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This book is power 'I lwtThether' yo'u apply it. ag',Blin,s,t your e'n.e,~ies. or

your se l.f is up to' you, The best w'ay t.o insur"9 your s,af'sty and your ab,.il-

t h4 ~ d .:'. ~ ~ bt . - , .'

1 t·y to use tr11.,S power a a t,o ,stu·y e acb book a.n tl :1S vo.l ume. b@f'ore

any process. .

Ot'!tsrwi:s.e. you might spend a lO'ng time in the hospital pondering' your st'up,idity, as I d Ld , On Septe,mber 29, 1969, I w,anted. to r'8-pr'ime some s,hotg'U't1 shell e , I 'wanted a pO'wder 'whi,c'h exp,loded by conouas lon , The in~,·nts for pap!er c,aps ,se,em'E!,d ,tbe ideal. med Ium,

I Looked up the f'o,r.mula for p,aper capa in W,eing,art 1 s P:yro·t.echni.,cs, u.nder "Japanese or Cap Torp,edoes,u. 'The for',mula c'a11ed for potassium ch.lorate,l .suj.phur p' and amor phoua (,re.,d) poospho,ro·us I The for,mula.

II!!! d-.... iii th- i, -d- ~ t 'b f' 1'- i I

p' al'n,ly aa rr co mcl..i8ten I., e lngre' 1en'-:S'--:G1' -olr"e' ml.X1n.g ~ In m:y ~gn!ora:nce,

I be·lieved ,t.his '"",,,as nece,Eu5ary only eo aa to ,drop the m.ixture en paper' eo

I d d" - .

~t woul:~-:.·.ry a.n l,ltt,le mounda , ..

Si'nce I wa,n.ted it. a.s. a d.ry powder to pour. in.t.o holes made in t.he .pr'i~ mer s I us,e,d no wa,ter" While hold,ing a plasti.c bot,tIe in my left 'hand I mixed less· than a 'ha - f ounce of potassium ,chl,o,ra.te wi.t'h ,f75'ulphur , chalK arid ·at small amount; IO£' r'e,d p,hosphorou,s.. ,Sud,denly my' l'eft h'and w'as fin'gerless hambur'qe'r and I was also leg,ally blind 'for s:eVeral QI"trf'ul mont.ha ,

Had I read the, whole book b1ef'oret.rying ,to make the p'r irning' powde',r I I.

W- 0: ul"d~ have l'l.n·~r··n"A.d' 'T'h·-·a·,·t potiaas c·h·1o·r' ~·t,-e can of,,,t-'r::=Jin" ox··-·plod-,o apont.ana .....

. ' . . . , .... ~ . ~'~ '. ,~: ~'..'..~. .c'..: .,.~ •. _" .' ' .'~ ~ ~-i "-.'~ ,.,~ , 11;;',_, - _.11; .'-~. II;;;;;;

ous ty by dry wlLth sulphur') and ,dry red phoaphoxous , every time. lIe arned ·th,e har,d w,ay and I don, 'f t 'want you ttl ahar e any auch ex""", pe r i.ence , '1 dLdri ' t have t,·h.Q ove·r·view t.ben t'hat l' have now,

I "m o,ften bot'hered bl'" readers of ,IfC{ 'WOrks who have not oom'p,letely read ,t'he book they are wo'rking from" Th.e'y say th,ey' t.r Led a peoceas and i,t d i.dri ' t work~ 'Tooy·t c'e lik"e t'he man who doesn,t t kno'w 'his way ar'ound the k I tch.en but t.ries to, bak.e a three lay'elt· cake, with ic·ing y·et. He· fo11'ows the ,r,ec'ipe from t,'hecoolroook but still wi'nds wit'h, a t,err·i.b,le mess and an anr aqed 'wife, No over'vi,ew ..

. Anot.her e1xample ,of a roo.l w'ho act.s 'wI thout an ove.rview is t.he relig'Lous .f,an,atic'l This i.s th.i9' par son woo has never' really read ,the Tor,ah, Bible; Ko r an , et.c , , and 'pondered all its concep't.s befor,e .infl.icting himself on. o+her s , No , Although he reads avidly .. he is me,re,1y sc,anning' ~hle

t 4 1 l"l".-~ f t '. f hI j' d i

ma er~a,l, .ooxa.nq - o r passages '"Q r e orce m s own pr·e ',U,_1ces I

T'he best exa.mple of thi,s, .lac.k of an ,overvi,ew is th.e, Mo,sle.m t,erro,rist I' 191 am is ,ac·tually a pea,c,eful r·e! i.gio.n. :lBut this dope has never really' read the Kor an and pondar ed its concep+a , He Iget,s, 'his re'ligion ,from pow,_ e r=mad , hypocr l tical mut.Lahs and so tries ·to :bomb the. world. back to t,he seve.flth. cs'nt.ur'y. If e,v'ery sand mo,nkey would read the Roran fro,ln, cove r to cover',· learning w'hat it aaya , rath'er than ",-Th,at others say it says., there would be no Islamic terrorism.

Po,ssib'lj" mor'e .im,portant t'ha'n anyt·h, you .might lea,c'n fr·om t'his boox is how' to ·stud.y it,., First,. re'ad eV1er'y wiQ·rd in the Lndex ... Unconci.o,u6,ly, thi.s will .feed data Lnt.o youz br'ain and give you a, 9ub,conc'io,us ·Qv@rv,!,sw of t'he aub ject, , It wil,l. also help, y,QU later to find subje·cts. whi'ch ar'e nat cross-,indexed ·t.·o y'ou,r satlsf a,ct,ion",

Next.f read the entir.e b'oo!k. f rom the f'irst pag'e ,through to t.he last.

Do thi,B' evan if you don t t, thin'k you can understand it. I't Ie l.i'Ks' s,·tud,·y-

ing a f,or'9,ign 1,ang'ua,g'e yo'u can· t \U1,derst,and and don'· t ,think 'y'ou ever' will ,~, ,At, a certain, 'po,if'lt" and al,l ,of a sudden" ldea,s and concepts star''1: fa,1,1in'g int,Q 'place and yell 'kno',.'111 Yo'u,"d 'b'e' surprised how much yo,nr brain, can ab:so'rb, :and w.i1~ by' the' time y'o:u've: :f,in,is,b,ed the book. And, d,o'n't

jus't 'b;r@@z@ t,hr'ougb, ita, ''tl1lE!'n you ,oome 'to a word y'ou, d,on"t, under',stand, loo,k it: up II

Whe'n, you 'come ,to a, p,aJ:'agr,a'pih 'you don, I t und'er'stand. re',ad i,t IOVE',r. M,ay,b'e' it w,i11 'beCQ,nte c,learPI rr '1'o'u rere,ad previous par,agr'a,ph"., If" t'h,at doesn I't. help. ,re(t,d the next. para,'g'r'aph. At: ar.y rat@,., try and then g"o cm ,

Y'our- h' 'r a In ''I..T'.L~ l' 1-' "L'n""ii;'" 't~ on ~,1,\.,._ 'I ''1'n 'F" f3i'1l' 1~ lE!!'£.;er 11!J!i ng ...... .I""i;ncep,J.,. '§S y _, U' -f" _ rf"l.PI. "h- _ d

" .', .,' .. ' .. _ '.~_,'I'!!I- . I,wu~ J'~ e: ,." ..... 11e~.bL, ~~ - :g!;.,...' ,- ".,.. . ~V' '.'p,' . '. ',: .".~ ~"',' _ "0' " :. o· . '-=-C' a- ',ea' ,:_, •

By the t,i:ttJE!! Y'ott' ve str'UgglL,etl tbr'ough ,the: whole book yo'u viIi kno'w much more about, 'tJre s:ub,ject, t.han yo'u ,did" wheJl you started. Also. your h,igher oon.cionsn.ess wil,l the'n ,Be:nd an alarm i.f you, are d,rasl:ical,1y mi,s,~ tak,en during 'W'D,rki'ng a p,r,oiCe'SS, urn.eas YO'U ar'e pr'e--p,ro'grmlllllf:!Cl to sel'f',~ de:s,trll.C,t-ion in the, f' i,rs:1: p1.:a'cs ~

,AI though a eol,l,e'ge 'co'urse in chem.i.stry· is hel'pf'ul. it, is, not eS"S8'nti,al. ,AJ.:so" college' courses t,:'@<nd to 'be based on high 8,'cOO01 chelttistry 'CO'\lrse's whic:h. 'you mig'bt Do,t have had. anti, wi,th ,a be,ache'r who has, n,o 'pat ...... ience wi,th beginners.

Host c,f' my boo'k's conta,in. ma.te'ria:l wri,t:ten year,&; ago £'o,r' peopl.e w,ith H.C higher ed.'ucat,io,n., Better' to teach yourse1f fr'Q,m t.hem t.han t.o quit, in confusion. a.rld f'rust,ration becau'8e of class,es· for ttxJ,se used ,t.o formal ~tu' .Ail.y"

~I .... 'U.:.:· ~

Of cour ae, if you are young, get 8.1,1 the fo,rma.l edu.catio'n D,n those studies you have' time :for'. 'But lIJtethe,c fo'r,ma11y or se,l,f-educated" r'ead every word. in ,the book , Othertfi:se yo'U' 1,1 be l,ikie the ka,rate ,st,udent who get.s thr'a,s'lll~d by a 's'tre'H-t. pWlk,t or other educ:'ated :fools, wh:o 1Ie,ar'D o,nl'y enough 'to, impr'ess ,the ign.or;aIlt:" i:nCl'uding t;'hemse1vesl!I


Kn.owl,edg'e' s,ets man. apart fr.'om the bea,st.s and above them alI., It. is knowledge al'one, not mo'ney nor foree" which, S9'CDr'BS, mon,ey' and, f,orce f,or t,he' kn'oYledg'eabI1,e man,. 'while tlle dul,l ..... 'w:itted Loae whateve,r they"ve come

by 1 uck _ or conni vi~g,~ . ,

As worl,d c'iv'ilizations <ieclin,e and the p'cese'nt1y J;Klw€trfUl and ,affluen't ,are 1:'ed,uced 'to, beggary and he1p1essness. the awner',s of tbes'e vo1'umes hol,ding a verit,ab1e st,orehQ:usQ bf bo,t,.h industrial and military power wi11 SlR"V'lve -to f"orm. ,dyn,arsrties".


~'OOR f.1AN I S JAt1ES BOND 'Vol. 2


_The Only Magazine 01 Improvised "Wea@our)' .•••


. ', '


,~- ,"

~A.,_--IJ;'-.,-· _ -~- ,

~~=:::::::~-'i.-'.- - _. _. - --

Pli,c,t u red is ,R d ~ agl~"'8im 0 f an 'f,ncce,llent la.rget '1,0 use w:hen precHC,ing defensive shooUng 'wUhl ,I ptstot. A . wide black feU Up pen is used to, 13'Y

'cut seventl larQie"ts on 1,8 I'nch ,X 30 i neh piec as, 0 I -co'rna gated card board", hJII,oiwin,g lhe measurements gi:ven in

t. h '~' dra'w i ng .

. Th'e se 'I a rg €'I s a ro hun g fr,om a, p le,t'e

,0 f c lot he's:1 ~ ne B,b o'u1 25 '~ards f fO ml the s h oater., Til e s i ihou B't t-EHl rna V 'be 'llis~d s~ngula.rl"y, lin groups of t.wo Qlr thrs:e" or even more if you a'ntitci,pate a' IQun f'i gl h t with a 00. n d of d,es'pairadlo s ~ -

Any hH in the 10' inch cilr~tle is a s cure,., as '. his, is the ar,ea con t aill n ~ing the Im'.tijorUy ,o,f the \lnal oligans 0' the human body., .

,After each found or shooUng, tMJllel h 0 ~ es ca n be re p ailred w j I h p,ie<:es ot' rnaskl ng 'iap,e and the I ~ne:$ touche(j up

wi1h a len pe'n. . . _

The d iag 0 n:al i in 65 ~ norease the vi si bii I i '[ "1' of lh e t,.'QIIit't in poe r . light t and 'unHke the s,oUd blac'k of convent,ijon.a1 'Iarget.s, each hit can be rea si I y seen 'I eve n ,s,evera~ feet. from ,t he, target.


To B,)I"ptod'e 'P'owder' w,hh 'I I ectr,(,tity' A 1 ~,i n, h ol~ w'ns b ored ~ in the ee 01,1:1" of ~ ,2=:ln~ sq uare block, . 'Two n n lsh ing-

'"I' d ..

n al.S were ',' ',nve n

in; .as, S]'O'WD :i R t he J.'. '5' ,1.'"' e t :,"" I'

. _ A " , "" _1. ...

, These were ecn,n ected . to . termi-

n al:5 or an indue .. t to n eel f~ 'A'ft~r' everything. w a s rndy the _ pow~ fier was poured

., -, , ~ ,O_"Pli.'

in the ho le 'and a board we tgb ted wit 11. melts placed over tbe 'block. W'hen. tbe. button is pressed ., r the eireu i t. e losed i,n Bon'M~i other w,Iy t 11A~; d hl,C h:a rge nee urs, The d'is ranee betw 'c en tl 1 e 112,t 1 poi n ts---.w'bich mu s' be }\[ i~ ht, and etea n--,sho!uld be ,i u s t e '3,o~,gh 't [) ,gi vIe a ,good ~ ,fal spa rk,.~


p ut WQU l dl be t'QO 11, Q me rot! S bJ describe, b 1:1 t th,e re is hardly a mechanical opeil'" ation . in which th e tur:nln.g 1. the does not fi,gu re, F or this reason every a'm I;'"' te:ur mechanlc and wood-worker wllUjl has, a wor ksliop, 0,0 matter how s mal l ~ is a nxious to' /' aossess a lath.,~ eli . of' some' sort, A goo:. and' ,', substantm] home-

m~d,e lat h e, whleh ls suitable' -Eor weedturn iug and :~ 19'bt metal work, D'U~,y be constructed. Iro m pipe and. pipe fi t,-,

· . h" h ~

tings as S .. ,O'WR In. t,'I.C acco,m,panYjng'

!;I 'ketch" .' : - .

The be,d of t.his lathe~ 'is 'madJ,e of a plece ,0£ l-1n .. , PlP-i!'J' about ,80, In, :tong~ 1: t lIi""ti '1'11 be 'If1i"I, - de 10-"i!'I; g'A'II" or- sh f"'i;r te -- :L u' *'

,~, ~,~.~ ~ _. \r. -Ii !I"~au ", . '-li,~, ~. !llr.1; :.'... I JI .. I~I " _ 'I!!-'r, Ig' _:'Ij..

i f i~~ is. :m ad e m ncb long'er ,- :;Ii larger sl ze of" pipe shoul d be used, 'The b£',ad· .s to,elk: ':,e' ~,.1,~ ,~f 't.w:',..,. t' ',Ai]Q,e [olr ,0..1, b·", ': O'io,-

. _ , !IIOi ~",~,~y~ _ , , , _, ......... 'Q" , .... :a.n,!I;Q ' y _

sta ndard t on .I' mppJ e as show n i n F:i,g~ I;, A,]] . the join ts should be sc rewed up dgh t and then 'f.a:st'!!:ned. .. wilh. /I-in:" pins to keep them Irom turning. 'The end S .0'£ the bed a re 6 Ked. to. t:.h~e b aseboa rd, by m eans oJ elbows, nipples it nd A,a~ge So a~ral1 ged as show n. 'The' tw 0 b ea nn.,gs 1 n '111. e heads t ock are of b rass . The spiu d 1 e holt ,1S11o u 1 d b f d ri ~ 1 ed and reamed after. Uley a.r,e screwed in. place in the tee, The spindle should be~ iQf steel and long ,enough to reach through the bearing- and pulley an.d, nave enoug h en d. ] eft. Ior the ce nter poi nt, .T:be' p-ob1't. slloul d. ext end. ab out I;tJ ~ n, ou t front the colla r, The colla 1'" ca.n be ;l;1I rued or' sh ru n k on - the sp j D'!ll,e as de'sired" . T:he~ e n,d olr t b e splnd le SlIOU.[d . be threaded 'to receive a chuck,

The' tailstod< i~ also,e 0:1 t,w'O t,!! es j oined by a nippl e~. .The lower tee should be bored ou t for a ~1 iding fi t no the bed pipe, The upper ouesheuld be tapped "N'itll a machinetap for tbe

spindl e whlc 11 is threaded to ,fit ; t, The

spiJldle has ,3, . handle fi tt,e,'di at, 'one end and bas . tbe other end bored out 'for th e

'i&~ I . 'taUs t.oc:k §,center'~

BiDth ,th e t.ails toe k and the h,eadslock C,f,' n tMpol nts, s,bould be Ita rd el1.ed,., lJ; .. clamp' for holding the taUsto~k. ;spindle

P-_' "0" ,':O,!" R-_, 'M_\',t.T t S.-',', Jlt'l.'{'tI"S"-, BO:'l\lD'· v '-1 '

J.. U __ l\J , -" , ~ ~ru:..:.r, " - "-, ,1 '1,1- 0"



. ..

_. - - _. _. . .. . - ... ... . -_. . ... . _. . . - -- - - _. . _. -. .. -- .

ism ad!; 0 E' .. piece' of . strap i.rCH1~, b e:n:t and d.:riiled as show F'L If ,~s nee ld together by means of' ~ small :maehin~: sere wan d. a k nu tIed nut, The: tee shoal d have a ,5[0,1; eu t in it. about oneh aU its 1 en g th ,and it' shoul d also have on e 'bead filed, a way 50 that th ~ cla mp will lit tighUy over it;;·

Th e hand rest is made 'f rem a ta,p~, .. ing 'eT[H~'W, :II tee ,and a forging. The forgillg can be made by a blar.Jc5:~nith -,at a sm,all expense, Both th e lower

. . , . tees ,oi' the hand-

-"'l>\<li=ll ::k an:h:~~ ta~l;

Pli" I ' pro v ide, d Wi th se rew clam p s to hal d them -ill place,

The )l,uUey' is made 'of ha:rd'w,ooo, pi ee es, %,' or .I ~ n ~ t,h i,ek as desi "ed. It is f as b:'ned to the sp huill,e . by me,ans 0'[ a se rew, as show n in Fig., ~ ~ cr a key

ean be u sed as well, .

Care must be taken to : " the tarn'!!

B!AR,GAIN BUG,GIN:G By' ely'de Barrow

Wh e n it is, n eces sary to reco,rd' ya ur eon 'lJersa,t i; on with an ot h G r- po rso n or h is C(~ nversatton with a th'l rd p,art y after 'your de:parture'; a ~lIlbugH can be h iidde n In y,o,u r pociket and ima)" be I,eft .at t n e sc'en e~ The 'b IiJig I,ransm, I t 5 to s, reC;B i>'19'r l tape, recorder set up in )1'0 ur n!fa rb" par,ked car 0 r carrt,ed by yo ur ,8,S.s 0 ci:a te w n-o' IP ta~"e's hi:M sel fa,s c105'e to th,e scene· 0'. c,onv(9r,eaUofil as, possH,I'e; outs"ide an oi'Uooi ~n an adje)il n i n groom!, et c.;

The srmph!s,t me1hod us'ss Iw,o'

stock center vert1(;ally OV'eJ the: b ed I else ta pe r _ tu tni!, g '~ill re ~111 t, T'Q. d.

1 h is, ,a st,r:a:ign t Iw e s hen ld, be sera 1 ehe

M,JI,I!l:1'jj,BL.E BL-OQI;($

HA.fiI'OWClQ) ifl:~ ,t-Ch~~111

on the top Q f t he bed pi pe, I,n d, 'lV ,'. the tailstcek h,;,~ ,s~~e,xa'ct'ly ,v~r'tic~a"~i'_,, c o~~n;~ spo nding hue ma~e on, 't! l,~ s" . _. 1_ i 1. " i will. save a great deal af tune a"" trouble an d, ~HJ.SS ibly so m~ erro rs, _ The tw 0 de s:ign s 0:( eh ucks shcnvn i.

Fi,g S~, a and ,4 are v' er'l ea s y to m ake .a nd, w ill an Si'W e r :1''0£ a ,giFt':' t v a'f ~,ety " w'or'kr.

W'B~ kiie hd kJ,:e,s 7 Ad eq uat,e' ones are ava il:la,b I e for abo ut 12$, ,'rom an Y' -radio and e I Be tron i,cs stn ra. These, u n ns anJ' sm 81,11 ~ en-a u gh 1'0 cilrry in a coal P DC ket or m,ay be- taJN9d to' yo ur ~ eg',,, The, tran ern i't. Ib ut'ion, i ,S 1 apedl dow n , ,and yO'U r conversat ion h' broadeesteo to t.he eornpan ~ o nun ~ t wh i ch . receives 1,he s ig!n a( an d tran s 1 ers i:t to ,t h e tap e mach i no e,Hlhar by m'I'c.rophone or wi're 'c'on ne'cUon r. If the, 'w'a I ki e loa ~ k ie Is ,tioo tJ,u ~'ky' toO hi, d e' o,n yo u r pe fson Olr I ealii'8 a' 't he, 6ce-n ·e'! a 'j,i wire'l ess mil ni mike 1; can be' 'us ed .. lhese 'U nit s are ava'j I itO i re ~:c,r $25 f:r·j')-ml see: u r~ty ,s-upp,l, i'SfS ,or tor $1,~, ,cnrec-t I roml t h Ie man u f aclufer ~ Tl'l9se u n i 1: S, are mln:1 at ur,e rad io 1 ran sm i Uars that broadcast. 0 n U1,e f M band ~ Th e' M mi, k,e' r. sh 0 umd _- be t U' ned to

, I

broad cast on an un u sed ~port ion 'of the band'i I,h u S ~ essenl n g 'Ihe chance that ,the 'COIn Ye'n~at iOI, I 'm ig h t :oe' 'mon Ito red . 'The', 'c"hanc·e' ss 0·"" ''''',,,,,In·,n .~.,: ...... 6_I!!IiPliP!l ,are

. __ __ '" _ I, ~! __ • OV!!;lln~IIi!'1iiIlI'l;,,;l!, _

'I,Uglht. Bny'wa~ I as t he ran g e Its on I,' .bou I, 300 fe;el 0 ul si de ,an.d I'BSS than 100 'I'eet: :11' the si:g nal m ust Ipas,s through the 'w'al~s, o'f' a b~li~dinQ.,

Ahar ,an _ open spot on lh e f:'M' band :~. found an d l he tran,e.,m iUer t un ad Cea mpletJe t nstruetlo n safe, ineJ uded 'WIdth th,.' mIke) a portabl e' F M rae! to' i '9 lu~ed 'to, 'the saml!' 'ff'SQ uenc.')I'. 'Th e f.:Uo 1-1, turned on and is connect ad to • tape tacordBf' wUh s, phor.1e jack. On1e' ..., 1'" p~ ulg,ged :i nte the spe:ak'sf out I at '. nl, r.nO". The. olhe-r end' t S IJ,I ugg,ed IAID_thl' Input J8~ on the-tape ...:hlne ~. In sert a blan k '1210 lfin'in ute' tape ,[10, min ~ I. ide) and I~lrelui 'lbe ~rec:oId'!' bu1to'A.. Pro,. essilonal BUrYB~ 111-, _,tee PtQpI'B use .odif'loo ca8seUe,

~:'In. IM't tum very' 810wlYI

aJ I;'owi ng ,abo ut 9 hou rs of recordi n!gi ,.

- -

An e'ld ,$I ing m aclhbu9.· tan be' so moe ~ f i ed by i~ n s1,a~ II rl'g a rheos:\.a'~ s wit'ch to, co ntnJ I 'I he s peed of: Ih e m oter in. U,G t.ape' recorder,



U I"eft on tbe ,so,ene the wi relless mike 'lIdll co nt i n UG' to I Iransm, ~ t fo r about ,60 he urs. U ean be a1 lac hied to the bottom of a, d,esik or chair with ,a plece of tape Olr Ii boo n ep'o,)( y or 111 ildd e 11, ~ n a Ir:h~per ~!ag and ,placed ina conven [I,ent w'iDioe:;',1.e, b~,It:!'~,B:jIo

_ ~,~ " ~ dl!\.~·;~, ,.

The 00,9 drawba,c:k to t.hii:$ transrn lttar hi, th,e short b,aUGrIf 'nfe~ .1hlIS, Is; a. feaun ot the unit be:ing oon s t an11 y "o n" as 10 itg as Ih e oo-tte,1!Y is: in ptaee. An'~'(l"ne with a f,air amount of. elect ro n ~:c $,k ~ ill can tac, i n'hl 'I he bat:tery 'ch'"'Cuit of the mike and ;i'ns,taU a vo i co act ~ va,t ed sw J t ch on 1:ihe ,bug ~ lh i:s add IS liU'I,e b u I k and aJ lows 1,he

. bug 'to' _ f'u incHon fo r week,s,. 'Th e b'lJg trans m ~ 't 9 on I y whenl con ~ersatiioln, in 4'lh.ii!!lr' r.nom" ,-t,~~,c-", "-1'll"e - ,-,',., ,- ,,1'1" ';1,.-..11

!II, - _~, ~ 'U '_ I. _ ng gers " " YQ I,e,a ,a,ell;. ya'l~

s'w Itch.. W'h e'ti the 'conV@ln;H:l'tion ce'sses'r the u rUt rem,a~ nS 'On "or '~i'~e seconds and t h e'n Iwi Ich a,s off.. Th'll,a Is


PO'O'R, ~i\]\J'~'S JA}.m,S BUi"JD' vc.i. 2


the ty pe ,0'1' 9y stem 0 le k Ni i ,>('0 n used '~Q' rao i Q and tape mac h i fiJ8. T'h is w II~' cut h is ow n th roat dUf!i ng t,he da y:s of a II!I o w 'the' 'tape' m aeh Ins' to Fe main ,of f W,al erga,t s, A S,I,nl i I!ar V'O ~c,e act :Iivat ed til n t I ~ a, s i:gn,a~ 'j, s r,ece:IYed 'f ro m ~h9 swach c,an be 'Inst,aUed betw'een the radl~Q.

C02· B: ',O--,·M··.··· B

_0"' . .. -

0' . 3,J. '1'6 inc h d i a •• ter can ncm and hobby 'fuse' I,s now gl ued tnto the :11018 Se su re '10 cut the end s on ,81, di~'Bgonali j

T'h ii.:fiJ' wilill aSSUfS poa l'Uv,. I 9 Irll U: Ion o,f the. po'wder; If a f rB,lg iiI,.laUon. eUept: Is des I red, ,a I a~' .. of lilinit:sh nali s a r 'tacks

~ ~ 'iI'gpa,d" ·'0" I" 'hl e" 'out 1irI:· Ala" ,. '.'h·-

R q. ,,@. W, !I., " ,'" ' _ '. ,~I U''IiI! Ol~ t EI!

carl:ddg!8. Th e n,a~,1 s . m 8,Y flrs,t be d il pped . In polson . IJ des I red. A '~rag men t a,t.ilio,n devi 6. cap1a'bh':1 ,of I a'rge dil s,tribution can be made by la,lpl I~g several cd these am al ~ bom,b e, to a

B V" Co '1 yd-" n. B-:=, Blii"r-' 'o'w" '.

I' r U ii',. '.'


Emp1y' 'C02' cartrtdg,9s can bs! used

as, mll"I' bornbs or !gr@nadest eUher. '-sing 'Iiy or . i n g rtMl.~1 p,I' attach &d lo, a pI pie bom b or grenade d'B'dc1e, .

,1\ 3116 ~ ,nch dla:m eter hole Is, d ri !I; I ed . ~'nto the rHaek of: t hs cain rldg e:~ A, 8 mall fun ne I Is, useo 10 filii! 1 he' bOim'b 'W It,h , black or sma'kel'e,s po'wder. A sectlon

. ")


can Iral pi pe bomb 0'1" gren,a.~ Jt119 'f uses '0'" 'I he 'I ndlY~ld (Jill bml b:f ,ire tri m m ad to the same: h;'ngth and tlhe ends; to be I ~t ,are he,1 d together 'OO$8'! r with a· rubbe1r band~''JheH 'fuses ShojUil d be I.Eft to Durn s'everal seoond is long,e~ than the 'mal n 'bom b or grenade !USB. Aller 8'1 ~ f uses ,ana U1. thle lunlt Is Uuown elf ,~()t fifom Q Iliauncher.. When, 'I he maln Ibomb 8'KP lode'S, ~ 'Ule miln~ oom,bs w II~ be ..scallered Ibrou g hi . the '. r ever II 'N'lde arEla~' and then a few seconds l,al8r t, each bo'mlb w il I ~ .:plod. I ndlv'l d uat I y'. '. ·Eae,l'I . crf thete _ 1m il n~ bombs willi' Ii n '. tum ,s,pra,,.; '" thallr' :re,specUve "s" WUI~' soh nip nel, . .

Tt~li!! fuse; shou I:d afway:s, be test.ed bel,ollehan.d to. determ I ne" the spec I n~ burn t nu rate, 'Each, neW' rcll of. fuse. :9 houl d- be lested" as' Iha tUJm'i n'SI rSl,te rna" v,ary fro m one r011 10 -flot her,

N-"· . '",'

, - ~ ~ . ". ~ . . . .

.. " unchak,u


J V ?

POOR Ml\N· S JAl~S B·O]t\ID··/ 01 ,. 4

I Uile other 8 t i Q It.,. UIS I n g l.ho· othe-r ,end 01 ~~ the rOp't le&'~ng. aboul Ilve' Inches be~ween the t.wo· allcks.. Tha,. lused

I str·an d·slh ou 111d' fn I nlo. tha" ho,l e"

, 1eay.i~ngl no t h i n'g stb:: k~ ng O1Ilt A ,II m ~ I e knot cou~ld .be tied in. the ends 01 the'

fOlDes, I naMed of burn ~i n g '~hem wilt I the malchl(t.s ..


Th,e nu n ohaku j S U sed ai, a. f 1,211 'I by holdEn a _ 0 n'e gl the Ij'~i Ck.8, abo IJ'I : Imlldwa,y,- thumlb poit.n ]ng t:oward the

I ro pe, II can be' .. trw u n gif rt)mSlh8ll.g ~ ~~ , pc si I.~on I ~ i ·th t h,s. DI hal' en d B ~ t her hanging back'ward IO'ver ItIID ,same 1 .s,~o;uil de'r'l 0 r from the under arm ~ 1 pos lilian" like In the m'Dylsa., For Ihif) I , under ,arm floS I Uon:f 'th e striking lind Is held flrm!t.y- ''" the 8JTQ·, ~I an d f':. leased , 'with ill (; udden sna!p at U'fa vlle·tll mile t,Blm pl., 0 r rio b a" "',our ow'nl Irna,g' rnallOlill Is '1 h·e III mit, to' the In umbel' 0'" we,)::1 ,and meUlodlS' of slrilklng thaI can be used ..

Mo'st store--boug-ht nuae haklU8, coma wilii,h at. a.lns I n stead ~(l' mIPS,' bw,t ·~halns are noisy ,and are no,. w'orlh '._'

eUort'.. .

- When you h Iva' practiced eno~gh_ bJI ,keo!p . from bas,h'lng 'Ii' yaursatf ~n Ihe 'forrenead t tak'9 a bloek pJan e ,and Ip,!'ane o'U· the' fO undnsis of Ihe do/weill

I 1m aJkl n,g It' IIn-tIO a ,hexagon. When th: se edges h ~I·t. a vl.ellm j' the pounds _ per, eq uar. I.ncbl af'; much dead~l~ lief than

'111:088 '~II.I·vBr,~d by a ~u.~d ~~Jeet I... .. I

: I The, n uncha,lku i S ye~ Ij.uper~. ~o Ihl

i t(a·w·all',1 8 tic k 'or ,se,e rei rel:~sool ~.I t [1'1 .. _

,B mu eh gr;aat:e( Ireac'h ~ ~. h U.s hardsr . ' due to tho' wh I pll1118 h e!Ueot" an d ~t dO_i

I more damage becausa of I.h. edges. , le'n aftsr p.lanln; off ·ttl,e c' rvesi .1: can,

: be, 'Used: as a' reg ~d,ar' e.1 ub by' halkUn; , tha two 9'lhJksl,opther; and w~en ,ou I reallize that the, club yo'u are h'omd ~ I'IIlg I.

, &180 '8ffecUye ,a. a'a_lrtOla', wllh _ 11,0 ' moeN Uoallon. ro u beg, I n '10 treall,la that . you hold he w'or Id IS· most ,effective

han d-to,...,hs_nd weBflo·n" _


B:), Clyde BSlfirow

I A simple pun 9.w~tch 'fQiT' use In burgtar ala.rms, booby 1r,aps and for a rrn -~ 11 g born bs c an be m.ade trom a aprl ng clothespin; a wood or IP'as,t:lc wedge" and a pun wln9 or strln'g. (,See

draw Ing 1f"1) _

First strip the j,nsuUB.'Uon froml ~he ends of 'Ihe h\lo circuit 'wi 'es and \'Jrap




Trlpw're attached to ho l e in bl ade


Na i 1, s -ID s E ~~........,~

t h e'M t iii g h t.I')' 8!ro u nd t h·e· t.wo laws o'f the ,cl'othe.sp'in. The vd r~s should to,uch an del 0. se 't h e clrc.u·~ t when the [~llo'lhe,s p ~ n Is rna rela)(ed pes i t ii 0. n. To hold the circuil in an open lposit len, a . wedgl' e . '01, ·SO'UI0' non-cane uIC,·tllve

... 'ma.l,erial such as woed I or p~,asnc: is

~I nserted betwieen, Ih e .Jaw s. A IP u II ·W I ria

Is, a:Uached to the w·edge. W'hoo '{Ihle w'ilrs' Is pUl~:I'edt the wedg'o is pull,ed freiS' and Ui'E! c I 0 ~ hesp i n - ;; n 8PS, sh ut, . complleUng tile eir'cult Title s,witeh Is moun led to 8 .so~ idl !,urf ace by d rh.riln'Q a nail ·t h ro U Q h 'I ho' ho ~!fa lin the' c lothe.e p In sprlng' .

The one drawback toO the above 8iye,fem lSI t,he '9',ase.wUh which it can be disanned_ I" the Bubject shouk spot the wire '1- ll1le can s ~ m ply '0 u t. it and proceed about h~s buelneas. A 'falls·afe switch to roil these sneafky 'types. ~s shoiw n is draw ii, ng 1'2.

~ A hac· 131 ad a Olr s:ill m iJI·ar 'r Ilex.~ b~ e strip of condulc'Uve mlEu:al ts secured to a board w'il th 1 hr-ee naill s (a" b, an d e ~ as :s,llowlll .. Ot" of tlhe tw',o circuit w'lre·s is JIiIO'W al tach ed ,t 0 t h ~ is [en d of tlho' m 8'. at s,b'lip ..

. N ai Is D' & E arB drive n Ilnto l.hB' 'be arei abo ut '1 I nchl sop,art ~ The seen n d c,il rcuill ,"'iriS ts now ,aUa.ched '1'0 these tWlo na Is I as· shown .. In th ts manner c~rcuU ': w[lil be _·c I 0 sed If tha mietal stri p

_ touches eithen" nai~ D or IE.

Th.e trip wire' Is ,attached to t.he' 01 E end or lhe m B'hll s t ri p . Adi u s·t th e ~ e'n sian 10 sus pend the ·sI. r'lip, bet ween·


.At t ach ba r e

At tach balr'e

• !II . II

C I reu I t WI r,e

to both ria 1 l s


the two natts. .

lit t.1l,e, wir'e ta pull-ad hi 'B: trlp wire f'asllioDt thiS! Imetal B,trilF,) w'iU touch na~11 o bu t I f the. w'ire is d 'i seovered and IC:U~ It wUI spring IOlpen anc: cont~t nall .:E., Either w,eYt the· ,ctFCUU, 'will! be co m p I;oled: '. Tlhli s 'Is a popu ~ ar ·an t II dls·tlrubaln;c'e devil,cB 'fgr bcnllbs because It ts a.lmo9~,~blle to CUlt the wire Blnld ma/iintailril the' ecnsct tenslon lOI

I 1 ·vent touch . '~"H~ Ciontaot.s,~





'UI U· .. I:"

I ,. •

- I





Ch 1. O'i[ i'n e g, a 9 is gene:l"a ted w~l.e u eh llo'ri.n~

bl~'ach is '!II.lx.ed wit.h Bod-i'lIm ·biaulfat.e (Sanl~ Flus b) ~ PQ'UJ; a can ,a.f Ss.'ni- Flush in a be,king panj and l~vel off the top of the pile. P~nch a hoi. n~Ar the bottom of the plastic bleach

jl us and . p·t s,c,€: the jl \\1& in the: cen'ter of' the

pan', A st e ady eIood of ga s will be g,@oerated " the actual ~uratlon depending upon the rate of bleach flew, If it 18 necessary to direct the gas toa sp~c1fie area~ the generator ,can be coV'e:E'edl wi t'h an, airt.ilht. top fitte·d. w'1th a

hoae a


. Hand gr,enades and antip,e'rBonel laln,e,g 'can

~e .. e.as1il. Y-. _ .. nd._o.hea~lY _ (!Ol1st:~.'~,t.ed, from. ·l'~ly.J, i(!a'l:~r" 'caati.n.g reB In.. auto body p·utty. A!S .and

fV',C pi:p,e ,j p!e-:xigl d 9 ,9 •. vacumn fo:rme~ ··9 ~-Y'rene she'i!'C et,c.. Tl1e,se. 'pi,ststic devices won I·t 'p·t"oduce g,hrapnel f'ragment,s or ~on~ussig.n,s equal to the powe'r o.f conventfenal, bombsi. but tru!j' 00 have two, uniqlue and noteworthy' fel~t-t_;'::eg;, they .'re botb nQ;~ 'me t aliI e. and ~-:- r a, ~. t' ,£I, ~l. spa i',en t ..

The· firs t feature allows th.le;~e d.evices, to be earri,erJ. ,thr·oush airports,.. g:Qvet:'nment build ... iugs and other ,controled areas ","herre a IBsghometar cheek might be encount~red.

, :t [PO 8omb"'rna de .f- :rom p,f e t h raa ded . p 1 aJ:5 tie i"u b e

The ·inability to d,et:eet_ :plast!!.e. f:r.agments 'f~ j, t h "X .. - rays will r eq'u l'r.e ·tba t e'.l~h .frB,~e:~~t. be pro'bed .for and will complicate suraLcal

t res tment.

MOlrt~ r BO!1!Ib-ea s't, ha I v.~s moJ dl til n d J ol n t oge' U~i!: r



Plasti~ shr8pn~1 flll~r can be coated ~ith p,ols·o·n. b_e,fo"l"e, it l.s· added, to the \:tomb to 1'11- cr,e·ag,e the k.ill [ate .of the expla'B [on ~

I ,





irnple TEST' Jor Accuracy of YOUR RIF

it . m_ ''jil.AJ\~- ... " ....

Pi ~F:lt· lH.S·CS "....,."...-/-,{

' .. HEE'l PLACE.D 10- E T tU!J~. F 0 IR ~f'E sr

TO' t e !Il" OJ,fl:'U ea C',,', ti it (!I is Ui 0 ,IUNI UHf nit b I O,(J,~ ~ as in 1)1'~iO'.:Q ~l}olv~ .. nul d·I['.i1nd r~~' at r·hdl't.. A :!!IJ.'{bdl i ~ fi r.E,ltl ,ilt' ~:I t:g,I]!'t; du~n :~: ttl n ; s rev 0 ~ ',:'!r,d 4-0 ("li." '~H.l _ deg~,e;e'~ ItQ ·ri~bt. ,,~'~,d' ~eh~ .iill't:i'.~ _Ul0't'F.U~·t' ~hQt f r@,d.. .AU buHel!5 :~lnH~ 1"11 ~u;ilke 5j1ifn~' ~p 0 t .: 1. f:' d~ ey 0 ,·,~t·~ :oi.I),~, 11:~ ~e,C U n~'(:)' :j ~ 'j, n ~~ i!C., it ed.,

'CO'I]] pa (' ad 'We' \:J"t-II: ~,~t .gpeed!. 3 re tesited 'b r g,~'vr€e _ ~~·o WI] ,jd"Q'v',e· iUl.d i fa dl.'~w~nc ,m_1t le,ft,~ T'wio d:i;:dtsj, ,5JtNIJCed a p,att (tilt sh:~"f ~~ ,~'re d ri.'\\"en bf' j]nQt~ ir~ 6,y I til;!,t· Ii red ([III;'D'Ll g.b fir:slt l'evo:1 y'lu,g d b,1t s'i:trike'l !t:l:ie Seif'!L](flU:I. whi,c'h l1ia8. ,8dvan~:@d sUghdy fa~ t,b.ei" enab nne: compQr'.~8!o!n ,to be tllad,~,,,

1. u~p 111(; t P Q we·[ to ( 'c~ rtd diEes 0 f v iu:..lQU.S _ ~n~ ke,9i ('3.m) h,e .h.~'U d ity' te.~itftd by 'Il.,.! I bUlPle I1li,eltho,d .

. sbo",·i!·'" 11",.!u· .... , A .... :·,. lI_il"""; li_. ,Iifii,f" he ,,,. ... d' .-

•.... II!~ lt~'Y!IM'!r.,!P. ~l ~II,'!U' ,~ ~ ',' iU!Ii.· ~

."~ oo,d .1 s p I.;!'i,c·e d 0'0 du! edge '0'£ ~. b'DX_ .;lnd. bullet ~ d i~,charg'ed i:u h) i ~ f.tQ1tt. iJ u niJo fDl~ di s-

. C " + if/I' ~iI

~·~Ul:ce,. • .. IO~ll:pa.rupo.tJ. .151 ,allll: 0 I'U:il'

~:d bt _ Ih e:~ ','a "yhl s:: d:i~ i:i,l n;!i;;eSi th e b 1.0 ck wi, II 'f, @ 1il:ro'W!l1

I ."J .. ' ~I·'d. ,- . - - -h .11' . . - . ed

!<'r ,~c,ll, ,[ _ ~ '~~ 'e.r iC 11 II 5 . e I, $. ,~I'[ Iii!! u~,c:. "'

lo,:rNE.llS of [".1 Iles en u pu] them through

. '. / iE" jf~, 't f C'"II I" .i'li 11 ., 'I; 11" ,';'1 C· ,. t :1" .t '" ~~ ~ 'i i ,n, iL,'. I ~' ~ 'Ii; "V III' I ,I iii II S";, C" 'U"', f

_ EL-'''''' 't" ,I II·,I.L( ll~' I L!JJ. '. ''l I, II ~ ~. '!t_ I~ 'l L"J [I ,~ ~, ~ ~ \.. . .. . . , . ' .. '.' , .

shuule j nl1JI~OViSl~{l np ~)nl'a~ us.

J 11 the t es l [".0 r ~.H'·C urn t'" " .. .; the run e i s set

\-1-1 .~ 1,"" 1 " iIfl , .. ~ ,I I :1 I'! ·U. i ji" "\" ~ 'I ,[ .. v :~'11 ill ' Ii ~ l L'" ~.,. ~l·1 n ,r _I.)·~ 10' . C··"!i ~.~ S:I !i11i f;'

~Jti . .r'1.JI (A .H . .I!.cl .~ ' .• ~ ~!I;"".''I.... il~l'\.. ~,~ ..... h., '(,!!h"

shown In lhe pho!u. IJI'oc·t\s such. ns are us (~' d. i n 111 a e hi II e s. 11 n , is n r c ii d e a L, i r n vn iJ - uhl e, 'hut cnr cf'ull ,~," cut ,\\Tontlen blocks w l U Iunrti on w el L. 'J~~U_",,·~t~ hlocks HI"r' moun led nu l he cud of n hour d i: u such I1J wnv thut

!O -

'1 II e u a r re [ 0 r th e .~ u u '\ v i 11 '1'" {\ s! I In. th e m 0 u a

t- 1'··'lIl"ii '~'iJ ~' 'il (." _ 1') 11 {J' 1Ii"i"~" i[! s h f'ii II 'I 'I .:':Ii 11 JI,iF~ '1 'Ii 1i, 0" 1; iii II'~ I ;i;~ ,(.'1 ~Ili ;f:i

. . !It, 'lA ~ II! . ..i~, ,Il, !1'll 'II' ,) ~ '. 'Ii •. ~\ !! 'J 1;, to' I, III . ~ III. 1 II ... I !II. It: IJ ~ . ~ iI mJ I It,._ . I ('I~, ~'"Ji

close to the ce n ter or t. he board us I)Ossible, i n l i '~l e' ':\T i l t l a '( n 1:" ~: t_li l a 1. t 11 t_li 01 t II ere n t I ...

I\lolUl:[ fh e g.u n . and fi.["e' a s'h 011 ft t 'lll1~ t nr ~(1 t., rr',~1' i.~ t ~h C 1).r1 t~r'l~ 1i 4: 0 O;'lci' ,5,0 d. (_~,~u~cc'S.~ to 1"'1 ~h t a 111 ,tm. J eft, fU'" ('( nut ~~' fh l~ 1~tC'S tt'~ Is. II t 11 {~ 'h~u"rcl is aecul"al("., o1ill).~ one 'prrfec't 1.101 c g'hou1 (1 resu1 t, O,~er" :.qrpin.g tdg'es ~n.·e IJl'"OOr

·of an inneetn~ate ~lU1 tH~1"rct.

'rhc l)o,vel~ t'{~~d, (tlsi(.',d I]y e·x·l)e'I.~ts) re~'

(Jlllr,es nolhi ng J;.,lll n 'h1loclt of IIC'n,\',ry '''''000'7

19 .. ···3'6··· .. ·

.. ,: :.t .....

pluce d 0 n n he edge of a box as shown. ()uall~ty of curtridges can, easily be comlHlrt~d by dilf'ercnt makes into tile block Irorn a uniform distance, at close range, and noting the varying . distances

.. »: l1 ich the .b I,OC]i is 1\:1] ocked by the bull et

impuct. -

Poor nmmunit lou is shown up in still another 'Lest [lor' bullet speed. A high-speed motor set 11,,) to' dri ve two cardboard (1 is ks, in the In 9 nuer Hlustruted ~ '\~11l ell the disks nre rcvol vi H.g and a bullet is, :U[!O,c'(1 at rl.gllt angles to their 1)13110' of r,ola'lio,'u, it w ill :p ass through each disk, but there ""11.1 } ~ e :a 'l i nl e ilt'l,er,rn I '~:u~t"veell fIle lJ'u Ilet ~s ~ll~i.l{lilg tl~.c, .first (lislt a'nd tile seco,11.l1 on~~' (1,lu.~in8 '\vlliclii. tilll'e ·t.lle sec.Q·l.),,(1 dlslt l),as n nl trrnll y t~."n ve lc,t] fa.'l, causi n,g t:l~ e 'bl'll-

;u; ,Ii- '1 O' !L:' 't 't'l'; 1." C'!iI; I~ ·t n t-' 1If,1II1-1 ? ,tl' v· .. ,t) 11'] C···-· 'e- : if'J . I)'! o· . ~ l'~ ·t· 'I~ o· . :' 111

Ii;., Ii. ...~ II it .\... . i[:J; '!U,·" _ (!~, - "''!l.Ji ... _ 't.J. J:i.'3'. ., .. ,Ii ..

",,.·ll,icJl eu:n. b'e '"'c'd b,~r I'U1cnns lor f'odiul ]1 in.I[~s. g':n 'Ih.e· cHrd·bon.rd~. ·l--ll.esf', 0.( CIOllrs.e, in tIS t b(~ I tn,c,d tIl) tu~~ fore fir i Ilgl -

P'OOR ~LAl\I" S JlA,MES BOlfD 'Vol. 2 '9

Slingshot U sed as Gun by Expert Marksman


, .

•• -.----- _ 1- ••• ' •• _ ••••••••••••• - "-[I

" "

•• '1"

T IWO p,rel; ~ r as iI'f.' l elt s .mO'IW s,lin,I'S ,'l,ot jjl!,Qj" • .,."'" In ilil!1rJ .'i"h']~',l·e:,,,,I.nIg cl C:,;Y P';'~'iIl: ilH:I. A,b (;I,ue'j t,l'te (!!.t:pe'l' f

RIO .I~ ~';(j " ',t t, ,iI" - IL_ J

~ ~,K.I' ItS ,ilie,;i' ,r T'O"11 'C:';j:.g !iii:!" W,.!II it pe ~~e' t ; ,p;~. It) W,

tn'~iFJ,g ;C'l.r'eitr.l ,a~,u

Accuracy with a sll,ngsho t that rivals trie ks performe d with a pistol has 'been developed by a Tennessee rnarksmari. U slng a sllngsho t eonslstlng of' a forked stick

rI- . '~-'u - - 1 1 - 'h-

. . . "":,r _. : - • - '. ;.' -il I, ~ . .,... I.· i·",. -

an 1..\\1 0 stout I un ,.' (H- bands" te shoots tl '_ e

--, . h f-'" .'-', . .' .-__ 'I}' '] 11~. ,." ._,.,).,., - " 'L~

as"]" rom a C l19'lCl in someone, s mo LL ~1 ~

h . its clay p.ige'ons thl'01J;..''11 Into the air, 01'" Iights t\VU rna LcI'l{;~'S by SLl· ~,kil1g them with a pebble, He makes a Iiving partly 'by hunting, an d beasts that h'e has never brought in, a. wounded ,dueT, since he alw a :r~s h wts thetn in th e bead ..

POPULAR MECHANICS FEBRUARY, ~940 Bur,gta,r ,Alarm F'iru's Ca,rtridge

Thieves are In -£'0 hi a sur ... prj se ]f they' "t,']I"Y to enter ,9 door or window equipped \vith a rtew bu rgla l" a131'1]1,. The alar'm fires ill .32,-G,a.libel" blank carti-idge. A s p r h ~~ g .. ac ttl a.te,d 1. eve r is released bv mcvement of a thread; door or window, and ,i ts po. inlt,ed e n ~1 s tt,I. kes th€ 1) r i In, e r of the 'CUl"trklge, Taar-ga sea L'tri dges ean a Iso 'be 'used ~





Hit.Man's S. enced,.22


' ... ' .1 .•

, 'I'

,'. :

. -, _" ,_.

the' 28, ,and 'bt hoUowe60Ul II," 'tbat ~ and, rip, aput or'

W .. I-., • victim iI'-ti"JICII 1'iI~ -_. - .... " - UM;!Q,!U,a-' ~".' ,~",&,Uv. N~'_We'

baJ·, 11Btit&· .

• : 1 ",

. • . ... I

kI at.,. ,.".81, 'iDltlDees to t.b. ,mob PlII1I' tba;t, II beUeved to ..... . 'been .".,hal'!l·· fM' ttle lIWiIII two -"'~.-- B'vu.e,OD .'_' "'~.' .' ,--- . , .. AIIi.....,.,.~··· t' . '.' i'beadI J8UI" ,UUUUWl!:UoOU.·, .eGPpet .-+

'IttiI:ere' . tiled bu'·· t m~ Of·· .' .... - bit·

-,..- " . . . I VII...· > • !Ir.U.C

. "" F ~t.-, ._ _. _ __ .

'Qetiim bav. .left '. baHIstia IniI. bJ .

'N" . J-, .... ' -j' ....... ,0.11 N"" y. · .... 'Ir .... -

" ew enet lUlU . ew ·.W~ lI.uf

AW 6i1l1i11'l'i16 .1i.~~ ~~tI-..;I...... ..... "'11.10',. 'lM;Dfti ~~~ ~~ ~I~ ~~ ~ ~ .~ ~ . ~

1io..~ beea. :t .. ~ -., "'1' ,OElln1iQ: ti1d: _"'~I ,'" -~ IU'~~ 'IV !II-UJ._ "'~~I . . _ ,-_

'~er_ '''I'M'

TIle Ill.,.. GI II!1e 'mob' IUd . oUten ,_ 'tOe .tI :M ,.' ,muLIer.' ~ "~'nnn 'W' ,81"', reeen+l,..., .llDIIU1t1d ,~~:-1..-~ ~,~Mt~I:~ ~ ,GeOr. :u' .....

~;z WJliI IIiIV&I:'I"IJ;1oIVU ¥"Ij, .. . .. ".' '''',

tDI'DieI Gamtt 'Ia Muml, 'Garmt.

:U UMtciII:,: ·oI.I·Okrah\t ,G.nle ,crime' la'mily aOIdier~ 'iii. beeD

n.a.d'f'I'~:""1I :di./I!i_II;..vl!l,n~\A;'lf- _lIi!ft,a, ..

~llkttsefor~_~ ~~ I~

. .". k;tU mclud.ed ,I LUler4:),PI ,~tmDatte .2t a sUeJlcer. aod ~

6"6. -..... 'W- .... '-)1 ..... M,"'~;ft. '.1;,; ..... mtn .... 'C.,e,· .'. ~-V~W~~e''''_

cowd ba fired: • pulIldDg Dear the .

:.,_,_,J1jl1 . ,'.-""M '·:he·' -:n 1'. Jtlli!I':a~ a'IJ;~"

~"Ue '~"" VI . y ~~t - - .

~---, _..' arrelted ... "~ ~~~ ~~ - . - .. ~ ~~

ha.. htJI ~UD~~ .",,--d- ...: ~ederal'·· I.I~ A1eOboI':--:-h~;I-~IDd- . '~PtrI' ...

'I)" -, . [' ..,',"_ - _. 11.".' .. -. - .'. ~: . ". I .'.-

~~: : ..... ·'~U·· ''',t:t. 'D'· 'Ai' .. weft q-

.. u.a UUJI15a ~ . .ur.. ... . ...

... _ .... ,~ii ... ~ . '1ililllt-- rt~,' '. . UoQU.C"~ D __ ~ UI, ~~ ... 1.

E tits 'WIle 'belIeMd, ICdd to Ute

. _.,'k ~

. GuIeH..IlOw--'iI ' .. __ • m"·~oI_"""',V'"

4;..Ii_ ~ ,jilo._ 'alIA caa 'be iboJ_ awv-IP U& tI.;UI!;I! D'- ,,'.'.' : _,~.

.. h ..... tn allft. IUirI:I iUOUad tile'

""~DM_ ,D __ m' .,~- .'--. -;-'-' eI~-

_tIOD. ID, Me1CO or :Irma fOMll·

~ .. '. 'man, ~.~".

IimllH·weapord lor ' - .......

- I I.. _."_ I, "_ ~rr~

""I"~ ~'IHA ;a.,.. &~', ~, . iNUft"..- ..... "

,l.1I ''I'i''~' • II!Ii .... ~~~

ia......,~... "Igh ~. AiI'i'PI~

1.IIP.&1~ ~00T~'Ii::lIi' ~.~~~

... ~ ·.·all!ablU~". pWIcI IICltINe

a.n~ .,. 'l!'41t. ~


. A 1IIeactr,... be .... -. '.

I .. 1";: '-~ ~\lt· '.'",~ ;:.:--.:~

._ IPII!'VJI 'Wf' IIA&.. 1MI.1Dl._.. ...,...

lI_n.. 1¥.labl8.· :wiI_ ....

ab];e to ~~ - It.. - .-~ . ,t ftom .

" . ", .... : .... ~v"':iU&" :;d!DI • " • r , ..•. .' .,u' 10

~~·I"".&~dtii'li.s ;ft. q.~.6i":"'"

........... ~-~ va .~ _ ....

r--'- .....




' . ...",....

;, '~if!\

i ~


,i' I,

I i

1 I I I

.. , . e- ... . ........... "k":' • th ti UD . " ... fd ;110"-'" - "r -' br.oJ the '

, 'T~h hi syst.e m WOUI,iiJ lie' luet~er" as'." e U': ··.·n wou,_~, : ',.' · W YOIIJ 'Q OOft, I' . _. i'.' : .

;: n urn bar cd ,shots, 'Ureel.. ,Send as- a pnoto If an yo ne bu~td. on.8 ltast, 'work's. . '

. ,

I - 1~

~ ~ ...... , .. , ,~~ ....... '~,

. I -

o :

, .' I'




ffa :


=. I

:1 ....... _181-

I •. ,.~!,

_, , ..... - .. ' if;


~.-,- ... ,.,--~

.I~ ~. _

- - _'-

_ , -

_, "!I!ii _ -

( ,


be ,e~iiJIft I n a,t-ed ,I n c'ne' 01 the th fee 'ways:

A,. ,Sian cla.ra ,ar!l'liM,Un I t Jon willi not prod uce a cra,ck ,II t:1 red In weapOirns W'! t h shCH1e,n ed barrel,l. '1he bu nn~ i n g powder 1,8 unable' to generate the n eces,sary pressure to drJive the, bu II It ·faster-'t,han. 112t) f . 'p'. ,9.

,Of a.1I 20th cent ury . smal~ I ami$; f I rffi n'l) '" . Th,l, .nalAdslit e I,auer UI. m ost B. ShnUa .. ' ,ra,au~l:s, are o:btal ned wUh

,devel'oplm (lnlla t the ,t ir'earm slhancer II PfOAOU n'c,edl 'I ~ lam I an d, t'!J~I,' aute- standard ammo when it' Is '1 redi

ptro'babl y the most 'm y,sl,mtoo s and the, maUe 'weapons'. ,t hrouglh a co nven.t ~:o'n..1 :Iengthl barrel

, h' ~ tha,t' ha., ha'd ,a sedes of "UA~'" boll --,

,laUI u nders.tood. I ",vented In '1908, by Some no II;B' aI eo .scapes 'I .. mug.: I. - - .. .. .• I. as

Hi i ram M axlm ~ the, 1'irearm $11 an,oer w'_ '1M 'un I ,o<ctsd 'bieiltn - area 'ot 'these driUed, ,.h)n.; ,I t. 'l.n'g~Jti. 'heBe hoi IS

f Mi' r I .. 'I .... iii" t" , t' A" b ~t' '11 1"11 ~ i II :~ f!!ld ce " iDleed off a p,orUo'n of :th1J ip. rona~laJm

one 0 _. ax ma ear Y' ,QOfhiJl1 .uU,Lon s' ,.Jl aur ,os. . -: _Oil. SiC 'lion 'r e w. . Ip'_.' ~. C . IP;O""

the f'i s'ld Of: nOI~8·e: po~ I uUon cont.m:l. ~B,y Idt Ie I f' an~y' mechan:tcal no,1 sa ' when gB.s.~ aQaI n :reduc:i ng buUe\ 'Speed ~

the 193081' poachers '- g IAgster,s,! stri k8~ 'I'lli'm ,and ne so u'nd EUtcapaS fFCim Ihe: C, A spec 181 :m: Uder toad 'm,IY be

breakers, al1d stickup' men - had made, breech ,are •• , - . , uSded 'I'n unB~'terad wea'pons~ 'These

'~~8nence~~ a dirty word~ The sUencer Contrary tow'hat: you: see on N,t the are" re'ferred te as, su!b, :sonlc loads;,

had beoo.rna so steeped i n ~ ht rl Que the ,rev'O Iv·er 'I s not au nimbi. r for· al1i'ene&t These ro U rids eontBi n IIBBI powder

'it w'as In,c~lu:ded in I,he:, rastr~cUve use. ConstdMabie 'nol., ;Is-aenerated enid do' not pr10pai bldls,te te super

;i~del~t:ruct"i!."(:Ievlces"~ oat'egory ,of ttl:e by the' gas e.cBp~ln:D ',r0'l11' 'U,e ,gap 80,n~c" speeda~ Some semll and! h,dl

Nat~ - nal iCI: - - . A.. f' 1" ftf:!li.oiil S'I ~h k;llli I d i'i d T auto, we. i!l_ 'i"'iI;r;.. n. :'.;II:I!.-,:, 'n~.iICIi.~··e d 't',IO.' ~e .. " ,a lita.·. , ~. to

," .10 I' .'. IJ""ltrearm ",to, 0" J.~~,.~!nce! OIi:<t.,.,_n, t. uarre I an" e,y~ n er,.. -0 ... ..., liP ~ _ U Ii 11;1'. ="-I

1934 r'iOSUS8 i 15 . ~ til;, 'th ~ I' i fun etton . ra~ i'8bl,y'" ,'W I th 8ubson I e

.' - ~ ~.. ." "n t use, O.r ml8n U· '1R8:"e me ",ere. W04"$8'1' . 'o,se m' n'

"'act URI' 9f 8, 8tlenc. ihas bHQ ',a aU sneers! ,a, ~oup IIEiI of 'inches I o,n'g~, are, roulnS 8 ~ I ",

:aar'ious felon.y Ii Silencer, Pfl8seSI,I,Q,n 'a twiscted j'CHce '1M n,." :parl ,of ,. n ad d it I 0' n ~t 0' ee mm eire' ta II! Y

for p rlv8,t,le 0 il'~ t te,ni s', i,s e u ;(ren', I:)", Ho II;ywood prOl!'fm-en,. ' , : prod uced 'ar1d ~ederaUy "sgtll;lted

re8l,ileted. to, t.hoa-a who 'caR meet the I In add I IJ!o,n to no:l.I8 ItiJllppre,luil'on ~ a Ilen,em~' severa'i othee types ,are

to; h:",.',1 n;g NQ!u II~m8Ata ~ t.h's forward :preS,g,UM (If' 't tie 13,11 fn ·;the ,ava,llable': ..

1 ~ Pay a $2(1) FederaJ Tran I'fer Tax. an sneer equ al,llles I'nd v I rtu.~!I" 1 ,. ~mmemlal un,l"l$' smugg"ed 'ft

2 ~ iRecelve' t~n sfer approval, _ :lto,.I~ ~nm, i nates, the, reeo i I' experi,eneed _:1111 fro. at ~:. countries.

ttle Federal Buteau of: Ah~oh(dt u:nsHencad weapons .. ,A giUenter al,so 2. Underlgu)'und "p rod oetion, in do-

Tobacco;, and Fbear'ma j (A iF) doubles as an e"feet i'Y8 fl a:sh hider fib-r mest Ie f,ICI,oties. . ,

3. CQin' Y wIt h a~ I sta,te ,and loeal: n igh,1 ,Ill-CUlt ina" 3;; ,I n d iivi!d ua,1 hI pr'o d U(H8d 1 h ,0 me

,rea_trlc,t I Oft:s on al~en car IPQssa,lsio,n ~ 'W~len a a,ller. cer i 8 used on a h tuh mlQ,de $~; I eneers ~ , _

SIlsneer production Is restrlct.ed to' lloweA!d f I ,~a,nn I the s uper$,orn: te cralck 4. ~ m:provi ,sed or 0 ne shot iM I sneers ~

horders of a $500 Federal FIrearms experl,enQ1ed wUh these 'wBapOn:B can ~)(_amp~li'e8 of. this, last 'l)"p,e ot' st~en'cer

Stamp thai desi,gna"tes t.he.!' as .·-- .... _IIIIii-iiillll--Illiillll-IIIIIIIiiiIII-· -~IIIIII!!IIII!I!~~ __ -iIi!!i!!-_-_-_.--l!III!!!IIIII_IIII!!I,". ..... _

''II~m an- U '·'Ii!lI,..t I, j iI".ICIr8'. _II - ..... ,ae .. ,P'Ii ijlllj.· UiI!!ii' d'

, : '.1 . :g.v _ "iP.!1~"ii' ' U. U~~"'I' 'Io!!I\"!'iI; I TV "e,..


,I n g eneral1, tne modern COinm erclal $* I enCer is a meta~ I ubet 1 l: n'eh 'to 3 I n'ches in d ilam,eter an d about a fOO'l I'ong. The tube ~'B m Quntecl on the m u .uJe en d of the barfEd and Is al~ ~''''n.d

11 ; lO'

w,1 t.h the ,a~ds ,of' he bor:e .. te .. 'UU3 Ijiltlet,

tr~Yil!18 down" the exact' can'tar oi' the, fllbe. ,'The flront of the' tube il' wHh an end phltet t he center 0" which

bas a hoi e' ih at :ts" sll'g hi I y ~arger than

the d i'ame1,.,t of the b u Illet to be PI red '.

Th,e ·1' nte rI 0 r 0" the ,allan CEIl' tube con tai,ns ,a, SG'rles of ba f flea and cha!mbe'r8 wh, catch and delay' the rap~idly esea,pi n,g ga,.,s produced by

the propellant. ,powder ,as ii,~ bum s ~ 'I

'The ,major SGIU n» ,ot 'Q u'n blas,t' and! , : " ,; r

",015"8 f'rom ,CQnvtnU ona~ W,.PCH!UJ ,is '",' '; ,

thi $ ,esea:p.i'rng 9 as starn m ~ ngl ,i nlo tillS: ,atmosphere iJ po n exJt i ng tli e bafre~: '.

The remal:n~ng sou ren, ,of gun no,l~e

,U's as' "oUo"':·.· S· " .

. ... w .

A,. ,A su perea n ie orac k Is p,roduc'ed if the bullet, rea'chea a s,',n~~"" g"II'\iD;: ·t· "

. . ... .. .. ~~ .. I~a er I'

than 11.20 "feei per 8ecorild ~ the I

speed ,of sound,. '

B'. M'echan'i,caJ no; I,se 1,8, produced by Ih e f u nct;lon i n g' ,of' t,he weapo n u po n

. I I

_. _. -_ .. _ ... -- - .. _- ~ .. - .. --

. _. . - -- - - ..... . - - _ .. - . - - . - - - . _. - - . _. . -

'I; ,


, 'I


This ie what ,.ou See on T\t! ..

.. . - - -

_... . ..



, ;

. ,

•. ! .

, .

B IUlt ,t h 1:1 'ls c'lo',ur 10 the tru1 h .. '

'POQ,R MAN' S JAl'fES 'BO:ND' Vol. 2




..... -.:' ',',

•• ,:.vr" "",' ~,'

.... ', .,'. " ..

• ~ • I

.' .. ~ . , . ,

.i' .' '~"':"" ,,'

I -, • ~ Oil ~.

. ..:-,

l,ns\ta~1 the' ,bafUe aBsern~ly' in,to the ~oul,er tu be. Tlhe'· 'frO:li'lt 'i:)JI,ffll. (en~ cap) sholul'd. be ,reo_sad

about 1/1 €hl nch, 'T' 'h';a, .'i'!i ;i!l,;il!I; __ , ~;A_ •

~-~-" ... I'i~ I@i -.v._gr-r.~ ~

tween. the W_nSFS ;m"., , ~ 'flll~

• I 1. ,_I ;".- •• _ ~ __ 'I ~ 1 __ .~I

wllh ,s;teet .wool or Iro,lls 01 brass

s_creen: befo~' I n:s'~.all~no ,1.11 the, out-at ~t liI'be,. ThII, is ,o.ipUonai ,81, there, la ,SJQlfT!Ie d j,saQ'.reemenf ,albou. the v,at ut!' ,of these mabuilh. ,IS baUl1 n g deY11ces '. SO~d!e, the baJf,f;8 as:gem Ibl')f' in p~ace,. .

rne Iw'n lrem 1,1 nina . wasn~ers ,are U8~d a8 t:t~lrie mtto unling ass.mlbl:,~, The 'front wi.her Is :modUIBd 10 Ililp ,over n~e barrel and qst 81 ,a

po I r-t I;Urec:11 ~ beh lad ,the ffJOn., I~ahl __ Ie. ""a, *lul'r., ,..min,; ..... rU It n'lI ,..~ IIIIIIVI. ,jIII!iUi.l· ·I'k.·. 1Ij-.-".

. • I 'W .. ,I ''!!;iI!!'I1 t -e I ~ "',,_ ~" .",' If,,"".

~ .Meh U,. dilamet.,·- ot· ",e birr" ., t:tI:II-1pglnt' A: cui out Is . m,. ..n the "her'l:o IIIOW lit·to ' - III P D,Mt the, a"h'l t),.,,;' "Tihe

.. a,h. I, now .,I~pp,,' ,g.v., th. ,

barr.el ,and turned 1, 80 dea~ 'If th~' .above· W8I· don·. p·roP8fj!Y. ltie" Wi811 .• w'i.1 ~ ·be hlld' frem h::'rward movamen I b~ tt14 lil,ht .11 ... Th .. ~., Qf ttl. ..,.1· wiU rnven,t ~t ' from, mO\'t" ,t to ·the ,..r,~ ~

51.e.; as - ' ..... '


The: , .. ur "'.""'lr t. now· [no'tc~,1d .Ind dril'led untU it Wl~il slide ,Oftlo

t~t D ~Irl ·.n'~ Com,. 'to I,t • po ,I nt 1/1,. h1Ch.. iln. fr:o nt 0' 'the

.. mlark on t.b,~ b"_'" Tl~,ll' wa.h. d~n·1 lock, ent,o an~' h[~ "'g 1 ltr r'u n~1 ion,s, .. 1- rear i u ppart en ~.:f. ..

111'de the .11'lfiIcer over. '.he - baml I"don,ta the' t.r .• ,hsr. it .~o,.d. 'Jiltenet, 1. J;. 'nett _O,",d the w, ..... ~.r~, SoI·d.r t.h, ·w •• n. to' thl ,Uencer .. 'n, Comglitea' .I'~ •• ncer/,mou,n, ·.'I .. mblY~can now n' I n.rat lid: .... ft, rem.o,ved 'I n

't_ ... 'Q4",~, _ .' F?~"'~'_ , " .. ,. - ,_ % WE

. ,.ID ;, ~ . -'. '. : ....

·n for' "18m .• ' r,.aan tht :.nLenc.r " . 'not·1 fir conlCl ~~Inm.,t ""In i'n,'I!' _II.,"~··- 'It .. _ ~m.J 'r "M ".:t.J,u •• ;, CI .... 1 th. aU" ·1ft~1O,., ._.' fl .. ', S,iI"" dow", th • .'II~c. lind" · ... ~d it ',fntq" - ""pit ~1IQnilll_' ~ WN I,~.

h.~I:no ~ft_ to,' ',:':.-, !fI, ,.a joJ"t, 01 -u ••

tWa"·': m,,' ,ou:iI!iriI W" '." .... ', .

.. .'. I _ ~,., ;_',}:__ .• -'W. .

_ • _ _.' .'_ -- u~- ..- ....

"rep-Qed. at tne fur of th4 barN ... Continu,. t'o wrap '.:M tape unUI boU, (olla. ·ar. a Inuig fit ,_.,h., the tUlbe is puah,cl"onlo thl' _,..I.'t

au d. I h. rTH!)U'M tulM onto tift' lbalire1

. -.~. ~ " _. ·f. . •. ~

untH'I:n. rear chlm",I., cU,r8GU~ Q,ar' tbe

~ea1' r-o'~! 01 'th II \,ap. ~ T.gntEfn 'the .... r' c;timf),' \II it ~ a .penn, a,r SCI"eW·d,Ji'fer .. Th:e 'tube' 'I, now ~n' .'most perfect

,a'i ~g ~M.r1t w'"- Jhe i_rrell., '

. Ttl, •• ,Uen·c·. ts- now .t .. ped in IWo

,lac .. to n-t i I it. I a allO '. 'In ug f~t In the· rube. The "ront ct ~mp Iho'uld corra .• ,pond to, U,., fro nt ron 01 tape on

the .I lIen'cer " ., .

Th i I m oUlnt w'lll not I nlerl1e,. willh t,,,. aUght _patter:,,1 ,on. scqpld' I' ririe,

~u, I'ig:h~. m u.,t ,be h;staned f·or U H ,on a·bi"dgun4.

Sighte. ..... ., be fabricated from ml·"l or pl.Ue and _d~ ar .,poky·ad :In p·l·ac .. , . A,.ady m" •. de

g·omtnllr"C;ial •• ghl, may .~"o be 'uaed ..

When ~h. "",oil nt II com,p~lat"' :It may be bt.-cl. p.lnted I or ,co¥~ with black plaslic 'I.".,



"'~IT"L OF CW$,

~LI' ,.un I";' ~,i8, ...

• 'r'" Iii 3Iv""" I; ~

See finis'hed sile,n·C@'.r next 'page.,

CJ.rIioWa ~

.. Add ,III' to t",.e~, ( 8n to "I ) and i nli til!ll I 1; ti!\llO· IIDre WIII::IiM.i".,;


__ , -- -- -


An • {U;!!xpeO'$' f ~t ',. ,cQr.p4i!'eU'1, i 'I!:nt t ~nd

'I eg a I poc~~ t 'W88',PQA, 'Da s~ '~' 0"9 'been' ' known I: n the gu'~ se Qf' t:h' orcUnary hr"i:I"~ifi:i.u..1 d' .-e ~ ,~. !II' ·:~·r I!I, H'.iI!!i.-: ',! r -. t h ' .', -:'

.,,",,'IiI 1l!'",1,""", ;111,..1: :;!I.II''W" • 'iJIII"!J'I;;Y II .' iI!!!: new

'f 0 l dl 1'19' t 'YiPe' 't~ . $ it,I' h.1 es '5 '5 t,ee 1 Wortt r U$ t I"f' gd~ '~e" ~we it ~ at. eCftPac 'Ii. ~ . .

. handy !!II f l' ,t a", bu·d ge t .t unde,r $) i and t- hey _ re .~,. ,I i ali'I'rI!:: from' raGS t ,iI";Y

( t;,.np i n.9 I' h. rdwa,r'e Ii 0 r' d I' "COLI n't s ~o,re •

l' Hos t ~lmpO r tan if;l '!r' ill - t he' -fa l' d1 "g' ::r:'eat uf::e ~ i n$l;J,r'C S ,.gt tin,! t i li:lcl~ Ci'V~ rl.n t, ~m'l s.'d_v~'''' t U f e!'S $ouch. IS. 'C.I!!! sit 'r!! t '\On 'o,r d I s~.m" i ...

'k.:.. ...... ~ -" t WhI' _ ... t:ll' .-II. .",J k'i

~!II!Q' men" ' ':"," en: :=!'. 'II:. , ,II 051: iLfOWfll q~ c," ' , Jt ~ ~

,( ~ t !PI, 1;. ~ot, 10 ~'bl!!:: YQ'u~1I'" !Own "~'J:. ~ ~'T ~ •• dange rCru's - eUHem~ j,b~ 11 eye I'IJI!.) '. _ W~:t I's -

• _o" • "'~:;".:: I I h I r •. L ••

~Ire "'. t.~e:,· 5hftu'~~. fMS5 !-,;~tI$:t!!!:r -it .i8J ,IPO r to'.... pO 1 i 'c,b ~ hak:e4~ s' • Wh.1 ~'e:

I I··



FI na I'h~iI the i If" use ,s. iI'S!r'iIIl i

.... &1, . it hrow 1 lig a ,pUA~,"'''';_, IlO r:e· 'i' mpq r' t'.r!"u~ . I thlln Qne ,. [ght l:n Ill'itk .' 'A we,pon f '$ . Milly !!HSi, I~ -a s' one' s '411b ill' t'l t,o' use

I t unclieT s t res:s '. ·H~fii~. ill - top notch .

pi Silo 1 !,~t :nr.a [$ Mhe!n .'Ii.t~ to if! iSiS, . tar'gels KroSS. t:he Ir·~ .,due· to t:~,

;i ";yO 'llHl iUIlf"Y" thee I 'i Ii'" ~ .,~d II~CU l'iII r; .

t,lIn, S• '~,-,".','.' .'· ..... Il!iill; ill' 1:.,' ,n"'ld.· ~ ..... i 1"." ~ "iIIod'" ,;:" ,

. --:'......... I!'!', .... ~~ !I ., ~ ." ~,~" ~~! ",~' ,

. st:ren5!!S1' ~ - J IU$ t L P ~~.ce. t~. ; e i: ,5,IQ r's i.n

... r·..· - .. -

the~ n'it, iJ'S, shOwn and yo" ar'if;' ~rt .

.. - II I ._

C " t t " t· it.. ": " v , '-I:". i t h ' ~ ,!~:

ser. "0' .· .. ~IiQW a punc,~ Yr,' so .. 11"9,

aut~orltv~ r~ I~~_

J( ,

, '



. .

TH'!": ~H~"'A·~N:D"Y:'·N';'O·· ]-'M·P-A·C:'T· R·:E·~U·'I,·R··E;D-' ·F·I"R···E~'B~:O···M~B'·

I "~~ (,",,"."'c "". .. .':., . "", ", '::. ". ".\51, """ ."" .... " ,.1.'"

B····· mh·""', "Frli:·:'·'b'.-·,,, ,,",~

y '&'_::.,8 ,_" .1re:uq


I ea'llIJe, up' ( 'W i th . th i s d~'v 'I "1' 1 s/h •• t,t 1 e de,v I ee . one day

. " c '.' '. .

wh r 1 e piondErr.i ng the ,be'S t, w',ay .te torch p.1le$, of ha,y~, II t

us e 5 it m'l" '; mum! amo'un t o·f ., ue 1 " ~ Iss, i 1 ent [no .: 00 't 'f) es 'b~r~eak w n';:) , .• ilCl" ,cheap "to, "bu'i rd. Take an emp ty sof t. d'r ~ nk

can and ~~,v:e ~ne_ tQP~ Stuf(. wi th s'o;m,e 'sort of absor>

" .cbifh t ma'-t,e,r la l'iI" P,cnJ,~'~" ~ n' ,a~ ~ few oun ces of ',gas atid pou r (Jut

. ~ I"· -2 ..;--... .. • _l1"Pl •• II - Ii .. '!Ii. _ -:-

. .',)(CesCs"" .To U Ie ~ : all, '1 'you', have to do Ie.S ·1 I gh't the top and

th :row Q,n a f'l cu,wna,:b '1 e ~ 'subs ta~n,ce .. A l j. t t 1~ e ~ Sit nd ln t he

/~UcHnbf< th~~:~;"~he] p~,<il;f<tllrow fa'-tller. · <. . ..

. f'1 ~. _ .. _.,. .....

: '

PO' .' O'"'C "'''''1\ i._.-~ , 'Ii C J 1'\ ~ S BO.'· •• ,I\'TD-:.' , V'· .. -, 0' .•. '1. •

_ _ .. " '.:r( ,1~" - '~ ~1.J~ ""_j.' Il \I


'R'A' R' 'pc' :E''D'S>· Y··'·:O·· ··U''k~G·'·· p' E, 0" .P··T ..

1:1",: .. ," . :~- ~ ~ .. - .. _._ ,~~ .,',' ... ._ ~


w~~i'oh seems the ,only wa, to ~top tbiB ,g&rlHI of :Eveltlu,tiD'~

. ]3:'lt 'U.e 'POW" Qt in:vention aN inost wonde:rful. Wba:l, .d 0 ]",eu fhi'D':': or a. steel ~ PQib.ted bullet 'Umt, pene" trates ,two fite' li.1: in abel ,0" 10] id 'OIlJ, atop'ped. by & .,tjJl pad 01' ,feU and some, other compos,itiolt; 'Dot, mil y ltop:ptd, but all eru,m'ld,ed Dal of aba,po, f TJda 11U been do~'~,. au t1 a" 1 Utle tailOll or Mau hoi m,~ (H'rman y. ii, 'lha,

i.n ",'fndo,t... .

Hk J'am,e il' :1)0"1'. :Like almost ,all l.D'ven.-w,n 0.0 "{);lIe' bel:ie~led. hi:ID .t ill Nt .'Dd .'I'ery olle was'. too bUi.,y 'Ito Ii&\t'n ~ hil' tEdk~ 'When he wlahed to, put on his bullet lll'OOf' velt, and .tand D,P, to, be ,shot .• ,11 'Ihe, ,J1. l •• ghed,~ and thqgbi that ,1.8, to.Uo, WMC~.y,. ·At.)Mt he penuad~ IGBle ,oae to take, a sh,ot nL 'Il.'m, ~ud I,D, and, behold, them

- - ---- - -


BT' J •• &1 .'RMa

J.J "!=:-~. ~T!:!.o;:!~~::, ~~~~::

he w~~ W."..t of ,.vaknvul deedl In· I,,",, ollt Lj,t ~I Mnet an4 ,tile hiMor, or tho "iII~ or c'J;i;.".b', il'lu:ll of him., Be .I,.!. tHmAUI' '01"_ 'he ICON,! be, 'W,. ,at way. in ~. thiek.~ ',of the ,fNY. 'ltnd' "lbe:N wu on17 one, ''IIi"« he could DO~ ,dO""'--pt up U: be f.U ~O.'l"Jl. Same, 0' tb~ dead], blow. that ,It'ruok aim. rIon',1 bte Jiia bea.y_y ,a.wnor in. mUch ,the .'~ way that, the blo .. ~, 0,' & harqmer WDutd rinl' oft'

• "u

"Rlla· 11' 01 1'811 ,8OMI!

,---,,-" -

" i , " -

',I'D trent" bOner~ No'\Y '·ID t~ had IODI ethiug to d,Q 'with his. vaioroui ~de.lll' ,and,. 'miAy ,aooo~~d, for' 'L,ho: many'leeble-,n al.inl aDd it -don ,aOf!:Qu:~t, f'O,r h hI, re'mAin i n:l a 1 i ',8 so v-ery o1Wll. The, ,say tlmt· a ku'igbt, 1n armOr wu as, roodl u, I.elve men witbou,t i.t" B'n,a Ihat·as Io,n g as lJe: ~u ld ,-ta, on, ~Ill 'hOTM 0 t 'keep· h i~ rM!,t he was uJe -from '~,b,e, o,rdiualY 'T'e.pons, of '~1 losb days.

I i. ploof. enot~gb. to ,.Y thai in a 'battle In F,l',ance Ii'fly Br'med, -k'n.igh.ta, Q':Q ,. aWE!;"IGtlgh t toh ro.'ua:'liop. t .:0 a. rtenH)iJ~. and n.o,t a _ ,Iinl"]e QiD,. waa Id) led.. T'herefo're we, III 'il fit tn'fer tlla t ,tl1lY stopped 11'O~ lack or bNil th,. ,or perl~apa ~e pme 'may' b'av,iI!J heeD called H'on ,~u.nt or da.'t'h-

ness ;''''l "W'll!Q klmw.' "

Witb the' ~"en. of' g,unpo,w'a:r ~b~n,p .Cll:ured~

A'm~or ~;I ual]Y wea'l au l of f:ullio~ It ''''~as 'no use,

- _ .. - &J,~ _." _ 'ni _'. _. ._"_." '_' . - . t .- . .-...- _. - .

BuJ]fl!'~weDI, t:'l I n,uKL, :Rt ,uIdi; cam,. D'o. t, tht!, Miler' :iid'E:! '; . MD

'helme:t .u] ,cUh~ .hleld'i 't.a~t buckler~_ greavu. aDd. chain-shirt. wen used en 17' tDr I:Ibo,* 'I O'r' to djecoF,a,te: a;rma·riaI 'bane: ' N oUdng 'oould. stand before the I,wift.. I,peedin. unseen bUn8~and perhaps 'U~. Inllgh~.he~a

b" ..;in . 'J - . .. - -- - . - - -, . .. k -)':1 '~l •. \.. - i'*J' .

.ri!I!'?'fr ,eve:r--=--m,.ny mo~· 'Were _1_I,e~ Ul l~lP.: e.,

In 11'a"a] eir'C le!t a!rier-t.lle litt'J.e b'&n~elad 'Mo:n,it,crp .taught th~ t ran -clad ,Arerrima~ \yo.o(leR ilbi,ps Q r' war praJ:ti.eall';r' _ted to be bunt.. Every ,nl'Um i,p.1!;ne.d its alttll t.1on to . • uUdibg' inl;pene,'ra'We b~lw,at.ll' &)Id: Ilt~Jl .guai,,," WeN huH f. to pi,erce tbeml, a:liJ.d tbi.en 'lhicl\ter , •. rtnor \'i'a. ,ID8.det a.nd- U~,en he .. viielr ,g1lU, and: 10 on~, uam mel~ ,and 101118; t,Jley ,aN ~ _bUill i,t o~t te' d4Y.. ,Now· t~leY' are bll:ildinr ships, fUt ,enou,b to ,'g,D 6W,.Y- f~m 'eaoll otbe',r~

'. ~,p, Be)';' DO:W'e bo";~inl' t'hrQu,gJl 'b~~ !lnJ:~e ot :Ihe ri~6' . an 'iQDlianned. and as !!I:mUbtg ,1\$ an Au n It 'Sail) "1' at a· fal.r., '~'" :'CQune ·peop]e beHeved him ,alt.e'll tb.~ ~'4 eVI'r'y bodly

. - ij,' -W- 'L. iii . tl' 'I.,~ ". '1.. •. _'"

,mid j '~; ,e' tuoug:l)t ·.~ere WI. eometu, u l.g n~ 'It; :I,MI. If. WEill'

lll~1 '~t.~lO \T i t~, LoLl or other people wrote letters I&y i:n,g tha\ illB,Y had .iu ven ted lhe' sam:e IhiD,g yean befo~j ,and

. .

