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Nigerian Marxist Books:

Tajudeen Abdul-Raheem: Bye to all the B Stars of Global Pornography of Poverty:

Blair, Brown, Bob and Bono, Review of African Political Economy, Vol.33
No.107 (March 2006), pp156-158,Available at, Date
of access: 27th February, 2014
Tajudeen Abdul-Raheem, Adebayo O. Olukoshi: The Left in Nigerian Politics and the
Struggle for Socialism, 1945-1985, Review of African Political Economy, Vol.13
No.37 (Winter 1986), pp64-80, Available at
Tunde Adeniran: "The Dynamics of Peasant Revolt: A Conceptual Analysis of the
Agbekoya Parapo Uprising in the Western State of Nigeria," Journal of Black Studies.
Jun., 1974
Ifi Amadiume: African Matriarchal Foundations The Case of Igbo Societies, Karnak
House, London, 1987
Wogu Ananaba: The Trade Union Movement in Nigeria, Ethiope Publishing, London,
Baba Aye (2014) Era of Crises and Revolts Perspectives for Workers and Youth
online edition
Also has an active blog at:
Robin Cohen: Labour and Politics in Nigeria 1945-1971, Heinemann, New York, 1974
Democratic Socialist Movements Education Rights Campaign, see at
Toyin Falola, A. Goke-Pariola (ed.): Politics and Economy in Contemporary Nigeria,
Selected Works of Segun Osoba, New Beacon, London, 1984
Toyin Falola, J. Ihonvbere: The Rise and Fall of Nigerias Second Republic 1979-1984,
Zed Books, London, 1985
Toyin Falola, Matthew M. Heaton: A History of Nigeria, Cambridge University Press,
Alan Feinstein: African Revolutionary The Life and Times of Nigerias Aminu Kano,
Fourth Dimension Publishers, Enugu, 1987
Abayomi Ferreira: Savagery in Politics The Hindrance to National Development,
AuthorHouse, Bloomington, 2006
Ehiedu E. G. Iweriebor: Radical Politics in Nigeria, 1945-1950 The Significance of
the Zikist Movement, Ahmadu Bello University Press, Zaria, 1996

Michael Janis: Igbo and Fang Feminism in West African Womens Fiction in the
College Classroom, Conference material, As available at
Fatou Janneh: Marxist Historiography in West Africa, typescript, available at
Bene Madunagu (ed.): Women in Nigeria Today, Zed Books, London, 1985
Bene and Edwin Madunagu: Conceptual Framework and Methodology Marxism
and the Question of Womens Liberation, in Women in Nigeria Today, London, Zed
Books, 1985
Edwin Madunagu: Peter Ayodele Curtis Joseph, CIINSTRID, Calabar
Edwin Madunagu: In Lieu of Autobiography, Clear Lines Publications, Calabar, 2010
Edwin Madunagu: For Our Departed Radical Patriots, Clear Lines Publications,
Calabar, 2010
Edwin Madunagu: Understanding Nigeria and the New Imperialism (Essays 20022006), Clear Lines Publications, Calabar, 2006
Edwin Madunagu: Nigeria: The Economy and the People The Political Economy of
State Robbery and its Popular Democratic Negation, New Beacon Books, London/Port
of Spain, 1983
Eddie Madunagu: Problems of Socialism The Nigerian Challenge, Zed Books,
London, 1982
Edwin Madunagu: The Tragedy of the Nigerian Socialist Movement, Centaur Press,
Calabar, 1980
Edwin Madunagu: The Philosophy of Violence, Basic Truth Progress Library, 1976
Abdul Mahmud: Where is the Left When Nigeria Needs It? Sahara Reporters, 22nd
October, 2011, Available at:
Maxim Matusevich: No Easy Row for a Russian Hoe: Ideology and Pragmatism in
Nigerian-Soviet Relations, Africa World Press, Trenton/Asmara, 2003
Mary E. Modupe Kolawole: Womanism and African Consciousness, Africa World
Press, 1997
Abdulkadir Balarabe Musa: Yusufu Bala Usman, A Tribute, Available at

