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2016 International Teacher Research Forum

24 June 2016

Selecting Prospective Teachers:

Innovative Research and Practice
This one-day forum will bring together researchers, practitioners, and policy-makers interested in:
Research and development of new approaches to teacher (and teacher candidate) selection
Teacher effectiveness
Initial teacher education
The forum on 24 June 2016 will include research presentations and break-out sessions focused on challenges
and issues in developing evidence-supported selection practices
Featured speakers (provisional):
Professor Aljoscha Neubauer, (Graz, Austria): New approaches to teacher education selection in Austria
Professor Rob Klassen, (York, UK): Developing an evidence base for teacher education selection in the UK
Dr. Tracy Durksen, (UNSW, Australia): Innovations in teacher hiring in Australia
Dr. Jnos Gyri (ELTE, Hungary): Challenges in implementation of teacher selection practices in Hungary
Location: Etvs Lornd University (University of Budapest)
Cost: 50 before 31 March (includes registration, coffee, and lunch); 75 after 31 March
Audience: Researchers, practitioners, and policy-makers interested in teacher (and ITE candidate) selection
Info and registration: Contact Jess Swarbrick for information and for registration (
and see for further information
Sponsored by the Psychology in Education Research Centre, University of York, UK; Etvs Lornd University Faculty of
Education and Psychology, Budapest, Hungary.