I'C~ . of lmita'oors started, up' (I'n • 'vetS' I!ide~ BetoN, verY' lou g' tbe army people ...... w 110, bl,~ to ha,'''e ot'be'~· per:

.sons in,v'@JI' t,hh. p-took up the s u bj~ t.. aDd Herr »owe u·a:t it 'v'en an ofR'cl&l ttial ~ore: - protui.lunl'l •. GerDli.~ () IHeel".· T bey were. 'mOl't $!el)l;ical, au fl, ; W'OD Id. Dot, lei, . the a 11 ,:dous 1 lulu: taJ ]'0[1:' don h is he&." !I w a isrte oat t and

1 ~i],"'ke 8, .1~)P't ., .11 i mM\j1 t They care'full Y l)Old, ii o,n ,Q p'I' ;Ister stat net :an:d bluetl ,II, '\1',0.1".. j ~ Ach !I'~ &aid, 'tL" Ger.Man c:t&e&"$j ,.,.-h ep. the Im.oke , • .d~g;MSl'- ii ~ a,~:b I nt,@! taih:n'!l dO!!&

.ulol 11~ n Theil tJuz'y pU I.. tbe, l:!Ib ield..· on a :1 ~Ot',Ht ,aud :fi~',1.

ul k~otl1 R,t, ·11 18 :ai.(l{1i. . 'rhfi! au i n 1 ~d wen t on .eatiiri g,; a~ 1 u~~ _, OOu~lO'1I.q 'LJ u,:t, I)~ grQa!t. i uiUi ~~' $pe,c:tato·~ 13X!,K!Cted. biU'l to pU.oh r OI'WfU~ ,an d die, Ott 1.he' spot:~ 1. e . was .. u ~~ m:ovoo as a dea'~ man at a pEl,t h~'bi,e Ie r,lnnn. It Was M~,·. Dow.,.'. turn &Iter t11.a,t-j au d 'n .. ey ~h(rt- :6 t, ~~'i m, at) d h.,e' SOl i le(,l and. . 111&}7' 51 ~ aiL .ga)i nli a uti h. Ilni.} ed, Bpi n;

T,i u;, In-eQ8t,.plat8 tba t, Herr' Dowe in V'eided ,18 'Oulde ,of 'feU an,d m~1a I. iii. ta, 8u,p~e~ j bu t at cou rie be -d,oean ~l Le~I, ,a~ Y' ont j; UI~ h~)'\'V:it. ~ mail e ~ j'&. 'wei¥l'i s aCQU't. ten pou'bd, and. il iu.fl.ex.ible'. The bu]]et d,ces :not g~.rl'ee" b"t t.el:r~, :it~eJ f 'to p',ie~s ] n t1 ~ e 'c: loth ~ .ad t.1le b low' j~ sutten'OO 'by tlle I'rat1lJ,aJ "i'lnpedd u g of ~'h'e :1: pe e4., 80 that t11 'I~ is, 1 ittle slloelr lo the )Veal~l';, :in f,aci. ,Herr Dow,. 58.yl, he knows whet' he



F. :bi~ and ti~a't ls all, 'What the Gernlan anny w,ill do ,villi the sllield· 11.8 to be &een~ Its in'leoOO:r.,:i. 110\9" in Euglantl; and the other day gAve· A'I~ exhibition in Lo~ .. d.~n,. Sllv~"1l1 ~,n8UshDI,ell wis,h.ed ·to 'try,ir own pet .. 1~J.fte .... '~nd .. tIl&111' _IUP.llO!se(l tbat, a bu.lle't 't~IB'· , .. ~ouldl .'0 throug'~ 'he tougb lllde· 0,1 au eJepha'ut' woul.d certahllv· p~i~t~ee tlJ.,I,~ iut;.hea (J·I. a:~1~hjn,r' but,' ~~id .Leel,., J:leillla,I;' rift"'ex p·reg rl.ftet _ Kai~~ln.t·H,e.hrY't •• ,d Lee .. Me.tfo-,~ ("t,)le two latter being ~be army rifles, of GnRt B,.·iL';'o.u)·" each one p'ro·ved ine·tiec'~ual, and \118- -experiment (so far •• HeIT .. Dowe goes) wa. ,& ·I"~t, Iu.ece.. The D'u,ke uf

C·o mb '1~1id' I if7:'A W" 11 0 'l'" Ii!Iii lit p'ft& .. ~ .... t· . . .1,. ·ed·· to-· . -1'-1" . . ... - . - "

.'Po ...•...• e"""'-' .' "", l!·,,~.,.:~~n 1, remUS .~, '.' a· 'ow: a~y one

to 1,..~ Sl'O.-·,t· n·t ~~tl·,~ug. '··1'1 A' '··'d'm' l~-Hl S···, .,: , : ': ' ."',. '. f· 'l····

'UV. h _ , g~, .. lUi. '.'" , ,IQ_ ,lLu.I,llere,z, one 0 .. 1r. u~

committee, volunteered to sia,ld up like 8· man and run th~ rilk .... The, little taUo'r" almost· .b~ tea'rs of· ·dl_I'" l)O'illt,lnent beeause they< 'v'ould ·'t.l0' Jet. bim i.'ks hi:. f_tL~o'ite I'O~~~._ ·Tl~e ~ "~~o~'8e. 1 I_O\V e''1er;, , "'8S I,eain,. b~~;ht



. I

, I


on. alld I aU.IIMet \vonde:red ,,"haL it \v·as all aboutt ,lOla l .. e ue'ver seemed t~ k~no'Y' '\V be~bep to go. 10 stMl} OJ' to IJraU,ce abou,t; aud the, b~Uets d"d, not alatt-Ill him. .

'\Vl~~t ~he~ v."ill ,do ,\\~~,tbr ;t~~11 'Dew inveJlth~tt' i. a ,"il), .. .I'~m;. ., they cab make'· it. lig'llt, ·enou,lh·, to ',Yea,'. it 10.Y change 'Lbe style 0" ftglrUn" au,d tb.y \\~iJl have \0 boill\ 1'16" .le? 'pierce: ,iL .. '.!be'n e~D1,etJ, the thiek~~ ,arn'OII :alain·, 10~ see, III ,Be.rllu In tile grea;t .r:OiY mURe'um, lbeN i. a 0.011'8." (a ~u,d ~k .. ,plate) ',bat il pel,~liora'Ml through ,.00 __ lbl;,u,gh bl .... thh·teell bulleb~ They took'it (".tIT .. 'poor·~' (",D'~ah,ty·mlu,l~ whe \;:a$ dead' Oil the Helel ,yl..i'e're' hil squad,ltoOll I. ad, tdi,arged, on a line o:f' in ..

treu'c:bed :in.rant~!"§ It, be 1.,.4 had ·~Jn a ·Dowe .1Ii~ld be l'~,dlb' )u'v~ th,~~,gh~ it u ·,joke~ _ Pel'll,aps they ,may p:i tll"d .• peud~ng mouey on·'t'a:r, and ,a;rmOI\ and fl'rea' gUllII !a.J~d a·to.l~' 1I'gh-tine,. JIll)" ...... "'bo kuo·,r's·l· . . .

1- h




.1 I I

. -,

~ I'

! I


...•......... ··..:-i;· .

. .



"~ _._ -.. . .. - -

sprinp' lid a f·e. ·stMi parts. ,be a-dded. ' . I' ;Im 'wnlV!ir,u;,ed nut d1fn\ew ~ul.Plli'u!mt ,~IO· . ~lItn ,lometbi!lIi t.ttH I,·or· lltP!

:8&OOlClnllii' II 'waU 4II,iIi ;A'iIf,t..~..L.-'7"'~.~" + !L.~"":~

. . • __ ,'l" .... - lIIlIIIi,GII. IIIUCKIDI t ~

, e~'C!·r: ltJ.t· mnil~r!u;: to' be· 'WOtt!d ,mit.,

rl;, IJ~. \Jsr ,Iemcin.w,ooc't ·It.'~ E in •. dlk\. ,I,~m. 'wlde·.~ 4 h. '~ .. g.. (E.xperi·, cnc.ed 'WOrke~s mt1~ .. !tiM:. ....,'!:W· o.r· 0Ia~·~

*' ' .. 't -- - I I'~

. or,:lf;~e.. ~Smom~h the be;·.

Draw tmll'f' l'ip.c II hi F.ii~ ·1 .. . Lej\·~~~",tn.~ ._~ii):l1 In tMrtrr (Ilr: f911 wM'lb .nd thidu,fS5. ,oS SLa,\'e. llraw lOUt .tlites, ..

I ,~t:k as siho!A!n ,Ind pIa. tl ;tve. [.C) shape. T'urm Itt-VI ~ IUP, lay olit •• in Fir. ,2; then ""~rk to Jin~&. wiitb pllJ~~. s-pok~sha ve, .ltd ,cr.aper'.. Cut tempolfary !JIo(·ks wit h .. rat~ taU :Ii Ie,,. bl'.[c t.h! bow w1~ it •

I ·sh' ... .I1t1 l~m,pof,lfY .Itrq~, ud: :pull it a J cw tndlf!l. to Itt where 'tb,¢ft. art any !ltEI __ , tiOD!!l" ·Wnr' tMm down, th~ cr051, .'lion ·,s11owl1. in Fir.· J, and CQ~tinue. taU11 unUI the two li'fQbs bmd in

:C:c· ~rt~_.2.~t=!I·ZI i·m:1_b . ~!~.

. .' ~t 1i,K';!I!!I' ... .i .... , '''''U _t., II",

a f UK!! ,kindle 'HCUGfI lI.nel CQn~ tiotlihf to t.he '-=nd ·of tub



. .' ,.


"~UttDIllf. M"t!i"" dG I",. ... "".~n.J.i It91da (J.' ~'J - ,i,A·t mo;-;J

non 'J« Tit:)lill Of IIt.!W 1./1 ... ,.,..

'~iIIl!IlD!:. II.



U)·;lb. bow. 2'5·i1l .. Port =,

Otfer.d ced!l:r anow.. 6Q ri.

l-o-.Lb. .,.,..,., 2'l-m,. hrt .

Otf'(ltd t:~ 1,11'OW •• ,209 yd. 6$":lb. bow~ 2:I)..h~. Port

Otlotd cedar ,.rH ..... * yel..

I' I,




. .

Ifl,.~~"~~e ·11. . _ .

.. "*- Wilidl! I ,.n 0.1 l\ch!'b' 'ifli 'Hit PM IIitII I. TIN! :hiI'~. '.I~ •• III .,. •• baml hc!il· !f!f '[hi, "1'" '.,_

" I

<"' -,



~ .. {'. . .

, ' .. ~Inch.- .f < ,tb.. ""dI. te, ~ fI1II- '~n~';. " ... ~ to ", .. .If'ilde IC)f·,:,orur· ,boal"alr 'the 'peer~leGi,.cwe,' ... ",.,tal·. - - .. .. , :. . r ~ ~.cabb •. :.uppjl·telJ -WlO, Ih. kril,. cen

. . ",. bl!ada .e now aabUradl In, • 'vt!.. [bel s"'olrt8naCI,' t.o fit Ihe new 'blade

- : Jfter'. wrappl"IJ~ .• ' I,~. · ... raJ. 'layers' 01, "Iengt·.... .

.... kllIUI·-tclpl, '10, pro~' ·the:~. • ud- p.. ... n..,.

n. .. .~~ '. .,.. ".h.II"~kg.r.

your .. R~J"~t : T~. _ ,:~ . ·.·nt!~v. ... , n;~ ~;hfl The ppaD:d.tCld1tl'· ;1 like Ie-. den1;nrCl_,.

~~g •. ~IJ~· ·~:I'.h a.:ham,"r .'~ t~. . ,Vla& ~, 'Ipopul,,;-' :Nckup' 'or' htdea.u1 ""'" .Dul,d 1I.,de Gt~.I":tIn • .'~. ~~ __ .' . WBlP.n, for ,the AIner1can travel;" lin.

• , . '., '., I - the ',lDOs .. AiVelibaat' gamblers wouid

a,ften produce a push dAG' .'. 10 : ... t[I.:

.• gambUni' "ulfutnt~.· ,and mani" lent:~m." .. ba,rl_ a ,deager ,as a

.cuac""[, ". rn~.:I, .: Qt ( proleCtjOn f[o.r

,~ . - ·,MGOu[n,t ....• ~th IIta-IOGid rif'fftr&'H;o

'Many' o~ tlie. ,~IFy push dSllm[. w ... wOF\ka "0" aft~ - One or: the mQre, ·.polp·U' •• sil,ns ... "OQ'IJ. by Win an(tl -F'inek of -:Iaft FJranchSiCQ", Their Ipu·8h ,di.g,ger.B ·1·e.tuta[D .ngraverd ·blade. and :hlnd.~~1 ,[of, g.ldan. sll'war

. and, •• Irua, tulk:~ 'The ~nU:e - '.-

I . '., I. ..' S·U PIP ltea IJA a a,.man: 1~IIY~r sheath

FIle DoIII, 8001. Knill'. .Ind ' •• tll Dagger B', C"..

Boot ".nlle

Molt bao1. kn,1V11 cost _weenl ..

and. $100.. An excellent 8 ~ncb boot knife (. Ittch· biadeJ can De ,madtl· 'for

..... 10.-. :It I:&.- d-I[I· .. ..-· Th",'iiI!Ii .......... Ia. ·0:' r t' h·'.

~ _ . ..... VI ..... .... UDDI 'I'!.. .." I

kntfe Ie, ahl' 8yke .. FaldJlln Com..' , mande ~n~f.j A g8nutna· ., i~., "nil. [ ffQm[ 'Enilt~d ina, ~DI a.-:; bul:thef. , '. ICQat.'- IIbcUi :I,t~ .. -A ,wen lmade' co,,' 01 . ,

,the knl~. m:_uJfllClurid lin"~~I1T:i"':' II' ~

·avaI'.f. "Irom A_rt.can 'Cofon~aIl . t: P ~O"" "Box F't .. Chlcqo

Ftld.'. II t I'nolle 6tU1 &. The price i. ' ... ~ 95 p, UI • ., ippl ng.

~wlng ,A ,shDWi th., ora,inaJ conflg ur.atlOQ and I ·the flniilhed boot knl·". A .1 mple way to ah!Drten the blade ill to . iii rllnd and' ""'Ipe 't.hie bladet AI though th ~s Method. W'Or1«ll tDe' rM'UIUng len 1'18 t. rat,her shoddy

took! ng end h •. rd·to reaherpen. .

A more d.aIRllJl,B •• ,t·hod 18 to rimove the h.nltl., .llnd Shorten, the bJ~"ada . from Ihe' ,.... lea,lng the

.h....,.ned edg_ 8I'MI point il nltact~ Ute t • .• i .

handle w" origlrna!t-, lecured .10 Ih' - ".1 -_- -~~.~. --~. ~~'I!i!I!!!' ~ !!!'!!!I!!!i!!~

bE. by lJaen1lni ·(m,uahraomlng;) the; ~~O·.~~.L[· ••

end 011[ .... 'tang. To remoY8 th.~hlll1d'.' '. [PuU _pi', 1\rDwIaI''Id., het .

~t 18 ~ .. ry 10 Ir.lnd 0" Ihe. to",,1 " J 8, .' KDUe, ·Getber Mit D ~8vvifVII .• ailet 1 i

[ .

i I


, .


. U8lng a . beriCh· er h_ci· - g[rI nder ~' !. remove· the: material Ilndh:at8d wun d:llloftaJ Un,. in:. dll\"a.wlng D~ Cont~nu8 to· 'In nd' u nt.1 II ttl. hindi,. can lbe : hQUAlrad back on;lo lb. tang. 'The

e.~ ,tanl protruding from the· i

I handle 1:1 n;o. hack'sawed or gro u,nd' I ,. '. .. oU'~ 'The Ih .. dlll ii,1 I_ulred ll'n tts new ~,'~tlon b',· tine· end of tM

, < ·.a 'wlth a oenter p'U nt;h. tt ·may 81:10

.. epox.yed In place .. Grllncl and 'of _dlle· smooth an·d reblackJlft with I ',I rearm touCh U·I) [bhl~ng o'r black pallftt '. .: . The handl[1 Is aolid st,.1 and' r:ather :

, '~." vy ~ n ~I.) a1so, .» 81iPpery when ·wet or _.

bl~r-'i The' hani:nl~ may be lightened I ['

by glrln,din(O. tbe 'front and baCk f~.

I befOM ,..:nltallIA[g on the. 'bl,adai' Itt

mora ....... grip .. obtained b~ I : Ip' U- S' H'" JD,AG-' G' ' ER

wrapping _the· haneUa' In wet linen ! " i '!. .:", 'M'; ' , .' ,: ..

lrd •. , When the 't ... tlne dr·l;e. It ,,'III " f ". I. '."c','.'

Bhr1\n'k light to[ the ·hlndle. Tn,ls·· FU' LL S-ZE P

I w .... lng· ShCluid lbe ..... Ii with :.' .... : •. I . • ,., .• •..• • ·ATTERN

IIn..-d oil to[ ~revant 'II from becoI!R ling '.' '. " .

frayed and lunrMled" A.tlOut 12 ,., ,of

1w I nll[ . are. -u.aad; Tbe .1 nen i~.s '\llry

,. .Ironlg and ~. ,be removf\d from the kn I f:e and used B8 II,ahlng or snare ,II ne i'l) an em.erglenc~ ~ lit 'W'OU ~d 81,9.0 mak[e ani .)COII, lent garrot If 'I he need ItiOU lei.

·arlle. '.

Th", Mil r. :may lbe carr,led I" a sheath . !



I ~_

,':'~. ,

I ~ .'





I .

. !

I .




, . .

- .


W!fUl a fancy c.! I P .f or aUach ing 1,0 the' 'geU. In (Ietent years,," the push dagg,er h,iS becorn,s a ,p op ulalr coDeuJ,ed weapon.. T'wo, ba:sii c d,eslg n s are c;u.rt:enUy avaj I a,bl e, t.he 'I ,rad It Ion B,1 pu sb dag'ger wi th-ipal m shaped 'C!lJlrv-ad handh:~ j and ,a ,rg,1 athte~'y n,ew d.,i'g n ~' ~ h Q b'~ ~ ~ I .... nli:fe' " AI t t rl·...!! lt ;1:C,iI'Iii~,iII t'U,il"!i..:li pu- iblk ~ '9IU_ lj, 11\ 'II.. .,',: I'. :U' I .1!Ia:1'-;'IIi"~ .. ~u

(1agg'ens now be'ina :produced com e 'trom euet CNi, kn:i'f4i maI;;Ar[i!;_ Ih -.-

_ _..... . Ii I!! 1 _ _ ¥ _. _ftV _ g;. ,ese

beaut lifu I k,nives can C05,t ,anywh,ere fro m 50 10 seve'ral hun dlired doll ars ~

T,h'e be I t. Ic,n ite - des iQn hll, avaitab le from seve'ral m anuraetu rer,s _ 1:118 pnice ,rang,s In $1,0 too SO ee Ilars,p Quail t "I I~ S RAU'ern'e-"d- by plr1~ 'T'-, [~""B'ap, ·ar· wa- T, ...... '

!.~'t-. "...." L.". _: '~~ _.. ~II·.·.. r\IJ .. _:i~1

.-- .,'., . --I t.... 1':8l9·,. a'If"e~ DiI'I~'p.n~ led· wU,n wn-'W'II

S _ii, II!'iiq Y . . ... ~ Q'Q. r" - - ,

belts, w n, i I e ,I the hi ilg h prl ced units are 81 aiAII'8S,S, ·$teet. . wlth beUs ot, h ig fl, 'q uBI i Iy sadd I e le:ather'.

Aln aMcsl1 ent push da~ g er ,of the tra.diUonal desilgn ca'n bEl' Imade' from

tl~ - ". '. -, d: :Ii I ~r'· C •. ·· .0·· .. m" ! m' "8' ,n,d., -- 0·' knife u.sed II: Ie u I VIi 011 g __ . ..._. . . . _ ..

![n Ul" boot kn I fe pro j~~;; The o_rluioal_

By Robert Kaybeth

,A, '5, i np t e m r t!ll if'" ca:1l be ,mii,de from, ,11 :s;,tJot9u~' of .,ny gaug'e. II't ean de l j'v'!,r a'IT'P~,t any tripe of bomb. hIe 1 ~d.1 1:19 il o~ cenCl i al r 1 es, p l: P'i! bombs ~ ~, ] e tOY eee k'"

I ta I 1 i even t:hi! [: 0',2 b(m:'lb de't,a i lied I' n

hi,sue I'~., .-

F i1 rs.t , a r"egu ~ a r :5,"ot gun sh·ed lis conve rt tld f Of U SI!e: i III the J'lCH" t ar. The, sbe l ~ . l s 'opene.d end t n.e pell'fI!j:ts are rer."lOve:d ~ '~he: wadcH n 9 ls P u n ed au t

,.and rep[ I aced by a ~a'd' o'r eeeten.

He'>: t, obt a 'i in I!II P l ec e 0" lJ""ou.i!\'I~d wood S,U i;~, 0:, dow! 1 ~ ~!fHm the s t i cit i $ lOo'ded 'j n the gun" it shou I d lb,e long eoough to prot r'lJIId(!: fl"OiTl the !3un i EiIi

~J:Z:Z: 1 e a !::Io-u t sl ~ Inc hes ' .

Attaching t~e crdna~ce to be la~nched r 's dc-n-e l n v sri eu s 'way s . T"e bomb

I 'M;; an be. t ap,ed t ¢ the 5 t J Ci II( 'W i Ull gooctL 1st I'"on 9 tape. 0 r t~~e i'rOun, t can be

p;i3i!f t,ly bu I' '. t, ~ ntQ' the bomb -r t:s,e 1 If. I 'f 'j' t 'I S $,Qffle t ,f'! r 'Ii 9 'I i ke the po ta, t,o ,lIIaiS ne r

9 i"!I!!'~ade :5<hO\lln On pag'e '7 0' F the POOR,

: HAN, 1 S JA.,ME S 'ElOtU~ io I t c:ar; be: s,c if"e-Ned

, i" t ght. om to the s t' ek., Oir Ii' des,1 'gril your"


f~e: 'weapoo can be, fi re.d firMI the

s h>o'u, 1 det Ii like a coo ve n t I ana I g:r en ad,ft

: hlJU!nche,r ~ bot br'8C i'rlg tihe, un I' t; ag',; IrHa I 'l hI!! 'g roi,i n.d 1 I ike al con¥enl t 1,0Fl a' 1 rIOr'" t,iilii· tiS be't te:~ aiS the j"e¢I); 1 i os :!!I!,'Vl!!re .. A p-!J'i r of I e.gi5 .a r"e ,a, t t acJiII! d to t, he

I ,5 'no t 9lu,n ,as ! ho~. ali d the. gtI flo I 'S 'Set , ~ t a ~,.5 e'g ree .11~g' I'if • I' tiS a I me ,II by ; ,ij3idlju5t; nljl t.h'e angl e ,o.f' the :shOt5jliU·L., B@'f"ore f' r I Ii! g:t a 'S .;;Ilnd'bag 1 s p:' Ice~

'UIOO e: f' the sllHJ t gu n ~ & blil U, i,o pr'eV":li!~ It ~ toek 'c,ama,'ge f""M r-epeat,edi f I', I'ri'gs ~

, To use. t he she 1 Frs c,hi!l1'be l\"\fJd iIIind

UU~ :; t I'.c k:~ W':I:; h.a rmaf1ll8 n'it at I,ac hed.. J' 50 pushed int,(I, the bBl"rel to C'oAta,ct the ShiJl!l: lll.. l~l!:n the, bomb ,! 51 f'tlls'l!! ~ s 'I it

, a~d t,;'e ttH"9 r!J f j' red. It great home de f,e rl$,e we. pan i f t hc::'t"t!i C 'W'iC;" wa 5 !~liIlC;:.,

iii .. iI!i' li' !!Iii


11101- - nd· i~'o .ID- ';,8' m - ,0' ,v~d -n-" ~h' t!II aa',m' ,a' m···-['I!Iii n n,AI'

_ _ !II!;Iii I~ ~'.. _. .... I. iii; !;Iii'" ... . _9 .. _ ..

as before. 11 wU I not -be used on the

comrlill.e"~e-:d n'ush d· 6n"ler- k~~'I_ '~h~iliil'I"": ·b'''e

. - - _Vl- [!I. ' ~.-.' 1- • _Ul~:tJ - I ~,uu'_~ .

saved;.[ BS,' i:t makes 'an ex"ce Ue'n t· n I'e' .

,k" ,.::11'-- E .'. ,- . I "--'"." . 'I 'I I t, ' . . v 'd'

111.anU B',. ~,){Ic:e:B,8 ,ma:lIi:sr;ia . s remG'.'B'

fro mi' 'I he 'blade w,ith a g.rindEu'·. U:se the 'r u II sl'za patfern," Otawl-n,g :E ~ as, a ,g'ulde and be sure '0 kefep t he blade ,cool by p,eriodJic;at Iy di'p p~1 niSi it i'n ii, can of wa.ter.,·Th,ls wi'lll pres'erve the 1en1,per 01

t-h - bI' ·-d _. __ e .'_8 'S ..

The" l!ioiln;,·Uie· can be'-··· Ii'Ii'iIi ad e' '.'rom· Ji!in;l}

t,radl Ud~i111 'uk., i r; hi'~d.II;ilmateri ai' . o7'ii1 can be m8chi'n,e:d-'~rom ,alumlirlUrrl or

.. L _- -_ •. __ • - _ .. _. •.

bra,., ,bar stock ... When 'CDm,p le't ed, a ~ 0 Ie Is, .dr'lll ed I n the cen'ter ,of the handle' and t:h-e bl,ad-e ,Is, :epo~yed -I'n n I a-"'e·· 'Ulse' a q -' ali I t b-' ran d ftf 6nAVU

..._~ • ..' ! •.. u! ,[''1 ..... u _' I v:' ~I'i':v~ ... '

an 0 all,o.w- 2:4 houra cUlri n g ,t i:lm,e berore uS'ing . 't.h,s' [kni:fe~. A 'g,otld way te

determl Ile the 'opt~ m um t!land ~e is to 'fi,rst [carve' Ii. from so:n_ pi,ne 'o'r'

'bal,sa wood ~ Winen the .righi, sihape' is f'ound" H ts copied ;In 1he Unal mI8tell'ial'l'

B.D;f!'OR r S BOTS ~

I If the c,OlIibJJ'Nd we.fsrht of t'he

d'OWel M d pro j,~j,l.: iiI.r. ~bl g~, •• t.,J" t1;i!!I'll thfJ' .~t' . t·M origbt!!ll .'M,e ch!\!l!',rge, e~,9'! \re' CI';fta.mbar .pr,1t.!ll15'l';U"'8

: j!l C,E\eated iii 'wh'I~1.Ii .Bl:!I di!:l'Q:!!.9'''!.!' the' shotgun. 'T.he c 1 and8s'tjn~' nti 11, t,iI.~,!, 5erv.toe.s :u~, a iii. !Ii 1111ir i~Z'iDy:i.S"Bif 5!i,Stur~ bu'~ 't'hiiy l"B~tuf r,eJa?i;;!' t .of t'he poitb'Z' ~rge,. I 5l}9'SWB'C ; "t!l rtlng it'1, th the r,e.!iki\ced 1 oa'C" rand C'.t\~fu 11 ~ ~rk up to tbe lull ,powe,r

c.h~,rg~ 'tfial t Bob ,;h'se; ri, ties., C:l,!Jjd'!!!'



~~ 2


E7" :e PO'P" ", .p,er

. . . '. - ,

. •. ._ I

B)' 'F'Fltz; tile; C.e,t

Set ~n'! are .., dandy """.,v to, prcrtect, YOU" &e,. 'f and vou f" p,,'op,!!!: r t y , COIl" re-e.t I y

f I'gged:.. t.hey cam k t l't or IflIi Tm ,ar" h~trllidier" tnd, I f you !!ir,@: .ro.ullid I' adil- - ROune.e. t.he ~i at rtl",r'~ s tre.1.i'I,p"lses. [I! f PIllI:$ ,ti. ever 'C:ocne 5 to ~ Mf!Je In o"a:r !liI,l!!!ce 11'''' tad f!II 'fu t Ii,I re , SIt! t gf!Jn j. w'j U IiH"Oiii; hl~, che.ap I' (t bey ca~ be I mplf"OV I ! ed) r e, ~ i"', ,,[o1e. 'and' 'I!: tfact hte lns"r.,.,¢~ for a b,ro.d \i'ar i. tv of seeur I' tv, prol;i, 1 ems.

For lhl! pr~i.t!nt, they fIlIU5t bee us,e~

wit h tl-i. 91t" •• te $, t d ~ '5'!: re t I 0Iii' • The

,:iIo. I't ho r I ,t 1 II [5 a nd the I,... I'll I nl ons. frown

"'WI, _" ]

UPOlll t~e U!HI; 'of', f i re,arl1!t'S il" '1}8R8,l"a I

.nd, set 9Uf1~ i n ,p.l'ti(!'~'.zar- Jur'l es Ih~ve 'been kn~ 'to. ,~iur di 1iH.~ge s"ms, to' burg:1 air"' MI'ho were ml!l, i '!Mid i ill! the., pr'ocC!:ss of bre,,e,king h'l't,o or ";;0,th1S1 t hc home 0 f a '5 et ;g un L;I !i,e r , 'rhe gun

L s bel n;;" '. n'i;::,' ea" '1'"*91 y j1101i 'It. r.v.~ .,1, 4

'III l 'at! in Oii..I r !Ii ee ~:,e t,y: bv tlfos,e, who'" -

wI $h to bani t lriem I' iU1d the u'i', , ofst!"tt guns " .. 5 d,.c r,'~. iii ~'nv :S'~ thy wI tl'i jurf,el.

, There, I 'S _an a I te r fl8 t i 'Ie sci. ut, i ell'll . a,v,al ].eblc, to ,us ::: all no,rl- ~.~In.l; yet, dev!1s t. t i A'I weapon'" the EY'! PO[Pf ER ..

I t I, s Im~':1 iI t. _IU, ,.nd use j it COM ',1 o1F' • fl,IS:hbuHb($) t b~t te:ry i' Ind, I y'let, 1 m act'j 'JIjI.ted c ~ reul t , • t makei urs., of' the, fo'; owhl:g ',act: .v,en a s J,I't!l t .. ,_ 11 f' 1 ilS h b,ul b.. can 'oeJ~l$e pe. r,man,." t _d :Ie, Ii" 'I' au s .am.!!Ige~, 'Nne rI ,

f r roed from close, 'r,iJnge at. da tk . IIdiapt.d ,~yc (I r I s d n ated), •

SeY.'Ii"',a,1 (1 ~iShbul bs f t red s I miAl tlneo.ul$ly .t c 1'005,8 rang. WCiuld' t ostlant ly fUld pe II"frIIl!I:IU'[IU 1 't b 1 i nd . an hIlt m:wdi= ... ~ p.ut t'in; ,.n .nd to, h'l s acti ~i"tlies of 'the' 'rnOmB n t ;IIndl if,end.Ii"'~·~!lI ita 1[.. I r.wcapa-



T '[j""Q, PIOO'R- U 71.. ~.T '. S "n;'I.·,l'O' 'RE~'R'"

.n.t:. _ '.' '_ ,n"l.i:.'1iJ.'1 ,,- ~JJi.""l, r ;.~, ....

b 1 e of o,rgilill1 i ,zed IICt, I v Ii ties, "'hOs 'II;. [l'l a ac. t ion er C',I! 5,Y II'S ea'pie ~

"lg~! ImIlI ~ n 'f1 Y' ~ R ttU!I, a ~ ntne.nt wTth

, "t Nt s,.t !iI WIn 'I '5, 't.~ g!un'~l!io't M!OLlOQ\.· whh:;h Ii, prQlOfl~ n ~ rSe.1 f thil,t '. fi re..... m "'iI;S used'i with thee, EYIE POP'PI'H, I

th· Iur ., - i!i "ion 1 y: '" !he' iblJir g, , ,ar jl s W'O rrd

'" e , U ry "II.. O;i', ,,'" c'

tt.iili t SOfN.! t h'I.!) JlOI;:! r 1 gged tllP bl! n de.d

'him and th~ chanc~. ar.'he nev~r got a 10Q:1< at the de~; ce ~'for-e ; tWillS

i! e t 't va: t,ed ( an d prolnp;~ 11 1 Qi ,t h I' :s (::,:h~n ee ,f'orefl,!le. r] ~ Why' ~ t'hi! ~(lor 51ob. s h'1)' I Y 'f 1 red ~ihe!: e h~G t f 00 j c. f h on y.GIJI r carne r·a a,s he was s tea I 'j' " 9' 'j Ii: '"

~ 'Wbo't ~ 'I d[ YOu[ ,i:!G[l 'fh.e d,1 ag r;(rn l' 1 U~--

. 'l!:lrat:es, Oflr!. '~, ~ mp.lilc rmefood ,of -u.'S ;"9' aD

i'rf: PO~P.ER, i 1: ~ 'ii' -by' 00, mBiI.lUi tll[!

.only way; you are '~ml' ted on,'Y' by )'0'1.:111'" 11'111'9 'ii n at ion", A. '" c l"t;j[a r" bo.Mi (01["' j[!f:we :11 if Y bo.:i.t; - 1 t roil _:; ,ar'! il n' e,!!j 'I ~ Ii alb II Ie 'bId t t"hli8,t t ak!!,!, burg 1 air. 50' cnl t 'e.,eu·' I y.' l' OJ the gallU!i,) i's 'ig·~d[ wI th ;i -do,uble wi"r~

Ii=' 1;111, II! ,a 9 jiiO ~ t bat 'telj'y- 1 iI ~d 1'oIJ If"'

; ill 0 pe.[rl, i 'AQI

,t!h~ CO)!; does t he as. many

'f' 1 ,i;!I:5 in rbu I b:; a:ii, "'!Cl(ll~(l. w'tr sb io !OC'" bi!ll[!j;!8 [!t"iXIIfIiI foli,. Dr 'Y,OtU'''1' 'wi II IF i i"le-,tl_ 1nOr"'C: 'U~~, bett"r'.., -Alw-.l'~ IU"'. IIi h.m i ntlll! flO 11 to II'" e f' ee t ,an<iJ con cep t ra[te t I'rIe fTha;l( 'I ilIU'ID 4ilP.OUO t 0 f 1 L 'gh.t '0 f the bo~ and Into the bUfglarts face, But make su:re yo' ur wires ali'!; i'''5,1,.11 lilted '501 t hey do FWJ t $ho1r t '01.1 t on tiIM,e fe r 1. I u's@d t ne dou,'bll e IPU ~, 5W'~ t oh be Ita U 5'!!

it. i'~ ~ i mp ~e. Q,t,he,rs [life p!OS'5 i b le '.

T' !r~ to" k~e P 'TN i Fe'S 5. her t It AQ ~g,h t ha it

'thl! ci rcul t, ,c;.an fire before i t ~ 5 re~' c.og n I: :zed as, r3i .. t rap! I ,0. r eai'flOI,i'f 1 tII!!}e r t '. The, c t'OT'Iiif. $P t:N 'SW" TeN,. pa ge ~~, 0;1 PM vo~. 1 ~ 1. ts ill '900d on e, t a \J'S,e in hoJ!l1i: 5. for an., Il~rpose,~

F" I ash b~,dl bs of Fe r' IJilliUl['f pO'i:5 i b II H: ~ es ~ l'l1e,y are: 's, t.i 11 eas:¥ t@ ID(lIfIlIe by and

w. ~ 1: 1 p ra car,b 'I. '1 be a mou n'QI t.1le, 1 as t i 'tem, to b. .• r i !Ii I i z;e~ t i" 89 E' &. te, rtl;d, • a ndl

ev-e fttUlI!!I 11 "If baH'rnoed.


By 'Da rov 1:$ Me,toy

Fo~ eenturfes~ the Ind1ani of So~tb AITM!!!:r'1 CI ". V. Ull ed a[ weapo"n ,c;a 11 Id t h. Co l' til ,t O,f be 'I 5 .d:ero ; for ;h'l,iIn t 1'"9 ,Iii d, 'wllu'f'are., U: ~9. u$ed wi de .'v In t r I ba, t d Ispu t II $ II a f'i til w.s very e'f'fe,c t 1 Vel Ii'" g.hl!B;t ,tn. Sp .. n Ish ea,,,.1 :ry" 10dm;, the g. ~ ~05 ."rho, 1 nlhab i. t, ,t he pamp.6 U$.I!

1:; kefn to l,nil'Ii" t "- t .. :t (I t' ~' r VII,S toek

din the run.. b" t '_ ,t~e I' Ii' ,~'a I tl'!!: a ~ ,e.· ~a'" [lX'n' nas [11C)'t (Hmll n 't .!h,~,d.~ The. ~ohl ,of

01 d 1W8,S Nde. !by wr:app i ,1'1I,gl a s,tone j'n

.. Ii e,.~:tle~~ ~!lJII;!;.[n'. t.:; ~ ,n g • 1: e,a t he r tlhong '~.bQ.u t th rOt:! f'e',: t 1: on51 t[1) the ' IKU..cO:1 t nen ty'l n9 thr'ee !lj. f t.hsse to..,. ," ther. lh~ stone s we re 'ol'f un eq'lila ~

"' iJ 9ht' 10 whe[(1[ It 1\"11 we ~ •. ' :thrlQWn t

theY c ~ IN:;: 1 'ed' .. t d n f' f i!!; ren t SiI!U!'eC;:!Ii, t srpread E"g out, to. 'f~r-m a :!II, 1 x. foot I i I'1C t'hat wr,a,p-ped~- .. rolu~d aoyt,111 nrg j'n 'j t'S Qlil"th.. 'fhe. centro t ifug:.,!l f'oif"'~e c,aui-.d

1:'i18 '5, tena, t.~ lfi"b E p' I ,II !I 1\1; ~'r, tp,' !;ijI~~: tef~ r"



t the 1 i In,e had c,au gh t ~ ~ ttl uo be 1 i eve-' able fOlree,;

A :lQOde rn 'V'. r 5 i 'O,1l of t he bo I,a can,

be [tad e ",,:j th til'll r',!'e, 'f i slit l' ng' s i nkelf 5,

(, 1-2: OZ,! 81"1 8 o,z~ I a,li1d: a,.'lO O'Z,~) ~ .an d . s.o_ 1 ea ther t hOnl.'gs, ., F'i IrS, t. di r i 1 • a ho I ei n eac:h s.'i: nke',", jiUS t 'wiidre

en(!!tJ gh t I) .a I 10\'11 p.a 5 'So ~ 9:1:: 0 f the 'COiro. TIn>e11 round off the odge-I, of the ho'le, "" i th a s ha tp kn I: fe S,Q t h~ r'8 Ii'!!'On ~ t

[be any 8M rp,rU:H;5 to I:ut thl! cOird .. , Now feed t he cord' 't h rough t he no I if!: ,and

t i'e a k~o,'t on ea~h "I de. of t~e '$ i'n'"


q r '80, Hi: can I t ed ide. eJ lMf' "'a'y. we~p~ Pi' ·t.,)'t I$, e:l:-f!;ct i ve 00 any' vi c.-

Make, sure' the kn,ot.:s are t i gnl: ~ 'tOll t in wE hili" t,nu~~i n9 d ~ 5:tBbC,e'i. I t

do,n I t ""ant the '5 I oket, (;00';"9 of f ,an:d .r~.rill y C,one!$, 'I n'to I't:! ,oWn. when ,COWlP'" ,

f'l 'r i ng a rO~li'iid as you $W; 1"19' the bo,l,a,.. 'I,e,d wl'th 'the: c lem;nt: of su,rpr r sa t or

( I 't If) l gh t :De • ~,e n mor e ha za, rod 00 '5, to' whe n, u $,ed aga 1 nS t ~oj!!'s,elfllif!n or b- r k-er s ..

yo ur hea I, l n tha n $ .,k, I "19i i l 'T I e the I t I s nO,t cal,11 l"f ma' t~rc,dl ~~,. ~,t I: t ' :S !I ,n 'fe,qdi! '1' J'8:pI... 't,he r'_' e~ ~ 5 't:!iI!H:I

at ltle r en d .e f the, co'.rd 't01 the ~d$ d ~lllid 'I V t n expo r i er.ced"~ M [!Ii ~ . 'I 'I f' ...

f iii. -, , U:"",_,,.,, "" __ , _-''k~,'t, n-, t'I, ,:' '1- ",,-, ','-.',-, "t_: . iii, ','1..',.,. ;1"1;, _- , .. , " II" v,,',',' .... __ ',a, fti:II,"" , , ! .,' 'U"," ail'll, 0; r'gen -' Z·lrt, . On' Q" ~5 ,sa !!I, $, 1 .,:S known

0: t~, o,!e r' two 00 r'd $, j '!9IbQut :3, fee t.'11 ~'''''' , :o!' II ~ ~ ""'"" Ion"",. "'~I II -7 ,... ...- ~ 10 ~ .

f r,om '£ he: s i In ~~ r .' Fo n',o~ t, h~ $,I),.e !Pro.... T iI'1 'irilh i cb- ''Ii,he, bo l.a. ~15, . I,U,e: f ~'i'. ,As t he a's tU n.l.a ;, They '~e,r,e, a-cie,p't in 'the,

cl!d iJI re "" i 'l h t he ot he r t,l\IO S hd~.e r-:s .' - ~' nrel ilriliin 54 have' $ ~ '-fo,r ImlJrciy y'ea rs JJ U lSi eo" a .11 \ileapons ,of ttl. III'" ,da V' 'i The

T CI" t hrD\il the 1.0 l'a ~ s,'ta,r- taut ho I d'" m.ed 'I um·!!Ii ~ !i!lit\~! "!J'a~ 't.:a n 'c~ br'Ol:ig~1 it d~ o'ne:we ,til re 1 n te res t.ed· t n he, re Ii '$ t h,e

i n 91 the SI1lla 'I t@'j; t 'W!! r ,ght j n the I ai's t 'Co.,S ~' s t,e n t '! '1 ,b, an e;;iCper I eli'il(;ed 'th row.· I WI 'I '9h te d (:. ha':. n t ,0 r 'rna:i1 r 'j ,lIc;, i glu's a r I ..

t,~ ree f', "$Ie·rs, *. wlc,h thf! ~ n~eiJi( f r nge r e,ir. T,he C~"· fHlthod' 'c", hu'nt I n,g, Is! 0,1 f-'eren t, \ife,r's,'i '011'1,$ 0" th i s "-eal:pon

hook.e,d it h rough t ,ne, 1'0 r,k err 'I; he: ~t he r.' t,Q 'ca:1 t ~ t: he' bo' J B - l!I t tfi,e .11 eg:J of if: he e,~ 'I :5 t eel I' ~ ueh -_, t 1'11,. long ir'Ope t w'. iI,h,

t WI) eo r. d s, " Sw r ng t he,'se e loc:kJiill i s,e .. - p t"e'JP ~ :5:1'1. r t ,n ,., t:bell t'Ole'the,r: ,~' mill kl ,n9 a rl n,g c'n on.. e;nd' a nd a ,kn I 'f. 00 the

round y-au r hei1d, t ,he r. 1 e t go,' of t 11,t!" l't :poss.J ib, Ie .for' t,lle hu !!iI't" II" . '~Q C!i,J!t ,It he 0 I: he r ii, ~ r the eh a 1 n !if i ,t h a weJ gh t om

fo r Ii<; ~ wh l 'e keep i fllg tile '~,i!11i Ie 5 ,t t,h:ro. t a f t'h. an r II'. ~ wh l l t·.". 'f I, 1 II,S ell ell end ,. The mQ;$ t a,p p tOp r i, at e ",0 r

Me i gh t. t:l 9 h It 1 Y 'j n you r tH~nd, T!he 'be- 'I <!II he 'I pies s en 'ttl. ground .. , mode,Ii'"n: s t r 9 It de'f en'S e '~' s 'the: ',lit te,' ~

WI, i ~ 1 n,Q'W be e l i["C] i n,n,' at',,' ii, t,',5 t, Hil' I, ... , '·1.... L'DnI!'!l after IU'AntUn .. ' I t'l~on ~iil_,· d~s'" . The ...... itliilh .. ,-,.... ....'... .. ~"I

'" "'" ~ '"' ... , .' 'n !t:ir' II; iII:R.I C,ii! '. n I~ 5' ,ii ver sa t: _, . Ii!

fCelt Ie ngt h I ~,ndl can be. l.lhrrown ~ find .1!I:ppeiill ;retJ f r,om, ·'t 1'1:, fij~ 0" 1:;_ Bat th t f I' tit) t t 11! 11'1 tee 1 ~ ~, ... 'b' ..iI

a ~~ch~ded :spot and ~rill_-,",-t,',ic_,'e_';AiI'io, _,' n",rll1'I't'ive ,of~'t;~ f~.Vtur,e 'will I t'~f:.': ,'~ .'~,' t. :~ 4C,'8111"111'II.,e :s~,aplPre,y att,:),

... ""-~ 'IIIII! ,.. I'> "ftp 'al,e.;" ''?r 9 ro II ~ _ ...•. .,._e II, wet towe. ,.'

t re'e t l"'-ink, ' iii! nit f1 you arc, tJOn f' h:t.n t: I n be pu t-t f ng 'i1'I!I.I't on It he ·.~.~b ~. w~ t h - '! 1 '~k' fl I I d

your ,r-1le,w ~,k'; 1 'I " the h' le.the-r- t:hc~g.d ,dell'ttl • .,. ";' .. ( : i . ""ung , , . ~~I._ a:!' '" _ ,_' I, . l;t!5!,ei: a~ I !Jlilr-

