Budha-aditya yog : Mercury-Sun. (Benefice)
5) Amavasya yog : Sun-Moon. (Malefic)
6) Guru Chandala yog : Jupiter - Rahu/Ketu. (Malefic)
7) Kshudra Yog ; Saturn - Rahu ( Malefic)
And so many...
Interpretation of Conjunctions...
We can interpret the result of Conjunction similar to a mutual aspect.
We should consider intrinsic nature of both planets involved in conjunction and also mutual
relationship between them whether both are friends or enemies or neutrals.
Let us consider, conjunction of Mars and Venus.
Mars is a malefic and Venus a benefic, and they are having a neutral relationship. So overall
result will be a stable one neither malefic nor benefic. Masculine nature of Mars will be satisfied
by the union of feminine nature of Venus as far as marital happiness is concerned. This
conjunction usaully indicates early union with opposite sex. Kama or Desires (sexual or money
or luxury) of Venus will be satisfied by the strong masculine power of Mars. However, results
vary according to the sign in which this conjuction is formed.
In terms of Stock Market Astrology, this conjuction clearly indicating a consolidation at higher
levels after a sudden rally with high activity. Results will vary with sign and aspects recieved by
this conjunction.

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Lesson 26 : Derivation of Sign Traits...

We had already discussed that we should able to intuitively derive the qualities of 12 Signs,
instead of by heart them blindly.
We can derive these traits from the lord of the Sign, gender, triplicity and from quadruplicate of
the Sign.
We already discussed about lordship, gender, triplicity and quadruplicate of 12 Signs and their
Now we are ready to blend these different classifications of a Sign to know its true qualities.
For example, consider Leo.
We know that Sun is the lord of Leo and Leo is a masculine, fiery and fixed sign.
---> Sun ( Leader, Royal, Ego, Stable, Spirit etc.)
---> Masculine ( Assertive, Dominating, Expressive etc.)
---> Fiery ( Fire, Vital Energy, Self-Motivation, Determination, Courage, Aggression etc.)
---> Fixed (Stability, Consistency, Dogmatism, Patience etc.)
So traits of Leo is similar to Sun.
Of-course, Sun's qualities should be modified with triplicity and quadruplicate qualities of Leo.
We can say that, Leo people have lot of courage, aggression and vital energy (Both Sun & Leo
are Fiery). This energy is latent and stable (Fixed Sign). Kingly nature (Sun + Fiery). Good
Leadership qualities (Sun). Firm and diplomatic character (Fixed + Sun). Dominating, always
likes to be a boss, self-esteem (Sun + Fixed + Masculine). Dogmatic in his opinions, never
listens to others ideas (Sun + Fixed). Slow to catch new opportunities (Fixed). Arrogance, vain,
self-boosting (Sun + Masculine + Fiery). Attachment to power, name & fame, and royal nature
(Sun + Fixed). These guys will exhibit diplomat-ism even when they lose everything including
name, fame, money etc. Hippocratic (Sun + Fiery + Fixed + Masculine).
And thus we can derive so many other qualities with our intuition and imagination. This will
improve our creativity.
Aries & Scorpio:

Let us derive the qualities of Aries and Scorpio.

We know that Mars is the lord of both Aries and Scorpio. So both of these Signs must have the
qualities of Mars. But our common sense says that there must be some differences between both
these Signs. Then which factors are creating those differences?
These factors are Gender, Triplicity and Quadruplicate of both Signs.
Aries is masculine, fiery and movable.
Scorpio is feminine, watery and fixed.
Quiet opposite in nature !
Mars is masculine and fiery with tamasic guna.
Aries supports Mars qualities better than Scorpio. But Aries doesn't support tamasic guna of
Mars being movable (Rajastic) sign.
In Scorpio, Mars has to suppress his masculine and fiery nature. Scorpio supports tamasic guna
of Mars being a Fixed Sign (tamasic).
So, now we can easily blend Mars qualities in both Signs.
Aries is having Courage, activeness,dominating character, energy, fire, strength, enthusiasm,
ambition, assertiveness, martial nature, aggression, initiative, enterprising ability, adventure
nature, cruel nature. All are masculine qualities. Ariens are action-oriented, first to start any
venture, courageous, speculative and energetic.
Scorpio is also having similar qualities but with 'suppression' being a feminine Sign.
Aggressiveness with suppression. Fire of Mars being suppressed with Water of Scorpio.
Scorpions suppress their aggression mentally, and if they has to explode their aggression it will
emerge like LAVA from a volcano. Sometimes they are silent killers and emotional blackmailers.
They are mostly inert (tamasic) in action, but when become active Scorpio will be the most
active Sign than any other Sign.
Scorpions have some cunning nature and revengeful mind as their negative traits. They are
psychically emotional in nature. Intense thinkers. Less energetic. They must have someone's
mental support in-order break their tamasic nature. They are introverts and self-sympathetic and
Similarly, we can derive more qualities. Try to intentionally derive them.
Taurus & Libra:

