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Rewrite the following sentences using the first and second conditional.

Dont go out in the rain because youll get wet. If you

2. I cant meet my girlfriend because I have to study. If I didnt

3. I feel miserable because Kate doesnt love me. If Kate
4. I wont enjoy the film if you arent with me. Unless you
5. I wont go to the party because Im not feeling well. I would

Rewrite the following sentences using the second and third conditional.
6. Girls dont talk to you because you never smile. Girls would
7. We got lost last night because we forgot the GPS. We wouldnt
8. You ate the whole cake. Thats why you felt sick. If you hadnt
9. I didnt go to see Helen because I didnt know she was in hospital. If I had
10. There are too many cars. As a result, our planet is polluted. If there


If you go out in the rain, youll get wet.

If I didnt have to study, I could meet my girlfriend.
If Kate loved me, I wouldnt feel miserable.
Unless you are with me, I wont enjoy the film.
I would go to the party if I felt well.
Girls would talk to you if you smiled.
We wouldnt have got lost last night if we hadnt forgotten the GPS.
If you hadnt eaten the whole cake, you wouldnt have felt sick.
If I had known Helen was in hospital, I would have gone to see her.
If there werent too many cars, our planet wouldnt be polluted.