. ~, ' , rCJ'te. ~ 0 'r ~ III rilwn 1 J kj a.' '.,ti ~ Vh en

il"u,: :ho;'! ,II I's OQl(;; a ~,~~!$. q,ulrt,.,r"!s" _ ~. . ",._ .-' ..

~~~~~~~~~~~_~~~"~_~_~_~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-~.~~ s_ung l1ke e il.!lt·it l~ ~ry 41f~

L,egal Bul 'Lel"ha I N'ot'N' 'I y tlie!;~ ,ar~ ~"'~ by a I f I.~IJ 1, t to b'l,ock bee8U'$'i!l ,I t cont, 'I n''''

11 c" 9 t.h of 5 I,iI "'9'$ G!!IIi 1 t lub i ing. I f tll~'.s I .Ui!: s, to wh 1 p ~"a, sh, arQU nd tlhe b 1 O('k, I,

B'~ I'o~'d HI J 'I t!lJbi!n~g i,s doob-l~d :1, t~ ,~,r' slhcu1,d be I $ t r I'k r ng the ta flat be;h:i nd a:nyh~. ~' !"I,t rel5 eel by a~~,t ~ 12 ~ Mos It. of t,ne,$~ . I 9U:P. 5 run !:Ie t_i:fI 2 f.I!!He:,t ."d l~) J 1!1 c:-ile's .

'1 g:ng ~ GerHi!,r all y theY'8 ore 'I i ~hl, ~' ~'n, I:ihe I

ne '~ gil burhood ,of I 1/2 :1j:iOUfidl ~ lhe tldO,

lit' s to I gr' I' p'. ere, ~.Gt ,!, '$~ch. ,!II, ~!!iI"'"

(:.l!I!b bs h 1 dden .uP a ",Ii'i nc.oer't s te'i!,y:e, tor

i In $ld,s an O:r'd ~ in,. ry j.acke,t iii A 1 1!lliOIi t ,,a 1 '~

Of tll'em havel .1 I'~ f,e tv ce tt'h,lII ·'wb'. ,c,n,'S t.hey' can be ca r:r ltd ,co-cked and ready wi tho,",' too. m.uch- elI,anler of ee,c'l,.. 1

dental d~$ch~rge. ' ,

$y<:!", Iii guo". ~~;;d th !-"e:ra 1 r sobor"te_rM:d.··

sp.;!Ii'F' liar rt"IWC'l~ C. II Iii, . be, CiI!!II,t"r ~, .. ; .. "1'- - '--el,

. , _....' .'_'~. ~~, , .. 1!1! ,ill rogn

'wr,1Ii pped I n II! .,rON,n P\lPlIi r CO!jIJ!!rr " t I edl _I'tr. .211 5:,t,;[1"",gl,. ,Arid ~ ~ I !!S,5 h:.8 crnpl by. JI1!!i" t ha s, .be,e 1"1 d.mns t r,_,ted, ,p,~!'"!Cv I OI,iS I y

, .~:!'III _tlon" ,j t Bb~u~idl ~PiQS$ -.'s· a s i l'\P Ie I,' T'G, MIke, II .-nan r k i gus. rl" you

tool fei!' r~cr,·teat,JOfiIal S!PO'f'~'; • ill ti !Ii ~! ,n,eed ill ch"a [n.' {'the OOQCI le,_"~,'"e,,'h-,

:;;II V~ type

lin c h G'$ lo-",g, and 008,18 about ~:n e ~worlk. s we] I: ). t: wo bo] t s, W 1 t h n ... t 5 ~'

doll'iU I' dep,en ding Upon 't!h'e Q"luil ity ,of aAd two:. f I :$ h i n 9 51 nke -r s {I ILl,! eel lc'z.,

your te,ad l M g,' - :m,aterhll .. 'Fe'oU t:h,e:: 5 if nk;itb:r 5). Th,e: cha,'. n 'shQU 1 d be from

....... 1 ., tl!hl' , ' ;2 to 3 'fe,et 'Ionl'. The be ~ t shave i<:,o,-_'

mag,""ne UI' as: 'g~( a.s you oan!:: ........ "'"

.... ;. II . t - tIM. t 'I' .... ,... d I ,U'i S_ 11 ,enough to, fit th rou 'A'h the

papler ,~ges '~I~,S' SO ,'.,:.e asp ~ •. Ig8' I' ':I'

I .... _ ... 1 S th ,.,..;Ii Itl1 hoi es 'I' n t'he 5 r nke:t:s and 'the' II,n, k_:'!,',

s eX'llo~~ "'ecuna ,., an~,s iN,', ',' : 'I! :~

rubber ban.dB~ 1be' sUck· :18, iGar,rled ~n, JI~i th1"ed '~b:ha"'nt hu,t 'the. he~a,d 'and nut

'Ihe, biU,d or bacrk pocket,;, ,I' ,our' '~oc:al ,$lPiOU," : :e: 1:00 b:1 9 t,g 5 U:p through .. law s ,are' so . tw listed trtal' ,t ne mere . Dr 111 a ho Ie th rou'gh the:' C'! n't!! ... ~ ~,f pt.,esence of the ~tfbb&r band., - 'COti id .'adi, sIn ke ir ~ j; us., t 'W I d!l!!!: e'nough 'for Jdace the s,Uc:k' In the dan:gerou& the bolt,,, fibt, the 00" t, ,thrO,lJ,Igh 'iI:,h.,

, t j'I·lN!iit- II' tk en d Ii' ok 0" the Ch,i I n t then t h ro'u:gh

'we,.pan Ii ca 'egory :f ' 'U>QJ 11'0. 'U P ,~II,e' I, he So 1 nke It III' the: n :$ e lre_ ¥ill' t,'~. 'n, 1Ii_1'i",', "li,i,i!'iI,

mag al.1 n'B' ,and, h,li:n g on t.0 II't. n~ '~'I!. 'W I'"'

I't w0u-'dr be .h~lariOus to wah:h t.'he tight to. the s i ~n:ker.. Cu~, ,off in'l'

,.', . ... .•.. . . . . i_ .... -, .... , " ......', e~c;e:~'~ len'g't h of bQ 1 t and mess up

,Be,it I on at 1: he loca I prec Inol after some, t he ~h read s to' p re ~en t . the nll. t f'rom

overz:e.a,l,o'U8 pol tee olt ieer Ii ad ar,resta,d' I. we r k. j' ng 0 f' f . -. . .-

a ci'U~:en I'Q,r car-rytn g a deadl y As, 'w'j t.h iii ny ~e,a pon I' ~' t f s nee,'"'"

·mag!ulne ~ e $,$,a ry to pr.'8c,t'l ,. I n Q rdc Ir' 1:0 be-

N01e: 'I f' yOu: don It read, a di ,scan:1ed COIM p ref' J ,e 'I' en ~., Th lsi $ i:'Sl)ee 111 ~ "I newspaper' can be ro:II'ed and ,S/ee ulre,c : t ~ ue. '¥i r ~~. the !_n r J k i' g'~ $a r I'~ t beea u'Sc

I n a ',aimUar m s'nner ~. , ','0" th:iI!!: t,i:ndfl ne'V 'fa,r t he ella in· :t,o

'ke." .. !w i 'Iilg 'I n'I, aft elt yD~ ill re .re l,dV -fo r ~ t toO stop. D'ne,e,. yo u do, N!, te r it I. yo, ii, h,.y,@j, la, 'hi gh 1 V; cOIlcca l.b'l It ~

ex t reN 1 y pc ttl n t 'file a pon i Iil )"00'" ,

arsenal. . 1r

F n it "-I' r rUid. to regu ta t:e ',r I\" ea ~JM; ~ is til I' ~ljJr 'I r(i;gl !:Ii 'I II t Q t'i ha:vt!i illppa ren t 1 Y'

I fa r,gQ~ tenl :to COn t ro I t he ,~ne ~s "1" p o,r , c;~~.ry -I. n~ of 'Ci'il!!ll' pllrt I' eu:I, .... 'II i>ent I' dw, I 'Y a",~ ".:51 i I '1' too~.a 'I eel 'W"Iii;!! PQfll.. I ,h r Ii i '$ :1:: he C-CI'I'WJ'lOn _"Ib.IL~_ p. 'il:1",I r t; "'9 . o'r

. _ - _- ~ 'IiIi~II'~ ¥1,..' Ill!l!~'''1 . I'

'C:02 'pow.! :red $ pe<it'r' f' I stn r"" 9'~ Ii be loved 'b'y' 5,Aor Ie: " e MId S,C lib. ,Ci: I VIe 'i" 5

I A 1 thotigh . d,.,s ~ 9~"d for !lI1nde nil! t,l!:r

, ~ rk,~, ,a, 5 p'.~ r gun ~'~ 11 t h'row I: t s nc:·~vr t

I P l ~,t bil r bed~, lT1e't a 1 I' I'af' I!i"W I' tih roug ~ tHe ,.1 Ir fer lit Ie," t }O ,ards '~~' it".., c~ni,'''''

, de r' a b,l e, .c.<:YII",acy an'd' enooth force 'to

: PI ne t ra t~ Eo i '",C.M:$ or ,iTiO:rc, 'I nto a "Oeo pa J'm' t 'fee: . At I S Y. rd$, I t 'N,J: 'I I pi r-olbtll~,

, b 1 y put 'I,he s!p~alli" ~ Ie, te 'I y t h,roUl gh

. ill mr.; '.


'By C~yde' Banow

'In, N'ye'I' Canfom~la'1' an,di several o't her are,_ of the U:S, It :18 U I ega]' ) Q c;arry an,), weapon I' concea'ied or ,not I assume this is -to protect. the 'poQ'r m,;sgi'U~ de'd o,ri milrl,a,1 fro'm say'ag'e c i,ti 2,en s wh 0 h ave' the gal'l to, deJen d them,sEI,lves when m ug'gedi on 'the:i r doorstep.

One ~ 'egal weap'o n ava,i ta,b:I'B to those wh 0 e,hoose 1,0' obe'y these ~Iaw 5, Is an ~ m:prov'!:sed fighUng sUck made, f:rom a rolled up ma'gaz:l,ne,. This, w'ea~pon is

. devas latin g~ whBn t he ,en d I a Jabbed

t u II 'force into, th e ~ 'vl:ct ~ rTI,ISI'! t'O&t " stomach,~ \ddne~s or groi n. Whe:n hell,d . two handed, It wltll 811180 sene to 'b~cck or de,,'1 eet a punch ~ '" k'lck; ,OJ kn U'e .h'rus,l.

The stict is 11 inch diameter~ 1:1




... "


,BY DARV I s Me C'O-V'




Eaplodinl MDrt'.r _omb.

By J,I!I me So L ~ Ro'De' ts'on

"'If ta t, S 18 r-e no t lI",ea 1 'I Y '\1'. r y l~ pre'SiII VI! or ef'fet t 1 ve 'U~ leIS t,~,itlY f ~ re ,In ."P 100$1 Ye, p,rojeet '1"1. ~ He re Is one that [:5 ei!!llsy to make end rea ~, 1 Y 'WOr[ks"


U!I .... Ot .. ~

~....;, LAUR C;H£,~

'"' G-iJl, 'I.'~Ullt

. L " -Ii .;}~ 1._ _ _

~ .... , 16 CA,,,$,H,ElL iIIiiIIi-- DIS C S, .


F • r 50 t (.U t. a' n umbe.. 0 f d t 'S,c'S f rOlmJ C.C!I rt~ boa rd 'I ha t a re It I-Ie sa,'rne. s'~ :!:e, as 't:M: T n's~' de dl i a~ te·r of yOU'f' mar tar '" !H,eJtt cd:rta ~ 'n some empl'V (f' red} 16

,g[1 '. an d ~mp tV' 'I 2. g,a '. she t 9un $, he 1 I '$ PllHU:h the pr i '.1" out of the. ". Ie ~ shefll insert a fe"gth of fire,c,r,.deer fuse: and fill the re_ inder' of t'h, Pf hrer ho le wi'th t 1 SSUle.

Pi pe [r ~ 'S>!: .. " t, h. fU!Ii e j n 'w', th '91 ~ 00· 4'

8e, s u'r. the f u[ se come's baclc; into

t~c ,~t Y S hot.'go n s he I '1 '1/1.' I Of' '50 .. 1"1 'II the: 16 9',13,. :sh'e 1'1 wi til b 1 acjlc; pO'ftde r" 0 r 'bet to@," ye t~ f 1-8 sh ~'~

,d'e ro' '. S 1 1 d~ the -e11l.pty 12, 9B ~ !!ii [he ~ 1 over 'the ., ga" she H eo,~itad n ling

t.he pQ\liKle r ~ 'The it~ s he 1 I s 'w:"l I, 1 f~' t. t '~'gh t l '1 t.og: •. the: r ~ Be ca['r'e f ul no ~ to damage t:he fus,e wl-..l:··I&, 'y\ou ;II rei p~,'t: ... t.l' ng - the she 11 5 toga t he.'~~ y'ou .s hou 1- d now l1.v!I! two shot gun s he I: 1 51 'f' I: t ted tOte, the r' I f 'I ~ I ad wI th pONd',re r .~d

'wi th ill fu's-e aboat 1 n long rp[rojec t ...

InQ from the ·,6 'ga" end ..

- llI!!!:xt ~ punch a 'SiNd 1 hal e!, in the ." dd 1 ,re of '5 ,eve ra 1 o·f the ca' .... dboa rd discs. $11 p them OY'er the fu,se' ca,ref'u1 ~ 'Y and g' lJ8 to the l' ga .. ~~ell~ Glue a ~ouple of discs to th~, (. thee r end I' 'So t'~'U; th i! . P t,O~'

jee t1 \~ loaks 11 k'~ I!I! d-umbe 11 ~ 'Then, $1'11 t the Fuse, a'l mQi't to '~ef',e it en t II! r's the. d'i '5 c, • S P .... 'lea d the, ·S p' 1 , t e,n d. s apa rt, ca r'e flO 11 'l ',0 a, s not to dump ,out an-y' 'fIlC)r'e. powd;!!,r, -nec-" e-ssary+ ~lue t~e fU$~ to the card'" boa rei a n;d' drop Ii, pin eli of' b 'Lal C ~ powder On the glue b-ef,o-re ltd ri-e's,.,

The f'l Ire: f r'OI1 the· 'prop'e 11 ~ I1g: ,ex .... p 1 D!d Clln wi 11 ~ gn T te: th!!· fust!! '. You .adJ liSt. the. • el19th of t i ~ be'" 'i'fore the. proJe.c.t'i It!. exp lodes b'y

'E' X· ;P':"LO'--'-['S-~"V"", E':

. -~ . -. '. i - _~ _. . ," <~:. II ", .' ..


I • ~_


I .


I . . '.I I ...

_~ '1' J11iifio:r. n-II"I; ;i:,c-o-:··:t-·"" t ""'1"iiiIIio ;oT;,';;"k--'''' ,iiI[. ,t., "-'b-a

. • U:j;I'III;. ~l :j;Ilf'-':""'~ _'IiiiiI!~':JI ~~rI!II!" ,... iIiiiI 1ii.iI! ~

out.. 0'( ~_ pa pe' r 9 roee roy :~g a,bQu't 2.~ ~ .. ·Iong .. by 1 II wi de.. Cut .' ~ Iii c;l ,re: Ie of

, ' p.ape:1\" '. net t,a:pe I' t . ~tO- on,e ena'; .

-2~ Plek and's~~ap~ .th~ e~plQ$IMe

___ , ...

, lO'r" '0 f II!! DDU ,t a t,h,Q'i.I!!"i\!InC 't~; ,c:k I\a t - c~e$ '. . Ad d ,'a .1.1 ttl e;, W~ tA' If to theo ari:d .erush tl1M -up 1 n ,8 9 hls.s CI'sin,traY,j

'j.. 'P·ia[l:k the .. tub'e, f~lll. ~f,o-r. a,~ut

T'~· I ~ -.' ~ ~. . . . . _. -l, _

~_~_. Tau II 'I/~·I ~d' d~':.;aild[ In,sert 't I nlo· ·"title ~~ru~e,r ~'~'f-'l_~,he, tube.

.. - .. - 'hI J_, '. r f :the. .... ""'-0 ·I'v·

l.~n,. J)ilc,k t II, r'ds~ .~_ 7~"_~- _-"_~' ,_I e


- - - - -T-. ---- - .- - - - - - - - - - -. ". t - - - - - . -


FEW- ni«hil.nic5.amol;~eUI or ,othei"o1lise'~ right in a vise. name-face to 1M front. ].wI)\\' rn.ucb ~ b.c'~ "f,l"~d'~i~nl1l p;l,te,~ . Sha'rpen ene end of the w.irt to be drawn.

vet thc-g~' toels a~re mD~t. "us,c'ful" i::lind _ once m::Lking a long polm, Insert the poi nt in a

i ri cd. ,3 re 00 rd to ,pt ::.loD\g \",i t beut, Th ey 00 •. },e' ,smu:~ enl~~~h.htP b~t ~rll'sp It wi~hh are ptrt:i~u1ady usefw[· 'to. model '"':1 ~rs ,iliod, p H~ rs. an~ pu·~ it L 1'0:01_ ~.~ lIiDrlg Q smo~t. - ~

in the I,ong run save consid,er,ab1e: ume and steady forc;e. R,epeat with the nest :s,m.aUer

, monev, 00'] e .. ~nd :50, O'n~ , beth!, redU(~d in lev-

The. :plates a re made ilJJ severa 1 ,styks. eral holes, l he wir[e win need to be annealed

\r,~ t ~~ tbem wlres ,of (OpPf"T JDd simil3:r soft 'by heating it to r,edr.ess,. .

. - t -I - :~ d e -~ mUd steel can be m.J.~ . 'Th~ drawill"',, it will be noti ce~ '!lot c,rl~'1'

~_as. iDft "\" .• ' -e .-i''''. _ ,'''' ---': _"1. -- -_~ _.:I' .I:,I:..~. ....... L'· .. ~ i· ... 'Il,,;I, ~'" tiL

round,,~ k.ufe""edgoo, or'. h3~U~-':I'~'. 'recmees '([l[e [uI3!ID(;;Ller~ UU.'1io ,a .. r,a,~liueui • ne

\\~J th two plates in tbe :round '''.'U~lEty,,.,tt. IS, wJ ~ sq, that, lhe~e: ~re no,1<Kal .klnls 'wh:l t·{"~l'S\? to[ ,reduce 1-i-iD .• l~irQ '1;0 I !64f In. 'with _ ~~"~r .. Th,is in Its~H'ls an.' ~d\tolntilRe in mO"St ::,h1~ 05t no los!!; III 'rna i.e ri;oJ' 3Q;tl an increase kinds 'Q", 'worK. 'Besides, the ~n!ct dt~Tee o:f' '0 f lcngi h of almost 6-,400 pereen L The: hil':oness and, sti ffne5s (an, he o'bt~ ined to pla t es . al'e obtrd rllo1 bl e 11 t, j[ew,e'] ers' :suppJ:y >-_ .s~ut lhe~ re~:l'l:nren1;en 1,5, of th e WO rk ~ h~nd, n (Hl'SCS ;n nd cost only a bout $1. SO ench, . me, principal advantnge, however ~ liS that

Tht :~s this: Cl:unp a p)a:n.e 'U~, .,_ ~he: ~1)er' of s·ucn p1;a,tes D~ds to st,ock but

- ~ on,e,Or- two si2ts oj 'lhe

'; '1-.........-·"· ,.. _ '<~ •• ~. ~.. • •••• - met als 'be ,('Otl'UDotlly' 'uses

'""" ,as be ca;:n quh::kly ma'k[e ,1D.y smaller' ,:siJe' nece$'" salV.


'The usefulness· of' the' ,plates does not end .-it b ~t~a,'pingj &inn,', ~arden-

ing1 3D.~ st'ral!;'bt-eDi:nl',

'wi fie,. They can, be, us-ed

_ far' m;l,king tubinl . .sim~ p,ly cu,t a strip Df sheet. metal'of a width a,pprod~ _ rna tely .3- Il'i Urnes the' [outside d[am,' of: tile:

~ tube required'l ~nip a. taper a.t one end., bend ,lmgth~i5e into a :shaUow t rough,~ and draw Uk e wire to· close the ,joint.

I ,

. The 'wire I. rciiuce'i!I in I.ittl: ,,, crlwiD. It tbr9l1l"b •• -I;~rtllivel.y,' 1lm.IIUU lIQd~ b~ 't~ Iji~"t.! llI'bioch 1. c.himp ••. U\pril~,t' in'. 'viDe





By Clyde Barrow

$10 ml i 1 orde r s i 1 enlce:r s a, re' now a.vallable., for y,our ma·to·rc.y,cl,e, of course. These uni ~s ~'Jf ,1.'1 so be used. to qu.i:e·t p.o.rtab le power p 1 ~Rts, 1 i:'Alft mower·s;. puIlPS'1! chil" nSa\il$ and Iny 0- the.r o.o1sy ; tell w.itn a ba'rre" of 3/41

.Of} or IlI'iFil·' .

..... _,

The s i 1 encer i s fO·Ned from

we! ded 5 tee 1 tub1 n9 wi'tlh a f', ~·t b'l ac,k ~a 1 nted ·fi 01 s.~ ~. T.he bQ<dy i s 7·.1~ 11 c,ng, Ind. 2~1 _ CD ... TO~i 1 $11'enter ·leng'th when .'.ssemb.led is 8~' ~

The inter.a,,.. conta.1nrS, a ri I1l'

p:e r fc,ra ted s tee l' core and I. ro 11: '0 f f1 be rgl ,as, S i).c.1( i ng ~ A s pr'; ng 1 oaded~ ba.ffJe maint.i ins eere 41'1g*ot· and a stlIJrdy sn.ap ring hold's the steel

endc.p· in pl,ce~' ,

I'he rear lDOu:nt1 ng ,area is slot.ted far easy installation with the hrose c'lalllf) pro'f·ided. For I. !lor! perma:.nent insta:llat;,on." the unit' may. be "elded

i n ~fl.ce. .

The J!'R. s ,,1i e·~,er ma.y be:' 41 sassenbled for c lean,ing or pl'ck ,'ng re:" ~'l.Cellent ... Dis,i$.s_ly requi. roes I .pair of s.nap ring plli'ers!ll I,v;a.tlable 'from any hardw~re or a.uta, parts·

store ~ .

Th1e $2 repl.c.ement k.i t ,cotytaifl;S .• new ~I.ffl e .spr·tng't perforated tare .nd Ii piece o'f yellow fiberglass ))I.ct.ling mate'ria' ~

Be 5 ur@ to s:p!ci f'y b. rr@11 0[1 "hen

ord.eri 1.19·. .

J' I I he. ~".veloped- (I. d,I.M~'· d.-vice ta .Q vlld o:n iltxpan •. ion c;n,Q'mbitf", A ccaliiden;d)r. reduCiI'cln In Ih,e. no_i', l.v.1 Ii. nQW poU.i~ w~n no leil I" ·POW.. 'Ih.

pf,'~I.IlI~ Qf 9PlJa~on ii, m~1l1h,= 'c;une as Q o.IU' ..

Aft., Mluch ",I., ,the. ",IeriC;!f _ .cqn ~ NIHy tabn opt!(l.rt·

~t d~anfn,. Alter _·.n,:nd.d u!lqg. g ,ej)loC&i1ftiJtIJt' hit

IS avc,Wab,IC!· wn ~c:h ineh"li=.' J'!1e.w dl:ad'.,";f'Ii' ~tetlol a;nd

Q '"ew p .. rlo.!i(J,ted cor" wn·lch wilt· brfng yC!ur. Ijlmc-er

back ·to. ·n.w ape.:rot1on. '

MO.1 ~C' [llClCk] = •. ~~ •• ~.~ •• ~.~ ..... _,.~~ ... _ •• u,.~ .... ~ ....... J5

_ 0. __ : I·Y

SIZES 0' lJIaMM. tal

SiLlNaa AND .At« AUBI:",

.rg, I.e
iI.!II"" -'.sa t9'
.11,1., 2D
'iiil' ,iii' ,11:1
'11.· .I!, :U
.175 i2
,9~ I~
1'!1/16'" -tv fA
I.· 1.,fOQ' 2!1
'~1./1,4'" 1·.061 131
L1M Hi
1",1,..· LU.!I,
'1 41'1 "iii .. ~.,. .-
1:-./.4~ t ~2,5oJ
1:.'. 3'
1-s.,J1.·i I.,.i·l"
I..a! ... · I.D.S :8,
L..tlH'· ..
'~1'I."'1II 1.4~;t
l&ln"'" 1..$00 ..
~ ,.17.;1 "a
1·,511-11' 11 -tI-2J.
1..6:54 ,.
li ... :tI1IiIl1I" lIJ1.i!iO
! •. J.OQ(I ~Q
0pM W
, -................ '. .

~kl;l!· ~OO ~ ..... !. 'It,iINIM '~$O'I' a6!), "'··MX, D1] ,""'.:'1: I ·Cf-.w. .. II·o.,

-~ _- , . .

~~.i. r~~I, ~ ca, !cl~ :""~IOO: Cl. a. U,5 I. &0 It~' '1 S' '1iI~,'1WN

~ift :g':5'O:, '~",l ~IOc, 5Dr. •. < • • I --... . •. , -. '.' II' - '- .

.. . . .

··"""'Wta-. :-,;(:C-i-IO. Nt .. ~~ .150., ~ a~ CU 1.5 '1'0. n . .;... 25g· . a~:5,O, ~!~. - '" , . .' -~ . - ',-

'-, • I

!~~,~ ~ ,~_,~,~ ~J. ]'_'2, ,.,~ 0,. c't, $.I. ~5(1ir All :lCI. (1 .. 50

. l'iM~r UOr .Ii~ ~N. "IJ'O, ~I\ti_ ue .' '.. -

. '.


KC~ .~ flt XC 1I1 ... c· .... hill .7'09' ~"'b'"7 $'2 00 X)~ hi fttt ·loC ... uPC4Irl. fr.~", 1: ~OOO ' •• 0..;' '2._ ' 2:100

XC3 ... flt all X)C'C SlilnAn -n._ .. e- .. a .. __ .-"' ... "'" .. ~.. 2.0.0

J , R

. 71',8, S aou t Ave. lEI.' 1 Gard·eAs. :

CAL ~ 90201 I


'1 t-c=e J body


f i be.rg 1 c!IJ5 p:lc.kjn~


1M' 'forilt edl .t •• ·t ,e-o~

for .,..., i .. .,.,I1_ a ca.,. Ii! ,roviH_' !"!"'"'

i-' .,it,.,. or WI~"I.~I "eA"."

CJ"'~. I f lnlh.1

Dt ..... , ~ aI'~ Itodr' 2 IIUMI


,A 'Ye ry ,af f.c. t ['We: II ndi ye r'sa e ~ 1 e exp 1 oei t ng boo'by t r,iP ,c;a i'lI ,be .de 'tom par 1:1 8iva II .,ble .t,· lin'v h .. rd~ i!foI!II:te 's"to .. ,~.;"

'Tn t s d,ev I ce Cit ~ be used a'S Ii

'f t,ag_n til t 1 0 n III hle f F 1 a re 1 a Y'Re,he r .• tea r gil S ,pi ro J e c t.en" iii ~O ,r' IS a d I :r,Ktfona,. mtne Of" set >gun.

Yo!';!' wr 1.1 need t he,s8 1 t ems: ~ - 1/"" plpa, In I p'p 1 e 2" h:,ifl'$I '.'

" ]/11:."'1 "1'" "'';;'''fiI,

,_ .. ' "'II P pe, '!.;;GI,o."

1 - na, I'~ .p'p r'Ox.. " 18"t 'I ek" I "'" ,1/1.+" ph:." ooupll n9.

1 ~ '1/!,,~1 pi p. 'n'l ~,p 1 e. ~Iii tong (,ar

longer] '.

l' - c.oJ'ite;f IP f n 01'

1 .... :Ii P r r n,g:t .n,y 5 I' ,Z,e! , a s 'IOn" • 5

r t l:s SI r,ong enoUtdl"

1 - r'Qund; :$ 'tee:'l 'p 1 e e e ap'p roM. 1 It ~, l' t 1 ,. round 5 te:e, I 'P 'I e ce ap p :r'(Ul •

j/411 ,x 1/2u"

I _, 1 2: '98. 'sh,o [,gun ,t f 1 i re ,Qr' t,e. t

gas 5hell~ , ..

The eu t -I ~ay draw l ng '.' .,haws . how 'the de,,"' I cli; 1 !!Ii put togetihet' • S ta r't,

by se~i ng the, coup1.1ng t,o the " end of the, 21'1 p,~pe n,tpple a,s, 'tJ'ght ...

I y ,.5 PO$S I b'l i!I ~

COl: !er ~'r!mj ..


' .. ""

.. ~Tll -;- ,-, ' l

.' I ~

w\~~."'tt\li" '1..~~~~L..'. -....~...;....I~ •. I, ..................... ...J!~ ... L,.,- .. t"" '

'p". "I" .. ' -- ':.-"'''''' ,


T· R'A:'-""P'-'"

, ' ,

," . .

I. :..._ ," ,-

. .... .

C 111 t h,e 'Il r"e!i!lc,h'b'] eek dawn u,n t ~ t It wfJ ~ J'U$t 'II t Into the.c'oup,'1 i I1g and' D\i,ke J t J t.i s t I: on'9 eno'U,~ to ma'ke th,e barr. I ('Iong!p~' pe n'l pp 1 e} f ;' t snu 9 1 y 'when 1 ~ad red wI ,th . t,h~ shotgun - she.1.! T"ke the breeeh:b] eek OIUt and dr~' 1.1 a 1/8u ho 1 e, ttl rough the e:xai;'1t; cente r ~ Cut the, n,i;! t 1 to.

11'8,1 ~ 10fl'ger dlan the b re'ech it'; ~ 0~k, ,an d f t 1 e 't n e end round and, smoott h . 90 t'h8:t I t 1ft III 1'1 I t the ~li.elt't center 0" tn,. shotgu,i'I: 5o'he 1 ,. -pir' rM:r~-~'

c therw ~ 'se the. slle II won i t g,'O off t.-

Drill a t/lU hoI@) In the fide

a,' ,th,e 2:11 n I p,p.l e about 1/2"i! bebl nd' wbe re ,th eI,. "I PI> 1 e, ~n d c'OO:p 1>:1 "g~' J 0 hl' ~ Ha ke t h. $ pr J ng 'I O,rI 9 enough. - 't,o p·U$ h the,' ,haarM!!, r a'ga lin,s t th I!!: b reeehbl,oct,.,

To a'S se'lib l e ,:'

So tar t w' th the cou'p '\ I ,fIg'" ~shCH" t n1pple asse~bly. and in$t~ll the

'b ~r'lI!:echb 1 eek • Nu t t pu I h t:tie, Co't t,e r pin into the holt In the shQrt nlpp,'~ e Ii t Ihe n 5 I t de the h,BI'tI'M! I" down the nIpple to re;t against the ~otter

iP l' n ~ N'O'W $1: t t:h-e $P r t ng aga En,s, t the ha~r. ,end compress it 1;;1'1 tn t'lle, (.an and iE"'r'ew' "he cae .... ~·:n·" t l cht

. __ ",," Q. !"II iII .... "_ !.J .... p UUWi. 19 '," III,



Pi '~,,, t.h. ts Ie t . t s t.o 1 oa,d t ne

siho tgLlnl sh,e,ll 1 ~ III to t:he ba :rr.e 1 a iii d se r,ew' 'the ba t r'e 1 ~ n to' the 0 the, r l!nd c'r the Cd,up I t 'n'9.


1 Ii I S d@'if:i ICe f ~ re'! a'$ 5'oon a '5 ,t he pln Is pul1ed1 Fbr safety~ don't

1 ca,di t h,e s.he tgUfi "he ~ l uil t r 1 1'0,0 hav~ the trap ~et up~


Yeu ,can :set 1:11 II ,pne· of f your''''' 'S,.1!:1 f :by' a pull. w h"f! ,. :Qt. r; 9 t r i IP wt res Dr u tie YOiWI r OWIiI 'I deas ,

A gDOd ~a'~ to MOtm t, t b i 5: d,ev 'I ee ~ 5, to we 1 d er br.r;e iii ~,a,rge ~d screW to the cap' and sc.r'.w I t to 8 t:ree. fene;e !po's,c "or CQrn,!!'" of ,;iii

bu t1 d i n-g ('$,ee III r',aw'~ fig) ,t A fRYf f"err

e I amp e ran 'be us,eel' to, moun t, to !M't a 1 ,osts and fences.

. To· Mke .a: fr,a'glil'lentat ion bomb Ii S'i,l!ij"I' f 11 e t'O j"' 9 r lll"ld grooves in the, barrel and put a second pipe cap on

the end (see dr,a,w,1 ng) ~ .

'The rang., ,and'S, p read 0" the shot can be v'ar led bi)" makJng the balrn;:1-

longer,. .

~ f yo Q! han d load ih,l;'- t!!!ll yn 'she, I: 1. 5 ~i' yo u c,ali) fila 'ke 'lttl II who T ,j!: t h i ng muc h ~r,~. p~'r fu 1 ~y ,over load t 119 the sJu~: ~ 1 wi ch powd,e r ..


. '"" ~

~ -" """" -,.-- --


,. ra gme'n 't,a t'l en S t)" l It

. ,.

. ..



Chl.o't'ine gas 1'8 gen,era'ted 'when chlorine bleach is m.ixed wl,th sod'i,um bi,s,u.lfa t e (Sani,~ Pour a can 0'£ San1-FI-us,h in, a baking, 'pan", and., level ,off' ,the top of' the pile. P~ch

a hole near the 'bot tom of the pias tic ble,acb. jUt. and place the, ju,s in ',b,e, ce.nt.e.r ,of th_ . pan '. A steady cloud of 168 wdll be geuErr'at,ed.t. the .,ctual du.ration depf$jl1ng. Upon t.:llel rate of bleach flo,w'~ I.f it 1,s necresaa,ry to di%e,ct the. .ga,8 to' a S ,p .. e c ,1 f i,e are,s ~ the g ene r',a t or can. be cov,ered with an airtight t,op f1tt'ed with a hose ,

Bleach eo.ttle


Han,d. ,grenad,e. and 8D.'t:lpert"so,nel mine·s can

b'e as,B· 11y and ch.eaply cons tru~ ted f~OIII ,p,oly"". ~Bt~,r.~ cas ti"~8 reBiD, auto bo'dy' putty" ,AlS. and PVC. p:ip e ~ p texigla~,. ,t va,o~. forme_d .s,t.yren@ B~e.t etc., 'Thea,. pla.&tle Qce,v.ic,es WO'D. 11:. p'roauc,s Bhr'sp'nel f~a,~tl' or ~.onc:USsion,9 e,qual. to the powe r' 0' f conv,en t:i,onal b~b.,s. II ~ b'u:t 'they do liav@ two. un 1 q u,e an:d!, ~o "aW01" thy f e a tiara S .j :t he Y' "'f e both non m,eta~,l,ic and, x;-r.ay transp'8"re,nt ~

The fir,s t. fe.a,t'u're, .allow',s these de,vic,as to be c:a:rr~.d _throu,gh a.ill'p.ott8 •. g,o,vern-ent bu:11d-, i'n8s and othe,r' co'nt'E'oled areas where a '1D8.g-

nomete:r check might be e·n,count.ere,d .. , .

" .


The -inability to detec.t, 'plast.ic. fra,ament,. with x~r&ys wi.ll r,equir.,e ,that eaeh -ft'agment be probed fer ,and will comp l1cat,e BUr'g,icsl -treatment ..

HOf' te r Balnb~ca~ t ha I ves toget her.

. Pla,s t,i'c ,shrapnel fill,~'r call "be eoatad wl th po t aon befor,e :it ia added t,o 'the bomb to l,'n·~ crease the kill r.a:te, of the e:cplosio,n.



Z- I·: P' G' ·····_·U:' N',· .. '····

," ~ _." " ",. -:", ) - .

By J1m Black

lit. I s. I' t t t l 'e gUln 1'$ mad.11 5,0 th,t

. 'YO!,.!i can In 'I de ~; t ·.hi "our boo,t (if 'by tapfng "t' to )",our fo,re'inA. under Ii

1 on g .... & I ee '18 d 5 h i r t .. I: t. will f Lr e

122 shorts~ longst and ~'rdshot~ It i $ ea's-y an.d i nexpens iv= to mak.e.


fl'l D e~d to, form f 1 ri ng,




Pipe'" Li iii 1101'1'91

,'22 SHEL.L




i"~ 10 Stee' 'PIpe'""'" long


I' I




cut from

(11 d T nner tube


'F! Rt",iGi PI" & ,E'~iECT"OR ]/'~ :6['· S tovebo 1 t ..; 7"n '\ o,ng- f i 1 e end as shown In det.i·'

All you need is two p~eces of pipe ~ a ,coupllng ji a ,'ubber band, B~ wl're"II' and ,a tin in_tal rio-d. AS.'i,emble. eve.ryth i ng iUi 'In. the ql a-

9 r~rrh 'tIe fir l n 9 p hl sh ou 1 d b,t f ~ 1 e d on C'Re end. its. heu 1 d 1 oak 'I Uc,e s

s'~ t,j! 'I g h ·t~ ~ " 0 t sc rewd r ; v,e' r , The , 'I t'· I' ng ,p In 1 5 used 'tit) both fire t.he.

~ :2:2 and. te !poke ~ t the f t ,r'ed she l l, .

. .J:f an U3u x -1011l':,:M, 6jll ,~a,S"Q, 'j '$ u sed, _t:hree cO,mp 1 ete roc ke.t,s can

I~!S,O [be, c,r!r.'rt.d wi th the' 1 aur.H:lhe"~f ._: ,

: .',' ,. ,. ,::'". ~,~' ~. ~ ~. :.'''': '!-"co' cardhoarot (ut the; two blades to ,thr:

", ~:;. _ .. }4o_te= 'To fla''t.te;1) ~tt1o pIQ~' ~~y'e~~ ', -, :- .. - S:h~~6hown ,ifi~the ,Uwe.I~ dia~ram.:; if,()~

~ r.~ t.hi t ex~,en,d 'i,_n~tD "thre:' tU'De,;,',c:lIIlf'P 5lrn~e~ . ~~b~;n~I_,~ __ t~~er __ th.~,rn. _as. ~ug,

. lI: ~~a!y ~,'~P~ _I nt '. B '~i s~ ~ a~~,. Lp.een ~;~':"rib~~:rt~rsqIiC;~,~:~~,,~~~

,_flat, is sh,own,., ,_ . po." ... 't~ib.Jl~ f'or tbe !to,-.· •. les. .. - The pdn. ,dpl.:.e ~f:

H~ r h ere ~ ," ":"~ . , , "J'a~hg' t.~~,&C out u made dear by the ,~:;;

, ", .: ';" vlsion$ on the, -[l've 'Imes dr'a,wn hnmcdi,~ " ~ter'y below the pat tern f'o" the c'amboan;l '·bla,des. '

-7. • ~ ': I_f,!, fot uampl,et it is, _desired '1.0 enlarge L i. ':1 dQwirlg to, 'CJI::t.(Uy 'hdce' it.s slse, tile

. I ~ blades shoukl 'b~ djVid~d lengt'hwise in't,j)

:, lhftCi! _ 'pil,rts .and the h,o,1e :made, at. one o,f .. the div:t5~~on5 50 tb.:~l~, when the ,in:s.t,rirM,ent

- ..... ~~_.' ~- . - . ~~ _ > '·ls, aJs~m,blEdl the' distance f'r,orn the piv-

- ~ ." -.::_' ,. : -.; ooted Joiol t 01• U~e' 'One 'end will 'be exactly

: :. i I tw~ca' tb. disbt'rKe : (.'rom, the jo:iml to tbe

•• - 1 ;.,otht'tf end.. '~Sfmib.rly I- to eniarge' d!i:ree

,I rimes, the' blad,= :tttUit be di;vid,ed Into

i f our par~:s 'and Ute pivot hole placed _.~ a. pCllint '.one quarter' the lerfgth of the blades f rom ,one end. Other dhiisi,o.ll!S csn be, worked out In the same ",a.y~ 'For. 'ttl_all 'wotk;, a laod length ~o'mak.e the b~ilde;s ~$

. 6;.3 in., as indicated' 'by t be i:I1('h :ica.:!~'

...... ·,1"1 1 d I,.'ns i,OIl sire ar:bi - . _ : pl:u::ed ben .. E!a;d'll, the UOe!,· 'ur" ~n wh£cb Ule'

'tra'ry- as il:s ;thei dlo'l ell! '~lf 11 ... : I divisions, hOlv~ been marked .

l.I1I,inum· .~'$, :the ,t~:be ·.'rItter-i'a') ~ . The 'P:~V()t should be q.uickly removable

. IMod i 'f1 ·'hi s eXilmp 1 e ·to. sui' t tot :set ting ,t he: blades~ _ Tbe wi'rj; d-esJp

.the lu'te:r1i a 1 s mos t a va;; 1. ab'~ e shown 'has Ii ven satlsfa£tlon and is :no;~ 1-

't'9 yo u '. ' .. _ Iliii!d_~ifIi;;.;-_ c:;,:u:.;.;lt:;..,;· t:.;:' 0;.,:· m::i;'· .ii.:!ake.:----i;i;;..!. _ ..... __ ~--IIIIIII!!!!!!!I-.

T' AK~ 'E;'~ D':·'···O· '·····lIIOTN':,··· '

~ .... ~_, .IJ~.~ ... '.: ••.•• _.rvv .....

DiO-· C···K- -:E··T·'·



... . ""'- - -"'_A B.~

. 'lil.y ~ 1 !,;//I:;;, " -. ~~r, --

,Nateri;ll, s;:

three ,_ :3 n a 1 U01!l n um 'I rr'1 91 t1 on

. 1- 8- lili 1

tubes t- - ,Ol'g.

'bIo .... sma1 " 'ga te hi: ng! s, '", two - lug'g'ag e I ate he's +

pop' ,.1 ve:ts and gun. __

sut t cas e a pp'ro N. Ul'u )C 10 II xEp!' I

ins tde d1I:1en'$1 ons Ii


-Lilli AU ~"""

f i ri'ng"' De vice

:F t gure ,A shows I, 4,81J long x 3,- di!. 1. au'nche'r ,



T U1? p'O-·. ·0· I? M-;r 7t 1!.."t :i' S:,~ b)'M··-'Q< JR ER

1J..D .: . ", In . l.t'\.1 'J . ~, . . '. _ .

iI~t.~ ill' PliliNM •• Ii' 1joth4"1o 'l!IIiII..-r M ;i;!lC"i.!II!~" ,Ii;N'1J -'!Ii I!i!Il '~I!i ......, M ~iIIi!!ll!! ,~!Ii; 'D!~~

.... '. ... _ ¥I::,=fI~i~~~~iIj~ ._\j=~l!:.-!;U"i'_··· -._ --' _,_..--::

- ' ~





P'opu.lar Mecha~niaB ~,9 31

I,p ONE'S dj'.f~'rl:g_ kit 'doe! ~,ot ,mc'lude . . .. 'plO,portioo31 div£dels,~ an e~(:ien_t, ~:gb-

,:!~~~,!~T t!~:asH~~C'~~t= m~~~~

U\'Ustrat,eId," The, div.i,ders will . be iou-ltd, very usefUl f'or ,e'nlaIr,gi1l1 ,o.r reducing iii ora winl' or !ik.reh;:h~

:The blades may be m,ade o:f c,ardboa:nl~ brass, aluminum:. .Igf even, thig w\ood,. If

, .

,I _




. .

- - --- .. _-,.__


't·", • .....,~- .... - - .... -.----~--+'f------"""iI


. - ~ ..

;._" ~--..;;;'~ .... --- ...... -~~----i~-

---I' L- L , _1; ... 1 .A~iiiI

- '_. ~ _. __ -._- - __ I _


, . .

•. .. r+ ._.

~ r - ~.' }

When eJ( tend!ed, t the tube i s S u f'~'i'ci ent 1 y rl g'1 d for fi r'1 ng~ When,

fa, 1: ded '. 1 ,t mea's ures, a campa c t is i, x lQ'* x 3-'.. Too folded 1 lLJ,n-cher wi 11 eaJ's,i'1y "1 tin a sma 1'1 's.u;' tease

The rea r sect i Ofil~. ,X" ca r ri es ,a, LAAN roc ket 't'~lfe - ~pe reus,s, 1 on "f:1 j" h:~g' d.e v ii c.e (see Pl4l.~ '~o 1 .,1 f;tl) ~ . _ '. - .: ~

._ . '

'. H(Ii~ to lay ( '1. dell r,D.r :pr-opor1:;EClinill ' ... ... hltl'~ 104 .' ,ukk ,lelii1r. liPifW' 'Wire pi v~t


, p.~'p ~'ri.vett __ . ~,'

L. _ "".:_ _--. ~ __ "_

.,' I

. , 'I' ,

.. "!,


• " ... " ~I

1 :


. ~ ',' - -.. :

" i

; ... I

. ,


. "


.' ,

. r"

. "

, ,


1 '






C- A·····- N'" N"': '0" · .. ·N····· .

. • • " 1

:: ',: ". ',' i . ~" - "'. '.'"

Ma till.r i a I s Neede.d:

']. l!Ie .. e r c.e.n s

Black E I e,r; tr I c Tape. Slow Burn i ngl "I:.Hi·e Ca$Ol ~'nc

C -!J t 'OU t e the tOP$ ill nd bo,t tOlfl:S, f tam 2: bee r (.iiII"I''I"$i, 1 eav i' ng 'c~: _iii edg e,,$ .. 'Tli'illil (.LJ t Out the t.op of' a t.,hl] rd bee r can .and Mke til f' .. :sa 00'1 e in the c·ent,er aft he C i!!1:n! bot to:tTi .' .F I 9 • I

Tape. the t n ,rei c.·an·5 w' r the E ee t r. i e tapt!. to f'orA'l' !them. J' me a tube., ni9 su re t ha t the 'ilia' Is ,a re SII'II:)C t h I,

Ca n. a pen·er rt 'iih.t.'e r fuel Tenn.1 s. B.11



L Sna th·. 'N8' 1-s of the 'Wi th _ 1:''''1 n co·at i n'9 OIf ,11 g'ntllt' 'fue') !Ii hvsert fuse .·!"ld ten·nl s ball .. Whll'e I knc:Iw of I. few who h.·va I .... nc.h·e,d dry 'ten· .... nl'S be H 5 "'ohHliIg the tun In C'hefr kend·s ~ ~I. ·fl .. 1 "t.hat " s,tan·d sht,)1t,I ~ d' be

,.d[e. . . .

F , r'e"'" 81:1 ~ .. loe.i.; _ "t'enn 1" b. '1. 1 ., in I conta I f"I." gf I-so] I ne fo,r : ....... 1 ~rs o'r un,tll It filii g.s"ihe ball wi'll fit snug[ I Y' i n·to ·the.- tubal but - y' h8\4'. to be ·,.nt l y pu shed ,down w'i th I s tl ck. TI; j' I· bar. of 1.5'· ollne mlY "c.aeh .5 "ar .! .• cl ty'

b 1 ·~:ck, ~ , ~ at t en ,ou t U PQ!ll, Il1plCo t t and I.reld fJ.mJog gasolin~~

,Reprinted . Fr·OII

[P-apula.T [Mechanic.s

[ 1917

. ~'YOU raHze·'f!~t~~dcae}n.1he,

! LI~WI.y ,01 accurate measunn&._~ Dr .ordinarY:; steel! ~lca~e'P'Thi hunaredth of I. m,ch d~yiskm$ were' D.O{ put ." on tht scale u an omament ~t t.o imp~. . . you witlt tbe qualit,. of .the too], They are· I();f·t and with a little patience' and . :pra.clice· Y~lI cm. ,split the hundr,ed·ths, .~nd mike liaUl melJUrements, correctly wi~

I in. f'e. thoUMDddw [of an iint:h.. .

Hai:r-.splitlilll' ~-. ' .. - . Lsi·on ~ike this is[ ~.

~ " d·" le ':""'1I!'I1'1 Io·'f'

, ~~ ~,.O'U Dei!:, JS t 'e s.<:a- t a· ~u.IW.L- map y~

. mg glass" ·1 e_n.a.b~c wpPl)ro' .1;01 patien.'ee'~ and above aU~ ,connden,ce Ill. the faft that .

it. caD be darD. aad that, Y'OD ean do .i~~ .

AI ,IQ, ,exa m pie.. look. .1. the t~~ tiny dotted~1leId. hrras·s studt in the Pam,.· of' the hand ,shOW:1l in the' plat,qrapb - abolf.'e. :the

nl"hrifn -'1 _ .. - - - .ilIiif •.. '1...:: ",:t.. .. ,..... . _. ""iI"W!IJ·i.:

_ •. = ...... EI:_ pll'''~.; 'I!I.r. .nillU'JI,;III. "'lie ...... ~ I.·~I"':~

, 'Were located. in sucb. a pOsition. on tlle. appi ratus of which. 'tbey are a part, tha;t It was not IXllsible to let a·t them. even. to. measure. ,he held diamete'r' with an Ofd:;.na:ry ·m.i:crome'~ef II AU m~urf:melttrs were

i taken fr'om the ,orig,iDak with the lid, of notllinl but a steel ,eal, and a. and. ! mqrdf yi.GI: l',laS!~


ndr e drh s

' '-.' •.•• ~' r" ", '. I:'·

.. ' ' ;. . . . I ., •. '


,. \



- .. t celil t'Cr fuse, -. -t10le

't ube on '5 t iijll nd

I I - _. - .


'IJ:,,", .. ..c_r,ke 1].'* it ... nl •. t t".J, g,l.,. tD mali. ~·lilllijill:C'lIrMiltts wUId..:q. ,(I t. J~elil

Thall a small billa. food was dlu('],ed ill tAl! l.tlie Bod hrOJ' ,.~ou 'uwed: ~n ·it sufi... c[ettUy far ·apart to malte :tl!le two· A diam,cmd" polo ted toot 'ms :~ben, adjusted in .the ~la:tbe lool bQlda at ·an inlle 'so that thd ,sides. 01 the pcinl tJelied both· the


SpecialPutpos~ Sltotgun AmlDo

B" y' C" .'iyd'-" '8' e>a-'r"r"ow'"''

. - ," . ",_ " ", : _-' . _.- ' ." -'_".' .

- .

alrdshot, bUCk~hot and the ~ifled ~'ug 8te three st and", r,d rounds,

ch!·a ill&ble for the 12 gauge ~hot gUii"li. \lh i· 1 e t he 50e lea ds ·a Folt ~'Liequ ~·t e fa r IJI'K'I;S t lI:plp 1 1 C iii t Ion'S I' ce r ta Ins· i 't uat i: OI!'!llS·

, ca 1'1 f,or i,,"ec I a 1 ammo. Each of the

fl Y'i! f011 owl mig l'oad fi; is das l gned to ovel' (owe. ,a sho r' teoifji 'ng fQ,~!!"d ~ III the stand~rd 12 gauge rounds, l6 ar 2Q ga~g. $he11s may also be used. The ~rocedures ar~ ori.~ted to ~o~ reloade,rs ~, will be 'bl,J''li ng, ,;nd mod-'·

I "'y'i 119 i oau;~,ed .liI'M',,, 1i'h~ p r,oc:i!"S S if; S g haUl 1 d !be '~i'ii'y to, I1Qd.E ofy' f~o:r t 'ho:s,!:l' '0 f yo'u '\d1<.i hi ~ ,e I Ciia d S n~' ~e't: up s ~


The"; fa c t 0 -ry '11'Qad ~d. 11" ~ f l l!:d s ~ JUg l s iSlIJleq ua te to 5 t alp 00 is t Il!e:d hun's, ;2 is!! 9'Cllnr-e ,a,nd pe r..e t r,a· tc :mo $ t 'th i it Ime t..a·~

~ r r i e r 5;. Loll r9 e oone:'~ an d "~a,e:e' ~ Qve r ], lB~:t~ t;h i (:.k 'wi l' 1. ;;;$ !U·$·e tbe '50 f t '1 'e'ad

:5 1 u 9 to r a ~ ~ d 1)" m~ '!dl!f"oo.m i\lild stop be·-' f.(}r~ 1 t n~'S pe"e t rat ed t 11!!i:' t a r'ge e, IA r·OU·lilid ,headed' 'S teo!! l' 'wood 'SC, l!"iPtW ~. f' the t ~ P of t 'he is 1 ug w I ~. 1 hu:. rea·sl! thil! de. ~ gree .of pe.fletrat I'Qn ,by de J, atl'i ng thi~, mu 5th. f()ami n 9 !lie. It h~n.. C r i H 8 1'It),~,'e ~ n th~ e~a't ~enter of th~ s]~t and t~rn

·t he wood 's,~. ".,W' in' f'1 U :1'1:1 '" j t h.;i t.he·-

slug·s tlp~ It is f~porti"~ to kee~ the screw f rom prole'!: It hi'~ pa 5 t the:" ·end of the.,tsne I ~ c,as·if!.. Ii f a sbe 11 ~,~ t h iii n i!I.xpo$ie:d po i D t we: re ,. aad~.d ; n .f! t ~lb!JJll·a r !l'!tlq;!a z r ne jI the gun 1 s re:co I ~ I{OU r: Ii Coilil~'$ e the pQ ~ n t I· to de ton a t ~ t:he p r i JTffi!J f, ;0 f the shed lin f rorU '0. fit ..

lMw j' '$ i'~ the F·e a:son ~ 11 '1 eve r <9'ct i' Q;111

Ii' ~ 'fl ~ aJllfflO i S 0 f t. hI! rot! i"ld nO$·,e i: y pe ~ B

This 1a~d is ~~ed to ~~~~tr8t~ ~

'! t I!l!e .~ ,a rrro r 'P 1; ate, Kev lail:'" body ·a roo r

iii! nd bu 1, 1 ~ t p roa f 9 1 oil 5 S .. 'I t 'wau ~·d a· 1 'So ~e ~5.fyl agaTost tempered aluml~~m

a i loy a r~r fo'un:a on' cur re'1t r. ~·ot: ~ontrol veh~cles. A,standard ~hot~he'l ~ s; CUlt :i n ha 1 f '! 'EH'I,g·t.'h""ii s..e wl th a raZiOi!'" b'~ ath:!. The' c:.l;ilt, - $;n@,u 1 cl 'e.xti8fld f'r'(HIi til ill! f ("afi t fHld to 'l'lhoe edge CI·f t tile

bras s· ba j,e .. Ce i·e ftilly pe.e l' th¢ t 'NO c.·s.~ Ilea 1 \Ie!.. ba ck and' r !!iI1IO¥'i! t,t.,e ~hot or $. I u 9 find the t.a rg e ca rd 100,.511 r iJl t;,Iijid.




The: lowe r wad 'a'ndl powde:r' c.h.~r~ . a lie le'F't i nt,.~t ~ t.alrefui'lY dr ~ ~ I a 00 I e·

II n t he c en t,e'r O'f t tie 1 alrl~ w'ad a no lllll~iE!H,.t ;311 c;.arib ide 0,[,", J~:rde:n;e.d '5 tee J

1:l'i!.Ilr r or 91('1 nde r b'l t "~Into title ho~ e ~ n the wad~ in is proJ ec'~ i I e: 5inou~ d net

\IIro'e l gb IRO Ire t hi!! r::. the g:r i '9 hi:a. i s i u 9 0 r

e h i!H'·g:$ Q f pe. Lh::·~. S\. Add i: t i oim.Ei, I 'We. ugh~.

it:: a n ca u se exce 50S i v'l!: ch ambe r' ipr es :5U re and il~a'l dar:na,ge' y·ot! 00 r t he '~I!I!~ ,. I t 'you,

, " r e i!I r'e 'iJp !lid!; t t i ti6. 'at ~,ij imp Ie (:JI1O Fe . , te 'WI!! i gla. the 'new pfoje.c:t i; ~,~ ~on a' 'by 1- 1 e:t s,c.a·l e. and ·it hen. ctha, rg,e ·tJhe: cta'ie:

1,;1 i: t h the .,] p prop r L~ t:~ amQ~n t -Qf JP~'" der , A.ft~r the wl!;!Id and tool ~·I t. aiFe

l O'~·e'- t ed, 'f!il!1;! c a se t S s,ea 1 ed '\Ii Lt. n .a. ~o~deFi.g g~n. ~u~t tO~ch t~~ cut to r"8:§.8i3,1 II;. Si:!~'1 th'E!l s I des a~ I V ,·.as the e A~ :5, he iJ 1 db!: free, ,''toW' U'A fQ 1: d 'WM'r11 the !j. h@,'~ 'I i s -r'j r'ed ~ ,~. ~ .~ 51 'S,Cff;ei t1 ,me i ,po;'" ~~b]E,IQ i~a' ,t~e ~a~e'with seotcb :t.,i!*pe but t.h l' s '·~.a.1:J '$.I~ '$' f e,ed t :r~lg p'i"1Gib ~ ems t n 'S-Om! ,s, he t Qill:iill so ,.

·C ~

St II nd! rd r r· f.l ed ·s ~Q t:9 un ,'S, II ug's Ihave 8 1lJ1~ a b ~,.II!!' nt'l'iIg't! 0 f 'Or.'ll, 'if ',00 'yd S, .. II f'

a 'ight~( rffle bu~l~t ~s sub&titu-

, ted: for- ·t he. '5 h.l'g, J ne ran ge i;S. i ill:"" ,

(,lr.II$·t:d ~'I YI! r a 11 t i ilinerS ~ fll i '8 i:J .c. t.ern-

- 'I' 1:. ~ 5 ~e.d b'y., e~'c.a:;, I ng. t·he blu,l I e· tin ~" 1 !,le.ce co··~ "·ar .;a l1ed a 'sabot, (s.a.JbO) de f hH~,d a So a t:h FU ';, it ;,p't F.;a:n!51l ~ t t i ~Ig ,

ea rll' ~ e r t noll t ~osd t i on:; a plr'OjectJ 11 e i!"ll !! , the sabot t r.ave l·iS .dOW!""

t he be r r'e l' yd tb Hui ib-!il I· e t an d fells aside a few feet after ~eawrng the ~uz21~. Thrs prJnc~p~e wa~ fIrst us~~ wi th .I!! rt iIll ~rf ro~nd's ~nd' 1::Ii the H' s~s of the ~~w Acce1erator rifle rounl~' The' ~ceelerator carrfe~ a 22 cal~ ,bullet w;th a s~rFou~ding plastic 50 ~ 00 t Ii lhe: tllk.ll 11 e t l5 albo·it ·"ambo :i :s f'i II" ed f'r~ !i:l !j; t:6ifW ~8 rei .3 0 . 06 C.alIS e. The . 2 .. 2 bw 1 1 e t re,a,eA,e,'!; a 'i!fe.J ec, i ·t y 0 f

·abolil t ..... jo 00.0 ff~,ig t .p~ r 'se oo!'!!id ~ ~ flh, , s ~ S

c~rr8~t1y the highe~t ¥eloc~ty round

,ilVoil j' 1 irb 1 e ; n 'Sma l" at rmS. . .ailTwlo ,. '5 E!f\{e r a I'

~ . - - - -

yea. f' $ a go a 1 2 goii uge ;hot s ~e 1 I J sa 100 11:,,. ] oa,d "',ra s a va j' 1 a b 1 eGO-mille r"G i ,131 I),. The ~abot c~rried a sa cal. ~~chi~e gun blli 1 1 e t. T h ~ is rouiI'I d i;s· now 0 1J't '0 f' rP·ro·~'



A", B. c .. D~

.. E.

Round headed 'Wood. .sc.rew· ,l,ll. end 9.1: r'i f led -a lug:

lEa r·d.ened ste·e 1 ·or ·t un,gl s ten, e &:rbi de to-o 1 bit i l:~ wd'd .. Ri f'le bullet. encased In ·tb.r·~€t pieoe' g·,':d:)()t.

llnp:~'ovi Ii e4 s 1 u.q made· f r'om r, 5 ho t she'll. Gr.ape.sho t 1 cad - 1, ba 11:s. and 'w i.r·e· ..


dect ion i8li1ld i·s no to,nge.r ava ~ ~ bd e. A.n. i Ii d,ep't.n 1 'ook :a e the Ac.c@ I e F,/:!, to I'" and SD era 1'.., !I a bot '1 tM!ld $; wi H ,a ppea r in ~ futyre i~~u~:

re ,make ,at 1"2, ~ a,liJ·g>! 'i! aibo't 1 olld ~

, f 1 r s t C'l.1't a s h'ed I" ,a;s 1 ill 8,. Ri!rIOV·e: the ·~·iiI r,ge \!'fad a",d d r ~ 'I I ~bou t 21:5 '!i!.!Ia V

t h jf'IOIJ 9 h the 'wad i S· cen telr·... The 'wad i: s CiOW cut ~ nita .J e·qua ~ pi ec:es, wij U~, a razor blade. AS$emble the 3 sections ~rou~d the bullet and inStall lh~ ~~ nit i~ the ca.~. Re~~~1 t~~ ca~e a~ l'~ ·8~. The bu ~ '1 .!;l. t \Ii ~ ,1' ha Irii'i! a n!!!ll'li"ge: '0 f 'Se"Blr',~ 1 'Ir.~,md r it! d ya Ii" d s . A5 IN' ~ thai 1 1 .5 of these load~~ !dJU5t~b]e rIfle

'~I Slht,~ '~hou ~ d' be: i n~ta] h~id to ut 11 h:'!! it he f lli'l T po t e:n t,; 2! t Q,f the rou:nd "


. ,.1:1~mi! r e ,'~ a ] it J f 11·~d Ii'! 1J9 i oads ~ re

oft.,en 'ha "ei' to, 0 b tai A,.. 'Ao I' mp :rCl:'I i 'sed ' '51 ug 'load c·iJ!n li:ie ffia,de fr~m a~Y' lI'egu'" lar 5hQtshel~, The end Is first he~tseal e.d wi t.h iii $ 0 hi e F" 'j, 1Iil9: g'UI"L Tl':.l 5 wi1f prevent the ~nd from unfold;~e whien th e ih e' I' 15 'f I: r.I!G. The cas e ~ s n~ C.IUlt a, I ~ t t.1"I roug h ! .. ii t h ,a 'r a,l··~lr·

b I aod,e., C\l1 t a,l ('JirI'9 a, 'I i ne J us t ~Ibo",e

t 'ne b r:8i. is ;bas e. Lea 'lie on 'I Y' eiJliou'glh un ... · (: \,.It ma.t e r' I' ,iii! I, to ho 1 d til e Ca s,e toge:1!: ,he r ~ The~ e II oad'~ "(;hO!U I.d fb,1! ,'ha nil ~ ad

(: a Ii',e f ~ 1 ~ ~ a s the,.,' rna" b rr'eak flpE.n

wh 11·e be i ng f.e,de t n.~OLi9h 21 purnlP '0'" ga~, .illti t,O ale't I on • When; t:tle: 's he· I I Ii 5 f ~ red, t'ne .c.~~ ~ 'blre.a k·s rEi I o.rrJ9 the C.u'l all cl t ti I!!: ,e n.t:ii Ite f'r·OfIIt. .of ,to hi!!!: S ibg, 1'~ it ra:y,j!:.l s ·a 51

. "''!I . - _. - - - -

r,iI t,I,jl:i f.. 'lhe ~e Ii ~ ro''( i:s i!.d :5 h.l g!S 1115 .. 1-111 ,.'1'

',·s'·tily t091 d'l/8" o.~. i '1n)1¢' t bw.t ~O~ ~ d be mod ~ f I e,tj to· b ~ea,k open ~ f te r' s. t r i ~J I~g! the t:ar,get ..


,R i··o t !5!1OO t gQlrt5 W I '~ Iri ] 8,~'1 O'F 2(1: I, ba;('re'~ 5 "ali'e 'idea.l tOF ~ 1 ~g ~rn)CUJ ng but t:~.,..d !to .a.ll.O'\II· bye ~'" s ~o t. to s· e.a t·( lei r 'i n ~oo wi de a pa ttelr~ f·or long osrU)UL luek'!i;,hot lPat.te~li'il'S 'C,3i1:l be C-Oiflt. ro~ ~ ed by tying the indl~1dual bal1~ t0geth,e F wI t h iP I: atnO cu-' pi c.t.'illire. 'f rCiime.r I:§;. w; n: .T his type: 0 f 1 Qed '1 '5· ko awn as ~rapeshot an~ or"igfnated d~ri~g the C i v ill W~W ~ To i"naike a .i~H"·ap,~s·rJOt ~:Qad I' i=U"Y' open the end 0 if a bl:.K k.s ho t :s.h~: I ~ GIl n··d! emp ty IOIJ t. It:Mr i ,rrt:d i "" i "U~ I H ~ 11 ~ '.

A ~:r"la'~ '11 hall e ;"15 d r:i Ii 1 ed: 'j n eac.h b.a 1.1.,. Tke:~ II re Inow ~t r·Lllng .! i. k,e bea<),$. Qtj, 'the wi r-e ~h 1 c.h shO'iJ i·~ be abot:llt It·i 1 long + Tie the end~ of the wire to fa~m ~

c: ii r(, 1: e ;;II bD'ut ~! , 1 n d ~ a mE: t I:: I" ~ A $, i I11IP" Ie r method hi 1:0 SilJhst ~ tut,e ,a!r~ equ.!l 1 aliJl!o\~ilC I:;iy' we r ~ ~ t 'Of f h.h·~rifJ!ai"lll ~ ~r 1 'i l s.iho·~., r i iI!!:: the: w; IF' f! loop· il5. ~ DO VJ2l alln cl th~n crin~ o~ each spl~t ~hat with ~ pa~r 0'- pl iers. The co~pleted 9r~pe~ shot h, ,n·ow ; ~ sta' , eel 'i I"! the c·a~e:. It .rna y be fl'ece S is a ry tdo n;::flKJ''ii'8 ~ po F t 'j Oil of t he l,!IIad ,i I!l t he cas ·e. to rla ke rot;l~

f 0 F .t: he. inc.,. if: a sd:l!·d vo' !,.;II~, 'Ii/;'1.;:: r'I UJ ~ ':> ho ill:

is In p~acel refo1d the e~d of the ~hell .~d .P~t,~.~~ or glue the e~d

c 1 os e·d. Do '"~ t ~e ad 't he e.nd (;()IiRP 1 i@ t@ I y. ,'lI5 was dlQne i ~'1 D ~ as th i··s ea.$e • os 'SI.J'I?POS e·d toO ope Ii no·n~ 11. y wine.n f i t·ed. The shot Ifliil:.ffi,ji i ns a ttaeJlIsd. il.CI the !#~ re loop and trave~5 to the tatg~t a. a

NOtE:; P t ,e as ,e; r~me'lnbei r f"!'Oit. to 9 rea, t ,''f h:u:reas.e project i h~: ~ i .ght wi 't ho,ltt






Rep r i nt ed F'lom Popular

'U' zh · l'lIe,C, 1 an ~ <;;:8




AR""C:-"H-"-E~-'R-" 'R-O-"LLS--"T·"A- R-'G"-'E- "'T"S-' F'R' "0: 'M- 'PA'S"'T'--"E'BO"'--'A'RD:'~::-""

__ : ,. ' ,. ",';, """"""'), :-- " ;, ,:', _'"._': ',>, ,'I ;":;" ',.' ,', '.. _<,' _.. ',' " ,


-T.'t,I'i::t.. :j1g' blm'CI't tl.i,n :2 h. ,il:!, dE.mC'lcir C;lIit'II b. 'r,o~lc4, iUi:mldcr iC,ti~", .... t.

'I I'




" .

.... ,.~'. .: :.L~~-~~~~~~~~~¥:; ... :--, ... -· ~t:,'·~ ,


reduc 1; ng the !powd;er' th.r9i.~' A l'w-aY5<

_" I" I.. ~ • ..

~lir' tc ... e,red ,5hQ;Qol.l nt, g~ass,e'$ • !'II d:

he. r ; if!Ig _ p,r.ti,te~'toi'~ . '~en 'f~'" ~ 119 ,e~:'"'

per l_n'!:;IIJ foacll'i,., I ~.C:Qt:imI!!;nd ,lllie'll:r' use fo,., a. 1 ! h~ot J II'!ld~ bat: t: t'u!y .r·e • nec.e,s" '5 I ty wt.~n 'f ~ ,"' ~ n'g tJ IRPlt'QV ~ sed wcdii,pOn S

or iIIIiiIIitIIA ~ tioo", 1t:ili'"It; '. '. iii: • ".- ..

. _.

P' OaR" '1.1'")\ llt ,t S' J' 7\ "h..f"C'I S B ' .. ' ,

,~" J~U"U'" ciJ;,..-~',: ,'O'ND 'Vol.

,A,aMING 'G:I pnCT rca GREN',PJ"CES by Clyde Elarr:r.ow

S u r'p'~ us 11=* r lie t T ce -; r't!!! n,alde: ~ C.!r\ ibe, ea s ~ 1" eonv,e r t,ifj,dl to' I'~' v. s t iIi't Il:I s' 'tJ flo ,t,ile home ~'Irk ,'hop '. l'~. !!I.: ,cOn-V!! t"t,edl ~'t 5 hav,e 'H:Yer,a 1 adV8.,~,a'9le's ~O\l'li!!,r

r IlInp:rov t :$ i\\!:d ,'r enade"5.. The COOl,P~' e't ed

un i tis, wa' It cr pr-oo f '" the ,c,a:s t i rr,on bo,.,. sha tte rs we 1:1 'I nto d,ead:lv

f ra g'fne n t s ~ t he' s~~ pe a nd we i 9 n,t a,-re, h..nd y lo'f bot h ha,nd 'til 'row j. I!'IIlg and "fle 1aunching. 'he fus@ ;s I!t

w'l t h no smoke ~ f~ a 5 h C!Mld re 1 a, t b/fd 'y 1 itt 1 e ne 1 5,!!::. iP"rocab 11 y most i nr1port ,ant 1 s the l eve r/:p i n '$,Y,:$ tern. the 1,.1- nit r s a bse Iu t.1!' II y sa'Fe, un t ~ 1 the ,p,i n i s reiOOved.. After pi n r"cmo\i'~ 1 " the

!!I m!!!!d g Ii en ad e c an be "'Da,de:d 1 n a

t a un(Jle r Qr' i;iU" r '[ 6__d ,I rI ,t ~ ~ ndi ~ I 0, bot~ C8'S,;!,$ I t I, 'S r·elC!y, f,"~' 'Inned i,art-a use; l~ j' s e'l t.l'1 i nate~' "f~,unb'~ 1 fig aroi(i~" ~!d tIM r i gl1te r's , s t I" i J,;,e·rs; 8n'di f'r'~' of; t tOO

I 911; ; t tH"S, ~ 11:11' s ii5 ~d '0 t,he ty pe of ,re~ad~ that TV terrorIsts c~~ry 1n the i II' hand ~ w'; ,t bout pi 0;, itS-hoot me: ~nd 'we a 11 ~i~H ete

. Qi..... . .. c'.,

11 bl!, fe, p r 4l,i: t r.;e 9 ,tan I1d e $ a Ii" e: 1 d lin" 'I i It,a l to the fragmenta tl OQ ':un i l's cH,ag ra'~d 'OIA p~' 12 PM Vo 1.. It, e,:N;""

crept "or' 'tr.e fo 11 QW'. ngi:' -

A ~ The of i 1'1 ef' ho'I e ift: tihe bot-

tOIl'!: 0 f the body has Ino t. been,

t hfe~!ded ~ and 1, s 1 eft. open.. No I

plug is suppl'~d~ . ,

e, • Tine' _ fus~, a s 's~emb' y' iss UIP'P'; ',e.d ~I 'I: n a f! red pr TI iter and bu.r:nt ,ou.t f :U§'@ ~ U 5 ua I 1 V ,f;,D'1i" rode,d: r,. !p,.at e '" {~ ; Some e ~ilr.lP 1 ":·5' hay;!! I"!ad t 'he, strrker a~d striker $prtng reroved •. other s' a re s~pp 1 ~'ed ",-; th th~ aoo~e pa ~t·s i nt.a~ t;,

'0. N-Q; ,-r, '1 t'Of 'O'f e:-r;p'~Q5l' 'Ie

charge Is supplied~

Sev~r,j} 1 Ill; 11 " ta ry :5U r'P IIilUi SliPP 1 ; - .r'S are c'U.rr'E!nt I'y $e~ 1 i":9 tilles.e'

I,'; n~ rtU 9t'!!na-de!i.. .Ac.:i 1i1111 be fO!JJn'~: i" 'S he '1t,9 un ~ews, and 'n s>erv'e re' Ii gu III mag;a~ lru~;s. 'MSIi'fiY (i)l;allfl,l eS of the 5e

'9 re~ Ii des ,(ill roe ru,S t Y j; d I nged up ,a;nd ,

~ re, ~ i 'S" I ng, 'I hi S' Ii r T .·r ,I nd 'S!!' r T ~,~ '. S~' Ire 'o,f ,"uen t 'manu" act, Ulre t. whlle <)tner:s dete back, toO the e'arly 1 '50 ~ Iii.

The, f f n!, :_;j;t 'e )II;.~p" e 'In'e I ye 5 ee:n J s (,\;1 rrrent 1 y ,eva i 1 able fr-cPl' Sher~od

'D'i 'So t, r" HJ~ tor $ ;; " r I t,e: Po,r a 5, i '"'g' 1 e IUIn it I ':s ~1i i 95,. A lO¥H!:r p'r i (;f: is, a! .... fo~ case lot ord~,s+ Th~$~ ,g.renadi!!;' • r'e c 11!:an. w; t 11 no :1" U 5- t ,8 rnd a f e Q f' r'e cen t !II'Il8 nu fil (: t U 11"'1: .. The '!!Ii,'[ Ii'" I ""':' ker assemblv is intacc~

Wnen, ,order; n9 '9 ren~ad,e5 frolilll Sner'WQ()d" o.'f' ,an)' othe;r $,~rp lys out f'i t'l be 'sure to 'spe:c i fy ~ 'II'I'Jve,abl e P8 .. is -jo ,a,s IIIICHSt dealers a1 so sci ~ 'tralnhng

g r,en.! de'S.. T ne!e ,!!II -re c,a,s, t i Alone

p ~ ,'C·c ~ C:;.OIi! t.a i n :riM) 'f ~ rr I ng a ppa ril Cd 5 Iare y~efyJ as paper weights onty ..



.. :.."

A" IQdy

T he 'u~ th rea,d ed 00 lei I'll the bo t'tOin of t, he es S t t ron body' ¥ .'f' i e '5; f' "'om 1/S,t., to 5l8~ i. ,di 18,_, te r , l 'he', e l(al1lp 1 e f tom 'She Ii"lH!OOd wa s :3,/ Stili 'd'i ail.)' 'T he

, p r'e 'fi! Fed ~ rO<eedu !!,,'e 'i 5, 'to ,th roe i9d t:,h i s

001 e and, Ins ta 11 ,3 rerrovab 1,~ " l l l er p 1 "'9'.. Th'15I) ,I, '\ 1 lOWS t h,:, f'u$,e as 'S emb t "1' to be i ns ta'l l; e d ,and iIi'ate t,p r'oof'ed on.

, th8 ~I'ilf> ty 9 f'enlM e bod y , "ne una fif;led 9ren~des can be ~afely ~tored In thI5 m!!"nlf,H' and f i' led wi th powder pr'lor to usa , If th!jr"eading the ho 1 iI3:

II s no e 1;:")'9 '5, 'U, Le , i ,t may be' !,ea 1 ·cd pe rm!a,~ n t 1 y by 'so hi,!!:t i"'9 'I plug i n

, , p 1 a'c:e:., ,A, 9J 1. eb of auto body ,pi a~ t Ic

f ~ 1 ler may id sc be used", lhe. en l y

,0, t; he;'" 'i'IO rk reqi WI ired Oril t he bQd y ; s t;o t if ue up t he: ,t'o'p s'u r -f.e!ce wtJere. the, fus'e as,sepgb'l V 5~,f~WS i ..... It fl 1 e slhould -be used to make this surface as f~ at as ,poS!!! f b l.e., ThIs 't\! i ll'1 a 1, low i t I,gllt ti nK; I st.ure p'roof' -fl-t. cii!t,weeFlI

.1\1 t:Mn i IN!'um Fa i l

'Epo.x')' """""""' .,..:...",,-Ji._

II' f' r me rr '0 F Cap, '.i' .... ~

1,J3"2i:~ F'u:se



~ y , .IJ nidi f U'!!ij ~ .... a '$ j5,'l!mb 1 y. Tbt!! r ubbe I!" ~,a'S he r s up p ~ i 'ed i So 0' f t 'MI f; rae ke;d ,~,'Ild sh6u'~ d be: -r,ep 1 ~(:ed 'w ~ t h a new one of 5, I rnJ,'~ a F s tze,

NOT E ~ Cock t h~ s t: r i k,~r'" ,ins t,ed 1 the saf~ t Y' 1 ~gl" d nd pJ n before' .p roceed'='

lng 0."3' ~ha :/,us,e ass'ii'mbly r -

I~, 'F I,iIs'e iA":S;,$emb! "I.

I ns,e r't, is 1,eni P gne'h '0 ro' na ~ I, I' a"" ~iJt lJI61~'id,~~M,tel". in 'the, bott~ of the f U:5'e a's !i'I!:mb 1 y • ;D 11"' 1 ve ou it t.he: spent prl mer and powder' 'res 1 due from the t ube, Us,e a l/St' drl ~ 11 to e ~e,auill au t and. ,en 1 a, rg,e th , os tu be '. En' 1 ;a,rge the. _ P IF i mer poe I<e:'t t.0 ,S ee ep t a sma 11 or , l' a tog e p l s to 1 e r rtf 1 e, pi r i Ater • which e~~t I~ avallabl~ to you~'A

b ,1 .a relit ,~wd,e 11"' 'c,a p ina'i l!I, 1 ~o :t::IiII!!! IJJ~ cd " Jhe_ prl mer or cap $,110'1) l' d be! f lus'h

w; tt. '[he top of the fU$I!' body whe~ h15 ta,ll e:d ~ T!t1e: be 1 e shou td bi! ~ a,rgC!

'='lough t,o' .'~ low the pr ,'mer 'Or' cap to be pre~~ed Into, the ho~~ wfth f~~ger

pr II! S 5,;U re O'n,l V ~ ,

, tut a c'~ n:' e of a'I 'umii nllm h,i ~ ,r2I'_ OOiU t 1'1 6~ i in d L:uneter and epo,xy ; n p ~ a c.e Q've r- the pr 'j !'Ie r' 'Olr ·c,ap' ~ lh i s ~cts ,~'5 it !!'AD Is ture ba r r le;r a,nd a 1 'low'S the '9 renede to be ctl!ll'r r i!f!!!d in ~"?~ 1 ,", _,a't her' wi thou t wot" il"y i neg aOOII,,I'(

., 'I ~~~~e~8d~i~u~O 1 ~~:h~r' ~(~f/3,a!!

'I' cannon fU'$@:' ~ ,~v,~ I' lab l@, fr,(.'iffl' Ze 1 'I er EI1 telrp'rl Sj'es @ 1 5 ft. For $1. ao .. , The test, 'snotJ ~ d diete.rm,1 ne r'e I ~,a,b, i ) ~ tv a~d the spe,c ~ 'f f c burn t ng ~a,te: 'for tha,t par t i c:.U I ar ro II ~ ·,'Ilil:i;$ i s ~'rnpoU"'t ,an t becau 5,e. ,a 1 t.hou gh r uS eo i s' cOn'-'

s I S.-tCl,n t wi th in each. r,b1 , ~ the bu no,; 09 '"' at i!! may 'V'a rr y 9 rea t.l y from (m,e r,o"'~ 'to the ne x.'t ~

(tilt a I ern'gt h of fU$el' Wh ~ en "",d II

g i vel the: proper' de I ay. Fl'¥e '~,'~'c'ond's< 1 'i 9 er..'et,a 'l 'I y ,ac ce p t ed as 'il good du r"

,a t 1 o,n ~ but. tl'"l'8 8I'ctua I time linay be varied to suit you~ Ind~widyal

need S,,~ Th@ iNa;z i s oft,en 'I eft grerlades lying around with no delay fU'5e a t ,a] 'I. Wht!!:n a, G I p'u'l Jed! the -s.t f i rig CHl wha't ne thought wa'$., a 5 ~e~ond de 1 ay fUS@t, he was 9 ree·tf!:'d with an rnstantaneous exp'osion~lf fo r , 5~' f,ea SOn "(ou iml\9:k.e up a ba t c h o 'f fus ~ ,CI 5, seinb 1. i e S f;rJ i 'I h .''IIa!,r ~: Lj'U$ t: I me de:~ ay'5 II , It' 's hope Ira t hi"e [ha, t, YO!iJ

oo! Olr eode Or otherrwi, se mark them {,or' yOU'f f~t~re: I d,enti ff tat ion.

, W1Merl! the prope r l eng! t'h fu toe 1 s d'ete rm i ned,t cut both @ri!ds an (!! d i ill'gona 1 fo r ,mna;.( I rnlllm ex po 5 ut,!!: 0 f the

b I a,ck powde r' cen't'e r 'I Th i s ~ 'n:su ... e:~ be ~ 'Ii 90~d i gn i t h~Hl f ror'!!1 'I he' I~.H·' i me [1"' and a ni~e f~t spark to detonate the eXplQ5~Ve ffller. Co~t the fU5~ e~cept,th@ ~nds~ with epO~Yt and pr~s~ into plaee fn$ide Df t~e fus~ a-;semb I y ~ If th@ 9'renade, body ",,'1 '.

I be f ~ 11 '~ed w'~ t h b l' Clck o'r soolke i'es's powd,er 0 'r ii'la t ch he a d ~ 1 { pot ,a s So ! 'iJir.l1 ~h ~ o,raJt:e) the spa rk :rrQifll the fuse'

I t'Se 1 f !.if i l' be suf f I <c I en t t'o d{H:o~~ ate 't he f,j 1 ], e'F ~ I f the: entJ're' bQdy

PO'OR M.~; S JAMES BOND ver , 2

wi I, " not be fill ed , aI wad of paper s-hou ld be use'd to !n!ut'e tlla t, a

~oa~tity of fi 11er is held in pl~ee

aro~nd the 'use. Th@ spark cannot be C,O'Ur'lt ed c'n to rna ke~ a j um:P ~ I f ,a mo re s,opt-d sri' ca't ed expl es h,e f'i ll@r'

fs to be u~~d~ be sure to u~e the eo F r ee t CCWTW,p,an IOri boo's,t,e r O't i. gn Itor e h ;;H'9~ .' Ho,'s.'it high e xp ~ 'O'S, , ve S c.!,nac,t be d'e t Ona, te,d by f uS e On 1 y ~

lI'he n the" e pt')j(y ~'s dry, II! coat "t he, th reads, (J" t he '9 ren,ade bod'V w.'~ t :h, P@ rmi! t'e)( IC!I r ,ill S" iii ~' 1 a,r non dir'v t t1g 9a~ket ~earar. Thrs wi1t fot~ a

W~ te ""'i),roo' sea I be,twe'en t'he bQd'V (If,'Id' fuse a5se~bly, yet altow for late,

-d i '5j,a 's s emb I y i f fH!c.,e $.5, a ry., Ar te, r ~Id-

d i 't i on of the: exp l 0'$.1' 'Ie: f t l 1 eir 11 the fl , ~ e r p,l ug So hou I d .a 1 $0 b!! C-Oa ted . I wi th P~rll!atf!x be fort:'!!: 'i r'tst all' i 109., :1 f the Ifi 1 1 e: i he 1: e has bee'fl pe:tma ne n tl y seal ed I'n 5 tead of' th tii!ade!d "o,r II

p,' ug j!I the e,;II(p 10$1 ve must, ibe added b!!'TO re the f .. u, ~ ,ill!i$emb 1 "I' l: s _·h, ....

st,1I 1 ~ 1!!I:d, Wi pe a I'll powder gra l:rls from the threads befor~ ~n!tallinV the

f U'SH! at s 'seiillb'~ ''f ; the 9 r-r; na de: i snow ready to use (s~~ G~enades Part ~ fDr'" r r'oced,u'",e.) ..

~ It"

NOTE,: l,t ;wotJ. r ,. rtj ell,Jar ttl se bcdy ha;s beiS'~, mad'e Ir.dfel ... :by ,re,1lIOvaJ O'£'

t l'le' s t r'i leer and s pc lng' ~ th~' tuJ I

s i z.e Pi! it: tern ;',nc'.! Os'G' ii'Iia 9 ,be used ,to : fa ,hI ic,a te " ,re pl, a ~.Rlen t '"



An yeH1 e. who ha ~ fee. d 1 Ii e POD :r IM,alr. IS' JI,amB~ ~cJn'~ knows iQ~ t:itng

• boo t i:I "I nan; j' 't e '. TiI'e $,ec,1t. i on on ,p.,. 6 oft, ~e, ~tW a ha $.; ,some goo·d I n fo~r,mi!!ll'" t. 'on, Qr! d ynam r t e t how!! ve (" ~ ,th~,

pa r't about: 's,tota,ge ,of ttl F 50 h ~ gh i!)('" plosive is rather ~aguet and also 5~'wha t I' nCO,rlfe'c.t I-

Coo t ra rY' to wha tis W'i"" ~ t te:rt i f'l the PHJIB * 'gle I at i ti, dynami te CA.N

lea k nit: rog'• yeer h"le J U5t J i~the,

5i .awd U'S 't,.. c I it., t )"pe dyn am i t,e '", 'L.e, s t ~earj a friend of ~1~e1 who' Is a rOilld COilS ttlJ~t. ~'on 'OOfl t rs"eto't" and

U 's,e s dynam i t.e I n h ~' Ii . wo 'I" k it be,ga I:l

a serie~ of expert~ents on sta~1ng dY1nami te,,, He ex,per [iment .. ed with ge 1: '. ,ath, dyn~mi 'Ie bV sto,r h"g !' t, In (n f ... , f~rent place$ to fJn~ out if it

wo,~ I d '1 e..a k n i t.rog 1 yc~ r 'j f'I@.. Two'

sticks of ·40l gelatl~ dynamTte

,"ere stared in h 'I s~ work,sho'p Ii t room tem<pe ra t IJre~ Afte rei' gh t roonths I Wr'iJ@ n II rag 1, yce, r i n e. had 1 ea ked 0 U 't of' both s t i c:ks and the nn l ,I< c.a,rtan th~t they were stored i~ had quit~ a bit ,of the un s.t.,able ~ i ,qUi i d fn

th@ bottom gf it ..

. ,AnD the; r t'wo, st, h:ks, of ge 1 a,l'~ on

Itot wer'e s tored ~ n a cOicd place under hi'S workshop. ,A fte,r td gh t:

rnk)n th 'S~, the n t t 'f,gy 1 vee,': j' ne ha,d j IJ~ e started to seep through t~e $eams In tha p.ape r 'W'rapp 'j ng en the outside of the stlcks~

The t,h t rd 9 roup was's to ri!!::,dj li n ,de r t, h. war' I< is halp i", (Ii £00 ~ '5, pcu; " 1 a,l d CI,ut on a, piece (If p 1; 'vwoold. . ~Onc e a ron t h , he 51 I ,i'!I~? 1 V . ro I'~ ed each 5t; ck, ever H30 de'Slre~,~, .. Aft.,ell" twe 1 v,e me n th:s ,t'h!!" d ynam i t,,1! wa $, j Ui$1:

I i 'ite 11 e~; no, 1 e.aiikag e, a!t. a, I, 'I.. , .

Aft er h I $ ex'pe r ~ men t wa s ·(.om'· P 1 e te' ,ii' I asA<ed 'm,)' 'f r 'I eind ·how ,to. sa f,t!=, I." s 'to re d'vlA:b. ~i Ii: e ,a nd wba, t hap _ pe 0 S to d~ynali"i te when i t, beoanne'!i

un 5 t,a b l e, I round 0.· .. - 't:·:, t·· L_t_· 'l"', . ,.,

. . .. . u . lild ne mor 8 .. _IiIIiIIiIiIIlilliiilIiilllliiIllllillll!li!!lill!l_ .... _I!!Iiii!!!!i __ .-.-.-iIiiI-IiiI.- __ -.

dy flam i t!l!i ts ha nd'~ 'ed ;. the 'mot'e U iii ,.,.

s ta b 1 e ; I: becoI!IiI!H!Ii,. 'Olne '~ mipOr t an t thing about dyna~rte that has l eak.ed iiiliol1d' ,. b~c.ome un$ ta b 1 e 'I Ii th,at the e,)( p 1 cs I ve :powe r I 5· Qi'rea t 1 Y 'f'ed U!I!; i!l!,d ~

~ f yo u a're go I ng' to' '!ii, t,Q Ire dyna, .... mit I: ,t a good idea, 1 $ to "5, tore 'I t i' n a C"QQ t: pi' ,ace a ,nd tu r n f 't, ove r' once a ~ ~ t 'wl11 l,ak.,!! IffiK)Ir'e t I!. a n ,3 iiOO'D t h 'to' 5 ta ,f t 1 'ea k. j In'e ;, but 'I I: 1 s tH!!I't't@I'" to !be '5haf,e th.ari so''t'' ,r'y " Ai"'!O [ ,t 'I sa' good ~: de,a to s to:re l t h. :0 le.j1l!"1i; 'proof car tDn I' such as a milk cartoR. so that in c,a se I't 00,1;&' 1, the in II: fa w'i 11 be c,o n ta II!1i~d and. '1 t W01ri ,I, 11 ,ru n o,u t

atl over the place.. .

D i 'spc~, i' n9 Q f un ~ tab I Ii dynam'i te,

15· _.- -' .... '~, .... - - iL:...... ·h· - .... f·d

.- . .a P f"O p ~, .em t ~h!I' t . ,~'$ '1:'0 ~e, _.'. c.e

'j f . yo U a, re Cil r e 1 iI!I,S'i about So to r i 09 it. There i $: flO 'safe, 'way '1:::0 d i $po'se of I 't " b~ t lei good 'I de. 1:5 to Cj!' r r 'I i t y',~ 'ry ~ r'ef:u 1i 1 Y ,iW.I' "f rall a'll bu'~ 1 d i n'g$, and '1 then ge,t' c I (I,a r olf the! a rea and set It off u,nd'e,r ,11, p i 1 e '0 f n ew!i: pZI'F)e!l'"'!IIi. I: f \'QU d'C) t.h Is, itt s ye roy 1 U(G 1 ')' ,that t~,e 'ne:ws,plpe, ""'5 w t " 1 ta, t c h Q1n f 'i 're Ii so YO'U '5 bo U 1 d be prepa re,d tq dO'U5 e the r ~ r',e;, I f' you' d:o not wan t t.o blow i t up , y,QU can b.l,u"n it. B'lI f:n i ng dy'na,fr.!, I t,e 1:$ ve r "'i de ;i\g,e :rnlll 's be''''

, caU$e If yeu bump it or g~ye it any klnd of a jolt while' It is bI,Jrnhlg. i't wi 11 oost 11 U(el V b.low up.,

.UQstable .d¥namlte is very ,t r' i c k Y . ,a nd dan 9 iii! tOlUHI I' Sill i f. v,ou ~to~e It rlg~t In the fIrst place~ yo~ won ~ t have t,e worry a bout 1 t. ,And I! wIle.n 50~Qn II! 1:,e I 'I S 'Yotl t hili t ge I a'IJ n dynami les don't, 1 ea:k I'd t 1:'0""" 91 ')iter I'fie ~ yo~ 'w n ~ know the 'f,ac; ts ~ ..



:5tep ,

fa k,e a wi 1iI,1! bot, It 1 e wi' th a cone,ave' bot tQr.n and f"t 11 i, t wlth Jot S'l"'~ p,huif"'''' :

I.e: ,Ac. i d I, 2,0'% ,Ho tor 0 I' '! 1! and :)01

I' i:

. Goa so 1 i n e ,~ Sea 1 the top ,I!f!bd' th~lrc lith,· 1 y wi pe t he OO~ t' e e l earl, ,lind: d f''_ ,t

es nee 't a I ! y'. the jl'!i"'Ioo"'a -:- .;. .... 't'll' . .

- t" .. . . . . I ............ VI!, 1IiI!U'. - l!I;,gm, ...

: Step 2

Pack the: bottom "lI!\ 'I of Po.t.s s i WIll Chlor.te~ Cut ~ circular piece of

(:8 rdbo',iilltd se I t ,snug ~ y fIt S 'O\fe," the lbe t t om and r ape I tin p 'I ae e t:o kt;'I~P

, ,·the P,otas,$ r ,urrri 'ChIQral', :1 n.. :s ~ '~p' a

: pl ... '$ t~' c bag'g i e o~.r t he bel t:t:om 4i"nd

wr~n "'" r"· ... b:a·-·d' ,'" ' .. ,- ··d' ,I. ''iI'II,..,iI!,

.. 'III... U .... ..".......... n ,.iI,roon 'I. ~ II! lI!il,1 S,

i s to kee~ ,m ~ s t li'i:",C! cut,!o,

''Whe,n r; he hot: t 1 e, ;~ s _ it. IFolken .' t:he Sul phuif'" i ,C;' Ai:. i d w~ 11 'S~it. o:f f th~ Po t a '5;,S h .. lli, C,h I '0 tlil te wh I (:. h I n t u,r n ~, ,wl!l explod~ the 9a$oli~e~




· ,

· · .

. ' ,

'iCOnC81Ye bottom


:by w r 1 I if ,am ,Se'9:1' ~

. .

"'en f'~ r I' Is ,drop·p;t!:,d' intO' h.,dro'"

ch 1-001"'1 c ,.cJd I the i""alu II tis •. ,gai:~e(Ui5 i;~bs tanc,e '"d11 ctn can e,ff'Ktl,_,ely ,c,\rt:afr

I ,I room '. Ik~ 50 :1 O.n,a i 'I "/' ~ h~¥e.r I' t!hi! gil,s rosly need to, be ell! 1 t'ted II S 1"1;0; rt

d i' s, ~a n C!! Ii i fli wh.r c h C! Se, aill ,ac, i d ..f'iOled cof Fe.e can I,d tl1· foi ~ pI ac.ed ins i de" ~uld b~ ,ocr' RO, ~l p, .

A s, 'j' mp h~: 9'ene f\!! ,to r t.o, iI i d 'I n ,e~i' t _ t. i ng th is ga'$; -can be eas ill r oBfilId i ne)il,-' pens l' lie 1 y cooos t"r~cte:d:,~ Th I '5 gen,er'!i't,QIr can be ~$ @d i n ins, t,i1j,nee $ Mle re the !,mke mery n!Sed to be i S 511led th,liough

a \"Ien til at, ion, s"YS! tIm Ii t I'll ,rioug'h all s;c rei!!" Or" ge ne ra I l yin, sJ twa't i'c:m:s wtI'ere :the gas i '5 to b~ d j tee ted to onr$ 'ce r't a, i n

a ,rea .' t.

The m!!l; te rr I a 1 :1, 'r.eaded, ,a,r-e't f) j a f tJ ,i! meta 1 fU'An,e 1., a sma l' @,Lectr t ,t:;: !1M)t'orr'l one D 5. i:z:e b·a t te,r, Y I a, 'p !(i'pe~ I 1 if: r $m,a'l: _, l i! r t han the d l,iI:rrwe:te.r o:f the J cU' 'I a tub~ of des~red len.t~ (p~efe~~b]~

me t,a 1 'I' though h'i!,;Jvy P 1 ,~$ t 1 e W' i ~ 1. dc,

f.o r ali,~ i te,d d ur a'l ~ 00 be 'F'Q\'''e i t m@h:5o) ,$_ h)ildro~h lor rc ,a,c T d t -and

a I ,wn ~ n.u ..... f::"'i' I' <to "

_.. • .... -!III! '!'LZ 'i ..

First~ the jar lid r, cut to shape

us) rig t; n 5n r P''S (.s show:l h' '''rawi'ngl.

The (,erH:er ~ 'tr i pis Clu't I ... t.he m'i ddil"e IIlnd It$, e"ds f 01 ded downwa ,rds ",",_ the 91ap betweelA the fo,ld!;; $hOuil d rna tc,h

t tbe ,ct j' alTIet e r' 0 f the fllQt.Ot'. The P If 0'"



., J' i, ; . . - - '" , . ~" 'f ~. I "'

pe!' ~'O,.· II !!ii, ,iCon~ec' t'ed to :the s;ha! t: Ilru~,

the mo t,or i s t h ~n If'll $1$ r t e.d . be tWM,1'1I the t~ metal fo, I cs" h.l d 1"-0 place by w[rc and electri~.l tape~

On to t his 5 mp rov i sed! Ja r 'I I d i!l fi'$tened (I me ta II fun,m@d ~ c.ref!U 1: 1 y s.ta: I,ed to avo I d gas· "eakage. A smalrl open. t n 9 i 5 rna de be·t'tileen t hie· f'lI.inn e:: 1 and 1 i d to' all lo-w s,pa,ce for the, wi'r,es. ccnnec ted to the frCi to I! •

"T .-

. 'I' •

!II •

'. !I ... !Ii ~ IJ

P ropEd' I er.. 'III


"I ........


.. Ii .


• • •



The 0. s i zel b,at te,r,' ~ 5 taped 'to, t h_B 5. i d t! 0 f the f'unn,e 1 ,and! the iIiO t,o r wi'res at te,c.heci 'to i t ~ A swi tch t 5 COIIl"riIie C ted. tot he \Ill r ~ ",g. !a nd \\ net ,po. 1: e'r ~ ty s.'nou 1 d be s.uch that 'It,he. ,pn),pe' 1 e r

~.-~--~- .. -----~------------------~------------------- .. ~----------~


,H:A'WA I I lUI si I' N6


gaS alll1d - '_'sh 'I t out- ,o,f'· the tuti'. If the ;propeller spf,ns the. wt~n; .... ",1". de" ;'C 'iii! ,I, pU t"pbsi · .. f ; •. I b. de: .... r.d ·

. The tube ~ s. then,· tc-nn,ec tad. 'to the 'Sl!I1a 1 '~, open e:nd 0 f the 'F t.mnr: 1 ,a nd .

$ hou. 1 d II I 50 be;· se·_'~ ed! kI'f ~ '( h b 1 ac k t:l!lpe . . or .e po,x,V: to pI!' eYiI n t 1 ea ks •

, 'wn,en ready ee us'!: t t'he j ~ r is f'llle.d w f t' h hy'.ci foe n ~ ,(] :r h: ,ac I d arid: I! ",.d of a1u~;n~m.fotl i5 drq.pad .ins~de. tt takes ,a few In::ments for" the ,f,o i I, 'to b,~g i n (:re.aJ't iflg! t ne 5.mollce. I' p.rov~ d" ng. aifiip,I,. t hne for the 1 i d to be t i g":t ~ y