We know that Venus is the ruler of both Taurus and Libra.

Venus is a feminine planet having watery nature. Which imparts her aesthetic sense and artistic
inclination. Venus being rajastic in nature she is social and extrovert and active with desires and
Now, Taurus is a feminine Sign having Earthy and Fixed nature.
While, Libra is a Masculine Sign with Airy and Movable nature.
So, Taurus supports feminine qualities of Venus, while Libra improves rajastic nature of Venus.
We can now say that, Taurus being a feminine and fixed Sign, is a introvert, shy and having stage
fear in cultural activities with inertness. That does not mean, Taurus is not having artistic sense.
They enjoy art, music, dance and cinema. To tell the truth they are the best audience. In fact,
Taurus suppresses their talent.
Taurus being a Earthy sign, they love luxury and material comforts. They acquire luxurious items
with slow and steadiness. They are buyers of art, luxury cars, plasma televisions, luxurious
homes etc. In fact they are the buyers of art while Libras are the creators of that art.
Taurus people are always like to secure their lives with fixed assets (lands, luxurious homes,
fixed deposits etc.) (being Fixed & Earthy Sign). They slowly accustom to surroundings and
develop attachment with materialistic world and become lazy and inert (Being Fixed Sign). They
are stubborn. Never listen to others advice. They are loyal and trustworthy. They once believe
anybody, will support him till the end. They always commence their conversation with key
phrase 'I have'...
Libra is a movable sign indicating rajastic nature. Venus lord of Libra is also a rajastic planet.
Hence Venus becomes action-oriented to achieve her desires. Libras use their artistic talents to
achieve balance, uniformity, peace and beauty. They are social and well associated with people
as advisers in materialistic, luxurious and peace matters (being Airy Sign). Libras like domestic
peace at home. Of-course, worldly peace also. They are peace lovers.
Libra being a airy sign, which indicates mental work rather than physical. Best suitable as
lawyers, advisers and consultants in architecture and other art & beauty related professions.
**I may be missing many other traits. You may find those traits in other websites. What I am
trying to teach is how to achieve each trait by blending different classification of each sign.
Instead of by heart them.
Gemini & Virgo:
Both Gemini & Virgo are ruled by Mercury. Both these Signs are Dual in nature indicating dual
mind with versatility.
Keywords for Mercury are speech, communication, intelligence, quick learning skills, humor,

youthfulness and discrimination etc.

