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1) Call Travel Agent to estimate travel dates 2/3 months


2) Check and book accommodation (especially big cities

first) 3 months
in advance if possible.

3) Check places to visit 3 months in advance if possible.

4) Check if passport still valid.

5) Buy foreign currency well in advance.

6) Check traveling day/time for departure and arrival.

Check transport booking for departure and arrival.
Consider DR scenarios.
Take Door to Door service for departure and arrival
of suitcases. (,,

7) Ensure that credit card is working and credit limit has

been increased.
Call Card Department and ensure that contact phone
no is obtained for emergency purposes.

8) Ensure that phone sim cards/country sims will work


9) Ensure of frequency of communication with


10) Ensure that other accompanying persons have

enough money/credit.

11) Ensure that suitcase and other bags are ok.

12) Ensure that gifts are bought for required

13) Ensure that razor has been taken.

14) Ensure that multi-plug has been taken.

15) Ensure that shampoo has been taken.