:s c.te.we.d on IH'1ld ttl e j) rope I '1 er ~a,,;,t i v'a tt:~d"

iDapend hi'l en tht I, i:ze '0,1 t.r.e d',v'( ie . ~I!,pl' I'he mot.orlls torq1ui!; j.' title ,a~ 0I!!II11. r,e:. (:,h f rOil th ree to s tx f co I. Th i 5

. g,n e Ii",a to r NDij t ,(I be ex ce 'I ] !:h1: f'Gr bug

,ak te rm hH! t ~ MI, 01 rld Ii, 1'. f ca ,r r i ,e,d r neen- t '

sp i cuous I yo ~ i"'t a case, 'f'or k'l!e,p'l ng

. .!g!,ress, ~ 've 'dogs ,at "'bay'''''' t,o say "oft. 'r n~ I

of assailants. -

, I






~ 1 '1 e: It, t '. t ru,. t,hat ,til.. 'S-p.ea, '-gun j's. In e"Fec't,' v'I' and 1 ega 1 ~.aPOf!ll· t t

. i I, a I $Q t.rue, 'th~t ihe $ pel rg..... ~an be • :we,!! I' I j' ~,.; t he It ~.I pi!: I't D f \oJh.1 c,h be'En; r .. the: pr 'f ce ran'9.'e 9 f %0 to ,~O do 1 LI "1 ~ HOwey. r i D'nc.e t hi! ba,s r,t

,Pt I nc I p~: e i. s. un,~e, rs wo'd.. t t .. ~., ca n Ibe: con:! tructed. ea$; 1'1 "nd in,8xpe.ns 1 '#e.'V 1['tert8~lnly riIlu'c.,h ·les's, t.han Y'ou 'N)ul d

spen' on .' factory' INde one) •

The; ms.l shnple Idndl of speargliin

ta,n :be rude us. ,ng a '5, E)t J' nch l00,g

pl'.ee: of bamboo. a :ste't! 'I sh.aft.. and a Ireplac,~ e. rubber 'fg" .'wr is t: roC:kl't;, .. The ench 0,' the s,ulrg'~' tub~ 1'19 .re at"te c.hed t,O' OAti snd' o'F the b. ... Q!bio.o 'J

us i ~g Sot rong tw'l n-e: or' st ring ~ 'lI'hl s

a t t,1 c.hl1l!.ni !i hou '~d be mad,. e:~ pe e ~ Ili 1 Y' sttohg, .$ mu(~ tens.on will ba ap~ piled to this area~·Th. steel shaft

. 'I s is 1 f d f n to the biintt.oo ,and the IOOi"l'-

po i A te~d end p "a c,e'd lns l ci~ i. he r ubIbe r pouc;.n $ rille pouGh t 5, ,'tas pe..d bc.tNe'en the thumb .,Ind 'fh'g,er'$ ,aI5· ~, ~'OLJ were fl r; ng an .VI ra,ge. lfr i I t rocke t i' Uien ,PI.! 11,e..d back ad;' fill r as PO'! i ble. ~'hen,

J tis i""e,itt J! the $,l)rlUi1!1'" j' 5- f,o:r'~ledl

Hu",ough the ibalflboQ,. and 1 nco the water (O'f' <iii i' r :. Ie ep'end i ng 'on how yen. are.

us I Ag i' t~' ..



I I,


rhe above ·'l,on it, fhli8' but, If 'feu wish _~o.II1a'W. 'the,. hJ~ry of II han~.e an" _ 'tr r s_r ~._,t(hl[n '. 5N I - th!!lil· '. fIOte co.mplf' e.I8d, d'es',lg,r;, ·!lN1 t be, ,em .....

p'l~d" F'I'r!,t~, • [pl.c. lOf' WOCJii (pre-" . '.r,.", I y _ 0'1,k, 'Of b ,I.,rctt .... "'Q;ne ~ I ch rd ~ ~ :nOt - _IF p]~ fl! ·e: .. t -'to '.h,.p. Ii S -sritown

In the' d!r."ln·g:., The ho1 •• drilled t1hrough 1,~ 'be. ,towe r- ~ I' k,.·. prQ,t, N'-

I 'h:.1)j1 I t the to,p IhcUil d be · .. de e1iIPlc,i.llV lev"~I., for lllue.h of 'ttUIi gun' 5

. ·.ccu.f'.cy' '\111.1 tl d'epen,tj oJn, t ..... 's. ..

'r A tr l'iget II t,hl:.n wi ,~ a ,th rn p' ~ Ice of IiiIOOd .0 r' til, I'h I ck, ,f eee 0'"

.p iii'S t l t ~ St .-0,119' w" i"'e: . :r $ II,Ised: for tt'lii! _lwnd PI t t D f t:h'li!! t ,r :199." mec.~. n.l $.m w.lctl ~ .. pl.c,ed thr"ul'ih • hO;l. j. n the. rear 'tOWl, r t,o iMt e.h tih,. 'hel 9 ht· 0 f t hi!

. . .

'trE,ge:r . top. The 't,ee. shart I,hrould.

be .·b.o'Ult .1,'1t .'1 In dl,amet,er' wi' th: ,II f'iOtch f :l1edi In 'I t t allow!l,n, "or ·'tbe "'1'1. f:'I;t mech81n I!lm t',c' fit. s. nug 'I y E n:s 'd. t .A Nr'r.t, rocket fep'.c ... nt rubb~, ... Is

'. .~'.jn used to, pro:vl>de: ~ lhe pc ... ,.. fol'" . t,he :I pea rsUn Ii· The poucH Is.' Ii!!i t,e ned

. onto' ,he, tOP' of .. the fr,·,t· tQWe'r' uS h19 • ,t,hlck, ~t ~I·~· •• I~ In the

. d ,,.aw i nil; . til'l s • r'fti,n,.n t 'w I "1 fld. urea tM ·tl,"'II'on "fr,om tile tower,. On the

, end. ol the, iu rg' I eia~: tu,bfng ~ I t r shtJi _rll pped II t h I c;:k p fec.I. '0" ,,~re, In- the 'for. Q f a V .s;hape '. A nat,C:h t,. .d,e 'on t,he .fld 0 f '1 Il. :i .... ,. :5 11. f t an-d' the

'\'I ." rr· r • • .. ..

- I

mldd~1 ~f the V Is ,t, tight~1 into

• t'li The: fIrs t no t~h I' j s:ll!(:.U red Q'n to t'he t r ~ 9ge,r 8S slYIb I Y ;I nl the' tUID r ng

I s PI-' 11 edt •• 'ck Ind pi: a~eed ell It he ,erlld r'Otch ~ '"...~ 'the 't,f 'I g'g.-: "1"1 p;u, 11 ed . the: w r,. d rap s .' f roil 'the f ~ 'r:! t. 'Mot ch ,t Ihelreby ",.1 .as h\g th,. sbaft to be pUlhed .1th the ~urglta1

. AnD ther k J nlg e f aqua tie wea pcJ'n, I, (~~gh nat exattly a 5pe.rgUQ) t ai!t} " .. de, • t hoM '. De'v I CIt, '1'lntI1 '. r to th.,. 'I,,,, COI!IM!tc: :I.~' use .re c.l'~ ed

shirk darts .nd ,B:r. ,dl ffe-tent 'ran $PMrrg~nl In th.'t t'he'v force a dart Into tt\., OPlpon8n't rat.&t.e,' ',hiIn .. spl'!!!.r.

-'or thii. ..... pan, to worlk the, .a rt "-us·t ·be :PU$ had d j' ~e.1t t 'I.., ag. i ·n,s t t h. ma .... raud Ing all hila ~ ;0

- " An '.,rty r;,0l.'u I '. ~ 'I lobi. ~ ned

. .,d tho 01*'1 end c1r I I t. 'Id t ~ roug,h 'tD .l'~ fo·r • v.I'Vje,,~ i Th. 'Y',J lie ',(,_

. '(om .b~c.,cle, ; !'mer tuba ean b-c cut 0" anel cleln.d thoroughly 'Ot- Ithe ...... .. ~ n in g rubll. r .. U:s.1 ng I ha,ikl,a", jJ ha ~ 'f

of ',;,he tn,.Md por t ion., 0" tt:1e: VI "ve .' I ·C:.fcfu Ily cut Gf r. i"n the CIe,n.'t;Il,r ,af

the. end Q f the: v'. 1 'ifI: t I a 1;1'.1 Ye irll-' leale hit tne for", ';0'( I, smlii'l p f n'head II~. protrrull'on ~ \ii th ha I f' '0" the

~u r~o'"!H'!Iijnng thr'ead .w.l J gOne" the v-tlve rei ea'$8 11 rllllcill y a,~c.e.'!1 T b le '. The . VR tva S; tam II then pUlhe,d 'I htlough




,- '-

'-pouch n,a11

...._~.I1 ...... ,_,._il+-_... \t~---- ......


A d i", ferent 'type of speargu'n' ,can be made., c.heap' Y us 1 ng an old 'tree

1~ amp;, 'the k. i nd of 1 ~mp f l x lure, ~ I c.h encases II srpr 1 'ng and eKtends fr'lorn

'f 11 00' r to ce '11 i n,g. Th r.'e 'f ree t 'f ram 't he end I '$ marked of" ar.d ,then cut us I n9 '. hacksaw I though c,alreful not to da"gle '[he sp r ~ ng: ins I: de. Th'e 10n,9

5p r t ng I s, If[e[moved and lame, form [of, pouch is made. ,o,n 'the e,nd of I t Ii A knob from· an 0 I d r aid I a ,0 Ii" tel .Y' I' s I on wor k 5 fl'ne as a pouch when It is al'ttac:hed up's i de down on the B,nd of the spr i rig ~ A wooden plug to match tt-ie d j,meter

o'f t,he 1 amp pal e :i S cut to shape a .... bolU't an I'nch apart 'r n the t,op of t,he '!II)Ode n p' u 9 a n,d ,t h ro ugh t hefl1 l' 5

pushed i W l' re wh I eh W Ii 11 selrV8 at CI tr'lgger ..

A~t't·.r the '5 p,r' 'i ng 1 s pI ac.ed back i [n-

The 'last k r nd of sp[eargun re,'qu l res i tt ~:e .1 terat Ion and WQ;rk.s ,on the &me pr l nel p,le, as gas powa,re,d spearns ~ D'n the sma 1,1 home f I f,e .,xt i n'" l.shers there Is - usua'11 y • n0221.

, f,ough wh I en the f'j,.8 ext i ngu E sh I ng ~bstan;cle '15 eml tted ~ On some ,un Its

here i 5 iii £,00. shaped p I Pill 'cOlnn.cted 10 t'h r SI" wh I ch can eas 1'1, be t"lken

ff., '~e·jJJ'v ~ n[g not hi ng [bu,t the shor! z1e~ If thIs noz%le is plastlct a trang pta'tlc sealant can be u~ed

10, _'t·tac.h a ha,'llow tube about 1 fe,.'t long.:r or shorter delpe:nd l' ng on

the' e,xt I ngu i' sher ~ '5 Illngth) and b·ent

t • Ir I ght ang 1 e near t,he end" I 'f the nozzle T s met,a I. an a I umJ num tube. I~SO a't a rIghI, ang' e , can be f i tted .dth thrHds and fi,tted onto the

z , .• , ta r. shou] d be taken w.hen

T~HE-.-· PO:"'O"R' MA'-~N""S- AR' ~·M.'a-R-ER··

i . ,', . ~" 't • - • ..::.... ".: .:'" J,' ,',_ .... '. r'

, ~ n t c.psu. so

e Ir .poXV.d - '. round' the r , m tl1 en, s u r'8: an a! r""" t T ght. '.,.1.. Once!' d'Ii'"·'~. an ,D I r ~ pwmp ( y one wi th '. qUll ck re•• ase) I. ~tt.c~ed and the cartridge f 11 ' •. d w t th, ' .1 r' :un tIl the p.Udlp' ,ng . Itrok[f!s bee_ df "leu" t lIi Af't,~:r the p~mp is - r'.I.ased, a hollow. met.11 tu'

~ .

abo'ut, 3t~ long ~ s prl;pa r.d. w r th 1"'11.1

threads to N,tch tho'l,e of ,the 'va IV'1! &'tcm* 'Thl $ ,tube l i then Icr'e!ffed onto the end of ·the val-ve .nd ~ d- rt ("" thQ'u't, the f l' ,n ,I )[ I s .1 '[ d 1 n 5 'I de., ,T he I • dart. ahou1 d pro,trud - ,at half

'I nell f rami the t, u,be 10 th.J; wh.n t h. d,art po,1 nt II push.,a 8g,8 inlt [.n .t·~ tack'i n9 sha'rk {or 'what.'y,er) I t w 11 , re l eale the compre$s,d ,.1 r ~ . "orc 1 ng the [da,rt out of. tbe: tube and Into t 'v I t1: hh .. ,



,cut here

val ve r,elease

pushed upinto notch

woo-den ---- p,lug

s t d,e the pole, the 'WQOden plug I: s f i ,t T t l' n pl alee w'[ th th,. w'i re tr i 9gef i,

t i g[ht I-y onto the end iiJA notch near the When the w'l re • 5 pushed down ttl ...

end of the spear wi 11 serve. to hgl d the notch and rel eases thl! s[ha"t ..


[bend i ng 'the met,a'~ ,tube so th,. t, thle:re are no c[ra,cks or'ol ds to ,.t low ,'or gas to esclp~~ A steel shaft.slilhtly s[N'ller and th I nne:f than the tubi n\fS; 'rns I de d I,.meter I Iss II d lnte tne

tube as 'flr as It w,t 11 go! Depend I ng on how y'our ext tng[u I sh,er 11 d.l[ I gned j_ a han,d 1 e, 'or t r I gil, r w -1'1' ro,) e,.e t't,.!

wa·te'rproof "t,mpe



gas,' nd, f'o:rc.e th,e out of ,t,hc 'tuI'b.",

All spearguns are 1egal to own. haw:l:,ve r f rt i s [1 'I ega 1 't,o load air fire one wh 1'1 e on 81 pub11c beIH:h,t The gas powe red slpe:.,rguns .snGU I d not be

'I e" tout, i ,n ,the I,UI1" as 't Is [po'iuii b Ie the t.nk mtght e~plcde~



.,' S AR'M' 'O"RER' THE P'OOR, M..A.N "-' ,~',,' ,.--, ,



Silenced Rugar Pi-stol

8). 'Cl,de Barrow'

Th i 9 s 11 enceiJ p 1:51 to,). ,deal,9D i S iii ! ~ i f i I!;d ft t ,9 .ion 0 f' the AWC S llernced Ruge [' :man u"f act u,re~' by ,9 , S 'AJ:ma CO. The ~wc: ~nit.. is, aVi1ilaple" to 'C1al,a l a ... l,e::r. fo.r '225· and ~.tall. 'or t21~" plul a S200 r,eder,.I. .'if,ran8,ter ''t,. x when soldl ·to

I ,p~ J. vat.'.· '. i'nd i vi d ua.18 ,.,' - ,I n'c i _~.'ed .1!1.~. r!·~:rl n ~ 0 f

the ins"t.r\tCtiQ"f'i1.s t.hat accCHnp·any 'the, P1s,to.l." Q1.ullli tied. :truy'ef."s s,hould. conta.C!t. the ·M,nuf,ac'tur ....

e r f 0 [ fu r'ther in f'orma.t ,1 en.. .. . .

Tne bl,1 il 0 f t.h 1 s u ~ it :i 9 ,a. Ruger 11.5,1.' ;a: ,2, l.'ut.opi8tcl'1, w1,th a 4~J/C~ b,~xr:el,. ~he 'Ruqer v'as ello.e,n for both ,1 te: r-ellabi 11ty .. a.Dd relatl ve~ly. 1 ow nteehanl~l noi Ie '", An earl,1,e,): veE.lent o;f , this 4e sig'll WI. ill us eo b~ the o~ i,n N' 1i I:E and, ill. t 11l av'.iI, ab ie' to CIA ana, Ne. t lonl.l S,ec'Ur 1 ty Agehc'y.' UfIA') per.,onel. Th,i~, eat'l,y V'8I'Sion. was. built. On & High Sta,n_rQ pl".tel:and cant,.lnec! a ,oompr.lss:aed st,.Ok. of bra,s a .cree:,n, wa.,h .. r. in'"

-t •• 1! at: .hrea,deCl, ooppfht and ,f~ber.91a.a~,

A,ll me,as t 9 a n,d pr:oced u%',e'B !l re ba s,e c: 'o'n the S iii ,S dr.'w'lnq 8nd ·they ma.y' di.f.fer ..

s ,1"t.'1.y f rom. the' !I,ctu,a 1 u'n.1 t ,~ ll'l0 't,e: that, t: be In,IIt..tllct.i.o'ns ,oall for two size's of spanne:r.. wr'enc;'nesl' This bas been,pl.ifi9d t,o t.he us.eo. of III 'la'r\ge 5~rrewdr.1ver a~,d,haftrj,tening. 1.f , tap'B an,~ diel a.r'en t. t avai,lab~,e ... a system o~ I·, co 1.1.1"8 B,nd Bet :lcr,e1iiS :may bE! Bub s tl. t u.- ' te.d" Tht,9' t, VP,e· of .. t ta c'man t 115 eov'e red : i 11 t.he , .hor't ba'rr,eil ea silence r ,a:f t .ic.l ,8 In PAA, p,age 5,8 ,~,' I'f' .- 'you. dOD t t ha,y,e acce 9 S. t.o. a 1 a the,. & Is rge " ari,1.1 may' bet e l~m.ped in 'to a v,i, se , 15 up;pol' ,t 'th,e' otJl[er etrd, of the. 'work. with a wood bl c,ck, or ,I, imi 111 r; .t.'~dyl' e s't.. '.

The, simp 1 e Bt method is to, d,r i~.l the 4 r(ln., 8 , of hole,s ,:ln, the barrel and install a reIitOvable i

.• ,llencer JIIOUt1it on t,be l1u22,le,., These mounts a,re "Ii: ~ 2 0 1I51-e' th,rea.d, ,.,1; t.he f r',oDt.. Th.ey it re av'ai l,able eOr7 $25 f·ro,. D ~ A~ 0;; 'R HOu'nts, for- sever~: • .1 ·0 t;h'!!rt' ",un. ,.1' e· .1 so aV,a i lab 1 e , th@ bu S hi ng s an,d, ,a,l'um,i'nUID, tube work. can ,be' f,armed: ou:t 'to a

.. rna oh ine shDP ~

and s [: r.- ~ be of ,1i1Y ,thrt-ead [1)& ttern you' chao:SEl! and the J; ~e 5. CI!! n be 11 ter,ed' to it t 'the mater-fa 1 s , ... 'va, i 1 I. b '1. ,e' '_

P,lIICk 1!tg "at~,'ll J 'i

See enclosed s. &·S 'htstructt:e.ns ' for de's,cr i pt 1 on 0 f p',ck i 1'19 1118 te'r1 ,11 t

• nd procedure;. t '

Me .. te.r111 S U:SJf

1. _ Rililger ,R$T 22 ,el' ,j 1',15 to 1 w/4~ll ,I

blrrel - .

1 ... 7/8'11' ID .. 1 Iii 00 bra'55 tube.i 50.hli i n DOS t, I:'" d: p 1_1 ng shops 85 I tD~ let' tint o1fe.r" ow

t · ... e :II,,.;.... .... '1'1·1 to' nn

Up. . ,t '~W'U''!rII", Ii. .Ij •

1 . _ 2, ... 3/4.'1~' 10119 I,' uminLm tube, ." 1,0 ...

lf~ 001

2 _, 1 III 00.\ 1Jt1'sber-s

:2 .... Dri 11 ,5· - . 1.18'1' '00 1 !4[11' ll't .mete'r 3 '.. Ta p 5; lSI 1,6 _;5l8 .·nd lIe

:1 .. D't es , 1,51 U) .. 5/8 ~nd lIS

2 '" Thf'!6ded 'bushing,

1 .. Set, i,crew 'rllll1 en WTif!'n'C PI '.

Tna above tapiS t, dii,es II bu'shlnrgs

, , '

=-..iiiii .................. __ ........ ......... __ ........ _ ,. .... "I".'·.,.,n _ ......... ....

.... __ ~ ...... _ ..... _ .......... _, 2· ... 1,. .. 1,1 _ J '"

~.-......;, .......... ............,;;~~----- .,---- .- , .... - ........ _---- ........


f ; 'be, rs • a 5 S pac,!1e I ng


5!h red'de.d ~o!)pe r p _ ,c.k i 11'1,9

, .

C,OOPL£R 6: 'BAR ftE 'Ii. IE:X'TE fAlSi ~ '0 N

OlfU G II ,NAIL, 8Afti~El :& {ulrte,'1 ITbd i f ~',ed,~

, '

CO NT] N UED .a,N, 'N:'E XT iPAG E

. .


[ I, ,


Ove-ra 11, Length .• a ... 3/4 II


Qye ral l U3ng tt-J - 11- 314 l'

POOR M.A:N' S J,AME,,s 'BOND Vo1,. 2.

Cons, true t~ (lfl Procedu roe

~h Disassemble the pi stot ,and c,l!amp ~-he rece"i ~ er- ba r're l as sembI y 1 n a

~ ,athe ..

,8.. Mea,sured f'r-om the f-: t-~ ef tli..

- ,- - 1!I'!I,;I!rJ, 0 lie

ro' - -" -, 'th f'·' -' -',' '·1, -"

,~e l ,#(I!"r" " "e ,'" rs t ,3/8,- of IDa rre 1

i '5 , tu r"mad down t,o, 5/811 OIl.. The rema i nder' ~ stILI' rn,E!d down to !ai!lo 00.

C~ A pi OCQ of ~n ID a 1 grini num tub .. , Ing is cut tQ 2~3/4~-lDng and is turned to a ~. OD~'

I[) ~ Th-read both end s of the a 1 UJ! ~ n ... 1II tube and the front 0'( t~e bil, rre 1 wi ttr a 't,ij, dl e. The tbr,ead p~,t,te'rrr! 1-5,

,w p to YO'U ~ U se ~-2a I!:h rea es 'wi til

tnt 'D;;A~Q~ IIOUrlt.. - ,-

E ,. _ Thread the S/8!~ ,O:D' a rei 0" ttrl'e ~rrel, a'~d i rts ta,ll I ,3/811 long bus~~

1 no "", '5,' 18'11 11 n - 1~/16,' It ,Q:!"I,

_'I~:lJ ' , " .. U!, , ;;;,' ,", ,u~

f.. Dr'1 1'1 and" U p. t~ e bu sh i'n'9 for" a 8;- 32 St;tt. 'Screw. 'Orl '11 a s'ha 11 ,ow ccrire spondi ng hole 'I n the bot,torn 0 f the: barre,l.,

G. Cut ill scnrHdri'ver 51 ('J,t l' n the

f r'Dn t errd of ,the barre 1; ex tens,i 011 and, lo, t n the ba:rre'l !md e'l( tens1 on

~1 ttl - a. 5i8" mru, bush'1: 1lI"\:~ tD t 7/.8~ aD ~ n. 'I s b!1ls h 1119 i 5 t'hrea (led on the ur's, 11 df! only.. 'Tne out 5:-1' de' s h au 1 d 'S 1: i :p snugl" into the '7 IS If. 10 bra 55 t.l!JJbe ... :11;; Ori 11 fou'r rows of ho 1 es t n ttot~ tne, ba r'n! 1 !I nd barrel ex ten$ ~ 0" " 'S ,. )1, 1lBii hole's per row 1 n th·e 'ba rrel

,lnd fi ',e ~ II ho t e s. per row t n the 1@)(tenS'!'lon. Refer to ,drawi ng f.or

. placement of ha,l'es, ~ .

I.~ To buil d the endcap~ redi,.lce a 11, w.[I s'h er t,o 1 '5/ 16 It on O!ll Orl'e s 1 de a,nd ta poet' to '} J a. II ,on 'the 0 the,. '"

So. 1 de-r th1 s w~$her' to' Ii second llt va s,'ne'r • Dr 'Ii 11 'the c.eorter hole to J:5i ~i

1. [) ,I nod thread.~ Use I. f' 1 e to se'rra t.e ,c:ne,c t'8 r or knu r'l the edg e ,of the 111

~ 5 ne'r . Tn, i s a 1.1 ow'S a. gOod 'g,"r i p a'ma eli m'i ,na te s tbe need fo',," ,! sp'aJnner wre,ncih ~

J 'S-,.-- -. t': bo, -_,' d,'- .,' t," ...... ,', r... .... - ,-

r. .... raw .fI IE!! en ,c: a p 0 n (j btf.1,e U(:I,f," ,

ril' exte,nSi on ~ M-ea.sure the, d f s t,a:rJice frOli the fro n t {l,f the rece i ver . to the, f r"O rr.t 0 f the per,ed a,-r@,a ,on. the eP"tdc:ap4 Th:i s' di stance ;' 5 about 61! j. br.d~ wi: 1'1 vary with each 1 ndi yidual

;; ~s ta 11.,t ion,.

K. Cut. the 1" OD b-rit'sS tub'e' to the 1ength arrived at. in step J .. The

i rliS l d@, rS'o'r "f th e tu:be i 5 th rea ded to fi t ttr,e bus,h i liI,g. IBevel the i nside fron t; of tlrile - tube un t i.' the ta'pered edge of the e nd,c a p wi 1: 1 S"] ~ $001]11 ins; de'. 'Ttl is, t.ape,r '; s importan t beea us e t t a Ids h~ ''t'ENI,1 ~ g mien t, o-f 'th,e tube '!BOlJ nted front s, I gh t ". when the un i t 1 s re,as Seiilb 1 ed - a ft'er each r,!!,!ck~ ng~

L., Follow the instruct Ions below' I (I,r pa 'I: k 11 ng ,11 nd a'S s,er1ib'l y "

M~ If additional sound or flash

s u'P'pre'5'S ion t s need:ed t an e'ndc'a p wlba f'f 1 e's may be' i ns t.a 11 ed ~ Coo""'

s t r~c: t and mo lJ n t. the un i t. ,i:S dlet..a i 1. ad i 11 "be AR 7' s i 1 ~nceir pl a ns on pago 513 i.' The en.dcap may ill 1 so be' ba,~ ed ,on the AAC des i gn .. '$ ere C,"he


Re'rno,,",'hl e E:nd C:I!I pI!). e 1. '$.,elIihere i., t·hi $ 1ssul!~

Su pp re ssor' 0 r S,bS s.ernb I y'i, ,

1 '.' - Alter' - fi el d 4i-t, d ppi "9 the pi 5 to,lj ... ~"""",~, t.,IOO 't· r I·~- e:r' ... fr -~ a SiS1!iliib ,-

I e.~_~.... . _ _ _ iplg _ . ,a".... _ '"

(~t ~lide~ $'Ightty to the ~e.r) ~nd the: bel, I t ~ u's i ng the fir i hlH':f wruru:,h' ij' n th~ end of the pa~kln, guide (see

dr oMf i n Ii) ~ reMve 'the 8"'32, A 1 h!il"li set

;ftc-, ... -""-,, I!: "- t-' 110;, ... , ... , .. , .' iIIi;_ A jli: ~ -h.... ,II!: i u ilit'i' lilie'- ~ ,_

::t . I '.'1f!'I r .. "-lI!1~l !llhp. ug ~ !L'W!"~n ~ r .... - Q ~~ P"t" I . ~

'sor ilQu 5, 'i ng '.

2~ Use the spanner wrenth to uose re."'" the Front A 5,$,emb 1 y No e , .

3 " C !'i!fRP the s upp'reos so r' 00: te, r MIIJ!'ing ina vi' se ~ it i'S. recomended tll't.a,t

" t.... - b 1 ~~ Ie: n if . - ~ d- ., I d ~ thO,

"!!.!. .I'!EU·· ,ai' . iOC.:, ~'i. ~Q"r 1,1 eC., ~I, ..

a l'i. ho'~ C '! t.1WO block'S of 'woo w'i th

a !'IVH s t'o't II or severa i l:aye:r'5 of "..,bb-t! Ii' it nner t. ube M: u'ied to. po fr'\!!! ~e'" t

l'Ilar r1:"g c,f the bl ue l'n'!&iI'

• ~ U!o E n!il, the 'Padd ng Cu i de barrel

'I!x:t:en s ion s:I'8.r:1!n'iI!i'" to un'slC r,,",w the b. r ... re,. c~ten~ i on. ~-t 'wi t'l LlI'I'HIic:r'ew aoout 1/2 'Illth '!

S ~ R.~ve tb~ bar 1"@1 ,.'Kten$, i on , If '5 t.'u(;.k. ~ }!-O~ NY. !i crew t hI!: ! panne r wlre,ncr. ,an t,o the f ron t ,of' t hi! I),a r re 'I

. ,e:JC't en 51 '~O,I'I t:o give you 'a hand 1 e ,t 0' pl.iU 'w i t'h .. DO NOT us. p 1 i, 'liU'"'$ I,· .:5 the b:!u" rc 1: ciit,te'~-'$ iOI!l I $, .a ~i iUrA:t nllim ~ YoU'

,.., i ~ ~ :nO 11:. t: t;. t t he coup 1 err . ,rc~ hlj$

a t t ached to. t he rear :0 f t:h •. bIi r'!:'e 1

'e x t en 5 '~ C,A 0; Do nO t se,pa ra tei I'he tWiO.

"I' UrtS,C few" t hllt. reei! hlie.:r f rotri tM,

,;o.'.nil"!ir-1lii:5-0'" t~.b- 1'Iht Ii!; RIel';; rlanil'! I' iF- ~ iiiiiII"'~""'" 'Iiiiii,~ : '.11 'U ·s·. !" II ~ UI!ICI ,r _ ~,"1IW _ ,-e g

bit' 'Q f fOf(; t!i ,'" ,a,nd ~ t has been fCHmd t ha ~ ,a rod '(or ·1 a-rge. F'h i I lip S '$(.~"" d r ~ \f'':: r ~ m~,le s a good liifrench 'MnM i ns-e rt'cIC, h. the ho·l e$ I r! the rea r 0'"

the receijyer~ .

..,;; D~ sca;rd all pacld ng .. C" ean al i

p!1!,rt's. t~Oirou9h 1 y and I oor'i ca te

t h10lf'OI.:!!'1h 1 y IIoIIlt h ,ii, 'I I gh t: ru!i t .1 n'h i bit - r"9 ,g:I!''ei!lI;e ~ I. f' t ~ barf reo ~ ,. flo I"s ,l3Iln! plu~g,eif. wI t:~ '1 e.;I4". (; I, .. '",i t;n._.,a - slnarp lill:!5'til""~IfeiAl'f!. su~h a, ~" i G[f:,~,g ck.

Pi;I_dk I i'iJ9 'an_dl 'Reas~mbl_y': _. _ .

1 ;; Punch or cut Q:~t 'the, rivet 1 n

F,tl'D. .- nn - .. -'-r ~.l"_"'" ···~r· [nn ",'~d~;; 1:_lnfocl,d ",he,

... '" CWt"'pe ~....vIJ. __ , ~ ~ _ ,"" _ 'iii _ !I,_

p-3ds. :E;glcl) ,pad i ~ (fill de 0 f a s 1 ee'vof! C)'I (;(JP'p@ r .oe ~,h oil bout f I vI'! 1 r;1,che~,

d I (liltetell' Gn(j S I i 'gh t 1 'Ii' over' a (00,1: long. C'JJ t Cr-05 $wa'f''S. ~ n to f 1 y't! P ~ ,I! C I! S and then t~'i st e,acn p ~ ece i Ilto a

U rope.' I oi!IlbolJ't 11 ~,I I d i !lme t e 'r- • nd ., - 8 f ncl!e:5 long.. Wi ttl 2,-1/2 pads t JlOU will have twelve of the$e copp~r '1Ir'opes .. 1Ii1

,2:,.. 'Sc. re~ the IUPP re S !liC r t i.:I be! 0111 to' the; ba rr.l· ... rl!c,e ~ ver after 11 iJo'rl ca"" tJ ng :l,~ bar reI, . and_ .~u~e wI t.:h a .. n.u!it

-'j:nh'l bi,i t 11;19-' g,r:e'as~i!., ··.Ai,f!!'ln tihe 'r nd'!I!~,:(: ',"

• ". I!. • ,:111 . .

.... ~k,5 or, :the ibQ:t tan' q. f the 1'10 !! Tn 9

and. i"e,t'ti, ~ ".:1"' M\iU· :r;'h. - '5e ts C rew ho 1 II!! " Rep 1 a(;e t1he, Ht$C"'ew",

3;; 51 t and the uli'Ill 'r ~., up" i 9'r. t on the

we If~,bench ~. Lt.h U\C' Qpen er.l,d 0 f the suppress,or hiM "lXJhrll.i ng, up. ,I, II"is~r t the, n;a,lI"'rQ!I'.JI end of.· ,t'tH!( pa ck i n:g gu ~ de into t It.e c; i'ld o'f' ·t:be .btii' r' r,e 1 " the

A 1 hi!n ""r,ench ",,1'1.,. 'be po I nt I Qi9 !Up)' +

Th i 5. i -s. ~ 5.!Bid t,O :guJ d,. . ttlla OO?'p-a r

pack t ng In,to th., ·tl::a:r !iu'plprC!liiS 1 O:f'!! chamber,.

T~ P-'D, ,'0" R' M1'I-"::,,""_S_·'\:o.'~nR-ER',,:,:

L~ .. " ',', . .l'.Jr.U,,,,, _. ,~if~:t~ _". . .'

l, . Wrap otie >0 f the c'o;ppe r U r,olpes'~ made ,I n ;"'.11' I lou,nd t he pac k i' ~g

9U J dfe and 'f]lIcsh i n 'III I th the' ,.,).1 te ,1'1.,!5, tie tU" sIJpp1 r,.,~ (1/2'11 PVC wa ... ter ~I 'pe)" H __ r the end o'f the

:pi! , a,s, t 1 e t.u,t)e t,o <It i've the CQ·ppelr rQpe! 1 n "$ fa" -., '~I-S, F'b lie I' After ~art lall.., nam1l!'f'e:(I i n, l t 'i'I1l!Y be· nece 5 s .. a r'V to t e:mpor" .. 'I 1 y ("elnOv'!' t h'l! 'pa,c'k I 'A'9 . 9 u ~ de" Peck :j 119 the' c.o:ppe·r ~ n t ~. gh t ])i i '$ t t ~ t Tea 1 t,o t he iI!:f f,e'Co t ~ h;',ene~,s o,f 't he 'i-u.p~ res,sor 10 a,'ld' ir"'e~'!lliber' that you are' going to 'pack 1 t rCI[l).'S (2: -11:2' e,ep:p-e r 5(:100 r ~ 119 p'l~d 50) In th~ re.r tha~b.r atone\ In a s\~-

t 1 ill If "",til iii. "" - IjO - IIii 'L. • - t Ii. t Ii... 1 1-

, .,' ",_I~,,! I,G~'! Pg Co '" ~ in e- lllIiI!: e _-l!iil!!! r '

~o?e$ of Co,p$r~ Af'ter the Z~1/2

5 COll.1:' i ril!g: . ~pi1d'S I-Iav:e be en ha~, re,d ~ f'! t 'rOY s h'OIUlI d st n 'I be a b I I!: to see, POll' ~ t ~ ons ,of the tt1 i'""eads ,00 the: end cf the b~,rre l, No,t €:: 2,-1/2 to .2- 314 .

P,;1j d '5. .it PlPea,r s to be, op t 1,pa 1 ,. Ne:ve r ~se: 't1Ye'F ] pads.

5 .' L'oo'k Ii n'S CI Qwn Ule be) re o f the'

~ r !! to' 1 I 'JOU may heve seen seve f' aii 'I '!;,i'ni 1 1 !,If i 5 ps 0 'f coppe r P,[iC k. I rig p. ro't Irud i i'l9 t, h roo!gh t the 00 I e s i' n t'me barr.l~ Several passes of aA oi1ed br a $5, bO're br u~, h 's-hou'~ d c 'I ean out

, rno!j, t o,if 'C he s.e s ,t r and.s, Q' f. ,e;,c'pp·e/r. 'The res, t 'w' l '. d'~ '$ .ppe.... II f 'I, iSir. t, he f Ii r Si.'!t shooting ..

6,,' '1 nS ta I' the CQupl e-r /ba'r'r'e t ·eK-

ten$11'!iII'L a~oI!:_k.l V u~ - t" 1;;;. .... , If' -- -

,_, " 'I~, g:gj: ... ,~~,~ ,. ",;i;iI!! '. Dia ':Jopa'n!n:l!r on

the pack1~9 guIde to tlght~~ the a S5 e:i'lb 'I y •

7. ·1 A .' 1'1i.i1rlnil!!r ~ imi ~ ar to s,t ep' ~ a""'

Dove 'n,ac, k. it· h~ fib ... Fg'l.':io "".'"' ,,.;, ':'" , ., n,...iIi .. h:,

:I t" - ...... " -0;;> l!i!IiP:;;> 'IiI'~ u_ U!I ~ e

bar re 1: ,ex it ens I CHI i n t ne f Fon'( '5 iJP ,-

P r-. S iii rOD chari be f" ~ l'h.e 'f' i: be~f g, 1 a'S 's. dOl! 5;. no 'It hill ve t.,o bie' pac. ked Ar'U i tea's t rg!ht 1 y as tine coppe't" it 00 tit 91'1 t

.b I, Pws- . 'w~' t h ~ h~~r' a r-e ,.e'r;:'OOIlle:ni!:l'.r~ld' ,. :' P'~ 11 the 'frorJ,t '¢;hambe:rr wi t1h f T ber ..

, . • - L" --_... - ~ -..' -. ..

g1a~1 to the front.jnd of ~h~ 5~P""

• ~ - Ii.,_..__. ~ ,

l~h.iI! '5 !SO, O~l e,r ,KIll; S 'I Dig, ,',

S ,.. S,c r e-w '0 rr. t l1e· fr on It a'S se'lID 1"1' nut.' iJ'S f"lBgi ·tih!: 5pan~F' wn!nch pro\' i ded. Scr~~ hand ti9ht onl~. -

5). Shoot the 1rfE!!i:lpOO to chec~ the po 11ti!t 0 f i mpa C t ~ .afl,d ,~ j uS t t ,he'

s i gbt s I: f nee e!S 50a r,;,. P'o i rn t. of i II'!pa,c, t rna,~ c ha~!;lie 'So't i 9,h t. 'I y .~, i 1. h ~e':~~ 10'; ; n g.

N,O'I [S :

.-.- -NEVER ~se a thread sea1ant (~uch C!I$ loc,t 'j tel ,

26 Factory repacki~g seryjce ~s aava; I b 1 e to bOlt $ tid' pp j 119 the weapon . l"'e~Ui i 're'S, It ransfer's,., Rgp,ac.k r 1119 c"an iDe done wh i le yCUJ wa ~ t! r f ~o'u or i'ng the wea poD ~

'_. c..... - ~ I. 'Ii - t .

._,3; ,A~:p~,c.k in'9 kits '~'t:o;ppeJF 'Iliads a'Rod

fTbe rg' a Si:!ii') ,a ,rot; ii v i~ii I a,1) h~ f'or $ 2 p~d ~ Ob l a ~ n IJAg, £iliU~ rma t,e r r~ ~,i ~ 'I,ci'c,,a ~ 1 ')' 'i $

cheaper. .. .

A'W£ 'S, ER 1 E ,$ SOU~\I) 'SUpp',U: S:5;iEO :F;,OO ER

PISTOLS... ...

Oe~~r]ption~ Th@ unIt ~on$lst' of ! s, t a:lDd!,a,idl Rug!! r"" IIlCde 1. 'RS,T~'~' " i' $;to'l i n (;.411 • ,2 2 L.R '1,iII ~ t h -«I!n i iJ1. t @'g:r'al ~ S!~Pr1 d

!!!I,up pires, s,o r- " 'h~ boll If r i! I of the p.; 5i t!;1' 1 has beRn modi 'r; ed for' uie 'w'~ th th~ 5GIIJ:n d !Ii ~·ppr!l!.s '5.0 r Ih~ h,. 'III i n'9 !bil!!.!ieI n

,PQO,R, MAN i S J.AMES BOJ~ID voi , 2

Ci ~ I t l re:d te pO r' t ho:it gas, i,e s, ~ rl! to, t he rea r S !.lIPP r .'S I, i On ¢,h ... rAb. r [!i!j,ee d r-"W"'" I n g). Iy: ble,i!d I fil;: the 9'.1 $ $'e'$; "". t h ~' !iiI tWl if Dche S 0 f eJ!U!i ;(:hjlmbe r, 'will 0(, it" I '5 S I i gh,t 1 "t r.,dlue.d t k,ee:p' i i"19' the

bu ~ 1 Ii!: t, 5I;;ibs;)fl! le, T,ne Irea r ~h.ambe"rr I' s r"i.Acked w f t h (fenl,e m redded GOnru:. ,i"',

1"-' .," ""', ",,~ ~

l4l1' ch coo 11, *'h '. hot (Uo 1,1,.' q, c, 'I ckl v

,-, " " .. ,_ .,' , '.- "',' ,1;1, I

r-educ.1 ng bot h the I (> t..-.per'!vr ur e and !LH"i. 'I', '-, C-r.t'illl'i!'_r' h "'~', :"'-n', f"o<, .... ,d' to b "

.... """ .... ~..... _' .... ....., ... ' , ,aJ::II u~, ,u .. , ,'_' II!

'ii!(X,ce'pt ~ oM,1 ~ y .f foct I'v,e ,!a'S !ill, hea e eDna uc to r , The f r"(H1C 'S'uppre,'S ~ 'I~' cihallt'De r '1:5 ,.eked w'l '1:'11 f I be 'V II "1' ain d ae t s s LrIl' r 1,.r to e u In 11'S,p1ck* il

a lUi tOInD,b" 1 e muir" 1 e::r:. he II p ~ ~Ig . to, 'flY rt:ke" fri~ff'l,e ,t,~ report" ,expand! the gll:5 es , 'ind $ P , •• d Ou t 't,hi! IQund

pre I ,is u re pnk. The, $ upp':lie I S 1"9 p,- 1 ine :r p I ,re S Ii t,t, no,t !leM ~ bu t ,t tl III!! cOnnb I: na t ion, t S e'f'ec'fl ve, ~ "'be ba rtel f)::111;ten's; en: ,c;.o~plet' ,and fron,t ali sem:bl Y' nu t :be 't h he 1 p kee;p the, :ou te r ,t,i:iIbe ('wh len til'r'r 'I e s the f ;r'On t "j: g:ht) . con,"", r;e III t ric with the bo,r'e of thi bar'Fe ~ I'


dl f'1 ed pi ste 1. j,r.& ve,1 ocJ t'v of the C C, I Sit Ii IffIge'r ai.U~,.,,! i t I on i ~5 r.d,uc;,ed f rom, I I'll ~,O te 9/].0 f' ~ ,P"~ 's '", There' i~ s a

!Ii, I' t 9 hit . 1 Q So,S, hill crf f e c. t i YeA,e 5S' o{ t lbe

s,,up'p re 51 so r u'S!' i 09 ",'WI' iQlUJn, I t i ,on,. a Ad e reoc.r~.!Uld 'S t and,a, rd V'C lee i t Y '!i Zi!L..R amu nit i ,on fo r bac: kY'1 rd ,iI:fl,d U' !ie_n t !i 1:Dc, t 'I ng, ~

,S.I.,~ts,,:, The S t.al1d;,r,d: finO",. s u,ppre$,ed R,ug'i!! :1"' it$ e $; the 10 fig I rUi 1 f i x.ed :$ r '9'"t 's. wh h:hi came with ;he. IP i $ to' ~ The front 5 i 9 n t 'i:S • C, taeh~d to t he '~U P,P" es SO'it hou's i !i'IIg:;M, I!,iild i $J no. rma 'I ]: 'y' SU PI' 1 i ad JJomewha,t, 'hi i 911,. :rma,k j n'9 it he we,j!llpon-

s,hoo t ~, OW t Til r sis, do~e inc;:. Kle 'tlh,a; Ipurch.a'ser wi She'l to r 1il,!!!Ht~ 't 1 adju~t ... able ~eB~ slght$. ~f th. $tand~rd

,.;' ght"S a re to be used t ,the 'front

:51 I ght mar,' be ~ QKe red by f '[ '1 I n'9: G'U r-

I nIl the slgnt'l'ng lin proc.,SSt Vindage, can be adij u s tied by d,t i 'f t '~ng the "'e8' r s, i gn L Ve ":'8In prov' de adj u;st,aibl e

's i gnt$ at 8 S 1 i ght adieU t I on~ 1 eha rg,e If ordeltad aft the t ~ m,e of order i 09 ,:tlll1 i t i ~n : B-ec,aus.e o~ el ;r,~ V p~r"c 1 ~g t he we .pon.. T'bere !II fe iii" y eX'C,e 1! 1 en t

t,M 9 a$ R: Ii I n the ba f re I r,edU-G: ~ "9' 5 I: S'h t $. wil ~ c b ca,r;' be f' r e: 1 d i I1I'ta'~ 1 ed •

r-eco I' 1 iI t he ratIO 1 ~ S Ipr I n'l D" t he ,~nc: I u dH n~ If I c; ro, ,iln d "I n 11ft u re Mach j' l'1I,e

,pi st.o 1 nas been ~d I "I ed by ,ha'v'h'!IJ . Cornpa~y 091&) ad'j usta,tde r,car s:1 gh,t,$.

th 1i"'!iI!:,j! t iJ r n s removed f rom the S 'fr Ii og " I' n te rl!;'s't I n 9 'I Y II! tne: MMC fd g'h t: re'"

fh'L s fun ¢. t ~ on S lINe' 1 'w I th -,. I I types !Qi,il r-e 5 i!II 'f ron t 5 t vh,t 1 0W'e It th.n ttl.

,iIfi,d b,ra,nds, O1f {!flhWn I tion ",i~tb 'I;,he 'C)'ri ~ii ,t .. ,'1 nQ.n-adJul5't:'a'b'1 ie . !ii, 'I ght ,.·S'.'otl'l:-

e;-;;ee p t I,on 0" c,e:~ 'St a ~i;:Ll!r'd !J'e 1 oe:: , ty • I n'9 r ad f iUli, 01i!1 'I he s u pp Ir'~ 5 $:.::.) p:'i s to, I

wh j' (,n oceas, h::ma r I'y 'fa i ] '$ to eJIM! t. 1'$, .appr,O)t'iN I:e~y .• 0,0 ~ . and the 5 UP'""

A 1'~ Q t ne r ce ~ ~;un i ~: tQfiI 'W'O rk 5 'we 1 t " P r-e!$ 50lf adds on 1 y a bo~ t th.r.. ~' In,ches 'Ie J oc. i t Y i!Ie:a 's,u remen t s . ra fig e ., rom B Z5 to 't I-Ie ave,ra I ~ 1 en, t h of the Ij::d 5 to.L 'f ~ p,~ s. to ,8'75 f" p'. l!L (Stan,Claro & ~v]

1 n the: $tlP'Pr-f!ssed weaj)On as ,compalred ·ClfJan:~ng,: ,~,t I '!Ii rec.omended that onl)"

t,o 1,050 't,O 1125 f. iP,jo:L M n oil'J1 u.-.oo- ml n i lI'Ia 1 elei!l'n i ng ,of the _a'pan be


pe I" "o'rnH!ld be tWl.n. reP'll ill" i.n'Q 'Int,e'," 'Y-8,'$,~ Rout~ne e\e_fng 5~1 d coo'" '51 Iii it of uS I ng II brals: bru'sh d I pp.d I 'n '10 I V'III\t tg, se rl!;!lb t I\a boo,. 'I to ~ -

1 •• 0 by I dry 'patch a,nd - 11,gh,t IIV

IQ I' 1 ed, pa t ch 'I' Tt.. 'i"e'ee lYe!" lind be 11 t can be. e l ea:necl '. i "th' pc:tNd:e,r 10 I vent .nd 1 r ght 1 Y Q Iled~, We us •• '-0 J '1M have, been 'M t 'i 50 f' ~ ed :.i III t hough ;I ny

11 gh t Q I ~ w'l '11 we) r,k ~ Wbenev'!er "'PICk'" 'I ng 0 f' th"e sound 'SJJ,ppr,es sor I $; IpeI,'''''

'0 tmed :t then ,. t,hQ rough d'i •• 1, •• ,1 '" and e 1 ean'l'''9 0 f t he weapOn ~ s, ree-

"""'.",.:d .

~.911 'G f (fH'c;!. ,*~ki': . iii! , t h t; ~fIl«I", 1I!~,'U,j,:~.. I~ .... d !:I;hl:'lthl!i':c." 4iiiii]' ;o.wai:~ i!"el; h~ilH. "" I ~ ~ obi tt r!l4ct ,t he poli"'U; i'IIi' the h 'i"'C, 1 '~cilld 'I iIIi m itt. re. r ~II!Ji!"it.:l'!II ~ (:i<IIi; d!'M!I!ii!H:!Ii' ~ _"d 'l!k!!i: i!ill:ii!i,pol'!! ~ 1 1 I ib!il:~ I7JQ 1 ",'Y t

"' .. ..q'LlI' It, 1111,: I'" .. ,pil,~ Id ng;. "t 'I" itS! t 'I' IIWIIttid t,h.t !"~PMik _, i "'t, !M'i, ~ "!'i!I'_',1!t: 'to b. p ... ifQoI""PMI ","j'Oi!i") ~OO-1I~ J'Q'~\ll4ti, ,"lite r', .. 1. .a r. ..'\"~ r, ~.t I.. 1 gC,1 ~ I .. ,~ .a!lil>d .f:tor tM, Urr!!:i't .:;'i:IIIiI· ~lI,It: ., "LIN" wi It I:.., i"~-'

(j~ ~ ,ea. fl">Ot OWn..,s, 1!'Ii 11;:1'; .. , A 1 buql'''.l'q",. U'IC4I. 'WI!

e .. :n, PifO¥ i d. I: h I. '!!'. r"'J i ee I! t: ti:in., 'lit 11:011')' 10,( ,"' f!0Ifi!~ NI ~ fee ..

:P"~~I;flL ~"I." ~ 'illlli ',; (ot.l t;1;)~ t , ~I, " 'H: S, 19111 U" _

I .. u 1 ;n, _ 11" Ii...... Th. ':&.hnuh:llad ~O;P',pi-a.F .;o! tl'!l!I;

If •• rr !!I!'~p,p-res"on. (;h~.. t '5; .. ,," r IlIb'l i: ,n. _i t '.,p.ii"lnil r:k.a't!!!l, "!!Ii, 11C:1\o 1"0 C! i: r ~ :"1iI foil: CO;f#oi!i'r '5()OU r 1"9 ifi'.4 .~J ~III~' dIHr •• ,. ill, rOC! '111'1' t ~ 'Ii! $0 :2:. 'I lZ pid1', _

(D's, t "!I; 00" .AiP't' ~, 1,,', iIIi'A ~ 2:IlC "!!'" PiI"'" 00 "or iU'So.E S1'f fl WOOL, ~ Ii[ IUIUiI5. iF:Ilr titlle: f ron t, '1IIi!p~

P,f'!l:t:,slon ,;:h1!!IIt!i't! r )0Ii, i!d' 1 l.d;iI '-. ,ph!iI,'i'll Qlf 0:n.1!i

1i!O~hi t.h ~.:-k 'f ~ 1:H!Ii,1"'13i1oi1 ~,,, _u ~ & 1 :., 15~ I. TI':'ii'i '!, l ii, oi!!,V-I, t • ilb i. In !biiill"dw.,I". !lito .... , ill! ~~!i' III! rei.. !",!:Ij I' 'I~, t'ot' ih'i:l'!Ui ~ iI t '1rI'S! II'~""


by t 1 yde DB' r F-CW

Thl $ des j' gn ,for ,'e()t.·ceab l e s I""' : II nce r e,n.dca p s, _ '5 deve ~ oped b''Y'

MI t I;he 1 I' 'W'a II'" be' 1 ,t . hI ad 0' ,M: 'I I i t.a ry Ar',IUITIIII~ t Co "j) (HAt),,~ The des I gn re'"

, ," u·1 tce;d f'rc. '$ i ~ ence II" res,ea Ii" eh "Qin,~ , ,d Ue ted d ur r ,n'g t:hi! V 1i et, nafJ1 @fa.

, : The II! nd'ca p 'eoni 1;,;i i AS t'liNG ha' rei r !Jb ....

:ber b.1'f f ~ i!: $ i ,Ii 'spa-ee ,r' ilnd a ret,a I' rio" ,i ~j washer I!fh tch Is st.ked i I'l!, Ipl,ac .... The' unde Ir;, I,:;r:ed ho r II '5 I' n t:h,= baf f'~ es ;heg;ne elli 1 a'r'pd ilnd ]. ne,f fee t ~ "Ie

Ii h,e,' !I,eyo t"81 I h undil"ed r,Dun;d I. The

, lin I tIs t. he,.. "eI9Ov~d by hend .'1'iI eli ,a

, f:res h rep I a,c.e~n t ~: 50· Ins, t I,ll 'ed iI!' The ,r'n Clip. ,can be, d l searded a,r may be returned to an ar'enal for reb~~·ld~ 1,n'Q,

:R.ep 1 ac.e_n t ba ff , e sean, 'be IlIiide f 'f'O~ 8f1lber s q !lie'eg,ee f'ulbbe r • '''1111 b'~.. f rom Ii r Ii 5 u~p 1 y I,ho~'s and ·1.1 to Ii" ~ -Ii '1 s.L:I,P'P I [e rs ~


A"! 8,.


0."' .

, '.


tl) I,e 5/8' ~ ~ D

1;1'.... r1 d II) 'J 'I, ""/,,1,1 no v· :1/ ... 1'1$'.'1

~!lj,Ile· '" m II, -;;J '"". v' n ;J. ,;jI'4i,

Undercut ~'-7./16u CD x liBn Unde r ~I,i 'It Fa r 8. f f l'e E,xpan $1 o.n IHa I e Th lread; Ii

1"9/1 'I' I .;Ii( ,20 Ne x 3/8~:1 Ii OIilg Spa~e.. - ,A 1 urn; nuil 'u b j r1i'g

1 '. Il!fll' OD ,x 'I 'I !, I I) >c 'l2,~" I' on9 P·"afs til: lB.f f 1 ,e

9/3:2,~~ t: D ;iii , f.~u 'th E c.k x I ~ Il~'lliOO

A I iiAmi ,.,.um iFte ta i n I n9 Va is he"

~ ... 't ' •• 11 'G~' x' 3.l~ I' - i D ,~ r .II '" t.h i ,;,k :I! rlui:.n tl 't ~'on f r~ S 'ta ~ I ng , lil'nc,h

(1 of '1


G ..


, ,

I, , '

The!!lie ,~,ps, ,.1 1 I f~' ,t t~b 1 ng wIth t,M, f.o 1 t ,ow IIr:.g s r:h!l(.'$, ,; , '" J/It-' GO ..

'~-1 /21 •• 'D' {1/,8'" \!d,'li 1 ~ Th'rnds -20' pe r I ncb iN(. ;00 (thread depth 1/'21~~)

A'vallllb1 e i'n .. ':5,t ,im, olr _ ]50 5, f ze s , It he .e;.a,p s a r'e so'. d: to, a,n'Tone: for $11~50 ea~h or $*50· pet dozen

'p'l us UP So sh.' IPP ~' n.g • (you can lillI' x $11. Ii for '. d'O,zen ~) 0 r'd .ir- from; Tim D~ Bf~ter Firearms Co~

Ba. ~ ~ 5'$ ti G t I! t:rta LA 700 S'3

'Spec: i fy': Mit Suppre!is,cr Wipe 1."... , '$,eii1b I I ,I! S and ~ n t t uo.: c.:a ~ t be ii'" d ...

'5 f 'red when 0 ,'de,,' J n 9 '

_ I

R' in,gled, Shatgu,n I.

1I"lug I

, l

By Martin, Kru.sI:e -p-~ ~ L u v~ -8e 00,,-,0-8 ~y .n. ,j:";ro "

I . - .

Be I:,k on P!lgB' 2: i of t he ftj,n'lli.')r'er ,a Q art i c l,e a ppl!a,n1!d 'oode 11"' the t I t l e III'S pet ; at 'I P u,r po~ e Sho tgllJn ,AnImo ' .. ~;,

Th i sarI; h:: 1. dea 1 t w' ~ th i ~li"OV' i sed

tc:,thrd q u-e 5 for rood f f y i ng re'g,u 1.a f I ,

she ] I s to pe 'r form :5 ,!)ee i ,a, 1! i :z ed f unc 'Iii tl on5 0,

I' n. ,d 11ii CU$,S,. nt, th t s 'w'l th ,t 1vd,e t

hie j n fa r_d- me, 'ebl t, $,e:Ye r Ci' 1 :r'i!. de:r s ~ad Wlji't t il!en h hn ~~'9 t ion I'ni' the: - use: t ' Fu,tiI et Ion .. b I' ~ I ty '~ an,d !!Ii :11" e 1: Y i)'f t,Il,!: se' ! : loads '. He hOnde,red f 'f I ~'QU 1 d ,sned ' -!

any light On the use of an, of the~

Wed] t I havllI· t 1:(" I ed ,&1 t. ,or therrt but, t ~a¥e had 8' 9 rei t, deB 'I or e}t.w - pe r fence wi th ,the Oln!!!! des i' gnat,ad in t.h. ar t~' e l e, by the l.ett:eir uDu ~ lh i s 'j s a.n: itll+J r'o,yi sed s I u'g: l'Ii,rd,~ f roml a' regular ~hot ~hel1~ thIs reallv is ao old bT'lb~lly trlck. We calt it i'tr r tl, i ng. 1 D.dl j 0 r "cut t hlg a

ring ed '! cad . I I ~ t s us e g~oo s bad~, to

t, ne tIN, 'wt1'tm, t ~e f l, r '$ t b "as s; ba$ ed pil'pe r she ~ 1 5 .;:::arne OU t ~ and 1 n SOi'le pa ft. S 0 f' ,th-e, CQ,U n t rr -r t ~ $ been ,Ii

pre t 't Y e ~ ,p'rae t I ce eve ro' s i nca •

lo rnak:~ a II'" f !l"Iged loed I a' 'I you need hi~ a shot$ne,11 allnd' a good'

sha rp kn J fe,., Jus t: cu t thr,oygh the she I i at the wad ~(),llJ!1V! I ea,v i ng on'" 'I y a na r row 5 t. r r P' t may'be ,ab{l •• i"t '~I 'l 6 of an fnchl of she~l casing holdIng the! 'ltWiO see t i ens together. 1 I 'Ve: nev'er bot~er'iI!!d to, heat sea 1 t.l-le end. Qf the shell c~sing so ! gues~ It re-a '~ 1 'Y i s n ~ t. ne!:C8 S $,a ry Ii btU t you, earn i f you wa t1 t to ~ How:e v~ r , mo'S t of

the 'll m'E! till i $ I $ us a,d, r~ a p·i nch ~ e'f !l s a $i,U r v i va I iTMila $iJ r'e and ttl '$0 11 d er .. ins ~roo J~st 15njt handy.

When .. shell tre.3'1i'oiIi,d' ~' .• t:h,- :I!~.

- I;" Ig I "' . ,I 5:

11f'IB' r1'n I! -r I '5 f f t"e d ~ the II! nit l' re shot, load r'e'lna Ins i i"I t ae t: w I ttl i n 'rh,':!: '5 nil! 1·~, 'Ct21 :5 ~ ,n 9 alnd wad c'o' 1 tlrnri j T fllfpa 'c t, 'n" !t'I e t~rget as a $i"gl~ p~oJe~tile~ Fr~glmen'tat 10M take,s ~'J ~,e@ du-r;i ng pene'" t-r,at ion.

For th j os reaS,QO ~ the r I ng'Eld load do;t;s 'f a r n), .. e de rna 9 'Ii!:: hi ma oy ca se S than _ til 'conlV,!!n t j' O'lia I , , I fled'S, 1 U9' •

I • V;f!, t ~Ike til 'W ~ 'd pig, 'B'ndi 's e'Ye fa '~' ocryolte S wit. h :t hefti, alfiU~ I' 'kn'OW' guy"

r n, A I, 1!'-!ijl kit who,' 'Ie used t ,h em '''"rl moos iii!: and be,at'. Th@'v ~ re ill. 'I itt] e, t,oo, dest r~ct ~ ye for regu) ar IIil!"ilft or h i',de, ~u .... 1. i n ~ but t key s ~;re do t t'N!: J o:b ,

In a p.nch. '

T~e e~p'osfye nature of their 'cOnS t.rue. t i 'Oft a's we~ 11 a$ the, aCC:i1i'racy _a",d per-forman[.e of' the t hlged

1 ., . d '- - .I~ - . " I A - C

00_ ~~es t, S a 'goou 'hal c,re for

defenstve ~se. They should be on~ hoe II ,of 11, ~n stepper. a~d Ce! rta: ~ 'r(~ y





-., I


J-~ •


, '

", " ~ ,~, ~'1 . .s«. ;1,',-..;-

'I .. ~

De t te,r; -thoi3iiil- ,8 'b,i-:rd5~iof' fo-ad :u-sed

i n t he ~OIll'I/e:iYt t:o~ ~ 1 mainne,. ~ Wh~'-t ~ s rore i the l r ,ae'cu'ra:c'U! and' s,:hoo't iI: !:In_

, J • ~

Ch,B,r-~lct~ r i s,t i (:;5 are SLJ!;h that, '!roy

'N if cnpo'S,i;!:, the r 1 "ge d I' ';ad ove r th ~ eonvent i ena l r 1 fled 51 ... g' Jo,r N~Y ant, i "'per'$'on-ne 1. liP=' 1 'i,cli!Ilt: i Cin! •

Some' t i_ago~, I n P'r' epa r' l ng a n

!I: r t ~ Co 1 e fo r one, of t he roo r'e con!rJent 1 'ond ~ gun Maga z I nes f I ran ,eX.ten- S i ve te S 't 5 compa r' in'S! t hie ,.C,C,U r,lI C y o!I nd 'pe r'f o'rma nee 10 f' the tr i ng~t! d I O<!Ids

'iliAd :reguLar factory' ;i-'I"" ed- slug' lOil'i1':f;;"

CQmp~r~5Qn5 wer~ ~ad~ in ,~~~,16~ ~nd 20 gauges through a ~;de range lo,f ba r r'l! 1 ] el1gths and, cb'Pke s , 're sts '"",,ere ~ad-e -,For bat ~ ba'i'l i 5 t 'I e pe ....... f'OIt"~fDC,,: (ef'fec t on the targE!,t) and .c~u-ra¢y' of the the pr-oJ ect' Ies , I: n

, Ii f de :0;, :!i. I de" ,campa r ; SOri! '5 ,I ,:~~e -

F M n gad 1 o.a d s, ,~ pe r fO'Ii',iN'rr! ee, W'S! $ t -r 1,;11' "i s~tp-r' i $1' ng. Jh,~ '5 "'f h1~.ld :conve r!S i O~ I a,ctuel1: If Dutsho,t; ~th"e,-, factory ~,1oad.

The b i gges t. 'p'~ ItlS,~' ,I ~fQtl,hd-', 'for: the r T nlged 1 ,o,a d WilS, 'it h'I1I't 'i ht!y s,-noc't.

MUch fla t tar than the r i (lied 5 hJg. The ~ re,B,test .d I f'fe,reDee -oe;,ltu:r,ed:" whe,n

~ .

'bQt,h, ty pe'5 of p 'roJ~t: t i l'e" we re f l' re d through fu 1 1i ehoke,d' t.I'~~r~r:'.~rl '5" of s ta n;!r

d!)rd 28~! 1 en-9th. · , - ~"

O~6 re~Son for the great d~ffe, r;O!o'n ce, i n t. nc, t I"'a '. 'i!!: ~"t- (l'r I eS, 0 f t; he

- :!Ii!' - ,,~ ,'" - - J ,_ .... - - - -:.I; ,- ,- --

2 lo~d$ is t.hat the constli"c,t ron, ,a,f,

t;he i!:nd of the ba r re:J __ ~a s !1D r!!

$1 o""'~ ng' e:l re'ct ,on !t;he f ~ -(1 e'ij hiad

s'l Ug'5, tnan (N' t h@ ''$..1 T'ck' hli!ll 'I, ca's":', ' , , ,-

I nlg $ Oi' Th ~ 5 ~ 50 'bo,rn _out _!)y :t,he f.~,c t : tha t bo til 'l gad $ $; hoc.,f f ~ ,,a t'te r- I rt!'

nw)iI"'e Qpen""cl:)oll::.ed ba r re, Ps~., but the' ~ .. liDO ... nl t 1) f d Iff e, fe,nee, was '9 r'~ tel"

wi t-'h, tli.,lt!ii II!: 'Il- ','~'

, " " ,,!! I.... iii! ~ u-g ...

The, IRe,., fngrton ry char t f~'1!" thtd r _ ~ 2, ga '. iF' i f,l:e,o '~I glg'~, ,g i 'UIe;S, a , -d rap f~ g~.r~- 'Of J O·.l.tu .,t ] O~' '}ldis, .. This figure is esta.lished,~sln9 8 t. est - :b\i3 Ir It@ '1 'd ei: S I'gned and c'ooked ~pecifical]y for rifled $lug5~frr-

, 'i ng th,@ s,,~, f' I fled s'l ug s t h reu gh :se'lf-' eral ful1~c~Qked barrels~ t got between 3] and 3}1I drop at 100 yd s ,

R, i n ged load So f t r-ed f f"Q!'mi t.h e s i~Ulle barre 1 s d ropped 'fr'~ I S to 1 SI~1 JJ.I!low the, po i nt Q'f a i'm',.

Bot h I~o'~'d:'s 'g.'V'e th e ~ r' 'bEtS t 'pe r'''' fO'i~n~e: ,th·l"ough specJ a'l -slug, b~r~ refs t or riot gurlS, .. a.r,r,els CI" tlhTs, t, v pe: we ,r'e ,t r l-i!!d h~ ~'I e-ng t'h:5 ~ ·of" '18 t ,20:0 2,2 '_ and ,2:4,1 F ~ "iIi'th ohokl!$, C f hllp.

ev l 'b· - .. "

....r - ..ore ..

, The 1:2 SI'.' slug S dl iD'p;ped an ~v-

, era'i;l'e of '~:2: u at 100 'yds. ~an ~c-' 'c;,eptab I'e ,all!Outli t of' ae,v i !I't Ion. be twe'i!:n' file, to rye 'I eI I Jifi"5 [! nd ,a c tu.a l' pe r 'f',L') r'" rna,~ ell! .,) 'f he if' I ,n Qed 1 cad s ,came' I' ,n

wit h a"n ,give, ra-g,e, ,0 f 911 t,ln 'rout,n, t ne' S~m~ gun~ ~t that dl~tance~

No, 5p'~c;j a ] s ~ ug guns, ~ r,e aViIi l I -, ~bl~ f-r- ~-·t·;-g 'n 1~ and' ~Oda

o;;!I '_ '!W _ ' .... ' 1/",.. ~. ~ ~t~: II ':' , _ Q - "" ':III _'. :~

'!;,Q ,iii t ~ ,t e's,t f. ng lA,'ii;$ do~. 'W,i th fegu ..

1 a f' , i,'1! 1 d !.~rY"''S. the', seemed to' shoot a little flatter than t~e ~Z g&~

b'lJ t t.1i e :; 81M: des e r i!'Pi!'nt y 00':, u rr ed

be tWf::e,nJ:oads, ~ ,'(he 1"1' a:t tc r l r,a t,ory melan''S 'ljJ deerea"s8 hI! 'n'eee::s'sarr''f' ho:1 dD~etr.. 'Th J 5; red uc:e s' ,tflnl!!: ~~pos 's' i' b 1 e e Fto r alt,·, unlkn,QW,1iI ClI' '$I:a n ce''S and'

9 re,,a l 1 y I'mp -rO'Vlf!i 5 cha, rllt:;c So f or ~ e' ean k ill Uil1de r fie 1 d c;'on ~ i t I Ol:l '$ •

In adaltlon~ the r~nt.d loads showed-, co,n 5' i de rab ~'y 'I e,'!; 5 1, a te,_'.tiII 1

d j s:p e 11"'5, i o'n '. J ~ s t 9 irOU!p,s 'We"re f 'f red:

fr,om ,a, k..e-- l1~h r'~: _·_-t- t:"'i L. -=0- - - d

- __!;;I ... e s. _, iii. -A.J, :;} • 'i;!I,n:

'D. ~

, ,,~

·D C



.... --

C'o 100 red. w i.r·~:3· D j'61ru~d: 'I:'.Q .form o ne ~ u:;-c~u it

.sT'EP· . ~ ~ to·~riI" ROIL J3.:1))(

I. G.l UI!! ~hl!!l. ru!;b't'u· or pl :!JI5.t lc s er lp to thi!: til thie..r- 1, -1/211 :K iii I I S.lT i P. of .oo.d. TiM s l'1li& 1'1 1m tne b.oUOO1 of

t ~~ tIooJlt. Whe.n B,55 emb 1 r 09.· tf1:e p.l ast ~,c, 0. r ·r:u-bbe:r ~~ 1 1 be hie: D n~ up.

'2. SiC reM! dIe h i !'Ige:! to one: o.f t.he. 1·-~/2"1 .)4: ,..U pr·eciI!:s of .wood 8'nd att.a·c,h ·t.h@: o'the·r s l de Of ch!l!l h i .

tQ ·t:h.e- B" r d,e '0 f one of ltre :2 -1/ :Z.~·i :II: 1-1/:2H 'P'III!I~:!!i of loI!ood.

1-. Dr l 11 I 011 ~ I ~ 6.11 hel e i n the ~Q.t:tQ1Jl

11:11. ·'the· Qthe r' ·2 = , 12.'l ~: 1 ~ , 12,1 ~ p leee of 'WO(l!d, wh r.iI;;.t, wi. 11 be the \e;:f.t

!So' ~ dl!!i C f tht! box ,~. aiid a 1/ a·11 1'\0-1 It

I n. the. top; r·. 9 ht ha rul cor.ll.,e r.- t:i'lf. t h.l! other- 2m 1.n:~1 .;II; ~il [pi·e,l;;.e of ~ ~

r,m i ch w l l 'I iIi~ tnd: Ib.!;c;!k wa] ~ 0 f l:,he .I;iq,;.:, t"

~ ,. Us i rlg Iffa i l s , sc n~"""'S '01." '9 hl'lh 01!1!:i'FI'D,t e !tbe: t.ig:;:;.~ Th~ re Ii'II J I 1 be. n(;i ti:!lP (0. It··.

·S'Ii E.P 5 - ASS EKB~ Y

1 ~ 1'ako l 'r 1 asnDtll b·5j· a nd lit t,a,c h ." leo!jth of. wll"le·~ color D I t.g QJ'!e term j; na 1 00 e~c.h bul b; The-n til k-e en;!! 1 !Eng th M!: I'r ·oof 1r;I·I .. e ~.G ~ .i;,\.r-;!i.. A. B t C afid'att&e~ one af the ~olored

w ~ r'"i!! Ii to t h.~ f~ I iii' ~ ng re nn i fIi;l I 'I'

Fo 11. ow t h~ hOQ'lu.i~ d l Deg f'1i1!l11 i 11 fig. S . I r'I:Ii e rt t he h\J. 1 bs .. n t I;) ·the e;:.;.p hl!.5 h!'~ of your [m~ne. or bomb ..

,2.. .$ 1 I de. tlie ,pu~h but.ton!;f oil-B.!'" ·t lie spr l ~g;$' .a,nd .g I us t.nfi;· !apr I n'g.!!i, 'to., U!;~

bii!lnt 1I''I'~I·i i :9, • ,

j. So 1 die.r the d~!1g ~ i.n9 1e:1l tE:5i of !jiIII i .... igI. f"-r:tilll it he con t f'o I pa t·o- th'!!: .calit ac t p.Q 'j In t-'!!i:~

.~.. R;,,!S t ~ 1'11& pow~r pac·k. Oil the rub.'"' .be r s t·r T:p ~ and feed the wire CO} thf"ol:lg h the- ho" ~:.

s.. Si!le.u·t;e: the il:Ofl t ro 1 p'lfI'e'l . to. I: he. 'top 0 f ·the box iii nd .fee--d: "'" l' toes A. t B .' . Ctti ,rough the he, ~ .. lit the fop,

!r.' I gh t b·iIH::1!;; of the be·)!; i Tihe re $-h"Q~ I d be iii 'S p~.t:,Q . .Q f ~bO!l.! t lIS? I ':5 fP' ra t'l ng ~ he con t"'"C(· po E f] t.s pn the 1P1I'5!" IiII;.Itt<Jn from. the C(j·Ilp"e:·r -!. ~ r fp Qn the

"~~r Poii'ck...

'C B



·6 • r rOl1I rl 'g!. 5" J. conn ec t ~ r reo Ii:! to. w1 jl"s. 0 0'0 tnte .con t!fQ l .bDJI; and . t he n f:Oii'Jn-c:l:t ·w.; r·f:.$ A ~ S·. & C:. 10- wi res ~.

!Ell .& C f f·M t me eorrt rQ 1 bQ:w;.~ Se.!i!!

Fig, ~ " fiD r c01BpI1·;e_ te.d ~$·liielilb I V·.



'1 JI

11 A

T}.[E ·Po.oR MA.N t S ARMORE.R

'Ttl!! i Ill!i t.l"uc; tlon''S ·.ilttd d: j ai'll rams

I • • :I

1. r s'l!::cd he Ire wf I} S! f ve. yOI,i a con tr-o I

box ·c.a pa I) 1 ei Q r de tQi'Ulit 1 '"'!iii ,. 111' Jle;i' OF· 'b<JI1"itJ.~, !J:i i og. ViOY.:r 'I ~g 1 n,iilrli ion" )'01.:1 ea·",. [rfti).a ~ fy the de:s· i g;~ .,flI,!3d ~h Q . 5,,,,,,1 t<C:.h_boafd ho ~ d j.1:l g. a h'lJ nd '-'I!!ld err me re bu t tens .


'I f y[j,~ ded d1!! to bl.ll n d .a b i 99-8 r 'S'wl te l'I!ibGii t.d I 'I ~ woU"] cI be a good ~dc~ to· k~ Po t~iI!!: '!;iOn t ["0 l bu t to,li:-!:i.· 'Ill

9 roups t» f ) r 0.,( (!·iiirS y hQokiIJ p.! iIE pa' i t ~ end i" ep 1 a ceraen t o f ba u:e..r I if! S • Be S~ FIi:; to 1 abe I '~a,eh by, t tor:'! Si0 y.o IJI C,i!iIfI ~ ~ ct~nti fy rt ·wi t.1l Y<C:JJr tar·get d I f yOu pl i!!1 to hoa-k 111) yo Ul r de fen s. es. a"

9,Q' j 111 !j. i: a t ut I,.j re ii!I t t.~~k r. yo..u. '5 h9-:u, I d p"O-Ul:C·1: 1::k~ w.1 res tuf1r'1d fig fForn thE;r;Qnt rQ1 bo~ tQ tJ __ ~' 11'11 nJii!!;ii. E·j the.-

co . .:J't tih.iI!!!lI1 !AI" ch a .:;; pi r-,i;I''if Q r j)iit III t

xc :gvo 1 d derer l 10 nn T on {)'r the i FF'5:U~

I a.t • 00", • Q r e n'C.~ se [he l~i~ res ·i n n,!j ~'5. I • k~ .ex Lab1~.

8:~s..j d·e..s the. iW r t.e nbo.iiIi rd hoekup for -ma'fllJa I ,detQililit jon" f'ia·!i.:h·bul D's. a r eilt"· for a 11 sorts :p f con ti!C t

..' •.• ..I. L.:_ L. ~

m t nes, t r ~ P ..., I res i a n>Ui IAiIllQS ",0

'l;i;JflIb~ t t .-e.e ;:; '11 mb i 119 5·rf~ pe rs .


Ij!I' . I ..

P I Ie

'--~~-i-+----==-,' ,

Fi 9.,:6

1;.0, t , il!'l:a ~;I."'B..~·I r e; :ill!!!i t.! ifg OJ'!; F~!hble iI'"

, ~-


I mpro'visled C'laymore M;ine

0·1 <!I.e: k PowdelL .S·q \,I'j D f

Ob II: a I" ~. 1 2 vO ~ t 1 am'P bu 1 b {w'1 t.h a f~.iui,ge an j t [head!' or tal i I ~. 'j g:ht b'i!J 1 b] ). Ca re:'ful 'I I Y b:reak t he. rSl'~1 ,a s-s off of t,h~ ~[~ 1~. S.D h:leF wire ]r8·~ds to' the rear and the side of. tl·H!.

~ hici .. !,1 b. You ea in e hec k_. the f i laFJle n t

, bb!' very qu i d::.1 y at tach i n'g the wire , 1 eads to .II n vo It. ha tt.e roy. faue.

the bu1b into the r~ar of· the· il~yI!!\Or ~ coil s I '11'9 W ,. ~ h the f 18 n Q:e· j It! side t~e·cas~ and ·t~e w(re ~e~as out th~ bac.k.: ~ke a pape r: c.y I j nder thn~ tis 1 ~:r 9 II!! enCHjg n, ~nd lor1lg I! nl(jUigh t.O

P' r" t the fP 1 am.e:n t 0 f. t hit bul b ~

Gil ue T_hl s r;y,'1 i nder to the ;·iH'd da of the · i fig S:O .ti1[f!t i t protec ts the f 11 ame.IiJl: ~

Ca's. i n9 :

T his e&n be made· of a 1 i'I'K).'5 tan y~' thing~ but liB inch t~i~k ple~r-

9 las s i s Qf'N~.· 0 f th,e. ea s i e 5 t mi3 t e r'-

i 111 s to WO'if it with. ~kf: it '!i,iii\,l 1 I b¢)~, th~t i~ 3 l~ches w~de by 6 tnch~s

1 on'9 by 1 '~ncn d,eep. - YOu ";eoe~. [~

'5 ~ de s a flI,d ,8 be t tom b'IJ t no top , Us; I! so , '!r,I'en t t. ype !; 1 ue: ~Q' P1U t ·t'h e. 'bo:!C. together.

1 '-

I No,U~. ; t.he 00)( ea'FI be ma d ~ aoy '9 I ,I.e .•

1 The. 1 arg;~f it hl the fOO'Fe damage

yOU! ca.ll do wi til it but ,a 1 '50 t~e wor'e ~,RP los 1 v'~ 'j t w:i ~ 1 t~,e i~ f f 11 it.

D·d ~ I a ho 1~ in the M,i d,cU e· o'f

th~' bot fom o·t the c;a,. I1g hH'glil! enough to p,u.t 't;hG b'ilse: o:F the 1 ~ g:ht 'b'LI 1 b· t; h C'"1J • 11 n ~u .!t I I t'i're t;d a ck powde: t' '$ qu. 1: b i fII the: C.i!.5; i ng a 5· !5!h;own lli1 the dr,aw i "'Ig~ ~

C·astl ng:

M~k.e a 001 d wi t~ an O'U t's ide '~ngth a~~ wid~~ .s\ightly less than tJU! i nS'i de d fmer!$ i on:s.· of the CD $, 1 ng,. T~ T s :shOLJ ~ d be. ap·pFox~ 1 j nen d~ep~ TI9 • :5. nD·l d cain hf: made. w i t.h body

PIUI!: ty ·011" wI ttl pdas,ter o~· pa r 1 'S .• L'e:iI:

~ t (.Li'iif: iiiIIod th~n lUse spr~y '(18 i I1t tli.o coat, the I flS T d-e: of 1 ,t unt i 1 t"e

18O'~' d. i 's ·s~ot 1M to t'h ~ tD!J:t:.h.


To Cl!lrst:

. Spray the I ns ~ de: of the me hi

\ill i t~ if ca s t hlg r:~ h:a SI.e: *!Ilgt!:n t. [M bt .!lind pour 1 r qu'" d l:ai:S t·]' n,g Ip 1 ,~Sit i Ie i 111- to the·roo I d unt l 1 if l.s app rox , 1/4 i n:cih ce!!:p. Now 'p.l]·U It ~:Ii 3/1 61 i err t I ~i ~ S t~ii!J 1 ba 1 I bea r i ng:s u[nt T 1 you h.av,1!!;

aI" I aY'f:'17 IOf tnel1iJ; cover i n,g t.he bot tom o f th~ rmo I d. Add ca '!i U n g' p 1 as r i'·~ i f needed so th;rt tho!! 'I.!!lye r of hal 15

T ~ Iban~d y cove red, Set tbe mohl ,asIde and l~t the pla~trc .cure. NCTE~ P l ,j!!! s t'e r 0 f ~ ar I ~ 0 II" bod~ pu t t of c.a,n

s 1 s·o be tJ!Sed 'to c.~s t the ba ~ l sill. Th-e ball he-a r i :n g $ a re It he e~'!5.:j eo'S t

to wolI"'k wi tn but' i!U1Y meta 11 can be used ( nu tIS J bo 1 't s , SClt."·ews,~ lila i 1"5. II

""t· . .". "I,

Lo-J _ ~. J •

Who! n th[~ c.a is t i 1'\9 hi) 5 C i,Jl r ecf !. r: e~ V ,e. i t f roo the m:;q I d '. ~ Sf! ,a koh-cd to remove. the W,a:.;.: r,e'S i d I!J e f lrOl[J1 tlh e


[No""" car-efu I ~,y ~\Jr b 1 a·ck powrle r '. nto the p~,per -c.y I i nder rhs t pro-: tee 't" the f i 1 amlHil It (II f tt'h,e bu 1 bin the ea s i neg,. iU :gI!HJ y snak",e: the. casi ng t.o set t 1 II!! .,a f.l dl p"!'c::k the b 1 iii: c. 'k. p~e F .a f'OUilul t he f i 1 arne Ii) t . Nlow fl11 the re$t of the caSing with

0'1 ack ,powder ~ln·t. i·, you have .il Ieve l 1 ay[er of b 1 a(:~ polrI'd~1'" S 1 i gtH: 1 'pi' a .... bove the to? of thr,~ pape.r ~.y 1 i nder' •

.p 1 atif.i: tile c..a.s.t ~ ng: i f"II'Si ide t.he. cas~ng an tpp of the ~ayer of black powder ~ No1,i..r IIJS'e, a ~ J 11 c.ome OF P ht"5·~ tic s.eolal 1 I ng· compol;:md t.q s.:e a. I ~ rQu ned the ~ e~ges of lh~ ~asting. On~e It [d r Ie.,. YDU!" .;:;; ~ ;a :v~:r'1! m t rn-t: l ~ Fe:".a d y u) be 1l,;I!of: d. :H01l E : fo r [i;;Ornc.ea 1, MII!i:r'l t 'U 5. e eo 1cnred p le-x I gL3I~iS Of" pa ~'·nt the

c. 'l.aylJ'l6 r'e aft e r you "\ole: 1P!.::I tit t.og:e. t-

her.. .

Ernp'l acemen t. ~

T~ p,13ce the claymor.e; tap0 t t t.o a t:r·e.e::I' po l. ~ Ci r what evelJ i!Zj,

ha ndy ~ I1a ~e, 5 u f'e '}I~ ba: 'I 1 bea r j·fI:gs po i iI'Ii t to-I.ioI.;Ij" d t he enemy'. P..etnemb,er·

t ha t t hi'S t;y pe o·f. we a,poll pi Fod u'~e S. .a ~ail'l! h~ck h 1: a,s t :5,,01 make s,ut""t!: y011J

,a I""e under ·cover" 'When you set ] t ~,f f •.

YocU C ialil rna ~.e U pi a C,on t f"Q 1 b~la rd t? contr·o] a If'HJmbel" of·~·II'"~s. t~a t Y.Efl,j ha·ve i n p' ,a .;;.e., 0 r you: Ca n. 51 mp hi' :!Ii tFi n,g' w~ res from ealcih of you r urli· ne s, 'to a .c e! III t Ira " ~ frC2I t. i ~n'



Fl1:ament b~:il b


and touch the ·e,nos of the wi res to the pol~$ of a 12· volt batterv~

NOT E : Th i s wea pon ca 0 be made. me r.

effec t 1 ve· {rover a I a rger area} b.y:

Ima: k ;. 'n 9 the ces i:ng and 'f he (;;;!I:!I tJ n:g sl i gh't 1 y curved .


D'S ~,N:G T1HE 'E:KPL.OS.~, VE. AN,n FUSE 8f:l'tlW.

f)f;p.lo'S i "'Ie:

M~~ thre~ [)) p~rt~ Fotass[um

t,h 'h:l'j"i!!!"t e .a n.d ,one . ( !) PEl r t 9 r ~ r.'IU I a - I t e.d 5i'1J gli!l r , Canf j ne ina co,n t.a ~. rte r (~'r"i tn(~1l (.a~e· the (;la'~Fe: niine]

and use t u me 'fose to set it off ..

I i me FU:5·e::

B:Oi 1 aqual pl:;3,rts lOf potass i t.m'! chlorat~ and granulated ~u9ar in water. nip. (::'01:ton s t d n9 in the ~olutign and !~t dry+ SurIng rate t s approx, 5 r::~ ty (6o) 'Seco~ds pl!r foe t , 1 es t. some to lnake S IlJ Il"I!! I.

Th j 51 l.oIEa pon ca n a l sn I·b~ l,'ciL ·QO the ~Ide of a trucl Dr t .. actor~

Th 1':5" "'a s dq.fH;!! t., V h:: t'l1am an d wa ~ fqU:1r101 to be '1"1 f g,h1 y ,ef·fec:t. i VB i 11 -

iiiilmtl>ll,.l"5i h is 1: t uat ion's. wh e I"i!!l t he: ,enemy was i!;!It. e 1 ese qual'ter'S 'to the v~hi-' c1e b~lng att~cked~

I4ak~ a, :; t~[e ~ bo,x spp rOM ; 6~ ~ deep and 12 by 1.1" On the g.~ de's '. JU5 t

:5 ides s bOu:'om, 00 top. Soo 1 i"d" Y

at It ad'! the box to the 5 i d I!: 0 f· a

\I eh ii c ~ e IN i t h 'boo 1 t s 0 r we 1 d i tin.

po 1 ,a_ c~ ,. Ha:k.e s,u r'",~ i t. l' 5 ~ 't tach ed 'to some th T ng ,so'l i d - rerne;(l'l be ii t. fl.a t . D-il·ck b h~i s t -I ~a ke. U:j) 2: s·~lid ba.g:s. on'e 6. x: 1:2 ilnd th·e· otn~1" ·about H~

:K n~... S~ t t" e: 5!'11a 11 ba 9 i.n the: bot~Orli'l eft ~e m.l'< and' t h'e· 1 a r g'iI!t.1" b;;!ilg

into th I!!: b.8 C ~ o,f the OOIX. ,( The opeJn

·~nd -of. t~ box s,h!o·u I d po i n,t OUlt-·-

wa rd s" from th 8' veil 1 c. h:} ,. N'ow ,!Joe t

t ~ if: C 1 i!iyl'QO re. ~ ~ to the box so. thad:;: j't i 5 ~ i t" t iJ ng on t·op of the 'sma 1 ] D..!lo_g an do ag.a t il st tli[e 1 a. fg e b,a Sl, S eClJ'Fl! 1 Y fasten th~ ,"1' ne .~ l1i'Q 'I;~ bQ);: ''-"'I'i ,t Ii, !.II r r·e. ~.r 'wllii t e 'IIe,f'" ~ 5 h,ellfil,d y !so

~ t won! t fallout as you d ri v-e ·down if:'he ro~d.

A sw i t,c:~ into the. dasn is·

the E·u'S. i ,est way to Set: tn ~ s p'l.a-ce-

ment off. W'i re iI!Il ~ ead fr-oID the'

b~ttery thl"u a breaker ~~ a fose to "t h!i!i ~w i t e,he·s .!!I ncl t I"Ilelin to t ~

-(:.1 aylllJl:ilr·~S •


Black Powde'r

PO'·O.R. MANl'·S JAMES BOND ve i . 2



The ;nstruttions and d~agram5 listed here wIll give you a contro1 box capable of detonating 3 mines

b U· ~ III ·ti

or bam 5 .c:S ,I ng you, r nnag I· na' s on JIl

'yoll can mod i '~'y the de's i gn and 18 swi t chboar d hol ding a hundred or me re but ton '5, .~

'D·· .. · .. I 11:1

. I U'





. ,


II f y'ou dec i de to, bu i 1 dab i gge r sw~ tcbbcard , i t wou ~ d be. a goood idea to keep the control buttons in groups of 3 for easy hookuPi tepair. and rep l acement ·of ba t ter i es ~ 8e sure to li abe 1 each button '5·0 y.ou tan i .. · dentlfy it w~th your target! If you p. an t o hook. up yo·ur defen·5es ·a·gainst a future attack~ you sho~1d protect the wires runn~ng from the con 1:. re I box to the rn' nes , E 1 the r ccat them w'i t h a. s p r.ay 0 r pa l n e

to avoid deterrorat~on of the insu~ lat[on~~or encase the wires ~n tubes 1 i ke BX cab'l e "

Colored wire.s 'D ~ .Jo Lned to form one. cuccuLt



]& Glue the rubber or pJasti~ strip to the other 1 .... 1/2.1 x ~I~ s tr ~.p o·f ~d ~ in ~ $., 'wi 11 be. the bottom of

the bO'J( ~ When i1ss,emb I i: ng. the p 1 ,8 S,trc or r~bber wi11 be facIng up~

:2. co S, C flew ,t he h i nge:·s, t Q Olnle o·f the 2 .... 11/2u x lit.! piece! of wood and at' .. ta·ch the other s Jde of the hi to the side of one of the 2-]/2-· x 1 [iii 1 1'2,.41, P f aces of 'WOQ,d ~

]. ~ Dr ill a 1/1'! ~ ho lie. i n the bo t tom of the ot.he r 2 .... 1/2u xl"'" 1/2.11! pi eel! of "'-Ood~ which wll~ be th~ 1eft

5 i de of th.~ box , and a lieu he e

llil the top] r i:ght h·a.nd corner of the. olt:her 2"'" 1/211' x ~,ru p race olf· wood r

wh i c.h w, l l be the. back wI11 of the OOX~

Jt ~ Us i nl9 n i i 1 S, [5 crew s ,0 r 9 JiLl e I' ,ill 5 -, semb 1 e the box.. The re '-"ii 1 1 be Ino t,op to it ..



6i From Frg~ 5. connect wire D to ·w i Ire 0, CNil 'the cent rel box. and then

eennec t w'j rle5· A.~ B I] " c:. to W 'I res ,A.

B & C ·flrom the cant rol box~ Sene

I·· - .

Fi g~. 6 for camp le.'t,ed aasemb I y i

Bes i das the s'wi t chboar d hookup for manua I detonat.i on, ·f lashbu r bs are great for all SQrts of contact mi' ne s ,. tr· i p wi res , and bombs 'to coeba t. 't:ree c 1 hnb·1 n9 sn i pers ~



I ~ l~

D ·1

I. "

D Ie



III Take 3 f I aJshbu 1 bs an.d attach ,a, length of wire, color D~ to one term~ na 1. Q,n each bul b, Then take O'n,e ] ength e:CJlch of' w; Ire co tors ,A .. B & C and attach one of the colored

- ~ ~ I

w~ res to' the reraa i ,n I ng ·term, na . ~

F·lj,) 1 low the hookup diagram in, Fig .. 5 ~ tnsert the bulbs ~nto the explosIve

olf your m [ne or bomb t

z. Slide the pu~h buttons over the springs and g~ue the springs to the be n t na t ., s ~

]~ So~der the dangling ends of wire f r·om t he cia n t 1"'0 I pa ne 1 to the con ... tact po I nt s ~

:It ". Rest: the pow·er pack on the rub .... bet 5 t rip ~ and feed: the wi re (0) througn ,the ho Ie";,

S~ Secure the contra1 pane1 tQ the top 0' the box, an.d f·e:ed ·wl res At EI, " C through the. he ~ e at the. t'Q'P right back of the bo~~ There should be: a S:p,IGe of about 1/8~J! separe t I ng t.he 'contact po ~ nt s on the Ipush btJ'tton ·fr·om t.he copper 15 tr i p on t.he powe,r

- .. - -
- w ~
~ ~ w ~ CJ II ~ ~
B~~ \..
Al' ;K: ,~
I. ~
~ .]1
"!§ ~(J" ..I. 1:-
~ ~ Jr
, I !!!. I.

'-E~-=~=- §§§~;; ~

called bare W·~ re /

'rle..s,l[ i ng Ion tubbe ,r


11mprolvised Cla'Y'mlore Mine

,B'I ack Powde r Squ i b- :

o b t a ~ n a 12 Y"O 1 t 'amp bu 1 b (,w i t h a flange on it [head or tail light bul b]) '" Calreful1 Y' brea[k the glas's off of the bulb~ Solder wire le~ds to the rear and the side of the

bu 1- b. You C,lI" check the. 'f; 1 ament

I by' "Ie ry qu 1 e k l 'y a 't:. i ng: t,he wi r e

I' '~eads 'to i 12 vo 1 't. bait te.ry ~ Glue ,the bulb into the rear of the ctay-

, more cas; ng wi th 'the f lanqe 'i' n!'d d~ the case and the w;re leads out the bat:.k.~' Make a p,ape r cy' 1 nde r t~lla t t s ~arge enough and 10ng enough to

'pr'C) te'c tithe 'F i hamen t o f the bu 1 b "

Glue this cyl~nder to the 1n~ide of the easing so that it protects the

, f i 1 (lIme n t ~

[ Cas ~ nI9::

Th t!li can be made of a 1 fl'O"S t anythlng~ but 1/8. inch thick plexi~' glta:s'5 is, one of the eas i es t ma''-

'I j' a. s to 'work wi' ttl to Mak,e. a 5,m3 '11 box that is 3 inches w~de by 6 inches long by I inch deep~ You need 4

5, ~ dies and ,;I be t tlom but nOI 'top ~ U'se., so I ven't tv'pe g1 ue ,to put the box tlogether ..

I Notle:. the box can be made any '5 i ze ~ The 1: a r"ge r i e J; '5 the flil()re dams g!e

YIQU c,(I'A do W j' ,th l t but, ,1'1: so ,the

rrDlre eXI!) los ive 'I't wi: 1 'I take to fill]

, i 't '.

Dri1t a hole in the mrddle of ,the bottom of the cas~ng large enough to put the base of the light bulb thrtl~ Install the black powder :5qulb in the cas~ng as shown in the dr'aw; ng5 ~

Cas, t 'I ng::

Ha k e a niIO,l d 'w i t h a", QU t s ld e 1ength and width sl~ghtly 1ess than the. 'j n s ide d i mens ions of the Ci1'S 1 n~ Th ~ 5 shnul d be aoprox. 1 J n,ch d·eep,.,

I in t·s Iff!O " d b'e made with bod')' putty or with plaster of parls~Let It cure and then use spray paint to ,c.oat: ,the i n5; de o:f i t unt 11 the

mol dis $mDoth to' the touch"

110 ICas t :

Sp ray the i illS 'i de of the mo 11 d

with a casting re1ease .gent~ Mix and pour llqu~d castIng plastic into the mol d untl 1 it. l s ,appro-x. l/~ hle[h dee,pi. Naw pou r in 3.1' !6t1 CH" 1/",'! 5 '1:, ee I ba 11 baa 1''' ; n g s un t; 'I you h a'y'e

ill ~ ayer' of them c;oy'er; ng the bottom of the moll d , Add cast 1 ng! P1l ast 1 c if' needed so that the laye~ of balls

i '5 ba r'@ I y cove r ed , Set the roo 1 d as1de and let the plastic cure~ NOTE:

P last er' of Pa r is or body put ty can a1so be used to cast the bal1s inj The ball bearings are the e~siest ,to W'Ork wI th bu t an,y me ta 1 ea n be used (nuts, bo 1 t s , 'screws, na j' 1~5 I et.e., ) ~,

When, the cas,t'l"g has eur'ed t re,nlJ've. i t f rom the mo l' d , U'S.le al coho 1 to remoY"e the wax, res '(due fr'om the

IClas, t i og ' ..

Now care,fully pour bl aek powder into the paper cylinder that pro~ iee t s the f 1'1 atmen't crf the bu 1 b 1 n the caslng~ LightlY shake the cas~ng to sett1e and pack the black powder around the f l l ament. Now' f111 the rest of the casing with

b 1 ack powder urrt i 1 'yo'u have a 1 eve 1 1: ay..@:r of b 1 ack powdle,r 5 1 i ,gh't I Y above the top' of the, p,aper' Coy 1 i nder ~

Place the Gast~ng inside the

cas Ing onl to, of tt.'U! 1 ayer o,f bl ack powdle'r to· Haw use a s i. 1 i C:Oir.te or 'p 1 as -, tIc 5eal1ng compound to seal around the. edges of the castJng~ Once ~t dr Ies your c Laymo'rre ml n'e li 5 readY' to be used ~ NIOTE: 'for concea 1:'me;n't use co1ored ple~1g1ass or paint the

e Laymore a 'fte.r ')I'ou I've put t t tOgB't ......

he r '.

Emp 11 iu:eme nt :