Gemini represents communication skills being an airy Sign. Adaptability and flexibility with any
kind of persons. Geminis are very quick learners. They are well versed with many subjects but
are not perfect in any of them. They talk about every subject. They think quickly before talking.
They are anxious to know everything. Due to dual nature they can speak both materialistic and
occult subjects. They get bored quickly with one subject and immediately change their mind onto
another topic. Sometimes they have depth in every subject they deal with. They are best suited as
anchors, news readers and reporters in television & media industry. They also know how to play
with words in language to create humor. They are always in youth age with their evergreen
communication skills...
Virgo is a business oriented sign. Mercury as the lord of Virgo uses its communication skills and
intelligence for business. Virgo is also a dual Sign. Virgo people are also versatile. However they
improve in every subject with an eye detail. They are perfect. And hence desire the same
perfectness in everybody. They are slow to learn, but when they are perfected they do the same to
minute detail. They have tremendous patience and perseverance. They can analyze both sides of
everything. They can easily find faults in others. Having a Virgo boss is like a hell. He will never
satisfy with our work. They are sometimes become over-critic, which is their biggest draw back.
They are dogmatic and inflexible sometimes. They are well fit as computer programmers. Logic
and discrimination are their skill-set. They never say I am perfect in any subject till they achieve
99.99% accuracy. Their key phrase is 'I analyze'...
Sagittarius & Pisces:
Jupiter is the lord of both these signs.
Jupiter expresses his masculine and fiery nature side in Sagittarius, while feminine and watery
nature in Pisces.
Both these signs are dual in nature, which is compatible with the Sattvic nature of Jupiter.
Sagittarius represents optimism, expansion, freedom, spiritualism, religion, Brahmans, belief
system, knowledge, honesty, judgment etc.
Problems for Sagittarians arises due to over-optimism, superstitions, over-honesty, too much
belief in religion and racism.
They are honest and humble, problem is they expect same from others. They believe in a
religion, problem is, they try to believe us in that religion also. They are strait forward and frank
in expressing there opinions. Similarly expect the same from us.
They have spiritual and patriotic fire in them.
They are best suited as teachers, lecturers, professors, judges and spiritual gurus.

'I can feel what you feel' is the key-phrase for Pisces.
Being a watery sign with philosophical touch of Jupiter and being a feminine also, Pisces is the
most sensitive, emotional, perceptive and psychic of all other signs. This is also called a mystic
They are so sensitive that they try to avoid worldly affairs, responsibilities and love to be alone.
They claim, sometimes, that they can here voices of angels and spirits, which guide them to
reveal mysteries of life and enable their psychic abilities.
Being a dual sign, they can easily bend to circumstances. They sometimes behave as if they are
saints, and at the same time they can become worst of the sinners too by loosing their common
They sometimes get frustrated with circumstances and modern society and slowly accustom to
liquor or drugs and thus avoiding worldly affairs and responsibilities to end their lives with
Over sensitivity is their negative trait.
Capricorn & Aquarius:
Saturn is the lord of both these signs.
Saturn is called 'Karma Karaka'. That means, doing duty without expecting any fruits from that
work. Saturn always tests our patience and capacity to face problems by creating sequence of
obstacles in our life. Whoever understands this secret can conquer easily over Saturn's influence
on our lives.
'Responsibility' and 'Sacrifice' are the unique keywords for Capricorn.
Capricorn is a movable sign, that means action oriented and also a earthy sign indicating that
every action has some purpose to achieve success in materialistic life to get name and fame. This
is contrary to the selfless work attitude of Saturn. Movable and Earthy(Materialistic)nature of
Capricorn is seducing Saturn to take advantage of his self-less activity. However Saturn's
intrinsic nature doesn't allow that success so easily. Capricorns has to have lot of patience and
hard work-ship. Saturn ensures success but with many struggles and obstacles. Hence Capricorns
are very cautious. They try to achieve small targets first, with slow and steady pace. And then
gradually improves their consistency in maintaining success. They are winners sometimes, when
the rest of world is loosing.
Capricorns have best sense of responsibility towards their family members, colleagues at office,
society and to the nation also. Sometimes they can sacrifice their lives for the sake of above
mentioned people and nation.

They can easily sacrifice their time to help others and never expect anything in return.
Sometimes, when they become narrow-minded, they feel sorry for themselves (self-sympathy)
that nobody is telling at least 'thank you for your kind help'...
They are best suitable for those jobs where responsibility & loyalty are the first preferences.
Aquarians also work selflessly, however they work mentally, not physically like Capricorn, being
an airy sign.
Scientists, mathematicians, astronomers, astrologers, yogis etc. are the best examples for this
They do their activity selflessly.
Aquarians like freedom. They die for it. They think independently contrary to the rest of the
world.They get sudden ideas. They invents new theories replacing old ones. They like to fear and
surprise the world with their innovation ideas and inventions.
Aquarius being a fixed sign, once they form an opinion, they stick to it till the end. Sometimes
they scare the world with their pessimistic inventions or ideas.
They are unorthodox sometimes. They are detached to family relations.