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Need a SM/ Tech Writer/ Blogger? Call me. :)

Need a SM/ Tech Writer/ Blogger? Call me. :)

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Published by Lindsey C. Holmes

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Published by: Lindsey C. Holmes on Apr 21, 2010
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Lindsey C.

Holmes SM/ Tech Writer/ Blogger

About Lindsey C. Holmes Lindsey C. Holmes is a native Washingtonian and a graduate of The Madeira School in McLean, Virginia and Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, NY, with a BFA in Writing and Theatre. She attributes her entrepreneurial success to a strong family work ethic, her vast interests to her liberal arts education, and her 'take-the-world-by-storm' attitude to a singlesex boarding that told young women that 'the world is your oyster.'  At 24 she started her first business, LCH Real Estate Brokerage & Investments, a full service Real Estate Brokerage specializing in Investment Real Estate, Property Management and Wealth Building. LCH Real Estate was featured in several magazines, including Black Enterprise, for its unique business/ portfolio building model. In 2008, excited by the 'app craze' made popular by Apple, Inc., being a self-proclaimed geek and having used Social Media as the primary marketing tool for her real estate brokerage, she embarked upon a new adventure. LCH Business utilizes Social Media and Technology to 'power' business. LCH Business' feature service is the innovative 'app' model, creating applications for Businesses, Performing Arts Centers, Celebrities, Schools, Unions, and more. By taking components of business websites and creating custom usability features such as a communication messenger for staff communication or even a fun game to introduce a new clothing line, businesses gain the opportunity to expand sponsorship/ partner opportunities, an additional revenue stream and most importantly, mobility. Lindsey is a certified Apple Developer and one of very few African American women creating for the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Android Platforms. Lindsey currently resides in Newark, NJ, is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners (NJAWBO), organizer of Twestival Newark and a Blogger/ Freelance Writer on Social Media and Technology.

252 W. Kinney Street Newark, NJ 07103 :: 973-968-4792 :: info@LCHBusiness.com :: www.LCHBusiness.com

About LCH Business

We are a social media marketing company, specializing in social media campaigns and management, and mobile application development. With a marketing and business development focus, a passion for mobile technology and social media, and an understanding of the importance of staying current into today’s economic climate for small to mid-level business, LCH Business has created a business model that engages through all forms of social media. Beginning with a highly visible social media campaign on over 60 social media/ bookmarking channels, LCH boosts and manages profiles while engaging potential clients. The culmination of your campaign is a custom mobile application, lending a truly over-the-top social media installation for your business/ campaign. Amazing! Proudly leveraging a personal following of over 50,000 and utilizing the top industry tools, we are creating the top SMO and SEO campaigns today. We are certified Apple Inc. Developers and a proud Minority Woman Business Enterprise (MBWE) based in Newark, NJ with offices in New York and Washington, DC. Our specialty platform is the iPhone, but we also create for the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Android. 

252 W. Kinney Street Newark, NJ 07103 :: 973-968-4792 :: info@LCHBusiness.com :: www.LCHBusiness.com

Writing Sample

Networking: Is It Worth It?
Written by Lindsey C. Holmes, Featured Blogger, Contributing Writer  | Lately I have found myself on 'Networking' overload. Beyond my standard social networking, I have been frequenting 'after-work' or social mixers purported to connect me with other professionals in my industry, potential clients and/ or provide resources to help my business. Lately, however, I have had to ask, am I wasting my time? With tools like Meetup.com, a online hub for social meetups, and so many others hosting networking events in droves, I have become a zombie flocking to as many as I can. I go to Mortgage Networking events, looking for mortgage reps that can do what they say, I meet with other Realtors that have 'new' information, I meet with Women, I meet with Entrepreneurs, I meet with Potential Home Buyers, I meet with Property Enthusiasts, I meet, I meet, I meet, but this 'recession' has forced the need for my results to be quantified much more than before - so is all of this MEETING a waste? My results from these events haven't been totally in vain. I have picked up a new client here or there, a few potential clients and maybe even a 'partner' or two - people that claim that they will lighten your load by assisting you in what you have been too tired, unmotivated or unable to do, but strategically place themselves in a position that you end up with the brunt of the work and have no idea why... - but I am now questioning if my gas, my time, my ENERGY were worth these events.  Can you quantify your time and energy? I can definitely quantify my gas! I think they key to networking is being totally in the moment. Though the aim of the events that I have attended are typically business-driven, I don't think that you can set any expectations beyond finding interesting people for an interesting dialogue - in that moment. Tell them 'what you do' quickly (5 second Elevator Pitch) and don't discuss how you can 'work' together or 'make money.' Talk about your shoes or why you chose your attire for the night. You will most likely find more depth in these topics, than the same spiel that you hear, and end up sharing verbatim with the next person. Exchange business cards, and follow up quickly, and seek to discuss ‘business,‘ if compelled, in the next few weeks.  Keep the 'what you do' speech in the back of your mind or write it down on their business card  - What you can gather from the 'what you do' moment, including the body language, will not reflect the job title on the card. Write it down! Follow up. Send a quick email blurb and then find them on Facebook or Twitter. Don't overwhelm with newsletters or constant blasts. If they are 'interested' in you, they will slowly let you in to their 'social networking' lives. Most importantly - Be Direct, but Tactful - Your over-assertion of why you attend these events - for Money! - will probably turn them off a little bit. Come on! It's not for good company and Costco cheese trays, it's for business - just don’t say that too much...

252 W. Kinney Street Newark, NJ 07103 :: 973-968-4792 :: info@LCHBusiness.com :: www.LCHBusiness.com

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