To pI ace 'the c 1: aymor,e. t ape it

to a tree. pole or what ever is nil'ndy to Hake. 'S'U re the ba 1" bea' r i ngis po I n t tow'a r d t h·e. Ie n-emy ~ RelMe'fJ'nbe r that th is type, of 'we,apon a me:an back, b 1 as 't, 5,10 ma ke sure, yo,u are under cover when you set it of~

ylou can ~ke u.p a cent ro 1 board 't·o contra I a number of c 1 ayrnore's that you h~ye ~n place. Or you can simply strrn9 wires fram each of your mines to a centra1 locat~on

C LA '{-,M,OR E

Pap,s r' C,y I i nde r ..

'1 eads --- .... ~1111!!!!!1!!!!1-




and touch the ends of the wires to

,the 1'01 .. 5 of a 12 volt b,at.t!l!r·y'~

NO TE ,: 'T'h I s ~:apo'n cen be, ,mad,. mol".

effect~ye (cover a larger area) by 'malk 1"9 'the cas ~"9 .'nd the, ca $, t l n'g

s 1 i 'gh t 1 'y C 1J r v-ad •



Exp'~ OSI 'i v'e:

MJx three (3) parts Potassium ch~orate and one (I) part granuTa~ ted s~gar~ Confine in a conta~ner

( ~ nth l s C iii se the c 1 a ymc r II!: m r n~ j

an Id use, t l rne f use to set ito f f ~ Time: Fuse:

Ih:fi 1 equca 1 par ts of potass i urn chlorate and granulated sugar ~n wa ,t eli". Dip, co t to n 5 t: r r n gIn the sol~tion and Jet dry~ Bur;ng rate i '5 ap~" rIOX,~ six t,y (60) seconds IP!! r foot ,! lest 510me tOI make sure l

Til i '5 we,a,pon can a 1 so be used on the side of a truck or tractor~

Th is, WSl'S done 1 n Vi'etnam alnd 'Wlas found to be highl, effect~ve in ambush :5 i tuat J ens whetre the: enemy was at c10se quarters to the v~h~~ c 1 e. :be i "91 at 't.iiu:ked!l

.Make a ste,el box app'ro)(~ in dele!p and 12 by I 21.'1 on ,the s.l des ~ J'us t slde.s, g,' bottom. no, top~, Sel l d l v attach the box to the side of a

ve hi ; c lew i t h bol t 5 0 r 'We t· d i t 1 n place~ Make sure It ~s attached to '!HJme t h 1 ng 501 'i d ..... relmembe r t ha t b Las t l Make up 2 Isand bag's ~ one 6 K 12. ·and the other about, 10

,)C, T: ,Z'I' Se t the sm\a 1! 'I bag 'j' n, t.he, bo·t ....

tom of tfte box and the larger bag

in t.o the back. of t he box. (The open,

~ eJl d - 0 f the b01X 511 au 1 d po 11'\ t OIU t .. [

wa r ds' from the veh i ell e).. Now set,

th~ c 1 aymo,re in tOI ,the' bo,x 5'0 tna't

iii - " I II ill '

F t ~ 5, 5 ,I t t ~ In g' on top 0 f the smal 11

bag and against the large bag. Secure 1 v fasten t:he fini nif! iI nto the box

~ h ~

~'I t+ W~ re Q,r 'wh a t eve f'" 'i 5 handy so

'i t ~ n I, t fad 'Iou t a s you d rive down

h .' .

t re !road ~

A switch set Into the dash is

'the. eas l est way to set tb l' s pta-c}e:meJln t 10 ff ~ Wi re, a, '1 ea~ 'f rom the

bact ter'V thru ,8 breaker or ,a fuse to the ~5w'l tches anld them to the

c 1 a'ymo:res "

[9 ~ atk Powder




This si'lencer d,eBli~gln 'is an Imp rovement; s Ll.ence r from W' II and is the forerunne'r Lencad Ruglerl design fr'om issue #4 PMA.

A._. 31, 1948., W~ P. MASON

IIL"GD P11.. Dot ~ '2&.. 114t

of t.he OSS of the ,si-,

This in,ven't ,i, on, 'to f Lrearma and mo're par t.Icu l.arLy to ,8 sile'nc,e,r :fo'r zaduc Ing the muzzle b Iaat.,

The, ·princ.'lpal obj ecr of the Lnvent; i an, is to reduce t'he noise associated wi,th the 'muzzle blast: ,of a, :fi,rea.Tm,~ Other nb] sets, ,a'r'e t() 'reduce the weig'nt" siz,e and cost of a si,len,c,er and illpr'ov,e the s,tability of p,erforman.c.e.

Irapor t ant; factors, in silenc:lng tihe muzz Le hLast at ,EI. f:ire,arm. are

'the 'rapid cookfng of t.he 'power gases and, the re,,n of' 'p'r'es,sure bef ore t.hey An. effec tIve ad.Lence.r 'utilizi.n,g~ these 'prinei,'ples compr-La ea

. .iI! I _

a chambe-r conta'ining; heae abaozbLng mate,ria,l thY'ou,gh wh,ic,h t.he. bu;

pas ses . The e,ff'ectiveness of such a device. depends , amo'un·g orber trh Lnga , 'up 0'0, its CI'oBs ...... se,ctl0,nal area, App,li,eant haa ,di~cove,red, h,oweve'r, that, the im'p'ortance of havtng a large cross-esect.Lona L area d1,minishe,s, consi.derably t.ow,a'rd the frout end, of' the si,llencer ~

~f~..I r, "'II! .'

I'., ~ ~





I/NENr~ .. ! w.P-MASON

sr. 2- .... ..• _ r- ". .. ' -:-I ..

.. . ..•. A'TTQllNEY

I.n acco'rdance with the 1nv'en'ticn I'r'e, t'be chambe r has at; its front end a sect fen of reduced cross-esect.tona l area, Weight, size and

cos t a~e reduced without .ser·i,ously affecting, the, efficiency of reduct ton, The g,i.le:n.cer may b'B built as an ,a,ttachment or , prefe,rably"

the r.ear porti.on of the c.hamber may be buLLt around the bar re L of the firearm, wit'h hole,s through t'he b,arr'e.l. Th,e heat; absorbfng mater'1al may be metal, acreen I whi,ch JDay take, the form of aper t.ured discs,,d one upon s'nother and prefer'ably held i,n compTe,ssion. Plating th.e Be-reen with some · such as tin bef'oze punchfng th.e dis·es will, i.n-

c.rease. the s.tabil1t'y of perfo'rmanceil '*

Fla,sb Po.,ders and tbeir Pll'odulation

By Dan Moor'e

F'll49hpowders are '$ome 0" the, mos t eKpl OlS 1 'Ie k l nds 0:' powders known ~ I n f ac't,. le:nz *. even r·e·ga r'd's fl ashpOWider as high ex,p l os i ve due

to its t remend,o'us, powe r ~ 'I n ,addl i t 1 on to 'th, 1$" 'f 1 a5.hpowde:rs, are. bot.h easy

and safe to manufacture;l [I tis

beceuse of th .. s ·tna·'t have, dec ~ ....

ded to explain ;n detail the m3nyrae.ture of 'these powders·.

*L,;:~:~,RB~:'~~s,=i~ ,~~r~,~~j_ves. and.

The mas t eOmmcln of these powd'ets Is np'hoto1f 1 ash" p'oiwder or Just 5 ~ m,ply ~'F ~ ash" powde r ~ Ttl r 5 powder Is the 8as'l est to .manufa,ct.ure ,and 'the

1 eas t expens 1 ve .. 'The equ i pment needed to make photof 1 ash powder j 5 a tliCrtsr ,and pest I e , a sca l e or balancetand se~era~ plastic con-

ta ii ne r s , Th,e c.hem' ca I s re.qu i fled

are; 'pow~ered a 1 uml num (A 1) I 5,ul~nur (5), and Ipotas's, i um pe,rmangana'te (KHnl04) @ T'hes,e cheml ca 1 S shoul d lEI 1 , be f i n,e 1 Y' powda red 'fo r be's tria' u 1 ts .. ,( ~ tiS bes t to ,buy f J ne 'I y powde red alumInum as It cannot be ground.

Su 1 phur and potals i um pe rmanga,nate. should be ground s~parate~y In the mortar an~ pest Ie to' ,a cons; stancy of flour~) The ratio of weIght of these chemlca'~ ;5: one (1) part

'su' phur' t one (1) part powdered aluminumt ahd ei9ht (8) parts pates! ~ urn per'manganate .. After pOWde r i "'9, these chem i ca 1 'S S hou 1 d the;n be placed in a plastic container and 'shaken thorou.g.h 1 V for ten (10) minutes to Insure even mixing. The

ffLashpowder' shou 1 d then be kept in



a p1astlc container and stored In a coo 11 dry pI aee ~

Ano the r e.XJp' os J va Ipowde r .,m; ch even surpalss,es p,hotofl ash powder Is ch l·orat,e '1 ashpowder. Ch'loratll!.

'f 1 as hpowd!e,r t s muc.h nD,re pow-er ru 11 thenl pho t"of 1 ash powder and a I so much nll:U'"e sensiIJ't 1 "Ie ~ The reason for

r ts I ncre·ased strength '( s the use

ef potass I URI c.h 1 or'ate (a 'very powerful unst.ble oxidiZing agent)~The equ i pirien t needed 'for mak I ng ch 1 ora te 'f 1 ilshpawder t s. the s,.me as" f'or photo flash powde r wi' th ene jn I flo,r ex .... ' eel.p't ion. A, flat. meta 1 pan and a tUId!fnll! r airs IU $·e.d to powda.r th,e

pota'$s t' um c," Io.rate as the 'fr i Co ...

tion from a ,B·nd pestle. could cause an explosIon. The chemTca1s requ l' red to [_nufa,ctur,e chlorate powde rare; pOlt,ass 'f tim ·ct. 1 o,ra tie

(KC Ul.3,) It su] phur ('5) III and powdered 31 uml~'num '(A1) @ The r,eti'0' by weight of these chemicals is: one (1) part 5U 1 phu r t g,ne· (") pa r ,t powde red a'um] num, and two (2) p,arts potass i Lim ch lorate. Once aga 1 n a 1: 1 ehemh:,a 1 s

sheu 1 d be. f i "!II Y powder'ed and thoroughly ml~.d for best results. Chlor'ate powder' sheul d be kep,t r n e, p astl e canta i ner a,.d stored 1'" I, ,cool dr'y p·l.ell:.,

O'ne C)·tner flalhpowder I s a

der l vat r ve of chlora·te powdil!ril Th I '5 f 1 ashp(1wde:r Is milInufaetured lin ,the


same 'way a's chlors[te ,pe,wder t however


vAtU .... VISE

instead of usIng potassium chlorate, sod i um ch 1 e,rate Is u'sls.d, Thl 5 maly offer an a~ternat~ve to survivalIsts 85 sodium chlorate can be obtaIned from S<?~ 'i da.x(Se;e The Sur'v; vor Vall,,, %,

~ssue #9). .

A 1 thoug'h ~ have Just. " Isted the bas 'r e f 1 ashpo~de r s and the i r manu-

f sc tu ire t the re ,are S'8v-e ra 1 th l' ngs that one 'shaul d know bef'ore malnu'factur I ng them. To 5t:a rt wl' th t the equi pme.nt me.eded for producl ng the5 .. e powde r s E 5 v'erv b.S'5, I c I n "8 ture Ii

Re a 11 'v' , the p'i' ec if! '0 f eq u i P'JAe n t ,t ha t needs to be purchased j '5· the mortar and p,est.l e t ,alS i't wou 'I d be hard to ~mprovise~ The p]~st;c containers

can come from just ,aibout. anywhelre,w, For examplet the plast;c conta~ners ~ found to work best were ne tht "gl more than plastic butter dfshes~The balance that Is requIred can be makeshIft Just as long as it is re·asQna.b I y accurate. The ba lance f used was constructed as such:

A no tithed wooden dowe.l i 5 used f.or the. rna r. n beam 0 f the ba l anee 'wh r 1 e it 'Vacu-v i: se at[nd an Exec ee

kn l fa: ,are used as a base Ii Dl x'I'e cups can be used for tonta~ning the chem~ eals dur i"g 'we; gh ~ ng and f i. sill i ng

s, i nke rs, '* re used for' W,I! i gh t 5" I

have fDund th t' s It I nd of [ba'l anllce to be vary 5ucces" fu 1 for the mea'S ur i ng' purp6ses In this articlei

One frna1 note about manufactur-

,ng these powders 1 s the e'mp"as 1 5

on safe ,[ Y 'I as i' t s hoy 1 d be \II I t h an V Sirrt, ice, on exp lo!d yes product ion lI'

Al thouglh these, powders are net as "ens 1 t 1 \Ie as, convent i ona 1 'E!XP 1 os I ve 5, '. there is always the chance of an accidental detonation. To lessen

or- 'el1m~ n,ate th'js po's,slbll it,.,. certain precautionary steps should be taken~ A 11st of. these steps Is as fo 1 tow's, ';

1 ~ H1 x f1 ashpowder I n no more t ha n ] o'u ne.e b.a t,c,h., 5 to '1 'e 5 5"en 'the exp los I ve po,tent 1 a 1 •

2 ~ F,c,. ch lolrat.e powde r 5 I' add a sma" amount ,of b l ,carbonate of soda to desensitize the chlorate powderS1f

]. Ne:ve,r mt x or' s'tore powde'rs


near an open flame.

~'"' Keepl the wcrk area clean and ;;e, 11-organ I zed ,.

5" H1' x on 1 y enough powder 'for T f.M!led i a t'e: U 5. 'I

Provided these steps are taken. the manuf'ac'tur@ and use of fl,asnpowde'rs I wI! , 1 be bo'th s,a'fe and s 1 mpl e , '*



To those readers who·va built Dan Moore" 5 1"Super BazQoka,u on page

53 and hav'e spent the pas t few mon;,ths I free t I me by bias t 1 ng 8'way at trees and fenceposts In sessions of secret targ~t pract(ce, the question has probably arIsen as to ""'at to do w'l th a "1 those emp'ty' L lll"'ocket eng I nes , F'ervlen't SltIrv I va J~' Iscs needn't dIscard them as U5e~ lass; because t have Just the 1nfor'mat Ion Y'ou lne'lld to turn those

11 tt 11'1:; t,ubes Into s.ome, of the be.s't smke fn stink bombs available"



.c ~ ~< [

<, _.,,' 1


S'tar't by examinlln'Q your supply of spent engInes: select those

wh r ch havn I t had the l' I!'" w'811 15 burnt thin and with th.;r nozzl.5 stTl1 intacl~ Open up the venturI in any

lof the clay no'z,! 1 es wh ~ ch have been fused shut,

Place a pIece of reliable fuse In the nozzle. use any l~ngth of de1ay you wTsh but have at least 1-1/211 Iln'5'f de the· cas:r II1g , Zeller II s 3.132" Ic.alnnon "us,e works f lne .. 18,end and tape ·tn·s 'fuse 'o'ver to the side a f the eng I ne I t,o keep I t out of the way. ,nd ap'pl'y a 'square of

tape over the fU5~/nozzle Junction. Th~s will help keep the f111.r

f ram leak 1 ng f r,om the fuse end

dur I ng 'manufacture-you lean remo~ the tape when the'y" re fin I s h,ed II t'hough that I S not ess.ent J a 1 '* .

I m1ght poInt out here that

it 'I s a good [,del to s I mp,11 Tty y,our

'WOrk bV se'tt ~ ng up ,an' I'assembl y

~ i nell a nd ,by pe rfe rmll ng ea eh s t.e p on a numbe,r ef cas, I ngs .,t the s~un~ t lme~

_ Next I P 1:aee either 3,-," S'Coops (use a ~ 2:2. LR ease as a me.'su re)

of fuze,e powder III the b lack I gn I tor port ion fr',om the, body of a: Ira 11'" ;ra.s,d fl 81 r'e;, 0 r 3 to it pa pe r lIRa t ch heads i ns l de the i nve,rted ells I ng!l ~f you use Fuzee, carefully tamp

't down wI ttl an unshar-pe,ned penc 11 ..



NeLK. t,. f'l I 1 w 1 t h tlhe !5 moke pawde r ml xture to,~ the en.d of the cas,1 ng and 'tamp down wl'th . dowe I the

same s 1 z,e as the 1 ns I de· of tne en-

. 9 I fie" (,You can cf'llrst start packi' n9 using the pencll~ In order to avoid scrunch i ng the fus,. I') Fi 1,'1 te the top agal nand ta:rnp I n, We hav'l! used e i ther a v'l se Of 8 hanmer in' order to Insure that the mix is tIghtly packed, wI thout a single mT shap. Re,'" pea t t,h 15 unt i 1 I's a bou t ll~! I distance left to the end rif the


ease, Note,: depend j~n9 upon a, num" ber of variables. which [nclude the e,xact compos Ttl on of your' ml )('1 you r .b'r 1 tty to cons true t ,them and Iece l we'iI'therlatmcspher l c cond itl ens i YOU,'f' grenade,'s may work be;'tter left relatively loosst or ramrne,d down tight: so • bit 0,' exper .... hnentat 'Jon Is I n order hete.,



PACK rwI'TH toweL


~ ..-r-

F I ,n .11 Y I wad up s_ ilx,ItH 5'C raps of paper (news,pap,er olr magiaz I' ne, stock 'I 'wnat w,e 'prefe,r) an,d 'tamp them down 'I n on 'top of th,e powde'r eharge~ Us,e sev'era 1 pI eC8:S to

br I ng up, the 1 eVle 1 to 8~oui 1 (81:1 from the end of the caslng.Thls pap. r serves, both a s a pr I ma ry

en,d 'seal and ,.s heat'-s 1 nk 't,Q prevent pas sib 1. dalmage to the '" l' liC by the finel wax seal. W'th that done. seaJ the end by pouring

me 1 ted wax over 'the, p,.per Ii a II owi ng 1 t to poo'l 1 n the rec,ess. 'We Just

I e't the, wax dr r iP fro,m ,jJ eand t.,

Th lsi Ii Dette'f' than us 1"9 epoxy

to sea '1 ,the, ease's, as It ena,b'les

on e to us e th e 9 r en,ade s l rimed ~ -

a te'i y after product l on,., as, we 1i 1 as permi ttl nlgl yo,u to dt g out the se .. 1 on a u5ed/dud unir I~ order to us~ the 'CII,li ng for sev'er'al J1:Ilre re load-


5101'j, '1'. ~l

~ ................. -1

Continued on Ne~t PaRe

P'OOR Ml\N" S J'Al'1ES BOND Vol, (I) 2

~~----~~------~------~~------~~~------~----~~~----~_~-~~~~~~~~~~~~~ __ ~ __ ~~~.l

h 1 e 1 es wi 1 1 ·of c,our's,e add ·to ·the pro--. ~ . 1·t: I th e 1::(,' 1. y 1 ng f'l a. t - [0 n tne

"'1 ~ of . -"~ - l' - t·!:.a, . ~ ·:id1L'iJ;ilU e~' beh·etl ir; bend one 1 e'g-. ~lnt rl ·i tis.

u . ~II[~ _' rev t-iren ng . ,~l~~ IrOQ. _I"iiov'f ../~ ~~.....,. _

c'1 a 11: y i f' a 11 a,'I8 11 ab:l e to\¥ trucks s trc"fl up in t.he a;' r I. t , e. a t a

have ret'c.e; ved multiple ,., at tl res .as right angl e ,to the bench i

there is us.ually only one :spare ttre. 5 ~ The ren'lain1 ng three le'gs are

,pe r truck ~ I:fE g 1 ne s eyera 1 hundlrs1d now ben tun t ; 1 they a re a t 120 deg ,~

of these, deyi ees on a maj or fr,eeway ang1. es t.o one· ,anoth'er ~ .r f pl aced on

dur'; n9 ru's·h hour traffic ~ a ,cir'cl:e'" the l&gs would di vi.d,s: "that

A~~ si:mp'l e cal t.roPI CI.ln be :lnlde as ci'"rclle '1 nt,o 'threl eqlual pIJ·~t:S f) .All 3

1Q'l.lows t ihe~ are elsier to mike 1 egs $Ih,oluld. 's.t'111 be ·flat on t.he

than des cr t be t I f th~ fo 11 oWl n._ ~ doe S 'be'rN:h ~

no t ma ke sen se ., try 1; t f1 r s t w'1' 'th ,I :6 ~ Ea chi 0 f ttl!' 't.h ree 1 eg 51 i snow'

[COIUP T e g·f pie ee s, 0 f"- ,eea t hanger a r' be n t. unit 11: t,hey ere stat I 30 deg '"

w,e 1. at ng 'rod I and play wi th the des f gn an91 e from the' s,lJrfac,e o'f the bench ~

un.tfl you c.ome 'Up 'wi th t.he r; ght The fourth 1 e9 shoul d s'ci 11 be ver-

s:h is",.j ,A. dime s ,to re p rot.rac'to r' - '1 s use"""' t i C,B. 1 ~

fu 1 l' n d.ete·rm i nl i ng the co·rrect. tllliRiJe'r lEa c.h 0 f th e flou r 1 eg 5 SI tloU' 1 d now

'Df dle'l""ees for each bend~ be 120 dag ci' from il t&. two adja,c1ent.

Ihel leomp,leted uni tSl s:tuJlul d be le'gs;. The ealt.r-op shoul d now 'res,t

pa i nt.ed f1 at b 1 ael< or da,rt gray~, They so 1 'I dly [on any c.~bci nat'i on of th~HI

wi l~ bl end ; n w1·th the colOlr' Qlf 'thee 1 egs., w·1·th 'the fourth PQ't nting

roadway a.n:d wi 11 be almost 'im'plo,ssi bl eo st'ra1ght up~,

for drivers to S~Qt and I.void Ii ,e·ven S.'v'eral v',lril:tions of the c:al tro,p

. if they· o,n the lookoiut fo'r them,~ ex1 stl!! 'The fol1ow'1 ng acre the

1 . Ie u t t.WfJ pi ec>e·g III f 1 ro nor s 'te,e 1 mos t - use"'u 1 I.nd 18:1 i '1 y ';: mprov l' sled II' .

rqd:. ~.~ to ~II di ameter' t! to a, '1 ~ng th lit, 'The s p1. ke· b~~UITd tsei ~ "l0'1 ." 1Il)'!

'of ,3~~~'1 ~ c: the sp.iked h,aZlrd used It dr') ~e-

2 ~ Sharpe.n a 1.,. 'four end s 'to la, Tn moy; es.. Thes·e all lOW' noma' tra f'fi c

s ha. r'p po i nt w;"t,h a f i: " e 0 r' g'r i n:d:er' ~ to ex 1 t I bu t C,B rs t,ry 1 ng t,o an

J.~ ~,e:' d "r bra z e the jll,eee s i ~ to una u tho,.1 zed le'n try', are 1 mpcri 1 ad 0 nl

,and: I X I shape ,,,' the sri' 1 ke's'J wh'i ch ,pr;ott'ude a t about.

i nlgs and prcu:t. ~ Ice ilift r 1:n9s~~ ~ OAce the wax Ihas eoe l ed 'your 'I: l"tt'le

.. n,ale r r 5 rea d y f'O r U !i'e· ill

Ou r 1'11)5, ,t S Lle·C'1; S s' fu 'I demon s t. r .1- 't t on I' nd 'i t,a te:d til. tone 0" t'he,$ •. good I' es wall 1 d pr'od uc·. en'oughl ArrInc'In 1 a-Su', fer lsh ,Srno·ke'ii I' n the :5 to 7 mi nUIl,ss 'they 1 Bit. to con'tam,1 n,ate the Interior of a suburban~type ranch house~ Outside. e5pecial1y on ~liamp nl glmts t they w'~ 111 p·roduce a fou 1'-5me 111' neg w;h'1 'te e laud wh I ch J us ,t 8·1 anke.·t '5 ,a ,§IOX§,Q I a rea· '~ The.s··e W'e:re made. from III lliCU S 1 ze enl91' ne,

N .• t ur a 11 Y ill uDu eng r na wou ld be proport 1 ana '11 y more effect I yo .... or Jj rma ke reg til ,. II t. i on n p'o 1 I c eU S ,'I ze glre,na,des 'f'rlom. Ic,a r'd boa rd ttl be;s :II f'orml ng your own nozz'l es ,

Var r QUS chllllmi eal 'f i 111 n'g's w'lll ~rkl' but the mIxes 'we 'found mos,t. reef 'fee. t 1 'Ie run B'S, fo 11 O\i!IS :

'15% NH4NO] Arrrn!Jln i UJil N i t.rate

1:5': C Ca rboll1 (f' t ne ,: V Q rqun.d

cha rees '; br i q:ue't res w t 1 1 """rk

10,% s


Th[ s wi ~ 1 p'roduee. _ .'Is,eeperu that. w'lll s 'I 'ow 1 y func't ton 'Qi'ver a 10 m.l· nute per lod; gOQd for 'the

sl tua,;t I Q,nll wnlare you wI sh. to l.:iI,ve befol"'e much 'of 81 s tlnk 1'5 srtarted iiJ FOlr a ,lOtH·'. devas ta t r FIg' f r , 1 et' 'w'r 11 ac t 1J,i11 '11 Y B I LILOW, use ,about S"

1less N.H4NO, ,and add 5" DO]

(P'otassl' UA'Il Nitrate.,' or ~made b':ac.k powderfi



.By Cl yde B a 'rrow

Th e t r,ad i t i' ana 1 C a '1 t ro pis a 'flo u r pointed device that was ~rigfnal1y scatter'ed on r'oads in ancient t;mes, to inj:ure the hOQlvi'!s -of horse.s bei n'g 'ridden by the ,opposing amy ~ These are equ,a"ly effective I,gainst today's. automob1le ti res" Th@ four points ,ire' arranged tn a ma,nner' t,hat guarantees that one point will stick s,traight up no matt,er now thee c,a~ t.roPI '; s p1 ac'ed on the gf·ou.nd" Thi s allo¥J5 th,.' d.ev i ce s to be s tattered f r-tII'I a

f1 ee'ing auto,!! th,'rown by hand 011'" .

drop'pad from the at r,~ Thle road Ican be opened only after the caltrops are 'picked up one at a time by .hanl~. 'The cleanup personnel are sU$ceptibl~ to sni perr fi re during thi s cl,eanup, pier ... · i'od~ A pileu:p of seve'ral d'1sabled 'Ie'"


By Martin. 'Kruse


!tI!.~ MI'!Ii .. IIIft!P .~ ...... ..., ..........

I n'tslrch,_'n'gea'ble Pow',derl ICart,ridge

ft1'ZIJ IQdI SPa!

DG·III ~--"'!i~"1' 'CAlIIQ


SIIlD CKlRaI,-~~


The t 32. WIn che 5 t. r' s pee i' a '- r'wh i e h was i ntfoduc,e;d r" 1895 t!nld chambered un t ';, rae.n't 1 yin: the Mode' '1 I 91~1 WInl"'"' chester 1evel gun. was origina'1y

de:s '[ g:n ed II '5, II' s.cmoke'1 ill!: s s powde r ca r ,_ I

fridge suitable for reloading wIth

b '.ack powder [I

I t we $1 foun:d tha t the ~ 320 ICe 1 ; ber [

and a r l f 1 ; Ing twl s t of one t,Ur"1 1 n

'I' ; nches wo!u 1 d accamp 1 i slh th hi r: de,! better thanl tn. ,,30 cal 'j ber bore w~ th one turn in 12 inches tw~st found In

the '.' ]0/30> The fast,er r ~ f II ng tw'lst:s f 01 U n d 'I' n r I f l e 5 c:.hambe red fo II"' 1j,mok.'e'" 'es 5 ca"rt:r i dges fQ~'1 SOl b1lld 1'\"'l

I used w' t h b l. ,ack powder (.spec. h11 'J Y l n bores 0'" ~ 3-0 cs 1 i bell" and sma 1 J er) that they are rendered totally in~ aeeure te ,aFter' Just i few roends ,

I 'f vou th i nk smok,eJ,e5'S powder JU'5·t . ffll ght, not. be he re 'tIC' 5 tar. f an '0' I d ,~,],2 Wi nehes te.r 'spec l ,B t mi·Y be ycru r

k 1 nd e ,f' Igun"

Add II Idrop of wa,K to the nazz·, elf'use. J unc't ion or 'iltore yoour COfiIlP'l e ted g ren·.,d.,11 I n a zip Ii DC k bag II II· the 1m loKI s, sOIReWh., t hlygrol•· scep 1 e end may take lOn 1,0. II:flQ 111_ tl4re from the - e.t r· or frlDif st surrou.ndl ng'5, I For YO;Wlf fl rst tes t

f I' ring I t. is be'st "not to hand-hoI d I 'the grlenade, al t,nou'gh th" s' 'Is pos- 51 b to lonce you can pr"e,d I ct. 1'ts

fu,I'l,':' t i' Ol,nl I ng ~ ,HOlt on 1 y may i e 'get

qu I te hot 11 but it ma', mill funct ion dBngler,t'l,uslly I' ,f you prepared 'the fIll et I ncorr,ect 1 v,~ Wedge I't into the ground and stand upw·f: nd to

watch the •. ct.'ion ii When you ,I re

',1'1: :1.1 f I' ed t ha e rOIU ,r lcon·s t ru c 't ~ on Is. saf,e 'you ean prec •• d t,o t.hrowI n'9 or crtheri/f :511' die ~ I've r 1"51 t.he

rest of that batch to YQur - t,argert ~ '.

45 deg .. from thle ground" Those spi kes lire' lMJunted on a wei ghted ,aLi,' e 'Nh1lch p·t 'wot 51 f1 us·b wi th the roa,dwlY ~n e)(:1 'ot 'but locks sol;, d 1 Y 1 'n p', ace dur 1 'neg an a,ttemlpted ent,r:y I'

n., Thiel bonile'rs, between. [or-agean

t DU n tr;' es I're eq u i Piped wi 'th' mova b 1 e' road b] oc,k s tha t res etThb 1 e' the f 0 1 d~

'i ng 9 a tes itt) fte,n used to pre ve n t todd' firs from fall: 1 ng down sta; rs O't fram enter; ng I D,ff. .... ,' imi t,s' T'OOftilS ~ the devi ce has a s.narpenlied spl ke at eac·h pd V'I'Jt po-i:nt and. is anchored at one

s lde of the, read, A 'guard extends

the cbstacl e in'to lone or both lanes to block the "clad iJ and fo 1: ds it cut clf the way to a 1 tow authort z,ed v"e .... 'hi'c1 es to pass ,

L A, Ca.1 trap' 1 i ke d1evice that requires no we.' dtn'g or be'ndi ng can be 'con's; t rue ted f'rMi s 1'110 r t see t, i on s a 'f pipe' and s i x bOil ts and nuts. If

we] di ng eqlu ~ J:I'1ent f s Iva i' 1 a,b 1 e ~ the same -~deyi:ce can be constructed us,inlg: six large nails. The advantage of thi s type ef ca 1. trop i's tha t ~ seuera,l of the units can be strung onto ~ ct!ain or cabl eo .. 1'111 s assembly can ti'l,~~1 s tre'tched acres s ,I roadw'I,Y' a,nd anchored to :5011 ;:d mat1er'i a1 t i .e.eoul dsrs , tre'es I wrs'cked v8'hicJ es ,etc.,. ",t each end. The road ea n be reopened 'o,nly by cutt'ill9 the chain Dr cabl Ie with I, to rch ,en.; bo 1 t c u tter's '" l"he perslonnel attet!t1lt.'~ ng tal remove t,he lo,bstacl'e are' a'ga11'1 open to snt per

"; re.

The pi pe e a '1 trap i S eon s t'r ucted f'o 11 OWS' ~ The mel. s u rleme'n ts e an be

1:1 tared to 5''14.1 t the mater'ials D·n hand. tEach individual c,al trap is imade fran

~, • It.. 1 - ~ " f 'T •. 1... iii . ..! ,'" .!!i....

a S 1 X 11 nen ~ ong sect 1 Q,n cr. ,I,'" ~"1' U i!lF'

mteJ"t'e r p ii 'pe .. and s 1 :1(,. ,]I it 'bD 1 t s wI rlu't~s ~~ a ~ Dri l l 6, sets cff hol es thro~gh the Pipe II in ,] row,!;, of 2 hal as ea'd1,~ Pipe




II} U '/a. _,..,

~t II contain tot,a:l ,0'" 12 ho' es .. I':E", i! six sets of holes, one' set for e,acm bo It (See' dr\ ~

b ~. Us e a grt nder :£I'r f1 '1 eo tOI sha,tpen the ends 0" the bel es.

c ~, :Pa $; s the, boil ts th rough 'the ho 1 as lid in's,tal1 and tighten -'the [nuts ..

d i, If welding equi PlM'n't 1 S Ivai l .... bTe, largie 'ni11's ima,y' be install ed i'n the ho:1e's ind welded 1 nl pl aee.

'D'ear ely'de,t

Just ,10'1:, piKA. "5 ,and sa,w ynu,r little article Oft Cal.tropIs,.· Th,er'e" 8 ,8:n even e!8S ler way to make then au t of ,about 1/32" sheet .tee,l that

nee ed,s on 1 y ,3 pal r' 0 f t. 1.noo i il's (a 1- t,hough c'Dmpound le'ver',ase 8vlat,orfg en,1 P,B would, be eas i,e,r to us e ) ~ Jus e cut a piece of sheet steel to the

sh ape shown. :I. n Fi au r. e I ~ then tw:ls t, 9'00 ac ro:s s the na'r.Tow ws. i, s t 'J see

F1 gu re 2 ~ The Ca l't rol' wi 11 s'i. t 'J,n one edlle and one pOint w'lth t'hle: re .... ma,iftiftl po tnt s t i c,ki'ng up" ,Se e Fig-' ure ,3,~ The 1/32'1'1: thickn,es:s is aka,,. for 'passenger e.g,r,e I) 'bu:1!;: hell'vier metal ,shoiulid be, us,ed . fOI:' t r'ucks a:nd ot~er 1arse 'vehicles. W1t'h n,o'thf,nB but scrap 5teel~ a pair of tinsnipst and a eo;uple of j yO'u e,an 'have

"hundre,rj,s of 't,he,se li'tile d,evlla ~





I /

lll!llll!ll - •

.. ,,. ... ,


t I '~







~ ,_...

TheTru hAb.ut Knife-Throwing

By Mar'lln K.rus~'

Thr.o-wi'ng [lmlve' ; s an enj[Dy,able W,II y to, ·p·a 5' '1 d 1 e t 1 me .. [I·t, ~ 5 ,I n 'I n ... 'tere 5 tJ '"9 and 1 ] [lUilg ; ngl s·po[r t ll.and

~. t ~ 5 '5 . ~ 11 rh i ch INlY 5' ve you r

I i 'f e ina .p i nch , Blu t don f [t coun t Dn I to, Krd fe throwr n~: f $ ,not near t y a _ 'If"'"

~·c i·ent a me -Ins 01" cd i spens ~In·g death

as paperback nove s, tel vision. and rIYl'v i es WOUl1: d 1 ead us to be'l i eve,

1'1- e f ale t II S II e've n[ ~ f yo'u die-vO'l[e

t hie t I me and e f for t requ i' red to de"'"' ve~op the s [lIt 1tls of very Ilmited va I ue,

F~rst off) itts strictly a close r·ange pr-epes it Ion .. Most men I.

gl[t t ill fa 1iiIl[5)e 10· l :2 -15 f lee IUIiIla X ; mum

wi til iU'Y deg IF· e of re 1. l alb iJ 11 i t y ~:I know a 'few men who s - I ck a bl ad·e eons l s>

ent ~ y and ,1_culi"'<atel y OIU to']O 'ft ~ When I hear -_ 'ma':n [t 1[a i m ne ,can do fly good wi tn it b l .Ide b yon·d tJ1at

~ s ric IJ W-e' ~ I I' '11 '~ay nut cal) 1 hi ~ ilIl

l' i,ar ~ but II 'SUire want to see ~ t before I bel [eve hrm~

- no e r t I ~ n9 yOIJ.!l r r· nge , ' . i[ t YS t 1 T ern ~ 'tIed by a [miX i mum dis lance dO Un ass you t,ak - th - t I me 'to deve 1 op

htgh degree of skl11 and pract~ce 'r I.'g u 1 ill r ~ V' 11 vo·u r ,e f f,c·t 't_ I 'lite'n e S 5, ma·y bo 111m i ted to 'o'n,e or two· s[p,~u: i f ~ c d'i 5 ... · tanc.e + Tn . is beeause thee n.l fe

urns f n ttll - i rand t'h r ar[e . n f y 'f ew po J n t 5 ,I 1 on g 1 tis 1 ~ n e 0' f 't r a _, ve at which it will b poInt first

. t the Ita'rg'et,

, hie ~10 r e (.OrmlOn throw I rHi3 tee h ...

n 1 qlliJes cause 't e lItn.J fe to[ t'urn once

very ix feet.(lt varle with the

r nd j y i d ua 1 " rim 'p,l ,8 n n f n 9 " ~d ow me'" 'E ion 'f i 1m study on the - 'SulbJje·c't I f ~ _ 'V·I!' r g·e ,t a 'foo"n-d [to i t ~ [I 1 I f"1: po r t 'the find. i. nSis 'I n the Annorer ~) Th'i:$ Nans t.ha t wh[ 1 1: e yo,u may be '5i.udiden d[.at' . -t , lor -112 f et t y,ou [I re pro"'" bab'ly S.D[",l., ffDml 8 to 10 feet.

Tha,'t I' - not a f vorabJ,e prr-'-,pec't for

us In c·ombat.;;

'au can rmprove your odds with

. reM:. t i ce ~ haw W'e"',~ I f' you I r ' ,good at

occur-at I y J:udg: ng d t staru:e's you may b,. I'b 1 e to c.ha~lge you r th row ~ ng' !i t y 1 e t tu rn ,the hI i:de fas'ter 0 [mo·[r·

[5· ~. Iy and thelr[eby ~ Incrase the spa:n

of your effective r.nge$~

But j. throwh'LI a l1'li1 fe ~ s s'tJ t t s[n 1 , f' y p'ropil'S i It - on a be s t ~ T h@ on 1 y

I t h r ow I n 9 k rw'l f e f wh 1 c h h.s 8 h r 9 h der e [of r,e~ 1· bl J;; ,tv is th- [Ch·;; -nta~

Shi rk'en 011 Throwl' neg Star' 'i These

wi eked 1 itt 'II g[enl5 are noth j ng but


pOll [nts. and s't lek n.o met.ter hlOW t~hey' a r' t 'U. r nedl ~ A, 'I 1, t he, II: h, ro·we·lI"· mieeell

[WOIf'ry a[ b-ou t I '_ [ccu r a ty .. ,( I ' '[ 50 ho,e to repor[t 'on he 511 T rken and how

they Ire [m8[de - n-d us,ed 1, n ill 'I ater is"'" !iUA' e .] Th I 's ,sn· t the ease 'w;' th [B con.¥ent·fona·1 b" adll! " h OWl!· Y'B r ;;

I woull d II k.e· te 5 t tl here I;n,d n~' that In furth _'f di sell! ~'O-I of -d·sed we. pons t Inv m nt f on of a blade'· s throwtng char cter I s·t cS 1,-1 mere l'y ·an e~,.lu.tion of the 'iII_paln .• ,not an en,do,r'sCllMnlt 'f[or us 'i n91 the techn l·q'LUI!

r n comba t ~

Jus't a,bout I.' Y kn1 'fe[ 'CiIl'n be ,thvO;m~ The ba - ance ee 1 nt of' a kn i f e mea'n I·

v - r'Y ~ it' I, e 'I n I'IWJ,$ t eases 'I' O'nce you

h -va '~earnred to[ p·t ·th·· 'feel of -

kn :1 fa JUs t sh 1 'ft the pos i; t 1 on [0"

y'Qu'r [9 IJ" i; p actor-cd 1 ng 1 y and you I I 'I b[B ,a,b~ . 'to 5't flel l!mQ'st any knti fe i Ii a target II>

Being b~e to throw a kn~fe is imp·r 5S "'ve II e'speci ally 'to· '$ - _-one ' dSI t r 1 ed ita cO'u:p 1. 0 f t 1 me s w'l t'hou t

5 uccess '. , t' 5[ a. 9 Ire-a t way to w t n a ,flew be:8f"5 and l t may ',aVIB you r -I[ 5, s

'$,omed a y ~ I' v,e neve r rei; re It. t, d ha v i n'g

, ken the t roue 1. to ac'qu lre the

i] ~" I,ut at no tim_ 'sho ' _ IYow I_,

110w your'$B,l 'f t· for·get th _ 'I i m'[ t,B,'" tlons of th;, In pract;eal ~pplica-

,t ~ onSI~, Whl'l e 1i t is de'fil nl te1 y ~r'th"" wh ~ f. e t'D :be ab'. _ to 'th r[DW rry h 1 oiI[d,e whIch presents Itself as a weapon of o[ppolr'·tunli tY!1 f 'f ther _ r s a lerlClus

I n[ te·n t [to 'V\r.UJ - 'p,rac t 1 ''::,e, !kn i fe 'se 1 e[t ... t ~ on - be come s e r' I t ~ e a 1 Ii

S·t,a.'y "\8y f-rom the 5·0-(;, lied tJf~rGW- 1 'M9 k:n :J'v'es tha.t [are ISUIPpOS d" y ~dd'e for the purpo5.~As weapons.they're no't ~.rth ,8 t. i ner~' s. _ anm nd rna t

of them c.'tua'1] y don li t ,thr'ow we'" a,n'yhow ~ St i le,t tos and dag[g. rs a 1 s,c mall'e poor c.hol ~ ces '" Wh i 1 e th- y throw

n i cle 1 Y' 'I ·they .·r· gen'era 11 y t,oo 1 ~ g!h t to d[Q mUlch gbOd ,as, Sin ,at tack. st.op"'"

IP' n'QI pi roJ ee ,t ~ ~ Ie ..

'0'1" def.ml11 v or eom[b,lt ·UI. - II I ,t 1 s b.-_ l to I't llc.k --_ 'I: th 8 :heav I:r b 1 ad·e whenev[r; pos', lb. .. !F,o r my ID.')nley ,t h·

large ·Bowi 85 are the .be·s,t bet ~ Th.

,M'a r I ne t[g rp $, coo,ba't kn I 'fie ; 5 an eX-

,c •. ~ lent che,I'lce ~ bell eve. th ~ 5 rep' 'e'sien t 5 about th ~ min i ,mum 5· - ,zm and hef t fQ[r a ne -, I f' i ghlt ng Ib ~ ada II I CO'M5 i - d,- r any I:h [[illg sma 11 'ar ,nd: 11 ,ghter ~ i n~' Ii; fud't ng 'the ev'er 'popu'lilr B,ri t i 'sh[-

fa I rba I rn t'o bee: ; nadequa.te.~ They may be fine f'[o,r CI ". rpr I se a[t· al;k Where on,. or two q'ul ck thrustls wi ~ ~ dlO tt.e Job. ;B,ut wh,en r t comes· down t.o 8 rea 1 br," w 1 , ~ "'.n't s, - _ _ th i nlg _:i th some 'f'l to it t[Q '51,ash ' end e',¥len 'f: I[e_ VI! bone if ne,c[Gssary.

The Ma 'F' ;; ne Co r P'$., ki!11 I fi! ~: '. a I so' aibo'ut the ~ arg[est, blade that most peo:p 1 'e elln wear Calile . -1 ed ,.,A butt.

'd- ;' - under -) tim C r r'Y \1\IOr·ks, 11 a'~,

dce's ;po's'l t '~[on ':"g T·t 1 n the 'c,enter of

the balc~ butt down. D[epend ~ ng on where

yo'u ~ hl'dl; V"CHJ raay be able to J Ult

S trial' I t on ,. n .1'11, "n s 1 ght. a$ ~ ,of,t -;A dQ'~ The re ~,pec.tful looks. you· 111

15 [on the f - eels of the - ,- reet cor-

ner pU'fliks wlll enr lch your so,u'l and r,e tore your If,. i th in tUJ -; n ~ ty.

Tnes,e kn i ves pes el's [ ')(c&l' 1 ent throw I· ng. [char,l,c'te-r;!S, t ~ e.s a~"H1 h\~:\f'e le-' ;OUgh wel'g:ht to 9 ~ 'Ie at 1 cas some

p ·netratTon, thereby givIng you at

I e·3S t s,orne eh nee, to p'ut 'vo,ur man dlown ,", I t prolb b' [y won (I[·t do the }Db" but it Is a ·chance.and rf itts the en 1 y one you I' "'e· 'got.. tak,e 'r·t!

Whe·r·e knlf[ 'th·~tm[g~: concerned.1 if you have ·t hne to t.h i:nk a'bout 1 t IJ 'h I nk of someth i n9 e] se ,.You ire pro-

. _ b ~ y be t 'tie 01 'f f' hit t i n9 'SrCIMC - e

wi th a Dr1 [c.k or ,8 ,good he -vv rock. But when a11 the bet' are o~ the

It __ .b·h~~ you ~['IIY the [cards you~ 'Ie ,got - nd hope they [I t'e .. good enou[gh .. Some':"

t ~ q,S all I!"'U I _·,s cf thumb re mean. t n9- less~ Just c-~ quickly _~d rel:nt-

1· ssly And Itay a11vel

I"f t he bas ta·rd ~·s about to p'IJ.11 t hItlr i' gger IDn ,10[U alnd the kn i 'Ie 1 ~ ~ n 'vour hand t then hay,. w'l th it t·p.i Itch .way- .. ,Take YOlur bast shot; nd. fo,Jlow t . rOlugh _ it·; i t , i't. pro,bab II 'y [NC) - ~ t

t,: k-e: hIm down .1 but "t may ,diver hi '5 ,ttentlon long enough to clole the dlls·tance aDd - I cit h'i'$ h ,d i n.1]

F,e ~ 'I 'ow t.h flou'gh t 1 fi!lPor i,aln·t i ft any

kn~fe attack~ A sImple stlb or s1ash

i s sa 1 dam[ e I ugh tal PUlt n· ,alt t. c;ker

down", E spe'c" I~ • I 'yo [~- th I"\DWn blade \d11' c,[ mav no·t have penet rated deeplv.

Follo-W' you', blad- In" '(Ulllllesls you ~ re lone he II 0 f [kn'l [fie t til '·Iow·e Ir ., you' 1 '~

on 1 y be two J urnps away. ') J[um~· an the ,onof-bltch 'n4 push th_ b1 de rn

,the r _ st of tbe way~. Then _wi SI i t ~ Orll fOI] low f t [up w'r th a sw'- ft h _nd-tO"" hand attack usIng every dirty trick you knO'lf air [very 'We),apon t your

d'l spas,s 1 il DOl so reg.r'd·' e'fi,S of wn-erther y[o'Uf" 'th: raw wen['t ,t r'ue o'r f,I,o·t t-

Any open'i n9 you cr- la e I p your opponent1s defense (or b: lk In his at tac·k.Mwh,i chi Is actua,l1 y th:e S," me th~ng) sli1:ou'l[d be ,.xp'l[o) ted wI th a'I' the fury and force you can muster.

~ 6 * 6

Y,AW'AM ST,leK W'!THi ,.'11[0 PUNCH

The walklng~stlck shot9yn described I R lls~e ," I IPM, C.llin ea:s I 'I y be t·u.rn,ed

~ n to a Y.'Wi1 rl _ _ s t f; c k 't ha t~: de d 1 I' e r t'Malll any mart "a 1 arts w_ pan over

t <LIg:ht f, rJ, S 1 f-de'_·nse- choo·l So;

The lerr. ,_15 n[eeded _ re the same

as described in lS5ue 'I, except that the. po I nt clf a nil I 'i ,1Dii·ke ,iI[ ,more e f, .... 'f-'i c ~ [.rrrt ,,,1, r ~ ftg p ~ n than ,- bo. '1, t ~, th·e

;11 ~·l 0 Iho·tgun 'she. \ 1 f I t.s 't'he ba I f I III i _ ;. !:IB 0 f t.he p'l p.. we Ii' y n'i, c·e 'I Y' ~ wh r. l e·

l/At, 1 Inch I,", . pI.,. 'work _ _'I' as th_

outs 1 d, 5 'I.'eve", Wrap the 1/:2 1 ,neh sectIon In ~uct t pc untl1 there Is






forc,e"u 11 y. It's hou 1 d on 1! Y' de tona t"e wheifcl It. he s ma 11 end i 51, sma s he,d: I'""'

ga h1ist i,t:s targlet, .. 'The end can Ii 1 so be seeurel y taped to'gather to pr'.,'ve,n't 'the se,c.t Ions f f"Of,Q sep,1 ra t I ng

wh~ 1e 'I tIs beingl C811'"'r' i ed ~ -

To t,est your 5: t, i ek, empty II ~,~ 10 she J 1 of shot ,~n,d :powder III and '~oad [t into the stick~ Smash the bU51~ neSS end into the dirt. slantIng It 3'way f 'n:m you to pr'ot ec t your' e"til: 5 f'rom f " 'I' f ng ,p art i' c 1 e s , 1ft he P f' l' me r

de tonates ,. succe ss J J f nlDt I! mak,e

sure the 'f I ring p,in (naJ I poi n.t) ~ 5 in the center of the capj * * •

enough frletlan to keep the inner sJ'mc,tlon 'Irom sl I ding ar,ound fr'e.l,. ~nslde the outer sl~eye~ The 3/4 tn~ p;' e'ee sho-ul'l d me,I,5ure abou t ~I in i j

wh i J.. the ll2 in. Be,c't Ion. s heu I d mea .... sure an Inch longerj

Dr j 'I~, a 'sha.llow ho 1 e " r'om: ,the' l n .... s i:de of' t,he p'[ pe cap t exact ty t n the; cenrar of the c.ap,~ The diameter should bs the same as an e.l gMt, pen!nv lila 11 \ QI'r a l t t t.1 e 1 ,8 r ge r , bon Il t d r i 1. 1 iI~ ~ ,the 'w'a'y through t.he e,Illp l!i just

d ee,p eno1ug h to ,,,Iim ,a reee 5,S, that

,-" j 1 I ho I d r hie s h aft, 0 f I: he n a (J J ,j; ~ Now' cut of f the -:PO In t Q f t n.e e l 'oht :penny

nail J giving you a quarter inch

sect 10fl of smlaf't wi ttl a 5,h.arp po'i nt , Put epoxy on ,the bl u:nt end and 'nsert. tnto the ho1e~ The assembly of the yawa ra s t, l' c,k I ':s, desclf I bed. I n I' s'si'l,l,e,':I~

,'1 t,'her e,nd 0" t,hl II st.t ck c;an b. used "gr t ts re's,pec,'t I've pur'pose:: the cap end for $trtk~n9J Is+with a r.gul ar y,awar,11 s,ti'lck", olr t~e, pr'crtll"uding end of 'the ha I f i' nch 'sect lon 'f'Qlr

d'loi d 1 I e, r i n t.en t 'I,o·n's ,t C,a re :s,hou 1 d. be, taken to wrap eno,ug'h d uc. t, t,ape .,·olund, the I nn.elr ae:c.-tl en so there w'Il1 be

no dange:r of the ;0 ~ U]I she 11 go1 ng

0'" whle,n the ,ea,p end Is, struek




The wa' I k i n9: '5 t, I ck shotgun made from 'Nater Pi; pe wh i ch was featu red ~~, PMA 'I leOti 1 d be a ver'y' handy weI .... pornllll excep't tha't i t ~:s un sa fo to

lea r r V'"' ,Be s i die s the dan ge r lit ceu I d be w'ery 'e!lll1barras,$ 1 ng '8S: w\ell as a d'e t: r i men t to' you r con t. i ,n ~e d 'f re edom to have your ]I'wa I king St ~ ck ~ e l t her fa~1 apart or go off at the wrong t,]me ..

You can elimfnate thIs potential hazard by puttrng in a p~n type safty lock." Th lsi s s hnlp 1 y a 'P Ieee 0',·

~ /81 • 0 r 3./1 6' '! d rill rod s t l 9 h tl Y' hJ{n' than 'the diameter of' ,'I,ece number three and bent at a right angle at one end far a stop. By dr~~l1ng a hole through piece three at Point A and in5ert~ng the safety pin t~e,'re 'yOY w'i l 'I b l ock the's he, 11 f r,orn the f ~ !r i Rig p l n , 't, w'()in r t I' however I' pre,v'ent the W!!5!!:apon fr'Onl 511 dl ng apar t,

If you don~t~t~ust tape not to let 'go' at the wrong' t ~m@ ~ yo·UJ ma'y run the pln thn,'l,ug,h both IP r eces ,'3 and IS by placing it at pos'tlon B.This pI a,ce~nt requl 'res sect ron ,#3 to be I olng:e II'" tha~ Y0trl r she,ll 'I' Keep In m 'j n.d. tha't s,ec t ion 1,5 mus t be ] onge r th,an sect ion I,], for the mech,Cln r sm t,g 'f'i re OJ

The pin t,hrough both iP i rices at

. '.

cct ter pi, n CoP't r. anal 1) iiii Pi ~ poe :--':iIr""":iI~HI"--

I., IM,ACH. ~ ~/ ... P,'O! ~!oJ.1" ,D .... ~ Wla ... , •• z.ti LiiOMQj· 6to~ID~. -~ a P'PII' Cj!Ii;;P ,." .. WI, ~. ~'!!UI~ilO' tH r!i;tli:l!i(~" ....... ~, ~.It)

1 R 1"1' • .,- ,... ~.~ IIIIJa.. l~· a)

,4 S~ ·1.:MllWoi (~,IO ' ........ ~ WgQi& N·JC.'i')


. ..

s,a ','!Ii t Y ... '! •


,,' you 'worry about t,he pin 'fa 1." '"9 out and the weapon. • arm; n'g I ~ you can ~rjl1 the open ends of the stap~eshaped p~ nand fi; t them wi th sma 11 b'l e IC'O t· t e IF' pIn 5 *' 1"n i '5, S 't, ep'

w; 111. h'owe'\I"e r , 9 rea t.1 y ; n er ea s e ~ ~.'~ t 'I me ne,eded to ta'ke the, weapo'n J of f

~I,fe~' Sind make i: t re,ady to use j

Sd,:i. tor" S' NO t,e: A, r' s: band' a zo u nd p,iece ~'3 would' ,a.lso hQ'ld the 'Uj sha,ped B,a.l,e t!l ,j, n p 1 a r:e ~

poi n't B w; ll plli"'event the mechsln I §!Iin fram '5 'II dins apar'!, or elo,$ I n'g to t,ne fir'I ng pes 1 t:1 on. BUlt, 'the she 1l C,Bnl

'5 t ii 11 c'ome I n to cont,.c·t w ~ th tltlJe f'II"'-' 11R9 p; nand pus,'s i bly dl sc.ha,rge,. The, best mcethod II I til. 'I nk .'wouJ d be 'to use

II daub 1 e s;8{f'e ty shaped 11 k,e a 11 a Ii'ge

s tapll e wh 1 ch \imU 1 ,d engage a t both

po,1 nts 'I' Th is woul d not be, any slow'er to rlHfJOVe for fir I ngl th,an the single ptnJ and is truly double safa


J!l.l1 e~f[ t rift l' i!:Cu ,[,he we'aponl by pi nrd ng

; n a, 'small :packet of f i 'shJ'look5 a,nd marybq. even s,om8 "; ne wi th the s i nke'r"

As "ar' a:s I know~, the,re 1 s nOI ~ aw a ....

gainst carrying any fish'tng gear in 'yQur ha'c. ;lAnd II i t wi I '~ dQ dQub 1 e d,t4ty 'I f yQIU de hSlppen to ~e' a f I she,rman (,.; '5,hperson'!) ;;

When needed t t h. we,1 pon c a In De: brought into play in a hurry~Nc dig- 9 i 'ng' ~ n to pa;cke t:5 t 'boot ... , top s or sle@vesiJust grab the brim and

's;w; ng t II t I So ext r-8IN!, 1 Y' qu,l c,x a,nd effectlve~Catch an attacker acrO$~ the side 0" the: head wi th a, ,good sw'i neg and hat]l go out 1lke a 1tght~

The [n'iiI' t sh c,ap i '5 ,I comf"q r tab 1 e and prae'l'l C.G 1 pi ece of he,aci:g,e,ar wh i Ich COJDe i rl:'to s, ty 1 B 'n f"ecenrt ye,ars,~ I t ~ s Jus t the th I n9 fo,r' a ] ate

s t r'o I T Jill any ne ~ ghbor,hood J

'The 'Q'ood 0 ~ d ... f'a's;n i a·ned b ~ a.'ckj ac.k Is still one of the best hand-to~hand weapons, a round for rea 1 c,1 ass qua r'te r NtNrk. Un'fortun,a t,e 1 Y.J! however' j, Out 1 aw'" "dc.,e:rs hs'we seen f l' ,t, t'D make ,thl i' s fine defens 1 ve wsapon I 11 e'g,a 1: ~ In lniQ,st

s,tat,es ~ now Ii '[he i a'~5, are 50 warp'ad that ~,he bl ac1i<;j lick i S HO·t on 1 y i '11 ega 1 to arry, but it~s even prohibited to

~ one' (un'~ as 5 you: I rle ,I pol 'i ce off 'i ~ ,clit)1 ~ l'hJ 51 ha's made t h i. $ fine wea:pon rel at I ~'e 1 y hard to c.ome, by ..

As u5ua'i Ii' though I' the l,aw is rea 11 y

~intles5. since there are several

f, m-p r'ov' i s,e d ,t Y. pe S 'you c;,s:n 1mB ke you rjsel 'f wti'!: ch work Just f'i ne II The. n(1M,,-

d, r e,S, t 'i 'I ea'! t ,canst) i eucnni t and mos, t .!lbuist pT;"OQlfH 1 '5 an En91;!in s'ty\ e cap

with a one to three ounce f~shtng sinker In It~ Ju~t attach the sinker inside the back of the cap with a large safety pIn.

Till t s 'I 5 perhaps ,the be's t k l' nd of co n C8_a 1 e,d wea pon l' n t t. ta, 't i ,t 'J s d'l' s ..., g,u t sed ~athi!r 'than hi; dde,n. You





The mi ss i le planl chetal led in this ar't,iclIB 1 '5 ,I sythesis of severa' antitank missi1. designs used by NA,T't]1 force~s ,dur1 n,g, the' 11 as·t lS year's,", The CDlns,t,ructi,o,n d,atlD has, beelA brokll!'r!i down into Utlree 'sect;ions,:

a 1 rframe/motor IS {u!mb 1'1; gu1 dance un1 t ~ and p'ayloadl cd et It) nil t:o t, 5, ec t 1 on li

lh i 5 dE!'~S i gn i s intended a S II generlB 1 Igu idle 11 ne on 1 y and t,here are many areas whe.r'l! 8'11 ternat1 VI! materri,a151 rRlY be' sulbs,t i tuted" All mt.tecrial: 5 des,cri bed lar" avafllable f'rlDJI I!·ii tiller 'model rocklet 'suppll1lers lor ffnls t~lt sell radio control airplane accessories~ A samp'e list of thes,@: firm;$, and the;;r addrasses has, bee'n included at the ,emd 0" the article",

Actual Iconstruc't; Ion i nforwHltilon has baen k,e'pt to the, ba '5 i CS ~ ThQIS,I! f[ami 11 iliB r ~11i th bu1l 1, dl' ngl mOlch! 11 pill an!:'$, and roc klet s w i ~ 1 be .il b lie to. i mp'roy1fJ upo n the die 5 ii 9 n and come up wi t,h a mut'! sophf stlcatad preduct, Fo'r tho's,le un,fami 1 i ar wi ttl: radio c~u~triJll en" modlel rocketry 'I' 50 u9~e's t buy i Illg1 II C(' py 0 f ~ Sa '5 i C 51, of Ra d ; 10 CtU;!I tro 1 Model i ""Q' I' by Marks and Wi ntar and ~ Tnl! Handbook of Hodel Ro:cketry I! by Sti ne .. These and 5 t.t lar publ icliJ. ... , ti oss are aV'rsi latille at, tlhlf! lot,.' 1 i rbf'l.r,Y. 'hobby' S,hoP" or bookstDre~ The~e are also several radio control

pi 1 ane' megazi nes, a via i 1 ,Ib 11 Ie ill t thll! 1 (Ileal news s tind ~,

As CIDISI t ~ s a f,jlctor '~ its h,o:u 1 d be no tId tJhhl't these missiles can be built for about $50 each~ This compares, fa.vor\iIlb,ly W'1ith 'the SOIVllf!'t SIAMI ndssi Ia ,

c urTlen t 1 y us,ld !by th i rd: world te:rrori s ts (I) SAM 1111'155 '1' lies la: riel kn own to cos t about S 1.000 each to prod uce ,II


~:, sur~Bt;le, to ~sljlr'f'l!c>e alntitank misstle;; :t:OriT 151 u r~a t 'i I?fi ! 11 eng th '.' '24 P.; d i amf! t,er '[I 4: rn ; w'i ngs,pan., 18111 r 5,011d bal Sui c:ruc1 form wing's I S P '; ,..1 W(U~i ndl PtJper' tube body I.I'iUJ nos1econe I~

Prt~~.~u~l slQ_fI; t, _1_:: 4 Isol1d prolpel11'nt '51 ngle 'stllge

RID te rs 'iii' ~- u'rn'li n'9 t, 'I n1@ ~ th r-e e' se co:nd S 'I rna x i mum

combined t.hrust .... 316, lbs, "- ave,r,Bge combined 'thrust - 8 Ibs ~

Payl_old = hi' gh expl es i 'Ie shaped char'ge iplpro,x~


A ~ Ii KPACT S,W I reM

a ;0 DETl~niATOIR, WI ~ "'[5 'C" tiHJ'$'E C:ON'E





_ J II' II., TfE Irty II(,~ R,EtE' 'V'ER It.. .,5 E RV'IS


~ ··n.. rlf1jl"


R~ Wt'NG

S i TR I ... TAB

1 ,!, CIOW'EIL HI N,t;,E


o lbs~ of explosive~

Guidance ~: two ch,arllile~ radto,col'ltrol. Ylsu,any ~e'd to ta'rg,Qt~, 4 'fOOvabll! trim tabs on wings for ste,ring~-

D@:t'o,nli'tiQn,~ impact switch 'irA r1101Se a.lctivate'5

el ectrtc a'etlonlator '"

l.aufu:hi'll: launch f'r'lame' has rai'l to acc,ept tee

§,ha pe, -: a Ufl ch lUll; (1Ji1 11; S S ~ 1 e bllJdy li frare i s ad ~ just,lltile fo'r hei ght IBl'nld has top lIounte,d han,d' e f.o~ c,arrJy1 n'Q Ii





Sec t 1 on Onle· - Airframe/ Mot.or Se'ct ton ba'sa - thr'es pieces 4n x 36111 ,x \1,*1,

hin~dwood dow.·l ... ll81' )C. 361' ",

sp·iral wound pape'r tube - two pieces 3 7/8111 di·ameter x

16lt:fl 10n9 IVIi'll·bl. from 'Estes II, m:to r:s ~ 8 II 0 iii rna·to rs by Es tes !11

1 g;ni tors - 4 Es tes !I~ so 1 ar '1 (In 1 tors, Iii • fireplrolof wadd1'ng - 1 pie·c. Es.te·sli

Section Two, - Guidance Un; t

RIC ree[e; v'er, two servo [units and an on, board battery fo r m:i S 5. fl e '" [Compa tabl e tra n'sm1"t tar for grou nd d i rec ...

t ton II These untts ·a~e Ival1.b'1 e· 'from numerOU,$ suppliers, of' RIC gea r ~ Only tW1) channa 1.'5, I: re Ileeded. The two 'chlnn,!l s[etulps Ire ·iJve11abl e' CQBlfJl ete for a's 11; tt,le'

as $15. Severa" frequencies. ,are aV'ai 1 abl e ~ Any freql'U[ency ~i 11 work: but those wi th 1 n tbe CB rad; [0 r'ange (27 MHz) shcu 1 d be a vo1 ded 'to e llmi nat.e 'the pess 1 bi 1 - iity' of outside '·nterference.

NOTl: '1

As - a backup to the implct deton;at1on sy's'temi a third ,c:hannel may be addled ·tol allow manual 'firi,ng of . the. m1 5S t 1 e. Th t [5 type of' 5Y'S tem is known as :CtIIWlD DElONATION.

NOT[E': 12

_ 1.f Ian airburst f,'[agmen,tation, c-hlrge 'is, used, it wi 11 be necessary to use it cOfIIIland dl,tona.tor type.

of sys tet'l ~ .

NOTE: "3

. A 'vI.ria t1 on of th1 s mi ss l' e C8.n be built 'wt th-

out the, cont'ro 1 liII![cnan 1 sm or R1OvI.b lie t r1 m tabs, a laU11,ch angll e and pOl1n't [of ;mpalct een be figured

'wt th the t.ab 1 as IB.nd 'h! Iated '1 nformat i on cente 1 ned

in The Handbook Qf Mad[el Roc~etrl_ by Stine or with the a-rtl"e'ry r[l. ca.'cutat,1,on tables Ivai lable f'n 'many 1ft; 1; ta'ry publ icat - Ofts.~ Tri a1 land error '6111 alsa be [I factor tn. ac'hie,v'i'ng ae.curaey j)

S,eet'i'on T'hrelB ... Payl'o,ad J Detonator

do 0 rbe 1 1 b·lJ·t ton ~

4 :fe,e.t o.f bell wi re ~

el ectri,c, blasting cap D'r impro'Yl, sed, e·1.e'c:tri c 1:n1 t.i ator .. [~rc.·;al h'llgh expl[Q[$,'i've ,or improV'ised pla'stil'c ex-

pl 05i va filler '"'" abou:t 2 '1 bs.

1/'16 Ii ClIpper s~eet to make ccne-apprcx. 3, 1181rJJ d i a-

meter x 4"1 1 o:ng ..

AcceS'So.ries motorc.Ycl e batte·r.Y

twal c,hanne 1 r,.d10 contra 1 un'{ t ,. (. tra,nsm'; tte·r)

launC.h frame~


Sllct1a·n D[ne R A1:rframe/Motor W'1:n9s:

.A j) Gl ue two pi eces of ba 1 sa Ii .36,nx4 ~I xJ;11 together tiD lO'rIm a piece 361·X;B·['X~.II~;;,

1. Cut th:i'5 pi;elc.e in half to ob·ta·in two piece's, 18*·x8,"'X.I[111I ell 'Cut thes,e' twol pteces as s,bown in Fig-.l.~ Note

one~ [wi nlg shou 1 d ha ve a. '2%Q ·s 1 at fram po; nt A to poi nt

B i whi 111 the other wing~ 's' $,l[ot 1 s cut from point C

ta, B. The two wi ng s wf 11 t'hen fi t together 4S shown

; n F1 9 ". 2 tI Tes t f 1 t and d'; sas 5[i!BIb 1 e for 5 tep D .•

.D," Cut a slat. in e·l,lch wi'M,g for 'tbe Il8·'I,)( 13" dowe l'

hi nge ~ Note that th[! slot in one win.g 1; S 'Dffset 1/8"· to, allow the d·owels to cress e'lch other Nhe'n the .",1 ng[s are 155,mbl ed .. See Fig .. , 3·.

E", G,lue the fou'r trim t~bs tOI the two dowe,ls I'nd in· ...





.1 ~--3'-""""""'~

S: a'ssemb ie's ;,nta th,.· '!ngs" IGl ue I. small reta.1i nj, "Ig: b'lock over the end's of t~·e dowe'l s to hQ,l, d ·them 'in placea Test ·the movement D" th[e trim tabs in the wingslji 'T~e'Y' sh.olul d tur[n 'fre[ely ~

(,. A'PP 1,)" 91 ue to the 2\tl slat .; n each wi ng and ISSemb 1 E!'

the wings aSI shown .1n F1gI2'~ Allow [Ci[ssembly to

dry beflD're [cant 1 nU'i ng ~

·R.ET'A I N I N.G B,LOtl(

,'Va," X '13·' . [l'OWEL HI N'S!







gOd~ Tube and Bulkheads:

_ .. ut foiJ-rsJ ots '41M' w-ide x 6~1~ long in one' end of

th'r! body tube, The tube should now' 51; p over the

wi ng as,sembly,., The rear of the tube should exte'nd ~,u beyond the rear of the wi ngs i (see Fi g,~ [4 )

H, Cut two 3 7/8!1' d;,amete'r di: sks (measure the ID of the body tube' for exact 5,1 z,le) out of 'the rema; ni ng

ial~! thic.k balsa sheet, Gllue1 one' df'sk into the front and one into the rear of the wi ng .assemb'ly. Che,ck to be .sure the' body tube wi 11 s t ;' l 1 s,', i p over the wi ngs '

- -_.-

before the diskls glue has dried~ See Fig~5

l,~ [Cut two ~~I 'wi de ri'rlgs fro:m the other J, 7/811 tube Sp 1 it the ri ngs land use t[ape to .j 0. f n them into one

1 3/4" long .strip. Wrap this strip around the body tube and ap~ly glue to the portion of the strip that

PO' OR' 'MAN" ". I'S·,· .. · J' A··,u'C"S·: B',O' N"O V· "1 2"

. ...., . -. . . ·r.LlC.! _ . -_ . 0 ..


overlaps 1tsel'j but not to any portion that touches the- body tUibe. Remove th, 'compl eted col' ar from t.he - tube ~ It WI; 11 be used to. -hold. t,ne w;!ngs in pl ace i

J!i Cu·t fiou'r one ; nch diameter '1:-1 rcles i.n the· rm'ar

di SIC IS shown 1 n IF; g. 6.

K_'i Cut 'en off of the eigiht 't",~1 motors (remove material from tone end wi Q the n OZ2 '1 e) Ii· The black pOWde'r gr·a 1 ns should now be e):.p'o5,ed t Glue t,he·se ends· to-get.her to fQ,t"ft\ four' 51. 1 Q'"9 lnOtors.. A.pp 1 y gl tie to the· papS_F tube on'l Y I no't to 'th~e b 1 ,ack powder afea.1i Wrap 'tape around the motors un't11 they ,"e· & lnms t 1 II ton. d i .meter .' They sheu d be· I snug f1 t- 1 n the hOll, es of the· re,lr olf tne

wf.nlg 1~55embly\!! _

t., P'l a 'cs th ret! or four 1 aye-rs, 0" f 1 re·pro'Dlf 'wadd; n9 TEs te's.) between the front bu 1 khe ad and each motor and gl ue. motlor's in pl ace.

[Se'ct i on TwtJ - Gu; da ncre,

The' guidance system '; s tompr~ sed of a rece i ver, two servo uno; ts an d a ba t'tery ~ ('The ba t tery w'; 11

a 15,0' bE! wt red 1 nto the, detonator Sy-5 tem') .' Spec 1i fi e deta 1:1 s wi 11 depend upon the 5i ze and- type' of servos you buy", A gener'al out' ine of' the s,y's·tem

is shown in Fi g;; 7. The ·two control rods are attached to the ser'va:s j extend through the bul khead and are hooked to two arms th·a.t ex'tend from the dowel hi nges on the 'trim, tebs , Most servos haY'! aDlHiJ"t 4·5 degreeso'f tr'avel j and wi',] turn the trim tabs about 23 degrees in either direction~ This is blire thin lenough to stee-r the m1ss1 1 e 1 n fli ght ~

The control _ rods, and arms C;I.r\ be Ipu_"chased from radi 0 centro 1 model comp:an i as 'o,r c,an be fahrt ea t.ed 'from br[as's she-It t nylon.. 'e tc, Mount the above comr'" ponen,ts, SQ' that the 'body wi l' 51; p over them ..

Mount· ng tip's ,Ire t ne 1 uded ""1 th the servo' rece;' ver set. The ,antenn·a for t.he re,cei vir sho·ul d be moulnted on the f-ron·t edge o·f one of' the wi ngs ..

Sect,iDn 'Three ... Payload and De'ton·ator

A~, FOlnD a 4'" tall con:s out of ·the ll161tl copper Sheet and $0 1 de~ i' t toget he r ;; The ctlne s·hou t d s 1 i pin'to 'the body tube 'wi t.hout reststance I le'lve a l!S·,t

·dfameter hole at the poin.t of this eone,

B" Cut 71S~ fram t.he spar·e 3 7/rBQ d1 ameter tube ~,Sp' 1 t this tube 'lengthwi-sle and overlap the edlges, so tha,t. it 'will sl; pinto the 16.0 long body tube. Apply gllue to the' overlap area, hold tag,et,he'r wi'th rubber' bands I and 5,et I,S i de to dry. After the gl ue has set I g'l ue the copper clone from Stepi A tOI th'; '5 i:nner

a's shown i n- F1'g" 8." -

C_.. Cut ·1. ..1 th" ck ba 15a d i sc to 5 l'f 'P into the rear of the inner tube from St.ep B·~ G1 ue a bla.sting cap or improv''1-sed e1 ec·tr·;,c ; ni tfitor to thi s di sc ,

p~ Cut thre·e or four .1>1 x "III .X 31' bal sa 's,tri ps to

lie used to join the fronl't bul khead of the wi ng sectten and the disc from Step ,Co. The strilp's should be gl ued ; n~ no't,ehes, cut 1 n t·he two di SC'S -.. PT acesent will again depend upon the arangement of 'the radio companlents'ii Cut the- four fee't of bell wi re 1 n 'h,sl f ,and att,ach to bl,ttery and bl ast1ng cap as $,hown!l

:unmlii' •. "... b "'ld ,. d t t· _ _ _ 5-· "1

l.III,.!!''£Ci: ~Ur . -Ul.~ __ an . es: l.n9" purpos,es, iii :u :_

lj.gbt bul,l;Ir shoal.a he used jn: place of' the blast'ing ca:p. Unhook ,on J et C)·t· tdres afts.r·lng~ 'fhs5e wires are reconnected wh"n Jt .is time ee ,a.rm t-M missile prior to' u-se.,

g.1I Use s,e've ra 1 s hopp'l n·g bags 0 r along pi ace ·Oif wr~p,p.1'ng paper to make a tube about 1'· long wi t.h W,I' 15 ·about ~n ·th1 ck .. , Thi s tube shoul d .,1 t tnto the 1. nner tube ,and cone. G1 ue thi s tube in pl aee.


NO'PB': rne pur pose of th1. s. till. ck wa lIe'd' -t ube .i s tore.gjgt ·the fOI''Ce o£ the explQsl ve an·d d1J:ect. it towar'd' the ,coppe'c .cone 11 t t-he front. The cone me 1 ts an d -,8

na .r·row j,e·t o£ !.J. are .1. s t.he-n d j r·ec'te (1: r:,a e be. ,t arge:- t ~

7' hi s' focus·e·d j.e t' wi .. 1l. burn thr:o ugh Se ve r·al j n.c:hes or steal arrJrIJr .. Thls type' of charge is known as ·a B'haped cha.rga' and' the principle beh·ind it is called liThe Ronroe' Bffect· ~ iY

F._ Feeld the twa, free ends o'f bell wi rle through the hol e Tn the' copper cone .. Pack the 1~11 tube/copper cane as, ... sembly wi th about two pounds of hi glh expl osl ve or pota'S~ fum chlo·ra·tetvasel; ne fi ne-, (See .rmprlD~vtsed Munit11Qns Handbook slection 'for instruct ions on mak.1 ng th 1.5 f I!I1J)lrovi sed p 1 as, t t e e'.x pl 0·5 i VI! .,,) Glue the tube as's"embly to the: di's"c. on the, front of the wi ng assembly." The copper- cone s hou 1 d flOW' b·e reee 55 e:d abou t ~u from the front end of the 161(1. body tube ~e'n the DOdy· tube' ii'S in pil ace, The ml 5511 e ts n,ow. et,! exee'pt for

the nase cane assembly ~ The 'nose' serves to stream;11 ne ~h~ m,1 ss i 1. e 1 n fll 1 ght and alse erea tes the correct

'U s tando,ff:U d; stance f'rom the 'til rge t .

Taped Wire leads

,Body Tube

Nosee·one H ~ Cut an 8~· Ic ng [pi ece from each of th.e wi res ex, ... tend1n.g through the Ico[pper 'Clone~ Attac'h Olftt!' w'1ra to leach tenJIili flU) 1 of the d.OD rbe 11 slwi 't'ch ~ Gl ue 'thel 51.;i t-ch lnt.lO th[e' 'rolll't :Df the cone' SII! the' b1ult·toln ',[exposed,!!, 1 .... lIIlIliiiiiiiiiiliiiiliiiiiiiiilliiiilllllllliiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillilliiiliiiiii __ iiiiiiiiJiiiiIillllll!l!!iiiiiiiiiiiiiJ!iiiiilllllllllllll!!lIIlIlIlIlIlIlIlllIiiiiiiiiIll_lIiiIlIIIIIIlIilllllllllllllllllllll!!lliiiii_iIlIIIIIIIIIIII!!iiiiiiiiiiIi!llIIIIIIl!lIIIi~

1 cf ·the sw1 tch 1 5 tlOD 1 argle· to a 11 ,ow 'the [blutt.on to be LI:u·nclhler 12 COT'llstruct t Ion .:

expo[ ell" it 1.$ J'I[eee·ss.ary' to gliue a bl0·ck of btl s,a to A~ [Cut. p,teee! olf lelle;ctrilclal conduit ~D the di_As1ons

'the bu tton;o Shown ," ,an·d Iwe 1 d or 'brl II! tOlge t'her.~ 801 ts la'Dei nuts may

I r M'a ke ,iI sma 11 cone t,ha t can be s 1-1 pped lover the, a 1 SOl be us ed "

no'§,e to plrQltJect ,the' 's~li tiCJh .. Use tape to nOlld t'Re coal' !@ Sraoz.,. orr wel:d I ftUlt, pn:<'e'ra;bly II 2[111 llong ~lltall'ul

in 111 C!, ~ nu t [II to th-e t ns, l' de D f the' 'fron t j '0 i nt t) 181 rAdl, a pi ale·!!

lA1HtCHER of threlded r\od or I ., Ofl,g Cll.r'r'1' age' bel t as, s nown ~ 51 i p a ptece of cond,uit between the nut·s for Ii h,lndlle~ The

Two b.asi-e types of lltln·clhll!·rs sllulllR .•. The blqt·tom IDf ·th[e ttrrE!ladled rod shoul,d be ,ground tOI a

f'lrs't I~nit, is a d.isp,osablet, ene shot, affa"r' ""h1ch als . p0i1nt to bitt. into h.I,'Q surf'ac:eS'i Br,IZB: or ",eli! ,a,

'sercyes is I s hi )llp,i figl a nld tilt r'ryi ng ICC).ln·ta f :rI:er 40 I nil ide 11.rge wasker libout 1 8i from the .po"i nt t-a prevlent t,nl

!IIeIISurements ·I'N 13 i fI·c1h1es x 13 i nc"e'$ x 24, i 'R1!hes 'ro·d 'from s i n!k'f nlg 1:A s,Q'f't or :muddy g:round Ii Two ·nu·ts llI'B,y

1long~ The t"'o bact f'] a,ps arre spr8:ad at a 190· l~gle to alse be used tiD ~I jam,ll thl9 ,,·as,h@r in. PI'hllc:e" The 'op""' ~

s't,lb i 1i tze ·tt1e 1 a lJJln dnl hall ~ 1t1;1 f·rtOn t f1 a p 15, fo 1 ded t ~ 'ona 1 b 1 as, t Stll i: e 1 ill CIJ.n1 be malde from ,iill'll1 ty PI' 0 f' t,h 1111 s,hg;et metal., 1 t ts s crewetl lor 5; po,t :'11,11 [ded to th,e n!11 r

of the 11 unctU!I'r eli· Sc r"iiW the! [s' tes ;1 C'ill lllL1l' r I. 1.1 to tile undersii[de Qf Uti ·toPI Inn of' 'the launcher .. A

'lIbwnj i 1M ~SI·tr'lip ~ lor, 1 [engrth' of rubbl:r' tub""1 Cltn be Uiseld ·tol h,g 1 d th'e 11]11 $11'1 e t n ,1 Ice flor' cl:rcry 1 n9,.


A ~ The body tube· rlma'f ns removab 1 Ell to a 1'1: ow the batt"e·ry to be iIR'stl111ed.lII, RIC: Ufilits. 'tol HI s,erviced ete ~ !Be f[o 'rei 1 Rstal1, 1 ng [Dr' hooti n'9J up the, battle'ry I tape the ends af t~he wi'res ex:ten,diing f-rom the

'C'oplper cone tiD ·'n~s,llJJla.te t.hemliO ~

!'I' Wheft 1111 Sy5, tams ,Ire' IbootJed up on 'thlB ,[I t·r'

G ,0, Nos,'!cone

Cu it 1 ~I' '1'.1: de r; ng] frQm the 5Ptlre 3 7/8111 d'iameter' tube. S 1 i tit ,and cO VEl r 1 a p 'thle ledge's ·tol lRilI ke la. r 1 n[1 that w;'11 f1 t i nt,o the body t.ube,,, Use the' remai nder of ·the J; 1.1 81 n tube to make II cone t,h. t wil'll f1 t 1: nml the ri n'g ~ l'he ,cone should be abourt s 1 1(, t.nd1es till

w'i' t h a ·on,!1 i ne h. d1i a me tE!' r hO'1 e ·8, t. th e pO.'i n t. ~ Use, ta'pI aa.d 9 1 ~e tOI IS 5,emble the IC'OM!' and ri, ng 1 nto glne ptece~. See FlO"', g'i.t


d:fbtn ifil frfJlnt g,f tbe b1)l( to ellvllt-e tha, lluinclllr

fo r f 1. r t n g' The' f,o'u r Icorne M]' of ·t h,. box gu" d:1 the' , mis'si lie' as, it leaves, the 1IaUftc:hl'r,~ CardbDl,rd'l NOod[l) ~Ilr 1 i . h t 'me ta 1 sheets CI~. b:e IIJS i!ldl ~

. The slecoind l' I,U Il1cner 1>5 I b1 t nI!Ilr! c~ lex. IIMI t s 1'Ft·tended for tlUl t1pl1e llun[ch1:n,gs [I It f&l.tulr-e's II carry; ng han all e for replDsii ti,on·i.n'g ,and tr·anspor-·t l,n4

a. scr@w tyPe e 1 IV'. t·t on adJustment. i; .

Th·, 111~n,ch 'swf tch, moto~cyc " e Ilia 'ttll'r;y I~d '. 'sp,ire pa,rt.s box c:a n all be a t't-iU: hed to thll lDaC It olf' th,e

1 a UJ~ch e'" ~, W 1 th 'th is !JJr411 t I twa om n taam canl ~1r'r1' till., 1 i.i)JfU:::h e r '. nd a 'mi til i mum [Dlf th'~Be [mis S i Ies i One mI~n

han d 111:5 t.h e 1 a u,nch@'r' wi 'th Olm! m Iss 1'1 II S t'r,lP1p:ed 1 "I pllace andj 'the SI'co-nd; man carrie's iQlne Qr mora nn'5s11es, in [e'llc~ hlnd~ ,A wr,lp.araund IC-Irrry'ffl'l 's·tr·llpi WC1Jld~ the.

hel pf'IJl 1 n th.i 5 1nstanlce~



Relr Deta t '.

f.~' I'V

IJ .-.




frlJ1!le'l s,l i p the body tube 'in pl ace. S11:p the one

bl.ll f' \ nen wi: de: collar (rver" 'the rear of' ttlle body

tu be' ,ii, Use a plape rpUln ch, 'to make 'f DU r ho 1 B'S II Dine i HI 'ea,c::h lof the four bady tube 5 ee.:t 1, an S li Punt hi feu r C,Drre'spo'ndl'ng hol,es 1 nl the retai'ni'ng eel lar;o Use 'four' wi re shan,1e paper fas'te'n,er5 to hal d the co'l ler 1'" pll,ca,.

c,. Care'fully la'ttach the nose cone wi ~es to the two wires tha't, were 'taped off 1 n Ste'p A~'I Ta,pe the

eon nee t;; ens we 1 '1 to tnsu 1 a til them from th e copper C,Ione'l' InstaJ 1 the nesa cone anld use g'l ue or tape to ho'ld it in p ace,.

11. Slide. the. missi'le onto the, launcher .. Adj'~s t the 1 a unche r 1'0',. e'l f! YI. t i OR ~

'E,. Instal' the 1 gnit,'or bundl e into the fou' motors" "fo'l' ow the ;, ns t'fUCt i ens prolvl ded 'wi th the lIIO'toros.,

to'Fllnet,'t the i 91ni tor blindl e to tbe ba t'te'fY' an,d '1 ri "511 ci rcu f ts ",FrBR PLACING 'f'R11' PI~'NG~ SNITCH ZN T1lB OFF POSITI'DN ..

_- _'. ~'

F", lur'ln on t.he RIC tt',ansm1 tter' and test the func-

'£1 ern olf ttU!~ tri mtabs iii

IS .. Stand beh1 nd the opt tonal bl ast shi el d or to O'rte S '1 de of the 1 au n char ~ ,a.nd fire the roc k,let

,mota rs by tu rn i ng the SIW'11 ten t,o the LAVNCR POSIT! zo« '," H'_", Vi 'sua'l'"1' steer the mi ,SSI'; lie' t,o the tatget~ Ga ill some iini ti al al ti tude and then a,' low the mi 55,1 Ie

to approach the tar"get on a s,h,al1ow g1 tde path,


1. Centurf Engineering Co~

Box 1988 II Phoen1)t, I) - A2 8S0Dl ~ 2~ Competi t,iol1 Model Roc,tets

