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PHED 239: High School Module

Worksheet Chapter 1
Name Tom Hurley

Total pts = 6 _________

List and describe three (3) of the six (6) characteristics of a successful
secondary physical education program as discussed in Ch. 1. Be
prepared to share your responses in class.
1. Positive Learning Environment
One of the major parts of a positive learning environment is the feedback
given by the teacher. The teacher needs to focus of the positive things and
when giving feedback about negative/ corrective things the teacher needs
to turn it to positive. The teacher needs to give praise and positive
feedback on positive things that the students have done. Another thing that
teachers can do is be physically active. Students always respect the
practice what you preach method. This will influence your students to be
more active in class. Teachers that want to create a positive learning
environment must not use physical activity for punishment, they need to
find ways to put positive twists onto it when they are trying to discipline.
Another small thing to do is learn all of your students names. Giving your
students choices can sometimes get them more motivated in classes
because they feel like they have a choice and it matters. The last thing is
to be a enthusiastic teacher and show your students how much you love
your job and love teacher them every day by being positive and energized.
2. Student Choice Is Offered
Giving students choices between activities really helps the students stay
focused and on task for class. Giving them choices makes them feel
important because they actually are and it helps them do something that
they actually want to do. This is a proven method that helps students enjoy
PE class because it lets them choose the activity they enjoy the most and
avoid the ones that they do not like. This method helps students be more
motivated in the long run. The biggest thing that comes from this which has

been stated above is increase enthusiasm, motivation, and learning for

both teachers and students, which is huge.
3. A Variety of Activities Are Available
Teaching a variety of activities increases the chance that every student will
enjoy and have a good time in your class in at least one unit. The most
important part of this however is finding the perfect balance between Life
style sports, aquatics, outdoor activities, and physical conditioning
activities. All of these touch base on different interests for your students
and might grab the interest of one of your student that does not like
traditional PE class/games. All of these sections/units create different
challenges, competition, and learning between the class and between an