Okwudiba Nnoli (ed.): Dead-end to Nigerian Development An Investigation on the

Social, Economic and Political Crisis in Nigeria, CODESRIA book series, 1993
Ikenna Nzimiro: Nigerian Civil War A Study in Class Conflict, Frontline Publishing,
Enugu, 1982
Ikenna Nzimiro: Studies in Ibo Political Systems, University of California Press, 1972
Mokwugo Okoye: The Beard of Prometheus, Arthur H Stockwell, Ilfracombe, n. d.
Mokwugo Okoye: Points of Discord, Studies in Tension and Conflict, Frederick Muller
Limited, London, 1973
Mokwugo Okoye: A Letter to Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, Fourth Dimension Publishing, 1979
Mokwugo Okoye: Embattled Men Profiles in Social Adjustment, Fourth Dimension
Publishers, Enugu, 1980
Adebayo O. Olukoshi (ed.): The Politics of Structural Adjustment in Nigeria, James
Currey, London / Heinemann, Ibadan, 1993
Ola Oni, Bade Onimode: Economic Development of Nigeria: The Socialist Alternative,
The Nigerian Academy of Arts, Sciences and Technology, n. l., 1975
Bade Onimode: A Future for Africa Beyond the Politics of Adjustment, Earthscan
Publications, London, 1992
Bade Onimode: Alternative Development Strategies for Africa, Volume One, Coalition
for Change, Institute for African Alternatives, London, 1990
Bade Onimode: Imperialism and Underdevelopment in Nigeria The Dialectics of
Mass Poverty, Zed Press, London, 1982
Bade Onimode: Economic Development of Nigeria: The Socialist Alternative, The
Nigerian Academy of Arts, Sciences and Technology, n. l., 1975
Niyi Oniororo: Nigerias Future: Revolution Not Reformism, Oniororo Publications,
Ibadan, 1979, p. 12
Niyi Oniororo: Why the Nigerian Masses are Poor, Oniororo Publications, Ibadan,
Niyi Oniororo: Who are the Nigerian Comrades? The Story of the Opportunists,
Revisionists, Reformists and the Careerists in Nigeria, Sketch, Ibadan
Segun O. Osoba: Corruption in Nigeria: Historical Perspectives, Review of African
Political Economy, Vol.23 No.69 (September 1996), pp371-386,

Segun Osoba: The Deepening Crisis of the Nigerian National Bourgeoisie, Review
of African Political Economy, Vol.5 No.13 (Winter 1978), pp63-77, Available at
Tunji Otegbeye: The Turbulent Decade, VisionLink Nigeria, Lagos, 1999
Mohammed Abubakar Rimi: Struggle for Redemption Selected Speeches of
Mohammed Abubakar Rimi, Northern Nigerian Publishing Company, Zaria, 1981
Segun Sango: Nigeria on a Cliff Edge, DSM Publication, Lagos, 2010, Available also
Sola Shittu: Oniororo, veteran journalist and human rights activist, dies, Online
Nigeria, 18th April, 2005, Available at
Usman A. Tar: The Politics of Neoliberal Democracy in Africa State and Civil Society
in Nigeria, Tauris Academic Studies, London, 2009
Hakeem Ibikunle Tijani: Britain, Leftist Nationalists and the Transfer of Power in
Nigeria, 1945-1965, Routledge, New York, London, 2006
Eskor Toyo: Marks i Keynes - Analiza porwnawcza metodologii makroekonomicznej,
Tlumaczyl Bartlomiej Kaminski, Warsaw, 1977
Eskor Toyo: An Open Letter to the Nigerian Left, Review of African Political
Economy, Available at ROAPE Archives,
Eskor Toyo: Primary Accumulation and Development Strategy in a Neo-Colonial
Economy (A Critique of Dependence Theory and its Implications), unpublished
typescript, Calabar, n. d., p. 16
Yusufu Bala Usman: For the Liberation of Nigeria, New Beacon Books, London/Port of
Spain, 1979
Yusufu Bala Usman: The Manipulation of Religion in Nigeria, 1977-1987, Vanguard
Printers and Publishers, Kaduna, 1987
P. Chudi Uwazurike: Ikenna Nzimiro: Anthropologist, Sociologist and Iconoclast On
the Intellectual Legacies of a Radical Nationalist, Dialectical Anthropology, Volume
31, Issue 1-3, Springer Netherlands, pp. 73-97
P. Chudi Uwazurike and Simon Ottenberg: Two Renowned Nigerian Scholars: Ikenna
Nzimiro and Victor Chikesie Uchendu, Dialectical Anthropology, Vol. 31, No. 1/3,
2007, Springer, pp. 11-43
Vanguard Special Report: Sunmonu Revolutionised Labour with Workers Charter of
Demands, Vanguard (Nigeria), 18th Aug, 2012, Available at

Jussi Viinikka: There Shall be no Property Trade Unions, Class, and Politics in
Nigeria, In: Leo Zeilig (ed.): Class Struggle and Resistance in Africa, Haymarket
Books, Chicago, 2002