8:QX 1'022. A'l ex,andrl a I VA, 2'23,011 3' ;j F 1: i 'Shl t Sys t.ems I nc •

~3~1l East, 68th St'l,Rayt,own j It) 64133 ~ 4~ Estes Industries lnc~

8QIX 221. Pe,n eose CO 8124,0 ~

Estes .1so publishes technical reports on 'various aspects af rocketr,Y ~ Ti tl es i,nd pri cas are 1 i sted -; n thei r ca;t,al oq dO

RADIO ,t,ONTR.Ol A~:D MOD,EL, P'lANE C·OMPO-NENTS 1 i Hobby Shack I 18480 Band,; 1 ier Ci rcl e ;1' Fount,.,; n Va'll ey, CA. 92708 ~

2. Orb'i t, IE' ectrontcs I) 8140 iCe'nter s.t.

La. Mesa .. CA 9204,1, ..

31< Plnel'r'i'ci I' S Hobby Cente·r" l46 Weslt Z2nd Stt I

NY,; :NY 10011 i

4 j) Roya] Elee.,troni:cs C:,orp~ I 353,5 So [I lrvi ng St ~ [IJ Enq" e,wood,~ IGO BOll0 [p


t, ·~~B'i1s'ic'5 of Rad; 0 CQn'trol Modell; ng'''' by Marks/W',' ntar i $,4 ,i 50,· Ka 1 mbac.h Pub 1 ish;' ng' to. 1\ 10'27 Ncrf'th Se''Ve'll'th S't ,"" 'H11 \W,.)uke,e WI" 5,]233 ~

2" "Handbook of Model Rocl<etryU: by Stfne , $6 .. 95,-from: Follet Publ; sl~rrng Co, 11 Chicago.. III i n{fi 5,~

3 .. nA'nn1 es and Weapons n Ma,ga,z1In'e

World wide distribution. Excellent pro-

duct reVle-ws and features on new ml'l i tart we'lpons inc' udi ng 1 aser guidance 'ha,rdware ~ M.any ; 11 ustrated ads, 'from e l l of the 'wor" diS larger WEh1poins miu~ufaC'tLJr'ers ~ Su.bscri pt ion

i n,folrmat'i'OIA 1 s aVI'11able f'rom :

Sky Boollks Inte'rfl,ati ena 1 Inc. 'I. 481 East 50th

S tree't I' New Yo'rk I NY' 10022 [j

4 .. ~'Illhe A:rt of $cal e Scr,atchbu11 dt ng-A Guid,e

tOI 'Profles,~1 anil'l Mode" Mak.i ngU by Dar "o/Chl, vers ~ $6,., 95-Grenld i' e'1'" Books, 7950 Dee ri ng ,Av e ~ '. Canoga Park, CA, 91304'111

the's ubJ Soc, t U 'f' i mpl roY' I sed 'weapon r y ha,:s belen, a to, t c, eta wh:j e h muc,h t houg III t ha,s be en de YO t,ed ~ ti,QWey'e r , un t ~ 1. r.e'" cent t hnes,~ 'n the 'i ght of mass,; ve

aln it 'r .... gun 'I e,g; s 'I.;:rt ron t 'I' t has bee'" SQmewhat crude lind I "effect iva ..

TaJfin,g thes'it: 'facts· ; nte mhld I de"'" c Ided to, des' gn" bu'j 1 d ,and t,e5t a wel,POril t ha It 'woul d be e·a s y to ma ke and hrghly effect;ye~ Ate, toy~n, with 't,'he i del and ,II nceun eer i neg a few fa I' 1 ... ,

C.,A~ wI ~rm5, ~ frfencd ~f,_mlne.~dey'e"~p~d the ........ iL ... ~ ,LJ!A b· I,d'ea: lof t he boa r.oolita I He 1 ate r bu I 1 t

,&0.:1.1),1.' ~ ~ ,R,£,..


i~TTf!Cl' E ... 'tE' lit, OS aE.1'GND ""0 of 7,",'1&

. ." .

ALU.w tuu Wi ..

TOQUJlr ...


,1',11 ng lMJOde l ,an d r.·t 'Wa1'S • n 'f n 5, tan t.

I U(:;e s S .OJ IRIU 11 Y thoug'h I' 'Ii t CQUi 1 din ~ t _'VIe blenl 8ny'tih 11!tig bu.t ·1 'Su,toe51! ~ liS

~ t 'WIlI 1'0 'ViI: ry' ., 'i mp 1 II I n coni' ,t rue 'I; ion '"

'h I s f f rSI e ba ~QOk·1 eon 511' I ,t.d II) f n-~Itlh i at more tihafl tiil!:i'!Il a ~ um;' I'u,tm tube s'l x f lie t·S ,and ]l" tOI III il ftC hi i' Inl d ,i' ,I ~

lmete r * I IWlto reylc.1 e b. t tery (power pa.c.k} t; IJ 11 I gh t sW'iJ I. ~ h € t r i ,gg_ 1f)1" ,Iiilll!if the neces'sat'v 'wi Ir j' ng an,d e ~ elc'tr1' till ~ c,on,n,I'C e ~ on s , T,ta i! SHe pe f't s we r. a I I

t \I·ped to'ga t he r 'f'o r- ellily a's '5'emb'l y .In~ dlsas ... f', ... T~ aS$,.ndl~y 1015· as

flo,'11 'ows ~ The 'W,:llf i' Iil"ig 19:oe S 'fN)til!1 the rOlctte t 'he 11 to 'the swl ,Itch. F ram hll're tlte "d f fit theA '9oes to 'the power'

Pta c lie [( H' t 'on I found when f I 'r :I' "'51 ) and

then bl,k to the ro~ket sh~11~ To fire t h ; '5 bG zooika, 'I; he f; re r s,1'mpI1 y h_a s tOI

S I,ght. hfJ·~ I.r'get anlej IPU~ 1 the tr.fJlg9;£r·~. Thie ,she ~ 'II w:i 1 ~ then speed eu t of 'ct.'He tube a It ~ma:z Ii ,ng' iIfIe loci' 't; lies: ,Ind then. OlI¥an:JI to t~ ta r·get co

T he rU!j,~ t re f I name 'n t on t."e b'a,z,coka was devil: 1 o·pre·d by an(j] the r ., r i ,end" fh I s·

I~mpr~n't WI'S ane 'that _u1dl p,ro",. to be very 'Important act I 1!atmr t ime ~ Thfs CICftS~s,ted o·f 'p1: IlcJngl the bgitter'Y pac.k ina canva I sa t leke 1 '!' TM motor ..... eye T e bl·t 'tc"ry w~s .... 1' 1 ,aead w'l til iI

, YO ~ ,t I ,aR ter n ba t te ,r'Y' wh ~ c h 'Wa's· .yetil ~ .11 S Il!xpCInS I we 1: aibou t $,2 ,OJ 50 ~ law

f ~ f'1. r s' m'p l' 'i s,l I ngl's ,the Sillt,C he 1 ave r td 5 sh(H~' der amd he h,~s a Gmnp 1 rete 1, y lpolf Itab ~ eJ wealp-M.

The 'f 1 nail ~ [mprove_R't S Ion t tte ba'" zoo·lt. 'taimi'! ~Ie:n I ,toolk 'I; he Q t he ride'" sJ'gns and: added 'some c·r ~ ~'"

IF ~ rs i, ~l Il!"iI!lde s i plf)ld the ba t !'rIi'f'l"

[pa'ek wh reh we!· rat her ItnJ 11 ky an'd 1I1J:.p<en'" S i 've.~. 10 I mJui'Oive i't'i I 'tOOIIt ',our _I J ka ... · liM penll ,[Jgh·t C'I~ ~s 100' wiJ rod them h" 'SI rie'5 t thus p[rod:U(; h'ig tb. n.ed'ed I h~, volt cur re,rU:'" To niake ttl i 51 'bact te ry ,.,c.k ~ fO~li1d 11 I engl t n '01 f 't glb i n'O

'51 i' ght l'1 ) arger 1 n cd I' 81m ter- the b.'t tee r 'I e!i, ~ N'ex't i cu It 'the ' ng

5·1 i ght 1 y '5,n(llr't,.r llilian 'the 1 I s·e: m!la SY [r'emell1 t 0' f the liB't te.r t e's ~ - (51!!.

d I 3'511 rami) f ~i na 11 y I took. 't~ p 1 as, t 'I c eaps,'j pllac.ed ·the le'3d wf re~ in tnte'm and 'f'~ ll1'lld the ~ps 'W~ th' a la.yer of 'Ig 1 ,de r" The:&. e' Ie a p rs ~ re t h'f,iin Ip'l ,!llc.iff

'f ~ tmJ y o[n·. t he tuu~, t e r y 't uhe e'amp 1 e t h~'g thNB 'U1i1 Ii t 'ii' Til)., ,n"x t ~ mpl r"D~_n t 'INa S the p' t~ eli!r_n 't: 10'F ha I"Nj le.'s on th~ bezoo:ka tube to Th,l!lsle I~,a nd: 'I es P "Ioved In· ... va I ua]itJ,ll. as t hll, ill I Idled !!lO't ,on 1 y ~ n

ho ~ d I nlg the bll'ook,a~, bu tt 't he'v ,a 1 SOl h.l ped to 'f mp rcrlil! t'hle fire r'l s acclu F'''' ICY ~ \lhe" ptac ~ n~ 'the hanldl1le'l on the NZooka t um; ~ d I v ;. dCld ! he t rube ~ n;t 0 t~, foot measureme.n'ts and t,apled the hand ~ '... [n· p·l a tl' " ( Sri e d ~ B.g rlm)1 ® \the·n. t,.ping] ,llIIly of :th. pa,ts"1i bl -let .'I,et-· If' 1 f.a 1 t.,lpI!! or 'f ri,e t 1 e.n ta pel 'shcu 1 ,d be, lll.ns.d'il

ft1 f ~ ft·. 11 i iDp roy~ 't s on the: bazoaka war'e tb. ,adapt h,n of II f' as:!, ,gU8fd IJI

I ~ Q'ad in g b F"".'C h ,anJd a n open, '5 I :gh t OJ

the f ~ ash gtJIlIJ r-d' was nOI'1:; hi ng .:;11'11". t. hanl -Ii !Slat crf s 1 Dt S 'C'ut ~ Ata ~he' fO':nwB rdl

Mid 0 f the ·a 1 um i Inum t ube' ~ These Ire ~lled '1;01 prei "rent ·!the t f I,a'sn f roml be ~ ng Ii Mlin Iii t !hILtS ~'Imp ro'"w i m g coo,cea 'I ment Thlli l'()I.d hl g b f 'I e c h wa S no t 1-;11' 'n.g mo r,• than It h·e (Jp'po~ i t. e en" rg.'f the· ba·zooka

t 10.1 b. wit h ·t Iw 'I; op IIn.d ,.emol"led for a

d 'Ii IS t·.nee o,f s ~ x 'Ii il"U;, hers ~ Tb iJ 5, I s used to lho 1 d t:1\e ,t Ira I 'I II: n-g f l In 6 of 't!te rock"" art she 11 :!Il,te.ldly dur hllg f l' f i n'g ~ Th i 'I causes the she J. I ,t'o ·t.r·t.wel, mulch

'$ t r. f gh ter lOiIlt. '0' t n.e tube '" F ~ "'11: 1 y' 11

t Ihe· open III g:h t WI $ Cion It rUle'ted i [n ·th Ii '5 way ~ a tb h!i pi ec,1 of she'll t metal lIlt!! w I de i.5 ben ~t aii""o~_ndl It he efld 0 if t.1lt.:

baztoo;ka· ,tlu~R <OJ ""ern the add;' t.J Oft,l ~

me. til 11 pal J n· t ~,.g ou twa rd , 'r!'Jlh'i ,t he t ulbe ~ 5· 110·1 tied 'SIOI] Ii d and t h ~ I, 11, d,tedl as

,a '5 ~ ,Ihi ,t.. ( for 'r. he ,: Ii 5 ted :i mpr'O~emeA t S 'see d t .al~l' r,lm) ,

Now I. hl.'I; t.fte i q, t 51 were malde J! ~ IhfUi to pUi t 't be ha :took. tlog. the r' .. Th, f I nIl al$·sem]b 1 y go.. 8'5, fo 11 ows ~ F' ~ f'5 t the hil.ltH)k - 'lu be ~ '5 lOU t f Ii 'I; te4 w~: t h II

"1 ash: [glu.[r. ~ 1'H,d 'Ii n!g b'f"lleeh· oIlnd o-,4!l[A sIght ~ SI.,cond'!y· the: t.'ri gger i'wl' 'tch 1. WI I .r ad BinG t IPlii:ld I n Pi 1.lce I [ong \II i t~

th" bat te". IPK~ ~ Next t.. It.Ad'lles .r,e f1 ,nn1 y ta.peG ~. n p 1 a'e·e • nidi 1:.l!1e~"1 ~oye red wIt h. f.r f c:'t h,fl t.aple to ~ n, U rei, good

9 Ii" I~ .' ~ t:a·5j. t 'I y t~; "d; re 1111,ad's: ,8 'I; the

enid IOff t'luI ba:r.OQ,kal 'tube • rl. fit ted

'w~ tho all' gator ell 1'5" Th. baz,ooka I'S,

t henl reiuily f'or fir t n 9 c+ ,( see !iii ~ .'1 r am)1

lOn ee 'if 00 hl'va Clomp 'I 'Ii ,t eN:! ,t be se _ as:s,M·'""' bl'l l'e"'5 c; 'you r b. zgok.a 0 r til S Il-I pll~ r 1, •. :1:100 ki" al$ I &a111 Iii: t [11 WI i ~ l H f h'l h~.hle,d ~ th! 'Ii S weaptm is, 'v~ry pDWe[rf'luII IS it. i!S. ¥e[FY s1mr1.r to • g~n In rlnge and velocrty

I t 'w] 1 t t.aik4! 1·1 we: r a ~ cI,ozen f 'I "1 1\1'5 be:f~,e you _£eOJrtB fam Ii t 1 aT wi 'th 't.~1 bll.,cokB 1.ld are ,ib 1 e to 'f i re 'I t: 'qu llc.k,~ 1 y and aicc'eu~r'ca te 11 y ~ J t. taok me s .. ev,e·r·,a 1 ~li!Jk's 10'" 'f I r I fI'g S be f'ore III COU 11,d uS e

i ,It with amv p·;ra·f I' Ie ~ ,e·n,ey EO' ,AftI):Il'1J siome ,of the targlt's I have hit 1,c;cl.u"at.fdy a!fa t !Fee t ru.nk5, I(W'~ tlild n a $ i oM ill(:" ra~~r~ ~s) I' t'MOI root d i,amet'ilf tarllets I[wl t.h Ln .til ,once f~Q~ radJ usl1' and: most re·c·'an,t II y f,ence IPOS. ,t 5· (wi ,th i. n a 5 ~ x inch ,dialm8l,er:) ';0 A,s ,1:5 r,anp's arle c,once r nle,~ il my ha lo-oka hiS a: II" s-n,ge '0 f s,OtMwhe re ba twele,n 1 00 y·a rd. s· (U 5 ed I A ta ,.g. It ~I hoc t i rtg) .nd II ~ (I:D:O fee C

(max :[ IlNlIm • rc lof fire:) ~

Df ,ours. ] f vou plan ,to f ~ f"\e YOlH' :t.azoOkal yo:u w (J II [flJeed tOl kll;~ ~. tOI make [UP ,i]"\ocb t I he 11 ~ 5 flolf ir t .~ These she '11 s, are elIY' tG mal~ and 91 rll; r'l I I y i me:q;lIens I we 11 ill ~ It hough [rrti¥' dei's :lgiMll, ill·re 1iIO''£: 'tht!!1 lon'~y 10ft.' yau rein u'se'l!l To make ,the 'Ie she 1 ~ I, 'you .W i 11 n,ledl a ,few lI:s,s<ellt I a' ~ ,tem-s ~ 1he~' In! Ii, an E5tes ~TIl raCQ:t mtor II 3 ~ ~ IlI·nx 11l ~ 'I~I~~I ,n,l s. , i fti, a n:os'll ,con. I nd Ilnl E I, leerS 5.011. If l' gin It. ,f ~ I n Q·.rde r' to ,conl5 true t

It he rock.·t you dCI 11$ "0 i I ~S, '"

F i r·s·t:ll y,o,u 9 1,~,. the f 'I '11!l !on, t.o the

r,GC k. ct. l!ftQi't Q f' so ,th. t thy I: n5 "rve ... I 'y 51:1C_ ~ lex t II' 9 II we't he ROle collie oo'tOI t.he f ron t ofui oif :t be mQit,o If' " L,. Sit 1 Y , p'ut the 19n J' tar l[n,to the nozzle olr tihl ;roc k e t tIVilit'D r' ,as, lit a t s.d 'I: n the lS:ft I: 'I;G r i !itS 'I: ,.IYle t ii Gn 5,., NcnII 'I: Ih'a f 1 [n!5 ,an,d nos e tGlone ,ill If 0 1,I'Aded 111IMK),~t n .'ndi 1£, he b •. :looka 51 htei I I ht li",e,ld, Y ,oj <,SB;}e: d.:l.8·r a,m.,) The's,. sM'11 s· CI;!Il then :be W st'Qil'\ed for ~.ter uSee orr f f r'l,d t !lNIiIed ~ ., It- , Y ,OJ

¥o,u can; 11'5.0 WS' Qltha r types an,d sLze·s 0," r'ocket nwl to I!'S, 11 Uc.e ,the: targer E$·t,es r,oe;Ik"e t mtllt'ors. LA's, t ron lor 'D I rt by' incre,asd n·g 'the dl ame til r c)'f your bazoo"" UI tube. '"' V'OUi iI r~',e" U ,·e a hOmemade

or mod I f l' ed. r DC ke e ill '!I"he 51 e· ,i re no:t ree .. comneru:!cd t lhough, ~ as t he "I can. 1M. liJer'Y d~r01!ll,s'IJ .*' .x~~e G'r' • mollor modi'~ f~c,al: 'i,on is 1:'lk.lngl the ;E>&tes· rocket en,g·i·ne .nd btlr i neg CI rlef·u I I y throlug.h ,t~~ prope. a I an t [I] Up:o;nJ f; r 1 n9 'I, ill, ~ 1 of the Pi r'O;pe ~ ~ an ,t bu rn·s ,a'l:: ,once 'I. ~ '. p roducJng. an unb.1 ie'W'eab'l e IIn¥lUnt of t.hrus't~

ID·t hi r me't hod 5 ef e ~ [tle]j l rng you r 'rcck '"'" I.t she 1 , '5 are equ'lph'.lg them wt '~h war-· headl, 0·... 5 l M ~ 1i iii" III N' 1 Qt5 i y,e dey I ees ~ The: 's'imple'st WI'" 110 ac~1 ish thl:'s .

~ S' 1:10 f'i 'I ~ the 'f'rafn: end of t.he rOlc'ke.t m tOIl' wIt h 1)·18eik po,W€ie r It Nit e h:head 5 :II

:I) r'oken I ~ a5!1 or can't t h ~ ng yo;u·it ih.'fIl.ll f'1t des J re 5 ,~ ""Olll then g Iue ,0 r lepolC.y ~ f·ec .... eo.nne l'IuJied.) the ner58 cone· eu t Q f S omt! _ttuJ"la~ other' thaln bai sa~ ~ Iha've

foumd tha.1t, !p ta.s ltJ G i" [_t,al III and cIIU. t·o body fi llef work. bes t , These 'typ,es,

0" fl(lll,. C'On. S "niDI' k b~osl 't a.g,.1i n'S t w8 I 1 & 'II t·a tge e s ,and' 'IV.lft ,pt:1O(p 1 e, ,IS ttrN~: ,line'"

t ral't i,on w'l th 'them i IS v.ery '100,dL [I have us,ed th i '5 '5,a_: kind iQ:,f nose cCI~e to·

p. i. flce 1/2 u 1'·'1 ,a5 te r bo,l rd land '1'1.: I s· e~t.[r,e:HI y 'hard" The 1'11'1; mod 1 'fi CI't r~,on 'tOI t he de s, ii ,gn 0 f 'I; he COmpl 1 'lit ad roc k.e I: i Is cmp I.oy_n·t of _Inl ~:mpaltt IIQln ~ It ion

try s. 't·em ·tlD de 'tOA a 'Ii: ill 'I; he rO(: ik)~ t II '5 WI t· ..... head ,0 ifh~se~ ISh~ III s wi ] 1 pen:et Ira lh! wlindoN glta]ss .. w],ndstle·ii lds.]Il wa111, iJn-d .v,en Ipeop'l eat con ~&. ~ de ,r,I b1·1 'II d; s' 't ancle ,"

You ca·n 5 tar ~ f I' res (ma.t(:h,ll~ad ·Ii!tBlr "" tu~adiSI) IBnd de CQIri·.'tel .Mp hM1)1 I yes wJ till

'~ 't.. The mal i n ad van, t Ille to Itl~ I i ,n 9 t:n r :$, kind of maY'ham 'MI th 'the bllook.a ar,e

,t Iilat the 'f; fm II" ,f,ililill'll, ,ema ~ n con~~'a I ed I([_n'r 'f I r'j] nil IP I ,aCari are wit!h ~ n ~ 1000

eft ~ ,·ad.l us) and 'the f'l' r'e, C,ilh e·as iOJ~ V ea r f'V lI",d 1,!I·5,. t. he bazooka] ;,

[I: n 'c I,os hi 9 :j1 il: MtU lid "'~ ke to ad d

'titles,s 'II ,as t 'ow plll ,n t $~. YDU 5,hou 1,d

t IIl"IRJ t ycu r' bazooka wi: th re I PIi!1; ,t as i. t

~ 5, ca,,. bll II: IQ·f Ide,,'W'as. i Int dalma 98. :Mos'it 1 ike 1 y it j's i I '~eg. ~ eV'l!,ywnera in

thei. U .. $ ...

I~ Oy I ECHANIC WO·L .. 1 A.GBlCaallD_

II' yau _YO • _llm.ll canDon ,ri:t,h a :

IboR 01 1 01' I'~ mij,I' bore· lout thee' fUM bo,lc larp: 'IDougb to tap and fit in a l,malIllz-cd spI'rk p1Uil such a's u,Hd 0'11, I

I ,I ,p~line diP'De. Fill. thlc lea.'m·noa with I III ,from ,a gal jet and then pus,'h a

a.s~c Pistol Grip Fo~dtn~ Stock

The AR-7 Rif1e i~ handy to carry .round when the pa r t s arc S 'to F·ed ~ Iii-

s hie o·f the 16, , 12~1J pi a'S tic S to(:k.l! bu t 't i 5 rather inconveli ~ ent to r~a5.~emb'lIi1!: the r r: 'f le eve ry t.l.fJi1e you wan It to shoot l.1len assemb ~ ed ~ 't he r I' f f e 15 ]4 I/2.J·1 lon'g~ Ttl i·s I eK.lgt!\ comb'~ ned with the: f·in: Ib:u I: Ik y 's:c: 04: k, mel ke 'E; he tAR'" 7 ];I i'lir'lnalnyverib ~ e 'I n 'to j' ght [Sp·aGc.'$ such ~s car s , boa t:s ~ f'IICj r r·l)w h~ 1 ~ 'Way set c. The weiJIpo·n ~:'5 ;all·so Ul'icorofortable to shoot lone ha"ld~d ..

Any 11'" i ., I i!; may be '$ be r tie I"H!d t[C} t. r. e

m[ n h~Jrn 'I ega t 1 th of 26u _ ! t ~ 5 bes t to be on the ·s.a·fe s i-de and ma i nt a i n ,I f:ot.l 1 [,mg'th of 2', ~ 1.2~·1 , 16.j·~ 0 f it n ~'5

l ength mu~ t be. b.a t' rt!! 1.. The A'l-1 bea r ri!! ~ ha s' ~ 1 re ad-y been I!IIIi8de t 01 the. min i mum length I 50 ,au cannot le9al~y shorte~

~ It •.

A cuStOm fo1ding stOck will reduce ·the h!'ngth .o·f the stalida.r·d ~apon by ail. ill When ex teond,e.d w :r.he :S tock ; s the eM- i gin all e n9 t h ..

Seve ra 1 ty[pe·~ of 'fo~; d l ng !!5, toeks wi~: 1 be ·f'e.a tur'ed 1 n fu tu re I ssues but til i 5 stock is pn,bab1IY' the 'Sl·~le$t and

.e--I'.$ i es t to ·con:s t rr u C t ~

·M·at~r la I, s L i s t.

5181 i P 1: Y'WIood. ,""j.! x6~ ~

5/.B'· b,a, 1 5o·a ... ·:same d i me'1"II'5'~ ORS (opt.) ~nx'12ul(1/6n brass S!tf~P

'2Uk 1)/,2!'i ilns i de d [ameter (I D) , .. '7/1flu OD br'·I1~s tub'~: n·g

2; p'~s.. l2nx3.1et~ '10 _, 13/32:1.! aD brass

tubi 1'il'9

7'18H)t 1 1'811 ma ch i ne '51 c tewS w/.lUi t 5, llap OIl) brass rod ~ tllngtJ!I, I Sll~

1 1/4"x1 J 16~~1 co~ n;~ th r'ead g·er.w [( sa_ thru,d as talkli!down :screw

~" standard stock)

2. pcs , 1 T ':2ll!~4K'1 /41i wood or p L~$ t i' it

mata ... 'La I 'for 9 r h'$

T,ool s INeed£d

- f1ln[1I! ,toot.h ,b 1 ade


~ pc~

, p,e.~

.2 pes, 1 pe ,

:H. c.kSi·aw po i le Drill ·W l/Bn and '7/161.11 P'rapane tOf(.;h

Sflver so~der and flux


Cut .g r i 'P frame (H~ It of :5/SII~ p.~ ywcOd ~

~.:Il'S· i rll'i~ 1)8 t l c rlli '1., "t .; 'S a gD~ ~ d e'oa to f I rs t !mI-8k:c!! th,·s. p h~~c c;!i,f ba 1 $ •.• ~. Th'l ~ ~'I 1 [OWSI yOU: tD ~ke c ha·ng·i)s in gr~p shape or angle. When the e"tir.

s toe: k i S ~.OinP' let ed a'od YQu alii el C;('Ji1iI for t -

. a.b i' e with the fl' nad ·shape I j't j'.5 d~p-

1 j' cated hl .p l·Y'!.JfOod ~ Dr:i 'I ~ 'four 1 18'~

no] es. tal1·d. 1/16111 take.down scc': rew he,l ii! ,as ·ShOWll. l'aper' ·the. Ir[l!oair' Df the ho 1 e to ac.c.ciD'Jed 11, t; e. tJl[e head '0 f the ser e:w _ D f"i II 1 no ~ e for 5,tock 1 atch ~

'51EP 2

Dr i ~ ~ s"e;''IIen ho 1 e 51 1 n brn!ll'ss '$ i de

~ 1 at[e"5 als, 'shQ"Wn in, pat tern 12... C I amp the t:\iC) ~d ee·@ s t 09-8 t h@ r 1 n a v ; 50 e when dii~ 11 i n9 'ho,ll1!!i ,. Thi' 5 wi' 1 in·~.l;n"l!!. that 'the. ho 1 Ii! 5 ow i II ~ be pr'oper 1 y ·8'1; [gnled '0





C H ARTE'R AlA MIS, AFt~ 1.. ~~n8

Au I'om~ nc: 2'-2 \. R: s'l·g lilt rou nd de sac hab h! QO;x

m~ga2: IOifi:'; adljlUS'tab Ie ream p i·root adju !U'~lbda pR·P 'r.ea:~ $ci gil"il'S~ ib.::I rt'e ~ atl1d ac [iOln d ~smant~ w r.thou I too~s, Htild 'stow In ~Iock~ gy·,r,1l1l I lin Ii Dl·. 34,o/t, Itu:heS. Weight. ;2"io't ~~.





tu't tWO IJn p,l eces e .. f 11l]2;t~' II Dl tub j' ng .neil :s II '!ft!:'f 5:0 1 d~1'" 1 n p' ace ,is' shown in PI t te r n .12 ~ Be: S!JI rll: 1£.0 r earn OU t the

end '5 ,o,.f ·the tub ~ n g! t.o el'lllsu re smoot'h cparllt 1 IOn (I·f ·the ! 1 • d 1 ngl s·tack,


Use' 'I;: he hac.k;s aM ill nd f ~ 1 e te round Q·f f !Corner-s of the IS· h~e p l ates .an,d ,t·ut off exc;el·S· :IU 't It iI" 'j a 1 ~


C~t front ,!I!lI-!,;d :re,iii f SI:pcI·ce r !b 1 ocks out [of .5.18.1 p"y~d'" uS ing pat'ten'lS Il alnd , ... 'Df 1 ~ ~ 1/81~1 hO'11 es where. i nd l' i;:.tiIi'te!d ~ 'ST'EP ,

Ass[M!b ~ II gr r: 'p. f'ranM!!l: III s i de p.) at.iS [!i!I!nd tw!o sp.c,r b l,gC:'k,:!i w~ t.hl she. 1/8[UI fMN:h 1 ne 'c r'e;w',.~ :1 'f you III r e r i g,ih t hall'ldle,d t the

n.u t$ shot.ll d be on: t~e 11'"'1 s I de to re .... d~.H:;e ,' i n:g Oon- if; 10th t ng ~ Rever'se fa r

, ef't kinder's, ,;

ST'EP' 7

Insert 't.s.kedown screw ~ nto .gr flp fr,rlme and 'n'tal~ stock a'5emb~y anto r~ee'ver STEP 8,

[C:~ t two pi' eces; .ll ~ f.1 ~ ong of the :3l8° ·em bras s rod end sol de:r into On!! ,end or' I:ac,h J/81u I D [brass tube, F I 'II e n1Jltch

a's, sh,~ in FU!I't tern #5 ~ ~rrEP 31

Bend 118~'! bra '5 5 tod a's s hawlil. i n pat,te:'rn IS., S01lde.r two 3lBii I~ D tubes ~n ptaoCe~

STE.f' lO

Bu'l '1 d $·t,ock ~ at cb ,as shcown 1 J"Ii pat te rn

16 ..


,Afte.i!'" f l na 1 ,and i n9 ~ the ;; tQck l s

wJ ped down w'l t h ra 1 eenol ,!'II nd pa i fI t ed wIth b 1 ,alck iI!!!:!'iJame: 1 pro i me r ~ All' sma I ~ hg·h!s shcnd d 'f 1 r s.t be 'f, i 11 ed I'" wi 'th

pi aSlt i ·C. wood putty 'Ol!" body p·lft t.y ~ Dc ng t 1)11 I " t it he '5 t~(; k 't. ube ~ 0,'11"" t he '5 tOle 1(. \II i 'I 1 nert b!i!!l: a b I e tiD :s 1 ) de. . f r ee l y '. I t c,Bn. be b'l ae k:el'!l:ed wi' ,t h ·t.ouc h - U[I) b 1. ue 01 r wei r. h OJU~, ClI''_ the fo r·mtJ 1 as [on page 11 iii

hi I ue '1.. l ke '5 toe k it u be: s '5 ncuJ 1 d. hal'v@

a 'i ght coat of' o'i 1, 'to 1 n S~ re S·fI1()Ot h ape rat. ~ on ~


C,'ut out t'WCI or ~ P's 'j. ws:' '1"9 pat tern I.".,

Sbllp'!. it '0' ,U i t and i "'!i,til! l' on !aIr i p f·f.lme.. The ars[a lIj[nder the: giro ~ ~s can b,e cu t ily t an di lUi e;d toO 51 ,to tf! '$ ~ha r II! p..iiU·' ·ts· ,. Use. do·t t,etd' 11 nes Dn pat ererl"!i 11 85 iii

g.lJli d,eOl


I' I

:J II iii III II III lliiiliiii II I UI'.I •• ',.u '~Uii I!!II!!II • iii I ' 11'11""1111"1'





U' .a

- ..... ---- ::;I ,---.-+ .....




._, ...


a;: 10..,
4" 0
:z: '*"
a:: ~
1= ."
~ ~
a. ~ - _'


8:: -
iI!I!ooiI 1'1
u ~- l1li1
·c 'L.. ...
Q., iii II'
,V1 4-l .::
~ ....
~~ :0
10 "
fE I,!".I iik,
U .'
U e,
I )(
~ 1;1
trw "'- §
'- ~ ,0
0 iIil:;
I hi 'V
w :J £:
l- V <
< '"'
a.. Q)
• %
... all :r:.:=
(g u
...... ,U
..... ~
la., Vi
_, W
U"\ ~
"'"" ..
::::II ::J;
!lEI! i-
'~ lIIiI!-
v.. s ,Z
IW :ar;
[I- ~ I IIWoI
:s [, I .... ,
A. I-
a.. - I«
lIZ': D..
..... ' iI'.:J
z -
- a; -
Z' 5 .......
0: "' -- Ii
=- L
IlL. ,. "


" .'


::I: ¢t
~ w
C fill
~ IJi .s;:
~ .... ' !I,J
. U +-II
0 J:iC ill
,;. ""'"
11:1 ,g
II ..... 0
!I"D +-I
"t;: ,"""
~ if;:;I, iI;I-
z -. ~
m: a:::' ,..J
I: s: .JC:
iii'!! UI!
« :;I ;II
IfL 0.. 111. -

P'O', 10,' "R ~7ll..f t S: J'~, lI.,A'1P S" B' O'N. D V': 0'- 1 2:' ,

' - J. "'1.t"3.l ~. ,..MJ. "":.u::, I, , ' " "II




,~-"U1,~, -,-.:,~~,~,"",,-

• -- r






A~ Grip Assembly

c~ Rear Sling Swivel ck

E,~ 15 Round Magaz I ne F I' S 'tand ~ :8 R,lound C 1 'i






A~ !Fr'C)'nt Mount W,as,her 8., Mount IS,crew'!;

C~ Front Sling Swivel o ~ B,a r re l C.O 1 I a r

E .: Frcn t :Baff l e .Assem,b 1 V Wi'th End C,a,p

F~ Hodl';@d 8arrel

G~ Rear l~be Assembly
















, . 'te: Ttl- ,e_p; '1F!J nit' . 'tc'bAred in IP ag' 14 ar_ for ,I geneT"l pu'rpol e d'es,lgn~ That des, ign, iii all t ,red h ,"e to

,1110'Wi ttlll opt on olf m' x 1mum conc.ea; 1 ~ ,ent .. t short anges ('short baT're 1 ) J c'r ma x i mum, lace u r a c,y for 1. on'g 'ran'ge us e (log r If 1 , r. Th 1 g b r 1 ¥e'fS i o'n wi 11 be ceve red 0 n pa'g' :3 J ~


- ~trl' AR 7 B - rre' '..,/9 rre,l Nut.,

S YOIU . flle 5 ' 'rrt 1 ii fo,r

ordl ri ng nstruct i en fr'om 't'he f c:tor.y ... abo'ut $12 •. 00

1 - 3/41 S(, t Col~.r ~ 1411D~1 QOD

this is· I thick co~lar with a "~I Nle or NF thread set sc.rew .. The leo 11-a F' 1- UI sed to· re 'ta i n p IJ 1 ~ eysl and 'gea'rs on 3/4,~~ di ametl ,. ar-

bor shaft t Ava 1 1 abl e from h rei ... • r. sto~ sad 001 suppli' rSi

- o· 50' f

1 ""' pc [II' Meta 1 SI,cr' 'n .. 4~ ux24·u t foud at 'rdWlr 'nd pmumbing

'S' 0 'S ~ HI ter ' 1 I 01 d

sc reen door may a l!'o be us' i

PI st; er ' n 1, 'nl ce Ipt, b 1·

2 IpCS ~ Bra'ss D ,lin Pi p, ..., e1 t r p',ain bras or chromed. Act 1 size' 1s 1~3/81' OU - 1 .... 5l1,6 .. 101;;

Dr, n Ii pe 1-50 usua 11.Y sol "[II

I'nd 12~~ sect tens ~ Found ,at hardware, plumbing and building

s ores~ 2 ~ 8~ sect 0 s _re enough.Cost is about $2.00 ach~ Cut tubing to the following

l' 91 s"

1 pc. '8 ; n, 1 pe , i n ~ 1 pc. 1 in.

1 llC~ I in.

3 pC!i I' 1/2 1, I" .. '

11- t ,~ 00 W shers <Il If pess tol e" bu'y ttdn w'a;[shers wi'th a Jl16,n di

, 'ter ho ; T es·e' aT' nown, S

fender w·shers and ar ava,l bTe from har-dw ,re d auto supply

S 0 s'.

Drill all th w ~ rs au, n ID Qf mu and '5 nd a 11 ,;a lV'3ntng 0 Qf th (b sur 0 • s12 .11 n . 'c[cnG1 b f(u'"e S,Olid ...

tr "19'1"

I - 1 ed Q ~ l' - 5 C. r ' I,. 0

Bo1t w th at leest 1/2~ of threadsj This should thread into the' shaft col 1 a r tl 'h 'etl '1 S . ,1 the ~ ~!~ NC or ~fi NF thread,.

6 ~ Scr wsl 4 Nuts and a arted bf~

, , , ma,ter at -d 'scri bed ; n alr't ~ c 18.

T '001 s, N:e[l!d,e d :

- H Ie salw w/fin t ,oth bla ~

- Dr m -. - Itor or h n ,r 11 ~ I h h@

following drill bits~

1/16' ~ 18 h 1 18 • 'II , , 5/64 'i '0 r 1/'·'

If ],5/6," . s p er ·d" - 'C,enter 'punch

"" tu bl l' n,g cut te r - no t nee"e's., 5,1 r Y' but ha no i er thi_ fit the h,acksaw fa r euttl;'l[g dr,ain pipe, The hacksaw is

slt11,1 nee[ds,d for other tutti ng,.

'"" P 'Qlpln t,o ·ch ,.nd sf1ve so dar or ac1d core general purpose soldlr~

~ Large pair of vi e grips Dr plfers.

... V' 1,orul_ ,at d rou:nd ,ttl s , d ~

IP' -nding Iupon 'wblt i· v,ail iIl,1. to Y(I[u ~ A machin1 stl s cr p ·'r : r I

sh rp kni e is 1's,o' he,' pful fair ... IQv1nlg burrs rom 1ns1[de ,- ", 9,1;

"" B,'nlch vise ... a clampi oln 'vis,e f'or the k1:tchen abl,e i I fiine i

Pr-oc dure:

SlE'1 A

Measure 21 ,II fram rear of b, rr',e 1 and ~ rk with [II if Ie.

S,rE' B

Th barr 1 is compo, d of st@ 1

1 f r 3,1 f1' 1001 lind .1,· [ lin 011 ~

S '1 e'~ 'thl ,t SI 3/ ,I 100 t th Imark "

You Wiant to cut t:hlrt1ugh the' out, r

b n1 0nt•o r ,w __ l1fte antI'!

11 cit ,iI ,'Ilde 3/1·, ,r: tJh, teel h ..

C:ut the barrel at the, i 1 e til rk I; retating it IS you gOi until the ent1'- 'cut s 3l1161' elep. m'f you sa:

s,l ow'1:y Ii you can fee 1 when yo'u re'!lch the steiB 1 iner~

51'£ C

T~le 1 tn r 1'5 ep,o,x1eld 1 nrtlo t:he outer ba ~-rl 1 t 50 yo'u remov 1. by hfJ'l t 1 ng th cuter barrel wI'j th t torch, x ...

~lndin9 it ' n~ breaking the epoxy bond, (Epoxy. Dr' ',ks, dCH¥n ,at ab'out

3001 )1 'C 11 ,IP the rear 01' the b rre 1 In

the vis_, nd s the vi e g~ip~ or

1 arg p 11 e'rs to s 1 awl y twi 5 t and p'Ull~ 1: t ' . QIUte ,rrel $, ct 11 on olff the 1 inler~ Jf 1 t. won't " urn ~en he· tied 'i

gc, back to the' ca~t ~ cremark the hack .... 'sa " bl ade end fi d th·, pot that j. s not [templet, ,1y cut through .. Go easy when remov1 ng t~le outer barrel; it I easy to bend the· inn r '1 iner

Not[f! = If you ant ~o Ie a 1 to disguise the barrel w1th the s11en~ cer ramo,,, d il 5 v the Dute'r barrel ~

A 11 e t s t r .. can c n [t.. 11 e d

'in I he batt·1n 0 t'he ~ear, wi h _ corr,e'spc'ndi ng hOI1.e tJ!11 the barre' 1 i ...

, er· Th', Olu'teT'" ' r' c, n then be

51 ~'I~p:ed over the barrrel and 's'cre;wed in place"


Wi;th the outler ba'rr' 1 'remov'i!d'~1 mark a p,01 nt 511 . rom the, r,eal'r of ,th~' barr·1 nd (,u't off the eK,ce's,s 11 n[ (rf

1 ilner ~ Cut, Ipi ,C 311 long f . he

dii sc rded 11·~ piece~ lhi's is, the

I pp ITt't 'r the b f '11 - ~


Dra'w Z' 1 ~ nes \ ong [tnl• ex pose'd 11-

Be r of th bar, l .... on long th _ s 1<1 'I

I nd ID,ne ,110 n'9 the t'olP 0 f the bra ,t"1! 1 • (Ne,tsurre f'rom the rear of the barret)

. r [and center p[unch 'the '0 low 119 IPO ~ nts allofl; each 11 1 ne' t 41" ,4'1a~11 ,41, nJ i' ,and 4,- 3/4 t-i ,t Wi th a 1/8~'l dr'11 1 bl t ~ dr i 1 t the' pun'ch •• r'ks ~ gOl1i m19- '11; 't.h., wly 'thl~u'gh the blrJ'r~e'l .. YIOU 'shoul[d now have four rows of 1/81n

hOll ''50, iii apart ~


'Wr[ap ,11 [_ of t· pc

1 /Mil ill bitt .. l ,1/91'·1 'f ,t, _ fran t ~ !CI r-eflLi 1 1,,,/ dr t 1 glU t the lbalr~re' tic the d pt,h olf th ts'pe m rk!! Uge

plen'ty 01 01111 ,.ruj doo,'~t let ~ne h:ate

biB cane lout of rolund.. Th1's 11~1111 'ft.1 won I t enl arge the 'barrel. it j UII t - re-

o • yes t:he llRds, .m i ch -cause the bu 1·..,

1- ,t to 5pin~ It 1,1 so retlO vie s ttle bu-rr's c"luse'd by d'r 11 1 ,t ng the 1/8'"

ho 1 5 ~ und t 1 : ~ d por 1 on, 0' tb

barre w'i 11 sti 1 impart 'th' ne- d sptn I wh ·n the bul 1 at reich s ttl ..

dirt 11, _. p'ortion [ i,t 1- _' tt'r to, bav'e-

111' siurf, ce - ;ottm, tD I 1 ntmt. III bull t

:di,' to'rt1ion I s ft PI' t't'ae dri l1ed

ho"; es ~ If I, 15/64'11 dl'r'111 t 51 no't I~

va t 1 b 11 1J • ' . , U,~c cl.


R,emove 'the 'p ieee 10,1 tape from the 1Il64~' ,or \ ,dr'il1 bt't, and :_ .- eb!,y 'd'rilll !out, the 3!t!11 llorng Ipie,ce [of

b rrel liner from s'tepl D,~


Thel shift eOI, 1 ar is, n'DIW 1 nstal1,sd; (J,n the b rre 1 [I' Thll' ,outer barre 1 1 S

t[ p~ d. it su - 5 abou:t '14,n (Hl It

the hacksaw cut and is about 1/16d

1"9 r~ ~. b elk (2f• from ttl r,.r lof barrel);o ta -'_' 11I11J" ftl e 't'h't I .u . tde' r [I unt1"l th,[ Shl,ft collar will nug;1y . ,lip over ttl ' out·,' barr ,lind rest 'f1 us,hl w'tl' it!4' Th2 cQll11ar i .self

may be ftled. to fi-t 1 f t'ne trr'[g "a1, ou ter ba rl!"e~l 1 s, go i, ng to be us,red, tlDI COlver 'the 1. i 'ner W1 e 1- the s 11 enrc' _ r is not in pll ce


Wi'th tlhe col '.. n pllace~ 'turn it unti 1 thl I,e who' e poi n s down:: en the, barr 1 is an th" gun •. 'R· mal'll thill!'

,C . _': I d U'S' '. cent r pUf1,ch to - - . ,

tt1I,e " at t ton of th _ 'hQ 1 e on t,'he barr,' 1 ~

5T," J

R'erneve the ,col la'r and d'r~ 11 I 1JI" diameter hole t the marlk ~ The hall! shu 1 d be ,lbgUI t 1l8'HI deep @ lake tt:le [knID·b J th umb S,iC'~I!W 'O'r bo \ t you 'bough t,~ and install it in the shaft collar.

·1 ide the col1 r Om,to the bar"11'1 rul t t'ghtlen the knlolb unt11 , _ . e,at intOI

tne hOlle i'n the barre'i ~ Tn hol may n '1!,d1 to be 1 t gtit ty [ Inll 1f'9!d or the end lof th -, C~, N ." Y h,IV to b ta ....


pered with a file to obtain the correct fi' t.. The IC(1111ar should now be a tight fit on the end of the outer berrel ~ stt·cfight·l. with no 'wobble jj STEP K

Cut a piece of the drain pipe a~

1 olng ~ Use, a s.c:raper or sharp kni f'e tc remove any 1 n·si de' burr-s and a file

or sand.papf!r to 5lniQ:oth up the outer ed'ge" O'ri 11 a ~~I ho l e lit from one end Cut ,8 second [pi ere of pf pe ~u wi' de .•

la nd dr'; 11 a ~i~'1 ho 1 e in the cen t.e.'" of the side~ Split one edge and file or cut out @noug:h mate:r1 a 1 to all 'lW the '~.'I pie'ce tOI fl t snugly ; nto the 811

pi see. R.emDve a 11 burr-s and. sharp

edges· and ins tal, 1 the ~:~I sh im and Bi.i rear tube over the co, 1 ar, l;; ne up. tbe ~n hal as, and insta 11 the. sccr~i

The rear of the tube is now·ed on t,he ba rrel i


The 'fr'ont 'barre' lmolJot is made by dr'ill'llng a 1~~· 'washer to an to of 3/:B1,. '11 then drill 8 - l/a,·~ hal es around 1 ts edge' ~ A 4 iii sect; Ion of

pi pe ; s spl it and triDined as, in. step I(t i,nd is 501 tiered toget.her-. oned'lal f lit a time" with the remai n1 n9 h,al f

5" i pped i nt'D the 811i tube, lhi s cam-

p Ieted, w.hen f i 1 ed '5 moo th 'II

sbou 1 d s 1 ;: de snugl y into the 8~' tube, wi't.hout Wobbl1ng. Don I t make it so tight that you cantt slide it in and out .. A 1~'~ washier ; snow installed

fl usn w'; th the end of the 4u tube ,ilind ;,5. -'S,o'lde'red in p'lace. Renove, the, 4 III ttt be an d ¥lIas he·r a s s·emb 1: y f rlflm

the 8'~ ~ ~

51·E.P M

l'he 4~··' x241~1 pll ece of screen ;' s now flo 1'ded ii'n ha 11 f to form a 2~~1 )(2411 strip~ Roll the screen tightly around a pencil and carefully slip it .; nto the front of the 81~ tube and

over the barre1i It shou'd rest agai:fls t the sh,aft col l ar and about 'Ilil of barrel should protrude from the fO'r-w;a, rd len d. The 4 u tu be i w'1 th the d'r1, Iliad w·a;sher to the rear lis now

s 1, i pped into the B·~' sect i on and is .. ICIDfRp'ress,ed agatns,t the screen unti 1 the front i s reces s.e'o ~ I~ t nte the

alt t ubs' ~ The, 8,!~ tube s hou 1 d now tH! perfect l y Icent'er'ed on the b.a·rr·el 'wi th no: wobbll' Ie' ~


A 1 II pie·ce ,and a ~u piece c·" br'a'ss pipe are used to make the endcap as~ semb'l y .. $pll' t. the 1 UI pi e·cel arnd trim. as before-until it will slip into

the ~.II pi ece. 'fl usn w'; th one end~. Solde'r in pl ace ~ .A l%'~ w,asher is slipped into 'this end and is soldered in place~ The endcap should now slide into the front end of the S~'I t.ub·e and come' to rlr!st ag,a i nsf. both it, and the fr'Olnt o'f the 4~" tuble f:

Ia p·e the endcap iii place f',or s t.ep 0 ~



Mark a center line on the top rear of the· al'~ tube. Measure '5/8u dc:wn each 5 ide f'rom the center 1. i ne and

L. t· 'L.. tub U Iii f'· 0 -~ til..

rrllU"',..-If,d! ·UU@ i II'~ea.:5ure· . rom He

rear of th@ tube and mark again~in~ tersect1ng the first 2 lines~ These two poi rrts are the 1 ocat.i on far t .. he tube suppor-t screws ~ They' lean be

dri' II ed and t,a.pped fur machi ne screws or simply drilled for self tapPing screws or pop r1vets~ Be sure that whatever f'a5tene~r:s~ used do n.ot ex'" tend through the col 1 CI,r into the bar ... · rel its elf ~ T hi 5 ,a '11dJlwS the co ~ 1 a r / tube' assembly t·o be 'removed from the barrel by 1 ooseni ng the bcttcm scres only ii,


The spi r·a' baffl e' and fr·,Q:nt. barrel as,sembly is made as fa' lows ii It wi 11 be conta'; ned i ns i de the 4" tube ~

Stack 12 w.8shers, wtth the edges aligned_ and c1amp together in the vise wi th ehe top. of the center ho'l e exposed" Cut wi ttl hacts;Bw' through the stac'k of w8'stiers froll the Qutside edge to the center hole~ The c~t should be at a right angle to the washer's ~ IRemove the stack of wiSlher's froll the vi se , and repl alce them i th1 s time with one side of the cut in the vise and one stde 18'Xl) 0 sed ~ Use a. h,a. mer or the vise grtp~ to bend the stack until the outside cut of the

1'i r st washle'r 1 i nes up with the inside cut of the thi rd washer ~ Remove th,el stack, f'Tom the v'i'se and IS'l 1 die 1 t onto the 3~" 'f·ron·t barre" 1. ; ner selction~ S.older a sol; d ""asher ft ush w·;:th one end (front) .irnd ,a washet' w'1 th B ........ 1/8~" ho'tes,. ~III from the o·ther end. (rear}. Blui lid up the' r'e,~~ of the' barrel/washe'r area 'wi t,h sol der as shown in the d1 &gra:m (I! Thi S 11 nereasas ga s flow to the, 8 ~ 1/8.1' holes ii


The 12 spl it 'w,ashers ·are no,w spaced

evenly betWeen t.he frlont and rear un ... split washers and soldered in place. The edges shout d 1 tn.e up to fOrm a s~ri ral ".


Dri 11 I row of l/lGu ho les in the f ron t ba rre 1 1 i nErr 't u be, be·twele'n each of ~he sp1ral~i


Pas's· the: 1'5/641~ (or 1a!~)1 dr'ill

thro,~gh the front barr"i!,1/s,pI1 rll.l s,ec .... t'i (J.n to remove t.he burrs from dr'1'ling the lrl.61~ hol es IOTa~e~ ~he hol.e .; n the· rear wi th the 3,"81-1 dr'11'"


The 3/4~' lolnlg pl:ete of dr'ai n, pi pe is us,ed tlCI ma ke~ ,8. spacer fo'r the area bet-we·en the re~r' of t.he 4i1 tube and the spi'r··il a.ssembly i Spl'; t the edge

, f th" 3~"1 AI II- tuk.- :!:II'li'lid o~',u.arl!l:iip tlL..:a

o "lle.,·~ ._._LIt:: uJ,'1',' "v'!!; Q 'Ir.ll~

ed·g@s,. t.he size un-ti'l 1. t wi 11


fi t ; nto the ,4" tube '. 511 de it i· nto the tube until it r~st5 against the ba~re' supPQrt~ The spiral assembly

1 snow i nsta] '1 ed into the 4· II tu:tn~' '. I: t should fit flush with the front of

the' tube"


. The femes in f ng pi ece ·0 f bra $'S tub-

ing'" ~Ii wide~ and the ~en1aining ,l~l! w,a.sher,. are used to ho 1. d the nu ts for the mount screws that s~cure th~ en~

cap to ttM:~ gu tube" Spl ~ t ~he ~ "

brass tube and trim untll It wl11 f\t ~nto the endcap. Sol~er the seam and

sol der the tube to the ~·,ashe!,". Pr~ or t·o· '; nse rt i ng the. mount. as s,emb 1. y 1 n to the endcap iO in se r t a ~I~ s pac er 0,-; rolled ca~dboard-or paper~ The ~I, spacer will hold the~~o~nt assemb'.~ in pas, it; on wn i 1 e dr'; 1.111 ng. the ... mf)~n.tin9 holes~ The mo~nt assemblY.L's now inserted into the endcap1 washer to th.e front.. lhel r'ear snou] d he fl ush ~tth the rear of the endcap~


Insert tne endcap into the S·II si ....

1 encer tube, Mark the an tube at 4·

poi nts'~ top ~ bot.ton, and the center of both 5 ld,as.. Each poi nt. shoul d be'

~u to the. re,ar of t.he froot. edge of the tube, Drill one of the holes and insert a screw~ This w111 prevent the mount assembly from moving when the ather' 3 hol es a r·e' ,dri 1 1 ed ~ Dr'; 11 the :3 rernEri rd ng: holes as marked. Remove the screw, take the' endcap o'ff II a.nd remove the mount [i)ss,embly. The '~n

roll of cardboard in the endcap can now be d:ii sea rde (L F ou r' nut s a re 110W sQIlde·red or' epoxtsd 1 n pl alee under each of tln'e' hal es '1 n the mount issemb 1 y,~ lhe bot tom nut may be used to mount it sll ng s,wi'vel 1 f de·s,; red" Re ... · '1 ns tal l the moun·t as,sembly and. endcap in the front of the silencer and check that the 4\ screws wfl1 all fi t ,

£ndcap Packing Procedure:

Vari OUS· fIlateri a1 5 can ~e' used as flexible baffles to fill the endcap~ Thes .. e baffliesl are int.ended to a.110w the bul Iat 'tIC pass , but to part; a.lly seal off the end of the s11encer and help to slaw the release of gas~

Fl e:xible p1 ast:i c, ny' on", and red or black rubber may all be used.

The front half of the endcap will t.a/ke· a baffl Ie! wi ttl Ii 1~1' 00 ~ whi lethe -rear 1:i~11 of baffles mU'st be· notch@d t·o c.le'ar the, 'nuts from the moun.t a sls.emlb 1 y ~ J'f soft 'ru~tu~n~ t 's, used ~ a sma. 1 1, I X, i cut '1 n the 'center is sufficient to allow the bullet to pass~ If harder plastic or nylon is

u '5 e d I a ta P.le'red htfl e 1a III at tli1e rle a r' and about l/BI!~ CI.t the frlQ1nt must be rna·de Ii Don ~ 't try to makle la hole in a ba ffl e by' f1 f'i ng a bu' 1 et through .; t~1 y(n~ w"i 11 p·robab11.,:/ destroy the endcapil' A I/B~' stlBC:lc of w';: re serelen dt 5CS can also bb used as part of the end~

cap packing mater1al~ The stack of screen d1 scs shoul d hsve ~~i ho'l E!S tn the center-s ~ Regardles,s 0" the baf'fl[E!

ma.teri ,8 1 used ti' they wi 11 'Wear au t, [" several h[undred rounds and W'l 11: hBve to be replaced~ After the end~ cap is packed with baffles, it is

relns'ta 11 led on the 8u tube t The un; t ts now camp 1 eted, 1: f a front S '1 ,ght

is needed ~ a 5[ 1 'ght bl ade can be soldered in the notch of the tap mQunt s,cre'w, or a c'on,ve"nti o'na 1 s,ight ramp can be' mounted on the gil 'tube ..

The comp'~ e!lted un i t can be pa i nted with conventional spray pain~ or MG Coat ($,ee arti cl e el se1where in thi 5 issue)~ If the unit will be used el~ tens'~e1YI it will get quite hot~ A handguard to protect YD~r hands can be made by wra,ppi n9 the s i " ent,er' in several layers of asbestos gasket

n~a, t,er'~ a " 'I· Th el as b lEIS to S 1 s cove tied

wi th a 1[ ,aye'r o[f b i ack pl as t·; e ell [Be" tri c fans tape ii

After extensive use, the silencer should be disass@mbled and cleaned. The screen should be scrubbed clean or replacedi as well as the baffles

; n the endc ap. 'B:e sure t,o i: nspsct

the Sp'l ral baffle ,assembly for anY' breaks in the soldered washer spiral~

and resolder them~ -




- . .



TOll[ 1 s a rid Ma te'r,' a 1 s iN.'~ede'd:

1 '"'" We i!J. ve t Sc ope Mo'U nl t B,a. $,e :W T g[ ·i: n .... t~n~ed fDr use on Ruger 10/22

r1 fle:. Pr'ic€!' about $2.50


, I I

, [ ,


. .

'Th EI[ A,R-7 ,5 U rvl val I"i f I,e' i,8 a J: il g bl I compact 1 I:h()'t,t 22 cal[ilber sam i

~ a u toma t t c lri f t e that hll lPO pru I[.r Wt['lih hiker:s~ campers, and, pilots" Firs;t produced In 't·Il,. ea,rly 1S6Ds by the Ar'm:aJi t:a ,Co[rp~ I the AR-'! 'was O[r'ilgl,na~lty' desi'gned a,s a survh/a~ weapon for downed AI'[r For'ce [crew·s,,, ,A sli[le'n ced v'srsilon W[[BS ,aJ 90 but ~'I b~1' 'tha Q'o[vernmen't' dluring thiS V'iet INam' W,ar ..

I Th e T'ilf~e· Is curren tll:y man u'(actured I by [Charter Arms CfHlJ~ and rataHs for ,S'1'51" FFIL no I derl can buy the ','Ifl. [I w'·· 'hol,~bnIA f~o[';" a- b-: O-'U'I $·'5~4·

[ 1 - ." I ~1ri;lGJ -.;;" ". I' ... 11. _" .. _ 113

I Th ere a,n! lou r maj or p,arts to th e F'i 'I 1 a: the ba[rrs'l, stee k i rece Iver, [an d 'tt'u!·ma:gazinel .. W·he,n disas,sembled!1 ali parts are contatnsd in the flo8,ti[n[g, wtl'terp,roof st,o,ck ..

The, AR-7 rif~e can be used es the basts [of a comptete ·mint 'w'@a.p[Olns system de,signed to be carried in a small attache· case.

,_. The or;glns.1 :s'tock and '1 shot

[m,B:galin[s are not USied w'it'h 'this sys,t[em[, but shouid 'be, retained ter pa,ssi'Dlle fu.tute usa,


c. fa y ~ n ho 1 e 5



enlarge hal.·

centerl i .

- ... . .

[ F·; g t

... ' . .


In addllilon to the baste r&c,elver and bar!rel assembJ!y, th e "of lowing, platt s are needed 'l[o build the, new' s),'stem,

1 I, Ss've'ral 15 round mag[ilzi[nes

2" ane extra barr.'1 ,assembly

. 3. 22 Caliber ri[fi'e scope wil,h seepa I

rIngs and ba[se

4 C-I[ICi!!t· :0' "m' ,DC·Q·'·P" e m· ioun t

l'i! .... IUg ", J 0 .. ·.· .. -.'_l :'".

5" Pi:$rto,i ,gri1p 'with coUalpslbte,j

[IIJ: bu lal stock

8~ :Sil·encer 'mount ,tube' 7.,SMenlcer'

8, Ch:lalning and too~ kit with 8,plare parts

9., Smal [I a,tt,at;he'~ ease [or instru""

rnent [case· [

T"e flys,bl'm ,alto'ws a variety of I

W'e··"sp·[·o·,n·s· to- be~, '8' ssernble ....

L_,_ 1.,", •• _'" "0 -,,' , ~ '.- ",' • __ • ~~~ ~ ," &U ..

" ~ Full[ lengt,h rif[lel w'ith scope

,2" Riffle with short barrel a,nd

s I, ~ en eer

3 ~ Pistol

4, Plstol wUh sueneer

5. Subm[3c,hine gun wU:h sUe[nc'8Ir The w'ho~e works can be bui[U for

about :$10fl

1 - '116,4111 drl11 ~ BOt

1 - 6x32 National Coarse (Ne) tap~ 90'¢ Iand a tap handl e il f you chlrlt nave one'ii)

- Oil for dri 111 ng and tapping 'I ~ Drill motor or hand dri'l~

5 .... 6x32 NC machine 'scre'ws :;;1 1 ong ~ about lOt each (flat head)

.... Rubbi ng al cohol to de'glreils,e before gl u1'n[Q'.

_, E,po xy g " ue "

1 - Pc. Coarse sandpaper 36-80 griti 1 ;0" p[c. We't or Dt·y sarldpaper 2[20-

320 'Qrri't. Ii

1 - Smal1 piece' of mad[el1ng cl a,y. - Hack5aw~ Padded Yise~ Center Punch,!,

Procedure: ~

!. "U51n'9 the hacksaw and padded vi se, cut the scope mQunt as shown in Fig 11 [~ Sa nd. a' 1 rOUJg hedge '5, snoet h ,I

MO'rE: S"crat;eh 4 is'r.:Ial.! .' F • for front in t.he' $,lot at the front of the IDOUll t ..


'l1iIOu'nt~ Wash 'the' mount 1 n ill cohol and dry wi t,h ,8 clean towel.

~~ Pl ace thle mount on a f1 at i sm'oth S,lIrflCe i F1r, all 'screw holes wi th clay", Cl a1 i s al so used to mak'e a 'small f1da;m"1 at each end of the mount;,

Pl. Mlil enough epox_y to f11 1 up the l~ea, ,creat,ed by the curve Ind' dams at _ ealcn end II The' epoxy s houl d be ~,l'igntly I'Jp'l led up" on 'the mount .. Se'! F1gl~ '2~ ALLOW TO DR.V OVERNIG,H'T' Even ; f it 'says 5, or 10 min i' ,epoxy ..

'E ~ ISl ue I pi eta of 220- 320 grl t wet or dr,Y :sandpa,per to a 1 arge pi eel! of glass~ Sand off the exces~ epoxy

froll tibl!l scooe mount base by s lidl ng it acrass the sandpaper, Check the progr'ess ofte'n to be 'Sure you aren It. Ipp1Y'ilng I,ll the pressure to the ends, lh1 s wi'11 treat,! a rock,1ng chat r e'ffeet.,1 instead of the abs'olut;e 'flit bottom des i'r-ed ~ ~,top sandi n'g when Ii! bar,!! al urn;: nurn 1 ap'p'ears an both sfdes~ Check the mount for flatness on an open area of the glass. See

[Fig jj 13~, Spot, sand lany high a-reas that ,ar'e found,

F", Pl ace the mounl't.'I' epoxy down" on. a, hard f1 at w.ood surface and dri 11 through the :mo'Unt hal es end epo,,~ underneath t Enlarge the hOll es in the' ,e'-poJ;y w t ttl a 5 ha rp po 1 n tad k ~ _- fe' I The' 'screw's' should '51 1i p through the hal es 11Q the mount. 'wi thout rest stance II'

G ~ 01 sas'sembl e the recei ver as, per {h,e Igun I s enclosed i:nstruction sheet Rernoy'e all. '; nterna 1. parts except for the 'sa'fety 1 ever a ssemb 1 y wh i ch ; s l!ft in place. Clamp the receiver in the padded yise~ See F1g~ *4~ There are 10 true ribs on the top of the fe'eel ver (.12 if you count tne s,hort.y on each side)" Fi nd the center groove of this area and use a scriber or

k.n i fe po int to sera ten ali ne the

1 ength o'f the groove. It shQul d be br'i'g,trt s.l 1 ver ·and constrast 'we' '1 wi th the black back9round~ Use a center punch 'to ma'r'lc thi s, gr.oove at the folilowfn'g p.oints t as, measured from the front .,edge 0" the gro'ov'e ~ See Fi g ;;:5 3l41~ .1, ... lt4~}'lIll .... 5/aJ'~ ; 2,-, 1/81(' i,] .... 13/161'

!'it 'Dri 1'1 at eacb punch mark wi'th the,


7/641• drill .. Go 51 ow and keep the drill as vertical as possjble~

I~ Thread each hole with the 6x32 tap. Go slow; use 01'1 as a 1 ubri cant and ,agai n tr'y tOI keep the tap ina, verticle position. When finished.use a "kn1 fe poi nt to scrape away 1'1' burrs and rough edges from both the inside and outside of the tapped h,oles •. Take' care n,Dt to damage the threlds~ Wash the receiver in hot soap and w'ater to remove al l traces of drilling debris. oil, etc~

J i S,qU; rt ,a dt'op ef oil in e'lch threaded ho 1 e P'll ace the' mount on the receiver and start the five screws by hand, I" one or 'meu··e won It, start, elongate the hole in the mount un't i '1 the screw w111 thread in-to the recel; ver be 1 ow ~

K" Run a 11 fi VE!' screws down snug and Check 'that the mount is in comp'ete contact with the receiver without any ga'ps .. An easy w,ay to do this, test is to hold the unit up to a w11ndow and ] OOR at the s ide of the mount-rece1ver joint~ If no light is seen, fine. If 1 arge gaps appear"one or FrKl'r@ of the s,crew's ; 5 pr,obably rubbing against the side of the hole in the mount t whit'h dt ster ts 1 t ,and pre've!nts '. fl ush f1 t. El; ong,ate an.y orob 1. em ho lie,s as ,t n J.. When a 1'1 at 'fi:t is obtained" a,111-5 screws should be ti ght'ened _, BEWARE'"" you ,a,r,~ plenty tough to s tr 1 p al l 5 he" es of the r thread 5 'ii '5,0' use' modera t i on when tightening.

L .. Abou't 1/16" of each screw wi' 1 be ~rotrudi'ng into "the top area of the

rece,' 1- ~ t--"~A Re - ~ach

. '.. , : V e r s ! nl ·e r h.,Ii.r . ,mo·ve :t; ... ': '

screw individually and file or grind off materi:al unttl the 'screw is

51 i g!htly recessed tnto the. top of the, rece 1 ver whe n tightened '1 n. p 1 aca After grinding, be sure to cleanup any ragged threads o'n the screw ends, These will easily str~p out the soft a 1 umi num threads OJ Wi th ,81,1 5 seress tightened in p'ace. run your finger along the top inside of the recetve~ You shoul d feel Moth; nq but 5 sha 110'" holes. See Fig~ 6~

t"iI Mount 'scope j and set both adjust ... 'ment knobs to a c.e'ntral sett ;:og Ii

Si ght. the 'ri f1 e 1 n at 2.5 f·eet,. US,; ng ,I 1 a,rge whi te she~et ,of p'aper .. 'When the scope is sighted in, you should sti 11 have' pl enty of adjlustment 1 eft in all 4 di rect,;:ons '" 1 ~ e« up tdown"

1 eft;. r'l ght ... to later campen'sate for any.1 s'11 ; 9 h tal; gnme n t d iff err en ce s, j l f 01;e. '0 r' c,on tro 1 sis turned to i ts ext reme bef:ore the '5 co pe '1 5 ce'fltered, the mount will have to be adjusted.


1f the gun shoots too far to the·.left the scope base must be moved 1 eft ~

D1 tt.,o for r'1 gh t ~ T,o move the ba s~ 7 the ha:l,e's '; n the mDunlt must be' a 1- t,ered a s 'flO 11 OWS :

Enlarge the holes with a knife or

round fi'e~ The tapered screw head wi', fill the 'arg~r hole~ If the mount is to be mtJ,ved to the "1 ght t make. the overs; zed hal es '51 i ghtly to, the left of center, do the oppo~1te for right to left~ Continue this . process until the s~ope is sighted to center, with both scope contro~s

; n a near neutra 1 pos 1 t1 on ~ Up and down is easter; a ~him or series of shtns ; '5, 511 pped under the front of the mount 'tOI corr'E!'ct hi,gh shoot i"g" and und,s r the re,a r for 1 ow shoot 1 ng · See F1g~ 7~ Shims of hard plastic or melt ill ma,Y' be u s,ed .. '1 f the s'h .; ","1 ng

i SI 'v'er,' extr-eme, the ~tTeWs wi 1, 1 bel too shrirt, and it wtll be necessary to rep" alee them wi th a longer' un it I,

N~ Al '1 gnment 1 s r,arely thts f'ar off I but '; f yo,u wi Sh'I' an al ternate me'thad may be used, D'ri,11 and tap the front and rear holes only~ Clean and reasseeb 1 e 'the gun, tl amp 'the. r i f1 e ; n pl ace, wi'th a po'rtabl e vi ce or heavy sand bags~ Adjust both up/down and left/right scope controls to a centr,al po!'s'l ttun and i nst,a1'l scope' and mount,- Din ri fl e .. If the' scope 1 s

aimed at. a, poin't fa; r'ly' ctese to the pOint of bullet 1mplct~ minor adjus~ men,t ; s, ,s'11 that is necessary. Dr; 1 "

and tap the rema 1ni ng; 3. hc les , If

the bullet and scope are gro's,sly mi T a1 1 gned ri'ght to , ef't , the front I. rear, or' be th no'l as ~,,' 11 have t'll be en 1 arged '51 i ght 1 y off center as ; n step' :MI above. y'ertical mli sal ignment, is aga i n handl,e,d wi th sh i ms, When the unit is finally a11gned~ drill and tap for the rema,ining .3 scress ,10 Remember 1 whe'n @nlarg1ng the hol es for adjustment I 'to remOVII! the excess s,crew ., ength that may now protrude into the inside'of the receiver~

NOTE: I t !:lou' can Ii t f j re 'the r j, £ 18" do, step N hy removing the boll t a.nd I"e'iU" .,sight SCrel!'lt The' scope' is.,d 'h/,i t;h the po.1 nt thai e 1. II seen wh.en looking throu,gh the rea,r of the ,r,e;cei,ve'r and s'ignting down the barre 1 ii "hi s j.5 a: crude. rOE'In' oL BORB ,SIGHT'ING ~

,,ft. 'When you are sat'i:sfi ad wi th the lIIO,un t ,I s ali gnmen t 1> re ug,hen t.he re-

c,e1 vet and mount eentact areas wi th coarse sandpapar-, C'l ean a'11 parts I

es pee ,t a 11 'II t,h e 5 crews, and the threaded ho 1 es, w'i t.h a 1 coho.l;J Epo,xy thel nKllunt to, the Qun .. as 'we'll as, ea,ch screw into 1 t" I, a,lppropriate hole~ IRepl ace' any shims that hid bee'n 'lin

pl ace bef,or-e clean1,ng~ let, tt dry

AT LEAST 24· HOURS before fi,,'; ng~ If

1 n the f'LIt ure )"0\1 need 'to rellllO'v,e the mOlunt. the epoxy bond i 51 b ro iken wi th heat: Take off the scope and disas'$,emb 1 ,e' the re'c:e 1 ver ;; H:ea t the mount

vertical .r Lb beh i.nd the cham·be·r on the right side must, also be filed. away, but. no loss o,f strength was noted. Continue t6 file until standa.rd claw mourrt; ,,22: acope ri.ngs ·can b,e .in'stalled~ Before reassembling the gun~ bore sight it as described in issue ,3t and adjust as needed~

The accpe is easily' remo'ved for ,storing the rifle in the stock and the ori9in~1 sights remain intact. This is especially nice in a g,urv.iv(I,1 rifle ~ Whftn the acope crea,k,s, or malfunctions, a back~up sighting system is ..


.~t. h~ .=t~ ::: ~:=t ~ •

6t the holes i. thee: 'bin,gL Put 'the bolt I t'broa~h. themidd~~ hoI. of ·the. bin,. :'1:1 aad re·pl •. ce tbe n~,t ~I .hOWD 'ID the I dnw~'n,rii Wi't'b tbi:1 device .any "mall ~je~t ~.Y 'b~ finnly be~ by' .·p1, ...... --------- ....................... ----~-------------_I p!aclDg Idt ~ih~ee!l tbeb·~·· ,SIde. of 'UN;l

_ hinge :~ I Ii,.·. ~eftlar~ t .• e n·ut., ,

_ _ _ the . _ _ t I


,n,d rEH;et'ver to about .3009 or un·tfl 'the, le'poxy lIRe 1 ts ,

Bye l Y D E SA,I.·ROW'

Three years ago, I began to design modifi~ cations far the AR ~ 7 rifle~ I asked several gunsmith~ about a provision for mounting a scope, either by screwing on a base or cutting a dovet.a i 1 d i:rect 1 y int;[o th·a rec,eiver '", "·Ca.n iiI.'I: b~ done, too soft, insufficient wall thickness, thre'ads wi 11 .str ip ou t f e t c , etc .• ~ ~f'·ter .sam.e experimenting it was discovered that by uSing coarse threaded screws, they resisted strip~ ping of the threads~ This led to the dasigri presented in issue *]~ As stated~ this unit is unacceptable if the storage feature of the original stock is to be retained. A number of seso cl'amp-an removable mounts were then produc~4 and were' to be -thee· b.asi.s· of thi s art .i>C'.lEL; For the hell of itj I also revived the integral dovetail idea, and cut one in an old AR 1~ If nothiru;;; else ~ I w.!3,h·t·ed to see wh[elre it WQ1uld

cz a ck . It didn't cr-ack . It w,o<rks p,erf'e[ct,ly'~ Th~ horizontal top surface of the rec~iver is· even close ·enough eo bor e aliqn,m,en't;. 'to ,allow the slight error to he corrected with the internal scope adjustments~

'1 'I l' ~h t • 1 . II

It-s so Slmp ea' .ow~to artie ,e lSn-t

even fl:9:CeSB,ary ii,

Just clamp the receiver in a padded vise and fil~ a 'VI along both sides of the ribbed top of the receiver~ A small amount of the




by Clyde ISa rrow'

S'~,andar~ s·[Qmi and full jacketed hallow poi n.t ammo ts t,he bas l [5 for

t he . Ve 1 ex ] old. th e hol ow poi n t b u 1 ... 1 ets are redr1 '11 ed un-e:i 1 the cav i ty

is 3/'16 [n in d i ame'te r ~ 'The h ole e)li;"; tends to the base of ~he copper jac ket , Th is en' argled ce v il t.y i: s

'(1 11 ed wi th wha t [I ppears to be P _)Ira .... dex, a modern. b1 act powder substi '"", tute ... .It may be conventlonaJ b lack powd er 'II howe.v:er.

The dletonat.o'r [~di scrim1' impact fuse) is a brass cup J/16!k3/16~ The wal: 1 "th1 ckness ts about hall f that of a c,on'lenti Q,nIQ 1 p~rii me·r Ii Thle in teri Ot 0 f the ca. Pi 1 S CDa t~e'd Mil th a s he c k senst tiy'l' expl!·os.i ve t 'probably the siame IC·omPOI S,; ti 0 n f au n din to'y p i s to, 1 caps, (P'ottas ii\lm Chlorate" Red Phosphorus and Slack Antimony Sulfide)i

The vol ume used is also about that of a toy cap~ The cup is seated open lend to the rear and 1 s recessed about

1/3:211 ft\oni the front edge of the bul-· 1 et. ,Thi s recess prevents the round from detonating on auto pistol feed ramps",

A thick layer of red sealant. poss 1 b ly , aquer, " s used t,o· sea 1 t.he cup fr'om mOl sture, and i '5 a1 SO 1:nt.ended 'to ac t as an tmpac t buffer ~

A new 1 i ne of pi s to 1 (rj'nnun i tilOn

w'; ttl odi ng :bul1 ets -;' snow .manuf'actured and martf.ted by Vel ex Inc." l' tt, "6,80'9' l Incc'l n II Spokane 'Ii Wash; ngto,n

919208 ~ {'509) 3·26· ... 52183 phone. ~

The line is called Velex and is current 1 y av,a i' 1 ab 1 e' in the fa 11 oWl ng

ca' i bers =

380 Auto! 8,1 gra i n bu 1 ret

9rml I 92 ,.

38 spec I 101

35:7 ma'g I 101

,45 A[:P - I 2[00



44 magt~umti 38 super auto and 44 special loads are currently bein~ "tes,ted and wi 11 be ,I va'; 1 lab 1 e: 'from Ve 1 ex 1 n the near futu re ;;

D@al'[E!'r :pri ces are as, fcl l ows~, A

I $50 .. 00 mi ni'mum order .; s re'qui red for . the who 1 esa '1: e pr1 ce break, Inc" UdHE!'

FFl with your order or have a licenI sed dealer order for you~

I Ca 1>1 be r pa ck ,of:: Re ta,'1 1

I 3aD auto 1,0, 8~ 0,0

'91ir'rU ] {J 8 " on

38 5 pee 8 7.,00

357 mag B 9.50

45 AtP 10 9~5Q


A Rom .. llade HaBd "ViII

A very 8RfD'1 little hand vise CUI II loil,' 'be .. ma,de ·from.·.. .' h'inge Aft[d & [ bolt. ca;nyinl' '. wiAg nut. Gel.. fo,t I


1~ /'''2' u .

.'. ~.' recess·


. 'pr iJrniJ ng compoulnd

primer cup [powder

copper Jacket 1ead ~~


The fe'w test rounds 1 was, abl e to obta in , 4:5 ACP and .380 auto II w·erle! fired into large pink grapefruits~In eat·,n case the V·el~[ex deto'nated and the bull et mu~shrnomed to approx ~ twi ce

i t i '5 or i gin a 1 d ; a me te r '. l~'e t 11: 'p re ... ' sent an indepth look at Velex ~n a future ; ssue after' mo're E!,)'.tens i "Ie testing is completed.




l_ &"iJ.~~' .",J







0.. i"d U tI C

.. ~


:; 'inl~

~I~ -i~'-O

'::( ~~

"- !',IIi
G,!: GJ
.s::! .CJ d.'I
ff.!. ::3 ~ r"""
IQ ~ 0
~ .£:
" :;: .::
"CI! D Q:)
.,-' :::I -t~
- .I-JI - . ,1"""1
VIi =
. '"ii!I!' o



.... :I:

'1""4, .,. :; N




• .w



:: ..

c.--.+ :: 0-
...... IV
.. 1 u
"""!-- C
iii 1 ,



[ [

[ [



0 fa
..... ILb
...... ,_ ...... :;:II u ........
....... s: Qj II::
1.... ._ (,I) "- :iii!! ~
0 V'!I -
+i' U s, ..... ,u UJ
'" -
C it: ~ ,.... :10- tI LLJ [,.,._ .... .....J a:
::II ..., 0 n t: [I;.. ~ c.... _...[ <
~ ~ Co ~ [I- til ·c U') P!:I
rt!l ~ ... ~ ~
.J: GJ 1!iJ.
'VI! ~ -t-II ton .c
rU) ::t
.~ 6.-4.

'r:'''''' .

By Clyde Barrolw

We have received a lot of reader corrnents a'bout s,ubmac,h11 n!e gun,s,. The 'top; c genera,'te<s strolng fe'el'ings both pro and con II'

The pi,cture created by those who hold the SMG in low 'regard is one of I 'wi 1 dly: spray'; n'g the 1 and'cape. firtng entire 30 round magaI,; nes wli ttl each bur's t. uMlY 9<Cjd II he '! 5 w,a 's t '1 n'g ammo [ It

Prcponents wi 11 descri be' 'SI?,e'ci a 1 combat firing techniquest relate tales of hits at incr@dible distances and swear that the' SMGI has, 'rende'f'ed the autopistal and light assault rt~ fl: e obsc l ete II

As usual , the trllth fa 1 1 'S somewhere

be t· . WO,D n- t- h __ ·.tII.r' lflII, 'tw·i!"ii aX" - t ~.o.mcl!i,Jt! TA mA S ·t";·

Itii - P'~1IIti ~ I. ~~..:; . u ~'. ·,r III::;. -'lW~J ill u· -u ... }

peopl e I SMG mean's full auto .. T.hi s

is only one of the characteristics of these weaponSI and need not b~ con-

s' i defied ,6 detr'·ij ment ~ Me's t moder'rri SMG des ;'gns al so' ,iI llow for s,enri. autc fire~ full auto being used only se~

1 ect·~.yely. as the need ari' ses i)

The p'ri'mary attract ions 0 f S,MGs, are on~ hand~d use~ large magazine ca,pa,ci ty and s impl i,ci t,y 0" de~';lg:n "'hi ch a.11,I:)'Ws for 1 QW cost prcductfon in small home 'workshop'S'i wi tho,ut the need to resor-t to i nve's,tment cast ...

1ngs. milling machinesl and other exotic manufacturing techniques and equi pR1@nt'ii

The baste SMG typ:e of weapon ts idea 1 for s,mall g'roiJp or i ndi'yidua 1 manufacture for the fo1lowing rea- 5,ons .•

a~ The receiver is usually bas~d on either easily obtained and worked round s·tee'l t.ubi ng: I 'or is des1 gned ,aj'~DYlli1d a square or r'ectCLngul ar box shape~ Examples of the round type of receiver include the Sten. Ster'fng~ S ,. W M'76" M,3 'Grease Gun I) ',and th'e Ge'nnan MP40,. The square or box r'eceiver fs used in both the lsrael' UZIJ and the Ingra~ MIO & Mll sub~ mach;'ne pi st,ol s ,

o CD



b~ SHGls are designed to be cheap and eas y to produce - and ,I re gea red to a mi li tar'Y Im,lri(et, .. Tberefor'!., the d'e's i'gl'nl can be based on pra'c'ti csl

·co·nl s ide"f'a t i on's a lena, wi thout the need to mil ke con,c,. 55.1 on s t.o app@ar .... ance~ Appearance is a major factor 'when des i 9n1 n9 .. 'COlmJerc i a 1 gun for cornmer'Cl a 1 saIes , and esn greatly i'ncrrt!ase the cost and complicate the m'anufilcturi ng process ~


c. Most . 5M3 'I s 'f1re frCIIII" a cocked or OP'etl bol t and c,lonta1 n a "'xle.d firing p1n~ The inertia of the bolt ,Il10 V", n g forwa;rd e,11mi Ina te'd the net ... , ass 1 ty fo,' compl ex, bree'c'h. 1 ock1 ng mechanism's o·r' stl ff recot l 's,pri ngs 'found in ca'Jllue"rc1 aly awl. i, 1 able s,Mi' auto guns. This open bolt firing

·11 '1 OW's t,he we·apon to be berth '1 i 'gl:h ter rn 'Wf!'ight and 6'I~pl 11 er in d,!sfgn II The open Do'11 tor' 'sllam-Dang type of act't'on doe~ jar t~e w,lpon upon, f1 r ... 1 ng' " and ·tih@rlefore s·ome c enceas '~ on fs made tQ tar'get ty'pe ac:cur'ICY",

The next few" PMA tssues ,,'N11 11 feature lmat .. eri a 1 Din 5, ame olf t he more popula,r mod,ern SMG's, ,Whrl e we haven t _"'et been arbl e to purchase a set of 'pl1 ans for PHI' publ i,ion" we IlI'v,e fDund sources of several eMcel1ent desl gns geared to'ward home mlnlJfacture~ (See RDy Me Laughlin~s ad this 1 s sue and The VOl d 1':5 iul 'for Holme 5, ' Home WDrks,ho,p' Book +n prevtpus· tssuas, be th are 'gio,ad 'sets c,f plans,,)

If ,Y,ou nave a des" g:n fo,r' sl,l e Ii wan't, to -,buy or' S'B II spec.'11 f1 c SMG compone'nts'l or waul d 11 ke to se'e mate'r1.a 1 on some spec'l fi c S"G" drop me it card C,lr! of' PM. and we 'I' 11 see

wha,t, we can d.c I'

The issue features I reprint of t.he p,at.ent for' IGordo'n i:ngram,lI s M~IO

and MIl (MAC) Mach'. ne' Pi stnl s. A 1"1 parts, f:or 'the'se guns are avail abl'l! e'x.cept the 1,ower r,e'c,i ye'r ii, ,and we hope to har,,..e a set, of CIDlliIS tru,ctto'n plans for' t,tle lower uni t t'n a future '1 ssue, 'If ,you .'re 1nte'rested in the IIItC 10' Qr 11 un1 t drop George'L1u a line (see classified ads th~s 15 sue) ~ He a,e 1 , s c:,ompl ete re"g is t,e'red SMG:s, t,o' qua 11 f1 lid buyer'S, a's we 11 ,S s a'11 re'pl acement parts a'net se'veral re'pri nts of art 1 cl es that have been

writ.ten about the M10 and Mllft

P"OO:R MANit IS, JAMErS BOND vei . 2


3 6~'SI 736

" ", r .' .. " :

J I. '. I .' .

-, " '1'1, ',',

_',"~,,~'-IIANDLE' ",' ,'I' AJCD~' '~"""~ISIOLG'("_MAG'-' '~'AZINI' --"~": - ""-,, ,

,'.~ '- ,'. ,,' -'."'.' '.:, '~~ 'I .. ' _ ;' .. ,,_ ;'_'" ',' _' ,,~ ',.' -,IV.AN

AU 10M' "IA'TlC~_' - ,,"'~'

'.' - '.' >.:....'.. ~~. . ~ :. ~ , .

~ Aula_.' ~.CIpORI of' Lbe lubmachi ... · pa 'lJpIare IOml""

I ~ Cl, refl~ II • ~llChine' pliloll ud suell .. pau lIl'UIt be

__ I ill ud elftcte'RI i.A oJ'!· .. tlon . .,

,~ftOtcIiIq; ttl Idda lavell'lion, .dab' cr'dle weapon is kept I" '~ •• bRunI b, _true'tip.certain .lemlMl :Nl lb., die, per. : .... two Dr more ftmcIt ioM., Fm:. examp:te, die, tri.aer luard or 't~iI ~¥Oliall is ~.,cd in •• :11 'ml"'r' U 10 afford ,p,ret'ec-, uoa rOl lhe - .. ud~" "mlrudinl triMtr and, IiIIG IO";U Ie

"lii---~D - .iil.l41 -, " ' - ,L, I "k, . "', ~ - .I_, ~, ,,' , :t.1I'

,1,UilMiL1U, ,I .' .IUIU., meaas .u.r •. , rod"..; a" 'amRulI,nl,d.on ,are

dlrecled ~ialD me b~.e,£h end of Ithe IUD band .. Accordi,n. to

'--...ol-iI .. ' .... r~· ..... _IIiili.~j_ ,ft,'f' .... ;., ,itn:,_.·l_ ,1I;,t;.,- L--.h, .... __ _,..IIIi_ t. ~'. -- . -. ~I-~ iI~ VI, loB·. ,I, ,ye,.""fVII. U11"UU;IlI-I;~" ' .. arruleu [ID

• to provide mluu,aI .,eaRl; 'for [operaliral Ike boJ" from '1,111

cla •• d 10· :... .... 1. . ~l'!' .~. - -d- ~ iI- .. d 'Ii ·.oJiIid1J, '"' th

~ ~. . iII;"_~ .. ' Jt'OI!I.lOn, an: 'V',tea ve:rsa ,an 111, ,au ,lUG •.. e

.. ;It .... die is m:D.t,ably M,D.'nled, onl 'I'he bolt so u '10 fOlnn 81 ''':_1' ,Nlalianlhi,p with ,aR enlarpdl .aid of 1hI·.lo'l fO.rm'eeI ift die, leceivel' and :in which the bo,J! h,a'ndl. ill "" In ,addi~ '-. me boll, ullcUe iI provided "lith .' li:8',ht path .'hleb ac-'· ~.adalel d1c P.":I_ lof Uquid in alianmenl, 'with the front, ... rcar liah'., willa lhe boll is unlocked but .'hleb p--r1Ic-l'ud,cl • ilhtin. 'when the tell is, lacked,. In this m,alUler a yisUlal Ll\dfca~

. , .

[Iioa, of' the kxk[.[d and lun)ackcd eond:atlon, of' .he bolt, ,is &flO

• -~ ... ...I -IURI II;U; II.

Fel' '. bencr u:ndcntandJraa olf the iai¥entian mrer.n,ce ml:, III, bid ~ the :rDDowiD,11 ~ctaW ~eac'riptiol,n, tate'n in conjunc)oll' tiell wkJl. the ac~om,p.n'Jinll dn,w'ina i'n ."hJdI

flO", I. is • Ild:e view lof. lu(t.machiDl' tun constructed ,ae ...

canlil'llt.' .;iIi;, .... _ ~'-,V-R' ~ ,·-r::o, , 'n~'

. ~ -~ loW 1U1~ ,all ~ ... '" [ !II

flO .. 2: is • 'lOP ricw of'IIII' IUb .!lOWA iii flO~ 'I:~

F1QS,~ 2A an4 ,:II arc Yi~w.Ia'ten .Ioaa t,be line desilpa',ed, '3-2 in FI.G~, 2 ,.Dd. wbleb respectivel, depict the ball bandle 'ill ,lIDclccl and ua'-Iocked [concUr'ion.;

FIQ® 3 il • lid. vi, •• partiIU" ICClio'Ded ad lim,ilar to Fla.


FJ'1"!5' '''A~ , ... _A '38 - " . II.. '_1_ .1.. Ii! d '" d

U ·'I~ ~" ,UJu, , . '.' are v...,_ b.e,p ..un,. 'It-I1C .I.n., .' .• 51,lnal'. "

,J-[I ill F.IGi' 3 and d .. dcl, rapccti,Yie,ly llI,c' bolt, handle ia

t-....'~,--..iI _,_.I 'liIi'[n'I~"'_'" IW"Y. ·1"~AIlIi.. -

~.l_U aHUl -~--~ ..... r .• ~ ... ~[~,

mO-" iii iIi.Ai "-de Ii! fta. ... I,- it, Ii .. d t., iO b

'-,1" .. '.'. a. eDJarleu ,I. ~ " View .r-'.aJP,' _, -.etto. an.=. W,IIJI,C'

allows the ball ill iu '.,I'lmme .,n position R,ady for .the i,alil'il·

IDa or I, 'lirilll a'pera don IJ,' dt.'o l.I'i.ller,~ ,

[~ J' ,II! ~ ~ :I'-B" 'fl-O .- ..... ,Ii. -L __ .. 'iIi ..... , .... belli in

,-'Nli.· •• ¥Jew Iwi : ,lit 10' _.' ~ " V'IiIt .'",v.In,. u_ '-. 1.1 ' --:- .• 'n

1_ __.;iI'1; I Ii' ~.

Ul1CrllnWI poI1tton:

FIG~ , is ,.' view limH., to mSt, '. and J bU'I, Iholwinl, the ... ill, :ill c:IoMd firiDl position;

rIO:S,. " a,ad I, are .rdarsed 'Yiews, p.rdally i,D lectionl o,[r'dle mecllaaiRI .,.hicll lS.pie'l Ihe' ,c'.tractor and [the: ejett,olr at l'h,c biJjaniq of .,n cjte-tizi 'Dperation Ind, I,t ttae· ·co'mp'ht.tioft dIereofruptc1ii¥'el, Uld~ :in '\V'hieb,

FICi~, , II ,. sec'donal view 'laken .,IO,Rllhe Une 9 ,'i'n ']G~,

I~ .

.. m,e .,nwinp lJIe numetll :1, ,d.llnates tJ1e: frame IltnlleIliIrn of 'the wtapoa '10 Ihe bolto(m pG'r1.ion of ' which a mag,azine 10, 'i'd' '"' d b- ;i'L._ a1 2· _11iRr"!: d A h' .... _...1

.OtlSUl,. . .. 'nttllll.le ~ .. , we lIuml~r.·· ,., II ~.uI.I~I.·· i, ,. - ·MN

,pi:ppinS :po'rtton 1 (onn. a plrl of'milluin. hOUlin,. 2 a,n,d 'lhe Dame,ral • desip'I,IeI, a cOD''Yentio'nal, remo,vable mal,azine IlrUCture,,,


'Tb • .. ~

~- e ~.n5ler - of eon vCIJrion,al C,QOllnlcllon lind is

::f~~:!.~ '!: =.err i~' .~=!! i~~:=:~u:~.':t~

!Ju: nUnlcIII:1 , l.e,aera.D:, d.iinatcs a tria,I'f' I"ard, which is .f,[ded .t o~. end 10 the frame 1 .. by 'weld,in., desilft:a1t,d by 'tbe ,lIlum'.rall" "rriue~r pard' 1.1 pifOVlded a,t, 'lb. 'omct end ~'P!ilh [M ~wud:~, • I-lendinI, portion, " which lI'rY. not only ill • pcution of the 'Iriu}cr a:uard bue whicl'l ilia lII'Va u lu,ide ,111.- •• 'blrc~ roua. ot .;lDmumiio. from Ihe ,mapzme .. ,In direclid ill'to: abe, bl'cecll end ,,' 'dte banct t'he n'umeraJ, J:O d JM.p.. an_ in.lermid:i.'1e poniGn 0" rho triac, lOud 7 .,lIich: ,prolnd'a OI,rw'ardly and, tuDIIIoIII, in tba coaw,ntioaal , ..... r,M liard "or ,I .. ,

fa .. ~ Ia facWIa.' secUl. boIdinl of ' die p.n [by the 1JICr,. ..., II II :_~ .. bnc'b1, JJ Ie the, rmml Grille w'''paa~ n. IJureI .r 0. ".pon, ':is ked., mo(,~RIed 10 the frame

"_ II dId .. ", br die, [a'g,ml .... I,,'~ IIaftI'J '13' ii, ,1n,lUlled, 101

extend :lawardly JAM' die -tva, 14,. AI III .".,. •• ftoin, :FlGi' , the rec~,lyer :14'ia IUPJIlW'Id U 161 ud ,II J,46: 'by [1Men! porIlona of I,be triget l·aanI 7,.

Freml' IiPi 'IS iI affiHd III, COII •• doDai IDea' .. ' '10 '1bI b:'. we'~d ~nd of receiver 14 and. rear I'i,p' :11, ill aN.cad ~, pi .. 17'

and lICOthl'fnmll~ .

~A, ren,etable sl.OCt ., 'il lII~oun&ed 011, I pair' or rodI 21 whicb Inllklab'leln'lO ad out of 'the frame 'IIIUctUN, I •

Boll 21, 1& :Iii.d&bi)" mOlUl'ted wilhin reCC',ivcr It ud II proyided willi • Ica'wi,I)" 11 i1llawu ri,Plban(l portion. "'ed, •

'1-:0' .' h~" ~ b '" ~ ,_i~ , -II "1 ... ,;,, ._ .'1. b L - - ,cJ, 24 '" .' ' , .. W· .IC II ,rlClpfOC0 n .. uv'c 'N Wle .' relCn poruoa ". 0 ,I

bar .. 1 1,3i1i 8ol"tl J I iI biased towlld .. rilh! .. viewed I:a F,IQ[~, 3, b, recoiJ SPrin,1 23 'whiCh II disposed _bout roeS 2.~ Bad 2. II aftiled ,.t its 'left 'bUd end .. y'iewcd in fIG,. 3 to dM hIIle .lruC-Iure I, and is rlCei'ved within. pI.aac fanned ,ill ball 3,1 ,.n • .-ili ••• , '" '..... --A 'I'll' [I .. , &lid.h'l[ _ , II t _ ...... t L..-I 2.

~ m " '10111 .. ,('u!u ~ D ~ .... v~, " , rei" 'D.I,~O uu, I, ,', - II

~or the 'pu.rpaIC of' RtI!I'uaU, opef.ltitl,. boll, 2:1·[&0. 'II ope II 1'0 ,its claM [position lad rice ve~1 • 'nlUllaU, 'ope'rattle II .. ,d,le: 2S is, p~vidcd in ,KCordiacc wilb one fM,tu .. 01 dlil 'mY.nlioR.~ Handh, 2S II 1'O,'tI,g,'ble abou'l iu 'Vertic,l ,.'. ad .' held in a partieal..,. [positioa b,,' In'iUS of lock'U:1 pia 2' which i. bi~ toward the I,eft by I 'pring 2' and which '.ats '.[ithia I.ce_ [form,cd on the .ide,1 of ,handle 2,5 IIJ'cll :.. are ,iD" die.led ti, d1c :uume;r,I;1I 21 and 2'~ :11' will be undeD'load [that fee ... a Such, .,11 [ud 21' arC' dflposec!, .boull11e 'pe'riph,cl)' [of

handle 25 'and p:referab_y :IR rau[r in BUm'ber .. HlJldle 2J .X· 'tends IIIra'uah ,Itol JD (ormed ,t., the, 'upper' portio'li af' recciyc~r I, ... Slot H is constructed 'willi cn_peI end, 'pordoDI 31 And 32~

As, is .ppareftl from FIGS .. 2A" 2B, 3A and, 38111 I:hc 'part, [or h'andle 25 .hleb iI ,lli4able wil,h:m, 110,t []O, is formed w:idl. • majoruil _d~ • minor I'xil, 10 thall wben 0'1]: m&lnr uis II db,poRd in pe,rpcndiculu' rC:lltiomhip ia 1101 30 u:iwitb the handle, 2' d:iiposed wi'Ulin the [e,nl.'rled portioa 3,1 or 32 ,0" 1101,

'.'0 'the L ~I"I 2- I~ ill 11· I!.. _.oI.. , ~.:=;- - Of· .... . " iii, L... 1..-1" ~

... ", . ,_ VUIl,. :' 11, IiOC~: In poIl,"""n .... , CO'UlR' Wi; UIUI.,1 "

J,oek ed, i'D, its c IDled, plI,ilion, wbe n handle 25' is Joe'ked withiR, lb., 'entul:. portion 3.2 of I~ol 30 .. On the olilhcI' handlll wlaeR 'Ibe h;and1c 1,1 is, d,j;lposed in its lock,Ed, pmltion i,n cJdllpd

P' .n,rt·, ~IO' . n', '3'· I' a:r· ~" . ~"*:D· .1iI,.- ~'Ii" ,Ii,. 11, -- " k·- AI ,~, .... ~. . I'· ,"!':! ~ .

cw I ... , ..• '. ,:"d)~,,fI.~, UQi VIi.iUIl IS ,oc~ eu 10, Ul.iI open pDllllO'DIi

With 'die bol'I' handle ro,tated 1,0 th,e unlocked, potilian ,II,

h - , ; .... 'F"IG'," '5:" 2' B - _ .... J'B' ,.'L_ bo" I'lli 411 ','" ·1 "I·~"" .. L'J ' ~- .

•. ,own Nil ' . ~- .. ~:_ I IUIV " .• ,uq: [[ \ ,I," .. Il'il'e , 1.lu80 e 1'f0.

le:ft to ript and vice y·tllL

Bolt handle 25 jl ,mY'id'cd: ,With .• lip I paUle 33 which .t.

P'O~OR ~N 'I S, JAMES· BOND Vol. .2


, :...... .1' 1- th" d '" ·

.OW.8 .... ~·1UlI • Dnl ' .. e ,I,onl ani , :rc'ar I •.• bu· 15 &lid 16 ••••

the' bolt ba.ndle 2J is , in an, unlocked patillon.. .

IOn ·the other hand., wben ll1e boJt handle Is .rr'uled i.n locked pol,ition. l1!,c liehe 'p ... aBe in handle 15 II disposed in, lrans\!'ene' r·eJation·sh·ip to the tine of li,bl dctlned bJ 'fronl si,lhl.I,5 and re·B.r light 16 there'by ready v.ulJ indi-·~alion of tile lock·ed condi'cioa, O'f the bolt.

For the purpose Df Ncurin. the· remov.ble! rD,qaziDe 4 Ea poIitiOD within. hoUlina 2, :. rola'tlb'ic latch. ,34 iI pivotaDy moun'te.d Oft pm 35 .ithin Ille [band .. Inp portiOft 3 of ho'uNn, 2. furth,ermore la'ell 34 II bialCld 'III, • c_kwiae di'rection. 'lOw.rd la'tchin, po iliDR by,. campreu.ioa 'pm. 36 10 cause: the'.llUrface JT of'la1ClI, M 10 ride 'undemea'lh the laE~hinl surface' 3. fonned as m •• azine 4 .. 'Tbua ·IS "hOWD in A'G., 3, 1M. ma.lazj ...... · Is Ii •. ld iD ililirvic. palidolL

In order 10 remOY'e mqazine •• mllaueJ pr'eIIfWI: It II"pll. 10 projletin, ponia·a 390[( lat[ch 34 to caUiG the· tatcb to rota. i.n _ "~'. lco,'unterc'lock,wise direction' .:bout, pia ,3.1.. TIl., acdo. 'releases, 11Urfacc ,31 'from latcllinl Iurface .. 31 aDd .11- I?'WI 'L~mapzine .' to be removed ldowawardlJ in ~;av, ••• lio n ai, r.llion,.

for the pu,rpoIe ofl» ••. iDI ~lIJImuDitioll ,rou;ada ·.,.udI., .. • c\onwntioDll mumer, .'PMI40 is 'provided w1Uc:b .iI ut ... compretlianallype and which fudon. ill t ..... , 1D.·aae, • is obvioua from FlO. 3.

For CQII,lrOdJna me oper.~QII, or bait ,21 by IDe'. at IrIIP' S, •. lear ,41 1.1 provided with .Ia!cJlinlalillace ·'2 w'bIe.' .'apsa Ibe lower riahl haDcllCOIDcr' 43 of'boIl 2.1 to bold !be bolt, in, 1.11 C~lrellll left hand poRtion.. Sur 4\ II ;pi'v'otlDy maualed loa ',la " sup.ported loa lrame I i Sear 41 II .,.'.4 ill a~ clactw'_ direction about pia 44 by meaDs· of compressiall .priDl tSi A. pia" is moun.ted lOR •• r 4,1 and aIIardla ..... • race for "'ppm,cftt by triac' 5 .. lb .• I'D order 10 fltt. the ....... a and wiih lbe 'p"UU disposed ·En the nn&itioas dep·icud

• • 1~ 1. L. '_ _' _ _ • • ,.' I . ~_. _ . , ' _ __

i F'IIr"'!:" ~I· · I ,,111_.11 . - " 5 iii

n . u. .~ I W IlII1p J rleCClUry' manu.u), 10· Fatale If~uer '. 1ft

L .. 1~_lk··w··l ....... it.~IlI1:".ft- ..... -.hl· ~I- ... p. ;_. ,-I -Th~> -.' !, ·1'1' .. =. ...... 0-. ·c· a· UICI' .~-. _ 1IiI!i~. . II.iI!WiIl ~ •. lWlVI!.. iliJ\,h •. ,.:" ..... '.- .. M"I!I!lLW' ,_'. _UJV

"riger I '10 .rola.t. leU' ·4:1 in • counten:lockwM d:i,~-Ctiad .boll! pin 44, due 10 the ens.pmenl of trilBu :! with. pic ,,Rota~'D ·of scar' 41 causes illlatc'hia, [surface 42 10 dislC"D,'aIC the IO'wcr' ri&hl' 'hand lalcb'i"1 su.r.faec ,.3 of boll 21 .. \\"'hcft the bolt is.lhul reScued. ,'ceaU &Prinl 2,]·dri"·cslhe' bole 211O"~ thl rilhl ca-a the round or am,murdttoft des,pa'lcd RI '10 lIide 'upw'ardl, ",d IowaN [Ihl: n.aht alona, cum. portion' of

- .... .-.-..011 JI!II .•• :11.. (0- t· ..... ·• FIG 5 W~th ... R"

'Inlier IUllrii I • ~I.own: I c:l.amptc:' III. . . ......,. ". rounq : ..

. d ~ ...... ~ .iL - b h · 112 r b I'J r. .. ,1' "'~I

•• 11.- WIu:uft'iDe .·reee portiOn __ : Q' I'· t IUlnS, pili·."

• .nll'. tbe I;.p port:ioa of round, Rl ami fire. the rou.nd!l The· projectile .1 proceeds outwardly laward the ri&ht in ·C'ORvcn·, tionall fub~n~ The preasure developed u'rliei 'Ute c.anrid.,e· cue C'I, tow,I.·rd the left 'whicb I':OOD d:rivft the boll. ,Zlloward Ihe left •.••. i .. ' the action of recoil sp'rinI, 23,* Of' CDU'rM: the

.. Ii ~ ... ll! - L._,

we.poa COftlilllues to 'llC .ulom.tIC~y to .JUI;own m"anncl as

I . · I I, d __ ._..i on ... l'rlDer _. IS,: 'epr~i!'

Cartridlc elSe such as Cl is,[e.l'£raclcd :tnlm the breech 2llof barrel 'Il'b, an II,trlCl:or clellan.,led for e: •• m,plc in flOI 7 b)' lbe ft·bft1er.1 alP AI ttl,. ,cartridae e •. le such as CI mor·~tes tow'ard the :Iefl in unison wllb die bolt, 21.~ ejector pUt 4,'

. .

.trites ttlc cartrid.c case C'. and drivel the cue downward I,'

and outwudly 'lbrouah Ih. cje'ctor o'peninl 50 Fonned in rnm·. I~ lbil·actlon is depicled 'la F1G~ I~ Of'course the ajec·


[lor pia '., iI. ·dispoacd with.ift '. p--sew·., .51 formed' iD bolt 2.'1 10 thai tbere is •. slidable reladonahip bc*,!ecil t.\e bol.\ 11 alKl ejector' pill .. , which pin 'is flied in poSitioa; ,·clative '0 fram. I,.,· n,e eKtrelDe' nlbt h'IDd 'end 52 or c:jeC1Or pin ., IIm[ply ·enp,ICI Ibe' lower ,ide' 'ponioft of cartridac c,ay CJ and forca lb.. c_ to Iwi ... aU'I, of conlael with th. ,j.WI 01 the CI ..

IJaCtor ali. .

'Tbe' .. elptaiaed, lbove is retractably moveleel OD the: frame '1 .,., virtu,. of'm'c lIidabll relatlaaship of rods ,ZI wi'Lh Ilbe frame 1~.Rods 2,0 .'0. proYidcd with a, pair oCnorclla whie" cooperate witb .mullllly cODtmUe.d lransv·cne·I, dilposed. lac,kin'I' :~I. F;~ ·· •• lIDpIc, ,outwlldJ'I protnldiDl. manuatl,. c.n._paw. pin 13 II ·n&lIOable. with tranIi,¥CIlCt,

d~ d' i ..... _L.fI _A .... 5'" --~ .'." 'h' '" L "iii'''. .

,lIpOIC' PA;."'I I:UVD"'" i.uu ~ •. J leD coopcrau: WI:,,". 1f'UlS-'

'Vlnc notch formed in rods 2.~ Rod., 54·.nd 55 \Dlether .·,jlb lb.. manuall, eplr,able clement ,., 'ate 'biased d~'W'P.wanHy 'by

__ i._ ]I; • til. 'h~ h I.. d II b- ,"" .. _·tl

comprc'l!HUft ••. 1 iN· ... mounte.·. W,,' ~n manuaulJ

operable II .·menl IJ~ Sprin. .6 .1 its, lupper .Ad is 1e1'led .piJIII. plate ',57 ·.cured at ill forwanllJld. rear ponions, '10 trBnhcnciy dilposed rods 51 and ~[' ,.,hich are m'ouD'~ed at 'Iheir Indl, i'n Ii'zed ~Ilalion'lhi, an, frame ItructU(C I ~ [Thus.ilh Ihe -tQc::k 19 disposed I.D itlTC:·lract[e.d position II shown ill F:IG"

3, apw ... prasure on m.anuaJly open"" rele_ .. lemca,1 'l' .Iew.teI, 'Ibe 'raftI\penel, disposed lackin·. rods N &ad 55 ., C.UIC' lhase rods I:D diHlt .. p die aote_ fo_cd in rods 21 .n.d allow. the rodt· 20 to""bI w!ithdnwa to,ward die: IC'ft,", WileD lb. ril·hl h... Mccb of rndl 20 (DOl Ihown, en.lLI" the dowaw,.rdly biueld Ioc:kinl rod:i 5. and 55. the .lat~ 'It it tack[ed in its outwardly' t·ll·ended 'posi,'iOl1~. In thil position. Ibe' w •• pon may be· fir'ad by restill. Ihe dOCk ., - •.• alaI &be .houlder _Ii chn,C or' the like of dtc: UlCrt la order '10 r&""1, the liOc·k 19_ [the elimen, 5311 pushed upwardly' and the stock p,,-lhed in .. w ... d1r in:aa '~Ie '«kin. positioft IItOwa ill F1G~ l'~

Safe", "m.'8t 60 il' movable by pin 61. IRllluaUy .in '. In.aa.. vene diReil_ about pin 62 as • eentet· 10 u to 'enpp die Har 41 ., the rea mercof lheNbylG prevent bolt ,. ..... mo¥cmeo't of the .w .. .:

n·· . ·L_...II':· _.... -·r .L..... ... "" z- .L.t h .:1..-:,

I emlJUil!.Qml!l;I,1 a _ uiI:i Ift\'enllQa UI WaIC.· .... .;1 .....

propert, Dr pri,vUI,IC ii, claimed .. defined .. fdows:.

I· ~ 1-'11

f: .un: .

I .. A, n.reann colDprisiDI, • 11_ •• , .. her IIlOlUiIcd OIl ••,. I, ban',11 mounlcd on .Iid ·recel·var,. ·1, boll IIIONDIed iI .. id reeeivcr lad telescopic'"'' 'mow,.ble relative CD tbe '-ICC"

e-,.a of' Slid 1.. __ 1 - __ , .11 &-.A!u poIitIaaId II

I_IU" hv~ I ..... ~-·Ii·. I.U'~I pal ,DAwll ~0? -_ pan~

of the tJotllG IDcaICd "lad". to the tn,edlead ,01 die. _MI .•

to come in·'" coalM1 wi'th d1e 'free cad of • carIricIIt ttl • rOW1d or ammuniJon In lb. breech end. iDlI.he IJImiI ...

"lc'i!Ii- '0""" iilL._ boI" .::- .(. :fr·-· 'o'm'l 1*·'· ope" . a ,_.:I.;"'" rcc'oS' -_. -,

.,1I!J!;I U1"" . - ···!lil.,..,... , : _.

.rranpd·1O billll&id· bolt lOWard fill,. paUlionl .",M IDe ...... ina a t,rilleT _d leU movably IDOUDled oa "lid re- rIIId opc[nble to, relca .. bolt. ftGm ,ill ope. pcIIitio. 10 .it_ •

mini opera·don. II mapzine mounted .. laid "... 'willi ill dilcharle :pordon .adjaceD' Ike brcedl, end or I,id. twr.I. • triBler ,auard fbedl,' JnCM.mted 0,. :&aid &&me .ad ....... ill· tenncdia,lc pollioI' IllendinJ froID I&id 'hme a....-, .• ' in 'l'ftveloptDJ, relation 10 said '1Jiue1 [pUd ib.Iiq: artupd with, QU, _, 'ihc:rlOt-dilpa'" adjacenl'" d:ilcllu. portion ,or said mapzine ud •• "rteliaJ IaWIId die· _IC" ••

O· f [ ...... :A ""'---I"'or . =,.1=_. . .... ,_.-ill.. _. . _s.t-- 1._, .:.._

.. ......, U'MI'I£_II.' , [1,&"'11 rolliQi .. 'UI ammuAlUiul:i 10 ....

breech cad of said buftl 'pri.or to firial a bob. .

- .

POOR MAN' S JA11.ES BOND voi . 2


mov.bly mOUft'IId. 0n' said bolt and ptol,rud,inl ourwudly' c_ouSh • Jon,Ftud_ Ilot fonned ill .,w. re.clJiv ... Rid rIciI -ad a'id' bolt hlD(Ue 'beinl, con.filured sa AI 10 pre_. , .... iiiI, RI!R'I of wd boll. Rla'b"e io ,Kid recci'vcr for ona ~ or

JiiIi ,...':,A lI..~k ....... _All_ 'II,...·~ _ .... i...l, 'L_I

..., uu~ UAm;UG re .. Uve '" ~ Wli and 10' UIO'IC-COllDKldIIi

m,o~~mcn'l of.said bolt reia'tivc' 10 said' receiver for .Doc ....

,1I!'iIit\C'"iI·t_,.. 'r _,_1"" 'L._I . h--,·,.Ile I' ,oil' oil", '

~.I~I 10 ' ' ..... ' pul, ' • &IlU_ ,,' re alive 10 laid boIL

2 .. A 'fi,tcum cQ'mprisin. a (ram,c, • recc,iYcr' .Gu'n,ted on : .. w rfame •• banel m.aua'ted'~ola aid fee.i'.e., a bolt RIOUIItid ~ Mid r~c tYe, and 'lele5COpicall, 1I10',.ble rc'ative Ie 'IN' bteecb cnd of laid b\an-el, ,re:cc"iJ Ip'~rinl, melftl ,arran,cd 10 bia IIlid boll. lo'ward 'rn, position. means. includiaa a triger ,and .... • OY'.~ mounted OD 'said fram.,. and o,perablc 18 r-e.Ic_, aid bOtl. ('.:0., U. open po&ilioa 'to inilialc' I. filial lopcntia." • mill;aDftc mOUln,ted on said :rramc wi,th iu d.'bar,le poniOa adjace.nt ,he breecb end, of ,laid barn!', lond a irilier lUlfd aa. c_dly mounted' ,on :said frame' ,and havLa,1 an intlt'rmediale P"~ li~D ~:IIC:n4~1 ,(r~m, g,id I~raml outw.RUy and la en"elepinl'n 'to IB1d _~:1,ac,r'j laid triacr I.uard bains-nan'led with O'Be end thereof cXlcndin,' in\Wardly in'to the inl.rior portio., Dr sa!d. frame· throuah Ut 'D'peniDI fonned, and diapolcd lomewbat '1,0 t.he rear of'lhe: b:reec,h. Ind of laid barnJ ,lad Aid

one end of"~'id 'triaet Iuard beinS eonfi&ur,ed '10 define IDI up. wardl, inc'lined p,ath for luidina munds of ammunition ineo lh~ breech end, 0'( said barrel prior 10 firin ••

,J,; It. Or.'amI accord,inl, '10 claim 2 where'in die' odie., t,ad af said triaer guard is 'fix~dl;y moun led O,D uid, 'fram,i' iD~cncdiatc~ 1', forwanl G'rald tri.,.

4~ A firearm comprisinl a frame" a recciw-r moa •. led 'OD .,idl fral11c" '. barrelmou'nteci Gil laid reeei,a'. a bolt :mo'UD'led ii, s,aid ,rtQeiver and le.les.eopiea'ily movable rela,liv. 10 tile brlccb end of .aid barrel, recoil sprill. means arranlt,d 'to bl .. ,laid holt, 'lo\W'.d firin,• po~iuon, means includin., .In ... r ,n .eu m.oyab'ly mounted OlD .id: ' ,.,nd ,opcrabte 1,0 'relleftIC Mid


Cont.i.nued, 'On Next Pa.g'e



Here. are the plans for mod 1 fy i n'9 a flare gun to fire ~22 long rifle I arrmo ..

Art ~ c 1 es Need·ed:

I 1 ~ a '. 2.5: mrn to 1,2. 'ga uge adapte r' air reducer~ this converter is available from Olin Corp_t Box 107, Peru rnd~ana _6'70. Price $'3

2~ a 12 gauge to 22 LR ~·hel1 shrinker~ price $12~95~ available from Shell Shrinker fndustr~es~ Box 46~ F ill rna r e, Cal i f 0 'r n i 1i3 9 30 1.5. (The y also make a neat gun storage safe)

}.., a, ~ 25 mm f La reg un ~ 0 lin Ie 01"" P • sells one for about $40~ A~C~A.ln~ Box FI Chicago Ridge, 111~ 6Q4~5

5,,19 11 '5 one 'folr $' ~ Q ~ 105 E i tb er one

_. _ - • ' .,J ~.oJ ~ _, ~e , e

'works !:qua' 1 y we 11 I but the chea per one needs an as's i s t from ,a rubber band after the f'l rst fe.w 'shot's.

I By s i IiIlp 1: v tat"i ng a hacks,aw and

I '5a\ii ng "the I! 25 mm adapter just above the r j' dge: on t: he, ins l de Ii 'yIQU are

ha l'fway' home ~ O'~ i' n made the

.. 'h L ~ d h'li' 1 ~

W. tf t.~le r I' ge 5"0 t_- at It wo,u 'd ac>

c.omod,a te a 1: 2 ga1tlge f 1 are: bu t not. ,a 1,2 ga uge sho t ... -s he. 1'1 ., [I f you S,~w i t below the ridge, you w11~ find the adapte r W 1 "1 acc,CH'IIlIIC)da te iii shotgun, 5hell~ This is not advised because then you have an N~F~A~ weapon which j s unsafe to use '., ~l f y',ou saw: ~ f of f

Just above the rldge~ it wilT still not accept a ~2 gauge shotgun shel1~

but you can harrne r lr.H~ s ta i n lies s

steel shell shrinker into the aluminum ~dapter~ ~t wil! not easily come apar't th t 5 way~, but 'to pl a,'V 'i t s af'e you may want to weld or solder it

in place~ You then place the adap~ ter, the she1' shrinker. and a 22 rim fire bullet in the flare gun ~s Y'Ol! wou 'I d ~ f you were go,1 n9; to, fire. a flare~ You now have a sanit1zed. srngle-shot ~2% LR ptstol~ with a pes s i' b 1; e be 11 - type 's,otln:d depr essc r .. (contact silencer) It Is easy to

make t r'equ i: re.s on I'V a nacksaw as a tooll and uses easily available mat~ ertals~ the disadvantages ~re that it is single~shot~ possibly 111egal



Ln to'


JIIiIi!t. ,I,

" 'W-
















~ 1""" '


III" '

I [

.n N

, ,I, ' "

I '


: I II '


I I,


I I ~ [ I


: ' ! I 1- •

I • • ~

'- - [

- . .' [

I ~

I 'I




I • . '




,ftl , .._,


I '



: [ I

iii •



, ,


Iii '.







o If)





. '


'. 'I i I







avy~ ~·.'<-i···~

!IIi I '


POOR. ~IS JAMES 'BOND vea . 2·






III! _.


' ..





FIG., 2.

, I



,,-I ,4 ...... iIiIIiiiiiiiIii~ ... .J-~" ,',,2~ •

.... . .' ,[~




.... EIGZB

'_ '.,/



T'~ p:,O··,O····:··R,- MA····· N-" S- 7\_'oM':-_, Q·R .. ··-'E-:::,R,'

~ ..... _ .... ~, .....



, .

'~.......,. !REm:=~ .. ' 'R I'






1,6· .


1 ' '

I '

,. I










- .





r-C Ln to





United States Patent lalram

(·e·5J Mar~ 21., 1972



rrll In "'cnt'GI: c.r.on B. I • .,..... $l\1d.iol Ci,li. C'.!ir~


(131 AIIi"ACn: Mfr .... H. A· •• lI Rae'" I", R ••• " lilt

fdo T tdClOC:k (~orpolr alhGn~. N e tit V Of'k" N . y' ~ ,t IttorAe,,,·in,,,,rut

I ,2.21 Filed: JII BI '11 'I 1969,

[ 2"~ J 1..1'11'1 ... 0'': IJ~ tOIJ

',:5 2) 'U~s. C1 ... ~ ... " ... "~,,.,.h."~'~.~~'.~~'."'~' ., ... , .' •• '.,, 132,4:2/161 [8:9/1 k~ BI;h 19.5

151 J laL ClCl .. ~' ''13,.,- •. , , .• '"'.~ •.• '" .•. ~ + •• , , , .••.••. , '., ', ' r.·l,dl 1110,2

(SI J Flrld·fII" .. u"3hn .. ""~."".,1h,,42/71 16,.3,. '2; 191'21.:]. t ~l61 19} 132" IIOj. 194, Pil.5" l iJl'


RefcrUlC'II C'.ed:


,IIO,66Q 7"I.C99

I "'0- '" ..r '" , III !i;w. _ .;fi;+V , '.

I, ~869~911 , ~911-619l

. iii. ,.-



10/1,90'2 3/ I g·os 7'1 (924 8{19J2

IIO/19'~ 2 711941 6/196:2

D· k· !Ii oJ 'Ii II- en·

. !,cr . C: .~I.I!!I'!!!1Ii .!t!.l'.illIj~I.!!ll!!! .il'll!!llllm"'I1II!!HIIl.lI!I!H!!!."DT", II. J

Siiilm pllJ n e'l aJ II. ~ ~ '·iI ,....~ " • " •.• ,4 2172

Il;1thum, .1 .·t~ ~ ... ~.". '"''''';~'!'''.''' ",.~ ... 4"J.n X

3 ~2 7 6il2.J ] Q/. '" :Dicclm._"., " .. ~ .. j ~,;ci~"' ... "i. ,,·.nll". u .~~""I ,!II'

3, i 1 'I B, 19'2 5,/1"17 M'iller 11 at ••.. ""'<l°n • Ii ... ~,,~,.c ..... ~~_, ... I'/I' 5 :X

DW I"'.....~ 11_" A· 111 __ - L._k

r""'D~' &...&""UII,,,- acaJlm u t . '.' pruICB!:'11

AU"I'.III £aQM,'",'_S,t.phCQ C .. BUlle,

AI '''''''I)'-Nolte " Nol'te

AQ Iu,tom,ltic fi'lI'.rm eom,prilcl ., r,.mel I receivI'r' mounted Oft, lhe fr,am-Ii I blne.l, mou "ted OR. die ret li":r" • boll dilpOJld in 1be ,,'.:eivt'r Ind·teleKolp.,.n)l mOYllble 1111,ltivCIG the "brH'ch tlhd 10' 01 fl· biiu',ei •• Iift.,. the ,iiu;tion ot iI· f'i';c-Oil I pri" •• 'the be tt Min I eOi!lltD lied by .. w'h,t,¢,h tis moy.ble In tCS:poftK to moy·tmcnl g\f"tAe weapOIl td,U'Cl ... A nt,a.ll'lu;.rd '.1 mo .. u~lcd on til·!:, fr·ar.nt' and dli$posed jn .fH::I~·cf.opin,I"·cl.tion'hi'ptal th e tr·~U r:r .:"9 arran,' f d wi1,h ene e no pro I,U diml la.,.d1y olr rile fr'lrne - .• "Iid I,djac.nt 'thee bre ec h cald of tac bUrI'l

'" al ~o aid in guidi nil f(L1IlI flI ell of amln. u n'j! io n, i nt 0 Ib'I' 'brc,tch end 0:' 'b·c bane I.. A, boll habd·te .~s mo\!·. b ty In OiU" tcd O.D the b1l11 ;tnd a nanl," 'lO pte nd; tDf'ou,gh I lon,l~ Iud if.! &1·,10 t tCIf m cd in 't}-lC re·ce"'cr~ The bollt ha.r..,ht il tQnltNc;;le-d fO' II '10 totm ,I· lu~k'nl r'l.~I'liGnl,hip w'inl enl • .r.~cd 1e-'no,I' ~llht loftli'rud,inl1llorl w hln. moved' re'lI;U 'Ie 10 me b.llt. I nrl a :si,1 tn, Paw,III i. rormed III the olinwl'td ~1 pr.otrudin I pORion ·of I.he lboll, h.and.lf. .. h,it"h alloW-'J '4tnulI,1 •. tlr I'I:thrtOu,gh 'in Une ... ·il h I he fronl and rear Ii&htl wnl,n lbl boll hlfUU·, ,. inl In ulnlMk,cd condUio.n 1)'U( pree Iud ina 'I,il hUna w btn the bolt b,I,Dd Ie ill in lac poshiol~

i a ..... 13 Dra., .. ; PIp,..

U,.s., IP .... '· .Ne. -11,,6111.116 w •• 1:IIIUecI' on Malre"l 21. 1'72. to GORDON B. INGRAM~ II Chen the ball" 11 •• ,11" IDI "h. Inl,a ... M,II •• MI·_MI' lulMn.hll'n. GU.I '.r ... _tlr ~;.nuf:.c~1

' II, ttl. ":1'1'." AI'nn .... nl IC.",,,,, 0 II; · 101 Marl"'" O •• rl·I ••





T- HE,',. "- PO:·,O·":'·IR.. Y'7\. "'Y' '. ,S,': AR··, -. ·M:·O·· ·,R····E', -·R->

.. ~.".. J-WJ.t1j't " ~ _ _. ." ",' '_ 1 •

- -






; "HUMP"



1 ... 5/8"




, - - liNE I

MAGA, ,: '" ~



I 7 -S'HOT ~ 22'L.R


Con'Y'. r't I' ng tne ,Kostbe,rg ~ 2,2 SenI'r .... , auto r I 'f 1 e 'to flU II-automat l c i's very ~as;1y aecompllshed.

The rear bottom of the; bel t mUlI't be fIled flat (see diagram)~ ThIs

i lihiumpi Ii a'c t i v,a te's the s'es r; eaus 1 ng, engagement of the striker an recoi1j ;Remova] o f t he, I 'h Utnp,j I, a 1 low!, con tin ,_

ueus fir; n9 for the t I me t!he t,r~ gge,r' is he1d to the rear; fuTI~automatlc f i re [of the w.,apo,n un til t r 'j' r' I s, releacs,ed.

The "A t".:h 'I S, :!Qn H -16lAJt·, 1 S .. 2: 2 lr CONV. MARK 11 3,O~5,ha't magaz I no ,S used for the Moss]'berg 'i n th I ~ can .... verslon~ The magazine is avai1ab1e from 8:1 NGH,AA L.TD'. T 7'75, .... ( Wi'lwat: IDr, IN;olrc,ro,s,$ ~t GA,!, Pr i c~. $,' 7. 9S .. posta'ga.

Se1e d J,algr'~$ for ,a'11 I nst ruct ions below;;

DI s-As:semb'l e mag,a! T ne:

F' ~ r'$t r·emove 'upper rear of maga'"

:Ii ne for 1 1.3/16110. f-rqm ,the t,op", :Fi 1 e ,"~ at w"i th . body· 0:' maga:z i ne~l!1 Braze or' S,O 1 de~r the magaz ,I n~ gu; de '(w'i til ext,en s 'l,on ,S, r-eIIlDved) f rom a 1 ,_ s ho t Ho s 9'"" ber'g' mEtgaz i ne in thrs leeat ion so

t:h en: be t tom 0 f mcliga z (J ne 90 i de I s

1 Sl8'u from tap of ma,lg:azt nle ~

Next. "j 1,. '~h,. magaz·ine, feed 'I ~ p5

, . ,61, h . -: r·. " - i-' '. - 'h' ," ,'j' '~. . . ,Ii •

to, Ii. e con Ii I gUir,.1: on s . own ~. [I eav I nrg

enough me 'tD 1 to, ke'e P ",eedi '1'1 ate f riM ex, I t;' nQ magaz f n-e at top Ii

Af' t f~~~ 1 ·

, ~,er I ~ II n.g:; c. ean mag,at I ne

plete)y and all Inside lightly.WD 40 I s fine ",CU· t.h i 5. pu rpose ~ Re-ass,em'" b1 e nta'g,az i ne,. IQad 1 round and check f,eed i ng man~a 11 'Y'.

Magaz i n~ gu I d. a rlin, extend t' [ng dQWn f' f"om bo't tom, ~f rece, i ver ma'l' haVe 'to be be~nt H:fI19,ht,ly':'_ forward air 'rear~ W8:rd!l Thi'iS ils actua r~ y un- 1 U(e'l y .• , b,ut po'S·5, i bl e,~

o nee '('~)I Irg[1,J nd f,e,ed S 5 U eee s t 'f u 11 y " l'oad (10) r'o,unds and repeat, ml,nual ope r a t.l on ~ S uece S 50 -f:u \ ,olpe r a t t on of' (.10) rounds 5ug[ge'st, ,al comp 1 eted JOb-I' Congra ttl 1 at I' ens !



Con t,l n.ued 'Nex,t Pag,e



THE',' P",Q"O' .'R,l l!..41\~TiII'S l\,uM···Q· .. ·RE·: R,'

, .11 " ,,': ,l".I..l'1.1\1, ~',.':". >.

'~ I
C W Ln
U) ..J ........ l~
'~ """", f. ....-.I
U iU .. I E
,LU C ~ .. -e 'w:
:> IIi!IIi:: ........ a:::
:J: z, .
0 lIJ c 'l..D' ~
E, 'W '% ..... u.. ......t
ILIJ tn t-:- 10 ••
a:: :;:) :J: OJ E: ..
en z: >"
I I~ Z z:
Cl ~ 0 10,
. CII 'v
lD U).
,iii![ - c.::::
:E r. ~
~ ~
'" N
- -- :I

Il- bid <x

t-Ir':)0' ,U Iii.





__ . ....

PI'O'OR l1l\N ,. S· J,AMES BQ'ND Vol.




B,u i 1 d i 1:1[9 an SHG f rom sera tc,h is not an easy job for' mo·st peop'~ e ~ eJven

t hg·ug: h lex ce 1 1. en t p' I II" s, are ,a v a r 1 ill b 1 e from, var 1 au $, sou rees , Not e ver'yone has the ShOPf tools or skill required~ Converting a semi-auto pisto 1 would seem 'to be a more pract [c·s 11 approach ..

These conversl ons st i 11 a:ppe.aif to be d'i f f i c.'u 1 t 'to me 5 t fa 1 k s ~ who be ... 1 'r leve. 1:, ha t compl'l ex ma ch I n:e wo, rik, iI n d hard to get parts are needed~

All of these objections are true somet i me.s., for '~n's .. ranee '. to c,han,ge an H'-1 ca rb i ne to 14-2 (:al favo rite) requires a set of parts that are 'cost 1 y. rare , and ~tcJ,ed by the F·eder.a 1 boys, ".

The AR 15 r 'r f'l e needs the. lower rec .• i v'. r Ire ··mac h i ned p 1 U SI new pal r t. s befo:re it wIll f i re 'ful'1,y auto.

The. new Thomlp,sonl ,M 19·27 All oaks

11 ke ,m natura J, but it '1'1011 Id be a

d i ff i cu l t job indeed to, convert it because t t was des i gn,e·d just te :stop, suc.n a proJect,~

Bu t t,a·~e hea r't 1 There] ; '5· ill wa,y out for the ~esou~ceful fndividu31~ There are wealpons that can be a 11 .... 'tered to be u5,efu'l, useab l' e , and ; n 50_ ways II' about. Idea 1 .

Many modern autoritllft i c p iJ s te 1 s eas 1'1 y and cheael y c.'onv'ertabl1 e to ful1 auto. and in a lot of eases no one can te.' I the d i ff'erenee un less

'I: hrfV shoo't 'i t ij

Af exam i [n ~ n'g man.y :P I '5 to 'I s I can of'f'er the fol1QW~ ng 1 Irst of su i 'tab" e guns ~ a J ong wi th a few COfM!Ient.s'li Wll'ther r"'3,B

An reas i ly eo:n'ver"ted per 5tol wi,th good tU!ln,d 1: i 09 and Ire I i ab l l t t,y., I tis b r gges t Id I s,adv,an tal'ge j s 'r t ~ '5 h'l gh COSlt Ii both new and llJ'se.d ~

B,r',own i n[g Hi ... !lowe Ii"'

Very good des I gn wlt h l. a Irge malgazine and larger-ones available~Verv 's,trgng'l'

Mauser HSc Clom~'UJ;'C, t $ i' ze I' lea s I 1 Y conv. r' t,ed ,.

Jargll) ,c,;alpac I tv magaz li nee! ava I f ab" e" Disadvantage is 32 ACP eal~

l Lama ~'5:

:See ClO 'It. • .5

Col t ·It 5 H '~~rl 1

Easily converted to full auto with pa r'ts and magal r nes ava 1 'I.b 1 e .... My

cho 1 ce fo:r a b; g bor'e sub-mach t n·e [gu.n ..

:Sauerr H .... 38

A hIgh qual~tv pistol eas;ly conve r 'ted t,Q fu 11 iU.ftO. a compact size ..

E,asy to work. on ~ .

'To put: toge'ther your custom g~n t you wi 1 '1 need a 10ng barre 1,. an oversize magaz i ne (I !Hl:gges t. a't 1 ea5 t

25 rounds), a custom''''!made shoyl der

s teek , and: the t,l me and des i re to put them together.

T'I1. long ba rre 15 8 ra ava ~ I ,lib 1 e frOfti v,Slr "ous parts G:eal ers for some pll stols ~ Other gunsl may nlu!:d CU!5itom inad e ones ~ C.heck a round and rea,d ,t he Shotgun [NewslI' Lots, of Ipl aces carry' thle mag,l:: I nes J ag8'1 n , cheek around" The 5to,ck t s aas i 1 y lmade from a

pi cere of 5 tee lor' II 1 um r num s t'r'ap

I( seer! d raw'l ngs 1 ,.

Th. tolt M1911 In any cal is 8 natulra'~ beceuse of s i mpll'ci tv and ruggedn,e55.

After you have yo·ur ,I~"i stol and '[the new part's, you mU5:t do the a 1 teretions.

The f i r,.t order' of bus i ness is to' stri p tbe p·ls,tol~. I f you are en II Co I ,t ,tt·5. II mil i 't a 'r'y main ua '1 can be a bi 9 he 1 Pl. For any make 011"' mod:eJ of' gun. a COP')! of S,ma,_lJ _Arms ~t the 'WOrld by W. H. 8 .. $m'i tlh I's 'I nva 1 uable

'j n he] pl"'9 you to under'stand the


A·fter you .haYe, the $1 ide t ba rre 1 and SIP ring off you r II,S, not ice the d1sccnnector stickIng up fram the

fraMe Ii' . 'ct beh '·1 nd t' .La -~i"Ia''''! ne \dA'II 'I

,. IllIl,' JU.~, ,. .-: - .. ' n~ '~.D· ... 1. , .... "'" I II .,

Th.l S 15 the. part that must be Isihort-' ·.ned to convert 'the ~5 to ful 1 a:uto~ 'Romev'. tnt!!!: dis cennee to r a Il1d she r teen It by either filing or grInding I't just e·nough to be fl ush 'w;' th the. f'fame. 'Then r,e-assembl e the !p'l sto1 uI511 ng the longer barre 1 (I f you wi s:1i and I; f you 'wi sh; a buffer un Ii t ,and



a s t rangel!'" recol l spr I ng' to I nsure re 1 f, ab i 1 ~ ty,~

All that is left is to ~nsta11 the new' shou l der stock , '9 f'v'e; the who Ie 'th I ng a ,good $,afe:ty te5!'t and you:1 re 'in businessl

The Sauer H-38 is evern easier to

a I [e r than 't he: to ~ t . S ta r t bV !II t ,. 'i p- 1)'1 ~g the gun. The IS,auer' I 5 stri pllped~ bV pulling down the latc.h in the

'I:, rigger glU,a r~ ,. t.h'en pu 111 ng the

!d 1 de a'll the, w'ay b,aclk and up t 'tnen 1 at t 'i ng it 'go fOlrward off the fr'ame I T hen remcr~I"e - t tie 9 If' t P$ ~

Tal star"1t the cenver s ion" remo.'ve the er i gg's:r ba r (see, d.r'Brw I' I1g) by ,gent 1 y pryi ng IOU.t of the 'ftalme ~

Then locate ~the hump on the out .... · s i de, of the bar 'tha't acts as ,a d 'j 5 .... connec tor by fl tt; og i n'to a cirtout in the s '1'; de,~ Th i 5 humlp must be

fl ted dow," unt i 1 ; t no, 'longer' makes the con't.slct H'i tn the :51 l de ,

There Is a pin at lh. front of

t'he ba r re J moun't '1:; ha t 1: oc ks t he be rre 1 in place ,~, Remove. th i '5 P t n by' careful 'I y dr 1''Vi n'g out Wt th a ha~r and punch~ Then gently heat the bar~ re 1 wi thl a p·ropan.e. torc.h o:r sol de:r- 1n9 gun or iron until ft can be

pu 1 lied " ree • You r 'new long bal r re 1 i 5 installed by first tinning the barre 1 (beat. I ng' unt 11 a t:h], n 1 aY'e r of $0 1 der adher es] t hie." mse rt i eng Tn to the b,a r re 1 me un t [i. 'Tthen r'e,p 1 ace the pin alnd hea,t to mel t sol der,,.

The beauty of th 1:J type of be rre"1 l1iC1Jnlt t $ tha't s!i nee the b.·rre: 11 is

10 1 i dl V "'j xed I ')'·IOU. [can mount jrust. ' about any'thl ng on· ,the en'd (such as Ii s i 1 e,nce:r:) J Just be sute it f's re .... tnO,yab I e so 'yCU~i _ s t rip to c.l ean ~

T'o re.l ns 't,a·l1 - the t r i gge r be r';. '5, i :m"" ,P I Y 1. n's,lert ,the round 1 UQ at the front '( nt.o the tr'i glgle,r ,.mak'r ng 5ur'e

Hodifis:d Sa,ue.'r ICS

,that It he' tr'j ggell"' spr'i ng end t:hat is, fee i ngl to' the realr gets p taeed over the pin 'i n the. tr"f 9ger bar ..

·When you na VI! r,e -a $,S ernb 'I 'ed . yOlu r

pi sto1. ~ttached yuur 'shoy hiler stock, 'j 11 $ole if" ted t he 'I [on g rna 9,a z i' ne j) ,iI nd t'es t. f'l fed" you have 'the poor man I s MA.iC 11i ..

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P A 0- R 1i...r l\ ·'J\.T t S J '7\ 1I..n:::" S B 0 'ND V 1 2'

, '" '.: 1"':lriJ, 'r,I , .', ,:1 .ft.l"ill ' ..:, '" ,: ,,' a II< '




Original Colt M 1911

CU·t-,B-way Colt Sh,owin.g 'D1,sconnector

Cut-a .... way Sauer.' MJI8 Sh·Qwin.g D1scon'nector

S.houlder S cock

t =- I
ioJl!.i M:odif1ed Colt .it. 1911



The It rio S 5 bow T S lone well pan. no arms buff' ,hoy I d o,yerloolk. t t ~ 5 s·llent I

pcrwe r' u , J a ~Id ma'·r'. a~c.u ~a teo than the h:;ng bow. 9 F. yen equal t hoe to prlae-

t: ice: wI th 'bo'th weapolns ii And best of a" T ~ many cl ty penal codes completely 1,'9no.r• any min't fon of the$,$bow~

A s imlP 1 e Icrossbow' ; s det.a; led on p. 31 of the Sur v I VOIl"' • Itt s a good

des Ign,. but 'rr ke mas t Cit her c ross bow; ,. t can on ly be 'Used to shoot arrows or bel t5~ A c.rossbow wi th an enc l osed

; bar're) lis bette:r because olne t s:teel

ba lis and other round arllOO' can be us·red and two ~ r i f1 e s I' ghts can be lOOunt .• d 01" top of the stoek.J.A cross .... bow of ~ 5 k F nd can b. made by ~a·nyDine a't II 11 sk m l1e,d in woodwork for about $15.

If youflre the type who wants the

be.s t, ge t wa 1 nut 'for t!he s 'tock; f~ r IR)S t of us t though '. map I·e or ash I 5

AI) re r eli 1 ~ s tIc. You s, he u I d ge tan I

lunwa. rped , kno t - free p I ec·e Q! wood .. 3~ I,ll I on 9 '. T" w·1 de and 1 - 1/2 ~ I t h ~ c~.. I f t.he - 'th 1 cke!i't ~,d you can If' iJ nd 1 s

on1 'Y l/!tu ·th Jelk II then buy 2 p reees and g' ue them ta,ge ther ~

To .make the crO$$OOw., f i r s t the outJ ; nc o'f t:ha stock i. s drawn on the. ~od and cut out wi: th a jig saw or' a cop. ng S8IW!i After the s'[·ock shap I II1g

~ 5 done w'i th a r= SIP Or' f" 'I as iii the. t·Q·p sec. t 'r on of ·t;.he b. r re tis cU't .01 f f andset asfde. Next the 2 slots, for th~ tri gger Clssem,bl y .and the bow',.Q!re I~Ut. The ·s·ma lIar sllot I n front of the bow epen I n'9 i 5 f·or the wedges tha·t 'wi 1'1 hOI 1 d the bow I n P' I CfJ ,

The. next step is to make the bar re I, The top sect;on (that was previously ~et asI de) al'rid the bottom 'sect ton of the ba.rre l are. both p lanad f 1 at j and ~ 5/~~ barrel channel fs roughly gouged out to 1,es5 than f i na 1 d i~meter wi th .a eh I se ~ ~ ·Th,.:. ba rre 1 115

f'j n i shed by wrapp~ ng a foot 1 o~g s tee 1 bar wi ·r.h sandpaper t and sand i ng both bar~e' sections to fInal d~ameter~

You wIlT then need to cut away 1/8- from ·the I' n S r de surface ef the upper bar re 1 sec t Ion -for t:he bow· ... ~t'~ng slot. The cut starts at a

eo i' n t -)II beh 1 nd the mUI%' e and ends at the same .poInt thlat the barre'l does, at the end of the trigger slot

,: S ~ tlE V I EW ]



Meta 1 IS tr 1.,

T .~'

Bowstr'j ng 'S lot

Tr·t gger Spr rng



must .be .b". to move free' y wI thi n ·th. metal bands,~

The bow is put tog.the.r' a's fo,' tow'$.

one ba nd 1 sat ·t a c h ed tot he 1 e, f t 5 ld e of the. bow; then the bow 1 s s 11:.d in tiD its slot 'n the stock and the oth.r band [s put on the right 51detLast1y, the I.wedge;s are spread wT th gl ':Ie and driven ~nto the appropriate s10t to h,a'd the bo\\lJ in 1=11 ace.

The dlajram for the trigger assem~ b l'Y sheu 1 d be se l f e'xpI' .natory .~. The ·tr J·gg:er is cut from i /81r th r c'k s tee]' or brass, and holes are drfl1ed In ·the tr I gger and s·tl(u:k. ,',or the t r l gger pi vot screw" All parts olf the tr 11gger that wi'll touc.h the bOW'St ring are

we·~ 1 rounded wi th ·a f 11 e or gr i nder •

The _,assembl V proeedure 'for the tr 1 gger I·s as '01 'lows: the upper block J

wi th '~he bo'ttom reund • .d to accept the spr J ng.. i IS sma. red iN i' th al ue enid



'The 'ba r re 1 see t ~ on 5 are Inot led n;ed t09,ether unt 11 the bow and tr·t 990'" assemblies are put Ini

The. t r i 9ge r return 5 pr 'i ng ; s mo~n. tec4 on the lone: le.nd j ." n a sha 110w no,I'1: drilled in the rear af the trlgg~r, and on the 0 the r end , be tween the ·two sma 11 blo,cks.

The third step 1's making the bow;; I t ~ s a compound bow', I1h1de. of 3

s t r r pi of yew lor ast, I" wi de by 1/~·u th~ckii During thls p rtleular .tep. some guys go overboalrd enid use steel for the bow, .Iong wi'th • wi re b-Dw'" st rI 1'19 ~ Th 1 $ arranglerrent. 1 s of i no for punch 'I ing _ holes 1 in pan,zer tank.s bu·t th,s bowstr 1"51 we·ars the crossbow r·.p] dl y ~ Sip t J f you m'US t mak.e 'such a monster rt use a hi gh""'te's·t dacron bow~ "t.r I ng!i

Gatt.'iJ"9 back to the bow: the. las·t alnd )IQ; st.,r i ;p. ii S ]1]1Ii long:, wi th the ends t,.per·ad an.dl no,cked rer the bows t r ; ng. 'The secon d 5 t r i Pi 'r ~5 .2111 t the, f i r s .. t 2.5<11.· The. strl ps alre hel d to·get her 'w t th 1.11 w I de: me til" bands + The bands are bent. around the s tr 1 P'I as shown i In the d' .gram I a.nd he] d tOI the 'onge'st st.r.ip, only. wIth short screws .. The other t\rlO st r-Ips of wood

:meta'J band (~

-. ~~.

: '.'.'.'

, ." .,


bow'" $lot





JId;tc.; J(nlk i.;J',~'

~f;' ~~HlIl[j

'.' ,', __ " . • ., 1 I

,...' . - -

. .


~ .

LAY ON !rIDE '""" . . ,til,

~O M£.SS 01. fl,LE T.o~.

I~""'" FLA.' JQA FtI'UW1.E,

Cut the solie

leather intol appro,D,··

mnte 5iae~~ Drill or pun,eh 'bol.e. ,throulh

'the centers and sl ip, them onto the tang .. Drill and tap the lend ferrule" and, screw it tilhdy on the end of the shaf~, which bal'i,j;r~vio·usly been threaded~

Let the knife stand flor a fle,w' days 'untO the leather u.s thor- I

:n~'ly shrunk" t"h~"" qlliiqiMoll - _. t -~~

'tum up the end ferl•

rule al tJ;lbtly '.' po_Ie,

PI ace your' manuel, 11 Y' detona ted

~1 nes in spo·ts that canl b. read' l'y

i dent J f'~ ed by you. If 'V'OU pu't one i:nl • tree s'tump. run the ser I n.g I n,to your c,aftWlalind po·s't t put '. 1 '. ttl. tag 'on the pul!J'1 ng end that says • 'tree 'stump· [I; 'f you hove 8 bl'g projec.t like lonl9' wa t 1 tha·t y,ou want 'to dot wIth mInes. put number's, an ·the W111'~ fee i ng youl and yowr strf n'gs


accordlnlgly .. I, :Go,'i ng thl S Ii you Just

s 'I t bac It and w. 'I t f'olr Ilomeone to t,.kie hi s PO'S i tion,., end then fl n I sn.· hhrt off,. I f' you are be i ng st.ormed t. pul'~

.'1'1 the '!5t'rl "9:5, at once: .. " it '.

p·ushed 'I' n to the t r i 9ge r slot." The.n

the t r·l ggle r t \II I t.'h t r I gg.r '5'pr I "9 .t .... tac.had. is pu'shed 1 nto thes lat ·n,d the t r i gg.,. pivot ser·.w· t. edd.dl ii 'The 10 .. 11" b~Qck 'I II s!prea,d w~' t.h g'l rue and

pushedl ; n ,pi alce under t.he sipr i "g ..

last'YI the trigger stop block '5 add'ed, ..

Tn 'I; 5 campll e'tes the. fir I gg~r asse.mb 1 y.. 'Now, •. the upper :se.ct: Ion o·f 'the barrel

fJ 5 . 't·tache,d; . screw ho Ilfs the r·e.alf,.

land ,II th ln _tal st'r'lp 1/2uwld~ holds I

~he front lactioln t.oge:the.ri The; com'·' IA· .. LL that was'~e.qw~ to make thebil~p'e.ted crossbow t s then s'ta'ined and .. ' ~.' lr.a.dehUDtml~IU.resho'wnabo·vewa. va rn l' shed. i f des ired. Any des I gn of a wom .• uut :IO-in .. mill file .• 110 ceats worth homemade sIghts can be attached Ii '.«.f j of 'scrap sole~ Ieather. from a ,sh~. ~lr

'peerpl sIght, or a'n,.., caaner'c 1.1 r I "te shop, and a pi.," of scrap brass I.}:I ID •. 10

$ 1 g;h t S .. I I!l' ~

A'fter t.he bcJw;str! ng 1 s strung; YGIU Place the file in a fo~e' or bury 'it in a

canl te·st the thi'ng: wi th • varlll!tyl 10'" roariDI bed of Jive coals, in a fu~ace or DrnnJ:), Regu fa,., a rrows can be used I bl~.rt stove aDd brin,1 t~ a w'hi,tID heat, Remove'

the , e8 the r s rna V' ne:.d to be t r i tII'Iled and let cool I'n dually " This wUllei ve j'u.s;~

tOI f'i t the barrel,~ The aftl'nOl te lhle right temper.

'f .. ·ed 1 ,t 1 5 1/2' 'I s t ee 1 be l' beal r 'I "1;$ I ~ Now Jdac.~ the file in t~~ v!se wi.tb! ,5 ln.

bu t Y'ou 'c,a" even U5'e nu t 5 ~ bo Its t . above: the lA'WSj. and break. It off '''11th. a,

,rna rob I e 5. e ,tc ~ When shoot 'I ng any kInd : ·" Grind the 'file dO~WB to shape :an. a of ro·un.d ammo" eottc'n w.dd Ing 1 s coarse wheel 8"5: sho'wn" til tbe,_ draw,ings. t: Licked into bo 1 d the pe I t .,·t In place. end tin ish, on ,a fine wheel; but do net put

~""" __ iiiii!!!!!!!!!I """_- ---- ....... ~_. iiIII, a' knife ledge on the blade until the whole

is c omple ted. Thread the end of the ta'ng oilS iu.dicated.

'Shape the 'ferrul _, on a lathe or' by' grinding .. Anneallbe 'f..:on.t f errule bY'ileat-

. ins tOI a cbJ!l1'Y red and. ~plUDsinl It. in~ (old w,a'ler .. Then drUl a "~iDt hole tbro'ulb the center~ Place ~be piece OD . the ,I!,VU and drive down lat, ,10 that j,t 'will slip into

'... . ~:.ce ~D, the ta·n.r.


Comman.d Po st

lEIIIro'_ wASHUl


lI.tho' 01

• &Ie u. '.






, :10-'" '0",' .. B:: . Y"', ,." 'R" A" p", S'" any c,glnveni.e,nt size. ~nd has anum-

. , ' ", ',_:" """ ~ '" 'ber of 10,n91 nid 1s or sp lkes driven

BV B ILLY l. NI I E LS EN th rough 1 e . A [MOS t typ r ca I 5; ze i [5 a boa rd 0 f about 3.14' I th [j cknes sand: about 11 f t , square , The nai l s :sho,ul,d be spaced about 2 'to } r riches sIp-art" and have the points sharpened atter .dr~ven through the. boai"d.F~g~l


I Ka'terl'.ls,:

1 '"" (1 nil Bu '111ft

2 ~ Nil I' 15

). On.: In ,met.1 tube th.t will :snug'~, 'v hOI I d t.h _ bu 1Iet.,

, 4" On,. 11 I gh 6, ... 1' ght spr I"" • lbou,t, 1 u

dl'ame,ter,~ .

5., On,a 6u length of brooml,t I'tlc.. G,. .one circular p I'.ce of wood 2u dl.lMJter.a

7 ~ One me ta ~ tube., .bou,t 6t' 1 ang [II dJameter being wid. enough to a'. low the broomst I ck to p'asl t:hrouIgh~

8 ~ GILlie., S'D 1 d,e: r II • nd ale re so, 5 Pi r'a y


,. Large plastic b g~

1 :, N 11 the c I f'culalr p ieee o,f wood to one e,nd of' the broQm!5,t I,ck. Dr III .1 hQ 11; ~" the other" I'nd jO [~nself t a na I ~ i nt,o t,ne ho1 e I poT nt, show' n9 t

: - ,nd 'II' u. I t, fir m I yin p] ee, S 1 I P the 5pr~ng over It. ThIs is the

[pI ung[er II

2 ~ Dr:1 1 t s ev. r a I no 1 ,e., f n t,he, s t d.

,,0" th· '1"'111 ,,..t.1 tube, ll"u from' the ,end ~ Th', I' ,I tne de tOA.:t,Q,r hoU'sl~[g ~

].. Sol de'r ,the d[eton-ator hOU5 j ngl to the bottom mId-section of 'your mine. drIlled holes down.

II n the event of an 'ext reme emer= geney or catastrophe~ the urge to sur v i ve wi 1 I be the one mos t upper+ rnos t i nst ~ net ina 1 'I men;, As we preea re, for an even t us 11 c r i 5 i '5; we: begin stocking up an food~ water~ defense f i f'e,arms and' 9Jm1Un i t ~ on , Hav i. ng made the a bove plrov'i s ion s , we ne,)c' t must consider keeping and protecting these precious, supplies~ as we~l as keeping a'ive~ Booby traps w~11 not only he l p pr'ot ec t one il1gai,n,st unwe't .. come i rrt r uder s , but can] a l so' se .. rva as an a~ar~ sy5tem~ ~t should be

st r es sed t.hat a 1" of the fo l l owi ng arE extremely dangerous and can and will cause extreme harm and death~ They are definite~y not toys to p~a1 with. nor to be used as a prank~ As anyone who has been to Viet Ham w;11 te~l you~ these devices havQ been used a ga j' ns t ou r ro r ces with dead 1! y e f fISC, t i veness p

The f' fJ r5 t group of Booby Traps ar,l: c~a~~if~~d 3§ ~St~tlo"aryt tra~s,

wh lc h mea n s th I t no ,rrCJlveme n 't 0 n the part ot the trap itself [s requIred to ' a r[BS,U 1 t I' ng ac t ion. The

fir s t, and '5 i mp 1 est 'to make ,; 5 the; 0 ,rd I na rv ~ Sp i k.e Boa rd! t ra p, 1h i s da-

\i h;,e Cains, i !tl of • wooden board 0'(



bu] let

flash escapes, through hales


.1 ..........


bul l et stops her.

6u tube wi'th mDS t of bot,t,om :remctved'" 'I: nse rt o'y..:r hou's T I1g

A yar~ation of the 'Spfke Board-

i 5 one ca 11 ed the j Barbed Sp'f ke ad .. l'h[e canst,flLlet'ron of th 15 one ; 5 5 i .... · ml1ar ,to the p1ain ·Splke Boerd1 ex,cap t tha't ,t:hfil po i net' § of 'I.: he ~~ ~ 1 S

are flattened and fIled to a barb

a f t.e r be I fig d riven It hrough the boa rd , F[g~ Z Th- purpose of the '~Drbe~ S,p1k.e, Board· *$ tOI prevent lmmedi,ate wlthdraw1 of the splkest thereby re~ quirhlgl the vl,ctim to be carried back

,. ~ RenDY,' e hi S I u" f ram "he Ib'u 11 e't >\Ii

I nl,eFt • 111glhlt wad of ,.per' into the car tr] dga so 'lb. gunpowder ,does not run out a Iln"e rt the c.,I,rt r dge and Insert "It In the tubej

S. Cut. hot. In the buffer that

, .. d 11 be us,e,d to 'se,plrate the explo-

,5lve, from the shrapnell ~ ,

" 'Take the Sou tube and cut ll2iJ1

of one end away sa th.8,t on ly ,~ thJ n pi eces of met,a 1 rema i n [11 ~,n'le,rt 1 t

I ove.r the de'tonaltor haUlS ng and s,.:-'

cur,. I t I' n p I ace w r th glue or 'some

other adhesfye. '

l' jO Fill the, m' ne w Ilh e'xpil 011 'fa i!

s I 'i de the, bu!f fer ave,f' the 'tube. t'e'cure [t. and '111 with shr.pnel.

8 tJ elll't: a he I e, J' n] the mIne cov,.r·1

plat. i ng ; t ,G'v'.r 't:he, tube 50 thii,t II" bout '1/21~ of the. 'tube extends above the ,ml ne,.

g. 5,.a 1 any spec'es, b.'tw.een ~,he ml ne eever ilind tube wi til I,n aer,oso 1 s,eal" ant, to keep rro i s:t[u re au t, , Do the same, 'to a 1 1 co rOle rs ,Ind c ril"ckl Ii

~ 0: To arm the mr ne I! c,arefu 11 y 511 d,e the., pI :unger I nto, the lu,be so that the na i 1 "s about 1/8u 'r'oml the [;,al"'t r 'i dg:e prlmer ,

1! I jO Ca re.fu 1 I Y I)' I ace a p I a's tl e bag over the p10nger an6 secure It to

,the tube wi'th a rubber band fA) keep [I wa ter and d 1 rt out" The" take the rest of the bag and s~lp rt over the mine and tIe it around. Th~s w~11 proy'l de fur ther re s i stance to the

e'l emen t s, ..

t,Q a modern fae, i ~ r ty i[nd to give the de fe,nde r ,rDC]re t I me to esc.ape"


The Sp i' ke Be-a rds a re mas t, 1 Y used as a harassment or de~aying device and a re uS ua Z 1 Y p' a,c'ed 1 n a sma 1 'I pl t about ~ 0 to l' 2 '~I' deep ~ TheV are placed on w~ll traveled trarls o~ paths~

A good place to p l ace these

,t ra,p's ; 5 on th" 'me i' n p,ath to t,hl!, sur> vival shelter or hlde"out~ I should

1 ike to ment i on ,8't th is tIme that $[ome me'thod of lmar-'k i ng your booby' tr,aps 5hou 1 d be: used so that you W'O,rlt be,come, a viet i m of 'your [lw,n trap .. Some sugges t 'I' ons are. ,8 'tw'l 9 broken: or bent, a piece of str1ng or yarn pl~eed on a tree the trap to mark t t s 'I ocat ion. Do not make your rna rk I' ngl too obv I QUS" or ~ t wi'] 1 r e>



veal the.l olea t i on 'to the wrc:u19 pe r SO'n.

The next type of trap 1$ th~ 'funji p ~ t I, borrowed f rom the North Vie t-

n arne s e ~ The Pun j, Pit i s a p '[ t cr

he lie dug i "t,o the ground approximately ~ ft~ square and 5 to 6 ft~ deep. Several 5mal1 saplings or long stakes are dr' yen into 'the bot 'tom '0 f the p ~ t and the, 't, ~ ~ps, 'Of the sts,ke,s are: sharpened~ The entire pit Is covered with

'j 'Ill ter'WQven sma l 'I tw 1 9 s or branches

,and covered w; th gras's or 1 eave s .. dep-end ~ ng on IP I aCledrle'n't IQ f the pit., Tn l s one can really be deadly! Flg~~ A simpler use of the PunJI is 50metlmes very effective when used in fields where ta 11' 'gras's or we:ed's gr'ow. ~ n th'l s trap the sticks are driven into the g,roulnd at ,an ang;) e of' aboult 3D' to ltoo'il

Anyone wa 1 king 0 r r-urrn 1 ng


thro~gh the field w~11 run into these stakes, '.


site 'tha t wOU I, d n'o,rma 11 y be used for' a crossing lace in line with a path


o r t rail ~ As w 1 t h iJ 1 I 'boo Y ,t rip 5 III' ,an'y vil'r;a't ions On tne'se i,deas s,hou,~d, be t r ~ ed and. ~ n a hoo s t a l 1 case S iii I 1 ,

be e.ffect '. ve, The m,a i n _ po, nt i, '5 to I cencea 1 or calmou f 1 age the t r a'~ in ".uch a ma II) n e r Iii S to make, I t b 1. lend I n Wit h

the natural $urroundln95~

IRemembe:r 't;,hat a trap wh j'ch is eas r I y

spot t,ed can be alva 1 de,cL A 11, step's '5,hould be, t,lken to make the ·trap,'IoD,k ,is n.3turaJ as. pass. i bl e, Don't forg'et to per l ad 1 ca 111 y check 'the 't: ra;p'! to ensure that the cover 1s stl11 effect 'i VB and a I so to de te rim;: ne whether 0 r not someolne ,or 5'ometh i ng has not sp'F'yng

'19~6 Illustrates usIng the the tr,ap~The we.ather' or wild ,,ls Pun] t st ~ ek In iI sima] 1 creek Of' 5'trea~ can s.~t 'I mes. bare the trap. a~d as

Again. these should be placed at a we said earlier.a trap not well camouflaged ~5 not a trap.





In Part ~ of this article we discussed the construction and lnstal-

~ at I on af stat j;'Dna'fY booby t raps .• traps that requl re no molt i on to

C8IU$.,e damage, ':n Par t I' we alre go""

J ~ n9 into ,some Ideas on I MOlv l ng Booby

Trap51, o~ traps that cause damage due 'to the 1 r movement~, No,te that pl\.aeement ef these t raps a's 1 n P'art

I • requ j re 5, .. location that is a we'll t rave 1 ed foot, pa,t hair an iI'V'enUe, of approach to your hideout or survival 5,h,e'~ter,,, ln both Ins tences , camou'" 'f1age is ,the ke'v' factor to lns ta l ....

'I i n 9 an e f , ec. t i va t rap " ~ wou t d I 1 ke tc polr r t out that 'the, t raps 1111us'" trated in thJs artlc'e were all used ver'Y effect l'v'el y age i ns;,t out, Armed Forces in Viat Ham. and ~an be very deadly~ They are defInitely not toys

I t,o p lay 'W i th "

",. - .._ .-

b'y' Billy Nielsen

r WHI,P It

J I' ~ ~



The flrst typ~ of trap is called th'8 t Wh i p ~ I I nth I $, d ev i: ce , II you n g

sap 1 iJ"'9, about , -l/Z to 2 i nches i. ~ d i iI·meter,. 1 s tt,ed cr·o,ss'ways to a

s tUlrdy' t ree iii'! 0lnl9 the, s 1 de, of a we' 1 traveled path or approach and Is

pe sit i one d so 't ha tit's end wi l 1 be about ~ chest hl gh I n the sprung: pes. i.tion~-F\g~l A ~plke Board similar ,to. 'the one th.t Will'S used in ·the

S~iii ke' P ~ t Trap (PMA vo ~ iI'] 11) is t t ed to the sap I i ngl In such ,a[ manner that i t w i' I' 5 t r I ke 'fIhomeve r' t ,.. ips the

wi're ,n ·e· f t.har the ches t or bac.'k; depending Ofl their dir~ction of ~r8- v'ld .. The sap) t ng 1'$ then ben,t. back away from the tr s ~, an.d 5,e·cured wi'th

he tri·· -wi mee

The next devlce Is called the

I An[gl ed Arrow~ trap, ~ ,t t 5 constructed and placed in a pit in the ground wh I ch bas a slop i ng bo't tom. Flg~3 The arrow ~latform is con'St.ruct,e.d. 'fr-am 91 p,'e'Ce: of boar·d a-

bo ut 1i ; n • 't h ; c k, 1 f t . t on g. a nd about 12 f n , w'Jde ~ A ·guf de thann.: I •. such as a piece of tubing~ is fastened to. the: boar d to d I, rect the arflOW ; n the des ( red· d, 'r,e-c·t \ 0.1\ ~ 'T'ffQ

S p 1 ke s are d riven i n ,t 0 t he bo~al rd on

1 ~,

a Ine across one end 0' the tube

and are used to secure the rubber bl[nd's Il The rubber balnd's can be made by' cut t r n·g, up an old 1 nne~ tube or you can use surgical tub;ng. The

t r i ggler mechalln 1 sm i: s construe ted out of steel rod or a large nai1~ and uses the same pr l nc i p 1 e as that of the c f'·0 s sbow' '" Remember the t t.h.e rubber bands exert a constant strain on the tr igg[er [mecha,n 'f Slnl and ther,efo're

must be the 5 tronges"( part o·f th~ trap.

Fig.4 Note that the trio er



, tr'i p wi re



.r" [

N~! E .. : ~e 1 e·a se t r 1 ss e;·

wl re formed thus: ,

'for [ bottom of

•• I trigger

~ wire

'The f i na 1 9 fO'UP Q f mey. [ng t re p·s are 5u5pended above the trail or ~ath. The ·f l' rst l 5 a II tog Hac.e I II .a s,ma .1'1 d t ame. t e r 109 8 to 1 '0 f.e t l~~Jn'J ·w; ,t h 5, P i k[e s d r ; yen :1: n. t 0 i t ~ It i s

'$" usp[iI!.nd ed from ·an OYe If h.aid t r 1!Ii;t= SO lhat the sp i ,k.s are abo,ut ,chest hI gtt, and then pul l ad back ,up into a seeend tree and ,fastened to tb. ·trr I Pi mech[i!ln 15,m .. Whe;n the t.r·' II w;' re J's sprung. It 5wl ngs, down a 1'00g, th,e path hIt t i ng ,an'tolne I n the way,~ Fig ~ 1 T\JIG Yari lit Ions of 'the, Log; Malee; are the

II Sp'l ke B 1111 t. wh I chi i 5, a 1 II rge cement ba 1,1 "1'[ th sp I· in i· t , - a,nd the

ISuspended SpIke aoard~~ FJg~~ 8 , , Wi th the. Susp:ende:d Sp't ke· Boilrd I the· dey t c,e , .•• l S sr ra ; ,gilt down on the. person 5prlnging the trip wlre~ It

hili 51 a I so been known as 'the [I T f g·e r Trap~~ This one can really be deadJ~ J". I reml nd you that t.hese d .... ·

vi ees· can cause Seyere i nJ ur i es an,d ca re !thou I d ~c taken when bu I '1 d I "g; and s,ett 1 [n9: theml up.

tr 1 p w'i re is pull ed , ; t remo,ves one of the ret al nino st r cks and allows the 'Wh i p te spr i n:g towards the tra; 1 [ s t r t kin 9 a ny-o,ne i nit I s pa t h ~ N'D t 1 ce I n Fig.., 2, how. s i m:p 1 c the t r i' gg e ,. meeiha Ii l 'S"' ~ 5 'tOI con 5· t ruc.t ~ The ya r ....

lous traps described here a1t u~e a s· i mIl air t r l p Imechan i sm wh 'i en 'i s readll Y" cons·tr·ucted from mate'rl [ill s

at hand ~ The: [pr~ nc i p,l e of keep ling

the t r '1 p mec.ha.n;· 'sm a'5 s il mp \ e as pos.s i bo·, e and the use Df one tV,pe o·f mechan i ·sm 'for severa I t.rap' d,es '; 19:'"·5, -reduc.'ers. t.he amount of e.qu\ F-uent th.t .8] per son may have to carr'y in the eons t ruct l' on and p 1 aC.emen t o'f these tr'aps,1l

wi re 1 s set 1 n t 0 .~. s·mall1 ho 1 e i n the boar d as we.ll illS be.i ng' ~el din 1'1 ac.e by the pivot rod, Any t.ensIon on, the t r l p wi :re rot,a'tes the t.r·l, gger wi re on the pivot axis, releases the rubber [bands and causes the. arrow to

f 1 ''I' out 10'" 'the t.:ube·~

The th i rid ·tr.8[p i '5, ca lied the

J r Pi • vo t 5 P i ·k e 80a rd 1.. T~ I ~ one 15

used in c.o·n:Junct I [on wi t.n a 'foot pit ii 'When D per son s t.eps on t~le 'treadle:. t~[e board wi th spl ke·s ... IF t g'".5 I P; vot:.s i ,about ·an axl e and sIr I kas ,the v I ct ;'m

lri the 1eg. A vartation of this trap ls ca 11 ed the .. Sideways I' ,t rap and is ~hown in" \ g .. , .. 'ln15 on·. 'l. ~ usualll y' pI aced at the top c·f a p'i t abou·t .. feet deep ·and' 1·51 camoufl a'ged .. As a person steps on the trap_ he dls-

1 'D·dges 'the: prep s.t J ck , wn i ch re-' "e8[S;eS 'the rubber- bands l' causl n[g the sides of the trap to elose~ AI the Y1cti'ml 1 s fall ingl, th,e sp:fkes ra~f!!

h ~ 5, body jJ arms, and 1 egs t C81US 'i1 ng much damage~


ru[bber band's [cut from I nner tubas

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A. (j DI I' C :RA.:N FOR D

Kere' 5 a nea t 11 t.t 1 e d-ev J' ee t'h',a t 'Ulin 1 iI[uneh a 2 i b. pipe bomb 100

ya r d,s ~o r £nO reo iiJ de pl.lI1d i ng upon the t.!h If"[QWe r .. iU S. ,I P I pc bomb wIt h il ~ 0- '151 'second fuse [and t 111 SI ,5 t. r l' ng' 2-3

I fee ,t 110,ng ,I round en 8 [lind Ii a's 5 hown In IFlg~ 1: ~

U·S T ng thI s method of 'I aunchIng,

'you' s heu ~ d n ~ t find j; t too d iff 1. cu 1 t

to throw ac.curate I y at. surpr i s I n91'1 Y 10ng di5tanCeSt The grenade that WiJ[u~dn' ,t reach a nearby' h 1 l l now' be thrown over" ,the next one as we 11~, [I The.l!"·e ,are severa 1 t hnes 'when yOlu I. If

I need iii, II) ril:n iii de to 'r'.al c h some t h '; n[g

I hi dd.n beh'l nd co'v'er where your' lr I f~ Ie 1011'" s,hotguln (,annat lrea·ch to

This la~ncher has the advantage of '$ J ] enca. ,~ 51 cheap., and Is 5 ~mp1 e· to bu;ld and operate~ Th1s devlce

, requIres a bit of practice In order to-be used accurately and a l'ttle room i '5 r e;q u i red 'to sw i ng I ,t ~ The

I c-orrect throwl At nN!l'thod i'S shown In F [I [9 ~ 2 'I' I f [yo,u a r[e ,t III 1~;' j:U! r ha. PIS; ,t he ,Method I use , showfl j' n f'l g.]. I w[i '11 produce better re5u1ts~ The object

; s 1:.0 5,wl ng ]1 t c·ver your he[l,d 11 ke '. cowboy sw l ng 5, ·8 1 a 5, SO, ,8 nd by' r •• leas 1 ng 'the str'l ng. at the; r 1 mo,~

men'~ ,," [O[I).'t the p 1 ,re c' 1. 'OS'8 e·no·u g·h 't. 0: ~the targt!ft to destroy 1 til pr'efer

1 to· [s' .1 ,t [.long 'my s I de.;, Flair me'j I t.

give 5, be t t., r .,c eu f,i'C Y 'Ind lID r'e r a ng.e; but I e r I, ,I ,R t tar o·'f pers,an'.I) pr.· .. feren,ce ..

a i rbu,r'st

'1,5 second fuse.

2-11'2 fco,t of' s'trl ng [



s Ide t.h row


ova r:he'ad it h nlW

F" '51 ii'" IJ10W'S. the advan 'tag[. s of an a; r'bu "5 t , \lIh'en exp 1 oded ; n t he ,I I r :!I the f ra[gnwllul't's and coneus IS 1: on can h'l: t a man 1 y i'"9 on the glro,und If wher'e ._ groundbur$t wau 1. d ml 5'S h'lm~ RE~H·E:KIER., a'l wa·ys ge't unde 11"' pr'o,tec t I.e,n when Ui'5 ~ i ng a pl pe bOCfi.b ..

Wha't k Ind D'f acc.unac:y ·c"a.n you I:,K,-

pec't w; til th I [Si 11 aUlnch ; n9 5)"5 t:emi7 I was

ab" e '[0 hI t, .a 2: foot square·get.

- aft[e.r on1'1 a "e'w pr,a,e,t 'I c.e throws a't

5!O yards ,. I can en 1 y. throw the 5,ame I pl pe bom;b the nar'N 1 way abeue 2, [ 'yla.r di 5 ~ ,S·ome f r i end 5 WOOl :5 l,QP pea by to 'see 'what I was, dot ng .:nona·g,red to 'throw the ~ ner t p~ p'e oofirtb about 100

I ya rds ~ Y[DU r pe r fo·rmaru:e wI I 11 va ry

, unde·r dl f fa r,en t eond] t I,on:$ ,and w I ~ 1 'I rtnprove wI t.n pr:,ac t; (;,1: ~ Us·e sand I nstea~ of explosives for the f111e~ when pract ~ c ~ ng ...


. '

RELOA'ING 8 Sp'" .ecial

~ . )


J. RI.h.r'd. You,nll

Part ~

t n ,t nJ·duc t ion;:;

Many r'e.ders wi' II 1 pr'obab Iy wonde r l·f lma't;er I a 1 de,all ng w·~· ttl raload i ng be 10n,gs r n th Hi megaz. r n,e D,f h"pt,ovi sed weaqponry. The an.s,wer Is.

y'. s , A II f i re,B rmS:i e I the. r bough t or ma.d e by yg·w I< n eo d amtlu n 'j' ,t I'on :i nona f.orm or anather,,,,Hany 0" you who ha~e read He 1 Tappan I s boolk Ii Siurv i va l' Gun:!. 'l=uiQ·ba b I y rt!·a 1: i ze t na tall me. may' come when we wi II ne~d. 11arIJ~ q'uan t ~ t i US of 811M1Ulm i t. 'j on [I] Many 0 f'

U$ J i nel ud lrn'g me II clanno'( af'ford 'to pu rcih,a s·e 1 a r,,@ 'q ua n tit ~ ~ s "',. a11ilTlv-

lnd t Ion for pr ac t.1 ce al~nd to s . toe kp i le f,or w,he" that time may e~. I f you

r un au t: I' wne r,f!: w j' I 1 'V0ll" bu V ·8 1lVnQ, when a crr5~S is on?

A 1filve do 1'1 ar lYman manual:l ten dc· ~ LI r laD t.oade r t and pO\ifde r' I prj' ,mI,r'S j and bu 11 I ets f'or a hundll'"'ed round,s of a,rrmc wi 111 a' 11 ees t abo'ut the 511:1DC as buy j; n9 .. hund re.d round5, ,o:f fa c to r Y ,eUD'DO'"

_Be,s ~ n i ,n_g Re 1 oald '1 n 51 :;

p.] ease t I f you • re go I ny ttl hn· p rev i :$ e anrn·u.n i t 'Ii on fo II"' con 'len t Ii an all f I rea rms;, buy cur' bo r ,"·ow IS 'co P y 0 f l~'rlWu R"lcad rng ptan.d:boQk ",or Rifle:, p ~ s to I.. S,hotshe 11 J and Hluz'zl f'j L.oao ...

;ng~ The cost Is around $5~ It Is not the cheapes t, bu t. r t ~ 5 the

be.s t. 'Il You c,an .g'8 tit f rom, mas t gun "". 'shops and sport i ng good,s S'tOires.

h.ll'o,ad i n'g i '5 no de.ep t da rk. secret~ If you obey th~ rules ~t is mue h 5·11 ,. e r t ha n r Uiill n 1 n 9 a 1 ,awn i1t:1OWer~ i have reloaded tens of thou,sands of' rounds of' c.onVel:i'l't i ana 1 ,am""" mun i t ~ on [I • .J t Is muc.h ·c.hea-per and bet.tar tnan.·ry ammo. J. have also designed arid loaded thousands Qf rounds of spe.c '; a I purpose ammy". i ,I: ;' on I I hi! vc ye [ tQ" he ve Iln II C~ ~ - dent.

Never touclh the powder or t.he 'fac·e, of' the pI!" i me r wi th 'i'(uJr f r n'" g:er'$ ~ N,o matter how clean ,or dr'Y

they .. are. they s·t i 11 I have enough body 0'1 l on thc.m to F'U i n 'the pr i mer and affect tbe powder'"

T'o s to re ha'r. d ma·d e iUTlfI1l;U n 'I: t Ton

R'IJ. re. It hi none ye en'- ill buy a sima I 1 col III 01 fred ,l.acg ~ .. e;r. :p aT n. t. W 1 'r h ,a. § Iq 1 I art i 5 t br'ush:· pa I n.t a coat of '1 ae'quer atg:und the pro rmer ,and '[,h.e bu,l , ... 1 et w'he re I t gne~, into th:e "1.&81 ~ou.r annl~iU~ i t 'r on 'I 5; now WI lelr P f'oo"·s.d J us t ]' I ke ml r I i. tar y a INDU n Iii t i on and

wi l' J ,1tP-J~r' f()r yea ,"'I ..

I have taught dozens of peop~e how ·t.O re load ~ n a few Imi nutes~, II f Y'n"i are i nt.r.sted then :i"cek out a sma ~ 1 gun 5 hop, i n yo[U rare at A.l noo's t w~ '[hout exce.IPt i On the p;eop'l e a're

ver'Y hed pfu'l at these 's,ma 1 'I shop's fI] They s i nee riB 1 y ,t rty tOI he. ~ P VtQU

50'1 "Ie· Blrry prelll) em'S ,t S·t,art O\llt w~ th a lee Loaderi They are ~omplete except. 'for a plastic ma'lle.t,.~ CD,st. a'" roun,d $10 and: turn out v',ery' ,good ,itmO - a 1 thQ.y~h lhe~!arB ~ 'I"'w.

II! ~ _ ,II' !I!!l!. _ ,.;II v ~ ~

:Be nch pre 5:5J equ i pme[n t. ca n ma'ke

Jacketed b~11ets and change cartridge ""$85 from ,one ca 11' ber to a'~ [no't, her. A 30 -0& ces e can be rna,de [nto 21 other dIfferent mllttarv and

eomnll! r c, i a 1 ea r ,t r I dge 5.. len c.h eq u 'I p, •. Ille:n't ·t 5 .5"'" H:) ·t i 1l'W!I . .Qi fa§ t~ rat;: r@;iIIi

1 oa:d j ng 'th ante e to, ali e r 5 •

How t.ha t. y·IOU. haiy,e If' eed 't he boo k

f roOm l. yman it nd uncle· '"'s 'tand ,thel ba/5 r C 5· '0'" re h)ad i ng and "readl ng 5'1' gns of' can start desigrn;ng

you r own spec i a'l ,PIU rpolse aRnlun I t i on i Remember' that sma 11 and 1 arge pi s to 1 pr are the same 5 iJ ze as sma 1 '1

I nd 1 a rg,e r I 'f ~. p rime r' 5 ~ P i :5 to. 1

p r 1'me r s \H'i 11 show '5· ~ gins of p ress u re faat er thaln r ~ f l e pr bners because the meta 1 ,c:a,p r s thl i nlne.r and 510 '·t .. er • Retnil!i mbe r t.h] $ '~., en i mp t"'O v i is 1 n 9

go\od Ies _us' I ng pr 1 Me,rs cO· P' ~ stol - pr ~ "'" me rs t.Qlk,e: mluch 'I '85 s I mpa,e t tiC se t th"lJl. off tJ'U3·n r i fl. p'r I mino'S I B'uy a bOlc, 0" shotgun primers et your gun shop .. They cast abeut $" ~,SO~ They Improcy 15.0 I n to f~flt,gi t lc 'good'j "s that wen··k by Tmpact, Il

Un I ess you i nt.,e.nd to conrnl t su~~idel your Invent·ions are less than 'used less if the.y ge.t you ki 11 ed invent l ng them. ,Read tymans book. befg·re '~alm:per~' n9 wr th ,or rnak J ng amv a~un it ion. Lear'n how to be safe. tes't eve ry th i ng bV remot"e e,on t ro J ~ Tie fish I og lille, or 'stout 5t ring· to ~he trJgger~ Tie or sandbag th~firearm down~ Stand behlnd a tree

'Dr s,ometh ~ ng' wh i' 1 e jerki n9 the 1 j "e,,, Stay all' ve.j Exam'i n'e the f i r~d f',ounds rur ~,j gn 0" too much preS:5ure as described by lyman.

P,art l~

au 11 at.s,:

!Now that you hal~J'e 1 earned 'the basI cs it i 5 time ·to get Int.o i,ment i og· 'w·l· th homemade bu ll,ets ~

To 1 ea rn the b.Qs;,I cs of' bu 1 11 e t ma k t ng i tis be.s tat. 't h 'j 's po [ n t to buy a ,1"'.0 11 d. comp I ete fo r ,abou'i: $·10 or a '·ret o'f Lyman blocks a,nd

h,a nd 1 e s:I wlh i c; h iJ n my op i n i on i s· f.a r be.tter, f'or AbOut $ J 8~ Some p·eop te ;p r,~ f9:.r t h~ t.~,e "'" 1 d! Fe t ~ B ~ S.. an.d Ohasl al '5·0 make mol ds. The 'j' ns'truc't.iJgns w'i,th the fQ01(hJ .r,e t!l:J(.ICISj 1 J ent i t 'mrJo 1 d.e,dl I. xc'. 'I 1 • n· i bill 1 11 • t s fOI r t. we

years w~thout the accessorie$~ Use a large ~poon to stIr and pour the

I ~had ~ T 'Plf)C the hfll,nd I e 10 r put. wood On i. t becau'sc i t get,5 "Ie r'·y hot. - 'v.e Iry 'as t t Use an.y D'I d panl fo'und in the k 1 tchen to ~'~ t lhe 1 ead in an the 5 tOVI! Dr' lJse ,m wood f'j' re ~ KE EP ,ALL


W'A,TER, OR KO 1 SIUR·[ A'WAY FROMI THE' KOtD AND HOT LEAD. W,s·t.·r· wt 11 c,tli·ule the me I ted Iead te exp, t ode, S ero,unge

lead from whee h'Je j' ghts at. the. g,as

,·tat.Ion I s,ewer pl p,e Jo.i nts in

houses be'ing torn down j the 1 e,ad sheath around t.elepnooe cab lie , and scraps of $0'1 dar. SometJ rr.lli'S yOUi cain buy screp 1 ead froml J lnlK dea 1 er s , 'the hal rdrwa re s to r'e se l l s 'I In ,5

lb, blocksi I acrounged 225 lbs~ of lead from :the \a's·t house that wa's torn down, her'e ..

St~n~ the bullets yo~ h.v. calt

I n a sha 1 'low pin and ,poUII'" me I ted

bu I' le t. 1 ube ,on t heml t, When t he lube. CIOO 1 S, Iii nd ha rdolil S· GU t t hel bul 'I e ,t ~ out of the lube by pressing I flred cart ridge case down over the bu 11. a't. lPulnc'h the. fl red pro I me rout first ~nd use a stIff piece of wire to shove the bull e t au t of the ca se, The bu 11 et shoots f ~ I r a'b l s but for better accuracy~ get a L~8 lub~ and Size kl t , The 1 ubed and 5 LZBd bull et'5 shoef['S very aceurate I y wi th a littl~ pl~yin9 ~round with the powde.r eha'rge!l E.)tee 1.1 en:t. bu1 'I et

l' ube I' 5 made by me' t. f n'9 ·to,gethe Ii"

a poun,d of ~ilra'f in frgm tn. su,permarket wi 'ttl ,I can of 5 .. T, IP '" letter

'I: ube i [5 maida 'from one pound 0' P,i,f'a f'll') 1iJl81 ted with one. '9 rei,l'se gun cartrIdge of LTthlu~ Grease from the auto parts store~ The best lube ~ 5 It 10K 21381 I bought ,alt the 9'YO shop~ A stick will l~bt hundreds of bu 11 e:ts ~

Now 'tha t. 'you have 1'oadecl and sho,t a few' hundred roulnd's olf cheap arMD you can USB blocks of plaster of

pIa r i S Q r some ttl I n,g 't,o make yc'u r ,own mo 1 d·s ~ Use a d II" I ., 1 Q r k.n i f e f.l r some ... · th i ng; to dr~ i 11 he les in t.he p 1 ast'er bJocks~ Pour the hot lead into the ho'il e5 ..

8utkslho t f l'tOim the .gun·snop (-Os ,t S ah(\~Pt 71i~. a J b~. ~ n ,5 .... ] b,~ balg§ ,and rna ike s ex.c e 1 1 e nl t r ~ fIe ,a.nd pi,s to 1

bull ets f'or sma'11 glGlJ'De an,d prac.t j ce,~, ,A ,30'-06, ease 'loaded wli th 2,-1/2

gr,a 'j ns of Red Do't ,iI Trap \100 t or

452. AA powder and II number' 1 buc.!k SgolUnd:5 I 'sn-oo t s ~ and k 11151 e;xac't" y

1 r :ke. a 22 'long r if" e ~ # 1 bu c. k 'we; 9 h 5

~ 0 grill; U'!i '0. A 2. 2 5 ho r t C elise ho,1 d So .

about 2-1/2 grains of powdeli., You wi 11 g,er ,hear 1 y 30,00 r,ounds ou't of a :pou,nd of powder ~

Thf.i!!lf'"i!!! ~re:' Works· In::

,3401 14 buc.k I I b .. ~ ",2.2 J ., 2~.]: 't. &mm ~ 3DO '3 buck I lb~J ~257 or .2$ cal~ '175 II b,u:k l 1 b" I 1nm 'to I 3DI Q.a' t, 1 ~,5 '.0 bU,tk l '1 h... anvn " fIJ ]2.'ca 1 .. 130 #00 buck/ lb.~ ~33 cat~

100 Ho'o·o buc.k} 1 b I, 'r 9rrrn:,;; .],571,. &: ~ 38 !l;a 1., 50 145 ca1 buck/lb ..... ~ , ~45 cal~

A 22 short or 22 long 'rifle case fu] 1 of pOwde.r 1 s about, right for n~arly all cart.rldgel. U~. a fast

p __ "O' .·O.R·I MAN ill S'" J7\1;J'I:'S-'_' B" O'::"N'D" V'" l'

..' .. ' . . •. ' :' : ,ftJ.":~ '.:". .'. ,:.·'0 Jj'



shot;:gull't powder!i' Use ·the buckshot a's Is and press it in flush with the mout:h of' thle case"

Wood dowe" rods mak.e good bu 11 1 e t s for cl ase range,. Saw' the dowe 1 '1 rrt,Q bu I let s \ zed p i e'c.'e s , They t.e:nd ·to e.J.p·' ode l!ls t de t hie v I ,c:t I m iiJ keep t. he 'the valoc I t'" down or' th'e,y will ex-

p lodAt i: n ,m i d • T: r ~ Thley' seem: ro Wlr'k iI.s't a,r pis to'1 ,,..e 1 oc i t i!ls 10'" ,800'-

'I DDO f,e;e t pe II'" secen dl ~

P 1: cs ma,ke. ret ten b:u 11 ets.

IF.o.rget theml~, Ig~ t s lril·th the he.dls cut off make good btU 11 el5 'Ii nap'l nch but w;\1 ruin the accuracy of a

'r I f'1 ed barrie 1 5,0 u'se them on'\y 'wnen nath i ng a 1. S8 can be found or '1 n it i P

·guI"! .'

You have probab 1 y he,atd of Dum'·

D'UIII5. TI·u!:,\,' are s hap 1 y bu 11 ,et S wl'th ·3, ~" '.·~.i;~ ,(;.Yt 'Rto tt..e na~ ... 'They blow fir I ght.fuI·' ho'l e·s tn, peQPl r: and aln~ma'l s , They enl y work 'I f tiRe bul .... , le·t i 51 go r ng faster th'itn 10DO feet 'pe: r 5 econ-d ~ Mos· t pi 5, tiD 'I lea r t r I' d ge,s

\irC'ln I t war'k ~ l'he l ylMn manual te.).s the. v,eh,.,c i ty of 'factory cartr i dges ii, Kal1ClW' poi n'ts $ •. 1 dam 'WOrk below '1:000 fee,t per sec.onld also.

au 11 l.,t's wl'to ii' co'pper or b. liass

J a e!k.:s t -a r'e eas y tOI ma,ke.~ ICo'Ppe r

't.u:b i ng and fired 22 r i m'l I re eases Ulke Igood J 'acket·, ~ 'VOIIJ can also buy Jacket.:5,. Even If 'you buy t.he Jack-· ~let5 the bu 111 art:!, s.t 11 1 CO'Slt. le.55 ,than one ·th I rd -of' what Dought. bul1Ie.ts,

e.o 5·t ·llnd ,a re, a'8 'goad O'r be t t·e Ii" ~

Dave ICorb; In I's the best ex:pe'rt to ,cQlnsul there i! Send $:5 to [Corbi n Manuf,8[c:tur'[ ng and SUPIPI] Y. Box 1.58. p'ooeln. ~ x.. Olregon 97535 fe Ir the i' r IBul1,et Swedge Manlu,a I and C,ata log.~ Th,el r manua 1 te'lls i t in p'l a i n tan ... g lfB:g e how 'to be gin ,I-'

Now tha't 'you have; done some reloa,d llngl for your' r I 'f Ie II pli stol 'j' 011'" 5hotgun~ you can start dreaming up yo~r .own spec i,a 1 pu[rpo,g,e 'IOGIlds wi th a rea's,on,ab Ie 811'1)u.nt of s,afety ~

Ani [l!Kc.e 11 ent, 'Ie" ex t.ype spe.c i ,a .• purpose round can be madle by dr 11;!iii ~ i ng a 1/32 '1 neh O'r number 2 ,ttr I 111 bl t hoI e t n the nO'se 'Clf HI ii 301 ca 11'~ or larger bul1et~ Pull the bul1et from a 2,2 r tm·fl re ~car·t:r·1 dge.t., Press t.he' 22 [c,ase, powde,r and iIIl1.. I nt;o ,tihe n05e o'f 't;·he by. 111 e t unt '[ 1 'the r~m of the ca$e touches the bul1et~ A. 22, short wolrks bes:t and 'I'S a must

hl l\ -
,'/'''r:- .......
I ,
Ii I
I I I '"D I
I ,"" 0

u , I...

·N -
N ,_
, "'-
'" lIii..
, ~
I··~ ... ·-'-·_, .. ~ ~- .... .. _-" I
[ .~ for short pI s tel btU 11 ets but iii 22

1 ang r i f'1 e w'J 11 'work In '1,lolng 100, .... lets. For ·11 bl[gger ban.g put :some rore; exp los T ve T.n the 2~ cas,elOJ Be earefu 1. of the expllo's I ve ,that you use. Sens 'j' t 'i. ve exp 1 GIS i \'-.5 ·ma'y 90

of" i no [he bal'r r'e 1 'Of the 'gIUf11 ~ the four I ~ Ike; ar·. nS 'troe.I·11 U'O'SrI;" p i: e r ~ C 'II) C I d ~ b La n k powde r from,

no,i 5,e maki n9 c,art.rl dges. and pi stOll :5lrnoke less tH~ bl ClIck [gun powdBrt~.

Me Y.E.u~ U~ e b, La n k powcle, flO r a "IV re.~'oadlng~ 't is the fastest burn~ng

'gun,!powder by 'far and e;ven ,the

I 'i' gh tes t bu.l1let rna,y ra ~ Ie p r'e's,s'U re· hI gill enough 'to blow up ,the Gun ~ The, Vld ex type bu' 11et w·i 1'1 ex.p tode on impact yet is safe enough to eBrry~

An eJIC,t.'1!! l 'I en t. armor p I II: rel ng

ro.,y,n,d I 5 made a& 'fo 11 lOWS, ~ II 22. . ca , ..

!!IIi! 3.1 'I 't I ,ld r 1'1 1 ~od ~ ~, 30 ee 'I • -1/% u

d rill r.od ~ 8ml. ll,+,i t ~ I9ftaI and

38 ea 1 ... ""6u drill rOld ~ • ~,~ ".li5 ca I ct- 3/8··~ d.r i 11 rod.1i Bluy hardened dr i"1' rod from a weI der or machi n.

snap I n the ccr'rec t d I al'lla t,l!;f,. i t

;'S 'tIer'y' hard .. NI ek the rod ",'I th • triangle file and hold the end Tn a pa~r of pli8r~ or vIse .nd snap the rod olff 'I ~ ke break I "[g a pi etca of g'l ass ~ Th I 5 s'tu'f-f is too hard to file and will rapfd~y dull a

'f'(J 1 e 'Wh r 1 e try I n'g 'to n i if: kit '" Cut ... ttng ·It. wIth ,I co11d chise~ is, a'iso

d iff [lcu1 t~, If ytOu have a ben,ch "

gr i nder car-e'fu 11 ly gr't nd a pOli nit

on the rod before ~napplng Qff the is 1: e.ce. ~ Dc~n ~ t ge·t 'I:; he, rod ho,t, 0 r you will soften rt~ Dip it in wate'r' often and wor'k, s I ,ow .. Gr I nd th~. poi nit qul'te sharp wi th .about

a II,S~' ang 1 e to ~. t ~I 'Tn i $, ~ rlk.s muct. much be,t'ter t.han leav'; ng the front flat. but you cannot f11e It I 50

'(; f yO[U don [I t h,IJV8 a grl nder II

to,uIg h 1 uc k. II

Palrt III

Powder ,Charges,:

Currently there .r. over 50

d I 'r f e f,en t smoke'l e S:I powd e r's on t,[h,e, rna r-lk.e t ,~ '1 nc 1: u.ded h;e:r',e 'i '5 a 1 ~ 'SI't of :It 2 s thai t II h,1 Vii! e.Kpe.,' 1 men ,t ad

wi th and ,ar·ran·ged T" the i r ,ap,p~o'x'mille bu rn I' og ordet from f,as t a·t the, top 'to $1ow lit the bot.tom~

Tih 1 'S 1 i s,t r s only corre,ct by my exper I· 50 a few pOWders may be 5 TI i gh tJ 'J out. 'o,f pl'l sice i

FJ nd the. selct Ion In t,lhe Lyman m&lnual runn'I' n9 from [0]]0 earb; ne

to ~ 300 rna,glnUI1Ii1 ~ NIO't I c·e tna t '[he

'1 arger ' - 'C,8Ir'tr I dge case. the, slower t.he powder that works b,a's.t t Not i ce a' .$,0 thll,t ,the hea,vl er ·the bul1e.t In 8 palrt 'i clul a,r ca'se'lt. ,the,

s low,er the pGWtd,e r that wor'k:5 be,s t.1I ~2') Win~, ~'08 Win~j and .358 w;~ al1 use ·the same ear·tr·1 dge case~· Not. i ce ,t:hat t.he "ar'ger the ca ~ I ber the he·av i er the: bu'll,et or fas ter the powde:r thalt hOrks bes,t t, That

THE,'- ·p·Q···JO·':"R··· MAN;···· ....• S· AR'M···O·:'RER'·'

.' . . ':--.. ,'" .. 1.... .. . -;- " .. "

ls why 12 gay!,e shot;'guln wh i ch i 5 .70 caliber. takes a very fast powder" .2'''3l~lu i ,I ver'v short for a .70 eel bor.~ ~SO'I the larger the case for a 9.1: ve·n. lea 1 i ber , the s1owe:r the powder,. T'ile heav h~~r th,!. bu'l Jet, II! t,he :5·1 owe r t.he poW'de: ,r ..

The powder char'lt can biB used for powdc,r 5IUbs,t'i tut ;on t, ~ Sa'y vou have load data for IHft-~895 but

yo U W·i!!II n t to uS·C the iriuc.h c,hda.pll!l, r~

H-115t "-315 I, fastor than IMR'48':5 50 'VOU must re.duct: the pow'''' der c.ha rge ~ 140'5 t manu·a I s w.'ll1 I; s '[ ,the, very IPOPU ~Iar I HR-).O) 1.. It i! ",aster' thlanl H~3-315 'i 'so use the same we~ ght Df "-3351 B:na 'ftCrk ·the 1 'lad up $lowl y to, 58'fe 'II mi IS as ,de'" ser i bed 1 n the Ly'm.cUl lmanus 1 .1] When ,uast. i tlut i'ng a pow:d·er _, decrease t.he we.l gh·t of ·the poWde r ~. When subst T tut i'ng a slower powder,

t fl,c'r·ease. ·th~. pOWlde r we'~ gh,t ~

150 much fa r e.xpe f' l' men t: 'J n,g w'r·t h fact.Qry smo~e" es s pow:der@ Ko.w ..... bout: mak'~ng ytour ownii You have to be: a ge:n i us. to ma,ke 'h)·ked ess pow .... ~er " II f' yo·u wan t tQ t r'y tr, read themlis'try' ~'f P'owde.r itt~ ,Exp,'los I yes, 811:'1_d Gunlpowder', I Iii Br i' tann I CI Ene.y' ... c I [oped I a. 81 a'ck Gunpowder 15 sa'fe t.o use t n a 11 modern car tr Idg,es and QJst I mp[rov ~ 'sed cart rl dges ~

~ 1 aek ·powdle.r is· easy to make i Malny 'formu 1 as ,Ire 9 I yen In PHJ,B and the If i l:,all1;i11 ca Encyc, 1 o~ed 1 a ~ .'Iack powder (5 ye ry d.l,ng craus to make,oj The 11 i gh t:es't Ita t 1 C ,or' lIII:ta 'III c,

·s· pa r k alnd EliOtU";I ,

.He·tell heads and ma'tch head com .... pas i ,t ;on5 'make good gunpow,d,er ~ ;ru5·h the.'s I f you want ,them lOI burn faste.r ~ No's t f I re·c!ra,cker compo 5 I ·t I on 5 'we r'!k , I ne· • SOIlM! can [iii] non c r it c.lke r Ciampa 5 i t hl n 5· II :re ve r Y' f as t 5·0 be c,a r".'fu l,~ Flash erlt.kef com-posl t'lan'i, [Bre· ill so ·fast~. Ne·arly' any m'h(ture tha·t b,urns viollent lly .

wi ,tholl,rt detonat' ng wll J wof'k" Anv'th'j ng th,at detona,tes 11 ke fu 1- m~nates and h1gh exp'oslves will c"ertain'ly blow up the


B1 ank tp'owder Here,u 1 es, Bu 11 s[eye

Hodgdon HP-38 Du'pon t. Un i q Ute:

Dupont P B

He f'C·U 1 as Re.d Dot Hodgdon Trap ... 100 W1 nche·s'tler ·45·2AA Wi nc'heste,r 4-73AA IDupo,nt SR762'5 Dupont SR475,6

.A.1 ca nAt'S Hodgdo,n H,s-6 W1nches,ter 5401 W'l nchest.·r 5171


Hodgdon HS-'7 Hercules '2400 Wi' nch I'S t,er 296 Hodgdon H-·110 Hodgdon H~·4227 Dupont I'MR-4227 Norm N-200

H;o dgdon H -41 '98 Dupont IMR-4198 Dupoln t :IMR- 303,1 NOnlla N-201 Nonna Ni-203 DUIllolm t I MIR ... 4n6·4 Hodgdon BL .. C(2)


Hodgdo n H- 33'5 Hodgdon H~'4895 Dlupont I MR-4,9·9S

Hodgdon H-J80 HadgdQln H-414· Dupont. IMR-4,350 Nanna N ... 204 Hodgdon H-450 Hodgdon H·48l.1. Dupont IMR-4831 Norma N-20S Hodlgdon H~,5 70

Hodgdon H-870



THE P·'O· ','O'"R' M7\N' 'S' AR··'M'·O'··RER

c... : I , '....... l'"'.I.l"!ii.· .' " ~. ..' ','. : ..

Editor' s Note.: ·V.let Ammo C:Oi' 1s now Mar'cur,' filled, exploding bullets ~ S,ee

'I,s. sue * 3 • P8 Ii 36 f!Qr addr eas IJ



Supp" i .:5

, mi, . . -f£ h d - d i'!I; ill.. - t' 1 L. .. ' ' . ..L. _tiL ... ]: /.' ,I •. n

:. -p.' e,c'e· 0' ',sr' woo· t uOVU ~ "}, A~ _ iii'

1 '""iP,;,ec.e of hardwood.1about ,2ux. 1 usl n

·l-strip a'F tenslon s·teel. about 3,~IX1" The Bate·s ,K'FG" co , of O'ran,ge ~ NJ

1 •

ma k·e '5 iii S t e8.: I r u 1 e r t hat wi lId 0 Ii The

s·'tock , is 'BNR-·1 Z io I t can 'be bought in. most !J'tores ".

1 -roof T n9 na j 1

I .

. '-n,a1 ~ ·abo,ut 1 n long


4"""~ iii wood ·5 crews

1 -:bu 11 e·t

l . Dr 11' 4 sma 11 he·les "'t the bot .. , tom 0" the tens ion 'steel .. [Dr i 11 2 of th,etn! 3l8u from ,the bottom and the o·ther- Z .3/4111 from ·the bottom~ If y·ou are usino the ruler thera wr11 be hO prob1em.

2. ~ S,rd p at'~ but ~~~ o·ff the roofin'9 na i 1 ~ ,and f; 1 e 1 ,t 't·o a po 1 n t , So 1 de r or gl ue i t ~fll 'f"rom the top of the tens~on steel. Th*s 1s the firing

p i n , See f 1 9 ,. ., ..

]~ Cwt and dr~11 the 1~1 piece of \0\000 as ~ l\u:s,tT'a·l!:ed ;n fig" 2. Sec.ure the string to lt~ Th~5 Is the trlgg~r.

" .. tho ~ 1 t a 1/4n hol e thtoygh the cen te r of th'e: 0 lh,e r pd eee 0·' wood.~

F i 1 e ~u g'rooves Ln ·the fr·ont and rear of the hol Ii! " Then us· l :ng the 1; n na i 1 as .an ax 1 alp i vo:t t hammer 1 t i nto 'the s r de unt i ~ the po i nt just pokes

- -

through the hol.~ Place the trigg.r

1 n to the ho 1 e a:nd .haflllltl r the n,.'·1 'through. the hole ~n the t r r:gger i It shoul d cas 11 y roek and ·forth .t llmas t 310~ e,.ch way.

5* S,crew the f I, I n9 'I' into the front of the block ..

Ha 11

T ~1· .~. d ~

out, I I! ze tu II : .ev·, ce. r • ..,ye 'the

bus i nes~ end from; the bul'lrt, ,and put is sma 11 wad of' ,awpar h1l ·the cart.ri dge to k,Bep the powde.r' I n .• Then tr.sert the. ear' t ridge I n to the e.p. 05 l' va Ji

aT itn the f'j !r'flng pin ·50 it wi·1 1 I·t,r i ke the prhn-er ... n:d. set. the mechln' sm .. T·o

. I

detonatei pull the ~trlng~

F Ui. I



MO'I e·

Not,e ~The: burl et sMutd be slan,ted downward wi th I II! meta J tuber extending from rt, blocked at the and wi'th paper, so ,tha·t th. fl· sh setl, t'he charge ,aff· lit the oot't·om mlddle~ Better y1et I p'ut ,the detonato.r behlW the charge so the bullet rests at ,the bottom.

Pistol C~rtr;dge



, ..• -

. --

~. I




T'HE PO· .• ·.·O-R~.· 'U'7\·.N·· 'iii S·······7Jj_DM·····,O·,R···E- R

. _ 1 Jl~J.t1._ . ~. . '_: ..


withl .~tJnv[e·rt1nQ I~.n· p·t·s'tal t,o f1 r-e tap Chur dart·s'Ii' The ~,arts. and Capl Chur c~:a'rges are· bo,th good btU'sl 'fo'r the price"l Ire .,11 made ·anfJ tan be u·sed as the bas 1 s of 'severa 1; types[ ~f . 1mproY15·e~ sys.-tems ~ Mo.'re speci file 'I n fo en th'f s 'f n ,I, 1 a t.e~' 1 S S.ue. I'

Plate: G~n 13 appt!ars to' be a. 2a 9aqge H _~. ~ :snOtgUlhl •. T~e adapt.,r, 'part , C44?5H. 1 S h,st'cally • I,hell sh-r 1"nker !t (28 g • .uge t·o 22LR). The fFlo·nt ca~rt,e s • screw' onl extens 1 on

. C.ap -Chur' Charge (actu~ 1 s l' z;

CA," CHUR GUNS, BY ci, YD!' BARRO,W the fo 11: mJ'1 ng mater i·! 1 1'5 reprt nt'ed from the '1.976,-19'77 Nisco FI8i,rm and

Ranch ca til ag ,~ _

ne $J;5 tetI. ; ne 1; ud i ng 9 un's, 'I b 11 an k s, c,hI,rges, 'I de rts and. 'seda t'i 'Ie's I '1 s t n~ tend. far use i:'r!ll 5ubdu1n,g ,or med1:'ell t1 ng bath wi 1 d. and dome s tic lJ.l1l'1:-, ali s ~ ~ IOther PO'lS'; b 1 e uses "re 1, 'ef't to yaur ~ .,gt 1I:ll.'t·i on ;;

Al'l tII'rae - gUns lappea'r' ·to ~ ,~yerpr1ced I.~ f'uture issues will de.l

II 'las' holes firing pi n






[,A'- ('MlU'I: AceO'SOIl ES' AND _PlACutEJin 'A'If'S


For' hdwiuUon of IJUbH'!' plunlf'r insij,d. or '!il~'rinll!~

'C 'a'lN Pltr 1'u_ • , ~ .. , . ~ . , , , .. , . '" .. cO ~ ~ • , ., a. ~ •••••• ~ • , •• ~ • ~ ••••• ' , •• I •. , + + • 11.


F~'b ~i ther priW1.1~r ni'~ or Dft~!,tm.a l'ic dfh!· - Sb. w~. 2. '~b~.

[C l'I3I'N i>!"!"il.!l.'" II!! •• , !' • • • • I • 110 ... , 11 [I • • • • • • I Ii =' == 'II •• 'il II I' • !iJ i3 II' - • T =- - • IT iI + .. + r-! ;. "i'I '!II !!il ... !: Ii!!' r !: .;0 • - == II!!' la.1II


'Of ~ ,tol _ Sh. '11111. " u~'"

C~'N •.. !i 'iI! <i! ~ ~ iii !"! '1' .. <i ~ ". ,!II II!! '!o iii, •• 1 •• IiIl •• 1 • 'I' '. il til .' ~ i • = i' 'Il • m • -= iI Ii Ii!! il !i iI ~, tl =, + i!- '!'I II!! .. == II!l ,! !. "" !II !. ,! II!!' '!II • III..H

"I:IIA ArB,APm If 01 :''0.1111 filED, GUN


Mr ~ Pii!il!!d It!! I'HHI'lIiall." 11'1," '00 dill"'5~ .,.,. tilill 1 Nt' I'Islma I i 'f U:SM '00 ('iii:U'lf; d'I'I'f ~ ere ..


C412'32N ~'.. nll!M IIi! C,4!:z3lN i" 1/.8-' j. ned,le etD'" lW' ne_le,

(.!If"", ~ ... ,Il a, .Ii Ii ,Il • gj III ~ ' •••• ill ...... !II • "I' ill .. ill Ii' oil !io !Ii iI 'fo -ii' ~ _!Ii! II!! !II! Ell ... 1 ~ •• III .1 ... '" l •• 'Il • ~ •• 1 ' •••• iii, til Ii !ill -Ii ill -iii i!I' .I! ~ ,I; !!. ~ !13 ~ Il1-o ~ 'II .• :

Pl..A'IN !N(E~U.'S

em·Of. \iq n!'edh! CCJUJif '1-~11,;~ ~.,cU:e [4123,. 1.'Wi"~ ..eM"

t,I:$7~N 1·" ~Hi' ~ C4:t24. 111~.r .. eel Ie

[~(h Ii • "I' = ;;, .c; .. ~ ;II •• III II!! ••••• Ii • I'l • !I! •• 1 r.i! !i' 'I'l Ii' '. Ii 'I! !II! '!o '. !!!!, 'i!' !!!, .&, Ii. '!!! !! m _ II!I !II [I' ••••• III l. III !II • m • oil 'i il '13 i' I"il ii' ~ ~ oil i 'Ii !!!, !!l .. 11.l1li

C:.,l71N " - '!II'" rt"edl, [CODNI " ~" fIIndll;iI!!'

CDLL ARED N EEOtE5, C42:l1N 1 K,~' ~ .. td It

N;ElDlE:S fOR lAIIGi TN leI '5I.~NN'ED AN'l:MA'L:S

C51MN 1lfi'" 1I)!lI!!d'~ em!N 1 Kj '" 'nNd:Ii! - CH4.N t"'" M" h!

E.I,C'I!!, • ~ ' •• ' .• e ~ •••.• ~ ' •• * • ~ •. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ , •• ~ • ~ , ' •• , r ., ~ •• , ~ ., , " ' ~ ~ • '. ~ - •. ~ ., , ••. ~ '. '. '. ~ ' ' '.3,.,.

lllll". I'l!IIIR rWH'aEI

If' I t'5: ionr' of ~he· Iyr i~I,@: '5 i res. .

[ ':IBN ~ .. , ~ ~ .' ~ ; .. ~ .. ~ ...... ~ . . e e _ •..••. ~ a, ~ •••••• , •• ' m • r ••• ~ ., ... ~ • ~ ~ + , + '. + .. ~ ' .... , .' ~ .' ~ • • ~ ~ • ~ • ~ ~ ~ t t+.!II


'[4:115N ~,(( .. _ • ~ m • h _ • , • , •••••••••• '1'1. "5 C.::Z'36AN s,n: . , . ~ . ~ .. 0 • ~ • ~ •• , • ~ • ~ •• ". "' ~ .". SI.iI

[.... z,c.c . , . ~ ~ •..• r ~ ••• w • r " .' ; r' '. ,55 CN1GN '1tl( .• ~ ••. " • , ••. , .• ~ • , ••. ~ • ~ .... ~ ..... ~. z. JI

[·n~N 1 c c ~ . ~ ... , • 0 • +" •.••• ,.. 1 ~6.!I CIIIl2..171N: lIh: c . ~ ~ ~ ~ • , ~ __ . '. ~ 0 • '. , ••• , ••••• ,. ], '5,

C"D9f!1l -40[' • ~ •• ~ •• ~ • " ••••••• " '. " • " ~.' ',IJIGI [4J'1' AN 1 Sf C •••• - ..... ~ _. '. ,. , • , .. _ .' ... , •. ,~ ' •• !!Ii

tAil 'llCl: .

f i ~'!i, .In., '5t~;if (.JD~Cb~r '!i yr'I:I'Ile. _

ICimNI ,Iil ,Ill .1 .. !! ,!' •• I. ! '!l !II + '!!i! ,Iil <!II !, !' ! ... "" !II Li' II!! •• <!II II!!' ,!!II •••• III • Ii' ill ill ... ~ !!i! III -!i '! !' .Ii • lfl • III • !Il ...... -.J !I .1 • !Il I. ~. III .' '113 Ii i iii ill + 12. JD

.... ,~--11111"""""",,-


tt,-a t hal ds the d,. rts aWIY 'frOm the 'f1 ash of t~e· blank. thus preventing' bUn'I,t, tl1 '1 fea'ther:s '. Eve ry i tan

'11 sted] 1 s ,1'1'1"'1 able by ma 11 "rom

e 1 the,,,, of tbe two Na.5CO S tOri! 5) •

Note: The. Cap ChUI1r c.ha'rgles conta in b1.l,ck p~e'r and canlnot, tn! mailed pI'res 1 - po,s t j! Cat a 1 ,BI :SO¢. ,~

.... seo; 9D2. Ja'nll!'sv1'11ie Ava,. Far"t Atk1ns~n. WtS~ 53538 or P~O.Box 38,31 Prt nC.I'W·n Av&t ItJde s to 11

leAL I: F ~l 95,S52,~

AI " ..

Barbed Needle

~ Barrel
, '.
'\' I B
i { ,
] f I
J r

Ca. P'''' tho r Cha rg'e

( ~~J ",.

. . . [



CAP--C UI :lQu,,_

, Th. wor'ld 'Imoll. :Iyat'em fo[r Jmn10bll i'Zil1l ,01 m,edi:cali"l _.:lId or' , ID~,IJI •• : '. A paldl" ,.dIad for l'nj.Ctift, anr nuid dr' -,_ in~[ a.n ~n,h"'J1 from dis:1 ned, up to 10 y.;d,s _,, .ccLlr.t~l, Ind in,stln'IIfteIUSI,. ThI dr_we a"'. t. fOr .he PUlpal,. 01 i mmobil i z'i _ft' M .nim.f for •• sy Icapture Of' handlina, bul Iny 'Ii'qul cI medl cine or dru). rlC_,". b,' your' 'Nt,.tn arj an m.y be u'sed wi tll Uti. equ I'pmerail ii'

The. ftlll9ns p, r +D P II .. I, ,un i qu. patent~d ~yrinle ~hl ch ca rr'i es the. ~fU8" On implct wi'th the ani mal I} I _1'1 tucple" '. (harle w[i ~hi n ,the syrlng,e ~ nstanl'laneoul·1 V dl Sc~,lf.e,s Ihe fluid Ihrow'" th.[ .edlle, iI11:1 Inta the ,,'scle ti S"S"I. lyrE,... .. [avilil 5t Ie's ranai,n. from tee t.o tsee, and are "eusabl e,t

This, equ,ipm.ent.. is, nina 'Used 'with lI'eal success; th-rou_lhout th,el "rl'd, Oft 'ba'lh wild and do .. tic animal I., O"".th: ,. nd rh t ah I y publli <:1 ze;d usa. ,end re over.tiado~ the ' ~:al: It ·is. In, I~:di .. ns.~I.· e,,'erydiY' worlc i na tool for d ... ,tfe Uv .. sitock aroducer'St polt.rfl! depa'rtmen:ts" 'v.t.rina,rtan.,; wild'lif. manapf'l, blal08i, ••• ,.d 100 pcr:mftne1~ ..

Thr'ee trpes of projec'to'rs are a'~ajlat>,le:, a, lonl r.n,. pn)jectar fh',ed by .. PD'wder ,'n.fle' -quite sl'mU. 'ta I canwnti.,.I, fire,lrm, but w'ilh specia,1 adaplion to handle the s't~i.n.e~ a 'onl ranle pne:umllh: pow~red (:'COI)[ ~PfOj[e,·clOr; Inri: I short ranp

pneum ati c powlered p1f'stoi t'ype proj' .'ctor. -

- lONe:. IAN(;,1 'IqJt(,IDI-, I.I'LI, 1"'1 C'IC01, ....... ,

1;0 ,S pe·c j I ~ ~!I d[es'i In'ed MI uma lie r j f ~ f that n h! S PIi t.ldf.!d 'Ca p ... c hu r syri nl,e' .. lhe 2 sma U C01 cy Undtrs inserted Into the rUle wi If dis~ ,[ hat,e the r I ne rill JJPfnx i ma te tv' 11, ~'j'me'9, ~

Can be 5 LlC ['!,S sf uH 'Y us,ed 3,1: di st ii, nee s up to a bout ] § ,a td I., bu,'

most eUetl"ve at 25 -..0 30 Yird r'anle'~ -

The . owe" v,toe Uyi of Ut"! UII,n mi,nUni ze, danset of itn,jlury 1,01 animil,~s resu IHn, from the phys i ca t i mpa,c:t of 1i1@' §'fi:nl.~ ioU A('.ion~ 'SP!~,ia U)' des i sned ba rre I Sh .. wt~ 8~ Ibs ..

C1Z19JN iii iii 011 iii I.) iii .. II;! • !l!l ~ IF .' 'I ~ II 'II Si !II II ii' II -e- !II iI til til il .. ,. .e; !I iii III IF Ii Ii iI ii, iii 'ill !!II o!!' IIjij ~ @ !i 111·1.[CICI

~. DnA LONe IANCI PlGJE:ctDI, -, 1I,'1I "'1'('",. fl_

,3 i ~ $ ,-.. look _ and - f,ee I of ;a conv.:n t iaGI', '15l1DrUft', w ...... ,' "..,. .,ny-aA,e 01 3 spec:ia.l ~ 22 c[IUber bla,n_, pawde·r· IQI,ds depelldii'n,. ulllRt 'I~ [I n ••. des i ,red,~ 'fh:t s ,ria Ie i I IlRdl~' II' 1ft tnle II I'" lite .. III adlpter which ho,lds tb, bliRk ca,n:rid.e is "DIe",.; behind u, ,M~, .' used, a'i rlnleS, f'rom 10 '10 lID yds, See r des,c[f'ipt1on of .. 22 bl[lnk porWdl'r

loads f'or rlftl". ea cb w'i II provide"

. 5,MOI' IAN,eE "IOJICTO' ~ IPISTOL nrl (COl peWIt,,,,,,

.2 ~ It s pee I a II y de sign eel pi~ s to I' powe'red .br- C 0 ~ II 5, Ef'fi!C t'i ve , rlRge up to about 40. feet~ ,ApproximateJ, lS shot's, per C03 Icylinder',. 'We.ll ba ~ anced, Ea s Y' to. lead. Con ¥e[n i ent 10 IJ se. S tI,. w't. ~:l4 Ii bt ' ..

e 1:Z:2GN .. I, I!I rII !Ii ., .. ! iii .!! ~ e- I! !i ~ ill 'r • Iii !iii lil • III 'I I !I! ~ III '. *' ... !Ii • [Ii 11 Ii ill ~ .jI II!Ii ~ ..... iii iI [jJ .. 11ZS .. 10l

Ca re must be, ex ere i sed to .' s,ure the ;proper I_d ls U SM 'fot the fa n I~ ,~e"i,i Ired ~ The U$' of the hea yY If3I.d Sit very ;short fa n,le s na, C.I,'U5,e 'mpae.: damase to lhtn skJnned or I ilh' muse,led anll11lll:$;o S,h", w'l. 9 1"'5 ..


caD-I: ~ut Sol: i. 'tH' .Sot uiOi4 • (:II,nl i,llimQW Illt:f ,1"11 i ~Iblet- 'tIP'" ~ I .... fbi UI •• ion, U'Sillllr OtCufJ H. fro. .1 t1.! til mi[nu[c$. Dj l,doel$ ,. :llcll: at l'i:iU"I,11 cocrdiAiU. trII" O«(li.lf .0 IIIi iihort • t~mc' !IS ](I 'Ht .• S 50 fftal the uh ••• UJ I'iDr1N~ ~'r n4M ~ 1.", l-fttf li,.tH I ~on. 1I:'s.~ n;';ou If,s, i!llll u~llIlly obt.~nld Ity ~k·' in. ih •. I",lection 1ft the .. s.~u lre:.a O'f ~bt tlindlAlNrterJ Oft ~lfI" IHf!il":ll. "he' dos';I'f!l pfe'lcfl bed lIe, fof, '.ir&IIlUlc:u:liIi r at. ~'lilrr<'''11 tn-jKtiall.

, C.I>'c..~t,lt· kd C1I«iil:i"., 11tt~ 111111, lilli, Ib~Old, II. 1,8 I JGII~.. It ill [de I Ii""

hit irtt,"mUKu~iIiI' ilLj~(, __ • ,hOgJd not bit ,*i nllt,. Dr. I t~1O

. WA"I~ ..... ' EJ;'1EMf IC.A'~tO~ SH9ULD If. DEIe.,sm TO A\rQfJD nt J f,e .. , nON OR ~,.~l.OJI~NG 11' HUMIliN IEJ,""(;S~ bMI, In.llnictiOfti ~!!!If"fI'J.,~

'JM ,Ipprnh.le COReel Idoule sil_W .. .".i .. t'- til en u~m&' II ,one U .. ,. One U:d-=Uon, of CIII-Cbur Sol _l1li •• I ... uu ,I Nii",lIKl.l ,a I Me .. ond 11¥!1"il "fry $!IKifthl' Ifc.f, .. ~ .. :IOMI qR$ W' Haftd: ., • .wI .. ,I _ ...

rl!!1Irc~ion, '. hau'l :sfMluki La"" .'''(fI' ,. qeand 'lIj.dIDn',. .

Ald_ 'I, JUS1' as ~ftS, ~.., hi 1M.; JlHcn. to .la, CIRIllO C ....... rtU, .. (11n'_ "'lIt [1I;hu,'lI, be "leK~sed.

''''1,1 Glnq I, ,DI~f" ~nl i .'MdI!! IUP of' '~nlniUOld· •• tad of .Ul\i~, v ••• , De" "_ of ... lhil1l", ,IU 'th.I. i _Ii reilltd t., lhe -'1M .... i_II,. bt l~n'lt(ltd., it 1':c, dDIe _i$ U-_ ... 11.111_1:1 ~ .. _., W kc .. ti,hl. :and uthil!!'r litle' &1J1 h. ts.

c. p-Cbur 50~ [i I t"ed~. • ... 1' In~-..J!5r lMMh wUd IUIiI! I "~ ttiC. .....

'!Vflff U ,SHOUlI NOl • lit .. ON HOCI 01 CA •• , .

the' follOiltI iii (iii ~hur :5(J,' donp$, Iff oHllredl ,I~s.. I ...... , IU_ for' MI

eAr'~(HUi SCI. ' ... , fOI CAl'TU A:ND J..AaGI AfiI'MALi lDtt .n Ilts - 'SIl. WI. 4 .or .. - IN' • fen ON Kt. OOSE'

C1244AlK l6.SmI :Pe'f' ("t '_ lot ,3. [lb. (,150 ~i~i).i) .. Ii~l'l ... ,~ ' .. ' ~ ~ '.' ~ ... " ..

C 't2tM~ 1l&q, JM:t (:c. -, t« 44D I.,. [(»0 ki _I .Id .. h ;,. ~ ' [! 'Ii i .' ~ ~ ~ .. + ....

C 1,Z .... CN: 175 ... ' :pe.I" cc -, 'tl)l 5. nll~ '(MJ' ~u"' ..,!I_h, , ., .. r " .. ~ " ' •• ' • ~ I ••

CUMIN 331.. per iCC. ..., <for _ ].b~ {BI k1iDf,) 'In~_'I, ... '. 'i r " , ~ •••••• ' ~ I ••

CUMIN , ••• - ... tt ~ fer 770 Uti (3d til .. } .• _Is, , .. : .. "' " , , ... 10, •• • ••

ellWN ...... ""I' U: - fGr 1101 UI!. (3t9 tlllGt, [I'nt_i, ' ,I ;, ~ ~ .,. '.a

[t"lZMGN 41_ prl'f .,;:( - fQr ftO lb. (Mt 'ki .n) InJlU;,~S. ~ ~ , ~ ~ ,. • ... 'I.M'

I:tIMtUti ,51DmI }1Ifi (£ '_ 'rOf 11.00 [IIJ. c_, ~~I~D'~ In-_b i ~ •• ~ .' ~ " •• ' I: •• ,

C IJ44tlH ii5,. PI!'(J' Coe; ~ '01 ,.2tD, I,. [ISft li kq) Iili_~. . ' i' ~ .. ~ •• i".

Cf.:tMlM Mi .. : pet leoC' _. '01 'lH I'b,. {599 IHo .. ,) .ni. ... it. ~ " ~. ~.' ~ ~ ~ u I'~.

(l2 ...... :nl ... ,., C( - ". ',5-tD I'-tt,. fi" Idlos), ,,I:1 '. ' i ~ ••• ~ •• 't.1I


30.::<[' ""Iill, ~ S'"'. WI. ~ .~. - IN llcf l'Ce: ODSf

C IZ"IAN •• 1 p!\f c't - r. tOl tt.. (5.5 .1 lin,) ••• _11 ~ ' ... ~ •• ~ ~ ~ ' ~ " •• ' :IZ ••

C 1J.O_ 4S - I"r (: ,_ fof 15 1lD,. f.,.1 -kll.) .illIIJl ~ ' .. r 10 10 ~ , ~ "' 2 .. "

C 1Z45,CN MImi "' « -- tor. ., Ilb. "'.0 1.:1_1 •• _Is ~ .' .. ' ... ' ~ ~ ' .. 'Il 21.

[~1::MSDN 7,5111 '-' ,t( -- .,. :i5 ,'-. (1 " .. l Id10lil tll\l, .. lt ~ 'Il • ~ ~ 'i '. " ~ •• 10 "'. I,'.

eli4lf,N" . pe'« _ f. liP' 11t~ n' .. II, [kj~.l •• 1 . Is '.' ~ •• ~ ~ ~ ., ••••• " .. ' i, J,~'

(';:l;QitN 1 ~ ,.. tt - tor ~ J". (~11~ 1 kU .. ·) _,ft._I, 'Il ' •• ' ~ ,i ~ ~ ~ ., • ' •• ' I ••

C12'4$i ~ it lJOtnI pef n: .... fDl' 50 ~" .. U:ZAI ~UOl). 1., .. 1,1 • 10 , .. , , .. •• ,J"n

t IW,N 1951it. '" ,e, ,- f. U I". ,,21,.2 tUo.) In' .. h.; .. ~ ~. ~ .' " ' .' ii, .. ~ .J ••

eu ..... 2,.WII JIB C( - f. 10 tb.~ U6 .. 3 Idl .. ) •• _It .. ~ '. "' ... ~ ". ,i, '.... 4~.

C~aNN lIS'nq PH cc _ ... 95 ..... (,41~ 1 Id lu." 11I, .. ls . ~ 1 ., .. '. !. !. ... ' .. '. ' •• ~" t.,.

POOR l11\N" S' J'M1ES BON.D ver . 2


(Ii iii titiN, I 8- hw wh ,,,h, we' do MI: til5.t 'SpU~Uc cDnten~iII'.IiI_!I _ q.,'lftl bid, Millhi!1,;

~p rin. lIi~t iii,A" per pound of bod, we~tM:·

_, !II' I!- -!II •• ~ .. 'fI •• 1 .. I!!II ~ r. ... I" .. ~ '. III' r. ~ .. ~ ], to ~l St.e-eI '.' 'ill .. ~ iI". ~ iii' iii ~ II • iii '. ~ iii .. iI .. Iill ~ iii 'i-l ItGl 4.

ICI~tt!! ~ • I .. ~ i ~ • ~ ~ ; ~ • ~., .. 1 to..2 Ce:llS .• , .. ; ~ '" ; i i ~ ~ 'i ~ 'i· ~ ;; ~ i,2: 'tD i4

·Detr· ~ ... ;. '" '" 'i I' ~ 4 ,. s- ~ ·i .... 1 to 4!

eAP~CHUl SOl ._ :Sl'otlC ,SOlU'fIONS

".11ft • i~"'· 'IPJ~"I"" ".ri·

~C:1il: illVlli. e .... _.I~ .... "'t v\& ~ .

CU·IIN lOO,.:.It« .' I' ~. ,. ~ ~ .. '" I''''' eUl:1N :2IMJwIi Per ~C, • '.' •• '" ,~ ii 4" •• 01

CU'IIN 3IJOnq .t· ec' , •.. OJ ~ ~ • ,i .. ,i '.. ,I ••

~"'I"N .;inn.... - . - .. • _ ..

~ _.,. . "'"","11 HI' cit i, ~ ~ ~ ~ I· ~ ~ ,. ,'.

, I

A II' Cap-Cl1 .. 'Mllii.. .. t ".. 11.1 .. 1 iI'S alt '.v. i ...,1., f. idiLiecli'. shi pmeId frcJm NaRD. , .. '.... wi ~II be ... c..,ed .-jlhad, ,de ,lay [I,

Our ltaff 1,1 l'x,..ri'etIa!d' in fht .... of '11111 "'ui-nt~_" I,sl!lillie to -n',!IAI6iI '!IiN'IifiI'. iI .... I- " ,I!!l 'I'~- UI.~, .. -_

_. ~~ - . . - -~ p" • ...,n ... ,!!Ill _ . iI .. I"~ ,F '_ qWlii.1Ii l1li JIo ~.,.:,' ClIIi!ll ,lit!;' ne.~

!l!s1 NloleG offlc_e If yOu'. Died aSI i IblDf.,~ . . '" . , .' .

IILJI.& e'.,..... r-" ,I; ·t"~' , . ,- 'W" - , - - -'" ·.1''': 1!'.l:~.2 • .IIiit N ,;I, ilirft ~·st ..._._._ ,. ... 11~:=:_.... ir ...... 1i:AI!'7'

1JV'IiM...,U _III: n IRilMDII,.'llaIIISllnl .. !-I .;iU.;I",_:... "~,,,,,,,,~ _ ifiiI!lIQ4i¥U!I'. W,lIIlllumlllil 1iU'7 ,:u:.~.

Prices qUoted here are from 1977 and are undoubtedly much higher now~ 'Unless you are, af"fil,i,ated, with youz police departm,ent or a, close friend of' your loca,l ve:te·,rin,ar·ian, you might bave +r-oub.le 'getting t.hese

~' .... h b mb d La i.m : b

mat.erLa l s . 'I suggest you call, one of t.r e abo've numoez s anc c a i.m to,e

your areats poundmaster. When you call, you might say something like this,': "'Hel,lo. 1"m (your name) t,he poundmaat.ez f,o,r (your town) and we,'r'e' having t.r oubLe with doq paok s , SOJll,B' are homel,ess and p"re,t'ty wild and aome ar e pe t.s W",'e oan t g,~,t, c '10' s· ~ , en ouqh t.o U" ae t.he noo s' e and we" do' n t t

[.~" ,: .. ~.: '."' - r= :........ .. 1.· ••• Ik:l! Iii ""I~ < .:.', ~ ..... '_".: ~ I. I .... , .••....• - •.. 'c: '~. : :.:' . ."'.' I" _ :~:.' : .... "':'.'-"' :" " '.'. I .• 1 .. d., " '."" '. '._. .

want to shoot them. our loca,l vet, re·fer're,d, you to me and Itd a brochure on your' l.'ine of capt.ure d ar t s and equipment". The f Lrm wi ,1,1.

aend you a br-oohur-e and.' you can oJ:'der w,i th no t,roubl e '. Of oou r se, don ' t I' say exao+Lv what I,. '.' ve __ 'w_:ritt.e'n but; '::u.t. it i:n ~~Q:ULr IO'W11 ~o~ds~


'Supp't '~,es.: 01111'; OO',X of st I ck matches S,tlf i ng liiI'CO t-c,h ,t til pe, 9 11lle one: he avy pape r grOGe :ry bag

string, Step :2

Cut 3 pieces of the striker into :3l4~'1 s't rIps, and pee 1 a 5 much of' t.he 'i'l)e.r' of f the, bac Ie. 8'S you- ,"' Then cut 3 length of paper from the bag about 2 1/'2u 10,ngl 8,nd 61' wi d,e.. G;l ue the s tlr'I' ke,fS ,II' 11 de by s~' de. in ithe,

mil d·d 1. o,f tne 2 1/:21111 side of the Cu. taway 'Vic'w of ,fric't,i'on d eton,a tor

~'~i_~pe~_'r.-.~s~'t~a~rt~. 'i~.~_g~. ~a_t_,o_n~e~.~s~,i~d_e~.~~~.-~~~~~ ~~·(~U~'·8~e~-d~'~t~o~rl~e~.t~,o=;n=~~t~.~~~·~f~:l~!y~:'i=~,n=:,~g~'b~o~.~~~~.~~_)~ ~~,

, $'tcp' 1

Make, '. 9 i' ant match by tak T ng :3 sfi'ck malt,c,ties, and cut a'~ 1 but 1/2'1~ of the IftOOd off, .. 1[e them tog,ether

L.i 1[' t-"" f!Ii '~ .i"'Ij;>.J'fi; 91 5 t 1'" ~ n ft· . wra p 5' co t ,.. h ,-t a n,e'

ft ~ 11111 'l1li , vn·, " _. II 1'::111" _' I '....... .. I'" .'

• 'round: it.,. and set l' ,t as i de ii, Then pick t,he wh I 'to he,a,ds off of abmlt 2S st,; ck matlche,s and put ,them I n it

g~a'$s ashtray ~ A.dd a ceupl e 0" dr'Q,ps of water and 11 ght1 ''I' m.ash them wi th

,8 'spoon;, Pack th I s paste ar.ound the , m~"tGhes and set tne arran'gem.ent on ti"te, ash t ra')!' 1 i ke CD, c I g,m Iret'te, I' tu'rnl .... ~ng it occasional1~~t w~ll dry h8rd~


' ..,

. . I . . . . I ~ . .

.c. ~N, . TCH

Step. 3

larV· the match ('n] the palp'er I' 'wi t.h the matc,h head Ibed' ng abo~ut 1""'* above 'the: str'~ ker ~ Then re 11 the 'w,ho 1 e th i neg 1'11'11 to a tube Bind 9 11 ue

It closed~ The tube should be tight enough to he 1 d the 1m tch 'illl pIa ee , but not tight en~~gh to grip' the matcn .. When you puli 1 the's tr lng' t 'the match will slIde ~ve.r" tL• ~t'rtk'~ ' .

. ....... _. "f~","~,' .eF'III'

1~n;te, and ~end a vlol~nt jet of flame out of the tube, I' Your cos t: is iloout )(: ,"

co-ntact :po1nt

GlUe strikers here

This detonator should be Inserted ;n a metal tube and ;s used in ~anua11y detonated mines~ If you re~ ver se the ma tc.h POlS j' t i on and I engtn'en the $, t j' eks , ~ t C,jiiil be used to

a,xn1ode f 1. Y'I n~ bo.mbs Ii ~

J"" :::!I' p#I' ..,.. •



.,,_. , __

..- .

- .,.,. .








. ',I


... >,

'Q., 0. ~

.. il 't

, I


\. \ \


\ \ \. :'\:'" \ '.

A f .

, '


'A'·'''····'' :T"·'·::;A:··"········· P··:··'··

• ',' '" ", I , .i : . : ,- " .

. t'-

.} ~. '.' . . . -,' ,

r ~. .', . .' ....

_, I' _ ,_]' .. ',

'IJ" .. :r •.. ,

. . .

- ..... .

, .

. T-

- .' _" . . . -_._ . -." "-.'.'

I'" ,~-; . ," I," ; ..

: I' '.' , __ ,: • I

I , , : . • " '., '


B'-'~' c ".' r, 'Y:,'··::·D:I··'·····E-~ ·B'··A·· 'R""R' ····O'<W··,~,"·····'

. . '. . - ". "... . :' ". . '.. .' .--:: ~ . . : ", ~. :-. . ..

. . .; '. --', I . ,n ,.',.,"

- . . ~ '.' " ,'". . .' •.... : .,' ," ..: .'. . . '. :_ . . ' .. '. " . ".,' .. ".... ., ", ..

• _' .... 1i!!!!I. --_ II!!!! "

... .. ... -- ,~;I

v ,

, w·~

• "IIi','.. .. ' .. ~

'I ' .. : .. I • ~'~ , .. I"


, \

. .

, . .



\ '


\ \. \ .

. , \



, ,

, I"·

, .

, :

o +,.) C,


0' '

,'" 0,.



,~ 'I

, i

...... ' .;r;;,;.


W ......

..... C. a...


Q .....







<C i.&J 0:: .~




The Dart Catapult was conceived by the All ied Specia') dur'i, ng 'Wo'r 1 d Wa r I. I -. The' we'a pun ""lsi ntended for clandestine use and was produced in several model s , 'The

1 a rge r r'i, f1 ,t s 1, ,zed un i 't s fe'a tu red a f'ol di ng stock mechan'i s:m based on 'the Gennan MP ... 40 SMG stock,

The da,-r't catapu'lt concept is a c,omprom i' se bet~\ee-n the eas i 1 y constructed but inef'fi,c,ient rubber P<lW'''' ered speargun and the power and acc ura,cy 0 f th e blillky trad 1't i ana l 'Crossbow. The use of ,8 triangii'~ar basep 1 ate. i n IP 1. ace of the, 'ori g1 na 1: 'p'rod' (bow) wi 11 reduce the o,v,eral' 1;J"1:dth by 1./3 to 1/2. The e,lsi, ly re ... p 1 aced rubbers 'e 1 i m; 'na te the need fo;r bufl:d'ing and nta'1'ntai ni ngl a complex and expensi "Ie recurve bow'~

Figure, A shows ,an IMP Crossbow

,P'is,tol that has been modi fi,ed to' accept rubbers and a triangular baseplate. (se~ IMP article page 95.this i ssue.)

F1- B~~· • f- f "1 .

.. I gu re .• '. 1 5, a s e' ~ or . U S II e

plans for a home biJ; It dart cate ...

pul t The fr,ane desi gn ,and scale are ba s ed on the I,MP" bu t the mea s u re-

.. . .. t· . . .. }I , 'd .. f1' d f b· 1- d

me'n s are e,a'S,l y RIO,,. ee ror eu ',' ...

i n9 '1, a ,.g8 r ve rs i on s , The frame, ts

f.br1cat*d from aluminum or brass

f1: ,at· stock.

The rubber power uni t ma,y be -made up from surgical tubingt slingshot 'r@'p 1 a ceren t ru bbers -0 r jumbo rubber




STEP 1 .

Cut the two outside frame pieces from ,~n fl at stock.. Ca'reful1y' a 1 i,g:n edg,es and c1 amp together for steps 2 and 3",


Cut the cocking notch in the frame' pi eces at A.. I ncr-ease t'he angle of the undercut for rU9ged field use ~ De,crease angl e to nea.r y,er,ti cl e fo.r a tarqet t,ype "ha 1 r tri'gge'r' .. u STEP 3,

The front spacer is cut from ~M 'stock and is P'DS;' tio,ned between

frame halves unt i 1 a 11 three bot ... ,

tom and f'ront edges are 81 i g'ne,d '", (There should now be a l.iu x !ali chan .... nel a,'long the top edge, of the frame .. ). Cl am,lp pi ec .. es together and dri 111 1/81t d i arne tar ho 1 es th rough all three pieces at points 8-E. Hole B is for a press fit trigger pin so a s119ht~ '11 under s i. zed dr1,11 may be used if

a v ,a, i 1 abl EL, Ho les C.-E 'ma,y be threaded for rnach i ns screws or ll8~11 bo1 ts and ~uts may be used to fasten the three pi eces t.og'ether ~


Cu t the tri 9ger pi n. from 1/81i di ameter dri 11 rod 4 The t'r'; gg'er ; s ""jIj de" f .. ' L ., fl' at s tr 'k" ·C",·t t'wo w;u,' : r'om ~ ',. "QC ,u. :,:,

sh'ims, from an 01 d cred l t card or S im ..

ilar plastic sheet. Use a sanding block to reduce trigger width until the tri gg:er and two shims, are a 'wob-





ble f~ee fit in the frame~ Align wit" hole B and tap pin in place~ If the piA ~s not a secore fit. a drop of loct1te at each end will ~old it in place+


B,ui l.d the rear spaeer/!Jri p frame from: lilt ;meta,l sheet , I f the ,gun wi' 1 re,c!ei ve 1 i',g,ht, duty only Ii \ •• plYM wood or other nen meta 1 ma teri a 1 s'

"., :b'· '. d C·_,·"to' '. , . ..; .. , , b

may ;'e us,e· Ii .. U:$, _ . -m gr. ps ,can, e

used or this framels shape may be altered to accept spare pistol grips on hand. Use a saw Or file to cut slot H in grip frame before install frlg gri ps t


The tri9ge~ guard is cut from

1 / 8' n s to k d ~. L· .·1 ~ dB' 'd t

.' .... 5 : 'DCI a,n' 1 S ~ Wl f:!. en,' .o

the shape indicated and trim off the excess len9t~~ Insert the rear of g.u a rd. i' n to s lot H" Dr i l 1 1/ S 1'1 'hol e' at po'; nt t and scr'ew ~u,ard to

fr'ame. "

._ . I!

STEP 1 .

Con's,truct top cover f'ro'm i n.dividual pieces and as,sembl e as shown t Note aroro,,,,- stop s lct on underside.

Drf 11 1/8~' holes at J & K and 1 n-

sta 11 top cover' on the frame"


Th.~ comp.d tit tie ~rOiis.bQW wat o,rI:.Binal~y dn.sned fQ,r induor i;l!W!"- WU h aUf new J() tb linl W wC'igkt I~ .. s:s~f ibrt' prod,., targtt and fl ishe shoot i ng o~ 1 of JOOfi; bec;omcs an IPxcihng ven t u re. Tnt ,t')C tremel y f ~1jit recoi.l oJ the prod casts the bol I: ami nimern of 50 y,afds.

The I ~1'P Pis tole r 0 s show f ea tu res a two

piece cast aluminum fr,ame .. p l as tic grips ,', fi bergl ass prod (bow) and ful ly adjus tabl e rear sights. The aluminum trig~er should be sh'irrmed 0," both side's wi'th nylon wash-, ers to el imi nate w'obbl e ..

The eros'show ; s lO~·'~ long and ,5'2" ta 11 ..

The prod measu'res 12·~~ across wilen strung aud in the uncocked position. The chfl,d

S'l ze grips should be lengthened a-bout 1~· by taping or gluing a wood or plastic block to the bottom .. There 'is no provts lon 'for

a sa f e t.y so bo 1 t. s (' it rrOW5) 5 h ou 1 d not be inserted until YQU are ready to f1r@~ The two bolts provided are brittle plastic and shoul d be repl aced wi th ones made of fi or alum;num~


The 31Ix6"· tri angul ar base pl ate shoul d be cut. f'rom 3/16~" (mi nimum) brass~ Thickness should be at least ~u if a 1- umi:num is used F Dri 11 l/8n

hol tCils l t-.Ji - S' d N' .. n t, 'hA'l' te U-:-' .

v~· it !~I 'I' !iiln__, 1,.'1; P' ,a, e. , 's,e'

the base p'late as, a templat.e to ma,rk the bottom of the center piece (front specer) on the, Edge' of base

pl ate s,hou.ld be f1 ush 'with fr,ont of frame. Thread holes and coat screws with loctite before installing plate to frame ~ 1'f yo,u are us i ng bol ts and nuts for assembly, the bolts 'must be inserted from the top down into the ar~ow track~ The fro~t spacer (bottom of the track) should be counter dri 1 led to allow the bo1 t heads to fit flush and not obstruct the track.

STEP .9 ,

Dr i 11 a \i 1'1' h ole a t l~h~.c hen d 0 f the base plate (Points O)~ Install the two ~III )'('2,11 bo 1 ts wi th, 1 ~I O!O wash-

er's and jam nuts as shown ~ These are the mount poi nts for the rubber po'wer uO'i ts ,

., ... fr:\

" , - , ®

TRIGGER .PIN s SHIM . ....._

The design of this crossbow is the basis for the dart catapult project on page 92 and may be used instead of' beginning from

scratch~ ,

The IMP Crossbow sells for about $30 and is available from one of the sources

, i sted below. 'Order both cata 1 o·gs as they contat n 10fo on sev'era 1 crossbows" books.

crossbo~ components. reDlacement bolts~etc~

eros sbowma n (' USA) t Box 21-59.. Peta uma t CAL 94952~ Catalog 25t~

B.&P. Barnett (C.anada), 93 Ashbury Av'e. t London. Ont. N6f ITJt Tel~(519) 681-64a2~ Ca tal os 50,(,.



Bazooka homemade 5,3 Blinder 19

Bot a s 19

Bomb I C02, 8

Bombs t mortar 21 " 'plastic 24 Booby traps, 23, 78

Bo:w '16

Briefcas,e weapon lOt 55, 60 Bugging 7

Bullet, exploding 62 Bullet.proof 15 Caltr,ops, 44

Cannon. fireball 26, gas 54 'Cap wea'pon 47

Cart,ridges ,44

Chlo'r ine 24

Cross'bow 22, 76

Dar't,s, oapt.ur e 85, cata,p'aul,t, 88 Detonators 38, friction 87 Di,vide,rs 25

Dynamite, storing 30

Expt os charge 21

Firebombs, 14" 30

Flare· gun corrve r s i.on 67 Flash powd ars 42

Grena:des 29, s,moke/gas 43,

,1 auncher 81 Gun, zip 2,4

'''!I,..,,4 h 'I " d

Hy~roc"lorlc aC1 generator 30





K'nives 17, from files 77,

throw'ing 46 Lathe 6

L"aun:cher J ro,ck'et 25" grenade 81 Machine pistols 74

Ma~"g"a"z'1·n"e', as 'T~"e" apon 2.··· 0.,

.• "_:.-: .1 :_; _:' -.v!. : _.,. '

Mea,suring 26

Metal, to blacken 8

Mine, claymor'e 40" oorrt aot; 78,

detohator 84, placing 77 Missle, homemade 48

Mortars 118, ,:24

Ninja t.oo.La 20

Nunchaku 8

Pistol, plastic 37

jj h . t I 'It, 6 Pcowcie.,r" expaode Wl. t, elec'. r a.c 1 y

R.eload ing 82

sc,isso,rs J ama.l L weapon 14 Scope mount '60', 6'2

S'ho,t,guri" sl ug 36, special ammo 27' J water pipe 4'7

Silencers 10, 11. 14. 22, 33, 41,

57" 58,. 63" end cap 35 Sp'eargun, 1,e'gal

Speargu,ns 31

S ubmacb Lnequns 64·, 72 Switches 9

Tar'gets 6 J 2,8

V·· h d 62 ~ l.ce, ~~an:', i a:

Wire drawing 21


Ed'Ward L. Allen' is system of lli u -J i t iSU (Now known a s Judo) is one of the oldest and most ·basic of the martia1 arts. This·

cou.r Sj,e i s 1:: he· .s.i.mpl est.i de s.ig·neCi for the rank amateur wi t:h no previous expe r ience in any ·sort of E!orribat:. '" It lq~S taught in this manner t.o Arner·ic2l.t e ·-service men ~ The idea. f r om the Army's point of vi ew, lIr.i;t-S to tr a i.n them fast and get them t.o the .f rant tI I t obviously worked, as many reports came b ac k from the Pacific tha-t in hand-to~han~ ,en.coun·ters with the J~p.anese, ·the .gqoc:l big man w.a.s better than the gOQd li,r_-tl·e man ..

As w~·s necessary in thos@ days, this course is without fri~ls or ce remony I .Just ge.·t in there and take the man out as quickly as PQssible .. And ·thi is is what you want J at. least to sta·rt wi._t.h ~

Wh.en the moves .i.n this basic course are mastered ~ you c an hanaIle just about any situation which might put you -at risk .. Later, if YOU: -want to go pro·fessional., you will find it Imlch e~sier to adapt to any of the mo·re oomp l.e x martia.l ar t s ~

I would sug·ge·st, at first.t you make an agreement wi t.h a fr iend 1=-0 spend at least two hours a day in pr act i.ce :"~or one morrt.h, Thi s is all the time ·it sbout d taKe you bot.h to master this course. Then .. you and your partner 'Will bE!! proficient enough to s+ar t, a school_~ There is a pressi:ng need for this. cour-se among all cla5~ se s. of our ~ Most peop1e who feel a. need to prote·ct: themse1 ve s f·rom ml1ggers and such simply don" t have the ti.rne or the inclination to go higher~ This is your market.




Far 2Q ye·ars J have iI'udi:e'd anti "aught, Jl·u-Ji"·~s·u,! M·v $"~dents hav'8 been city and ,to'le policeme'n, Ib,u5ines5. men, soldiers, h~usewIY~f college $tudent,1. penitenti'ary g'uards, prilvals and lbn:IU'strial polic8lmen, Y,.,M~'C+A. tlasses and hau'seh Q·lldelrs.. Sixteen yea" ald lI.y·s. and 9 ~r15 an,d s I xIY'",five year 01 d men and wo·menlr· two hundred and fifty paunclen crn,d ninety p:Dund Ughtweigh"s. have gained poise and con'Odience tty acquiring the knDwl~dge G'nd skUI of Jiu-Jitsu ..

Whether the art origi·1n!Q'led·, as some' histarl·a.n·s re·peal, wil'h anc·ien·t Chinese Mon ks forh·idden to calr;ry' w&a pon s, O1r~. as· m.ore popul arly ._'ieved, with the physically inferior Japanes8. a's a m1eans of oV8'Pceming fh,ei,r' Inatural handicap in bodily lencounters" I'r' has Jong been r&cog nizecl as _ paten t metho,d of aHack and defense.

I;n this book 1 leae h you [how 10 m'Clster .he, fun cI,amenl,ar p,linc ipl@'$' of Ji u ... Jil'su and to ac;quire a y,ai'riefy af attacks and countet"'Clllacks~ I' have chosen l:essa.ns easily understood and lear'ned but whic.h cover iitu-ations .'ome of wh·ichl are ,aU too apt to' ~ccur within the experience of ,any or aU of US,t You can master these numbers,1

A person with a knowledge .f Jlilu·-Jilsu hos, ·the an. Ignorant of its, mY·~lerie·s· aim,,,!.' complet,ely at h is mercy, There· is a met'hod of Jiu·Jits:u d'efe'nse 'f:or eve .. y aHack and a Jiu, .. Jitsu aBack, fo'r every OCCGSiO'M. T:he size of ,h,e p,erso1n aHat king has liH'le beari hg on thle au·teamer fh e Ji u-Jitsu o,peratol k now.s Ih'at the bigg'e'r they co me th e. harder they f'all:,

Ragardles.s of your 'w'eighl' and sIze you wiU be ab~e ta handle any,one not 'amiliar 'wil'h Jlu ... Jitsu practices. 'SomeUmas spoken G" U'S the Us,entle art"", i:t' is 05 genlle o'r as punishin,. 'DS you C'£I:r& 10 make it Or as the Qccasi'on demalnds. I hope thait yau wU.1 never have occasion ta U,S:. one 0" 'he·defe·nses serio1u5,ly... 'You m.ay, h,owever, some~av Bven save 'your lif'e by applying one G,f the lessens of this. bo·ak. 'hie co'n~fldanc:e thalt knowledge· of this, .skUI gives you wiU in itseJf tarry 'You thro'ugh 5itualion~ 'which otherwise mightl be dan.e,ro·us or emba·rassing.

As, you study the lessens In I'hi', book p,lease dO' not U$·e yOlur new power ca reles sly' .. Please rem'ember that. Jiu-Jitsu is ",ail· a game or s.p,ort.. It is a $eriO'U5 weapon whi'c:h give'5, 'I. you, as its pas:ses$or; G'n hnlmenstl, advantage in physic'al en coun lers,,., Be considerate of your pa riner wit h whom you praCnc.a. When he indicates tho' yOUI are hurting hh"l re·lax or relea:se your grip f·o·r" although you may be using but the f1nger's of· ene hand" a lirtls p,ressure

POOR ~N vs ~J.AME.S BOND Vol ~ 2.



skillfu II y G'pplled can cause i nt~n se pain ..

... II .... iII iliit'

I:UN rglA.L ·..aI!D Capylillht ~ ~ .Jii1ANI s: MAll ~OI:]NjfU1D HflU... ;fj1Cll.


Since Mr. Edwct'rd Allen began teaching Jiu .. ·Jitsu tw'enty yaar's ago h@ has taught thousands o·f I,aw enforcement officer's and I·aw· abiding citizens", He give's priva·te·lessolns. to s'ingle pupils and c~assl lessons 'tOI hundreds, He te~(hes. bU.5ina~s men interes1ed in Jiu-Jitsu es a means. of k.e@ping order in their estab ... IIshmen's a ned offi,cers eag~ h) have this additiona~ weapon allh·eir I:omma'nd. Housewives making certain that they can repel possible ~nlrudef.s in Ihei', homes and soldiers preparing for foreign duty have .earned Jiul-Jitsu from laim.

He has instructea YllM~IC;;A .. elesses in 'numerous cif'ie's, polica and highway

POOl<- ~l\I IS LJA'M.ES BOND Vol. 2


A.11ERICA·N LIIU--J,r-:Csu

,p afro I 0 fli eers in Pi"$ bUr'9 h f D etr 0,1 f, a n,d s m '0 II er 'e: i'li es I pris 0 n 9 luard,s cd th e Oh i 0 Sta'te Pen i:te n U ary,. in du $, trl a' g ruart;l:$ of vari 0 U ~ large C Dlr'po rati 0115" class,e$ at the Unive,rsity of Michigan, m,any group$. 0" business men and coudess i ndividuaIS';j

Edward Allen" w'hose home· is Akron, Ohioo, glves many thrUling exhibitions every y·ear to ,organization's interested, in this ancient seienee. H@ has ot his, ('10 mman d mo're, tha n twa hund red difFe·re,nt J i u ... Jitsu aHack,s and eeu nteraftac,K5 which he de·mon:strales aga'ins't any w'ho, win opp'ose hiimt,

The sueees s of hi:5 'tea,c,h i"g efforts i:5 utl,a .ted by the ma ny rep·arts in mEtrop'oUtan newspape·rs ,of incid'enl"s [n which his shJdents s'ucce'sl$fully usedl 8teir. ,JiU'-Jitsu 1'0 subdue unruly' persons and leven, on several oc'casions, t,o save Irves.

J i u ... J ii,s U is a sy's'leim of S:e~f ... defe'n se a n,d aU'(J,c Ie wh j It h con 5, i 51'5 of a s eri e s of holdsi lacks; and blows ,appUed ta, various ports of an oppone:nts' bo,dy· in such manner thot the strength and weight of the Qlppone"t, a's weU a.s ,h,af of the opera,tor, is u,tiUz:ed so that' addi'Uanal m,ovem'ent er pres,lure will tend' to dislocat,e a :tQ~'nfl br,eak, a bone,. or oth,erwis.@ ,cause the, victim] inler'easing pain~

'The joints 'Df the body h,G,v'e a di$tin1:tly lindted movement. An'y forc:ed' exten:si 0 n of thls movement or pressu re in (I ,di,recl'ion ee nt,rary "0 fh e normal motion means pa'in and dang'er tOI the: iioinl ,Dr bane. Bend ene Df yaUlr 'Jing'ers, sharply backward~ You wanl't bend i,t far before the pain becomes 'inIQn,s:e~ That's all there is to Jlu-Jltsu. If consists of a we.'1 th'Gu.Shl out system "or £I!pplyl'ng such pressures aMid blows to your opp'oru)nf~ Pre',5$u're he G'Hempts, to, a pply to release hilmsel f G n~y s,erves to make the ,ainful grip :mo're ,severe" Hence t'he·re' is seldom m ue hi ggl'in gaga i ns't a loc'k pro perly 'appli eel ..

,J i UlOIJJ i hi u ex perls depend' u po n three fa clors in S'U bd u i ng Ih ei'r a I,S(1 ila' nts t The ti"r's't one Is u:m~5direcli'Qn ", M.I'slead your man ,as tOI your inten'tians.. Do not let him anticipcde yau'r aHaek. The, se,cond :i.s liOff bah:fnce:U• Act quickry to 'ccd'ch a nd Ieee p 'yo ur opP'Dn,t! nt ,off· bclila nee. H,e'I'1 h alp to throw himsef. if yo u da. It is iu s·t os i mporta nl' els I) ,t'hat you kee,p yo ur 'own btdan ee at air tim as. The th i rd fa cto r i 5 ~ i I evera $Ie'" • L,ev'ero,ge mekes .it ees Uy p o$.$~ bh;!, f'o r 'D J i u,..;J i'l's u e pe:rator to 5, ubdu e and' hal d an a dve,sary twi,c'e hl sawn siz'a and 5,tre,ngth.

In ·,he 'esson,s following I wUI point out the s,pecinc app1icali,ans olf ea·c.h af these prlnciples,

'The two charts on the' next page ~ ndiCG'fe the IPO,S ition cd ·a nu mbar of the nerve cen fer, of the he ely" Sha'rp pressure 0 n, 'an y of th ese spots, if lee at,d ac eu rately"

"POOR 1'1J\N t S JAMES BOND Vol, 2



wi I C,ICJU5,e very acute pain, Thle pain ~I usually 10 sharp as to 'temporari~y numb or para iZ8'" ancl thus make entirely uselessr the area involve ~ Using the knuckle of your second finger. as shown In the lawer pi(tule on page 4, give a very ft rm, very quick twist onto Ihe axa,cl n Mve, spot. The effect an yaur opponent is almost ludicrous in his violent and ns'ranmneaU5 reaction.

As these nerve centers are so important lin this work you should spend the necessary lime in becoming familiar with their exact Dc,alion. W;"h your knuckle $8arch out each pressure point an yourself. One or two experiments will cony t nee yo,u th at app Iyi ng p,es sure fo I);e se nerve center5 bring s a very quick response .. Practice, locating c hem quic:kly ..

It is impa'ss,ible to Ih;f1 catagorie,gUy" the many situations in which a knowl ... edge of hese pressure poin'ts would come in handy. Almos. any encounter would furnish opportunity for a I"'Hle work on one of these spots. For instance sharp pressure on the spot shewn between the second and third finger close "0 the second finger will open the grip of the strongest man-at ence, Adually

POOR MA.N II' S JAt--1ES, BOND V~)l" 2


A.l'rlER 1 CAN J IU ~L1.lT5U

he will probably be 50 startled and burt tha!' you will have an ea'sy' opening. to finish him off with any Jiu-Jitsu number you may cheese, Another ir\s'hln~e might be w'hen t~e opportunity arose to deliver a short, sharp blow with the knife port of the hand 10 the spot, whlere the upper lip [elns 'he carnlage o·f the nose, Such a blow, properiy delivered, .Is of'le'n enough to end all hOitilities .right at th:at poi nl.

Be· sure of the location of these ne·rve centers and you hay·e, in th~1 infor,maIi I) 111 a 10' n e, avery p ote nt prote'cti 0 n ,

In Jiu-Jitsu we never use th'e flsl. The knife part of the h·and, as :5hown here, is. used for aU blows .. As a Jlu .. Jitsu operator you win heve '0 definite location at whIch any blo,w is aimed and, usinl·g this "'knife blow" y'o'U can aMain that location accurately.

In ,exe'rting pressure on the nerve centers make CI wedg,e 'o'f your hand a.5 shown below, The second finger 'is thus in a p'os.iti,~n to bore into the nerve with eens.iderobl,e sharpness a'nd accuracy. There is. no bending tende'ncy' as there c,ould be if you w~re to use your thumb Dr a $fra h.1 t1nger ..




This i'os 'the (Q't,'ed gri'El~ Hold! thi: .gI!CH'rrU3!nt D n I), ~ n Qt· U:U!l arm

Hard i ng th e ar.m its elf th I $; Wa V ~s vetry i heffe·dlve

flL_~R [CAN JIll -JITS.U

In even such a seemingl1y' simpl·e olp·eration as securely holding a person by the ar·m. Ih'ere are, in Jiu-Ji,s,u, wrong wa:ys and one r~ght way., When you grasp someone by the· arm as a·y to throwing them or making them go with you your first grasp must hola-i'f they C]lre able, to [erk Ihle,ir arm away your advanta'ge has gone or at least' has "·een ma'teria II y redu ced, 1'1 will be much harder, if nof imp,05s.ible, to grasp Ihe arm a secend time, It's ius:t as· eO$Y to use an·d a .little experimenting will cenviace yOU' tho·t i'l is nearly i mpa·ssi bile. for the arm to be released from this grasp .. Wi,t·h the palm 0" your hand taward 'you grip a subsla nti'Cd fold. 'o:r two of .y cur subie-cl$' COllt 0 r ·garment ~ Th U '5 h el d he e ann 0" break away Ii Of CDur's@ this is" as a ru le,~, only ,n"elimincry to an erm !Iock all" Q,t,her hold but as [ong as 'You hold this ,gri·p he canno,t releese his arm~

The IW'o lower· pictures illusfrclle· poor ,grips,., The' arm can easily b@ jerked out, of· such helds as fhese,

To strengthen Ihe sri p af 'you r h a nds the re are· sev'era I 'be.n efi c i,g I exereises you rn ay use. While th'ey are old standbys far this pUl!"pot~ they ,are, nevertheless,. ve!ry effete,·· nye~ One lCon5~515 alf kn,e.ading rubber baits, th'e· size of tennis balls Q., smaller, in your hanldst ,Ano,ther]s to ~sland wi,th ,arms outstretched and crumpl'e a ~5heet' of newsp,ap,er lip in eat h ,han d,. storti ng by bol,ding ,them only' b'Y the edge or corners, and ca,ntin'uing until they are baUed up in your hends. 'his e~ercis,e does nef seund impressive bu't a few trials will. convince you o:f it s ett,eet i'vene 55!l




1-" • ..._

~ ~~~~ -T··- I

.. ,_.. ..

-A ..... ~~ I

- .. -........ · .... r'~_

-.' . ~"~I .e~~

, .. ..,.. ........ t.-~ ......

-." . . ~:


HERE rs a hold to applv on a person who ;5 sJHing. For some remson, suffi(;enl to yourserf" you wish ta eject him from your home or business office or to remove him tD some other roeot·ion .. T"his Jiu-fds.u num ber is eo sy to app I y but very effecti ve in its resu lts, It i 5. obviDu s that th is i-s, 0 nl y used when the su-biect is 'wel~ri n9 a coat, iacket" or

serne such "Substantial garman.t.


lin' <' 1M ""'·It·PI!III' .1.11111 *'ohh ",'Ou m.N:lI· ¥Mr ~.·b ,Mill.,. by iilp,u .. a'EI~[I"'1 yout mO'" wh . ~, n:14 '"'.' ,of ..... lip-r~~j If ",,,,MeL I!:«-

•• rtllli.lI!'p iii .Jlu-,JUillu.p ,l1li'" -til n.t .oCiik 1ft. f'GI' a ftt h~, .~ -il'l,IIbl~ y·a[", iI!!IIl!e be1d ~ m- . 1ff·M- i if "I 'II~'im liII CI 1'1[. lid, .ffld,·nt tn;a nll·I".

. M h.'GIMil ~, ok- a[ .,.q pip, Olill Ib~i [n -:- 1M aNd lilp-.l.

,~~n ~'t ~mp g .. ~ [81 hili od'liD • !Keep hi'l A 'ilirm IHgWi" t-w~· ...


Yilt!!! h~ '~III! d M:I ~.I'· '1iIl1'm '!Ii_' 'Iihat IN;. p!l:l~m [al "I hili" ii. draq," fill,.

If ";' .. I0Il hilif'lll'lIe!'li'1: yo.;ul' I' I" 'riII.i' aljjj III u,;:h ltadl: On hit, d,.u crailli:lt l'D-'" writ_ Vi-lll ,:u.1t1na IPteIi~iIIIN! on bb ·Mih;l'.~.

l'iI!!I'I.!i' !hand i I. I,!!! id ',otidh) U.1l~l' iI!!I" hh ,1\E![u~du? Th~ti·. (!if it.,'~ ~ .. ·ilft :II1!!:i1lJli'P'f41 [ill mii~diHm<!;ln..

y OIWl~ rltlild (1:0'11 .h"",,,ld ~ - u·ndilP' lI!Iiil enR ... 01 d If' I!d III" «!I 6_.· III lb • ..,. hili iI!llJJ~w.

He· won', Ii!JtI!dlnl" 10 a1"glU'a gr dr-i.e y<lilillill w;:ti-. hi.I, ",Ipt h,,"r.u:l~ Hi!! wH I orr.r

rD' !!i'C" hoKe 'iN Y'DUI isljiJVI tum

1Ih ill pi".